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FRIDAY, APRIL 11th, v 1024
: -j 1 'f
Raleigh, C? Apr. 7, 1924 -Gov
"W' 1 Morrisojh pulled the surprise
!nis ?administw^lon' on Wednesday
' he hied himself to Durham 'and
the ^econd husband' of Mrs.
v Eoker Watts, \vidoi^ of -Geo-]
s;W. Watts, a" wealth business |
n who diedthere three years ago.
e. marriage took placc at the home
of thb bride 1n the, presence of the ;
r Governor's sister, Miss . tda MgTr'son,
j his daughter Miss Angeliq, Mbrrison J
' Secretary of Stale. Eyerett, Cumm- |
.iwjioner of Revenue }?6ughton, Ad- I
jj jutant General Mete, Mm. Gilbert
?'White, sister oft the first Mrs. Mor- ,
V'riBob, .and a ?W ; close personal !
; frien<fo, v
. i
The Governor and hiB bri^e mot- !
olre^ to Greensboro immodiatetly
following the ceremony which link- ;
V..thdjn together as husband and '
ife and boarded a , train for New'
Yprk. The extent of their < bridal
tour has not been announced. The
""" Pernor's term. of office will end I
xt January, ,a*jd it -is -reported :
hatxhe will jetura to Charlotte and
nake hii home' there. * He is fifty-]
tw<>. and his bride fifty-ono years of
afee. News of the marriage
y as a ^etinet itati>ri9e,'a8 ?nly *.7ery
few ' d'f the Governor's friends, Were
Durnva fViof Vio wort ft. Wlfit- '
egutlon. 6f
SoI.'.W. P. Wood, for ten years j
_? .jl 1920, state, auditor, which oc- j
'C.ejttired recently at ^ High Point hos- i
I 'following te extended- Illness
,.*?el Wo'ttd 1 wa? well knowit thrtt
t the State, having for year* ser
d .the public faithMlly in 'position
ortaMe. At th?. age of 17 *be
in the; Confederate -^rjtoy
id, in % Wit*- tfiwJacW^
^ed until the 2nd at May
?d would heire be?p
*?'"? . At tbe time of his
<rtmnwtd?r f:of. the ;
ed.. Confederate veter- j
pie "marry and *r? jjBfe'.ii
ifdelgh folks' .??' are'
feted In'^tfiejiirfeftt'!
a, which has . been i
? since the lOjfc of ;
jeliit Ham ??tnter<jd i
eek ,hWp on yteattrr \
king to a con- .
which packed i
SSjWty auditorium at two o'clock [
ad to a great company of men in .
_je^woo.den temple an hour latgr.
Tifc aeries is ^cpected tp close next
. Sunday and Intensive efforts in the
. inte^asf of soul-saving a?e planned
)or the present ;week/J Already
,8J>00 - have eltfier* been reclaim,
I ed or converted tfuringthe period of
Mr. Ham's ministry in Raleigh.
; Nothing approaching the Ham-Ram
sey reyival ha? 'ever before been ex
perienced in the capital city of th*
' : State.* An hundred and twenty-five -
Vis^ness Jaatitjitiona are> closing each '
day for the niorning service, while
, ? at night the big- tabernacle is ^litcr
ally packed .with thosq hungry and
. athist for the gospel dispensed in
story and in song by the Evangelist,
Choripter Ramsay and the hundreds i
of voices atune with the spirit of;
. each service there. The ''Evangelist j
party go from here to Greenville,
, N. far a meeting to begin ~ on
th-; tilth.
Secretary of State W. N. Everett
will dcdVver' the key-rtote specch be
fore the Democratic State Co'nven
fon here onThursday, the 17th. of !
Apiril. ,'yiffr, ' Everett is ?rfT~>-forceful ,
I speaker and generally knows "where
' - . *he ;s going." 5lo "fire-works" will
" be started by our Secretary of State
; !, He si' both safe and sane. The con
" vent'on wllLbe held in the city audi
| ? '? ? ?
:4. J. ' M
fljlv '
Many voters wish to nnnouncd the
name of Wm. Duckworth as a can- !
tlida^H to succeed h'mself as Repre |
sentativ&, subject to the rules and
? imputations <5 f tho? Democratic f r:- i
jnafj; of June, 1924.
For County Commissioners:
lt is with' pleasure that the News
announces the names of Messers..^
' Lyday, W. S. Ashworth t and
. T. S. Galloway as the Democratic
Candidates for th'c nomination of
County Commissioners, subject to
the rules and regulations of the
?forthcoming primary Ju?<? 19?4.
^ ^ jBom to MV. and Mrs. N, A. Mil
_ . ier. April 9, c
Kr*? Harold Hardia of Soarta-v
r? rt*ynt; Kt;
Vn'( a U
.: . f ? ;? . ?
The Pisgah Bank w , one of out
groSvirg young institutions which
snouiu be encouraged. It is laicf on
the firm founaat.on of honesty and ,
industry . . .
Tne educational work which thj?.
bank jte doing will mean mu<;h for the '
prosperity o<; the community inp. the
next generation. If thrift1 Attn- fie
over into the 4 character , . of ? our
children we will have a contented, '
atfppy, prosperous people.
The Tarheel Banker, official publi
cation of the North' Carolina -Banker*
Association has the following: "P.s
gph Bank, .Bravari,, has inaugurated
two contest^ among the school clmd- i
ren of Transylvania County In order >
promote thrift. ' Three prizes a- ,
mounting to^$80.00 We 'offered to ?
children :'n t%e'; sixth and seventh ,<?
grades ofthep'ujsljc schools and sim
ilar prizes to the pupils 6f the high
school. 'Each piifciil tefipeting is to'
write' a story 'on thrift and . how, to
save tyy depositing a -portion of/?arn
tags in the bank.
Accompanying the story0muat be
an advertisement inteded to- induce
the people to r;ave aJong the linis in
dicated in the story. The contest
will cloee or April 12." ,
Lewjs P. HamliiV cashier of this
bank, i? a yotang tnnn pf -brains aa
well as integrity. Hp has aninWreat
Ing xiatore before kirn.
Thfere was' a go63 attendance "nt
the meeting of the board of direct
ors. J. ii. Whitmirc ? elected Ase's
tant Cashier, Launa Clay tpn ' elect- ?
ed Book Keeper; R. Whjhplson, e
lecte'dj' member Board of Dlrectoft.
V<dfflcers were -J. H. ( . PickSlsimer,
Pres.; Billy Davis Vice Pies.; Lewis
p} Himfn, Cashier. * Directors are:
C. R. McNeeley, H. A. Plnmmer;
ST. W. .Galloway, Lewi$ P. Hamlin;
W. tV. Croushom, N. A. Miller;
R^'L. Nicholson, Billy Davis -yJ. H.
Picketsimeir, Dr. E. S. English; U. G.
*eeyes. " ? ? jS&i
Th? regular monthly Meeting of
the. Betterment was hold at the Sigh
School, Monday, March 31. -
? The meeting urusaally well at,
tend^H and. twelve neW -.members
were ttddedito the roll.
Mrs Rile?" conducted the the deVo
tional exerckcfi Vnth whTch the ?pcet>
injr opened.
MisB.Moqfli'd Eth Grade. A., delight
pd the audipnee 'xrith a "Good , Eng-t
!ish Class." The DiUch song -and
r!?nro wa^ 'fharmin'e ard the " little
Sweat ?cas from thei first grade '
were as lovely blosoms as* the mo
ther heart could dfesire. , .
At the close of the program, ? the
little folks .went borne and the .mem
bers of the Betterment .remained t<J
transact the routine business:
Mias Tyner told of the urgent
?need of equipment on the " play
gronnd for the small" childrer.'
Mrs. D. G. Ward was . placed? in
charge of circulation of two. * peti
t'ontf^'for an appropriation for . the
hospital, one to the County Com
missioners," and' one to. the - town.
Council. V j - .
Thereby announce my .candidacy
for the nomination as Solicitor of'
the Eighteenth Judicial District of
North Carolina,, subject \o the Dem
ocratic Primaries of Saturday, June
7th. 1924. J. Will Pless. Jr.
We are authorized to announce
Mr. Ed. Pdtton as a eaivrlidate to
succeed himself as" Treasurer ip the
forthcoming ^rimarj^ of. June, sub
ject Jo the rule1; ar.d regulations of
the Democratic Forty. _
The Betterment Association har
planned an entertainment" t obe gi
ven at the Hitrh School Aualtoriur.t
on Friday ever'-i^t Anrily2 r>, for the
purpose fo raising much 'noetic ?
funds. The protrrrm Ms fi'll of
iaaghs from beginning to end.
WatcV for further notice.
Mr." E. R. Welch was a vistor in
Ashville last week. ?
Mr. and.Mr<=. J. M. K>ip-urie"s
and >on Carroll pp^nt the week e-iri
:n Spartanburg with their daughter
Mrs. Ira Hamilton. ^
Mr. Lewis Bosse of Spartanburg
spent the week end in Brevard with
Mrs. W. T. Bosse.
Mr. A. C. Johnson of Ashviile
motored to Brevard last Sunday.
J ~>r r ' I Overland ^ passenger
Oar See J. C. Richardson.
e Oft SAL K ? Upngnt p;aro ax;
reasonable price for c?sh. ,
H. 7 r,t y<?*
Vt? V. 'J . <"?' 4- ,
? 4 * ' # >4 & ' ?
- ' The Cbunty cofnmissioners met in
regular session Mon/day, April, 7th.
The minutes of the last meeting
were approved.
Soveriri -persons appears dand ask
ed for corrections in taxes, .
The pauper list was allowed and
present -relief granted a number of
applicants. . \ ^
Miss Creighton, district Home
(Demonstration agent appeared and
explained to .the board the absence
of a Homo agent, When ' Miss.
Clarke left in Decdmber for her va
cation she -thought a short ? rest
restore her health, her phy
sician thought she could return in
a short time, ?but her health has not
improved sufficiently to permit her
to resume work; therefore she has
resigned.- Htr'succesuor has , been
selected and will take up the work
May 'It.- i ,
A large .delegation' from , the Cha
mber of Commerce presented ? a
petition signed by a number of the :
lea^'ng taxpayora asking for an^ap
propriatiori for the Brevard Hosp.tal
^Another petition wis presented sig
ned by all the women's clubs and a'
long" list of individual names, ..Rev,'
J. C. Scagle,. ierry iaroriic;. Jos^ S.
Silversteen, 04 L. Erwln; T. H.
Shipman, Ed. McCoy; Rey. Wallace
Harwell, Rev. E. R. .tVclch; Rev. J.
R. Hay' and others spoke- of the val
ue of the hospital to the county f?oir( :
an. gcononiic as well as a human'ta- j
r pn standpoint. The fact was strep :
sed that tihlessi.aid was . given , now
the hospital would be ,lost and it
?would cost much more to establish |
another. Names; of pecTple from, all ?
sections of the county were mention- !
ed, as having toceived treatment at;
the hospital. The matter was taken
under advisement by the Commiss'o- J
ners. j
T. J. Wilson appointed coun- j
ty supervisor. Tile. following jfccre :
appointed listers, for -the .townships; j
F. E. Slmford, Brevard; .A, <? Ljvj
day, Boydf L. W. Brooks, dathey's ,
CvtoV, M. Maxwell, Dunji's Rock
E. M. Whrtmire, Eastatoe; A. Q,
Price, Gloucester; G, O. -Alexander, :
Hogback", Frank Shuford, Little ,
River- I ? * ,'i
A petition -was filed by tie State
Board <ft Health -asking, the Board. o! :
County Commispioners^to aflpropri- I
ntc twenty -f.^6 cents - per capita for'
vaccination against Typhoid .ffever '
and Diptheria. /Not granted. j
. 1- BREVAR& BOY h6nOr?d . .
* ' / ?
Lamar Q. Galloway has. again
wonhonor as a debater. Having yon j
first place in a contest "to fgprescnt
the University in a debate with the 1
University of West Virginia. The j
following account ia taken' from a
Ch:.pal lliil dispatch." to the Ash.
viile dthsen: '
? As the -result jof jitoliijiina^c^
held la9^ night\the\^oll??vinf? threo,
stuac-tttG will represent the Universi/
ty of North Carolina in a- debate
withthe- University x>f- West Virgin
ia, ?<?re in April 10; W. T. CoXich
of Chapel 'Hill; L. Q. Galloway '. of.
Brevard .-and' M. Young ox Dur
ham with E t< .IvaV.c'e ?- Hsm'.c;'
soViville as alternate;
Carolina will uphold the negative
side of the query: Re3plv.ed That,
tte United Statesshould adhere to
Permanent Court of International {
Justice on the basis^, of the condi
tions of Secretary . Hughes."
While none of the three Carolina !
representatives Jnas participated in
irtercollefe.'ate .^ontests, they'- have!
good debating records. Couch is a 1
sophmore who has been prominent j
ill tiho Phi Society open forum dis
cussions. G a Hp way is a first year
law student who has debated for
Wofford <",o!1e<re. Young won *he
Mnj(y D. Wright debating medal lr-st
frJl a":l >>.an a womb.:- o? the frc?h
r.-.v: ir.tevc;i'lc"*'atP ?osm rpr.:
.v.?** ft^or.i the. Pii
':-et ic jcv'o*\ '?onf'.'Ktijd for plncrr
? ^ '**?* * * ? '"I* were ? R T.j TTc1
r c ?" p . 1
.vet:;. L, r. ?.<? *r>" %. ,T. Fcr-.c-J
"V .7 -? < W Y v
S. L. Jones was the presiding offi- ]
cer. The judges were Professors'
Connor, Hill and Crates, G. C. j
Hampton. president of the Debate i
Council, was timekeeper.
The West Virfir.'o preliminaries
were the firrt of an ambittious sche
dule wV.ji t. \n Debate Council has
p"*"?c' for t1.'" spr'r t.
ru* n?f r 1, n -p.. <5>u i '
Mr; (). F. I. ? ?'?re- ? vi'.h i"*e
There wis n-> 0? ???/?
tr - r. C' ?? ? r- ? ;
count of tne illness of y?- v.- M r j
ef?ell anff Alderman W? ? ? -
Chief -V-- V j
rc>. i* t
fa:.-. ? > v
fiKr Miii'iitft i'i r ?
p -
* . - <
The county Board of Education
I ' *
j of Transylvania county, in regular
^session lasfcv Monday, passed' ^ an
.order that-theje shall be only three
members of the school comihittee
for each district in the county in
stead of flye.
The following are the names of
?committee f6r var:ous distr.cts ' as
appointed by the board': " '
B6ytl' District no. 1- John Eng
land, John Boggs, J. A, Brown.
Difct. no, 2, A. B. Osborne, L^e
Gash, Carl Blythe, ? Dist no. ,3, CarlN
Talley, C. F.' Woodfin, L; F. Lyd?y..i
Dist. no.' 4;- W... A. Barnard, T. B/J
Duncan; W. C.-C.lReep^" * 1
?fci*v&d:pistriet no. 1-S. M.' Mc- '
fie,' C^lpl. Yongpe, B. J. S.ttoi*, . ?
Dist. no.,2- AIr3. T. E. Patton^ J!n
LydWy. /Diflt.- no. 3 /J. E. Pot.o, -Jer
ry D&Visj Webb ,Hollingstoorth. .
?CatheyslCreek , Dist. no, 1-C, . R,
Sharp, Koi'ipan Wihibfnire, H. ? N.
,Bli\ke, Dist. no. 2- J. A. Gillespie, .,
C. W,' Owen"/ P. A* Morgan. Dist. .
no. 3- J. .W. Glazener, AJ M. Pa^ton
A. M.' White.
.Dunns Rock Dist. no. 1, B. W.
Trantham, , Ewart Baxter, Joe Gal
loway, Dist. no. 2- W' HogS?d, Mr t
F; ' Henderson, . ; Glade Whitnjire.
pis*.' no. 3- 'P. Ril<<y Hogscd, Oll'.e
?Rainfes Julian Bjythe. Dist." nor, ;?*.
wr p; Clark, F. Xisom,' Ar.c"cir;in
Hubbard.. /??? " ?
Eustatoe D'st. no.. 1-Charl'c Gra
veley, Lon Bateon, Joq Lance. D!s*{
no. 2-J. C. Cassell, B. .iA." EHtion,
Geo. 'Hendtix, Dist . no. 3E?d. "d
Hendrix, W. E." Galloway, * L. C.'
Morgan, Dist. no. "i-j. M. Por/oll,
Coleman vAikeri, X. R. Aiken-. Dist.
no. 6-F.T. ^GalloWay, Lee ft. Fiahc?
M.i S. Aiken.
Gloucester Dist. no. 1-Araot Mc
Call, J. H. Ho* Be, .Talmage Chas
ta'n. Dist. "no. 2 . Vance Galloway,
H.P. Hall, Albert Price".
Hogback Dist. ho. 1-Charli# ;W.
Henderson," Avery Reid. Henry Chap
man. Disty no. 2 Lee F. Norton^
E; D. Reid, E. A. Reid, Dist'. no. 3
Honfy Hinkle, San^ Reid, W. J.
Nictaolnpn. Dist. no. 4-Mra1.- W'il Ray
L. C. Case, D. G". Gillespie. Dist.
no; 5-Geo. Alexander, ..ChaTliq Ery
son, D. H. Miller. n ?'
Little River Dist. no. 1UG, o W.
Bishop, E. A. Heath, J. W. .Bums.
Dist. np, 2-ft. E. ^ee.^W. R. Talley,
Lewis Barton. D^st. ,no. 3 J. A, Mc- :
Call, Frank Shuford, Jim Merrell.
.Boyd Dist.-Sio. 1-Geo. Orr, > Ani
bose Camp, Mills Mooneye Dist. no.
1-Evercttc iLew's Smith, Girley Orr, ?
James Hutchison. "
.Brevard Diat. no.2 Arthur Hefner
A. B. Benjamin, J. F. W. 'Mills.
' {
An 'Eeas^dr o^; hunt will be hjsld
Saturday afternoon,; April 19 at>8'?
o'clock on the grounds of the Frank
lin Hotel. x
For the benefit of the American
Legion Auxiliary^ Admission 20 c,
?> ? ? ? ? !
'* - ' ' ? ? "I
The Logion Aux. me J ii? the Leg
ion room, April 1st, Those preseht
were. Mrs. Macfie, Mrs. Brown Carr
Mrs. Plummer, "Mrs. Zachary, Mrs.
G alii way I Mvs. Nihcola, Mrs, , Perk
inss and Mrs. Breese.
A evry interesting letter from one t
of the men in Ward B-4 .was . readi
by the secretary, sending thanks an'tl;
showing much appreciation for the
bo:c we rent them foy St. Patrick's '
There are 35 men in ward B-i
and our Auxilary is to look after 13
of them- artd Sylva' Aux. the re-,
maining 17.
We hope to have, these men look
ed after 'ndividualiy and have app
ortioned t.he names among 18 tho ,
T't- iiea to trv r.n l write thc. o
.v?n o-rr?'onally.?f:nd out their per
r.enr.l vpni* and send >h?si pome
r:' ~".ee a, month ra show
*Krt 'v0 take a personal interest in
"The Rafter ctrgjiunt will he h?ld
or. the Franklin lawn Saturday af
"ion t 1 o'clock At* 1 IPfh,
The a irtfcvoi pr'ce of the ticket-.
'0 1 t ' p v J r", obt.iir.e.l
from Mis.". I.ora Walker. . Kv?rv
mrmh( r '<f rh" Au::, is asked to
two dozen dyed eggs to the
Appalachian Hotel, Saturday Morn
ing April, jr>th.
T pr.v ?1.00 for tho hiur'^t
pi'o r' Tn,.?h in Brrvnr<I on th;'
fror.t' ''root Erevan) Nov
W. 1T. t.o-.- -
Mr. Lflthrop* mnn, ':icV..Is will
he 'I.- -tfcs* ? ; : ild' ir
??*.->?? *?a.
\. .
. hftV-VtiU&tS ?
?Brevard is facing: an era of still
greater deVelopmen't and there are
rpany important problems requiring
the proper solution." The Brevard
Chamber of Commerce has an im
portant part to play1 in these develbp
njents. An enlarged ,mombynihip
'with men and women vitally inter
ested in> making thi? a f Inei; and
greater tawn and county and all
working together, vfill "mean a bet
ter and easier solution of these pro
blems. ..
\ OUru membership conimitte is
planning, a camp^'gn to secure a*hun
dred' or Snore pew men^bers PjMany
?of 'our members probably-. know of
men and wpmen available for mem
bership in the Chamber who if ap
proached '^y*>ur membersh.p com
mittee' would undoubtedly join.
The latter iour membership the
greater%he advertising and promot- ,
ing of. all'" indjfetries, amusements
and nil public improvements.' < ?
' SomtTof th: projects the Cham
ber of V Commerce is now taking
active part \.i trying to .secure for
Brevard fijfe Vc-nity, are a Country
Club an aGolf ' f ourse, a smaller^
amusotnent .v-lrk where ouch games
as Pitching Qtrtiits, Checkers, Cro-(.
etc. can bo. indulged jrf.- A
furniture ft.loi.y^--a theatre where
not only m? pictures of the
highest typo arc shown .. but also
good w.holesoijie ' vaudeville ' shows
to "keep .our jc'Sr.~ people from dti- r
ving' miles r'/ rf'n-'-t to see ip other
towns. A .rrounted police on the
hard furface 'aect'.on of the:Jiighway
to stop spec llr.g and reckless driv
?In:f,ca safer co-rr.ey at tt\e ' intersec
tion of Probart Ave. and North I
Cc-IdweTT Stress, r/ bettor Railway
crossing at P'sealk Forest Station,
The street^' ox Brevard marked so
the 'visitors wilL^Jieve less difficulty
in finding their way youijd,
? The Chahiber of Commerce has a
meeting' of its twenty five directors
?every other Tphsday night at oijht
o'clpck ip the-rooms of the Chamber,
of Commerce, ApriLJ.6th., being^g. ?
data of our .next meeting.
We ate alwa^s iglad to have a:i..
or.e -.yhethe'r a member or pot who
has Any suggestion to ^make for the
good_ of- the tpwn or county to at
tend" these meetings and bring it
before the directors. -
'.The Chamber <5? Commerce pro
poses to have with all civic .organiz
ation* and- groups ' co-operative and
neighborly relations. '
is attracting attention as
our business men while in the smok
er -of a train/ up in West Virginia
recently, overheard a 'party of man
discussing the rapid growth of small
towns in different sections of the
country and Brevard was mentioned
as being.the'most "up -to' date and
hustling" of theua all. They spoke
of- the fine new Bank building and
theatre- Brevard _coon is to have dnd
of the big #agle He'ghfe develop
mentv I ?
Tho Chambei1 oi Commerce is hel- i
ping to attract attention to Brevard '
It is advertising Brevard .wlies
ever there is another Chamber ? ?
Commerce by,, telling them of
organization' and senuins* booHe
of Brevard for d:stribution.
Join your Chamber of ComtjArcc
nowv and help boost your tows.
coming town" one of
On last Sunday aftern- ecyi .
teen members -of the Epw. ' ? 1
fup rnct at tiic ' Mntho.ijst Ci.?
and from there they motored to tii
county Homo v/hcre r.'Scr"ic2 ".we,
heltl for the inmates.
The program avm :n ""charge ? or
515s r. Bertie Dnllard. ( Tho topic
for the afternoon was "Hovy J^ku
lovod nr.-l servo.!." After prayer 1
rnd songs a very interesting paper
Was .ever. by M -s. Elizabeth ZacV
:: ty abort "Jc"'U?' /Love." _ Another
??terc.-;' talk wes by M'ss Geor
g a Stanbcrry on. "How he served/'
Vvh'c'-. a beautiful duel wa'
nri'ir ' y;r? Jonn'c Aifcen ar! Mr
Ernest JMcFalta.
The meeting tfns t3:?mis'a<! by tb?
League benedietioh. Then .. th< . -
young people bed a eceial hen:
tho loyoly o;d peop'e ;n tu>'
Flowers and fruit; were carried
to !cheer those in the home.
FOR SALE: Ten roeni two story!
hou.'p on WhlT'ir" ?tr""" ' iwnv '
bfwe.- d<-t ' r
t r ? ? 'o iirre
lot. poo<l starrier 'rt t >f*rees, well
drained h'n'-V 1<-> . are f'1
O ' r- ?r.*l -? . ?? 'gti n
f ~~**r ? j <?*?{? f. <? - %> i .? o?
'< ????> .? \ '?*)
'.?T 1
On ThiTrsduy, Murch 27, Mrs. R. ,
if. Zqchary was hostoss of the Mat'
haUisian' club? ?
The -Program waa ( in charge of
Mrs. Welch' Galloway, subject Pub-/
ic Schools. <
C. Henderson, County Supt.
of schooU mhde a splendid "talk on '
the subject. At the close of his ad-'
dressy the culb passed a ; resolution N
commending the high' standard o t /,'A
scholarship inquired of teachers by
the school committee 'and expressing
the hope that if the' present stan
dard(io ever changed it wijf berais- y'~~
ed rather thttplowered.
Miss Martha Bo3well told' of .the >- 1
meeting of the League ' of. Woirien .
voters^ which she attended in Dur
Kam. The spocihl tonic at the meet- >
ing was, Jnueville Delinquency/ and
the work of the Junev'lfe Court
Transylvania was one of six cOun- '
ties asked to report because of the
high character of the work of , its
Court. Mr. Miller has made a state
rptin'iation as JU/lrre of 'the, Junoville
Court. ; * . '
f Delicious tefreshtnents were s^r- . ' '
v?d to the members- and a number
of guests. . /
. ? -
W- at FAlfc ? ,-t
7 ? ; ? ?' y *
Miss Lorena Merrill, Brevard,
Hoihe Economic?, ? $1\00 . . . ,
?' Mrs, A. J. Bcdttenfjreld, -Brevard,
Home Economics, $3.00 ,
R.. "W. Everette, Pisgah Forest,
Gattle, 1 206,00. . Total of $2} 0.00
. ? ? ? ? - ? ? ? . . I 'l-t
To the Stockholders' <if the ifr&n
sylvsr-'s Railroad Company :
The Annual meeting of the
Irinqylvania RJjilrqpd Company held at thft, general offices of
tile ?Ct>:r.^L;>y ii iJ8 ::SSi , &
ten, Brevard, N.. C., on Wednesday,
the 7tli. day of M3y, 1921)', nt
o'clock a.m., for the election, of offi
cers and directors to serve during
the ensuing year, and for the trans-, '
action of. any other business that,
may cpmg. before the meeting. .
/?Your attendance in requested, but
if unable to attend jpleare s.'gn, have ,? 4- /
witnessed and' return primp tly to '
this office the enclosed prosy. '
A. K. ORR Secrcttary.
? ? -? ?
Friday ^ and Saturday, April ll-12t;b
TOM MIX- in V. ,
Eyes of t^ie forest
Also Snub Pollard in THE COURT- s
Admission 10 & 25 cents.
r, v. . . . v' ' ?.
Monday and Tuesday, April J.4-15tlP ? <
51irha Rubens and Lionel Barrymorc
' ? ENEMIES \ ?
? , ? ,OF WOMEN x
A^lmiscio": 10 & .25 cents.
/ r* '
'ay and Thursday April. 16'
nv.d : ' ch. Clara Kimball Young, ih .
.Tho Hands Of Ncra
E'i c .t Dexter, s^Iso appears ;n the
r- Ah-o 4 th Ep'sode ox Tho Way
A Men, Adm'ssion 10 & 25 c.
.j.tince 3:00 . Night 7:15
ominpr, John Gilbert in St. Elmo.
' * '>?
The Methodist Sunday School
buildinr is near'ng completion and
all departments are hard at work (
ra'sinp; funds for furnishings.
, Mrs. (P!ummer's boys nfid Mrs.
Rilpatrick's ?irl? will have fen Easter#
sale of (takes and candies on Satur- ,
day, April 19, at'the Brevard Phar
macy. . <
Th6 missionary society p?v? a lun
ceon at which a nice aiv.ovnt was
The Epworth League is buying a
piano. ' , .
/ : ''
Mr-. 5"a,"> Cooler hn:- returned *
horr.c aft~r spending the winter ir. t
Jacksonville, Fla. with her son
ynul C. Cooner.
Ba=e Ball Cluh I'o? Brevard
Wn'.cb the i :j?ht ti r.-?-t and
nrOT-i;:r a ?r>vn-l B"sr- r-jj dub .
h'ri' for u ?h '? is nreec-" \ry to the
belief 1 of Brevard and a help for
our touri-:*. Talk it up and com* to
i. ?. k ?? nave L*.?'Cc * '?
nit - tfc-t - jar ar.J we have nev
r J
Tov Or .? ^

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