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;emi-public institutions. For a great
many years the power company has
given, free of charge, the current
that lighted the whiteway lamps on
i he streets of Brevard. They mad*
no charge for current used in the
Chamber of Commerce building, the
If. D. C. Library, the band stand, and
i. .any other places of public nature J
have been the recipients of light and
power as compliments of the com- j
pany. Several people who are iden
tified with charity work in the town
have known for a long time that sev
er:.! extremely poor families in Bre
v- 1 have used the light current reg
; although the company never
? ? ; a ; much as mailed statements to
these people. The churches have
long enjoyed a minimum flat rate for
The Southern Public Utilities com- j
with all the big Duke interests:
behind it, has the reputation of lo- 1
citting many industrial establish-;
ments in whatever section the com- !
? :-.ny operates its power lines. With 1
the big connections of the con
ci i n, citizens in Brevard are led to I
believe that the coming of the Duke ;
s iterests into Brevard is simply a
forerunner of an industrial expansion J
h'-'.o that will mean much to this
county. This belief is based not on
any statement that may have been
issued by any company official, but
merely on the record of the company :
in other towns and sections, and the j
ability of the big company to influ- ;
t industry to locate in sections ;
where the company can furnish the
power for operation.
Lines have already been strung '
from Hendersonville by the Southern;
Public Utilities company into Brevard
iho sub-station completed, and the
"juice" turned on. The lines carry
?14.000 voltage, and this, added to the
o::tput of tiie Cascade Power Com
pany which the new concern will dis
tribute. gives to Bnevard an abund
ance of power for as many industries
: :? could be eretfte<l in many a month.
Newspaper? in the Piedmont sec
tion of the Carolinas often publish
special articles and editorials, giving
in detail the growth of towns and
communities when the Duke interests
entered such places. It is an acknow
ledged fact that the Duke companies
are almost totally responsible for the
rapid expansion of industry in Pied
>n' Carolinas, and the coming here
that big concern is verv naturally
| c.\pcuwiv? v*
ion? Carolinas, and the coming here
<>f that big concern is very naturally
haled with delight by the citizens of
Transylvania county.
Offices are being opened in the
Waltermire Hotel building, two big
rooms having been taken. One fronts
cn Broad street, next door to the
> oti l entrance, while the other fronts
n Main street, next door to the Pis
?rah Bank. Partitions have .been toxn
: w;.v. making the two rooms into one
continuous building. The Southern
Public Utilities company makes con
, drive for the placement of elec
?ric appliances for the home. Every
conceivable thing that is heated or
?.in by electricity is carried in stock
by the company and these things are
:<.M on convenient terms to users of
their power. Electric ice refrigera
i'.'i. electric ranges for cooking,
carpet sweepers, irons, in fact, all
tieetrie devices for the use and
?onvcnience of the home are sold by
?he company. One of the office
buildings will be devoted to this
,nhase of the work, and a complete
display will be kept on the floor at
I'll times.
J. M. Gaines, of Charlotte, will be
in charge of the local offices. He
will move his family here at once.
Several other families will move to
Brevard as a result of the deal, as
experienced men who have long
been with the company will be sent
here to handle its affairs in the local
field. Mr. 0. A. Meyer, of Hender
sonville, has general supervision of
the company's affairs in this sec
Lewis P. Hamlin, Brevard lawyer
and minority leader in the house of
i preventatives, and J. H. Pickel
simer, handled the negotiations in
?he deal for the local interests. Mr.
Hamlin is also an interested party in
'he big transaction, he being a stock
holder in the local companies that
sold to the Southern Public Utilities.
No mention is made of the price
paid for the valuable properties.
Lewis Simpson and family were
Sunday guests of Mr. and Mrs.
John Reed.
Mrs. Flora Pickelsimer spent Sat
urday night with "Aunt* 'Rachel
Blythe, of Pleasant Grove.
Messrs Floyd and Howard Nor
wood, of South CtffeUna, were in
Blantyre Sunda^HHP
Misses BlanclHKrown, Lenora
tOwenby and Ed of Enon, and
Robert Boggs, of Turkey Creek, all
attended prayer services at Blantyre
Sunday night.
Miss Mary Ellen Reed was the din
ner guest of Miss Fred Maxwell Sun
The subject, for prayer meeting
next Sunday night will be "Rejoice,"
?and Mrs. Flora Pickelsimer will con
duct the service.
Lewis Simpson and a few others
will meet at the school house Satur
day evening: to maki Some benches
for the church. Any one whft wishes
to come and help in this work will
he more than welcome,
Tom English, of Boylston, was in
Blantyre Sunday night. '? < '
Miss Doxie Brewer spent Sunday
at her home here. .:
Clyde Cantrell attended prayer
meeting at Blantyre Sunday night.
Misses Tina and Ada Hedrick, of
Pisgah Forest, were chinquapin' bunt
ir.z .'n ths secton Sunday.
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Ave., Seattle, Wash.
Elzie B. Cox, 610 10th Ave. N.t
Seattle, Wash.
Mr. and Mrs. Chas. L. Garren,
R-2, Dacusville, S. C.
Mr. and Mrs. G. R. Ballard, R-2, ,
Dacusville, S. C.
Mrs. Dewey Burton, Inman, S. C.
Mr. and Mrs. John H. Holler, Box
fi04, East Flat Rock, N. C.
Rev. and Mrs. M. E. Summey,
Central, S. C.
Rev. and Mrs. H. F. Wright, Er- 1
win. Tenn.
R. S. Strickland, Hartford Knit
Mill, Nashville, Tenn.
Miss Fay Haddon, 254 Broadway,
Asheville, N. C.
?T. H. Young, Chesnee, S. C.
Mrs. Hattie J. Lankford, 506
W. Washington St., Greenville, S. C.
Walter W. Orr, Company F. 8th
lnfnntrv, Fort Moultrie, Charleston,
S. C.
Mr. and Mrs. M. L. Shipman, Ral
eigh, N. C. ,
Mrs. Ray Hart, Blowing Rock, N. ;
Mrs. J. W. Mills, care C. E. Mills,
O1.- the, Colo. I
Dr. C. E. Lyday, Gastonia, N. C. !
P". Russell Lyday, Greensboro, I
N. C.
Mrs. Josephine Moeller, New !
Bloomfield, Pa.
Rev. and Mrs. J. T. Newton, Chad
bourne, N. C.
C. Z. Osborne, Umatilla, Fla.
C. W .Gallamore, Boothwyn, Pa.
W. S. Price. Boothwyn, Pa.
Mr. and Mrs. Charles Jollay, W.
Asheville, N. C.
Mrs. Frank Whiteside, Blowing
Rock, N. C.
Mr. and Mrs. S. C. Yates, Tryon,
N. C.
Mrs. Bill Miller, Greenville, S. C.
John Cox, Greenville, S. C.
Mrs. Alma Morgan, Tryon, N. C.
Mrs. Marcus Nash, Landrum, S.
, Mrs. Sallie Glazener, Atlanta, Ga.
Rev. Mark Osborne, Ebenezer, S.
Grey Morris, Tryon, N. C.
Mrs! Muriel Joslin, Canton, N. C.
j Mrs. J. R. Thomasson, Canton, N.
Charles Smith, Canton, N. C.
Willet Thomas, Charlotte, N. C.
Fred Osborne, Los Angeles, Calif.
Mrs. John Gallamore, Greenville,
S. C
Rev. J. R. Owens, Mars Hill, N. C.
W. W. Hurst, Portsmouth, Va.,
1 care Light Home.
W. P. Kilpatrick, Asheville, N. C.
Mrs. J. H. Wolf, W. Ashevile, N. C.
L. J .Bishop, Gfeenville, S. C.
i E. A. Aiken, Greenville, S. C.
Silas McCrary, Greenville, S. C.,
Sampson Mills.
! Robert Summey, Greenville, S. C.,
Sampson Mills.
Mrs. W. D. Harden, Venus, S. C.
Mrs. S. A. Keith, Chickasha, Okla.
I W. H. Dunn, Marietta, S. C.
Smith Hamlin, Easley, S. C. C
W. M. Brown, Walhalla, S. C.
Mitch Stepp, Greenville, S. C.
Dr. F. A. Kitchen, Greenville, S.
Dr. W. H. Lyday, Greenville, S.
V_ .
James Harkins, Easley, S. C.
Dr. J. A. Cannon, Pickens, S. C.
Jule McCall, Pickens, S. C. ,
j W. N. Winn, Pickens, S. C.
1 Buyan Jones, Marietta, S. C.
1-1. B. Brunot, 2426 Beaufort, Ave.
Pittsburgh, Pa.
Dr. Felix Brunot, U. S. Hospital,
Manila, P. I.
H. K. Osborne, Spartanburg, S. C.
J. R. Osborne, Gaffney, S. C.
Dr. V. W. Osborne, 407% More
land Ave., N. E. Atlanta, Ga.
Mr .and Mrs. B. P. Lankford,
Spartanburg, S. C.
Joe Mills, Olathe, Colo.
Mrs. L. B. Allen, Montrose, Colo.
Mrs. Z. K. Justice, Davidson, N.
Mrs. Arthur Alexander, Harris
burg, N. C.
Mrs. D. M. Killian, Waynesville,
N. C.
J. B. Killian, Los Anglees, Calif.
Paul Osborne, Delta, Colo.
C. D. Osborne, West Asheville, N.
Mrs. Fred Owens, Umatilla, Fla.
V. B. Gallamore, Cecil St., Char
lotte, N, C.
Mrs. C. A. Duckworth, Charlotte,
N. C.
Mr. and Mrs. Perry King, 702
Third Ave., N. W. Ardmore, Okla.
Mr. and Mrs. E. C. Hamlin, Bour
bon, Mo.
James Hunt, Dacusville, S. C.
, John E. Hunt, Greenville, S. C.,
Route 2.
I Bill Hunt, Easley, S. C., Route 4.
I . Mrs. James Prince, Greer, S. C.
? ' , Thomas Hunt, Greenville, S. C.
i J. W. McMinn, 205 City National
iBank Bldg., Paducah, Ky.
i Mr. and Mrs. N. E. McMinn, Coa
homa, Texas.
Mrs. Mattie Whitener, Maiden, N.
j C.
, Mrs. L. B. Houston, Greenville,
S. C.
Mrs. Roger Pittman, Barnesville,
N. C.
Mrs. Jeff. Gassaway, Central, S.
Claude Mease, Nimmons, S. C.
On Sunday, October 20, the an
nual Home-?oJning Day at English
Chapel will t>^observed. Every one
is cordially invited.
Meeting of the U. D- C. will be
held next Saturday afternoon at
3:30 o'clock at the Library. Elec
tion. of officers will be held at ^fcis
meefing and other important mat
ters-ji^at-Jgo ,b?r ? transacted. Each
mem tier te-TlrgeiJ'by" the" president to
make a special effort to be predeftt
next Saturday.
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other sections can affect us, <t is '
natural to assume as a certainty that i '
anything of a constructive nature '
would affect the country as a whole.
Using this argument as a basis, Prof, j'
Jones showed in a concise manner,
just what such an organization as
"The Transylvania County Club," in
it> nationar scope could arid would do
for not only this county but for the '
state and nation. Prof. Jones was a
charter member of the original Ruth
erford County Club formed seven
years ago, and gave verifiable facts
of the benefits derived by that county
in the past several years from the
concerted efforts of the organization
The Rutherford County club,
Prof. Jones asserted, had been di
rectly instrumental and responsible
for the following movements and im
provements in Rutherford county:
United the county into one factor 1
for good and has eliminated much
jealousy, etc., between towns; spon
sored the county fair, older boy's
conference, Farmers Federation
warehouse and potato curing house
with a capacity of 15,000 bushels,
more purebred poultry and livestock
on the farm ; defeated the proposal
to increase telephone rates in Ruth
erford county; sponsored several
county-wide celebrations, that have 1
gained state-wide recognition; full
time county welfare officer; home
and county demonstrator and a full
time county physician.
Climaxing his statements, Prof.
Jones declared "that if Rutherford
county can have these things through
the efforts and concentration of all
the people in the county, how much
better can the people of Transyl
vania do with their incomparable
dairying possibilities, the greatest of
which is the natural grass-growing
soil of this county, and the adapta
bility of our county for diversifica
tion in all lines of endeavor ? both
agricultural and industrial. If
Rutherford county can have, in
i their level county great money-mak
Jing industries, why cannot Transyl
jvania coi%ty with its wonderful cli
mate, purest of water and unlimited
I water power have great smokestacks
| belching forth smoke and furnish
ing employment for many, and a
; market for our surplus produce."
Dr. Bright explained that the local
club would function absolutely as an
individual organization, having its
own constitution and by-laws and be
ing its own "boss" entirely. That
though the national organization
would offer from time to time, sug
gections for lines of endeavor, the
i local organization would be a free
j lance body operated by and for the
people of the county. That no as
| sessments could be made by the na
tional body. However, Dr. Bright
said, information of any nature per
taining to the welfare of the club,
Jof laws being enacted in Washing
ton which would in any way effect
| the farmers, or of proposed" meas
! ures, could be had for the asking
from headquarters which maintains
at all times in the national capitol a
j branch office for this purpose.
! Dr. Bright further explained that
j the meetings of the club would not
be centralized at any one point in
jthe county, but that from time to
I time meetings would be held in the
i various prec'ncts of the county so
that a clearer first hand knowledge
of the particular needs of the dif
ferent sections of the countv could
; be had.
| Other speakers heard were E. Carl
| Allison, G. T. Lyday, Prof. S. P.
Verner, W. S. Ash worth, Mrs. C. F.
Baldwin, C. R. McNeely, J. F. Bar
rett and others, declaring they were
heartily in favor of an organization
that would function by and be com
prised of farmers of the county, and
I through which matters that vitally
concern the agricultural interests of
.the county could be brought to the
attention of the farmers of the coun
ty as a unit and through the concrete
work of the body be taken care of
in such a manner as to promote the
farmers' interests.
Committees were appointed by
the chairman to invite the farmer's
of the county to be present at the
organization meeting at which time
the principles of the club will be
explained. Mr. Osborne stated that
no undue demands would be made at
the meeting for other than volun
tary memberships, and that to at
tend did not necessitate the taking
of a membership in the organization.
Under the power of sale contained
in that certain deed in trust, exe
cuted by J. L. Whitmire and wife,
Betty Whitmire, to the undersigned
trustee, dated the 12th day of May
1928 and recorded in the office of
the Register of Deeds for Transyl
vania county, N. C.r in Book No. 24
at page 15, default having been
made in the payment of the indebt
edness thereby secured, and demand
having been made for sale, the un
dersigned trustee will sell at public
auction to the highest bidder, FOR
CASH, at 12 o'clock M. on the 28th
day of October 1929, at the court
house door in the town of Brevard,
N. C., the following described piece
or parcel of land, lying and being in
Catheys Creek township, county of
Transylvania and' state of North
Carolina, to- wit:
Being all of lots Nos. 65, 66, 67.
68, , 69, 70, 71, 72, 73, and 74 of
Block No. 3 of the C. C. Jordan
property known as Norwood Subdi
vision as shown by that certain pla*
of same recorded in' pTat b'ortk"No.'l.
page 30 of the records of plats for
Transylvania County, N. C . >'*
Said sale being made for the pur
pose of satisfying said debt, ..inter
est,- cost. and expense^ of paid, salev ?
T5:is 26ff rfay of Sept,
LEWIS P. HAMLIN, Trustee. 4tc
chg RLNich Oc2-9-16,23
Detroit, Oct. 3. ? The Chevrolet:
Motor company announced here to- '
lay that more than 1,200,000 new1
six cylinder Chevrolet cars have been !
placed on the road since the first of !
the year.
This achievement accomplished in '
little over nine months, is three j
times the best showing of any other !
manufacturer of six cylinder cars in
a calendar year and tops Chevrolet's
record total for the entire year of
It is no certain that six cylinder!
production will set a world record j
this year, surpassing for the fir>t !
time in the history of the industry ?
the output of four cylinder car:
This leadership of the sixes will com'
about chiefly because of Chevro- 1
let's record showinp this year.
Chevrolet factory officials declare
that the dominating reason back < A '
the leadership of the six is the pub- ;
lie preference for the advantage: '
which this type of construction af
fords. They point out too that thi
influence of great volume produc- 1
tion,, which has enabled the industry
to get six cylinder prices down to
the lowest on record and has made ii j
possible for Chevrolet through max
imum volume to offer six cylinder
performance at a price that for- ,
merly bought only four.
With a new yearly record already
assured, Chevrolet factories are con- 1
tinuing on the biggest fall produc- 1
tion program ever undertaken bj
the company. Nine assembly plants
and seven large manufacturing plants ?
are facing the busiest final quarter |
that Chevrolet has ever known. j
The heavy fall factory program
was made necessary, it was explain
ed, to bring production up to the
level of the demand and make pos
sible quicker deliveries to owners.
A sale of eatables, including cakes.
I pies, and candy will be held in the
King building jiext to Plummer's An
nex. next Saturday, beginning at 10
o'clock and continuing through the
day. The sale will be conducted by
the Daughters of Wesley class of the
?Methodist church.
, ?
| Girl Scout Troop I met Tuesday
and elected new officers as follows:
Patrol leaders ? Minnehaha. Jennie
Pearce; Robin Hood, Rebecca Suni
mey: Wise Owls. Themla Orr; Cor
poral, Jean English ; color bearer.
Ruth Perry; treasurer, Jean Hamp
ton; monitor, Rachel Orr; scribe. Sue
Hunt; assistant scribe, Jean Eng
All girls who are eligible are ask
ed to ioin the troop. We would be
very glad to have you. We meet
every Tuesday afternoon in ou
Scout room in the old school build
Jean English, Asst. Scribe.
She was not a concert singer
I Drawing hundreds every week.
: Theatre magnates did not linger
' 'Round her and beg her to speak
i Right up and name the price 'twould
I To get her for their show;
No, she lived out in the country
And each Sunday morn she'd go
; T o the little country church
j Where she'd occupy the stool
At the little wheezy organ,
At preaching and at Sunday
And she'd also lead the singing,
If the leader wasn't there;
And her voice with gladness ringing
With melody, would fill the air.
In the big fine city churches
They can hire their singers grand,
And if they take a notion
| They can have a whole brass band ;
But when it comes to music
That really is worthwhile,
Some of our country churches
Have got them beat a mile.
Zeb H. Wolfe, "The Plumber
Poet," Easley, S. C.
((The idea for the bit of verse
above came to the writer while at
tending church at Mount Pleasant,
a Presbyterian church just out of
?Easley. S. C., on Sunday morning,
April 14, 1929.)
(MRS. T. E. RE1D, Sec'y)
The teachers of Transylvania
county met at the Brevard High
School building Saturday, Sept. 28,
for the purpose of organizing the
local unit of the North Carolina Ed
ucation Association.
Prof. J. B. Jones presided over
the meeting. Ho appointed a nomin
ating ommittee, who in turn, nom
inated the following officers. Prof.
J. B. Jones of Brevard schools, re
elected president; Prof. G. C. Bush
of Rosman High School, vice presi
dent; Mrs. Theodore E. Reid, of
Seiica school, secretary, These of
ficers were unanimously elected.
Great interest was mcnif
the work of the organization by tr.
enrollment of 64 teachers, tnd ot!
ers stated that they would enrol! a
an early date.
An enjoyable feature of ihe nr.
gram was the talk given by S'.'.pt
Verner. in which he expressed hiiv
self as believing that teachers should
not be forced to .take part in the
professional meetings, but should do
so because of interest in their work.
Plans for the class in extension
work which Prof. Morris of the Uni
versity of North Carolina expects to
give here were discussed and a
number of teachers registered for
the course.
The association is very grateful to
Prof. Jones for the excellent services
rendered by him as president during
the past year and is looking for
ward to another successful year
under his leadership.
i A program will be given by the
I Penrose Girl Scouts on Friday eve-|
ning at 8 o'clock at the Penrose j
; school house. A cordial invitation is i
extended the public to attend.
?n Fiftli AveiiMC/
JHany of the fairest
owe iheir beauty to
' rv ^LE-**ON
rfliWy' CSIEMS.
Matures ' way to b?au:$
Brevard, N. C.
Giving the forecasts of
fifty experts on the sev
eral industrial groups.
Published twice every mo.
SltfiJO per year
CurrentTjeue sent free on
]?auest #
coj^ufed by
Willia* McMahon';>
Market Digest, Inc.,
82 Wall Street, New York
We Pay Cash
Chickens and Eggs
Heavy Hens 20c
Light Hens 15c
Heavy Fryers 23c
Light fryers 20c
Stags \ 15c
Rooste\; 10c
Clean F&h Eggs 40c
Irish Potaftag, per bu. 1.25
B. & B. Fee^ & Seed
Every woman wants pretty flofcrs in her home. All It
takes is the proper ingredien
chine. We have both, and w$
to do the work. Call
ts and a Waxing Ma
have experienced men
General Painting Contra
IE 123
toi Floor Finisher and
LmeffijhirtfF & Color 1 York
' " Building
Tol?phone 876]
$ on account of
. -M?rV : . k

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