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Dr. Furman Angel Began
Excavation Work Decern
. , ber 9th. Mr. Zeb Conley
Has Building Contract.
: On December 9th, Dr. Furman An
gel .began '.work "on his new hospital
to be located in the beautiful grove
adjacent to his present hospital on
Riverview street. The new building
' will ' cost approximtely $25,000 and
will be four stpries in height, includ
ing the basement. . .
The new structure will contain 22
rooms. Together with , the old build
ing Dr. Angel will be able to care for
30 patients.. , ;V' ; .
Mr. W. L. Higdort is doing the ex-
: cavation work while Mr. Zeb Conley
has been awarded the contract for
rnfistnirtinET the buildine. A' central
Tim finer nlant in the basement of th
m hnsnital will heat both buildings,
The two buildings will be connected
by covered walks and a silent, signal
system will be installed throughout
Tip- npw" hosDital will be a credit
to Franklin and will result in much
f avorablc publicity.
Forest Service Road News
'I wonder if the people in and
around Franklin would -like some
news from the road camp? There
are quite a few of the -men and ioys
here from .over there,- and a oily
' crowd they are, especially at meal
tin?e. I have often heard it said a
good laugh was good for the soul. It
v must be good for the stomach also
' from the way they clean up the many
have to eat. There
has been so much news in the Press
' for the lasts few mosths of the great
things being done in Macon, I wonder
why there has not been more said
' about the fine road work Mr, N. C
Wright and1 his men arc doing. The
' road from John " Slagle's to the
'Wayah gas is the finest, piece of road
I ever traveled, considering the
ground it covers. Those' but for
pleasure-trips could not find a.pret-
V ' tier road or grander scenery tnan to
come to the Wayah Bal 1. But I
hope those stopping for lunch at the
imnv heantiful serines alonk the
road side will not leave paper and
' lunch boxes lying around to mar tne
beauty for the next ones passing.
pt Kp -a refill not to start a forest
" fire in disposing of them.) Mr. Wright
' is getting on fine with the roaa irom
. "Aquone to Kyle. Moved tho camp to
' t within one mile of Kyle last week, and
have things fixed up, very comfort
able. ' , '..
, Comparing the old road with the
new one, I know the Nantahala peo
ple must be glad of the road. work
going , on. Now for a little news
about the camp boys.
Messrs. Wright, Owens and Zel
innr vivint to . Hicrhlands ' to' spend
Tliant-sffivintr .with the home folks.
V They were-a little late in getting
' there, but I guess they were so thank
ful to get out of the mud, dinner
tasted just as good Friday as it
- would have . Thursday...;. Mr. John
, Cunningham also went home for
Thariksgiving.--well,; we don't know
- for sure,! anyway he left camp, but
some say he went hog hunting.
' Mr. Jim Conley spent Thanksgiving
, ,with home, folks. He says his..wife
i has" a new. son-in-law. ' Mr.;.Love.
Hansen spent the week-end in Frank
' ; lin for the first time in fluite a, while.
There are, quite a few old maids on
" Nantahala.' Wonder if that is the
; reason he goes home so seldom.? '
, Mr. Willie Dalrymple motored over
' home Saturday to see "his wife. Some
think Mr. Wright Is going to lose two
road boys. Mr. Zellenor and Dewey
Hopper. They are thinking of en-
tering school at Aquone. They have
two beautiful young ladies as. teach
ers. Mr. George , Wallace has , made
" so many friends at Kyle that he selj
dom goes home but rides around in
. a car and eat? good apples. V
Will some , of the Kood. people . of
' Franklin please tell Santa Claus , he
r.J H':it:. TI..,.nn in4 VvAe
find Willie, Huscusson and Clyde
Hooper on, Fisty Branch?
The cook is getting along nne., neito prevent ioresi nrc uu vwk u.c
kas a tittle sicft one day last week, butf value "and" beauty of, pur country
the' boys say the Nantahala tpbacy I
Is a little tpo strong for hip.
City-owned power dam at Franklin,.
N. C, noted Summer Retort. Much
Real Estate Development Reported
as Result of Opening of Lake.
Activity in real estate in Franklin.
N. C, as the result of the' develop
ment of the municipal power dam
there, is reported in Atlanta by W.
R, Sheppard, O. L., Taylor and Alvan
Pearce, as a result of a visit they re
cently paid to Major S. A. Harris,
editor of The Franklin Press. The
power plant ,was formally opened at
exercises ' held there on November
27. Robert & Company, of Atlanta
are the . engineers.
Work on the dam started on April
13. At full capacity the dam will
produce 2,250 horsepower. This dam
forms a large and picturesque lake
with seven miles of still water. This
is a paradfsej for fishermen, the lake
containing muskellunge and bass.
, Major Harris is enthusiastic over
the real estate situation in ' Frank-
lin. He says that 1,200 acres around
the lake are now under development.
The Lake Emory Company has
acres under development, and the
Mountain Lakes Estate is developing
650 acres. The Carolina Realty Com-
pany will soon develop 75 acres. The
land, according to Major Harris, is
well situated for development, and
M8 fine mountain scenery.
A concrete road now extends south-
ward from Franklin tp the Georgia
Mine and Kabun and, Habersham
counties nave voiea oonas to. nara
surface the Atlanta-Franklin-Ashe-
ville highway. The road from Frank
lin to Dillsboro has been opened.
Major Harris reported also that all
of Western North Carolina was on
a great boom.. Naturally he referred
to Franklin as the key city to the
mountain section. He said North
Carolina was to summer tourists what
Florida was to winter visitors. Sun
day Atlanta American. .
( By Miss Katy Jones.)
The woods should not be burned off
for it kills all the undergrowth and
then we shall have (' an ugly forest,
and besides, we shall not have any
good timber -and the beauty of our
forests will be spoiled. We should
be careful not to let the fire out in
the woods'. People should not set
the woods on fire for we are break
ing the law. When the woods aie
burned it will not improve the, cattle
range, it will not make the country
healthier or drive off poisonous
snakes or kill the boll weevil, bean
weevil; , cattle ticks or oiher pests.
Burning the woods does destroy the
young trees, kills the timber of the
future, and injures mature trees, ex
poses the . soil to washing by heavy
mine The forests are rood for the
mSking of cross ties, pulpwood, acid
.... . i m i . , e
wood, lumber, nrewooa, poies, ience
posts, turpentine and for the making
of furniture. We can be careful not
to leave matches "where there will
be any danger of getting any thing
on fire. When we have camp fires
we can put all the fire out and noClet
little children have matches that do
not know , how to use them. , We
should keep aM' the dead timber out
of our forests so "when the; fire- gets
in the woods we can put it out better.
We shbuld all try to prevent fire
from getting in the woods for it docs
a lot of damage to our forest. .We
all had -THthct havea pretty; than an
old, scrubby one. -W should not
burn off our ground without notify
ing our closest neighbors so if . the
fire gets away they can help-us put
it nut An v waeone'r. hunter, camp
er or other persons who sfyall kindle
a firC should rake an tne maienai
away for the space of' ten fedt or
more where you start the fire. I think
maiiy fires are caused by. careless
smokers. A smoker should not throw
down a burning match,, a cigarette
th nr rmntv his bine in .the forest
or in 'the yard where there are leaves
A smoker should .never go in nis or
nnvhnilv ' elseV barn with a lighted
cigarette,' cigar of pipe or, throw down
match until he- is sure it is out.
is. ou
r"oriic!np U one of the arreatest
ciuses of fire. We... should be care-
til in every way we use, fire. ' Help
greater. Katy joncs, sevemn graue
iWalnuJ creek school.
. , . ...
Mr. George Wurst of Orlan
do Plans to Arrive Here
in January Intends to
Erect Hotel on Main St.
A recent' letter from Mr. George
Wurst of Orlando, Fla., states that
he is exceedingly busy trying to fin
ish an apartment hpuse in that -city
by the first of the year. It seems
that housing facilities all over Flor
ida, and especially in Orlando, are
entirely, inadequate. Hence !Mr.
Wurst's haste to complete his apart
ment house at the earliest possible
time. According to him the freight
embargo into Florida is a serious
handicap to those who are building
houses. However, Mr. Wurst hopes
to finish' ' his apartment ' house by
January 1.
'Mr. Wurst's letter contains some
good news for Franklin. Sometime
ago the editor of the Press wrote
Mr. Wurst requesting some definite
information relative to,, his proposed
hotel in Franklin. We quote from
his replyV'T hope to finish this month
then , take a rest and early in 1926
start in Franklin. We have prelim
inary plans ready for the hotel on the
Franks lot. It is my full intention
to come to Franklin as soon as pos
sible to arrange for final plans, me
chanics and financing the hotel."
Mr. Wurst is evidently thoroughly
sold on the possibilities of Franklin
and is quite willing to back his judg
ment with his money on the future
prosperity of this town. Not only is
Mr. Wurst willing to invest his. mon
ey here but he is constantly trying
to help Franklin dispose of her sur
plus power generated by the munici
pal plant. In speaking of a" wood
working industry for Franklin, Mr.
Wurst is quoted as follows : "Mr,.
George B. Abcle, who was with us
at that little meeting in the furniture
store, has bought a home here. He
will probably come to Franklin in
the early, summer. We were unable
to bring the furniture man to Frank
lin, but I am still working on the
planing mill man.- He will be here
this .winter for a vacation and I am
going to 'bring him to Franklin if I
can." '
Macon County. Progressive
Club to Enjoy Annual
Banquet Friday ISight at
Hotel Franklin.
President R. A. Patton of the Ma
con County Progressive club has an
nounced a big banquet at the Hotel
Franklin for Friday night of this
week to which all who contributed
to the celebration of the opening of
the Georgia road some weeks ago are
invited. The banquet will be free
and it is expected that a large num
bef' of Macon county citizens will be
present. . .
Raising funds for the proposed na
tional park in ' the , Smokies, adver
tising Macon county and the building
of a hotel will be some of the sub
jects discussed at the meeting. AH
of , these subjects are of vital impor
tance 'to the county and this meeting
of the-club, is therefore timely.
Macot .county Cannot afford tolet
her sister:, counties, contribute all the
funds for the national park. Neither
can the county afford not to adver
tise the many advantages it possesses,
sites, for development purposes, etc.
The importance of one or more ho
tels for Franklin is obvious. Even
last summer, 15 carloads'1 of visitors
were turned away in one day for lack
of hote,l accomodations. All indica
tions now point to the fact that next
summer thousands of tourists . will
wish to pay visits to Franklin. Un
less the town can furnish housing
facilities these tourists will go else
where. Not only will the, tourists
come to . enjoy vacations in Macon
county's unexcelled Climate, but many
very many, of theni wilt come to in
vest in sites, for summer homes- If
Franklin seriously wants these visit
ors sufficient preparations must be
made in the way of accommodations
The banquet will be served at 7:30
o'clock. " There' will be special music
Grand Old Man Passes
to the Great Beyond
Franklin and the 'entire county
were inexpressibly grieved by the an
nouncement of the death of Judge
Z?btilon Baird at the home of his son,
Dr. CD. Baird, last Sunday morn
ing. Judge Baird was a native of
Buncombe county, but moved to
Pranklin in the eighties where he
married the daughter of the late C.
D. Smith, a distinguished Methodist
preacher. The deceased was a ne
phew of the late governor and U. S.
Senator, Zebulon . Vance, of North
Carolina and a brother-in-law of the
late Governor and U. 3. Senator,
Bob Taylor, of Tennessee.
Judge. Baird had been in ill health
for several weeks and the end was
not unexpected. He is survived by
three sons, Dr. C. D. Baird of Frank
lin, A. E. Baird of Chittenango, N. Y.
and Hugh Baird of Houston, Texas,
two daughters, Mrs. E.. K. Campbell
of Atlanta and Mrs. ,F. E. Curtis of
Franklin; two sisters, Mrs. W. E.
Weaver of Weaverville and Mrs.
Gaston W. Ware of Aslieville, and
one brother, Col. A. H. Baird of
Springdale, Ark.
Funeral services were held at, the
Franklin Methodist church Monday
afternoon, Rev. B. C. Reavis, assisted
by the pastors of all the other church
es, being in charge. The remains
were buried at the new cemetery with
Masonic honors. !
The State Rehabilitation Depart
ment, which has been established to
assist disabled civilians in securing
needed treatment and graining to the
end that their earning capacity may
be increased, has recently begun the
organization of orthopedic clinics
ar central points all over the state,
making available expert : orthopedic
service for every cripple in ..eed of
such attention. .
One of these clinics is being lo
cated at Waynesville to serve a
Krcup of counties including Macon,
Jpckson, Swain and. Haywood. This
clinic will be held at the new Meth
odise church on Saturday, December
Y), and monthly thereafter. It is be
ing sponsored by the Waynesville
Rotary club and will be in charge of
an expert orthopedic surgeon. . This
clinic will be equipped . sd as to pro
vide thorough examinations and also
treatments such as can be 'adminis
tered outside the hospital. The ex
aminations will be absolutely free for
everybody and for those who need
treatment and are not able to pay,
provisions have been made to take
care of their needs, without cost, at
the clinic- and in hospitals. All cases
that can be treated without hospital-
pation will have the , advantage of
this clinic every thirty days. Ihose
cases, requiring hospital care, if un
der sixteen years of age, will be re
ferred to the State Orthopedic Hos
pital at Gastonia, if over sixteen years
of acre, will .be placed in free beds
arranged for at Mission Hospital in
Asheville. 1 .
It should be noted that all crip
ples, regardless of age, or race, are
eligible to this 'clinic. Besides the
orthopedic services, the Rehabilita
tion Department offers special train
ing, -without cost, to cripples oyer
sixteen years of age-, whose disability
amounts to a vocational handicap. A
representative of' this department will
be present at each clinic to interview
all cases in this cass who may wish
to educate themselves for some suit
able occupation. If you know of any
f ripples in need of these services, ypu
could do them,a favor by calling their
attention ".to those provisions, being
made for their benefit, or by report
ing their names to the Department of
Rehabilitation, Raleigh, N. C. It is
hoped that no cripples in this terri
tory wiirfaif to take advantage of
the clinic, as they have everything
to gain and nothing to lose..
During the Inonth of November.
Drs. Castelberry- and Evans tested
845 cattle, eight of which were re
acters, which makes a total of 56 tu
bercular animals found in 4973 tests
applied in Macon county.
. We are sorry to learn that Dr. C. S.
Evans was transferred to Buffalo.
N. Y.t .last' week, but Dr. Castelberry
is expecting to get another assistant
veterinarian about the first of the
year. -
Mr. E. S. Galloway and Mr.
W. J. Zachary Organize
Real Estate Firm. To Lend
Money on Real Estate.
Under the firm name of Galloway
Zachary Company, Messrs. E. S. Gal
loway and W. J. Zachary have gone
into partnership for the purpose of
opn-ating a real estate business. This
firm will also be in a position to loan
money on real estate.
The business of the new. firm seems
to be well underway. Mr. Zachary
left Monday for Florida on an im
portant mission connected with cer
tain tracts of land now owned by the
Galloway-Zachary Company.
It is understood that the new firm
will not be interested in taking op
tions on real estate. Their business
vill be conducted on a straight buy
ing and selling basis. Such being the
case, it is believed that the, Galloway
Zachary Company is destined to do
much business in Macon county.
While Mr. Galloway is comparar
tively a new comer to Macon, never
theless his business acumen, pleasant
personality nd energy will be great
assets to the new firm. Mr, Zachary
is well known to the people of Ma
Con; county. He also has an exteriJ
sive knowledge of the topography of
Macon county, asd is thus in a posi
tion to choose desirable locations for
development purposes. t;
The Galloway-Zachary Company
are interested heart and soul in the
development and advancement of
Macon county and are planning an
extensive advertising campaign to
place the advantages of this section
before the public of the entire south.
Convicts Religious
Rev. E. J. Pipes, rector of the
Episcopal church at Franklin, has
been making frequent trips to the
convict camp for the purpose of hold
ing services. On a recent tip, Rev.
Pipes forgot his Bible and asked for
one among the convicts. No less
than 20 Bihles .were immediately pro
duced, all of them showing evidences
of much use. Many of the convicts
join in sentence prayers. The singing
at these meetings is excellent.
Rev. Pipes also keeps the convicts
supplied . with magazines which they
seem to read and appreciate.
Juniors Plan to Erect Home
Greensboro, Dec The erection of
a home for aged and dependent Jun
iors at Lexington, to be operated in
connection with the orpanage now
being erected there, was proposed at
a meeting held recently by district
No. 13 in Greensboro. The plan, pro
posed by one of the Juniors of the
district, met with the endorsement of
the members attending the meeting
and resulted in the. appointment of
a committee to work but the plans."
The plans will be presented to the
next State Council meeting to be
held in August in Sanford.
Louisa . Chapel News
We are having quite a bit of tain
for a few days.
'Everybody seems to be full of-
Christmas cheer. Hope Santa won't
fprget us.
Mr. Blaine Greene ga-o the young
folks a singing Sunday r.ight. There
was a large crowd present. We sure
had a good singing.
Reyi J. O. Fftfe filled his appoint
ment at Louisa Chapel Sunday.
Miss Lula Greene is spending a few
days with her sister, Mrs.' David
Blaine at Franklin. '
Mrs. Van Frazier ' spent last week
on upper Cartoogechaye visiting
friends and relatives.,
Mrs. T. M. Greene spent Sunday
night with Mrs. T. B. Greene.
There will be a singing at the home
of Mr. and Mrs. Van Frazier Sunday
night, , Decembelr 20. Hope to have
a good crowd and good singing.
ir,"r F. Cunningham spent Satur
day niglit with home folks. .
Our Sunday school is on a boom
now, let's everybody -come while we
have a good thing going. Let's keep
it up. -, v

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