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VOL. 62
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Hot Springs Robbery
Suspect Nabbed In Va.
R. A. Copeland Arretted
Virginia; Miller Still
At Large
Tasewell, Va. Ronald A.
Copeland, one of two Tennessee
men wanted in conectio with a
$8,000 bank robbery in Hot Springs,
waa returned here Tuesady to un-
uergo questioning Dy federal au
thorities. Copeland, of Knoxville, Tenn.,
waa apprehended shortly before
midnight in Buchanan County, Va.
Buchanan County authorities said
he had $14 in his possession when
picked up.
The other fugitive, John Ed
ward Miller of Rutledge, remained
at large. He was believed to be
hiding in the Bristol area although
Tennessee authorities said a car
was istolen early Tuesday in the
area where Miller was last seen.
The search began here Saturday
night when state police conducting
a traffic check stopped the pair.
Copeland immediately abandoned
his car while Miller, driving a sec
ond car, sped toward Tennessee
where he later fled on foot near
Both men left their wives and
Miller also deserted his 2-year-old
Cpoelandli wife, Barbara, 22,
was released from the Tazewell
County jail Tuesday several hours
before her husband was brought
back from Buchanan County.
She had been charged with car
rying a concealed weapon and
was released on bond. Tazewell
authorities said she was not re
quired to attend her trial for
which no date was set
Miller's wife, Jo Ann, 23, was
taken to the Sullivan County jail
at Blountville, Tenn., but later
Washington County authorities
said she was charged with feloni
ous assault and with stealing an
officer's pistol. She was with her
husband Saturday night when he
disarmed a state trooper in Wash
ington County.
Additional charges also were
filed against Copeland in Tazewell
County. In addition to the bank
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Two persons were seriously in
jured in a two-oar collision near
Mars Hill early Saturday night.
Miss Shirley Jean Metcalf of
Rt. 2, Weaverville, listed as driv
er of one car; and a passenger in
her car, Owen DeBruhl, 15, of
Mars Hill, were admitted to Me
morial Mission Hospital in Ashe
ville. The DeBruhl youth suffered an
extremely severe laceration of the
forehead when his head went
through the wintdshield, accord
ing to Trooper A. L. Feldman,
who investigated.
Feldman said the car driven by
Miss Metcalf was turning left in
to Big Branch Road from U. S.
19-23 when another car, driven by
Charles Donald Bennett, 24, of
Brevard, struck the Metcalf ve
hicle from behind, driving it into
an embankment some 60 feet a-way.
Five children riding in the back
seat of the Metcalf car were not
hurt, FeMman said.
Bennett was charged with im
proper passing.
Mrs. Gelene Griffin, 38, of Rt.
11, Marshall, was injured Wednes
day night in her home in a freak
electrical storm accident.
Mrs. Griffin was standing in the
kitchen of her home when light
ning struck the water lines be
neath the flooring.
She suffered shock and frac
tares of both ankles when the
kitchen floor exploded upward,
and was admitted about 9:15 p. m,
to Memorial Mission Hospital for
Marshall Telephone Office
To Be Discontinued Friday
New Toll Equipment Being
Installed; Promises
Better Quality
RtaaseU McKervjey, vice-presi
dent of the Westco Telephone
Company announced this week
that the local telephone office lo
cated over the Citizens Bank for
many years will be discontinued
this Friday.
Mr. McKelvey stated that the
move was necessitated due to the
illness of Miss Georgia Gwaltney,
who has served faithfully for
many years. Although the office
will be discontinued, Mr. McKel
vey stated .that Miss Gwaltney
would remain on the company
He also stated it was no long
er practical to maintain a one-
employee office such as the one
at Marshall. By transferring the
service to Burnsville, the move
will lead more efficiency doe to
more employees at Burnsville.
The local office has been used
primarily for collections but most
of the paying of bills, will, In the
future, be done by mail from the
Burnsville office, it was explained.
A direct line has been installed
from Marshall to Burnsville so
that those wishing to inquire a-
bout telephone bills could reach
the Burnsville office at any time.
Mr. McKelvey also announced
that workmen were now in the pro
cess of installing new toll equip
ment oat of Marshall which will
afford better quality toll calls for
local users.
Other expansions plans for the
telephone company are being con
sidered and more details will be
published when plant are complet
ed, Mr. McKelvey said.
Three Marshall Youths Are
Involved In Head-On
A grinding head-on crash by
two cars six and a half miles north
of Marshall Sunday on U.S. 26-70
fatally injured the driver of
one of the vehicles, seriously in
jured one passenger and resulted
in lesser injuries to five other per
sons, the State Highway Patrol
Miss Julia Lynne Moir, 20, of
Asheville, died early Monday in
Memorial Mission Hospital, from
head and chest injuries and a
broken leg. Also admitted was
Roy Smith, 28, of Sandersville,
Ga., a passenger in the Moir ve
hicle. He suffered head injuries
and facial lacerations.
Two other passengers in the
Moir car, James Herschel Wood,
24, of Rt. 1, Good Hope, Ga., and
Charles Vester Taylor, 32, of Tu
pelo, Miss., were given treatment
and released. Wood suffered a
left hand fracture and bruises and
Taylor contusions.
The driver of the second car,
Alvin Rice, 19, of Marshall Rt. 1,
and two passengers, Miss Mary Jo
Rathbone and Miss Virginia Rath
bone of Marshall, were given
treatment at St. Joseph's Hospi
tal in Asheville.
Miss Mary Jo Rathbone suffer
ed a broken right arm; the other
Rathbone girl received multiple
body abrasions and Rice suffered
multiple body contusions.
State Trooper J. M. Shuler said
the three men, all employed in
Hendersonville, told him they were
hitchhiking to Knoxville and were
picked up by Miss Moir.
Dr. W. A. Sams, county coroner,
said no criminal negligence was
involved, according to statements
made by Patrolman Shuler and
several eye witnesses, and that an
inquest will not be necessary.
Lee Wallin, As Usual, Wins
First Place In His
Ago Group
Vee Jones, of Aliens' Creek out
shot all comers and set a record
for accurcay Wednesday at the
26th annual Catalooche Ranch
Beef Shoot on the mile-high table
land of Pie Top Mountain.
He dethroned 16-year-old Jerry
Adams of Walnut, the youngest
sharpshooter ever to win the muz-le-loadin'
championship of the
hills, who took the title last year
and broke all previous records
for marksmanship.
The best Jerry could do Wed
nesday was to take top honors in
the under-20 age group, posting a
three-inch cluster that measured
out five times bigger than Jones'
But the Madison County young
ster had no excuses, although
friends said he had been sick for
almost a year and that he enter
ed the match against his doctor's
The word of Jones's irreat
shooting got around fast, and the
other rifle-crackers began shak
ing their heads.
Robert Lee Wallin walked off
down the way, sat down in the
shade of an apple tree.
"It'll take (erne doin' to beat
that," he said. "Jerry just isn't
up to it' He wont be here until
late in the afternoon. He's been
sick. He's still not well. The doc
tor didn't want him to come. But
Jerry talked !to his folks into
bringing him for part of the
match. Hell be here. But I'm
afraid he's not up to matchin'
Vee's shootin'."
Other winners during the day
long shoot, which drew 188 tar
gets, included Robert AeV Wallin,
the 75-yef tetiV of Mer-
Sha11 '4'f t
Marshall Garden
Club Met Thursday
With Mrs. Gregory
Red Cross
12.60 A Year In Madison A Adjoining Counties
$4.00 A Year Outside These Counties
To Start
In County Next Thursday
Marshall Principal
teB iWvis Jr
BBBSm jaBBBV BBsl Bsfl
Mike Ledford, 16, son of Mr. and
Mrs. Raymond Ledford of Mar
shall has been selected as the 4-H
dub representative from Madison I
County to attend the annual 4-Hr
Forestry Gamp at Camp Millstone
near Rockingham.
One hundred boys each a 4-
H Club forestry leader in his coun
ty will converge on Camp Mill
stone in Richmond for the annual
4-H Forestry Awards Camp dur
ing the week of August 12.
The 4-H Forestry Camp is held
annually at Camp Millstone as
part of the overall 4-H Forestry
Program. To date, over 700 4-H
Club boys, representing each of
the 100 North Carolina counties,
and nearly 100 county agricultur
al extension agents have attended
camp. The camp has received rec
ognition as one of the best activi
ties of this type in the country.
MHS Now In Appalachian
Conference; Schedule
Is Announced
Coach Ed Morton has issued the
first call for football practice at
Marshall High School. He has
requested that candidates for the
team report on the Island Friday
afternoon at 4:30 o'clock.
Morton will again be assisted
by J. C. Wallin and Lawrence
Ponder, star Mars Hill College
lineman and former Marshall High
star, will join the coaching staff.
Ponder will work primarily with
the line, head coach Morton said.
Morton also explained that
Marshall and Mars Hill were now
members of the Appalachian "A
Conference. For the past few
season these two teams have been
in the Pisgah Conference. Hot
Eastern Star
Official To Visit
Local Chapter Mon.
Mrs. Dele L. Tinker, of Ashe
ville, district deputy grand ma
tron of the 20th District, Order of
the Eastern Star, will make her
official visit to Marshall Chapter
Monday night at 8 o'clock. She
will be accompanied by Clifford
Springs will remain in the Pisgah
Conference, it was announced.
Marshall has a nine-game sched
ule for 1963 which includes five
conference games. The non-con
ference games are being played
due to early commitment, Coach
Morton explained.
Conference games include
Spruce Pine, East Yancey, Ba
kersville, Crossnore and Mars
Hill. Non-conference games in
clude East Henderson, Tryon, Ros-
tman and Hot Springs.
The Marshall schedule is as fol
lows: August 80, East Henderson,
hers; Sept 6, Tryon (site un
known); Sept 18, Spruce Pins,
there Sept 20, Rosman, here;
Sept 27, East Yancey, here; Oct
4, Bakersville, hers; Oct 11, Hot
Springs, here; Oct 18, Crossnore,
there; Oct 26, Man Hill, here.
L. Gamble, of Candler, district
deputy grand patron.
A social hoar will be held at
the close of th
on Thursday with Mrs. O. A. Gre
gory as hostess. Following re
frehhments, Mrs. C. M. Roberts,
club president, opened the meet
ing by leading the club collect
Mrs. J. L. Baker gave a brief re
port of the tour to Biltmore House
and Gardens which took place of
the regular June meeting of the
Garden Club. Mrs. Roberts pre
sided over the business session
which included a discussion of the
club's project of maintaining
plantings at the Court House. Mrs.
Delmar Payne, chairman of the
project committee, reported on re
cent work on the iris bed end
plantings of late-blooming annuals.
Mrs. Roberts then gave the pro
gram on Wild Flowers. She dis
cussed horticultural needs of wild
flowers and stated "if wild flowers
are' to be transplanted:, transplant
them to an area as much like their
natural habitat as possible. Wild
flowers may be propagated by
seed, cuttings, layering and plant
division", Mra Roberto continued.
She displayed several varieties of
wild-flowers, including Chicory,
Spiderwart, Bee Balm, Day Flow
er, Evening Primrose, Self-Heal,
Biasing Star, Lady Slipper, Trail
ing Arbutus and Galax. Mrs. Rob
erts explained how to identify
these and other wild-flowers, bas
ing her explanation on a book by
Robert S. Lemmon and Charles C
Nine members attended the
Clive Whitt
Teachers To Start Work On
August 19; School To
Open August 21
Clive M. Whitt, of Mars Hill,
assumed duties this week as prin
cipal of Marshall High School. He
succeeds Robert L. Edwards, who
became Madison County Schools
Superintendent on July 1.
Whitt has taught in Madison
County for the past 31 years with
the exception of 8 years
Dowell County Schools. H
Mi elementary principal
Hps in Madison County schools
in the Mare Hill area. In Mc
Dowell County he was a class
room teacner. Last year, ne
taught the 8th grade at Walnut
in Mc
H was
f$r 41
He is a graduate of Mars Hill
The Marshall Garden Club met rmirh School and Mars Hill Col-
Rep. Ramsey On
Committee For
At least a half-dozen legislators
from Western North Carolina
have been picked to serve on a
secret committee named by Gov.
Saufonti to study the Senate re
districting issue facing a special
session of the legislature next
month, a reliable source said.
Reportedly selected from WNC
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'lege. He received his bachelor of
science degree from East Tennes
see State University cum laude
in 1959, and his masters degree
also from the same institution in
1962 with a major in education
and a minor in academic fields.
He is also qualified to teach in
high school with a major in Eng
lish and a minor in social studies.
Since receiving his masters de
gree, he has completed several
hours in school administration
and is presently enrolled at East
Tennessee State University in
area of work.
He is married to the former
Miss Eula Buckner of Flag Pond,
Tennessee. They have two daugh
ters, Miss Carol Whitt, who also
teaches at Marshall, and Diane,
S years old.
Commenting on his new post
tion, Whitt said he hoped to con-
tinuue the improvements brought
about during Edwards' four years
at Marshall. He plans to concen
trate on changes recommended by
an evaluation committee from the
State Department of Public In
struction when it evaluated Mar
shall School the .pest spring.
He annouunced that teachers
will begin work on August 19, and
DUDils will report for classes on
August 21.
A two-car collision on Main
Street here Tuesday about 7.16
o'clock injured five persons. The
cars were driven by Martin Gos
nell, 24, and Wilbur Wallin, it
was reported.
Gosnell and Wallin were treat
ed at a Marshall physician's of
fice and three passengers in the
cars were given dispensary treat
ment at Memorial Mission Hospi
tal in Asheville.
Treated here were Edmond Rice,
15, of Marshall Rt. 4, lacerations
of the forehead; Gary D. Nor
ton, 10, of Marshall RFD 4, abra
sions; and Richard Norton, 4, of
the same address, lacerations of
the head anjd scalp.
James H. Wells will replace Dis
trict Ranger Arthur Hadacek, who
has been promoted and transfer
red to the U. S. Forest Service
regional office in Atlanta, Ga.,
N. C. National Forests Supervi
sor Peter J. Hanlon announced
this week.
Wells received his B. S. degree
from West Virginia University in
1956 and since has worked for the
Forest Service in Idaho, Georgia,
Mississippi and Florida. Previous
to his Forest Service employment
he had served two years in the
Hanlon said Hadacek, who has
been a ranger in the French
Broad district for four years, will
work in the Division of State and
Private Forestry, and will be help
ing State Foresters in forest fire
$3,000 Is County Goal; All
Citizens Asked To
The 1963 American Red Cross
Membership drive will get under
way in Madison County next
Thursday, August 16 and will con
tinue through August 30, it was
announced this week by Wade
Huey, county drive chairman. The
goal for this year is 88,000 and
it is hoped that all clubs, organi
zations and individuals will help
in reaching the goal.
It was explained that if serv
ices are to be continued in this
county that it will be necessary
to raise sufficient funds for their
For several weeks this news
paper has pointed out the bene
fit and necessity for these serv
ices, especially emphasizing the
Blood Program, closely followed
by the Home Service activities in
relationship to its importance.
Water-safety, nursing, disaster
and other services are also in
cluded in the $3,000 budget
Madison County is a branch of
the Asheville Area Chapter and
the county's budget is most rea
sonable when compared to many
'like counties for services render
ed. In order to get a better organi
zation for the drive in the county,
several meetings have been held
with representatives from the
area office meeting with repre
sentatives from Marshall, Mars
Hill, Hot Springs, and other sec
tions. D. M. Robinson is Red Cross
Chairman in Madison County and
Paul Tugman of Mars Hill is vice
chairman. In addition to serving
as drive chairman, Wade Huey is
also serving as secretary-treasurer.
Ed Niles is acting ae drive chair
man for the Marshall area; Wil
liam L. Lynch is chairman for the
Mars Hill area, and Harry Up
church, an official at Pacific Mills
in Hot Springs, is serving as drive
chairman for the Hot Springs
Each chairman is expect-
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Mars Hill Man Is Fatally
Injured In Car Accident
Firemen, Wives
Enjoy Meal Tues.
At Madison Grill
Wives of Marshall firemen were
guests of their husbands Tuesday
night at a dinner at die Madison
Grill. Approximately 86 firemen
and wives, who are members of
the Firemen's Auxiliary, attended.
Chief Charles "Ham" Crowe
welcomed the guests and express
ed appreciation for the fine work
they are doing in assisting the
Plans were also made for an
outside supper on the Island on
Friday night, August 28, when
firemen and their wives will st
Four-laning of Tunnel Road be
tween Kenilworth Road and New
Haw Creek Road in Buncombe
County was completed Monday af
ternoon. City Manager J. Weldon Weir
reported that the only work re
maining on the $75,000 project
was the completion of highway
lane markings.
The job was carried out as an
emergency measure to relieve
traffic congestion on the heavily
traveled stretch of highway.
Special Services
Next Week At
Walnut Church
Beginning Sunday and continu
ing each night for the entire week,
special services will be held in the
Walnut Methodist Church. The
services will be under the direction
of the Rev. Henry King and the
Rev W. C Clark. Each evening
there will be special mask.
cordial invitation is extended
the entire community to
and participate in all these ten
Phillip Barton Phoenix Is
Struck By Car Monday
In Asheville
Phillip Barton Phoenix, 28, of
Mars Hill RFD 2, was pronounced
dead at 12:62 p. m., Monday, Aug
ust 5, 1963, at Memorial Mission
Hospital after being injured when
struck by a car on Patten Avenue
near Westgato Shopping Center,
Police said Phoenix darted into
the path of a ear driven by Wiley
C Jones, 87, of Canton, who was
traveling west on Patton Avenue.
He died of a broken neck and
internal injuries. Dr. H. W.
Stevens, acting Buncombe County
coroner, ruled the accident, un
avoidable. No inquest is planned.
Funeral services were held at
2:30 o'clock Wednesday at Ae
California Creek Baptist Church.
The Rev.. Robert Holt officiated
and burial was in the church ceme
tery. Pallbearers were Arnold Dean,
Ray Carter, Dean Ballard, Larry
McLanghin and Edward and Ken-
Surviving are the parents, Mr.
and Mrs. William L. Phoenix.
this day and age it's
efficiency not
that brings about
high standard of
ItiUs week

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