North Carolina Newspapers

8 PA'55' WEEK
Vol 62 no. 42
12.60 A Year In Madison Adjoining
9440 A Year Outside That
School Bus
Injures Two
Bus Slides Off Road Monday
Morning In Big
Pine Section
A Madison County school bus,
driven by Howard Ramsey, left
the narrow road some 14 miles
from Walnut in the Big Pine sec
tion about 7:30 o'clock Monday
morning and overturned. Although
there were 13 passengers aboard,
only two girls were hospitalized.
They were Bertha Baker, 17,
daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Vestie
Baker, of Walnut RFD 1, and Pa
tricia Moore, 11, daughter of Mr.
and Mrs. Hobert Moore, of Wal
nut RFD 1. Bertha is a senior at
Marshall High School and Patri
cia attends Walnut elementary
school. The condition of both girls
is reported as satisfactory.
Immediately after the wreck
several children were taken to the
Mars Hill Clinic but were released.
Hester Baker, a sister of Bertha,
was taken to Memorial Mission
Hospital but was released shortly
Some of the students who were
riding the bus attended school
Monday while some returned to
A their homes to recover from the
shock of the accident.
Rev. David Roberts
Is Now In Hospital;
Condition Improved
The Rev. David B. Roberts,
French Broad Missionary Baptist
Association Field Worker, remains
a patient at Memorial Mission
Hospital where he is undergoing
Mr. Roberts entered the hospi
tal Wednesday night of lost week.
His condition is reported as improved.
Attend District
PTA Meeting In
Murphy Tuetday
Mrs. S. L. Nix, Mrs. Frank Fish
er, Mrs. Earl Robinson and Mrs.
George Shupe, of Marshall, at
tended the District Parent-Teacher
meeting in Murphy Tuesday.
The topic of the meeting was on
mental health.
While in Murphy the four Mar
shall ladies visited Mrs. Fisher's
daughter, Mrs. Phillip Merrill,
and family, who live there.
Father Andrew V. Graves
Leaves Hot Springs Monday
Now At Georgetown Uni-f
versity; Successor
Is Named
Father Andrew V. Graves, Ro
man Catholic Priest who has been
serving for the past 26 years as
pastor of the Hot Springs Catholic
Church (Our Lady of Loretto), and
the Catholic Church at Revere
(Little Flower), left Monday for
Georgetown University, Washing
ton, D. C, where he will assume
his new duties in an advisory
Throughout the years, Father
Graves has been actiH'tmgpts.jkt''
fairs of Hot Sf:jM4
County and Jh . JMsMarons
positions ; in ' various' ''dub and
He is a past president of the Hot
Springs Civic Club and has great
ly helped in the improvement of
the economic and general welfare
of Hot Springs. He was instru
mental in helping Hot Springs ac
quire the Goodall-Sanford plant
which is now Pacific Mills, an af
filiate of Burlington Industries. He
is a past president of the West
Madison Hospital Corporation and
served as chairman of the Hot
Springs Planning Board. Among
Cub Scout Pack 34, of Marshall,
is due to register for its coming
charter year. Prank Gay, district
Scout Executive of the Daniel
Boone Boy Scout Council, met with
a group of Cub-age boys at the
school Wednesday morning and
talked to them about Cub Scout
ing. A meeting will be held next
Wednesday night, October 23, in
the Marshall Methodist Church at
8:15. All fathers and mothers of
eight, nine and ten-year-old boys
in the Marshall area who are in
terested in learning about Cub
Scouting and enrolling their sons
in the local Cub Pack, are invited
and urged to attend.
Mrs. Joe Huff Presides; Dr.
Ellen Winston
The French Broad Democratic
Women's Club was represented at
the third annual convention of the
Democratic Women's Clubs of
North Carolina by three of its of
ficers. MrB. Richard Hoffman,
president, Mrs. Joseph P. Huff,
Membership vice president, and
Mrs. William P-. Powell,, secretary.
all of Mars Hill, attended the con
vention in Raleigh last Friday and
The first session of the conven
tion began at 1 :00 p. m., Friday in
the Sir Walter Hotel. Governor
Terry Sanford welcomed the 300
delegates to the convention and
the response was given by Mrs. J.
Henry Cromartie of Charlotte, vice
chairman of the Democratic Ex
ecutive Committee of North Car
olina. The delegates were also
welcomed by Mr. Jim Reid, may
or of Raleigh, and Mrs. Ted Dan
iel, president of the Wake County
Democratic Women's Club. The
main address of the first session,
entitled "The Status of Woman
and Her Political Responsibilities,"
was given by Dr. Ann Scott of
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Left Monday
other posts of honor. Father
Graves was Madison County
Director of Civil Defense and a
member of the board of directors
of the Council of Southern Moun
tains, a corporation which for the
past 51 years has been made up of
leaders of nine mountain states to
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latUer A. T. Graves
$35,000 WORTH
Incident Occurs Near Laurel
River When Truck
Catches Fire
A truck driven by Robert Mc
Manus of Erlenger, Ky., slipped its
brakes on US 26 between Laurel
River and Hot Springs Sunday
night while the driver was exam-
. . mi . i II
inlng a rear wneei. ine irucic roil
ed downhill, overturned and caught
Some $35,000 worth of meat wat
destroyed by the blaze.
The Marshall Volunteer Fire
Deparment was called and put out
the fire, but it flared up again
after they left.
An aroused band of Mars Hill
Wildcats Friday nitfht turned back
favored Tryon, 2.r-7, in a game in
which all the scroing came in the
action-packed first half, on the
Mars Hill field.
Tbe victory was Mars Hill's
fifth in seven games. For Tryon it
was its second loss of the season.
Mars Hill drew first blood early
in the opening period when Charles
Tolley scored the first of his 'wo
touchdowns on a four yard plunge
Moments later Bob Wood crashed
over the double-stripes from six
yards out for the Wildcats' second
touchdown of the game. Both ex
tra point attempts were missed.
The Wildcats chalked up anoth
er touchdown early in the second
period when Tolley brought the
capacity crowd to its feet on as
electrifying 65-yard touchdown
jaunt. Wood ran the extra point.
No sooner bail the crowd set
tled back in its seats, when New
ton Raff reeled off a 70-yard
touchdown run for the Tryon elev
en. Andy Hancock ran the point
and Tryon had scored its first and
only points of the game.
A pass play which totaled 80
yards rang up Mars Hill's final
tally. Wood fired an aerial to
Garland Hunter for the score. The
point attempt failed.
Tryon 0 7 0 07
Mars Hill 12 13 0 0 25
Strive for success, but no man
should gouge his friends to carve
out his fortune.
House Passes Sanford
Redistricting Measure
New District Would Swap
GOP Avery For Demo.
The House passed the Sanford
administration's Senate Redistrict
ing Bill Wednesday but adjourned
before a showdown vote on a con
sttiutional amendment to pattern
the General Assembly after the
federal Congress.
The developments occurred a
mid indications that the redis
ricting deadlock which has frus
trated legislatures since 1951 had
been broken.
The only major amendment pass
ed by the House to the adminis
tration redistricting bill Wednes
day was engineered by two West
ern North Carolina Democratic
If approved by the Senate, the
change would upset a Republican
senatorial stronghold in the pres
ent 80th District and thwart GOP
hopes for competitive strength in
rfioposed new 34th District.
The second regular meeting of
the Mars Hill PTA met on Mon
day night. The president, Mrs.
Robert R Chapman, presided. She
announced that the membership
drive had been successful. Five
hundred and eighty-three members
have joined the PTA, forty-five
more than last year. The secretary-treasurer
announced that all
rooms had worked diligently in the
membership drive and that Miss
Bernice Amnions' sixth grade had
won a five-dollar priie for hav
ing secured the largest number af
memberships (102), for the ITA
Miss Janet Hall's 10th grade se
cured the largest number of mem
'berships in the high school divi
sion of the school.
Fred Dickerson, the principal,
introduced two new teachers, Mrs
Maco Wallin, special education
and Mrs. Clyde Brown, teacher of
grade seven.
Mrs. Jonas Chandler revealed
the fact that Girl Scout leadership
notebooks and Brownie Scout
handbooks had been purchased and
turned over to Mrs. Charlie Nar
ron and Mrs. Emory Robinson,
Brownie Scout leaders. She indi
cated that the Brownie Scouts are
being sponsored by the Mars Hill
Mrs. J. Elwood Roberts' fifth
grade presented an interesting
skit on Dental Helath.
Dr. Reed, a dentist associated
with the N. C. State Department
of Health, -spells W:jB-prop-er
care of teeth. ,
Mrs. J. Elwood Roberts' fifth
grade had the largest number of
parents in attendance.
Joe Morgan acknowledged with
grateful thanks two gifts of books
to the high school library.
Hot Springs Plays
Christ School At
C.S. Friday At 3:15
The Hot Springs Blue Devils
will travel to Christ School Friday
afternoon to play the Christ School
eleven. Kickoff is scheduled for
3:15 o'clock.
The proposed 34th District
would have added McDowell Coun
ty to the counties of the old 30th
Madison, Yancey, Avery and
The amendment sponsored by
Rep. Paul Story of McDowell and
Rep. Liston B. Ramsey of Marshall
would move Avery with its 8,
000 to 4,000 Republican votes Out
of the 24th and into a district,
composed of Watauga, Wilkes and
Yadkin counties, conceded to be
Republican anyhow.
McDowell, although traditional
ly Democratic, offered too thin a
margin in recent years to offset
the Avery vote. It went Repub
lican for president and governor
in 1960, and gave only a narrow
margin to the Democratic congres
sional candidate that year.
The present 30th District has
sent onlv three Democrats to the
Sfcata Senate In many yean. B. H.
Winers of Avery was elected la
Cross Quota;
Marshall Chapter of the Future
Homemakers of America will be
co-hostesses with the Mars Hill
Chapter at the district rally to be
held in the Robert Lee Auditorium
at Mars Hill College, Saturday,
from 10 a. m., to 3 p. m.
The following girls will be Pag
es from the Marshall Chapter:
Pansy Freeman, Nancy Payne,
Angela Roberts, Phyllis Niles, Lou
ise Chandler, Ann Tilson, Cecelia
Roberts, Shelby Jarrett, Maxine
Rector, and Lucille Roberts.
Willa Ann Plemmons, Carole
Rice, Judy Tipton, Patsy Connor,
and Margie Buckner are in charge
of registration.
A vice president of the State
F.H.A., will be elected by the
group. Jewel Ball, from the Mar
shall Chapter, has been chosen as
one of the three candidates for the
Mrs. Karl Robinson and Mrs.
Polly Lewis, Home Keonomics
teachers and F.H.A. advisors, will
accompany the group.
Crossnore Game
To Be Played On
Island October 18
It has been announced that the
Crossnore-Marshall football game,
originally scheduled to be played
in Crossnore, will be played on the
Island here on Friday night, Octo
ber 18, at eight o'clock.
Nesbitt Visits
Marshall C Of C
Here Tuesday
District Highway Commissioner
A. W. (Andy) Nesbitt visited the
luncheon meeting of the Marshall
Chamber of Commerce at the
Plemmons Restaurant Tuesday.
Highway plans for this area
were discussed and an informative
question-answer period was held.
J. H. Sprinkle, president, presid
ed and Mr. Nesbitt was introduced
by Wade Huey.
16 members of the Chamber
were present.
1954, Albert Canipe of Mitchell in
1958 and J. Yates Bailey of Yan
cey, the incumbent in 1962. Prior
to 1955, Republicans had held the
Senate seat for some 50 years or
Elimination of Avery would vir
tually guarantee Democrats con
trol of the proposed new district.
Avery in the past 10 years has
frequently been the pivotal coun
ty, giving the GOP candidate ma
jorities from 2-to-l to better than
Prospects for approval of the
change in the Senate were consid
ered good if the redistricting
measure as such is adopted. Sen
ators affected by it were believed
in support of the measure. Al
though Republicans opposed the
change in the Bouse vote, ther
Democratic representatives from
the district Reps. Mark BaimsK
Yancey, and Ernest H. Potest,
Mitehell-4acked it. "li
Over $3,000
Miss Grayson Is Speaker;
Members, Leader
Are Lauded
For the second consecutive year
the Intermediate Department of
the Walnut Baptist Church Train
ing Union, of which Jeter P. Ram
sey is leader, has broken all prec
edents in this area by attaining
a complete Standard rating.
In appreciation of the fine work
of the members, Mr. Ramsey hon
ored them with a supper at the
S&W Cafeteria in Asheville last
Saturday night.
Heading the list of guests to
attend the occasion was Miss
Katherine Grayson, State Train,
ing Union Leader who is assist
ant to Jimmy Morgan of Raleigh
Miss Grayson congratulated the
group on its achievement and paid
tribute to the fine leadership of
Mr. Ramsey. She stated that so
far as she knew the Walnut Tnter
mediate department was the only
one in the entire state to achieve
the Standard of Excellence for two
conscutive years.
Mrs. Grayson was introduced by
Mrs. David B. Roberts who pre
sided at the dinner meeting.
Special recognition was given to
t h e r e e members, Cheryl Davis,
Louise McDevitt and Angela Rob
erts, for Daily Bible Reading and
attendance. Miss Joan Hollifield
was also recognised for her record
of reading the Bible as well as
for iUu faithful ' service as sponsor
of the Intermediate group.
Following the devotions by the
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Fatal Accident
Story, Pictures
Repeated, Page 6
Because of the overwhelming
request for the account of the fa
tal accident which took the lives
of four Marshall persons, The
News-Record is repeating the sto
ry, with pictures, on Page Six
of this issue.
Although hundreds of extra pa
pers were printed last week, they
were sold by Saturday.
WMU Leadership Conference
At Mars Hill Next Tuesday
Madison County Fire Warden, J.
Moody Chandler, this week urged
all hunters and campers to be care
ful with fires, due to the dry wea
ther and condition of woods and
fields. With the hunting season
now in full swing, a little care
lessness could cause untold dam
age to our forest with a great loss
of timber, any maybe homes, and
van lives. '
"A earless dropping of a match,
cigarette, or failure to "put out"
a campf ire could easily start for
est fire," Mr. Chandler warns.
Where water is not available with
which to extinguish a campfire,
dirt shoveled over it, or even
"stamping" out the live embers,
could save much loss. The break
ing of a match after its use, or
tile pinching out of a cigarette af
ter smoking, would enhance forest
and field safety.
Only YOU can prevent forest
Final Reports Are Expected
To Be Made In Near
Wade Huey, Madison County
Red CrosB Membership Drive
Chairman, announced this week
that Madison County has exceed
ed its 1963-64 goal of $3,000. This
Ss the first time in history that
the county has exceeded its annual
Mr. Huey also stated that all
reports were not in and that al
though the quota had been reach
ed, the campaign would continue
until all areas hud completed their
"Although some sections are
still short of their proposed goals,
we are assured of the necessary
quota of $3,000 for the continu
ance of Red Cross services," Mr.
Huey said.
"As soon as final reports from
the threa areas Marshall, Mars
Hill and Hot Springs are made,
we will know exactly where we
stand," he explained.
Dr. Perry Crouch Is
Recommended For
Baptist Post
The General Board of the Bap
tist State Convention voted Mon
day night to recommend that Dr.
W. Perry Crouch of Asheville be
elected as the convention's gener
al secretary and treasurer.
The action came quickly after
a special committee, headed by the
Rev. R. Knowlan Benfield of Mor
ganton, recommended that the
Rev. Mr. Crouch be named to the
The convention's president, the
Rev. Nane Starnes of West Ashe
ville, moved that the report be
adopted. The vote was 66-7 by
secret ballot
The General Board's recom
mendation will be presented to the
full convention during a meeting
at Wilmington next month.
The new general secretary-
treasurer will succeed Dr. Douglas
M. Branch who was killed in an
auto accident near Ahoskie last
Dr. Crouch, 66, has been pastor
of the First Baptist Church at
Asheville since 1944.
Famous Highways
The three most famous high
ways are the war path, the prim
rose path, and the road to ruin.
Excellent Program Planned;
Presidents Are
The annual Leadership Confer
ence of the French Broad Women's
Missionary Union will be held on
Tuesday, October 29, in the Mars
Hill Baptist Church, from 7:00
10:00 in the evening. "Since this
is the only time in the year set
aside for our officers, committee
chairmen, and leaders of our young
people's organisations, to come to
gether to plan our activities for
the coming year, and study how
bast to carry out these plans, we
earnestly urge every president
and her officers to be present,"
Mrs. W. L. Robinson, president,
"We are indeed fortunate in
having our State WMU president,
Mrs. A. L. Parker, lead the con
ference for WMS presidents, cir
cle leaders and YWA leaders. We
feel that the pastors in our Asso
ciation would enjoy coming to this
conference to better tears about
the work of our weaaea in their
special missionary emphasis," Mrs.
Robinson stated.
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