North Carolina Newspapers

An Idependent Weekly.
FRIDAY, APRIL 27, 1923
What is now needed is groups of
Chinstian men and women in every
place, determined to make it their
aim to bring the sense of justice and
righteousness which is common to
Christianity and Democracy, to bear
upon the matters of eery day life
in trade, in society and wherever
their influence extends and stir up
public opinion oil behalf of the re
moval of whereever it may be
fount!, thus making an earnest endeavor-
to share in the transforming
work of Christianity for their bre
thern and companions sake.
That all who help to make the
laws may rise above the demands of
indiviual or particular interests and
act with true statesmanship for the
well-being of ail the people.
That all vh,, interpret the law may
be given clear understanding, broad
sympathies and courageous idealism
in the application of justice to mod
ern conditions.
That these who enforce the law
or apply its corrections may serve all
with wteeu they have to do in the
rodemnt ive spirit of Jesus Christ.
That all who are concerned with
the dove lo.nv.ent of human institu
tions may wmk together to re.-ih:-'"
the vismn if a holy city, a Christian
Commonwealth, through which Cod
can express His love for all "men.
"When will Thou save the people'.'
, O Cod of Mercy, we.r:?
The people. Lord, the people.
Not thrones and crowns, but men!
Cod save the people: Thine they are.
Thy ehi'dren. a.- Thine angels four;
From ice. td1Pr(-'ss'n and despair.
Cod save the people T'
0 God. give unto all those who
frame, interpret or administer human
law the counsel of the Holy Spirit.
that they may know themselves Thy
ministers. Remove from them all
pride and vain glory of class, till pre
judice of birth, and training, all nar
rowness of place and power and
gr.-gt them to know that only in Tbv-
sympathy with all their
is there the possibility of clear
understanding and righteous deci
sion. Enab'j them to rece;v. th
)reeents as examples of the past U
they bi;i; i upon the heritage of the
fathers 'i Just and adequate edifice
of law for the present. Suffer th-.-m
neither to be swayed by the prejudice-;,
nor to appeal to the weakness
es )f others, but to counsel wisely,
iv all matters, to be the servants of
all men but the hirelings of none,
tnd :o to hasten the coming of the
Kingdom of God on earth, for which
we pray in Christ's name. Amen.
C. I). C
The closing exercises of Penrose
High School will he given on Friday
and Saturday nights. April 27 and 2s.
On Friday night the primary and
intermediate departments will render
several interesting and instructive
numbers, among which are: "Mother
Goose Operetta," "Little-Man-Ting-tot
Wedding," and "Pandora's Box."
The High School pupils will dis
play their talent and wit in the plays:
"The Revolt" and "The Doo-Funny
Family" on Saturday night.
The public is cordiallv invited.
News has been received of the
death in California, on April 12, of
Lester Orr, second son of Mr. nd
Mrs. Chas. M. Orr, formerly of Bre
vard, X. ('., now living in Gilroy,
Le.-ter was a fine voting fellow,
iust 2P years o fage, and was a
-tudent at Leland Stanford Univer
sity up to the time of his illness a
few months ago.
Mr. and Mrs. Oir have many rela
tives and friends in Western Xorth
Carolina, and spent a while in Bre
vard lat't summer. Mr. 'Orr-is bro
ther to Mrs. Perry Shuford of Bre
vard. Mrs. Orr, before her marriage,
wao Miss Hattie Creech of Raleigh.
A colored man named Smith was
killed on last Saturday evening in
the Can- Lumber Company's yards.
An engine ran over him, cutting
off both legs and causing other ser
ious injury which resulted in his
death after the accident.
Prohibition Officers Seize Many Gal
Ions of Booze Several
Are Arrested
Last Thursday George Halconibe
and two other men were found in
the act of operating a 100 gallon
copper still. Twenty fermenters.
several gallons ot vhicy, tn,et' I
sand gallons of beer and fiftot-n j
iels of mash weredestroyed ; five !
bushels of malt were found in Hoi
comb's hous-f on Thursday. Prohibi
tion Ouic.-rs dect roved a big and
complete slid in operation in the
Little River vicinty. C. V. Nichol
son wirs ari'ested near the still with
material designed for the purpose of
manufacturing whiskey. Two oper
ators succeeded in N escaping, but
were identified.
Saturday morning on the Mill Hill
road a Ford car was captured and
L. M. .Ledfor! and'Leman Masters
were arrested for transporting.
While taking the Ford over and de
stroying the whiskey, a seven pas
senger Buiek came up and stopped,
and in it were found forty gallons
of "'mountain juice." Tho oe.u
naids of the car wore D. .1. Pen lam!
an 1 dim .loves of Asheville. Loth
cars were seir.ed and transporters
placed in jail. The cars will be sold
at an early date. The officers, know
in tr many traits of transporters and
violators, proceeded to follow cars
to where the whiskey was purchased.
Tlve pursuit led to the Carson Creek
settlement where a fifty gallon barrel
of whiskey was found and a, quantity
a the residence of Freeman Raines
and :--" a result Paine;: and George
Pittman (who lives with Raines I
were arrested and take!) o Brevard
and hound L Fritid State- Coast.
The other vlo! 'tco - were g'iven a 1'Ve-
y,n.jnavy hearing, bound tu co-.;rt and
lla(., -;n n da fault of bond,
(Since our eg bond!
Last w
time on. cor
a i)U.c.v ami iweiit v-n e ga.Ioi.s
wliiskc y were .-apta-red and tl.
?da.rsha!l arid V. C. .McKenti - x:-
a. i rested am! bound to District Court
N. C.
The many friends ef Rev. D. V.
York were sorry to have him go from
among their midst, but it seemed as
if duty was calling him to Cone r.L
N. C, where he goes to hold a revi
val meeting. Still he will linger in
mr memories for the good lie ha
wrought our town.
A- a special ittducemcnt to buy a
range during the demonstration of !
the Great Majestic Range at tin
if Farmer's Snmdv
nex't week,
every purchaser of one of these fa
mous ranges gets his choice of two
fine cooking sets free. We have a
presentiment that there will 1K.
- c, At..;....:.. r ;.. .....
ii.i.i'. iiuv- iii'i. .'i.;.u - i:'. lvoiijie.-. ii .oe
i-dtr-Koo- ,-f ti.- Li'l-hfifM- .,,! -r,.;, ,...!.-
bef.M-o the week is over. The tempta-
tion to own a Alaiesta- i- irre-astnle
when oik learns the facts about Aortn arolna law tnat authorizes
Great Majestic in its relations to th'' iistry of any person born he
economy in the home; many will timl j fore th(' timr th;- I't'dietration statute
tbentdves sMvdie- it' no nf. to not i became effe'ive, was sent from his
up with an old range anv longer.
The Layman's Club he'd its regu'a-
meeting on last Sunday afternoon,
iiid ti good program was enjoyed,
the principal feature being an ad-
Iress by Prof. C. H. Trowbridge
which was followed by short talks hv
H. V. Smedberg, Thos. Dodsworth.
George Hays and others.
The mmic was in charge of TI103.
Dodsworth, the special attraction
being a solo. "The Prodigal Son." bv
aiun -uoore, wmcn was very mspir
.ng The general singing was greatly
aided by the piano.
The following Committee Chair
men for the Club have been appoint
ed :
v 1 v 1 1-1
V T r A A C w;i,.,v.
x- " o-oii, .Kin
services, F. E. B. Jenkins, county
home, George Hays; rural churches.
W. H. Duckworth; membership. F.
P. Sledge; program, A. E. Hampton;
music, Thos. Dodsworth; organiza
tion, C. H. Klueppelberg; "Big Bro
ther" work, Fred Hai-ris; publicity,
D. G. Ward; finance, II. A. Plummer.
After the regular meeting next
j Sunday -afternoon it is planned to
hold short service at the county jail.
1 h . i
Uncle Joe Cannon Auditor's Re.
port Bv June 1 State Pri-
son Conditions.
RALEIGH, N. C, April 1(1, 192:?
State officialdom is resentful of the
repeated charges of misconduct on
tho part of E E Dud.linjr, head of
the Prisoners' Relief Society of Wa
shinrton. D. C'., n-lativt to conditio-rs
jn various prison camps and the cen-
.ml i.ri.on at Rnleioh i r...n
letter to the chairman, James A
Leak, of the State Prison Hoard.
Dudding boldly charges that prison
ers in this State are flogged, clubbed.,
and locked in dungeons for days
without food or wa.ter. Als() that at
least half the guard-; frequently get
drunk while on duty. The Washing
tonian threatens grand jury investi
gation and claims that his informa
'ion was obtttnod from convicts now
coniined in the penitentiary at Ra-
leigh, a letter signed by twenty-five
:f these having reached him telling
af conditions recited in his letter to
Chairman Leak.
Superintendent George Pou. of the
State's- l'ii-on. de(dares
barge- a "t is: ue of lie
e Dudding
. , i
that he would welcome an invctiga--tio:i
of tliem should the Governor and
Directors deoiii it desiralde to have
.ine. lie denies that inmates of th" i
Prison are mistreated in any manner;
dar! menu for
every day in the week to show the
ohtiraeter of food furnished the pri-
-oners, w iucn snows mat uiey are nv-
ing ou "the fat of the lam!.'" Con-
eluding his statement, Mr. I'.-u :-;;i ! : T;, p( tt: r-Pa.bii Contest insure--"Our
prison wa-- reeently inspected i,,.-,,. n;t.t. ()f Americais. becau -e
1 y the Ilettlth Officers, who found
that our sco -e registered DIP. The -,
gentlemen came unheralded a:'d .-ew
food in preparation. They'd
upon the W'M balanced r;tion -,vc
re fee
and sta ed t ha.i the h -:. n-
s oi our kitchen va trisu 'i;e---
1 shall wa U-anu an in obligation
any ehr. re.- preferred men
u Ming will ;o unnoticed."
v : :.i i : : i, i i j . a i i sa
l I.eaK is said i" - 'ittre i;i
the opinion of Sunerintc
:.t Pou
ouching ihe matter of an i'ivr-t
ion. However, there appear- to he
i a -eruitv.cnt for a ".-how down." Thi-
ame Dudding had a. goo-; deal to say
about prison i riitiens i-' the State
luring the administration of (d.ver
!(! Pickett. Tor which tb" latter
. ounely deiu ttta ed him. Xo .at: e
for an n; v.-iga' ;on wa- four.-! tit
hat ttme am! the caarg. - Lot no-
where. Xow. it is r-roi os.-d to re-
giiie this ''modern icf.-vmer" to
make a-.o j ids r o.-.pi.d::: s. or f o-'-ve.-
a.old h.s peace. !D d. imife cour-
:,t a,',1(n n!1: .vet Peen agre-i upon..
..1-..' T . .. r T
l nc.e aee anae.n. or Liar. vine.
imno,-. ce,une. , an aw, ra-;..,,,; lf tm, c.h;;dr,,n at ence to; , ,
cetitly died with the State Board of j y . !.iude (dark or Miss Bessie
Health, that he was Ixn-n tit Xow mi'h
flarden. Guilford county, at o'clock! ,.;,;,, : tu,. m,.,.:.i '
M'1 - the after noon. May 7. 1 Sdo. the ;
I son of Horace Franklin Cannon and!
i . ri. i i uh hi i:ge, I lesioent
.lUlieinia iioiiingswor.ii i annon
iiou: ewifc
Je" takes advantage of the
, - "o......... ,u v,,.
prc.-ent home. The aged Republican
: war-horse is the last of the Cannon
I family who accompanied hundreds of
Quaker emigrants from this section
; to the Middle-West many year.- ago.
He visited his birth-place with Maj.
; M. Stedman ot Creensboro. a coliea-
'goto in Congress a few years ago. He
is evidently not ashamed to admit
I that he wa-; born in Xorth Carolina.
i Nobody is ashamed these days.
W. S. Fallis, who has resigned as
nurchasiive- afont for tbo St.-ite Hio-h
i way Commission, is succecdcr by II.
V. Joslin, until recently assistant
, Chairm;i?i Kraul- Pn.m iTr F.a.u.a
will continue with the Commission in
another capacity. He is considered
an authority on road construction
and has proven his capacity for work
of a con-truetive character in many
ways. A statement covering his
' ...1 ,
, purcnases 01 naroware, maciunei'
'; and truck parts for the past year
shows a judicious expenditure of
S23o,G9G.G4 with dealers in North
Carolina and 22,260.91 outside the
A meeting of the legislative com
mittee appointed to investigate the
condition of the State Treasury is
to be held here on next Friday, April
, 20. The work of drafting a report
' Continued on another page)
Prominent Transylvanian Dies Sup
denly With Heart ha.lure
Funeral Friday P. M
Senator J. M. Zachary died sud
denly Wednesday night April 2d at
10 o'clock. Mr. Zachary has been
ill for nearly a year with heart
trouble. He has suffered consider-
i al,ly a!,(1 has hvvn in tlu" bospitat
j ;it I5iltmore wvoral times during the
1 l,J!t 'c'ar- Hp "'renlly (:,m(' !"'
i IM',,n-r n"-y '"'"cr and the
end came suddenly and unexpect
Mr. Zachary was about sixty years
old, a native of Transylvania coun
!.. and has lived here all his life.
He loaves his mother, wife, three
daughters, four sisters a. id five bro
thers and a grea host of sorrowing
friends t mourn his loss.
Mr. Zachary was a life-long De-
I m0v n,! w::s i'lvi;U''1 11 enrflor
i T lnis icTru'T i iii'itur t ho 1
State elejtion.
The body will be laid to rest in the
Greenwood Cemetery at Calvert,
C. at 2 P. M., Friday April 27.
Sfnator Zncharv- will he bm-ied
- -
' v. rth Masonic honors.
t .. ..i.: :n
I -vii ooituai.v win appeal ue.xi 'l K. .ews wishes tor v new eii
. wo k. giving more details. j terprise the heartiest success and ur-
T- y.rt, ,. n.hi,.. cnt(,ct ;.. .,
puiar, yet rcientitic, movement to b
;Sl... iK.Uer babies and a better rac
' rhv.-ical. m.utaa.l development otiiv
dder -d
i'e oeautv does no.
t cache:-, parents how- to invprove the
-:ca! conditio:! of the chil '.ret:
,dy bom and to jirotect those yet
'' .--n.
! a'aej e- interest in the . onserva
"i of ciiii d life and health in
i i' :es oi ciiii- wen are wor.t
'I":.- P.etu .--Fabi- - ( cat- . i- mo -1
i-r 1 tie- community, when :'.
i - . oi, acted along e 'ueati itiai. rath-
,!:;:!! eompeti; ive lines. The great- !
St return which parents a:-..' children I
sec !"(.- i rom tt. cOnt t i m'.:-
k.ioy. edge and b -tter c re through
tin xaminatioe of the chil i by com.
(tent physician-. Small defect ate
ete. m-e 1 an ! i-meciiies are -u;'-ge-t-
The Matimta am Cu! of this cm
is a i ranging for such ;; e.. ; - in
May and tarne tly asks th" co-om re-
tm.i i;f eetv bodv ill tile I'oUetV.
y have provi h d for free exam'.n-
"!" one hundred chil. in n i'e-
it: tlm ages of six m-'iiMi- ;;; l
-ixty .i.onths. Atiy sac.l cioi-l ' ' t
the t'eanty i; eligible. All par. rip
;v, j. f,-,.L. t.X; mination
T ':.:
children a'ea.-" send the' naiat-s arid
-.t,utcr at u!U.e
m .. it t i...: t... i
, I , ., , ., ,
- Mat naL.smn Clua: Mrs. ( has. Deaver
, Secretary.
ANNOUNCE MARRIAGE j Foard. j ''apiain wbe was in charge
Mr. and Mrs. F. A. Heath announce yv, an,j Mrs. p. K. doner, and Miss i The police station, for transport-!)!.-the
marriage of their (iaughter. Miss ' jv)sa Heath made a very pleasant; The driver of the ear ..b! ho
Rhoda Heath, to Mr. Paul K. Jones.
which took p'ace at P'isgah Forest.
X. ('., !ast,week.
The bride is an tutrtictiv
amy iirel tias a number ot tiaenos in
Brevard who will be interested to
lean' of her marriage.
I'he Penrose Home Demonstration
Club met April 17 at the sehool ; Fvryone interested co-me and ;r
building. .ing necessary tools with, which t .
Our lesson was on sew ing. Six
bungalow aprons were cut and ready
for making. The aprons arc vo he
made and carried back for inspection
at our next meeting. We hope that
"i-T-P. veill t.,t-(. ih1v,i,.. ..f tl,,,,
,.i,,i ..... .;.... '1....1-.. t,...
viuo j 1 1 v e l 1 1 1 is . , .1.-. .'11.--. v i.ii m: n. e-
something in store for all.
We are to prepare menus for brak
fast. dinner and supper at our next
meeting, Monday, April 30, at 2 o
clock. Come on. girls, and let's see
what we know about preparing and
serving meals. We will a'so discuss
observing a day for mothers, as we
believe no one ever gets too old to
learn. We extend a special invitation
to all of the mothers, and shall ex
pect to see them' out at our meeting.
May Id, a: 2 o'e'oei-t.
en a William's, Sec.
New Store Will Co-Operate With
Truck Growers Country Pro
duce and Groceries.
The news of a new enterprise,
which has opened next door to the
Post Office in the s'ore lormeriy oc.
cupied by Kilpatrick and Gillespie
! MiilintTrv Store, will be welcomed by
j the citizens of this community,
j Messrs. Ralph H. Zachary and E.
i P- Galloway have formed a partner -
hip and have opened this produce
store with the intention of co-operating
with the farmers and truck
grower - in finding a market for their
products- The new store will carry
an up-'o-date stock of staple and
fancy groceries, and feeds-
An exchange of this kind has long
lKen lit-edd in Provur dand the fact j ,,. v; . . .,. la,-:r,. - j T s.
that the farmers and truck growers J on iol 0f tu. 1U.V.- (demen. bin! '
will be able to bring in Butter, eggs, ! j,1L.-.
I v hickens. vege'ables1 and all other
, i..,. 1 .. ; ..u :
the highest market will have
a tendency to create more interest
...., ., ,r ,,;.,., 4-;..,
L '
i nart of the formers n?id truck grow-
. , ,.,(,.,. ,,,....!,,,. .
i ; : i.v u.--( i uu:m .. 'i uuut. i- ini t
..:re extensive scale.
i ges tne eo-opci"u.on or ;;:! l ra.i-y..
! van::: cititms. i
Its success depend.s upon the peop- !
le and it will mean much to cur corn- j
rnwARn ni iNrnMRF. ai.
Cotmty C- n-.mis-ioatrs of Tra:.,yl- ! !lim over to Supori ,r C(.ur fei h -va-.ia
C iur.ty: - ' ing -'hiskey on hand a::, r -
rjent' : iarrt-t. His lawyer. Ralph R. Fi-lte:.
Th. Kiwarl Hr.ncoir;be Chap!--:- , appealed the case to Superior Cou.t
:f the D A. R. are going to erect a and Mo was let out live hundr- :
mor.urmr.t to Mdwar I Buncombe on dollars bo ml. the bond bum-- ru- v.-
he gro-j'tds of the Cotia y Cora;-'. , l,.v (-"-; I'axtot:.
iieu-- in !;.'" . i'.t- rii:-- at ! o' ' ' -
eioek rtt a
He -are end
Mo i err Id
il; US-
ahv V"U!'s
l.oula Roberts Plat. Chairman In
v:tat'o:t ( 'oaagi'tee.
I Many packaee have ah . a i;. b -seat
in. 'nut we -..a;.t ntor--. May 1 s;
is "Bundle De.y" nai ointed by (.(-e:-
i nor .Mv.rrison. Sesi.l i:t year burid
ii s, jf only one garment or a l td;- i
'':;.-. W e are smpmng a-- ft -:e.
- '-de.
Artv -oe nr--fer'i:ig to shit) for
' themselves, idea-c :t;ipiy for oflieia"
tag-, t,, Miss a-.ding Trowioidgi'.
I a .- n.iek.-:. Ri-sd'.. - ,- Viit.
: e ; ; - , ' .- resiiettv-e. Ju-fhatve the nt
,:: tile porch. The Raliegh a idr , ;
i- -X, ar F;:-i l Clothing W ar -
ird w eittn
.V l .!!"
Mr Knox DeLong. Miss Deal
! yr. Krox Del on, Mi
, ' ' . '. '.
I ; i - . . i '-s to--1 Heel h ., elrV
h-l-,.A -,. C:i.w:iv' H.-.-i.) l;)st Kthhiv
, yr. atU Mrs. K. A. Heath spent
o, .,-:,i, t,. t,. ; a
; d.-hing trip last Saturday and caught
' ;i i(.. string of mountain trout.
; .ur. ... .,one. w no mis ueen w.v
ill fo.- severed months, was carried
11 T 1 ... ...1. . I.. I. .
,,. hospital where he ur-.-ierwent
.. Sl.rlus epei-aion.
Those having relatives or friends
buried at Oak Gdrove will take not-
ice that work of cleaning off the
,.,'i.ves an,l hea il t i f vi n - the enmi.e--
i will take place there the 10th of May.
clear off th grounds.
M. J. ORR. C. C. YOXGL'K. Trus.
An Oklahoma edi.or tells of an old
Tndi.-.n who came int his office
fo,- ht. ,. Tl. -..lite,- too'
i';. .... ...;vi. v........
a a,, .1,,. ie;
u e iiu'in . , men me 110.1.1:1 iii;.ie
a receipt. The editor tried fo ta.k
him out of it. Mr. Indian insisted
- ! After makng u out, tne euitor warn
ed to know why he was so persistent. (,n ;. ., ,-unt of tlu difficulty of tran-
about wanting a receipt. The Indian, port) who would he willing to Ion
said: 'Me die some time. Go to big , examples by the following artists: 1
gate and St. Peter ask if I been good C- Poller. Henry Daw-.n. W. .!
t i- t ti i .... Midler J Glover George Hunter. Kar-
Indian. I say yt". He say. Did you Jl - ......
pay editor for paper?' I say yes.
ne ,sa, neie is ie e.)M.
it. , .vxri, ; . ,.,:,o-' T I., ,
have it. I have to run all over hell
lind you and. get receipt. - t odea
(III.) Reflector.
ORDERLY Kemp, colored man of Pre.
vard, created some excitement one
day ast v.eek by getting piflocat d
ttr-g arrc-t.
I -Ac or lint;- ( Chief Harnett, J!uv
was passing out liquor among tie
j negro help of the Transylvania Tan.
j nine; Company's plant.
I ,f-
a: . "-ted an 1 hrouu.'-:
u a . diief Harriet t
t, tr" conrt
wa.- arranging bond when Mose d'--cide.i
o t, e for the next Marathon
pace-: by jumping out of the court
hou-e window an-' making a ho -skin
and jump race of colored town.
Chief Parti' ' is some amateu'- ru -ncr
him: elf am cauglit Mo.-o just a-
arnett tripped" arn fell it;
, i r i miici: liter ltuem '-i., leceJiftt:
j ( . f u f a ) ;u!. f
, , , u, needing ;.
' '
new unit orm. n
!le ca'ight ' -
! . ,
tn.e of the- it, .
! 1
; tt 1. . : I .
. le : ha, I ti .- ..,:- i.,.-,- .
pint of lightning juice down the low
er r"gions and by the time h - jo in
the business section was
b. :t t y 'trunk that ji to..,.;
dotten citizt-nto 'o- 't iiae u;
II : lloeee dee- Mitche! -- .
I exactly satisiie ! the m
; Mo.-e ;ur no
'!;:;! a
Travelers or Ocean .Lmerc May E v
gage Hcto' Rooms Far m Advance
Of Their Lemcimt;.
A iee.dmg New York '
tising a lis: of Mar--- a:
:n o.-eau i r.iv eter-a e add
making of reser .- a ;.
: I i -: , s, , j t js : 1 I e iv
d-om ;ke I. rid d -Ude to
room by pa a, a "id '
:..u of a semi-- ie
n name aa-i the naae
: is to! ver
de word- a.
. induce i' .
i' wii!e--
'he Wo!-ijs
'. e ; ! a ! 1 I . , J
a rend be
I e traii-av
-a. plus 1 -f
l is .
Tee b-iel. ! v e,,nse-.;,w !i--s ,d !
;.!; :d -. is ;,,.' li '.l !-.. .date i
v. ),,.!, ti.e r.--Tv :. .--Il -- into I'd'
Tin;- -.:- -" i- - i.e . word f
' Wc
! ,
, 1
: . a'-r: am a .- a
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w! -e re. i ' ! ; i-eme; i : s m'e e;dy a -m
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'!-: -' iae -dede I'"'!!!."- Ni W
York Sim.
JadGe W.lmeth Goes Home.
: DelLen .. W !i:i-ih. nalge :
- ... , , ,.
, cltv ee::i t. liiOl -n I Hi. .-ill o .
' ,ti . , . . ..
fid, n ds i,u "dinner and tae jad-e ,
; ., . ,- , , i,,,,,,,. ii ,n.. ,
not- er taimnar wnn tta- ne:g.i'.
hood where the judge lives, a- ;'
ticiMili-i liing there -ebiom cell
, rh(i j,,,,. t j,lvt ,,.ir f.-dv .'.if
! -.1 :. :.. ..... .e,.,.. .1 .., ... ,
. I'll' T. UliU O l ie--o... ... .'
! r,.spoaible for what
j driver :-aid an auto:..(
j in front of the YUm
-topped in front of
1. '1
; door. In his dm'ea-e
tin two Ifii-'s are aid
It is said, th" Judge c;
A . any rat
f ' - rem o
: ,u "" " , , '" '' -"',,,' ,
ma I . a m 1 a 1 1 eo 1 a o u ,...:u -. ' 1 . 1 . 1
rdoimlv.- Indiana pol:. N e w
i Century of British Artists.
j Tllt, k,,, ai society of British Arti -
! is maiding preparations to hold an e.
1 hibition in celebration of its one an .
; dredth anniversary. The society w d
to exhibit works by memners ami exin
- itr runmn-; uvt-i un- ..,.., .
tors ranging ot
: or Its ex. e.
ddie trai-ing of worl
. . ,
nf importance bv some ot the past e
h-h,v tV.ur lu:iny .lim.-ulties. ate
...,,,. ,Voiii,i l. rhol to hear ..
in. ... ... ..... . -
- mvn,.,s (preferably in or man; Lorn
ii ee: la a i. in'mn- , j -..mi.'...
('asile From the Crass: Market" tc;
uo v.,., , n.,,-it- '(X.ron-itio
fa K,'nt' Tp y Kim: Wiitiam IV
( exd'tdle-d s:VJ.-
'!ser er.

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