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PRICE: $2.5,0 A YEAR
NO. 8
1 " ' I
?l VOL. 55
1 .
Qs. Grace Freeman To Retire
As Postmaster rJextl7ednesday
After 15 years of responsibilities
as postmaster here, Mrs. Grace
Freeman will retire optionally on
the last day of February. Mrs. Free
man has reached the required age
and years of service with th Post
Office Department and in speaking
of her retirement, she looks back
over the past 15 years with many
kind memories as well as hard work
and strenuous hours. In an inter
view with this newspaper she spoke
kindly of the people who have been
associated in the post office with her
and praised the entire personnel of
the office and department.
During her tenure as postmaster,
Mrs. Freeman has received many let
ters of commendation for her faith
ful and untiring service. As her re
tiremeSit became known, she- has
been the recipient of several nice
gifts and has also been honored with
Mrs. Freeman, who was educated
at Dorland School in Hot Springs
and Cecil's Business College, Ashe
ville, wafe the first woman postmast
er ever appointed at the Marshall
office. In addition to her duties as
postmaster, she has also been ac
tive in business and civic affairs.
She was one of the first Matrons
of the Marshall Chapter of Eastern
Stars. Mrs. Freeman also served
as president of the Marshall Parent-Teacher
Association in 1936 and
lias been associated with several
women's clubs and other organiza
tions. She is a member of the Mar
' shall Presbyterian Church.
In retiring, it can be said that
Mrs. Freeman has worked assidu
ously with her fellow citizens in
-carrying on the duties as post
master. , '
Mrs. Freeman , and her husband
are planning a : trip' to California
this summer and it isithe hope of
many Marshall citizens that she en
joys every minute of the trip a
trip she so rightfully deserves.
Final Plans To Enter Contest
Made, Officers Elected
At Recent Meeting
Final organization plans were made
and officers were elected at a recent
meeting of members of the Bull
Creek Community Development Club,
and at the same time members voted
to participate in the Western North
Carolina Rural Community Develop
ment Contest. This decision was
. a climax of weeks of planning with
ilia nnntv farm nnr! home airents.
community leaders and pastors of
churches in the area.
: Officers elected were: President,
Rev. James Buchannan; vice presi
f " dent, Aldeen Waldrup; junior vice
r-1 president, Joyce Merrill; secretary,
V Xooellen Waldrup; treasurer, Mrs.
, " Glenn Whitley; reporter-photogra-
i f ?Ir, Inn Sprinkle.
"t Community boundary lines will ex-Y-Vf1'
tend -from Kenneth Hensley's horn
' on Marshall highway to Harry
" - - mil M Itl
1vnv home near Man Hill, and will
. 4' indoda all. secondary 'roads between
'these two .point.. If yon live 4n this
, ctkn c0diaUy 4avit yon fear fc
tnd our next Joeeting. Th pro.
3c eannot: bo " entirely wwwenfnl
? "without the cooperation of amy one.
t Future club meetings will be bold
; ,n the third Monday In eacb month,
7:80 p. ni At present, meetdnge
are being bold In U ompty store
; i :: g near the home of Olfford
, rip. . a , , . -t ., j,
'' " Ky ilrm." Illene ,Cook
- , t , . ,?i --y rayton, 1
t ' 1 1 17 r ; ' "
President Of Mars Hill College
Heads Enlargement
.', W A LT$ 11 SMITH
Mais Hill, Feb. 18 Integrity
ind optimism characterize Dr. Hoy
tlackwell, president of Mars Hil1
College, mine than any other words
His- honesty, which s;iirii's from
leep Christian convictions, has man
fostcd itself in the character of thi
ollege and has fostered confident
n the institution among a host o!
His optimism rises from eonfl
ience in the ultimate triumph ol
right and in an unfaltering faith in
3otl. Such optimism has been the
ifoblood of an enlargement program
which lcgan under his leadership in
19:55 and is still progressing.
Three dormitories for women, a
modern cafeteria, a science building,
a sewage disposal system, a dormi
tory for men and a spacious new li
brary have been added to the college
plant. In addition, the endowment
has been increased to $500,000 and
improvements to older buildings and
extensive landscaping have trans
formed the campus into "a gem in
the emeral ring of the hills."
When he succeeded Dr. R. L.
Moore as president in 1938, Dr.
Blackwell inherited an awesome job.
He"- was - responsible for erdwrtyig
the college physfcaUy and, at the
same time, maintaining the high ac
ademic standards and Christian
character of the institution.
To say simply that he has suc
ceeded in this undertaking would be
a gross understatement. The aca
demic standards have been raised,
tho character of the college has been
preserved and strengthened. The
college is enjoying the largest en
rollment in its history, and its assets
foretell an even greater future.
When he was appointed director
of enlargement in l!t35, Dr. Black
.vell undertook the expansion and
Improvement of the physical equip
nent of the college. The first ma
or project was a dormitory for
.vomen. The optimism with which
he approached the task impressed
'.he trustees and friends of the
ichool. Sufficient funds were rais
rently engaged in a thelogical study
in which he is especially interested.
In 1928 he joined the Mars Hill
faculty as teacher of Greek and Bi
ble, a position he held until he be
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Store To Start
Wednesday Afternoon
Closing On March' 14
The Marshall Merchants Associa
tion met Tuesday night and voted
to begin the Wednesday afternoon
closing; on' Wednesday, March 1
and continue - through Wednesday,
October 17.
Th daWIav tvdiiUv rivea th em
plnyjiee - jLfld mpfeyen an -4ppofct
nity - to "set out" from- unaer W
(mvIif rrind and 'rark b nrddis.
yards, bomes and to "enjoy ontings,
fishing and picnics.,
Dr. W. A. Sams Urge
Ue Of Polio Vaccine
Dr. W. A. Sams, a member of the
Madison Obtntr . Medical 8oeiety,
nrget all'tl.-dren to take advantage
of the polio Taoeine. ; "--. li-:' -The
ruiilie in generai ean now
f ! g:rtl thse Use polio vs;tn
st4 . the l!wn
, ' " ! r-'.-'y s a 'tr.H
l . t '.' f ' t 1 ' - i t' i
" ' ' ' ' ? r ' !
To Be Played In Greensboro
Between Last-West
Bobby "Ta-Ta" Reese, outstand
ing tackle of Marshall IlighSchool
for the past four years, has been
.lamed by the N.C Coaching Asso
ciation to play in the Fast-West
All Star (lame to be played in
reensboro on August .'!.
Reese, a 2: 15-pound, fi foot 1 inch
acklc, has been named as lineman
if the week on several occasion by
he Asheville Times during his high
chool career. He made practically
very All-Ve.-.U-rn North Carolina
lythical learn in his senior year.
Several major colleges have talked
Reese about scholarships.
Hob Tate, coach of the Hcmierson
.ile Bearcats, is on the coaching
.aff of the All-Star game.
Marshall P.T.A. Will
Hold Clothing And
Rummage Sale
A meeting of the Ways and Means
Committee of the PTA was held
Tuesday at the Marshall school to
make plans for a money-raising
event in order to assist in worthy
nroiects in the school.
A clothing and household rummagej
1 .. l. ..'itl. - tnnA Colli iff
sale, lugciitei wiwi a -iw ouii,
being planned tentatively for Saturi
day, March 10. Further details will
be announced later. Jn the mean
time, the committee urges everyone
to scour through their attics and
ilottte- forarticle.?. ofelothkr
i-fcfac, household -items such as cur-f
tains, oictures. 'blankets and such
that are still serviceable and for
which you may have no further use.
If you have such articles and are
not able to bring it to school, please
advise any member of the commit
tee or send a note to Mr. Brigman's
office at the school. Arrangements
will be made to pick up such ar
ticles. Or, leave articles at the
school with Mr. Brigman. It is not
intended that this sale will conflict
with the drive for clothing for
needy youngsters as the two com
mittees will work closely to see that
the children are taken care of. Com
mittee members who attnded the
meeting are: Mrs. Frank Fisher,
Mrs. A. M. McEIyea, Mrs. Coy Hay
nic, Mrs. Barbara Henderson, Mrs.
Kermit Cody and Bernard Brigman.
County Tournament In Progress
At Ualnut; 4 Games Played I'M
Marshall, Laurel Girls, and
Walnut, Marshall Boys
iA6vm.nct In Tourney
Marshall and . Laurel girls and
Walnut and Marshall bova oosted
wins in the oneninir round ol'Play
of the annual Madison County cage
tournament' which got underway
last Wednesday) night at the Wal
nut High School gymn.
The results: Marshall 68, Spring
Creek K8 fffirla): Walnut 78. Laurel
3 .(beys) ; Laurel 68, ' Hot Sprigf
9 tgtris) ; Marsnaii oz, not springs
85 (boys). -':X:
Jean Thomas poored in 43 points
i nea the Marshall srirla in the in
itial game while Beverly Keener bad
7. for Spring Creek. Ed Stlnes IS
poinU was high for the Walnut boys
and Glenn Shewn . topped lAsrei
with 14. J( 1 - x
Sub Eula Cantrell . and Ethel
Thomas paced th Laurel gvls with
25 and 23 Mints reroertrfelr while
Madelen lUadenon loop Hot Springs
With 2S potato.' - ':; ;; -.
Pairlnrs for tonight (Thursday):
:C : rrhall vs.. Walnut (rfs)
7:C3::rshall vs. Spring C:-
S.-CJ Li!-rtl vs. I'rs K13 ( ' ' )
t-XT T:;' in. t'"i T:"l ( N
Succeeds Mrs. Grace Freeman ;
To Be Installed On
February 29
F. Ray Frtsby, former clerk of
the superior Icourt, a veteran of
World War II and an active member
of the French Broad Masonic Lodge
and Order of Eastern Star, has been
designated acting postmaster at
Marshall effective February 29. Mr.
Frisby will succeed Mrs. Grace Free-
inan who is retiring optionally on
February 29 after serving as post
master since March 1, 1941.
The following letter, in part, was
received by Mr. Frisby Monday:
"Under the provisions of the Act
alproved yPunfi 25, 1938, you are be
totej&il postmaster at
lar&iltfl, N1C," The letter was
signed y K. R. AJbrams, Assistant
Postmaster General, Post Office De
partment, Washington, D. C.
Mr. Frisby is a former tax su
pervisor of Madison County, past
Master of French Broad Lodge No.
2H2, AF&AM, and is now secretary
oi the Lodge; Worthy Patron, Order
Eastern Star, Marshall Chapter 35;
former Scoutmaster; member of
Loughran-Malloy-Grant Post, 801.
Veterans of Foreign Wars, Ashe
ville; former member N. C. State
Republican Executive Commiuee;
former secretary Madison County
Republican Executfve Committee.
In 1950, he was married to Miss
Carlene Waldrup, daughter of Mr
and Mrs. C. T. Waldrup, of Mar
shall RFD 2. They have two chil
dren, Franklin Ray Jr., and Susan.
Mr. Eusrene- Goode. President of
the Sleeov Valley ' community de-
yelopement organization, reports that
tne xn campaign is weu, unaer wjr.
Farm Ismilies in the community
claim .signli, are apearing . rapidly.;
When yon,consioer. taat one rat can
do up to $23 damage during one
year yen ean see that the community
is 'saving a considerable amount of
money by tsllrj a active part in
the rat ear-'jn. t Also, the filth
and diseaas t rrying that is asso
ciated with i ia euickly becommg
a thing ft -t .- ' .
An act: t is being spon
sored in i t the rat eam-
natau F. -ee -individuals
bri-ffS i rat toils'at tX
ifxt r prises will be
(lot Springs Makes Plans For
Improvements At Sleeting Mod.
Norwood, District Supervisor,
To Be At Court House
Friday Morning
Fur a number of years Ihe W S
liureaii of the Census lias conducted
i monthly survey on employment arm
unemployment in a number of -ample
areas located throughout the
United States. The last Congress
authorized the expansion of these
sample areas by 100 -one of trio ad
ditional areas will be the counties of
Madison - Haywood - Yancey, N. C.
Therefore it is necessary to secure a
Census F. numerator to work in these
counties. It is preferred that this
Enumerator live in or near Marshall.
Each applicant must at their
own expense, appear at a set location
and take a one hour test. Creditable
high school graduates as a rule have
no difficulty with the test. Appli
cants who successfully pass the test
will be eligible for further considera
tion. Final selection will be based
on the test score, previous work expe
rience and an interview (at the time
of test).
Although only one person is re
quired, previous experience has
demonstrated that at least four ap
plicants should be supplied since
some might not pass the test and
others might withdraw for other rea
n'?e wark of Coniiuj-Enumerator.
will consist of personally interview
ing selected housholds in certain
areas of the counties mentioned
above each month. After the first 2
months the work will always start
on the Monday of the week that con
tains the 19th of the month. Inter
views will be both in the town and
rural areas, white and colored per
sons. A car IS necessary. Al
though the job is a part-time one it
does require that a person put in at
east an 8 hour a day while working
(those persons able to devote only
afternoons or evenings or week-end
should not apply). About 40 hours
a month may be expected after one
month. Housewives (those without
very young children or other re
fponsibilities) are the main source
of applicants. Persons in the full
time labor market should not apply
(those seeking full time work).
Some evening work will be required.
Rate of pay is $1.53 per hour
while working and 7c per mile for
the use of automobile.
The successful applicant will be
trained for 2 days in the Census of
fice in Charlotte, beginning March
8. They will receive the usual rate
of pay while training, plus travel
allowance and Government per diem
rates to reimburse them for hotel
and meals. Work in the home dis
trict will start on Monday, March
Interested applicants should apply
at the jury room in thevCourthuse
on Friday morning at 10:00 o'clock,
when Joseph C Norwood, District
Supervisor, will be present
Message From
Medical Society
Tha follow! mr letter was received
from Dr. W. Otis Duck. President
of the Madison County Medical So
ciety, fqr the information of our
readers: h-.-;'?'''; r .'t.x.-,.
Morftie toMtr Voiiest SoeW
To Tha PeoDle of Madison County:
We- of the Madison JDounty Kedi-
eaT, Society, reeommend that -every
one who possibly can should ray
- protection against fcorx'.t&l,
r" "-.1 and aurjicJ V"x
vw!l It a I j
Carolina Power And Light Co
Sponsors Dinner;
Many Attend
A Finer Caiolinas I'ro;;ram wa
held Monday cvninjr at the Hot
Springs School 1. un broom. Prayer
was offered by t!i- Kev. Ralph Ho
icaii, paster of the Hot Springs Bap
tist Church. V m's of welcome
were by Mrs. .-. . r I'ushong. Tha
nveting was for the leaders of Hot
Springs for the better program of
the town.
Various points were brought out
.ibout the I'.i.V) Finer Caiolinas pro
gram. Wiaverville won the $500
award, while other WNC towns,
Micluding Hazelwood and Swanna
noa, won smaller prizes. Mrs. Bush
ong spoke at length about the awards .
to various towns, and as to the best
projects. A good scrapbook with
pictures before and alter a project
has been started and finished, was
iFather Graves spoke next and.
made marry fine remarks about tho
food and fellowship, and the out
standing inspiration we are receiv
ing from the Finer Carolinas pro
gram. He stated that we were in
debted to Hot Springs Fellowship
Club for the bountiful dinner.
Father Graves then stated that
Hot Springs was fortunate to have
a lively Burlington Industries here
working 100 persons and now ex
panding under the guidance of Mr.
Reade Jolliff and his able staff of
foremen and supervisors.
We lost the Magnavox Corporation
of Radio and Television to Greene
ville, Tenn., because we were not "on
the ball." But friends, we are mov
ing and working since that .small de
feat. , '
'Wo al-e meeting new rvfeifdsVamT
people and with the help of Carolina
Power and Light Co., the board of
education and our county commis
sioners and city fathers of our town,
we are going forward.
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$3,622.85 HAS BEEN
Mrs. K. G. Franklin, Drive Chair
man for the March of Dimes, report
ed this week that a total of $3,622.85
was collected in the Vounty in the re
cent March of Dimes campaign.
The following donations received
too late to be published in last week's
issue: Meadow Fork Baptist Churcn,
$25.00; Town of Hot Springs,
$134.25; Bluff and Spring Creek
Communities, $10.00; Marshall Pres
byterian Church, $20.00.
Mrs. Franklin stated that she
wishes to thank all the people of
Madison County who helped to make
the drive a success.
Serviceman Arrested
In Stolen Automobile
In County Wednesday
Richard L. Ward. 80-year-old serv
iceman from Greenville. S. C WS
beta held here on a motor -'vehicle
n icaific violations charges follow
ing Jui arrest near Hot ; Spring.
.Tuesday. . ; '
Stato Highway Patrol Tfe. A.'I.
feldman said Ward was-' charge"
with Interstate transportation of
vehicle stolen , m Knoxvute, xenn
and with reckless driving and oMv-,
ing Intoxicated. ' . " ' -" , '
Ho said Ward Is an AWOL s"rv-.:
iceman, j ."""' - T
Faldraan quoted Ward es :' T'
he was rekssed - from T
County Ja3 at AshtTl" ;
after serv!-? ' " t
day Cr-.. C
on a C

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