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VOL. 55 NO, 7-
County Service Is Growing In
Popularity ; Books
I Mra. Harry Dotterer, Madison
County Bookmobile operator and as-
A. sistant librarian, wag the guest
speaker at the Marshall Civitan
? luncheon-meeting Tuesday at the
.j Presbyterian Church.
J" Mrs. Dotterer told the group
, about the services of the bookmobile
i? and stated that the unit is being
rT used more and more each trip. She
- told how the people from every sec
i tion of the county were taking ad-
vantage of the bookmobile and 'term
X ed the county library service as a
""wonderful success." Mrs. Dotterer
also urged anyone having books or
magazines to donate to the library,
to please do so. The Civitan Club
voted to make it a club project to
'i "help collect books and magazines for
the bookmobile and citizens of Mar-
shall and vicinity having such books
r-.-oi.a magazines may leave tncm at
The News-Record Office, and they
,f will be picked up by Mrs. Dotterer.
,,H , Mrs. Dotterer explained that books
written by Zane Grey were the most
popular, with many people asking
for religious literature. She also
said that many also enjoyed "light
iv ) romances." She explained that sev-
J persons had requested books
Ijrning certain fields, such as
Incal repairing and interior deco-
was introduced by J. Hersche
rUUUe, program chairman for
22 members and one visitor were
ookmobile To
arlr IfofweAit Rtilr.
j'Courthoue Feb. 28
y it
was stated here this week that
the bookmobile will be parked be
tween The Bank of French' Broad
and the courthouse on its next visit
to Marshall which will be February
"This will be a more central locar
tion and should prove a great help
for . those wishing to secure books
l ami anairazinesi Tvea nf rkrm" Mr
jt'Dotter, bookmobile operator, said.
i IiOuis Lipinsky Sr., and Manlcy
tTWright, both of Asheville and mem-
ers. of the Advisory Council, will be
, he guest speakers at a Red Cross
' aeetihg to be held at Mars . Hill
College :next Wednesday. Three
ountieS will be represented at the
leetingy' namely, Madison Mitchell
adPolfc , The purpose of the meet
g 14 to make plans for the 1956
impaign for membership and funds,
he meeting- will begin at 10:00
'clock and continue until , 12:30
'dock', and. the public Is cordially
?ited to attend.
(Buncombe County completed its
i Cross Membership and Fund
ve lAi fall.) -rficials
'of ihe Red Cross ex
iled that- due to the many dis
rs v throughout the country this
', expenditures , have Increased,
ryone is urged become a mem
of the Kei Cross Drive and to
' generously, during the cam-
- Results
3 To Be
t of the communities,
c'.J,s Jiave' reported,
: to come int -' It is
lets total received
i of Dimes Drive
, 1 H next week's is-
i t ' n has donat-'l
" -. C. T '.
The Madison County Medical So
ciety unanimously urges all parents
to have their children vaccinated
now before the polio season begins
In making this announcement, Dr.
W. A. Sams, a member of the Med
ical Society, stated that the Salk
vaccine had been proven safe and
that results revealed in Canada
show that the vaccine is about 85';;
Dr. Sams also announced that the
vaccine is now available in Madison
County for all ages.
"I urge every parent to sec your
family doctor immediately and see
that your children are vaccinated.
In this way, and only this way, can
we rid our county of this dreaded
disease," Dr. Sams said.
Farmers of Madison County who
sign up to cooperate in the 1956 Ag
ricultural Conservation program may
select from a wide list of practices
the ones needed on their individual
farms to check and control soil ero
sion, build up the stockpiles of soil
fertility, and make better use of wa
ter. -The list includes: 1. Seeding Per
manent Pasture or Hay; 2. Addi
tional Vegetative Cover in Crop Ro
tation; 6. Permanent Pasture or
Hay Improvement. (These three
practices include the use of lime,
fcrtiliier and seed as -needed to es
tablish or improve pasture land
and meadows). 8. Xhnlng Farm
land. (Limestone to farmland now
in Bod or will be in sod for 1956 or
1957.) 4. The initial establishment.
of contour strip cropping to pro
tect soil from water or wind erosion.
12. Installation of field drain tile
on farm land to dispose of excess
Explaining how an individual uses
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Tourists Receive
"Shotgun Reception"
Sunday Afternoon
A person can't much blame Mr.
and Mrs. B. H. Browning and Mr.
J and Mrs. B. A. Eastwood, of Ontario,
Canada, if they decide to return to
their homes by another route other
than U. S. 25-70 .
Quite to their surprise, as they
were traveling south about a mile
from the Old Mill Wheel between
Hot Springs and Marshall Sunday
afternoon, 36 shots from a gun
struck their 1955 Cadillac Tudor Se
dan. The shots "peppered" the left
side of the car, some striking the
windshield. Many of the shots bare
ly missed the driver.
The two middle-aged couples came
on to Marshall where they reported
the "shotgun reception" to Sheriff
E. Y. Ponder. Sheriff Ponder im
mediately secured some bloodhounds
and started a search for the person
or persons firing the shotgun.
About 5:00 o'clock Sunday after
noon, Sheriff Ponder arersted Mar
vin Lankford Beck, 57, of the Shel
ton Laurel section, who is charged
with assault. He is now in the
Madison County jail Beck denies
firing the gun, Sheriff Ponder stat
ed. "
. The. Canadian tourists continue
on their way southward . vninjurr
but with considerabledamage ' don
to their car. . 1
, ' - V' , Y 5-. "
School Report Ob vvJ
Current March ' . .
Of Dimes JDrive tr- x
I--', .-',V ii- 'V'"; '
The following schools .have report
ed their collections . for tie -J8Sf
I'-tH ef Dimes Drive alnst polio
1 1 t " --lis ' ' v '- '-.' " ''''!.'.
fei6tba!l ;;Toofc':3at To
Start n Uai:afi G:art
tet Uednday-;Qjlit
i : -
A Double-Elimination Event;
Pairings Now Await
Friday's Games'
The annual Mauison County High
School basketball tournament will
get underway on the Walnut court
next Wednesday night at 6:00
o'clock. Four games will be played
each night during the first week of
play. Dates of the tournament in
clude February 22-25 and March 1
and 2.
Pairings for opening play cannot
bo made until after this week's
games on Friday night, Superintend
ent Peek explained.
County won-lost records will de
termine the tournament seeding and
will control the pairings. Since
Spring Creek and Mars Hill current
ly share the lead in the boys' divi
sion, they will no doubt draw byes
in the opening round. The same is
true of the Mars Hill and Walnut
girls, who are tied for top honors
in their division.
This annual event is the outstand
ing sports show in the county and
the vast Walnut spectator space 's
expected to be crowded atiall gumes.
Stores To Sfart
Wednesday Afternoon
J aJtajCVber ,
Closing Oil March 141?"
.The Marshall, Merchant- Assocfa-Uon-
met Tuesday night and voted
to begin the Wednesday afternoon
closing on Wednesday, March !
and continue through Wednesday,
October 17.
The half-day holiday gives the em
ployees and employers an opportu
nity to "get out" from under the
regular grind and work in gardens,
yards, homes and to enjoy outings,
fishing and picnics.
Sponsored By Lions Club; Jim
Patrick Is Revealed As
Temptation Jones
The first Minstrel to be presented
here in many years was highly sucr
cessful Saturday night in the Mar
shall high school auditorium. The
entertainment was sponsored by the
Marshall Lions Club and Jim Bean,
of Asheville ,was the promotor. An
audience of more than 200 roared
with laughter at the joke-filled pro
gram and applauded loudly at the
intricate chorus routines and special
musical numbers.
Jim Bean acd as interlocutor
and was superb in this role. Six
members of the Marshall Lions
Club, assisted by several high school
boys and girls, kept the audience
laughing with jokes involving many
local business and professional men.
The chorus line, composed) of Nan
cy Sector, Bobbie -Jo -NiX, Madeline
Ramsey and Patsy Houston, featur
ed precision step routines. The au
dience was generous with applause
following each number. ' la addition
" the routines," Patsy , Houston and
. iobbie Jb Nix each sang solos.- Bob
- y "Ta-Ta Reese, Bernard - Reese,
ad Totnny BaU thrSled the andi
ace' with string mask and singing
nth Ta-Ta handling the 'washboard
rith oncanny ability'' as "drua
ner." , Jim Bean executed a diffi
.nlt seft-shoe tap routine and the
ncond line of the: chorus, composed
ef high school boys and girls, added
much to the program with songs and
smusing rootlneav -:-,;V;r;I:;:i7 V -'
The program, however, was fea
t red by the six Throes" tyman
rt:n,- Gee-re V " Dr. K. E.
r, nc. r. " y r
OULliiL If ClLrAilL
Mrs. John Wright Instructor;
Certificates To Be
Mrs. Murray Strain, of AsheviKe,
Volunteer Field Consultant of the
American Red Cross, spoke on "Ori
entation and .History of the Red
Cross" at the final session of the So
cial Welfare Aid course held Tues
day at the REA building.
The previous, five 2-hour classes
were devoted to studies of Red Cross
facilities and aids offered by the
welfare and health departments and
other agencies in case of disaster.
Speakers for the classes included Dr.
Margery Lord,' count v health offi
cer; Mrs. France" '""(amsey, coun-
... !
ty superintend '
lie wenuie,
W. D. Dibrell
combe County
Lockman, f iel
Southeastern '
, the Bun
flss'Ruth Mildiedattc;
resentative of
Mrs. Johii
J the
whom . cer tuica tea will ,( be awarded
are Mm Kenneth Burgin, Mrs. J. B.
Tweed, Mrs. Ralph Jfogan and Mrs.
J. C. Bridgraan of Hot Springs;
Mrs. Carl Reeves, Mrs. J. M. Baley
Jr., Mrs. J. Lawrence McElroy, Mrs.
James Story, Mrs. Harry B. Ditmore,
Mrs. John Corbett and R. N. Bare
foot ,of Marshall; Mrs. R. R. Ram
sey of Walnut: and Mrs. J. F Ram
sey, of Asheville, superintendent of,more than 50 yea,s
public welfare of Madison County
Temptation Jones
t -cr4
James Patrick
"gold fish," running lip the aisles,
crying, ribbing each i other and in
general "acting foobV.,mueh to the
delight of the audience.'- Jim Story
was pianist for the program.1
Immediately following the 1 H-hour
entertainment, Temptation Jones was
revealed. Approximately 40 persons
guessed correctly ia ;'. naming Jim
Patrick as Temptation Jones. Those
who had correctly identified Temp
tation Jones voted ; to ; "share' the
seven awards donated by local bast,
aessmen, ' The following persons
were awarded frizes: Toward Fish
er (Rock "Cafe); Dr. J. L." McElroy,
(Roberts Phartr?-y); 'I'.ci. Graver
Ponder, (Service T' tor f-les, Inc.);
Mary ; Ruth C ' (The' Newa
Record); Urs. I (Eelk
Broome)'; Thof . y, " ( C.
D. row? an); 's x VTflde,
(PatrU's :-'').
The Li '
fro-n ' t" ?
$65,000 TO MHC
Mars Hill, Feb. 13 A gift of
$05,000.00 to Mars Hill College was
announced here today by Dr. Hoyt
Blaekwell, president.
The gift, by an anonymous donor,
was made on the condition that the
college trustees authorize the rais
ing of an equal amount.
The donor specified that the $130,-
000 be used to renovate Melrose and
Brown dormitories for men.
Melrose was completed and open
ed to students in the fall of 1924.
Brown, almost a duplicate of Mel
rose in desipn, was finished a few
months later. The combined capaci
ty of the two dormitories is 162 stu
dents. The structures tand side by side
on the south campus overlooking
the college and the town from a hill.
Last fall, Myers, a new dormitory j
for men located on the same hillside j
near Melrose and Brown, was open
ed to students for the first time.
Dr. Blaekwell said the proposed
renovation will include complete re
building of the interiors of the two
dormitories and some reconstruc
tion of the exteriors.
He said the renovation will make
the accommodations and outside ap
pearances of Melrose and Brown
more in keeping wit hthose of Myers.
Extensive landscaping on the
south campus around the three build
ings is now under way.
Dr. Blaekwell said he hoped the
challenge will be met and the reno
ation' completed in time for the
opening of the fall semester in Sep
Wbrk on the two dormitories will
be another step in the program of
enlargement and improvement be
gun in thp mid 80's under the -leadership
Of Dr. Blaekwell. .
A spacious new library was com
pleted and dedicated with Myers
Dormitory during Founders' Day
ceremonies last October
The college is currently seeking
funds' with which to construct an
auditorium and fine aits building to
be named in honor of Dr. Robert L.
Moore, who served the college for
Herbert Allen Accepts
Position With County
Welfare Department
Herbert Allen, son of Mr. a
Mrs. Emmette Allen, of Walnut has
accepted a position as Case Work
Assistant with the Madison County
Welfare Department and assumed
his duties Monday.
Mr. Allen was born and reared in
Walnut and is a graduate of Wal
nut High School. He attended Bre
vard and Asheville-Biltmore Junior
Colleges and received his B. S. de
gree in agriculture from Berea Col
lege in 1954.
He entered the Army in January
1954, received his basic training at
Fort KTnox, Ky., and went overseas
to Germany where he served as Com-i
pany Clerk. While in Germany he
toured much of historical Euror
He returned to the U. S. in Janua-
ry 1956 and was then separated '
from the Service. Mr. Allen was
.warded the Good Conduct Medal. '
National Defense and German Occu-
pational medals.
Westminster Choir
To Give Concert At
Mars Hill Monday
. ThV Westminster ' CMr, of
, . . '
4 at the Mars Hill Baptist Church
Monday evening at eight o'cloc.
Tba choir has been nationally ac
claimed and Is well received wher
ever they perform." 1 1 .
-The public ia cordially invited"
Dr. Robert Seymour,' pastor, of the
Mart Kill Church, stated.
Girrn V,
"V 1
$58,067 SUIT
Don Hull, Mais Hill used car deal
er, Monday filed suit for $58,067.03
against Citizens Bank of Marshall
on charges the baak has wrongfully
withheld deposited funds and dis
honored a $3,725 check,
illull filed the action in Buncombe
! Superior Court in Asheville Monday.
He alleges- that between Aug. 7,
i 19.14 and May 25, 1955, he made 18
deposits totaling $15,067.03. The
I suit seeks return of the entire sum.
! In addition, Hull seeks $33,000.00
"compensatory damages" on the al
legedly dishonored check and $10,000
punitive damages.
The action alleges 15 of the depos
its were acknowledged by slips
signed by former cashier Don M.
Cox and one, on March 28, 1955, by
W. B. Ramsey of the bank.
Cox disappeared from the bank
last June 27, surrendering nearly a
month later o" July 2(i. He subse
quently was indicted by a federal
grand jury Nov. 15 on 17 counta
charging embezzlement o f bank
funds totaling $90,220 during 196J,
1954 and 1955. He is presently in
custody in the Federal Penitentiary
in Atlanta under psychiatric obser
vation. None of the indictments re
turned mentioned Hull's allegations.
The suit filed in Buncombe Supe
rior Court Monday alleges that Hull
was on good terms with the bank,
had regular business dealings with
the bank and had borrowed money
from the bank.
Ir allege- that at the time of
Hull's business connections wkh the
bank that Cox "was an officer, agent,
servant and vice principal of the de
fendant, to wit, cashier."
Hull alleges deposits were mad
on the following-days and in the
amounts indicated:
Aug. 7, 1954, $43.50; Oct. 10, 1954,
$564; March 23, 1955, $2,863.33;
I March Zo, $1,492; March Z8, uw;
1 April 4, $1,708.20; April 8, $361;
'April 12, $1,855; April 12, $100;
April 16, $1,290; April 22, $1,265;
April 20, $51)5; May 3, $345; May
6, $395; May 7 ,$3-15; May 25, $1,
495. Hull alleges the bank has re
fused to return any of the money al
legedly deposited.
Hull further alleges that on May
10, 1955, he wrote a check for $3,
725 to Howard Hively Inc., of Cin-
cinnati, Ohio. The suit alleges that
Citizens Bank ret used to nonor me
check and returned it marked "in
sufficient funds."
As a result, the action claims,
Hively brought criminal proceedings
against Hull, causing his arrest,
branding him as a "check flasher."
As a result, the suit filed Mon
day alleges, Hull's "character, name,
credit, honesty and integrity have
been put to shame, shattered and
forever lost."
Clothes Needed
por Manv Students
. L 11 C L. 1
At Marshall OCJlOOl
The room representatives and the
welfare committee of the Marshall
Parent-Teacher Association decided
Tuesday night to sponsor a cam-
Pn for used clothes for the needy
I children of the Marshall schooL
I Mrs. C. W. Ward, chairman of the
j room representatives committee aad
, Mrs. J. L. McElroy, chairman of th
welfare , committee, ' stated "that any
clothing would be accepted for first
t through twelfth m-aiU ktndenta. f- t' :
grown clothes is asked to bring er
n4 clothe, to the Marshaa
school and they will be given to chfl- '
drea in need of clothes. Miss Al
iens Hancock. . of the faculty, , wCf '
have charge of the distribution of the -
clothes. '".'I
It is surprising how many of t!:
children actually need clothes in ! I
feel sura that the citizens cf -shall
and vicinity wi!l
r lr.. ? any .clc'.'.Jr- i. t
used, Hr. Edgwra, r: '
T .
a ?:":
r -

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