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The Davidson River cemetery was
improved very much last week when
twelve of the local unemployed men
worked it. We hope that it will be
kept in the good condition it i3 in !
Mrs. Perry Cheek and thrw chil
dren spent Thanksgiving day with
Mrs. Jess Owen at Brevard.
Friends in this section of Miss
Maggie Hall will be surprised to
feam of her marriage at her home in
Humphrey, Ark. Miss Hall is a form
er resident of this section.
Mrs. C. C. Morris and daughters,
Audrey and Elizabeth of Biltmore
wero callers of Mrs. Morris* mother
Mrs. Emma Coiburn last Wednesday.
Mr. and Mrs. W. A. Lyday had as
their guests Thanksgiving day, Mrs.
Susan Boggs of Spartanburg, Mr.
Henry Bogga, Jr., and Mrs. John
Welch of Layfette, Ind. and Miss
jRuth Boggs of Turkey Creek. i
Mrs. Sarah Orr is visiting Mr. J
,Wiley Townsend and children at Pen
The teachers of the local school
spent the Thanksgiving holidays at
? ' ? j
How Doctors Treat
Colds and Coughs
To break up a cold overnight- and rc- !
lieve the congestion that makes yon
tou^li, thousands of physicians ere now 1
wco.-jmending Calotabs, the nauseale33
?alora*l compound tablets that give you '
the i'lTects of calomel and salts without :
the 'mpleasant cffects of either.
Oue or two Calotabs at bedtime with a
?la*s of sweet milk or water. Next morn
ing your ct>ld has vanished, your system
is thoroughly purified and you are feeling
Cue w:?b a hearty appetite for breakfast.
V?*. vim*, you wish, ? no danger.
Colt tabs are sold in 10c aud 35c pack
ages a'" >'rn? stores. (Adyl
the following places. Mr. R. D. Jen-,
kins with his family at Clayton. N.
C. Misses Mamie and Flora Lyday
visited Mr. and Mrs. Lewis Orr in
Chattanooga, Tenn. and Misses Julia
Deaver and Annie Mar Pattors visited
Misses Robbie Orr and Mary Dowler
in Chattanooga, Tenn. ' 1
Mrs. Mat Allison of Little River j
is visiting Mr. and Mrs. Arthur Sen
Mr. and Mrs. Perry Cheek and!
children spent Sunday with Mrs.j
Cheek's sister, Mrs. Corbin, near Ess
ley, S. C.
Mr. and Mrs. Larry Simpson, of
Greenville spent Thanksgiving day
with the latter's mother, Mrs. D. W.
Hollingsworth. Mr. Simpson returned,
to Greenville Thursday but Mrs.]
Simpson remained here for a visit, j
Miss Eva Whitmire attended the
Canton-Brevard football game at
Canton last Wednesday.
Several people from this section at
tended tha funeral and burial ser
vices of Mrs. Cull Case at Oak Grove
Monday afternoon.
Rev. Rhinehart of Canton, who has
been elected as the local Baptist min
ister preached a very interesting
Thanksgiving sermon last Thursday
afternoon at the Baptist church.
Mr. and Mrs. R. E. Maekey had as
their guests Sunday, Mr. and Mrs.
Tom Hollingsworth of Boiiston.
Miss Elizabeth McCoy, who has
been attending school at Montreat
Normal has returned to her home
here and will continue her studies at
Brevard High school so she can be
near her mother who is ill.
Mrs. Jamie Deaver and two sons of
Breyard were guests of Miss Amie
J. Gash last Thursday.
Mrs. Bert Alexander and Mrs.
Charlie Newton of Turkey Creek
were guests of Mrs. Jim Lyday Mon
Miss Harriet Emma Boggs who is
attending collego at Cullowhee was
visiting her sister, Mrs. W. A. Lyday .
Mr. and Mrs. Van Tinsley of Blan-J
tyre are visiting Mr. and Mrs. Saml
Wyatt. /
Penrose School News
Wo greatly appreciate the pencils
Mrs. Daisy Mackey gave the school
Monday afternoon. They are 5-csnt
pencils and are very good. We thank
her very much for them.
Seventh grade.
Winter or no winter we are still
playing baseball and having somo in
teresting games. Some of the girls
join the boys and play too. The
smaller children play on the basket
ball court . ...
Sixth grade. ?
j Frances Surrette, who has been ab
sent from the Sixth grade work for
ja week on account of sickness is back
'this week. We are all glad to see her
back with us,
The Sixth and Seventh grades are
very much interested in our work in
Arithmetic. V/e have books which
have 30 drills containing 20 prob
lems of different kind? in each drill.
The only pupil in any grade which
has worked ali twenty cf the prob
lems is Johnny Lyday. Many of us
have reached on the twelfth drill, a
score of nine. The highest score being
Seventh grade.
Brevard, N. C.
Nov. 23, 1932
Dear Santa Glaus:
I want you to bring me a bicycle,
a wagon and a ball. Please don't for
get me at Christmas.
Yours truly,
Fourth grade.
Lest Wednesday evening our room
had a Thanksgiving party. We play
ed lots of games. Soiae of the games I
had prizes to them. Our teacher ser- J
vdd suckers to us,
Sixth grade.
Brevard, N. C.
Nov. 28, 1932.
Dear Santa Clnus :
Ycu are the one that comes around
at Christmas. You bring little ones
all kind3 of pretty toys and candy,
nuts and other goo<! things to eat.
Don't foiget me, a little boy that lives
across the hill.
Ycura truly.
Fourth grade.
Brevard, N. C. i
Nov. 28, 1932
Dear Santa:
Santa, don't forget. I want you to
bring me a wagon for Christmas and
some nuts and oranges.
Yours truly,
Fourth grade.
Brevard. N. C.
Nov. 28, 1932
Dear Santa Claus:
I am going to tell you what I want
for Christmas. I would like a wagon
and some candy. That is all I am go
ing to ask for.
Yours truly,
Fourth grade.
Brevard, N. C.
Nov. 28, 1932
Deal- Mr. Santa Claus:
I hope you will bring me a ball, bat
and a wagon. Don t forget the other i
little children. Christmas will soon be '
here and time for you also. I want !
you to come to see me and the other j
It is expected that the Penrose?
school grounds will take on a better!
appearance and be in better condjtion I
as a result of work to be done this!
week and later. Some of our people!
have been aided by the welfare work1
and are ssemingly g'ad to give this'
work on the school grounds ir. re-i
turn. It is rather good that this help J
can be had ts some children would
not otherwise be in condition to at-,
tend school.
Encn B. Y. P, U. gave another i
good program Sunday evening and(
those for honorable mention this j
we ek arc Mr. Valrey Carter, 1
Mr. Billy McGuire and Miss Floy,
Ponder. Others should strive to gain
excellence in public speaking, not just j
to have a name published but for the
ability to render service later some
Mrs. Frank Woodfin, who has been
in Patton Memorial hospital at Uen
dersonville for several days, was able
to be brought home Monday. We all
hope for her a speedy recovery.
Mrs. Pat McGuire is visiting her
son Boyd in Asheville this week.
Mr. Walter McGuire who has been
living in the Turkey Creek Country,
has moved back to our community,
| now occupying the house where Mr.
V. M. Owenby lived.
Miss Fleeto Freeman, primary
teacher in Penrose school, spent
Thanksgiving with home folks at Da
cusville, S. C.
Mr. Wilson Middleton who has been
attending Furmnn University at
Greenvil'e, S.* C. spent Thanksgiving
with his home folks here.
little children too. I would be disap
pointed if you don't come. I like
Christmas best of all because it
makes everybody happy and gives
everybody good cheer.
Yours truly,
Mr. Jess Chapman madfl a bnoJ???a
trip to Brevard, and other poifitj Sat
Mr. Russell Duncan recently viait
fid his sister, Mrs. Winston Aahwcrtfc
of Brevard.
Mr. J. D. Morgan waa a buxtoo**
viHitor to Old Toxawsy last ?week
Miss Ada Galloway, of BrcvMti,
visited her parents, Mr. and Mrs. C.
L. Galloway Sunday.
Mr. Paul Dodson visited" <tn Shoal
Creek recently,
Mr. Perry Gravelcy of Sho*l Cwtk
has been ill, but la improving ?t
Mr. and Mrs. Winston Aifeworth
of Brevard, spent 3unda* with tho
latters parents, Mr. *nd IBfet. M. <??
Mrs. Ollie Rice and Mias Beulah
Rice of Old Tozawfiy visited M?
Eugene Galloway Friday.
Mr. Clyde Galloway called lit tb?
home of Mr. Mitch Aiken Sunday.
The Middle Fork Baptist church
elected Rev, Vasco Manly for paator
for the coining year. Rev. Nathan
Chapman, former pastor, resigned?
having moved from this section t?
S? C*
Mr. Eugene Galloway visited on
Shoal Creek Sunday.
Six Edgecombe farmers sold 180
fat hogs in a cooperative shipment
for $780.18. The hogs weighed 25,
000 pounds.
Is by train. The safest ifost com
fortable. Most reiiabU. Costs lew,
i'riQBire of Ticket Agents regarding
greatly reduced fares for ahort telfs.
In order that our custo
mers may benefit immediately
from slie recent reduction in rates
for electricity, our accounting de
partment, on bills to be sen'i out
December 1, v/ill figure each cus
tomer's bill under that schedule
which it appears v/ill be to the
best advantage of that customer.
Not only do our new rates
mean a very material saving for
a large proportion of our custo
mers, but the new rates, with
electricity at 3 3-4 cents per KW
hour for the first 150 KW hours
and 3 cents per KW hour for all
consumption above that, mean
that our customers in general
may enjoy the fullest measure of
comfort and convenience that
may f~ ? derived from electric ser
vice a' n insignificant cor-t.
-lesidential customers
whose c onsumption is less than
28 KW hours per month (and
who do not contemplate increas
ing their consumption) will find
it to their advantage to take ser
vice under schedule 1-B, which is
as follows: $1,00 for the first 13
KW hours or less used per month;
7 cents per KW hour for all con
sumption in excess of 13 KWH
used per month.
However, with electricity
at 3 3-4 cents per KW hour up
to 150 KW hours and at 3 cents
for all consumption above that
figure, very few customers, we
believe, will deny themselves the
greater convenience and comfort
which they can have so cheaply
and few will elect schedule 1-B.
The accompanying graph shows the comparison between the old Southern Pub
lic Utilities lighting schedule,, the average rate in the 177 largest cities in America as
worked out by the Worth Carolina Corporation Commission, and the new residential
service schedule of the utilities company. You will note that the new schedule No. 1.
depicted by the heavy black line, is markedly below the curve representing the
177 cities. In the upper left hand corner is shown also the new general lighting
schedule, optional schedule 1-3.
If you know what your consumption is you can find the point nearest to it on the
slanting lines and determine what your monthly bill would be at the old rate, at
che average raSe of the 1 77 cities, and at the new rates embraced in our new schedule
No. I represented by the heavy lines.
All of the new schedules of rates for electric service and the new aekedule of
rates for gas service art; on file at ?aur office and our customers are invited to in
spect and study them, if there is any question in the minds of any customers as to
which schedule they should be under our representatives will be glad to ad.visw with
them, explain the schedules in detail, and be of any assistance possible.
V vVJf?
E. C, MARSHALL, Pre?idcn*

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