North Carolina Newspapers

    ycu;:o wife
saved from
TelU How Sick She Was And
What Sawed Her From
An Operation.
Upper Sandusky.Ohlo. " Three yean
go 1 tu married and went to house-
I keeping. I waa not
feeling well and
could hardly drag
myself along. I had
such tired feelings.
my back ached, my
sides ached, I bad
bladder trouble aw
fully bad, and I could
not eat or sleep. I had
headaches, too, and
became almost a ner
'vous wreck. My doc
tor told me to go to a hospital. I did
not like that idea very well, so, wben I
saw your adrertisement in a paper, I
wrote to you for advice, and have done as
you told me. I have taken Lydia E.
Pinkham'a Vegetable Compound and
Liver Pills, and now I have my health.
" If sick and ailing women would only
know enough to take your medicine, they
would get relief. "-Mrs. Berj. H.Stams
BRRY, Route 6, Box 18, Upper Sandusky,
If you have mysterious pains, Irregu
larity, backache, extreme nervousness,
Inflammation, ulceration or displace
ment, don't wait too long, but try Lydia
E. Pinkham'a Vegetable Compound now.
For thirty years Lydia E. Pinkham's
Vegetable Compound, made from roots
and herbs, has been the standard remedy
for female ills, and such unquestionable
testimony as the above proves the value
of this famous remedy and should give
very one confidence.
GILT EDGB tbe only ladtna' I ho dressing
that pu.ltlT.lj contains oil Blacks and Polishes
ladita' and children's boot and shorn, aula.
without rabbluc the "French Ulnea," inc.
HTAK comotaeuon forelaanlng and pollsblagall
Kinds of ruhpt or tan abues, llkr. "DtiMlf" alia Ac.
alJICK. WUITK (In liquid form with sponge)
caly cleane and whitens dirty eanvaa shoes,
ttc and 56c.
HA HY KI.ITK combination for gentleman waa
laka nridaTn having tuctr shoaa look Al. Rwilorae
color and lustra to all black shoes. Polish with a
rash ur cloth, 111 cents. "Kilt" sis n canta.
H yovr dealer does not keep tba kind yon want,
tend h tbe price In atampa and we alii send yon a
' Cull lse package charges paid.
KI-2 Albany S-, Cambridge. Mut.
the Oldest and Largest Manufacturer of
Shoe PolUhee in the World.
. Something in It.
Governor Beryl Carroll of Iowa has
an amusing story of a state senator
whose amusing appearance might pos
sibly lead one to mistake him for a
laboring man, but who la as sensitive
as a woman to all unpleasant circum
stances. "This man," said Governor Carroll,
"happened to be standing outside a
Des Moines undertaking establish
ment, conversing with a friend on
political matters, when one of the
employes came out of the shop and
: "'Say, will you give us a lift with
a casket?'
"The senator shuddered and replied
" 'Is there is there anything In
It?' ,
"'Sure,' came the hearty reply,
'there's a couple of drinks In it!'"
Philadelphia Saturday Evening Post.
. True Till Death,
tils companions bent over him with
pitiful earnestness, and stared be
seechingly Into his waxen features.
Again came the flutter of the eyelids,
but this time his will mastered ap
proaching death. His Hps weakly
struggled to execute his last command
and the friends bent closer to hear
the faltering whisper. "I am gone?
Yes er I know. Go to Mllly. Tell
her er I died with her name on
my Hps; that I er have loved her
-her alone er always. And Bessie
tell er tell Bessie the same
thing." London Weekly Telegraph.
It's difficult for a man who Is broke
to break Into society.
A Tempting
with cream
Crisp, fluffy bits of white
Indian Corn; cooked, rolled
into flakes and toasted to a
golden brown. ; .
Ready to serve direct
from the package.
De!: fitful flavour!
TT ororMy wholesome!
: ! tj C scars
I iwlta
11 Shoe Polishes
.. ",. I
sv. x y ir
Keep nothing but pure breds.
" a
Peat soils need potassium (potash).
Be careful of caked udders In the
The natural color of butter Is that
found In June.
A deep bed will often cause the loss
of a number of pigs.
A collar that fits Is tbe best preven
tive for sore shoulders.
Never whip a horse when he shies.
It will Increase his fear.
Give the sows plenty of clean. water
to drink. Take the chill off.
If the fodder Is getting scarce, bet
ter buy than stint the cows.
A good agitator on the spray pump
Is as Important as a good pump.
Save all the hog manure. You have
none on the farm that is richer.
iu cuwsiua eKgs tur Dnu'mug, try to
get those from tbe best bens you have.
f - i. I - V - . l I . . -
With three cows you need a cream
separator; with ten, you must have a
File the crosscut saw yourself; you
will thus soon save enough to buy a
new saw.
The churn should be thoroughly
scalded and then cooled before cream
Is put In.
It is a losing proposition to try to
raise 200 chicks where there is room
for only SO.
A little oil meal or a few potatoes
will help the horses get rid of their
w'.nter hair.
Before you start your Incubator, get
out the manufacturers' directions and
re-read carefully.
Do not use anv ill-formed ees for
hatching, nor any that are unnaturally
long, or nearly round.
Keep your fowls on Ihe same foot
ing that you keep your cattle, and you
will surely be rewarded.
Most anyone ran hare a small flock
and keep from eight to a dozen hens
and feed on table scraps.
Be sure tbe fenders are In position
In the farrowing pens to prevent tbe
sows laying on the young pigs.
Cold, raw winds make chapped teats
all the worse. Have a small jar of
vaseline handy at milking time and
use it.
It costs a Kood deal of mnnev tn hnr
a satisfactory team. In most cases this
can be avoided by tbe farmer raising
bis own.
'It is hard for an empty sack to
stand straight, but It is still harder
for a lazy man to succeed In the dairy
Every four years 1,000 Pounds of
rock phosphate is needed to keen un
the phosphorous content of average
corn belt soil.
An occasional colt or young horse to
sell, even when one Is not making a
business of raising horses. Is a help
to any farmer.
Get after the San Jose scale. What
a melliferous name this little beast
sails under! But cover him with Bor
deaux all tbe same.
- The time to plant grape cuttings is
In early spring, as soon as the ground
can be worked. Slant tha cuttlnea a
little and leave only one bud above
If you are a beginner with sheep go
slow until you have mastered tbe In
dustry. As in poultrylng or any other
like business, experience is the safe,
sure teacher.
Sheep that are well kept and fed
during the fall season so that tbey
enter the winter quarters In thrifty
and vigorous condition will keep easi
ly over winter.
Early peas may be followed by
celery or cabbage or potatoes, fol
lowed by late beans or corn, thereby
getting several crops from the same
ground each year.
Young currant canes may be bent
over In spring, and the middle cov
ered with earth. Roots will start at
these points snd In a short time you
will have currant plants.
Horticultural Inspectors In Wash
ington, Oregon and Idaho report that
there are 16,000,000 growing fruit
trees In those states -6,744.257 of
them bore fruit last year.
If you allow the young, stock to
rough It with the older and stronger
stock, they'll be rough looking crea
tures when they come through In the
spring, and they may be lost entirely.
In preparing land for a new or
chard take time to plow It all very
deeply before a tree la set, and If
tie re Is a hard "plow sole," or tight
i .b t 1. loosen It up with dynamite.
Don't forget ti. water.
Clean out feed troughs dally.
Peklns lay from 120 to 170 eggs par
year. .' J
Alslke clover helps out the stand of
red clover.
A purplish red comb Indicates bad
health In a fowl.
Test out Infertile eggs oa tenth and
seventeenth days.
A quart of mixed feed Is about
right or twelve hens.
If you wish to succeed, know that
your hens are comfortable.
Do not make too violent crosses.
Select a type and stick to It
It Is not so much the make of In
cubator as the man who runs It
Alr-alaked lime Is a valuable dis
infectant In the poultry house.
Variety Is always good, but sudden
and abrupt changes are dangerous.
It pays tn more ways than one to
be on friendly terms with the heifers.
Tbe sort of seed corn to select Is
the klud that produces bushels per
Correct sour or acid soil with one
to Ave tons per sere of crushed lime
To maintain normal soil fertility
the supply of humus must be con
served. The business hen is the hen that
puts her daily credits In the egg
Tha nnlr nroner wav lo renlenlsh
the flock Is to save the best lambs
each year.
A common cause of slow churning
Is an overfilled churn. Half full Is
about right.
Plrlv rnllara ara nrobablv as re
sponsible for sore shoulders as 111-
flttlng ones.
Kaon rlie hnraea well cleaned, but
remember that you can be cruel with
the curry comb.
Tbe hopper system of feeding Is a
good one, but put only one kind of
feed in one hopper.
The fault of too many dairy farm
ers Is failure to make the cows pro
duce up to their limit.
Too much corn has caused the loss
of many a fine litter of pigs, and often
tbe loss of the sow as well.
In raising horses for one's own use It
should be done as intelligently as if it
were to be a regular business.
Spraying Is one of the unavoidable
tasks of the farmer who would keep
his orchard in desirable condition.
Place the bee hives on string sup
ports about eight Inches from the
ground to prevent dampness and cold.
The man who Is producing milk
for the city trade should have a clear
mind, clean hands and a pure heart
Arsenate of lead which Is held over
from the year before will be good if it
has not dried out and become a hard
When turkeys are penned up to fat
ten for market, good results are not
obtained if they are cramped for
Now and then put a little brine on
the straw. It acts, as an appetizer,
and the sheep clean up the straw
A belfer may give as much milk In
proportion to the food eaten as a
mature cow, and make some growth
in addition.
A paint brush that has become
hardened with paint can be made
soft and pliable by immersing It In
boiling vinegar.
It Is Just as easy to multiply de
fects In breeding as It Is to strength
en good points, and many people are
doing the former.
The colt crop on the general farm
may be made a by-product that will
cost very little, but swell the bank ac
count considerably.
Seed corn? Of coarse you have It
all In good shape and ready for tbe
germination test. Do not plant a grain
unless you know it comes from sound
stock. .
Tbo best medicine In the world for
poultry are dry, clean quarters and
lots of sunshine. Better lose every oth
er poultry recipe known than to for
get this..
The great need of the day Is edu
cated dairymen, men who understand
the care and feeding of the cow a
well as the successful marketing of
her products.
Now Is the time to set a shallow
box of earth In tbe winiAw and start
some cabbage and tomato seeds for
early planting, first la the hotbed and
then In open ground.
If the dairymen could come 'Into
direct contact with the people who
eat their butter there would be less
need of discussing the subject of mak
ing a better grade of butter.
Government reports state that dur
ing the last year mors) up-to-date and
modern . machinery has been . pur
chased and Installed on the farms
Laan during any previous ten .years.
Thousands of acres of pasture land
In Illinois, Wisconsin, Michigan and
Iowa are devoted to feeding cows to
supply Chicago consumers with ml!k
and cream and other dairy products.
CIOUSLY. anBSsaeaa,ma
By Martha McCulloch Williams.
A French woman, a student of medi
cine, has lust won her doctor's de
gree with a paper on scientific cook
ery. In it she Impresses forcibly the
fact flat good feeding Is not merely
necessary to good health, but essen
tial to Its restoration. Further, she
sets forth that the slops and messes
to which Invalids are commonly con
demned not merely hare no reason of
being, but that they are positively
hurtful. They overwork stomachs al
ready weak. In sympathy with debili
tated bodies; worse still there Is no
commensurate return for the work tn
the way of nourishment. Yet, It Is
manifestly Impossible for sick or weak
or ailing folk, old people and little
children, to feed upon the "hearty"
things, or those highly spiced and
sauced,' which suit healthy persons of
strong appetites and stronger diges
tions. ,
Right here comes In '-he paper bag
cookery. By help of It, food la made
tender, easily digested and flavored as
nature wills, with only the added sav
ors that fire brings out. Not only
meat and vegetables, but fruit as well.
The French lady lays stress upon tbe
fact that fruit la almost curative for
many things If properly prepared.
Fruit cooked in a paper bag is whol
ly sanitary. There Is, further, no
trouble of watching, of stirring, no
apprehension of scorching.
Peaches should be scalded in boil
ing water for a mlnuto and a half,
then the skins removed, and the fruit,
on the seed, put to stew in a lightly
buttered bag. Add a tablespoonful of
water for a dozen large peaches less
if they are very juicy. Cook for 20
minutes in a fairly hot oven, slacking
heat a third after five minutes from
the putting in. The seed gives an
adorable bitter-almond flavor. Add
sugar to taste, while the fruit Is very
hot and let stand several hours be
fore using. For an invalid, choose
sweet, very juicy peaches, coo'; in
small quantity say half a dozen at
a time without adding water, and
buttering tbe bag well. Serve un
sweetened with thick cream.
Baked pears are relished by almost
everybody. Ripe, full flavored fruit of
medium size and even is the best.
Cut off the stalks close, snip out the
blossom end, and stick In a clove
there. Pare thinly, pack tn a buttered
bag with a little water and cook f
teen to thirty mlnutea in a fairly hot
Leg of Iamb, with Turnips: Get a
tat leg of lamb, have fee butcher take
off carefully the outside nrembrane
In that most of the "sheep-y" taste re
sides. Scrape well, wipe over with a
damp, soft cloth, and If necessary,
wash quickly In cold water, but avoid
washing if possible, .alt and pepper
moderately, then grease well using
either' butter or clarified dripplrgs
dredge very lightly with flour anJ put
By Nicolas Soyer, Chef
Pastry, cakes and sweets generally
are ' wonderfully improved by being
:ooked in paper bags. The concen
tration of heat which is thus gained
bas the effect of making the puff paste
lighter and more regular In texture
and all cake mixtures "rise" in a
manner the open oven cannot produce.
Then again the cooking takes much
less time, and I need not point out
the value of this. In the old style
the oven door had frequently to be
opened to watch progress. . The pastry
was thus exposed to draughts of cool
air, which could but produce "doughy,"
heavy and unsatisfactory results.
. Puff Paste: Take one pound flour,
three-quarters of a pound butter, and
mix the flour with water and salt light
ly, to the consistency of butter. Leave
this dough for half an hour, then flat
ten It with your hand, and lay your
butter on top of the paste. Then told
four-corner way, and give It two rolls
as usual. Leave your paste In a cool
place for forty-five minutes, then roll
twice more. Leave it for forty-five
minutes, and roll twice again. Place
It In a larger paper bag which will
not touch the paste. Put on broiler ,
and allow twenty minutes in a not
Petit Nld: Peel and core half
dozen cooking apples. EmpVjr a gill,
a liberal quantity of fruit syrup (for
Took Taxi Off Her Hands
And Now Woman Is Wondering Why
. Neighbor Waa In Such a Des
perate Hurry.
"Just as I am beginning to feel that
life Is unprofitable, dull and stale,
something happens to reconcile me to
existence," said a pretty girl. "The
affair of the taxicab was about the
strangest thing that ever happened to
me. I went calling tn a taxt. The
woman 1 called on had so much to say
and took so much time to say It In
that the last five minutes of my stay
I couldn't listen to a word she said
for counting up to myself the rste at
which that taxicab was eating up my
'Six dollars and ninety-nine cents.'
I figured finally, and bolted desper
ately. Just as 1 reached the side
walk another woman equally desper
ate shot out of tbe sdjolnlng apart
ment t '.
-!: you - "1 tt's cbr sit
into a roomy, thicky greased bag with
a pint of sliced turnips, two small
thinly sliced onions, a small sprig of
mint, and a half cup or tomato pulp or
catsup. Sliced potatoes can be added
at will In that case use fewer tur
nips. Be sure there are no sharp ends
of bone projecting they should oe cut
off rather under the flesh. Season the
vegetables lightly with salt before put
ting them In the bag, but take care
not to put It too much. Add half a
tumbler of cold water, seal, put In
hot oven, slack heat after five minutes
and cook until well done. Time de
pends on weight :
A dollar's worth of paper bags wnl
be ample to cook for any average
family throughout a month. Add a
box of clips at ten cents they will be
good for another month, and still an
other In careful hands and tbe out
lay Is still Inconsiderable. Add still
further fifty cents for greasing a
pound of lard, half a pound of butter,
half pound of drippings and the
total I still more than moderate. Not
withstanding, It is .nore than plenty
of us would care to spend monthly
merely In the Interest of flavor or
eve. of ease. Plenty more of us like
to take duties laboriously, feeling that
thus we In to tho kingdom of thrift
So It there were no economic offset
paper ba ; cooking would have to be
reckoned either a fad or luxury, it
is neither It has come to stay.
Say you pay three to four dollars
'a month for gas which Is about a
fair average. If the paper bag cook
ling cuts this a third, it has almost
' paid for ltse:f at one fell swoop.
, Next comes the saving In quantity
of food cooked. Paper bag cooking Is
one-fifth to one-fourth ahead there.
! In pot cooklug the scales -ow a
, shrinkage treble that of bag cooklnr
i Tbls Is a saving weirworth while, : et
. far from telling the whole story.
Things bag-cooked nourish better be
cause they are more readily digested.
Set tbr extra nourishment at one-
tenth of the food cost, and the food
cost :or a tamily ten dollars a week.
I Right there you have mora the price
of bags, grease, clips, etc. almost ta-i
cost of tbe gas.
But even then the sum In domestic
economy Is Just falrl. begun. Prrer
bag cooking not only saves thus nega
tively by preventing loss and Insur
ing full edibility, but positively and
In many, Jiany ways, as, for example,
In the food bought Round steak Is
more nourishing than any other but
the fact baa been held to be offset by
tbe extra dentist's bill tbe eating of it
necessitated. Paper bag cooking makes
It as tender as porterhouse Itself
moreover, there is no bone to be thrown
away nothing but clear meat. And
the favorable difference In price runs
from eight to ten cents the pound.
Living Is dearer in every way the
one possible alleviation of this in
creasing cost, without skimping of ap
petites, is in buying things less costly
and t" cooking them as to make the
difference ail in their favor.
Paper bag cooking will do It; It has
done It for me. Let's recapitulate.
Say one uses one hundred and fifty
bags In the month, and then allow seventy-five
cents for clips, lard, butter,
and dripping. This gives an Initial
debit of two dollars beginning the ac
count thus:
Paper bags, butter, clips, one '
month $2.00
Gas saved............ fl-00
Saved tn wear and tear (S per
cent) ..................... -50
Food saved ($1.00 a week) $4.00
Saved on meat (75 cents week) $3.00
(Copyright, Wit. by Associated Literary
of Brooks' Club, London. .
preference pineapple) Into a thickly
buttered bag. Add the apples, seal
bag, place on broiler and simmer gent
ly until cooked, but take care that
they they d not get broken. Line a
paper souffle-case with p jtf paste, place
carefully in a well greased -tag, , put
the apples tn this, and twist long
strips of citron and angelica round
them. Place four ounces of butter in
a clean basin, sift In eight ounces of
sugar and whip to a cream. Then add
tbe well beaten yolk of four eggs and
season to taste with grated nutmeg.
Place on the fire and stir gently until
very hot then add the whites of the
eggs, whipped to a stiff froth. Stir
these In lightly, then pour over the
apples, place in the bag, put It In the
oven without loss of time and bake to
a golden hue. Dust thickly with pow
dered sugar and serve hot or cold.
Apple Dumpling: Make It tbe usual
way. Cook In the paper bag. Allow
twenty minutes In a hot oven.
Scone: . Any kind of scone or break
fast rolls should be placed in a large
loose greased paper bag In hot oven.
Allow ten to fifteen minutes accord
ing to size.
(Copyright 1911, by the Sturgls
Walton Company.)
A chicken hearted man should
never marry unless he Is anxloua - to
break into the henpecked class.
said. 1 am In a great hurry. I can
not wait for another.'
" 'I have had It for an age," I said.
I owe'
"That's all right' the woman in
terrupted. I will pay It .
"A roll of bills In her hand showed
that she was financially equal even to
the demands of a waiting taxicab. Ths
driver nodded acquesoence In ths
change of passengers, tbe woman
Jumped into the cab, and away they
went For the next half hour I urged
my friend to talk, but she could tell
me nothing of the subject tn which I
was then vitally Interested, the identi
ty of the woman next door. It waa s
big apartment house through whoat
doors a hundred women pass each
day, and probably we never shall find
out who the woman was or why sbt
waa la such a desperate hurry.".
Famous Tower In Canrar.
Subterranean springs are undermln
Ing tbe leftolof tower of FU
In a Hurry.
Magistrate What Is tho charge
tgalnst the old manT
. Officer Stealing some brimstone,
rour honor. He was caught In the act
Magistrate (to prisoner) My aged
Mend, couldn't you have waited a tew
rears longer?
Taka tha Aid BundardUROVSm TABT
3H1U, TON 10. Too snow what Ton ara lakln.
tha (orasala la alalalr rlDI4 an ararr aoula,
ihowloa It la aiasplr gulnlaa and Iron In a taaur
uriu, and tha tnuat afwtvai fun. Iter gruwa
The Natural Thing.
Lawyer Of what did you take cog
nizance In the saloon?
Witness I took a drink.
rr coldsj mm emit
Hleka' Oinmiii la tha baat rrmrdj r
tlevaa tha aching and favartaanaaa curaa tba
Juld and raaturaa normal rondltloua. It's
liquid alTarta lauaadlatal. 10c., 16c., audlOc
It drug aloraa.
The more a man exoecta tba more
he will be surprised If be gets It
Ttka I.AIATITB BHOUO Onlnlaa Tahlata.
Uruaainsrarand aioaar " It rafts lo eara. a. w.
aaaalsaaMralaaaaaahaas. Ska.
It takes a man of originality to pose
ss a successful liar.
To overcome eonttlnmtloa and rmultast
ills, take Uarfleld Tea, a pure hsrb laxative.
Beginning a proper name with a
small letter Is a capital offense.
Fads for Weak
iNiae-tenthe of all the licknaM of womea is due to some derancammt or dta
case of the organs distinctly fomiaiae. Such sickness eaa be eurad is eared
very day by
Dr. Pierce's Favorite Prescription
It Make Weak Women Strong,
Slek Women Welt.
It sets directly oa the organs affected sod is at the same tiroe a faoarml restore
five tonic for the whole system. It curaa female complaint rijbt in the privacy
of home. It makes uaneceaaarv the disagreeable quastionieg, examinations and
local treatment so universally insisted upon by doctors, and so abhorrent to
every modest woman.
We shall not particularize here as to tbe symptoms ol
those peculiar affeotions incident to woman, but those
wanting full informattoa es to their symptoms and
means of positive sure are referred to the People's Com
mon Sense Medical Adviser 1008
and up-to-date Edition, eeat tret on
cent stamps to cover cost of mailing
binding lor 31 stamps.
Address Dr. R. V. Pierce,
Colds, La Grippe
"I want to tell you what wonderful benefit I have
received from the use of Thedford's Black-Draught,"
writes Mrs. Sylvania Woods, of Clifton Mills, Ky.
"It certainly has no equal for la grippe, bad
colds, liver and stomach troubles. I firmly believe
Black-Draught saved my little girl's life. When she
had measles, they went in on her, but one good dose
of Thedford's Black-Draught made them break out,
and she had no more trouble. ;
"I shall never be without . 5
"You are at liberty to publish this letter If you
wish, and I will gladly answer anybody that might q
write me, concerning yuur wunuenui meuiune.
Thedford's Black-Draught can be used freely, by
young and old. It is non-mineral, harmless, without
bad after-effects. It acts in a perfectly safe and nat
ural way, on the liver, stomach, kidneys, and bowels,
cleansing, strengthening, and stimulating them to do
their work. In common use for over 70 years. Sold
everywhere. Get a package to-day. Price 25 cents.
1 a
meat par esxellence.
cap caused by a fall, and to my
my duties In less than three weeks
III I v..
. y i J .-- aw t. ' '
ST a -r r r ' "i
I I I Is
is an excellent remedy for sprains, bruises, sore throat, asthma.
No rubbing necessary you can apply with a brush.
At c.7 ttamgar. FrUe ZZo.. CCD. afJaWa
Sloan's Book on Horses, Cattle, Sheep and Poultry sent free. A
r?. rAr.L s. r'-c:j. rcrrc !. r--
r.r- JCD TI.3 Feed CisI-Irr.-rcYD Tho teilrr.-.i
a t -f 4)0 aDor work; Co" pr,T "" Htr Milk and Butter;
, r - 1 4 tirow better Ames; f - 1 Iht more n, mat mil well sv
1 ft aI- 4 tk on nore flesh a4 ul aTiop Burt nvpuiix d ktep la
uatt,.i t.u uwudutot. wibea Ie4 oa
Ccttonseed WeslertJ CzV.zr.zztd tfu..3
rf BrMdlrv or rVu'"1"? P.
v..ioble. ft" u u ' t -.a
trrtto forVroo BoveUet eomomiiitf tnn.n t
jtaUaMrm m
Til w r:r
IntaratfST -
The Wretchedness
of Constipation
Can quickly be overcome by
Purely vegetable
act surely ana
gently on the
i 1WI at
ache. Dizsi.
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W. N. U, CHARLOTTE, NO. 15-1912.
pages, newly revised
receipt of 21
emty; or, in cloth
Btrfalo, N. Y.
Rheumatic Pains
qniclily rdioved
Sloan's Liniment is good for pain of
any sort It penetrates, without rubbing,
through the muscular tissue right to the
" bdne-relievesthecongestionand gives
permanent as well as temporary relief.
Here's Proof.
A. W. Lav of Lafayette, Ala., writes !
"I had rheumatism for five years. I tried
doctors and several different remedies but
they did not help me. I obtained a bottle
of Sloan's Liniment which did ma so much
1 U T 1.1 n. J. mrknM, ifr
for anything"
Thomas L. Rice of Easton, Pa.,
writes: "I have used Sloan's Lini
merit and find it fiist-ciaae for rheu
S matic pains."
. Mr. G.O. Jowts of Baldwins, LI,
writes: "I nave found Sloan's Lin
I haTa ied It for broken sinews above the knee
great satisfaction I was able to resume
aftei tha aeddent."
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