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Buy Christmas Ss!f
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Station WMMH To Assist la
Collections; Children's
' Clothes Needed
' Tib Marshall Olvitan Club held
. it regular meeting Tuesday at
the' preSbyterian Church with
uehe collection and distribution of
clothes and toys" to needy fami-
svMes betas' dlsewsed.
v, John -Corbet, .program chair-
- man,' told the dub of plum fat
collecting ctothes awT toy and
' recognised Cad Devls WHICH,
-who teM niembers that the radio
station would assist in collecting
- on Tuesday, December 18, be
wean 4:00 end SK o'clock. Cars
.-were velantoered to answer calls
'f to bones having dothes sad toys
and the nubile is urged to look
about their homes and collect all
discarded clothe and toys which
wiH he taken to several families
on Friday, December 21.
Usee wishing to contribute are
staked to call Radio Station
WMMH, Marshall, and cars will
be (dispatched to those homes which
hare csjled. Others wishing to
snake Cbristsnae bappy for sev
eral needy families are asked to
bring the clothes and toys to the
.Bowman-Sector v Funeral Home
where they will be kept until dis-J
Oothes which Will fit children
from 2 to 14 ".-are , nrgentiy re
quested, Mr.' Ctnbett stated.
iOt Iwas -"announced that j;thert
will . be no more meetings until
January '8t du to Christmas. The
Rev, JD.tD.vGes and W- F. Hol
.land an ,program, chairmen for
January 'Jl,s:.r4K..,'t
' IS member and one ; visitor
'went present
it ai
The Hot Springs 1956 Finer
Carolina- Program, developed at
the dinner sponsored by the Caro
lina Power and Light Company
last February, has been success
fully completed, it was announc
ed by Edward EHenberg, General
The major projects proposed in
;thisv program included the estab
lishment of a medical clinic,
sponsored by the Friendship Club,
development of a Community
Center by ithe-Women's Civic Club
.and town beautiflication and fcn
iprovement by the Men's Civic
As a result of the leadership of
fered by this program, Hot
Springs can now boast of the
; - Craig..' RudisiU Memorial CHnie
. -etaffed brDr. Barnes- Milling.
, --'Tbis clinic gives Hot Springs and
fwar rounding areas the much need'-;y'.;-
ad -medical facilities it has sought
' for many pears.
I"-"; Afae"now available for the use
4i- ef-ttbs people of Hot Springs is
the Ceaunaeity Btfildmg, ! which
bsVelready been used as the meet
ing place for the civic clubs, f
-)'fnnd rahnng card party for the
finer Carolina Pragsam, hsadV
' quarters tor the Bloodmobile and
' .yimeetmg laca . for the Sad Cross
V tsndard First 14 Grass gives
- la town, 'i'S"'.
Among the town's eckar major
" ' Jmprovemsnto are: a new addition
to the Burangton Mill, a new mod
ern gas , station, 'enlargement of
' tie tow'njs water system, paving
an additional 850 feet of otreeto
sri over 5000 man hour and 80
"sier hours in . general ; clean
v v.- end improvement. - v x
. i, loss or araw'in ras eon-
the Finer Carolina Program
i 1 '-ed in making Hot Springs
ci' "Carolina's Finest Towna"
- j A
Oil . CwU'b 10
The third and final 'benefit
bridge .party, with proceeds being
used for the Girl Scout Program,
will be bold at the RJA Building
on Main Street, Saturday night,
December 15, starting at 7:80'
Useful and attractive prises,
donated by local merchaate, will
be given to the winners.
All bridge, canasta and rummy
players in the county are vrged
to attend and join in the tan.
Tickets will be available at the
door for $1-0 9. A small charge,
will be made tor Tmreahsnents.
The public is asked to remem
ber that proceeds Xrom the event
will be used to further Girl Scout
activity in the osmmsnity.
"This is a splendid way to help
the Girl Scouts and at the same
time have fun doing it," -one lady
All Offices In
Cour&ouse To Be
Closed Dec. 24 - 25
1 It was aranotmced 'here this week
that afit, offices in :the courthouse
would-be closed von Monday and
Tuesday, December. - 84 . and .25.
tha-wiflficea will tre-opea for busi
ness 'on Wednesday :morning, De
leembar 4N. n v.v-. -
- 5 pie
a . fc ,
Porter Wallin of the Smith Creek
Community says, "You 'Just cant
afford to winter lousy cattle." De
cember 7 was a very warm day in
Madison 'County and Porter took
advantage of the mild weather to
treat his cattle. Robert "Phillips,
a friend of Porter, furnished a
wheelbarrow type spray for the
de-lousing operation. A solution
of stock dip was made up, the cat
tle driven into the barn, nti the
epray job was completed in twen
ty minutos.
. Open weather is unoaaal in De
cember on Smith Creek and isome
of . the i steeft mopntai fautures
Porter has tec treat is difficult 'to
get ever in winter. - Porter Sa mow
preparing to spread fifteen- ttons
of lime during the unusually eriild
weather. Limed pasture used y,
de-loused cattle will be more eaof-i
Santo Clans wffl again; visit
Marshall next Tuesday afternoon,
December. 18,' it was. announced
here this week by the Merchants
Association, ,-; 1 - v' ;
i The Jolly eld man with Am white
whiskers will, visit ths Marshall
school at en o'clock Tuesday, af
ternoon and, gtve candy treats to
the students .in the lower grades.
Ee Vrl'.l then in 1-'shall
fieri l.i will vi;'t t!.s t' : -s.
f t ' V.-U1 ' v'.:t t s sres
-!! en V
21, 1
tt 4:C3
Public Urged To Purchase
Tickets And Help
Blind Families
The Marshall Lions Club met
Monday night at the Rock Cafe
with Lion George Shupe, presi
dent, presiding.
Several projects were discussed
and plans made for the distribu
tion of Christmas baskets to more
than 80 families who have blind
members. The Lions were as
signed to various sections of the
county snd the baskets are now
being prepared.
The public is urged to purchase
tickets being sold by members of
the club which proceeds are being
used to make these Christmas
treats possible. The drawing for
prizes wil be held in front of the
courthouse on Saturday, Decem
ber 22, at 3:00 o'clock.
Members were also urged to
search their attics and closets for
discarded clothes and toys which
will be collected by members of
the Marshall Civitan Club on
Tuesday, December 18 between
4:00 and 5:00 o'clock. Both Mar
shall civic clubs sre assisting in
this worthwhile effort to make
many children happy at Christ
mastime. f
Members were also urged to co
operate with the third : benefit
bridge party which will be held at
the RE A Building Saturday night.
Proceeds sre to be ased to far
ther, the Girl Scout Program in
this county. .
18 'members were present at
the meeting Monday bight.
. Is it possible to invest fl.UO in
agriculture and Teceive fn -return
$27.35? asks Harry G. Silver,
county agent.
A four year study on the TJ. C
I Experiment Stations proved "that
nil a . j a .. j
,i.uu invaiu iur iimvoiwiiv viiu
used on land which needed lime
stone which is to be seeded to
Ladino clover and grass would re
turn additional yields valued -at
$27.35. Dr. 3. W. "Fitts, "Head of
Department of 'Soils srt North
Carolina State College, states,!
"Liming should not be considered
only as part of a soil conserving
practice involving legumes. ft
is equally important in conserv
ing and improving the productivi
ty of all cultivated soils."
The best IntormeCion a farmer
can possible get on the need for
lime on bis sell will be furnished
him free if be will send a soil sam
ple properly taken to the Soils
Testing Laboratory in Raleigh.
Matting cartons already aAJresed
along with small boxes tor indivi
dual 'samples and Instruction
sheets are available free to any
Madison County farmer desiring
them at either of the following
places: County Agents Office, A.
& C. office, or Soil Conservation
office in Marshall.
lLet us find out if, our land
needs lime and if It does apply
13e necessary amount
C:r.ia ::"3,7o
L.Z7Z Li.3 Ffi-jV
Parade Is Planned At tt00
i ' O'clock Caads To
elaborate welcome will be
extended to Santa Claua in Mars
Hill Friday afternooti when he
arrives at 1:00 e'tixk.. His visit
to ITars irni is tele i sponsored ty
'.e liars Hill iraris Associ
t!v. plocs a fis; recep-
One of the moat entertaining
programs ever given at a Parent
Teacher Association meeting-was
the one presented here Wednes
day night at the school cafeteria.
The Rev. L. Richard Meilin, pas
tor, of the Rresbyterian Church,
trave the devotions. . Clyde M.
Roberto, president ox the associ
ation, presided and, the Marshall
High School . Band' played eight
Christmas selections v which were
enjoyed by one of the largest at
tendances in the association's his
tory. Ths feature of the program
was a skit presented by seven of
the sssodation's men. The same
skit was given at the district
meeting held hers recently.
Mrs. DV D, Gross's eighth grade
won ths attendance award.
Miss Aliens Hancock, home ec
onomics teacher, ' had charge of
refreshments aireS decorations.
The table decorations were de
scribed as the finest beautiful ev-
er seen at the cafeteria."
"I wish to thank Mr. Lackey,
ithe band, the men, sad everyone
whs made the occasion so success'
tful," Mrs. Jerry , Rice,;' invigraiTi
chairman, saw. tuy awraing.
McElroy, . R&cssey
Offices Drdlzea Into
Here Wednesday
The efiRoee eX 31, 1L. McEl
ray and Dr. A. M- ,3tomsey, over
Dodsen store, easce 'broken into
sometime Tuesday, night or Wed
aesday snorning ttt) Small safes
in ssoh. office nsn .pried open
with screwdrivers. '4t is believed
that the prowlers wrere primarily
Isokina; lor OToney.lSheriff E. r.
?onder, who is investigating jsaid.
Inv jSEtar---, .ZSTihall .dentist,
stated e didnjt JUM aay
tifxaniss;. rrf
fica, ,'but;D4-.J&KJro,f;, mrsbaU
physician,; found that ths prowl
ers had taken ma oy receipts
other maners ff value from
Sheriff hoarder is continujag
the investigation.
looense Examiner's
Office To Be Closed
December 26 and 27
It was announced here this week
that the License Examiner's of
fice .would be (-closed Wednesday,
December 26 .and 'Thursday, Ie-
ccember 7.
Band To Perform
In Auditorium
Friday Morning
It wee .annoansdd here
nrnak ttbnt iths Marshall Band will
give a concert in .-the high school
aaditatrium iEridsjsr i morning at
8:50 o'clock and on Wednesday
morning a iChrisnmas pi
will be nresented thy ths
Club and the .choral jgroup.
Accepts Position
Kenneth 13 aver, ,of .Marshall,
has aceeotod a gioSlnoB with the
Fanners Fanejankm; One,, in Mar
shall. He started bis tatties this
Zlnfa) to
U addition to the bends,
dealers of . Msrshall wfll have
their Istost nedek n the aarads.
Several horses .will also, be In the
parade and it ia thought the per
haps some floats, would he. pre
pared to add color to . the event
The Mars BUI Boy f coots ars ex
pected to march ar.J t:s fvWt is
invited to . some t , ITtrs E-l,
watch' the- parade, and; shop ia
' '"I am looking f - to .
irg. the little 1 ' ' '
::rN nm x -
C s .
DECEMBER 13, 1956
The senior class of Walnut High
School will present "Take Your
Medicine," a hilarious comedy, at
the Walnut High School auditori
um Saturday night, December 15.
The play will begin at 7:80 and
a small admdsion will be charged.
Mrs. Hettie Rice, senior teach
er, ia directing the play.
The public is invited to attend.
Special questions on farm wage
workers will be asked in the De
cember Current Population Sur
vey, at the request of the XJ. S.
Department of Agriculture, ac
cording to Supervisor Joseph R.
Norwood of the Census Bureau's
field office in Charlotte which
will participate in the survey.
Information to be collected will
cover days worked, earnings from
farm and nonfarm work, number
of different farms worked on dur
ing the year and how farm wage
work was obtained. Migrant
farm workers will be asked addi
tional questions to determine hew
far from home these workers
went to do farm work.
The farm work questions will be
asked in addition to the regular
monthly inquiries on employment
and unemployment The Oarrent
Population Survey will be cea
ductod locally and in 329 other
sections of the country daring tine'
week of December 18.
Current Population Survey
formation will be collected fanuhjr
by Urs. Lsatos a
1 JaT..Jlm1
A noted authority on polio re
cently suggested ttbeft adults, es
pecially those who are not yet
thirty-five years vt -age, obtain
series of three polio Shots during
this winter., or beSoTe 'the polio
season next year.
'In fact. Hie expert suggested
that adults waste no time in get
ting the "polio -shots. 'He said hat
poTie is afttadting a surprising
number of adults in the age group
between oiineteen amd thirty-five.
Ai&uHs meed no !ionger hesitate
to take 3meae .eheto, -since a plen
tiful supply of senum ismow avail
able and tthey wis at be depriv
ing amy .awnngntwr Twbowanta the
shots from getting them. There
fore, we ican see no -reason why
adults should not get poik sboto,
just as they hove oaken smallpox
abate aaA tanrious other shots to
natiw ihem immune to . -serious Bl-
ness. ' "
In the loaae iof the (polio
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Mars HfflCefflege
Closes StwrdyFor
CUristmai ,
Man H3B it.-ie closes for the
Christmas beT 'ys ea Saturday,
Dec IS and e, J even en Wednes
day, Jaanary f. It ems nnaounced
thb week.;,-v- .".. V .
Edition I !trt Vek
To Carr Orutesas z
GreotL:-J To People
: Tbs Newe-Secerd, :, esoaorating
with Mad Sean County merchaats,
will publish ths annual Christmas
Cdnion next weekV This Issue
will carry: - Christmas Greetings
fiwm various business firms and
Indrifdoakt; Vii.'?u-o- c
. Cetnmunity writers snd adver
tisers are eeked to pr--re tr'r
"cory M ery ttf" ' ' T
' 'x to pun c - ' ; t'
f 1 ' ' i - t 1 t t
' ! ' t 1 '.-r f
croball Tcao
Uin In Junior
Madison County schools will
close about noon next Wednesday,
December 19, for the Christmas
holidays and will remain closed
until Monday, December 31, it
was announced this week by W.
W. Peek, superintendent
"It is hoped that all students
and faculty members will enjoy
Christmas and the holidays," Mr.
Peek said.
The Marshall and Mars Hill
High School Bands were honored
with a banquet Monday night at
the Mars Hill College CafeteriaJ
Approximately 86 members and
guests were present.
Music for the occasion was fur
nished by the Mars Hill College
Jazz Band.
Members of the Marshall Band
presented Mr. John Lackey, band
director, with a Christmas gift.
The dinner was served by Mars
H31 College girls and the event
was sponsored by Mars Hill High
Discblcd Uckrans To E!:!d
One of the incurable -diseases
stiil plaguing the world is mus
cular dystrophy. The annual cam.
paiga to collect funds m continu
ing the fight against this disease
is now m pwjgTees.
muscular oystropy ta a crip
pling disease that attacks the
muscles m a way that is not un-
deiStowl. ft ateadlhr weakens
them and finally makes them use-
Each year nuseumr .dystrophy
takes a heavy ton, and tt is eeti-
200 Ameri
cans awe now afflicted by the dis-
The onV bene tor winning
he fSgbt aantast tt Is throne
awing research aad etftort to
find a care or a preventative for
ne day be eared and
that day ems be
brought nearer by your aupport of
the mnacnhw dyetrophy cwamaign.
We urge all theaa able to help to
on so, nT .taey nave net already
done ss.
Thomas M aHnr
Success In 4-H -ClubChaial
i'-i,4 fr'Xi,'tj c';''''
Houston Thomas of the Little
Laurel community is determined
to make a Success with his 4-H
so, says ' Aastant County Ag
ent Bobert W. Miller. Houston
is a , member of the pig' chain; snd
hs was swarded a bins rK Ion for
bis . ootrtandlrg gHt. Eoae
says he fseJs y"cn'eorn, 4J rr
cen r-rr- a ."iente 3, ana .,s J
K'r-ril r 'x. . ..- .'..-.
the dieeaae.
Like cancer, nwscahnr
phy will
r empie i ea, and
Gbft, Ec:7y
Tc::cco SI:
Cecil Clark of R-l, Marshall,
last Friday scored 91.7 of a possi
ble 10o points to win first place
and a $40 prize in the annual
junior Tobacco Show and Sales
in Asheville.
Other winners in Friday's
judging were: Second prize of
$30, E. B. Proffitt of Marshall,
88.5 points; third prize of $20,
Patricia Proffitt of Marshall,
80.9; fourth prize of $15, Kyle
Carver of Leicester, 79.6; fifth
prize of $10, Joy Lou Hensley of
Marshall; sixth prize of $9, Keith
Styles of Burnsville; seventh
prize of $8, Bill Jones of Leices
ter; eighth prize of $7, Stanley
Hunter of Burnsville; ninth prize
of $6, Tommy Boyd of Waynes
ville and tenth prize of $5, Mol
lie Miller of Burnsville.
Average price of the tobacco
sold was $04.90 per hundred lbs.,
for a total price of $6,146.60 for
the 7,930 pounds brought ia by
the 15 contestants.
A special prize of $25 was
awarded Patricia Proffitt for hav
ing the best-kept record book.
In a tobacco grading contest
Eric Emory of North Buncombe
was high scoring individual for
$10 first prize with Vance Davis
of Spring Creek second for $6,
and Joe Gentry, also of Spring
Creek, third for $4.
Grading teams winners were
the Marshall FFA team who won
$20; North Buncombe, second
prize of $16; Spring Creek, third
prize of $10 snd Walnut fourth
prize of 85.
The prises and awards were
given Friday night by Astor Per
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ApprecUtion Of Veterans
Can Bo Shown Dy I'
counry uiuzana - rl-j
V" .' v '
On Saturday, December !, J956
the people of Madison County
will have an opportunity to show
their appreciation for the great
sacrifices made by the men of
Madison County in all the Wars
the United States has bssn in-
volved in. Madison County Chap
ter 42 of the Disabled American
Veterans, which is commanded
by Don West will hold a Forget-Me-Not
Sale on the streets of
Marshall Saturday, December 1&
iFor those of yoe who do not
understand what this sale is nil
about, we take this opportunity
to explain the workings of ths
DA.V, and its reavtieaehto to
the people of Madison County
The Disabled American Veteran :
is a non-profit, non sectaiian, non'-.
political organisation whose only"
aim and reason for fttones, is to--
aid and assist tae War tisse itsW,, . '
sbled, their widows and ernhans., 'V H
a -.sea . : . .' " 'Si '
si we nu snow, n taxes roads to
carry out the lofty -and hasuunV
tarian ideals held by the DisaUed
American Veterans. That is the
purpoee for the sale of the For-
get-Jfe-Not flowers ea Saturday
thie week to raise funds to ts
sist to ths - processing of the
clsinis,, to extend a helping hand
to the vetoraas of Madkwn C -a-ty,
er their widows and or.' .a,
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Fire Here I'z
7 tr
Marshall firemen v
the East End f
Monday morning v
sedan was al.1! .
ly ett! 'if
fcg j ' s i ' '
A 7" .
it I
- .. ?: ''
ItcLeod, professor of
are. at JTars
tt a ladies i' t
) p. nu, ia tie
'V cf t:. Mtfods
snl f
k i 1
v J f
1 sad ia t
j i.iWWHi.v

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