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VOL. 5,5 NO. 26
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Low bids totaling (667,808.55 on
two western North Carolina highway
project were opened by the State
Highway Commission Tuesday. They
were among numerous other bids
opened in Raleigh on road jobs
across the state.
Bids affecting Madison County are
as follows :
The second project lies in Madi
son County in the 13th Highway Di
vision where a low bid of $2:19.577.55
for resurfacing 14.8 miles of U. S.
19-23, U. S. 19 and U. S. 23, was
submitted by F .D. Cline Paving Co.
of Raleigh.
The Madison resuracing job calls
lor 13.7 miles or repaying U. S. 19
23 and U. S. 23 from the intersec
tion of N. C. 36 (road from 19-23 to
tlure Hill) northward over Murray
Mountain to Sams Gap on the Ten
nessee line.
The road is designated U. S. 10-23
from the N. C. 36 junction for about
2.8 miles to a point where U. S. 19
branches east toward Burnsville.
From thai point north to the
state line, the road to be resurfaced
is designated U. S. 23.
In addition, the repaying contract
calls for new surfacing on U. S. 19
from the point at which it leaves U.
S. 23 east 1.1 miles to project 9701.
The number 9701 is given the
road building job in Madison and
Yancey counties into BurnBville. Re
surfacing (he connecting link along
U. S. 19 will provide smoother trav
el from Asheville and points south
to the Yancey County seat.
I -. ...
Gaorm Skupe Is
CommitfM Chairmen
Are Named
New officers for the Marshall Li
ons Club took over their duties at
the regular meeting at the Rock
Cafe Monday night Before turning
over the gavel to the new president,
W. B. Zink, outgoing president of
the .local club, completed several
business transactions and expressed
his appreciation for the loyal sup
port and cooperation the members
had shown during his tenure of of
fice. Members present applauded
Lion Zink on his fine record as
president and also expressed further
loyalty and cooperation to the new
president aa he took over his offi
cial duties.
Lion President George B. Shupe,
af Walnut, then named chairmen of
various committees -which are as fol
Jvti. ii : ".
.V.Afraa, R. -Cfc franklin; Con
afitution 'and By-Law,, Joe. JJixTFJ
?iaatc, Paga : Brigaian; .Infration.
, Bayea. Ifalww; Publieftiriat-Stor
Mrsbi, H JC.-Bolingerf-Conven.
tion, W, W, Peek; Program, KT. B.
Zink; Citizenship, .Walter' Ramsey;
Boys an,d Girls, Boy - Beeves; Civic
tmprovement, Don Wast; Communi
ty Betterment, Bernard Brigman;
Education, W. W. Peek; HeaHh and
Welfare. BT. B. Bolinger; Safety, O.
A. Gregory; Sight and Blind, Earf
Rebiason; United .1 Nations, L.. A.
ZSasmeiman; Greater, A, E. Leake;
Axrienlture, Lyman Martin. ,v
New officers of the club are as
follows $ , , - "
George' B.1 Shape, 'president; first
vice president, JSarl Rebinson; sec
ond vice president Don West; third
. jrice president,. Q. A- Gregory; see
- . jetary-treasarer, R, O. FraiikUn; as-
eistant, Lyman Martin; Lion Tamer,
.".JU'A. ' Zisnsnerman; t .Tail , Twister,
i' Joe, Nix. -v.- '
i f .The beard t directors includes A.
,-f, ' .fjB, Leake, Walter Bameeyt ;W, W.
Peek, and Lyman Msrtin. - -
'feit The ckib also voted to-cooperate
- j with the current "How- Down and
i'jri';" relive" campaign in North Carolina
- - and ordered bumper strips which
-reived. X
.f.cntlbn, Girl Zzz-a
'! Girl Scouts are notified that
' n for day cafrp most fce
'y, J-e 85.
'. f a i y be turned i i
. j ..-re 'en TTs'-i
Father Of Supt. Of Schools
Here Well Known In
Madison County
The Rev. A. Wayne Peek, 66, pas
tor of the Bent Creek Baptist Church
since 1952, died of a heart attack
Sunday, June 24, 1956 at 8:20 a.
m., in an Asheville hospital.
He had served as a member of the
Madison County Board of Educa
tion and held Baptist pastorates in
three Western North Carolina coun
ties, Madison, Buncombe, and Hen
derson. Funeral services were held Mon
day at 2:30 p. m., in the Bent Creek
Baptist Church. The Rev. N. B.
Phillips, pastor of the' East Flat
Rock Baptist Church officiated and
burial was in the family plot in a
TOaBin (femvetery. , 'T"
Surviving; are ; the widowi Mr.
Rose v Hampton Peek; three v sons,
William W., of Marshall, H. Clyde
of Mane Hill, and Paul E., of Leices
ter; one brother, Tae, of Helena,
Montana; two sisters, Mrs. May
Peek Carter of Asheville and Mrs.
J. D. Carter of Chase C)ty, Va., and
one grandson.
A native of Madison County, he
was born July 22, 1889, at Mars Hill
and had been an active Baptist min
ister since 1928.
Peek was pastor of the Deaver-
view Baptist Church from 1939 to
1945, the Tuxedo Baptist Church
from 1945 to 1952, when he became
pastor of the Bent Creek church.
He had been active in educational
and civic affairs throughout his
ministry in WNC, and was formerly
a member of the Masonic Lodge.
Active pallbearers were Eddie Mc
Glamery, Lee Green, Edwin McKin
ney, Cecil Fox, Lawrence Fox and
Garrett Bailey.
iMesnberi of ' the WMU of the
ehnrcb.. were flower bearers,
honorary -pallbearers were M. M.
ljetteMnaa., r'Bert Rayburn, R. B.
Huggins, Wesley Levi, Paul Osteen,
Weldon Bradley, 'Dean Ward, "Barn
well Huggins, Harvey Lindsey, WU
lard Lewis, J. P. Walsh, Jim Rice,
J. Clyde Brown, Zeb Whitt, Garrett
Buckaer, Fred Holcombe.
Also L. Z. Eller, the Rev. Wil
liam Henry BallardatD. M. Robin
son, J. H. Sprinkle, Levi Ponder,
Oscar Young, the Rev. J. B. Owens,
Jesse Shttford, the Rev. R., B-.Me-Hafifey,
members of the chnrah and
the' Asheville and Buncombe Coonty
Ministerial Association. i
, Holcoinbs Funeral Home, Mars
McLeocb Going
To England For
Study , And Tout
if . r
Prof, and Mrs.- J A. McLeod of
Han Hill tOoHega win saufTom
New York today (Thursday) aboard
the' ftaneoaia far London, and Jz
weeks ef ttndy at the University ef
They expect to take time out from
studies to tour the British Ikies and
Europe. -f . "y , - s
Prof, and Mrs. McLeod will take
a correlated course in Ike rata re end
Srt of the 18th Century. .
I'.Leod is a prcfcBsor of Eng:3
sni (.".actor of pv' ! '-cations for the
snd Lim. LtLeod is aa la-
f' r cf r- " .- ' '
' 1 ! r 'an J Au- t
s l I -ry f-r t ?
Program To Be Held At The
Presbyterian Church;
School Successful
The "All Bible" Vacation Bible
School, which has been in progress
at Walnut for the past two weeks,
will present a commencement pro
gram Friday evening at 7:00 o'clock
at the Presbyterian Church.
The enrollment for the school was
104 with an average attendance of
The theme for the School has been
"Champions for Christ" with the in
dividual departments having the
following themes: Nursery, "God's
Big World;" Beginners, "We Learn
About Jesus;" Primary, "The Lord
Is My Shepherd;" Junior, "The
Christian's Birth and Growth;" and
the Intermediates, "Answering God's
Teachers for the classes have
been as follows: Nursery, Miss Ruth
Guthrie, Miss Janie Ledford; Be
ginner, Mrs. Eldridge Leake, Miss
Joyce Thomas, Miss Cassie Ram
sey; Primary, Miss Pat Reeves, Mrs.
Otto McDevitt: Junior, Mrs. R. Nj
Barefoot, Miss Nancy Stackhouse;
and Intermediates, Mrs. Grace Dock
ery, Mrs. J. L. McElroy, and Mrs.
Ruth Gregory. Secretary for the
school has beqn Mr. Edwin Stines.
Mrs. Claude Landers has been in
charge of the refreshments every
day with different people in the
community furnishing them. A pic
nic is planned for the closing day
and pictures will be taken .
All parents and friends are in
vited to attend this closing demon
stration program.
Health DepartmenJ
Of f ice To Be Clos
VVec!hedayf' Ju
I.. . .
The Madison' County Health De
partment office in Marshall will be
closed on Wednesday, July 4 In
depepdence Day. The off ice will be
open as usual on Thursday, July 6,
at 8:30 a. m.
The branch office in the Town
Hall in Mars Hill will be closed on
Thursday, July 5, but will be open
on Thursday, July 12, from 2:00
until 4:110 p. m.
Herbert Clay Edwards
Accepts Pciilicn In ;
Bayto wn, Txa
Herbert Clay Edwards, eon of Mr.
and Mrs. Henry Clay .Edwards, ef
Mara : HUL began work this week
with the Aimble Oil and Befininr
Company at Baytown, Texas. -.. He
will be. In the Technical Service di
vision ef the company. '
Mr. Edwards meived his Master
of Science Degree ia Applied Hath
ematics at C. State College in
Raleigh en May 7. He taught two
years St ManhaO High SchooL '
Jfrs. Edwards, the former. Miss
Margaret Black, was also on the
Marshall High School faculty for
three years sad "tacjrJvt la - the
r e r P.Viool aear.Fs-
1. i b s t t r'sar. V " :
; v i fd a C J-T"f ".' "
t I ft 1 i . n ; -' i.
Kr. sni " T
'e at i: , i
Contests, Singing, Speakers,
Fireworks, Barbecue To
Feature Holiday
A grala 'l(4iration is planned
Hot Springs next Wednesday
July 4th with vurious contests,
singing, speakers, and entertain
ment planned. The entertainment is
being sponsored by the Town of Hot
Springs and one of the most excit
ing celebrations in the history of
Hot Springs is anticipated.
One of the outstanding features
of the event is the complete barbe
cue dinner .which will be served on
the school grounds from 11:00 a. m.,
until 8:00 p. m. This dinner is be
ing sponsored by the Hot Springs
Methodist Charge which includes Hot
Springs, Fairview and Antioch
churches. Plates will be only $1.00.
Top attraction will perhaps be
the free fireworks display Wednes
day night.
"Bring the family and spend the
day at Hot Springs," Peter M.
Feldtmose, secretary of the Hot
Springs Civic Club, stated.
The Madison County "vote fraud
case" is scheduled for appeal to the
U. S. Court of Appeals for the
Fourth Judicial Circuit. .
: May 16, during the regular crim
inal term of U. S. District Court
here, Judge Wilson Warlick ruled
(hat poll books and other, elections
material impounded as evidence
itifotefc 'the" MafclwaCpuaty persona
eawed inui. vote frauAr-were anjv
properly seed. He granted a mov
tion to suppress this evidence during
he trial.
' ' District Attoreny James M. Baley
signified his intention at that time
of appealing the matter.
. Yesterday Judge Warlick issued
Last week Judge Warlick issued
granting the motion to suppress evi
ence, in the Jovernments case
against 10 Madison County men, and
his decision was filed in the office
of the clerk of District Court.
Next step now is formal appeal to
the circuit court, which Baley has in
dicated he will make.
& The Presbyterian Vacation Bible
School ' Which began here Monday,
Jena 18, will end Friday night with
commencement exercises beginning
at 7:80 o'clock. ' "
Mr.' W. Wl Peek, superintendent,
stated this week that 'the theme of
the echool hen been "Bible" and that
the pnrpowas t, help children un-
ucrsMMta WH m uc grail twrio.
of the Bide we see a revelation ofl
God's will forns that we may
choose and follow the way of trust
ing end obedience to Him, as did
His Pon, Jesus,
Teachers axe., as follows:
Kindergarten) Mrs. C. L. Budisill
Jr., and Miss' Dora Lee Edwards;
Primary, Mrs. - Betha Ward, Mrs.
Hattie Teague, Jessie Mae Lunsford
and Roberta Beeves; Junior, Sara
Ana Davis; Emma Both Edwards
and -Lynn Sams; pianist, Roberta
Beeves, .
- Mrs. Pee' stated that the public
Is cordially invited to attend the
eomtnenceiBent exercises Friday
aJgh.t 7 5 t ,
C r
'?, Tens. Firemen here
.ed ef "answering 'false
ft swws that pranksters
- ! es en strinfs and
- to the alarm
., , ,-, UTfl't t' e
n off tie
Madison County Gives Ralph
Gardner 397 Vote Majority
Last Saturday
Basil Whitener defeated Ralph W.
Gardner for the nomination to
Congress in the second Democratic
primary election held Saturday in
the 11th Congressional District.
Gardner was high man in the first
primary but the vote was so cloge
that Hugh Wells, low man in the
first election, made it possible for
Whitener to call for the second pri
mary. Madison County's official vote in
the second primary was Gardner,
1,492; Whitener, 1,097 -r- 397 votes
difference in the two candidates.
The following telegram was re
ceived by The News-Record Mon
day: Editor, News-Record
iuraMi.i.n m r
The following is the text of a tel
egram sent by Ralph Gardner this
morning to Basil L. Whitener:
"Please accept my congratulations
on your victory in the recent Demo
cratic Primary. I have called on
my supporters to forget past griev
ances and go forward to a great
Democratic victory in November. I
hereby pledge to all Democratic
nominees my unqualified support.
Carrie joins me in this message of
congratulations. Ralph Webb Gard-1
The following telegram was sent
by Mr. Whitener to Mr. Gardner:
"Your telegram of this date has
been received. I deeply appreciate
the sentiments which you expressed
therein. You have run a good race
and should be proud of the many
friends and supporters who assisted
you. The assurance that those
friends and supporters are now in
our corner is most gratifying to all
of us. We wish for you and Mrs.
Gardner all success and happiness
and assure yon . that the warm
friendship which has existed between.
us fax years .will:: continue. With
deepest appreciation and warm per
sonal regard, I ' remain your friend,
Basil L. Whitener.''
JeMje Mae SaHlS And
Virgil Smith GuesU
At Civilan Club Mere
Jessie Mae Sams and Virgil Smith
were guests of the Clvitan Club'. at
the luncheon , meetinc here Tuesday.
They both told of the week spent at
WUdacres from Jlune 10-16 with Vir.
gil discussed the first three days
and Jessie Mae the remsining days
st casnp. Bothi ef the young Mar
shall representatives which ' ,were
sent to WUdacres by the club, were
deeply impressed with the week ppent
there and told of the many activi
ties participated "in whUe there.
Their review of the trie was enjoyed
by the members and gnesta present.
They were introduced by Jim Story.
Dr. H. E. Bolinger, president, ep
pointed Allen Duckett, Arthur Led
ford and Wade Huey as a c " '
to name an Institutional r .
stive for the club and to ala C '
on a date for f t presentation IT
the-.P-y Scout C -w.
.-; It as also - ' . J t fee' ;"'--ors t' T " ' C
! lets, t t 7'
A state-wide School of Christian
Study and Fellowship for Eaptist
women, laymen and miniFters will
open at Mars Hill College Monday
and continue through Fr hy.
Approximately 000 perse ns are ex
pected for the mee'injrs, which are
open to the public.
Principals in the sessions will be .
Dr. W. C. Strickland, jirofessor of
New Testament at St.1 .e::.-:ern
Seminary; Dr. John Boyle, chief
chaplain, Kentucky State Hospital,
Louisville; Dr. N. P. Hov. inpton,
pastor, First Kaptist Church, Little
Rock, Ark.; the Rev. Julian Hop
kins, secretary of evangelism for
North Carolina Baptists; J. O.
Stroud, secretary of music for North
Carolina Baptists; Dr. Hoyt Black
well, president of Mars Hill College;
Dr. J. C. Canipe, president of the
Baptist State Convention of North
Carolina; Dr. Robert Seymour, pas
tor of the Mars Hill Baptist Church;
the Rev. J. C. Pipes, associate sec
retary of promotion, Asheville; the
Rev. W. C. Russell, pastor of Beav-
erdam Baptist Church. Asheville:
and the Rev. G. W. Bullard, presi
dent of the general board.
For the past two years organized
sales have been conducted for the
sale of feeder calves and stocker and
feeder cattle in Asheville. These
sales have been, supervised by "the
State Department of Agriculture
and .the N. C. Agricultural Exten
sion 'Service.7 Cattle consigned in
the sales had to requirements
set by a committee I of beef cattle
farmers, representatives from the
Department of Agriculture and the
Extension Service and by represent
atives of the regular livestock mar
keting yards.
The stocker and feeder sale, es
pecially, has drawn a lot of inter
est from farmers in this area and
300 steers were consigned in this
sale by 39 farmers from Madison
County in 1965. Tliese farmers have
expressed a desire for another sale
to be held in 1966. Since they have
expressed this desire arrangements
have been made for a feeder calf sale
and a stocker and feeder sale to be
held in Asheville this year . Any
farmer wishing to eonsiga cattle to
these sales may do so hy contacting
the county agent and obtaining con
signment blanks. Copies of the reg
ulations for the sales are available
at the county agent's office for My
interested farmer. It is felt that
be sale fats year amounted to at lean
83,000; more , net profit than the
Annexe would hav received on
war saarknte. :
Need For Rain U
Jy Farmer
Today's high temperature, ex
pected to be in the mid-SOs,-may be
a little warmer than yceteidnj'a 83
degree high recorded at 5 f. a.
; Ma rain f ell in 4&e M-hoar pertaA
ending at 5 p. ai f yesterday, aaV
farmers, gardeners and the Weafis
er Bureau agree that wUt the t4s
tion needs' is a geersi xata,; - : ,
, ' ij mM9immf ii 1
WELFAK2 cfrir-Trr
The Casoa Ceeaty WelTare Dei
parttttect jmoved this week to the
second floor . f the Maaeaic Tem
ple. , -'-r -y . V 4
v Y-
At ar
v .

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