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i"i-::::3 Car.:bnstrhtfon Gotincil
tFor District r.-bsfing
Mrs. Huff To B InaUllcd
As District Chairman;
. : ' Leaders Named .
K Jfsdiaon County Home Demon
stration Council met in the Court
' ' House, Saturday, Feb. 4 at 2:00 p.
,, m.v Jtfrs. Howard Payne, president,
. presided at the meeting.
. y Plans were made to attend the all
v r day District meeting to be held at
' ' Bald Creek Methodist Church in
i Yancey County on April 6.
.- Hadiffon County Home Demon-
trsiton Club memfcerg will serve
.;v on committees as follows:
' Response of Welcome, Mrs. Leon-
ard Baker. '
. Chairman of Courtesy, Mrs. Frank
" Ohairman of Time and Place, Mrs.
Vi" At the District meeting; in April,
Mrs. A. W. Huff of the Mars Hill
' lub, will be jnsUlled as 1967 Dis-t.-vrict
Chairman and 'Mrs. Dorothy
, V 'Shppe, of Walnut club as secreta
J Tf'and treasnrer,
r County project leaders were also
:y appointed at this meeting-. They are:
Foods and Nutrition, Mrs. Earl
, - Robinson; Home Gardens, Mrs. T. R.
Worley; Home Poultry, Mrs. Bryan
Wallin; Home Dairy, Mrs. E. B.
Proffitt; Food Conservation, Mrs.
Sprinkle; Housing vft House
E . T CI.. J TT
..aaiuigeinent, an. iwwey rosier ana
Mrs. O.'E. Anderson; Family Life,
i !....
Mrs. E. 0.- Burnette; Home Beauti
fication, . Mrs, Uoyd : Bryant -Cloth-,
ine. Mrs; Rahh JHoeant Arts and
vrafw, Mrs. Hal Carter coaimuni
fy Bet-rice, Mrs. Paul Gillis; Health
, 1-Safetyl " JTrs.,leoiiard Baker;
-t'on, Mrs, Judson Edwards ;
rt. White s' lsHft!
' -YncV Mv- ' ! 8" Walling
;.PuJicity, Krs. U. G. Edwards Cc
i' :fK"OitlBned To list Page) '
:,cC104 Recctied In TJarGh Of
Col; Drive;
.Drive Ended Wednesday;
' - Schools Total Not
V 'Yet Reported
: Mrs. E. G. Frahklin, chairman of
:, the March of Dimes Drive. in Madi
! son County, reported yesterday that
ri total of $1,6304 was now deposit
ed m the bank with many reports
h 'not; yet available. Mrs. Franklin
';stated that she hoped all schools and
Vwrnmntrlties would report at once
so final tabulations could be made.
- Dne to the enormous number of
; ' personal , contributions, it will be
impractical to publish them, but it
is bowed to nublish the major con
"iributions.of -churches, schools, clubs
and coin collectors.
A partial Hst is published below
with manjr yet to report ' If your
church or club is not included, it is
because the tabulations have not yet
been completed. It Ur hoped that a
tor jlete list of ssajoat donors can
I s published In , next week's issue.
The part'al list Js-as follows: .
T7ALNUT, iMIss Odessa Hender
n, collectdV: Gbthrie Service Sta
-Ti, "M2; 4 Walnut Presbyterian
rc x 25.06; " Walnut Missionary
. 'it Church," 10.00;-Walnut Sup
y Co- (Coin Collector), 78; Wal-
.t I'ree Will Baptist Church, 7X0;
i t
a, . "Methodist V Church. M0;
in collectors at,! the following
Eonald Siinea -Service Sta
'; Ilartlii's Service Station,
Thomas t Service Station,
;'s rtore,;lX7fi;5.f
me, ; 'A'l-Ctars y vs
i r 'tool, 'ClC3f L! '
i C:
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Marshall, Mars Hill Students
To Take Part In Clinic
At College
Mars Hill Six more hitch schools
have entered in the eighth annual
WiNC choral clinic scheduled at Mars
Hill College Friday and Saturday.
They are: Lee Edwards, Asheville;
MeKee High School, Cullowhee;
Cranberry School in Avery County,
and high schools in Belmont, Canton
and Marshall.
Two 'schools, Waynesville and Ba
kersville, have canceled reservations.
In all, 26 will be represented.
Guest director for the two-day mu
sic school will be Dr. Arnold E.
Hoffman, state supervisor of music
for the North Carolina Department
of Public Instruction. As a climax
to the school the students 'will , be
combined into one large glee club
and will give a concert Saturday
night under direction of Dr. Hoff
Buncombe County will be well rep
resented. Arnold Penland, director
of the glee club at Lee Edwards
High School, Talmage Penland, di
rector at Erwin High School, and
Woodfin Rhodes of Owen High
School each plans to bring along $
of its best singers.
- Other schools, which wilt be repre
sented are' Dallas in Gaston .Coun
ty, Kickory, Hendmtjrille, Glen tA
pine, E'-rs I- Ut ' Tolly,
Newton- r, ,
-jrtt-Oi ('tu. i.iaua,"'Ti
oh -t,. j C. trj, f.-om Nor. i
Wilkesbpp),- W.s. IU Valdese and
Troutmans in :Iredell County.
any Hot Reported
Popular Marshall Man To Be
Active Manager; Store
Closed Four Days
" I. JT. Ramsey wishes to announce
that he has sold part interest in his
store to Arthur Ledford, formerly
with Watson's. The store will be.
closed for , four days commencing
Monday, February;' 13, and continu
ing through Thursday, February 16.
Mr. Ledford will then assume the
position as active manager of the
Both he . and Mr. Ramsey assure
their old and new customers and
friends that the policy of handling on
ly first finality merchandise will be
continued, and they will now be in
a position to serve the public much
better than ever..-
Vota, Vita Class
To Entertain
Husb&nds Tuesday
&re-ers of the" Vote Vita Sunday
I class of the Marshall Baptist
Crch will entertain -their hus
bsnus and other guests ''at- the, an
nual Valentine Party to fee held
T ' r ev-,;n, Ft' ruary 14, in
s ! r.'r. an J I'rs TalU.r
Ssleepy Valley, Fairview, Shutin,
and Antioch communities of Madison
County are populated with good peo
ple. You will always find a welcome
to the dinner table there. The rats
are now being served a banquet in
these communities.
The rats of loww Madison Coun
ty are being offered a special meal
of the finest yellow corn meal, con
lectionery sugar and, ah ah
warfarin concentrate. They are get-
ting a little "Arsenic and Old. Lace"
treatment, and are receiving the
tempting dish only to find it their
last. Next thing you hear of the
Sleepy Valley rats, they will be like
the "Three Blind Mice," for the
boys of that community are out to
out off their tails. A rat til con
test is in progress with prizes of
$12.00, $8.00, and $5.00 being of
fered the boys who have the most
rat tails on the night of March 7.
The 116 families who put out 291
pounds of rat poison on February
2, have 100 pounds more to serve as
dessert. Robert Browning's poem,
'The Pied Piper of Hamlin," de
scribed a number of rats as:
'Out of the houses ' the rats: came
Great rats, small rats, lean rats,
brawley rats,
Brown rats, Mack rats, grey rats,
tawny rats,
Fathers, mothers, uncles, cousins,
Families by tens and dozens,
Brothers, sisters, husbands, wives,
Followed the pipers for their lives."
. The -Sleepy 'Valley rats wilt be
scooting to safety for their lives for
$25.00 in prizes for their tails will
snre geftnem oa the dangerous line.
"This p r wilTgive the outcome
-die, l.. 3 ct. -immune involved wji
bo better place in which t live.
One 'ant does $20 worth of damage
per year.-.
Jess English, 37, of Mars Hill, is
reported in fair condition at St. Jo
seph's Hospital, where he is reeeiv
ing treatment for knife wounds of the
scalp, face and back.
English, an employe of the Amer
ican Enka Corp,, was injured dur
ing a scuffle at bis home Saturday
about 10:30 p. m., according to Sher
iff E. Y. Ponder of Madison County.
Woodson Roland, 46, is being held
in the Madison County jail at Mar
shall on a charge of assault with a
deadly weapon with the intent to kill
in . connection (with the case, the
sheriff said.
Jeter Buckner of Marshall, with
three neighbors In hi car,, lost con
trol of his machine at a bridge on
Laurel River Sunday. .
Buckner'a car flipped over several
times- and landed , upright in Laurel
River.,-' " r S J , i Tfc't
The river , being somewhat v chilly,
Buckner and Ms neighbors swam
forthwith to showTS'S ,'.
f. .Then along ame Garfield , Gald
vell another, Marshall sresident'r
He'Dglid' the' Bucknewas it
swept down stream. t t " v 4
; Caldwell's car careened into - one
driven by T, J. Tl? of Greereville,
Tern and tui' I over, , t
CM '.1 .four I limself la the
t "v r t o. . y " '' '
Cuckner and: his neighbors rlooLci
C, TI 3DAY, FEBRUARY 9, 1956
Leaksylile, N. C, Feb. 4 Luther
H. Hodges 'made it official before
his home (folk today. After two
years, a governor of North Carolina,
he want JK full four-year term.
Hodge& yrho was elected lieuten
antgOVrnor in 1952 in his first
political 'campaign, made the formal
announcemHt of his candidacy at a
rally 'sponsored by the Young Dem
ocrats of; this area. He has no an-
He Joecftmev governor upon the
death pf William B. U instead in No-
veroper. -tvM.
A Successful textile executive who
retired 'from the business world in
1950, Hodges told an audience of
about 'OV- - in the Tri-City High
Sc hoOl XLeaksville-Spray Draper)
"I shall, be a candidate for gover
nor on i the Democratic ticket sub
ject to the May 26th primary."
He reaffirmed his stand in favor
of continued public school segrega
tion infe, voluntary basis.
"I do 'jjptrfavor mixing the races
in the scnools and I believe the vast
majority" of white and colored citi
zens feel: the1 same as I do," he said.
Beware Speedsters!
Police Car Now- In
Use; In Marshall
Bewre,; speedsters; The Town of
Marshall has purchased a 1954 Ford
with, brillnt red lettering on ' the
sides and back, "Marshall Police -Department.'','
. The car -will. bo used
solely .by the ; police departmenit in
an V'Jort iVibJtter enforce thcllaws.
eta Group
Plans Projects' '
For Community
Members of the Beech Glen Com
munity Development Program met
for their regular monthly meeting in
the community building Tuesday,
Feb. 7, at 7:30 p. m. After the in
vocation by Rev. David Roberts, the
president announced the meeting
open for any old or new business
which should be brought up. Sev
eral things were mentioned and dis
cussed one being the Rat Cam
paign. A Project .Committee, composed of
James Robiuofl chairman ; Judson
Edwards, Loye ijllddle.v Coye Jamer
son and Ro,M(tW$ittey, was ap
pointed to, decide on projects we
might be able to undertake for the
coming, year.
Mrs. Judson Edwards, Mrs. Coye
Jamerson, Mrs. Glen Whitley, Mrs.
Paul Gillis and Mrs. Frank Maney
were appointed on the Refreshments
Committee. -
The visitors,, Mrs. Edsel Buckner,
Messrs. MoMahan and Miller froni
Farm Office, ' were recognized
and made veteome. by the president.
We were then wonderfully enter
tained by the ReVf Mr. Roberts, who
gave a recitatioh; also' a anmber of
true but funny experiences which he
has had.-aloagtho way Also littief
Glenda Whitley sang a- song, which
was very sweet.' Those who failed to
get " out to tho-meetingi-eertainly
missed a lofof good wholesome fun
and fellowship?
..After the program Messrs. Miller
and MoMahan presented the film on
rat: extermination,, and Mr.'- Miller
gave us. some points. on methods to
usev and prices on this concentrate
we might secure to rid our places of
rats. The pre.' t rJ..n-.ittee are to
decide at an e
undertake the
then adjourn '.
' if we are to
-a served and we
D!cc:!nc!;ile To Do In arstell
Hcxt Wednesday; 1C9 Pints Goal
Davis-Sexton Post Has Donated
A Total Of $1,490.00
Toward Uniforms
Another sizable amount $400.00
was donated by the Davis-Sexton
Post, American Legion, toward the
purchasing of Marshall High School
band uniforms at its meeting held
last Thursday night.
It ia recalled that the Legion
started the "ball rolling" toward the
band uniforms by donating an initial
$1,000.00. No only has the Legion
made these two sizable contributions
but has also given an additional $90.
The tota) amount given by this Post
now stands at $1,490.00.
Members of the Post also voted to
install a new heating system St the
Legion Building on Upper Bridge
Street and bids are now being ac
cepted for this project.
Madison County 4-H County Coun
cil will meet, Saturday, Feb. 11, at
9:30 a. kn., in the Court Houm to
Marshall to plan future meetings and
to discuss the District elimination
Clubs Jn .'the eounty. . " I
shown -that the ' east' ns-B CluU
throughout the country are located
Where they have an active 4-H Coun
ty Council. All 4-H Club officers
are urged to attend this meeting.
Contest jto he" held- in AfdavUle,
la comoosedof all offices "from 4-H
ystery To Be Unveiled Here
Folloiving rJIinstrel Saturday
Former Madison Resident
President Winston-Salem
-Woman's Club
Mrs. C. Odell Matthews, president
of the Winston-Salem Woman's
Club, has been elected as chairman
of the city-wide program to welcome
Wake Forest . College to Wlnston-Sa-
Mrs. Matthews g the former Mis
Madge Tweed, tfattghtei- bf the late
Mr. and 'Mrs. Bobctt Tweediand
formerly taught'school at Marshalk
Mr. Matthaws'also is a fonnelreschvi
er'at UjMarshaU ffch6ob ,
v,bfflcial greeting plans 'are Very
much- i, the unofficial stages; Mrs.
Matthews, .- .states, but .every , effort,
will be made to welcome Wake For
est in a cordial "manner, ''- J 1 '
i: Mrs. Matthews said that x unless
Wake Forest is properly welcomed
to' Winston-Salem, the college com
munity may develop m a "suburb
lnad, of Winston-Sa-
lern.", , - .''' , '.
I'-s. I' ' ws sur--" at a re
st U
i f
3 c.. e
a 1
is t
'Dr. W. A. Sanaa Urges Asv
"All-Out Participation;
County Climbs
Madison County citize-is between
the ages of 18-56 are attain reminded -that
the Red Cross Bloodmobiler
Unit will be at the American Legion
Building on Upper Bridge Street in
Marshall next Wednesday. The unit
will be ready for volunteers by 11:00
o'clock in the morning and will re
main open throughout the day as
long as donors are available.
Dr. W. A. Sams, .chairman Of the
Red Cross Blood Bank in Madison
County, stated this morning that he
hoped at least 100 pints of blood
would be given here Wednesday. He
again emphasized the need for a
surplus from Madison iCokinty to
take care of emergency needs. He
also explained that each person is
thoroughly examined before blood is
taken. "There -is absolutely ho dsn.
ger and very little pain in giving
"blood," Dr. Sams said. -
He also expressed gratitude at the
increasing number of pints which
are being donated and said that he
feels that 1956 will be a "banner
year" for Madison County.
Figures released by the regional
office, reveal that the quota last
year was 450 pints for Madison
County. A total of 284 pints were
collected by the unit and 161 pints
collected by the Blood Center in
Asheville. In other words, Madison
County only lacked five pints during
1956 of reaching its quota. j
.' .Tbis is -most encouraging," Dr.
Sams said, ' "but We mast strive to
exceed! our flnotsv ia-tf-V f atJ
' $epert& front V Center alndj re
il -SZs 'JLSL
ed from I v'..joh Coy-'y, if
" j J. .y cf . yr. "
; . for, JtL .
and; it la hopedhat at least 100 1
pintsVcan be . added when , the i
visits Marshall next Wednesda.
Dr. Sams, concluded. - '
Capacity Crowd Expected To
Attend Show) Program
Loaded With Jokes
The first Minstrel Show to be
held here in years will be presented
I Saturday night in the Marshall
mgfl school auditorium at 7:au
o'clock. The entertainment is being
sponsored by the Marshall (ions
Club and a capacity audience is ex-,
pec ted to be present.
Jim Bean, of .Asheville, is pro
moting the Minstrel and the cast is
made up of local tajent 'which in
cludes several members of the Lions
dob and many hoys and girls from
the high school.
In addition- to "the hilarious Jokes
and ntfc-t W'Negro" men,
many musical-nmbWsv will be pre-sTpntvt-reiuirlg'
intricate dance
frpuiiie4f mixed with tomedy and un
expected ad lining by the inter locu-
tort.' . 1 '
' The chorus Hne is- featured by
Misses ' Nancy Rector, Madeline ,
Ramsey, Bobby 3 Nix and Patsy '
Houston - with Jack Zink, obby-
Reese, WQlihm Wilde and many oth-
er boys and .girls in the background
and also in special numbers. s. s v ?C
In addition to the Minstrel, Temp- ;
tatlea Jones will he unveiled 1
w '
Ing the lZ-'xel. For se
f 's n f 1 commur.'ty
v, j ' T
several v
y r iv
1 '
k4 -
M r v on his
i r - t 1" -

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