North Carolina Newspapers

    'ng=l THF DUNN
•/··'· β O'.'t··"·. W. f
f'ÎA"LV 30,000 SEE
.·■, ίΛ»1«ι Profil on la·
,».;·< '.vinl, Eiliinalet
manv mi inactions
\· ■ · DtU 4i lo Premium Win
Atb iiiLtncc »nJ Olb*r Mai·
■ . rλ Wui Not Π« Available Unlit
^1.·»', C-« iw plottt Work
V.m l\ 1)0»* }*M«I to are
P.,·, miMQiil Fair «lormg ihv
.••π <i v. it W3h opci» Ι»ι»·1 week. Add*
Λ t·· J» <> tln-rr vmt« HpproximMtely
".·» ·υ who |ι·ια« «I *ilhtn the
• mi |»ίι j*· * i.' Ui't! innrriviioiiRim, cx
tit··»I♦ . uttcni!aiit« ami
• · ι ulTyvh· ». ο» «»nt->%·iLi<^l the
• I Η·'Ρ|ι·λΙ «»v« r th·' fonce. Oc·
. . .h· »;al« ·»ΊηΙiw lo nliondftncr,
;i ·.··!· u;ii «·. «ι··», r» HnJ u(hi*r mMltcr*
•"Ι ro". ii · n"n tuft!*· for publication
a, i.l S·. ···!cr> Owen Oduro corif·
{.I ·.·. . h« w«»ik ctiHy m»\t wi»ek.
'Πι·· »··Λ ·»Γ Makifiir thin yvAr'tf
I·'ι. «> «>ΐιιι>η* «I '» )m\r Ihm ji alight·
• »i»»i·*·* I*. nui». KoC'»|)Ls wire ap
»»···» T.i ·.» Iv In the item of!
• · ι · biln for advertising,j
»··! tinu. *a.*i· piirn'r, halari··* and
.. . ·-.··«·· ·Ηι it)«-r<ttfU lo thr rxponi
.' .·'. l*tu· '>..ildnie:i and irrounde co>»t,
>ιρΙ··1« il. uUoul $.12.000. Thi*
ν ·'- arc pracluully J 2 1-2
I··*r Γ.Ί.ι en the invt sUncnt
!t i* thoDvlil that next vr-ar'» vvtint
*.·μΙ |.ι.ιλ«· i«v.j\ morr profitable for
>· thrit the» miiiMirrmcnt ha*
1·γ»ίι ·' much throurH th·· txp*ri*ncr
-, ι · ι.; ο · .«
ν · ) Ιμ i« in the layout οΓ th<
:w Λ. location of ticket booth*. *y*
• no. i;un?: unci methods of book
'.»·· »tlrvlif»n\ Many cogtly mit
•;.Ι.ι· \v«ir m* J·.· in preparing foi
h» ·ιι* ι μι* <·ν· ni, but the lc»sooi the]
iiiui'hi wor* of greater value thai
\t\ mon» y involved.
AU ν ho am-ndcil the fair
thttn μ·*η»·*.1 with the attrac
'•• Λ-. Tti· ι-biil wrrr μ'υοιΐ, ibe J>*r
iij Brand, «Ineer. ant
. i' .Si n mit* family wrrr **peckall]
.-«.(.I the ÎtreworVi dtiplayi
un W'i «ini-^lay and Thuriday nif+iL
wri' j^ lciidid.
of unfavorable weathei
λ,. .1·· "i 4 i>n· »<'oplanra exported U
j.i ι.... m every .'«y · uuld not vuul
the ftnuiiH» e*. . on Tveiday une
W.-iIik v4Ih>* Rr. il on Tu«*day th«
■ 1 ·! bud bi. η -λ aofU'Tv r
I - ..n *n,il lise liyvrK rould not land
(ι.ι W ■ I·. -Jay, however, sumt thrill
in?' fent·. were p. rforactl for thi
cm h't»
Young Farmer Struck With
Ans and Suffer» Bad
Scalp Wound
.\':i)«*i>lir. Jomiran, a younc formel
c~ Dunn, i· fUlTrrinir from an Ufrlj
• wr.untl inflicted by Rnhwrt Roy.
ni, a rr;-ro, who ii Aaid to h»v«
;tl I mint-it In k>11 Mr. Jernican wll>
nil i;*»· ti.llowimr an argument «I
tin· hum.· of liardy Wurrvn in Samp
j*.*n ("onniy Tinxluy morninj. TV
injured m.m enmc l.j Dunn without
n'ti.liinc, an.) vr»r treat'-d by Dr. C
II. Srxtoji. The η«κηι it believed
I» have c/ia(X'.l.
Af.n' I;us. to Mr. Jirniiran he had
hin-d »iu' neero ai a day laborer, *iv
iin... 1>im a hni.'· on hi* form for him
i.lf, hi* wife and family. It wot
nmi.'rKtiK.d thai tht? negro waa to b«
I ·* mitiid to work for other· in Dm
th '.hburlHJcd when hli aervleci wen
ru', m eilc-U by Mr. Jvrniiran. It teem
■ ••I. however, «ha» he did not caro t<
fu'rlll hU md of the bargain, appear
ln«r Ι» >uther work for oibrra thar
for kit regular employer.
Γ.. - .1 ·. - I > - . i-i—
"IN· nftfio'i wifi· viilur.ti rred the In
f<< motion thai he wa* arorking ai
ihf Warm· plaei·. Mr. Jornigar
fourni him thorn and rtmonitrttfr
with him fui leaving hi» work. Aftci
••mi uH'iimont the negro ran to lh(
«•<«.<1 ]ΓΚ·, grabbed ihi- axe and at
Inrkc-d Mr. Ji-rnigan. attempting. i1
iiM.tciin, to rrmJi hi* ckuïl.
Mr. Jernigan dodged, the blade ol
•h· aro tutting a gaah about. tw<
incbcn lone In hi! «alp. Hit Injur)
i ι not considered dangerooi.
VV.tmington, Oct. 20.—The fall rc
union of the Scottl4i Rite Maaona il
1» : hold In Wilmington Novembei
IK. 1!» nnd 20, according to. an an
tn> irrnncnt mode laat night. It il
(al< <1 that not loi« than SO candidate·
will i>c jrci-plcd at that tine and wfl
r.-r <·.*.. (tigrée· from the fourth t<
the 3Znrf at that time. Large nun
l.' iv η Γ prominent Maaona from ovar;
pari of North Carolina will b« I· at
Ι·π·ηιμί· ray member», in charge ol
tlw réception «Ifair·,
Tli« Tidewater Power company
no-rating the Wilmington utrect rail
«■«> and (uHnrbaa line», plane with
in I hi· near future to croct a hand
•>M<· nr.d commodioai pe«emg*r «ta
ln.rj .it fed Cat·, between Uita cit:
•in·! Wri(;ht»»il1<t Bearh.
Pum··. Saturday. ()«t. 1·.—Thar
i- .11 prow»i an active nachang· ο
nihil·» between Rome and Waxhlng
ini> ••«vi'Tumeat*' convention concern
in, On: In* project of Algnar Tltton
wi'h r-frnrd to the Fiama and Ad
rinlii ηβί'ΜΙοπ».
Aflrr all, tv oae uuality w« o>k ii
an ..-.ecuti'V Ι» ι|κ· ability to gat th
job done.
Th- (Intl RihI Γη»* n»imb» r In
J b< ri*gi*l(;rvil in 1*ιμ South · η l)i·
ι vision in the Thinl ft nil <"U11—
whit'h hasn't Ιημιιη yet, by tin·
way—i« C. Y. EuIhihWh of IM1<
boruu^h, N. C., :< ( onftiirHir
, ! Vi'tri'HW H RM) Π (Γ fh«i*«r in. >~*HV ·ιΐ
I liir μτοιιΙ rminior. in AtUit»1n lii-l
Mr^SSunki» wii> »»ct n. Urd k.
join th« Kc<1 Cioni. 1\ *»ns hi«
own id**. H«* λ u.< in |lt<· Kr«l
I Cro»··: rini^Tireixry Κ<·μ/ίμΙ nt ('.imp
, Johrihtoii, where ιΙ»ι· \v« r»
J Mr. Kulmnkι siu : convuh-ttfinj'. ι
from « touch of UW'hb. Hi* h«vk-»n·
I rd Co u
I' "Hcro," h« Muic*, Ηοΐ<Γ·ηκ uut a
îj dollar bill. "Von take «burg· of
! tbi», plea*·*, ami irivc it to vhi-cv· τ '
takes dollar* for Red ( mm ηυ ηι ·
11 berahipH, » η (I put rn« dowti a> a
momb» r, Tbcy r«li m«· tho Mr·!
I, Croit/· i· frniriji to have* *»>mo ktiul !
j of α rnmiuiiirii for mrmWiv *'»ori. ί
W»ll, count m« in—J'fc #»«»♦·n *
enough of whnt Lb·· Criv«
doc* Him·»· I got into lh·· h«mptinl
lo mak# wr m mr»ml>rr for lil'··*'
Cap' J- O. Don» Id «on Who Ir
Second To Fiaiib, Native
of Cr««nTillc
Mimola, Ν. V., Oct. 2θ# 2Sovi-.h
('aiolma rirviui'«*i| m-con«l Ιι·»·μι ■ » ti
the Trun*-<ontmrntAl uii lli;»hl ami
return when <*ni-iaio J. Ο Dovtaldon
landed nt llooju ν.·Ιι iiM m Hr.'îti
today. lh<- winner of tin· arm) u.i
iace from ibi» plac»· lu San Francis*υ
Mnd rtlurn. having tu « η l.i· ut. Κ \V
MayiiAiil, of Witke Ν f\, who
reaehrd her# Sn l unln y afternoon a*
1.50 o'clock.
Captain lK>nul(1»on who ma«"« th·
0,4ϋυ milo journry in a %ιηκΙ«· M'Atnl
q ι· r. —-— -« »·
ville, S. C. 11«· ou ι'· Fur»ip< tiftee·
month· u a πι«πιΙχ· of li«r Am- rirai
Ifrnrral hi *d*iDarte r* χμιιιΚυιι £ηι
iiIhi k« »trvlr« »ich thi- llritodt .· > ι TU>
near Liunkirk
Captain LtonaliUun lauL |mri in
ct'vi*n of the major Aprmùuiu vr lb
American army, anil «hilr Γ s ην; It < < ί
IVua·, «hwrtly «fier th·· 1'htlnu Tin
erry driva·, Wiu ntat'kea by thri-« tin
mar plan*·. 11· brought down twe
of thrm but wa» raptured b> thi
third, later, however, ««-aping tu
Native of America But Re
nounced Citizenihip and
Became Britiah Subject
London. Oct. 1!> —Viâ-ount A»toi
of Rrvv-r i-Mtlo, ci ι ί"·ι I ι» Γ VtMirl iliivai·
Saturday morning. He hud b< i n fail
iog in health for ■ year.
Tilt· body of V'licouni Aotor (·
lyina >n thi- realdi ncc of hi· aon,
Waldorf A>tor. mimber ol (wrlia
ment, in St, Jomci- M|uart
(Viicooni Aiu>r (William Wrddorf
Anlorl wa* bor» ·η New York in
1848. Ihe >on of Ji^hn Jaiob -V»to.
the founder of the Amor million».
Hv beeam» an expatriate in th« »(>'«
renouncing hi* American!|
and becoming a British •ubject. IX·
was mnd. a baron in l!>1G and wn·
ervatcd flr«t Viaeoum Antor of Κ··ν·»
in l'Jlî. Viarount Atlor ha» lnvii
reckoned on·· of the nrhi-at nu n in
England. Al Ihe tim.· of hi· <lt-alh h.
Hill ntaiwed lartre reulty and nllii >
finançai holding» in the Unit··».1
Statra, particularly in New York
8t. Louie, Mo.. Oct. 20. —Th«m· is a
retarded budding development in
tending over practically all «Γ ihr
United Statin which will lax the ra
pacity of «Tiatlntr reortgap· mnrhin
•ry to the u'.moat, according to thi
report of lh«- real cftaV/ «ceuriiicn
committee •ubmitied at the e«nv<n·
lion of the Investment Banker*' tv»
I aocintion hi re tnnirVit Tin.
added that ■ confidcrnhlr portion ol
many of our cities, notably New Yo>k,
will practically have to be rebuilt In
lb· next 20 year* and the ι·«.λ1γ.κ
mortgage rrrttm ia inadéquat*' fur iht
purpo·*. Thia report »tatcd real re
late conditions throughout Uir conn
try nay be aald to be active, hut no!
highly apecolativ· and iacaritiet an
in molt ease* being hanad not upor
prewenl price» and rent·. ratbor tnar
upon a fair eompromUc between pre
war and preaent rosta and upon pro
curing aarnlng power
New York. Oct. 20.—About B.OOt
bonkkeep^^atanographer* an>l othri
clerical employ»» of tar Borden Con
denned Milk company want on rtriki
today in Now York city ami aoburlti
having recently formed the bookkeep·
' era, alenographerx and accoontant*
; union 1.240, American Federation ul
Labor. AcconifnK to union official*
•Orne of th· *trik»r< hare been ρχίι
: aa low a* $1» a week. A wne# In
cr«aae of 40 per cent, and "bortr"
hour· are Mlflll.
Pari·. Saturday, Oct. 1β. --The am
nrtty bill, which waa adopted by lh<
chamber of depotic* thia eritnlnjj, vn:
■ «weeping m It· aeope, aathorhiat
ι the liberation of a vaat majority rr
! the eoldlar· held for violation. rt
- military la·»
Excluded from Iho»c grant<-r| am
I neaty, however, are MOldiarx coitvir ·· ι
- of deaertion in the face of the . m m;
and κη\ι who war* convletcd <>f . ·
peclally aerioa· c*«#· of inaubordlna
ι tioa. Men convicted of taking part ii
ι the mo iny of the Black tea laei yea
Wirv not included in the a<nn<*ty.
Action T*i(cn To Carry Oui
Λ1γ>< f1'. tXi:η A||fti«u>( Pre
Uc lijf Cemiftn Opct4
1 P.pfcii d rWiu-*ee or Mor# Civil,
η* »? 1 ίι··ι \tirtri· And R»lu:n
Te En*; ;fc m Γίι·Μ With Police;
Sail·.'· it Inji'iitl
I r
Nrw Vork, Oit. Mr>tint<*l
f.ol ι·»· (uiiufht c'.ièirj!«''î m rr«»\r»i of
I·»'» -4*r\.\ m ι» who ir·
! front ol" I In? Ι.·**·η·.Ίβι· Thro'.rc to
f ι·ιίκ!ιι4 Im··» o»' (ivrtnun oimtt.
nji.»n whirli * .ivin llyl.iu IumI pl.lrrd
πιι <·:Τ|ι ii· liï%n. DimmumcI h ν the·
·ιο'Μ «·. kK< ν i*vir« mi'ii liari· γ.»'·Ι ti
Y ni·/· » u ne. »n . railttd nearly lt>'KlU
, *··νι1»ηιι· :ιιο! fctu· mil lo th· lïirntr··.
tl*»i ·* ι ·■·»#· ι V fh Γ·η· ΐ'ΐιν;;;·« «Ι in η
ΐι#·ι»ι vit!» ΐι· r»Oi ·ο, lii>i··;; «town ιι
'uti'ai · uf itrn V.* r»\*i t '«i#M··.
In 0.ι· I" I i.· rrvi-fjl >ΙιοΙ» won·
1·ι·«1, hut whfthrr i»v (viliii* or the
I ul:t"w:nt m rviri m%n, rfvi'tntnr»·
<···ι.!«| «..i |< t' im.'l· fx-ur « ol vrii'iii·
..· s \»·« »· *·ιτι ifhi*<1 é»> «tiinv»· and on»
ιι«ι·ιΐΐ(· ιιΐΤι·;«ιΙ ι fr:u vorc of th··
ti f.
Γ»"· Γ»·ιϊ"<· Injured
» id·» * «»f »·ι m« ut %νι·ι* hutU'i!
".-«•rr t'.>* ι oaf «·ί »ι inipO^U*
»»·» 1*. ru -u ib«· mu«l iruard
• »" :i pu·»:·/ ;ιικ! n»îl»d
iw. Hi. «iili*t;»'kr .il»no»l <4rikifi;* iwh
!«·'»·-· ut »h'· Iîhn livt··, or»le·
«l ;« i« · iniif, urtcMiil Jo'Cijh Sn»»fli.
.ι #..»·'··» from Ou· Unit» «I Stale» "hip
!πν>· r:«lui, un « chunr* «»f *iifoMlctîy
« ••mltn-t Λ f« vr reinuti-fc luU*r η
ιηοοη!· ·Ι polu-iiaan \*n#» «tritek i.i th*
fa· . bk ?» M.ilmf.l l.«11
Va···»·!» pit>ts of lh« AnuTîran J«%···
i»«n liml ρ,ι· »< *t νν*,>\ι«ΐ··ι e«»r«Um »»n>i
•'■&ι«μ|μ«Ί· .m of ι»» . πι«·.ι of»*-··* /cho
·» tuii.ylu. TcnUy ft-pi-c «*»»v
! A » «v » ·.( ib Manhattan Suv:iî poyt
•.«i»*le«l ίη Aîayor h y .un witli h p.
1itiort îfcul *h· porfm manc·· b·· «.o(.|>
t J. Aftor «*«#»» jltulioii tin· nuiyiM
Lî ucd un onin* prohibiting th· jm»«
l'Ut drtpiiç 1 ti1 a ordrr thi
Jtl·. et Ûci cuMmucd.
Hundred* of «oîdkr*, κδιΙογμ »n·]
mnr»Tir» gathered in front «Γ lb·
'.b«nire, And wh^n the doorj upi4it(J
Lhoj· ruivcxl a how! uf dcri>joL· and
Th'ii, v/itfc î».n A»erif«·· lia,· M
«tî* mfcù, a cuio^nn of cjuuu*i&·
ed mrB swung down the strrct. At
'.hci* .«pp'-^ranci. λ γμΙΙ for pcilu-e rv·
r 4 fx « Ή w·*· r<c»ttl ir. The lervicc ttC II
... r !ϋ) I.y it in un a ν vnrirur λ f'rrd»
·'. CÎC- rr* Λ few rniauU t ftl'Vrr tht
t t«r·»ii)i huil bcrn. rained μλιΙ the
i.U-.Γλ of Herman miuic *ifl»d out
iliimitrh the dc«»i.v th·· \ncn-rwnn prc-s*
«-d fuiuurtl only lo h« driven Kirk
urJ t« η ι in»» r· I y di.-por4cd by mount·
Mi: Kuiiiinjr thnt director? of ihi
hUir Opera tympany înUrxIed to jîivc
i«ι- ρ·νΓ(«ι*r^-nnlK·®^ of hi*
nr·! r. th* mpyoi* iiMli il α Mate m· ni
.»· *iu<h h· aid ;h«t h<- had dircctd
ι lu· po'i; nnl U iiilcrltro wjih On
> Pperai *'*.«■·<«» I f»ulil ohUtin the ltd ν ici
i Af il·.·· c«»r»iornl on cnunnl to the
*rd that ! may proc*· d legully.'·
i«CaJ o.*' Vincrs Say» Order
Not le 3c Itckcinded m%
(>.>*.-kl*r: Demand
Wil Ιι.ημίΐοη. Otf. —On the · vr
of α idiifotviur^ γλιΙιιΙ by th' Secre
tary of ί iibor «h ! In· hnpL. of ftYerUuw
;Hj stvi!.·- «>f hitnminmi·; cunl
Λΐ'η·%Γ%, m I for November 1. John L
».OWu\ »«{ of thr United Mme
'Vcrlciv uf Amelia, announced («ν
•imt'u thait the >trik< uriU r wouM not
b«* ri'M-ir«iled iiiiK-im operator* »*«'t all
di'muidf, »nrlml»njr thi fin dr.y week,
UiiIom fh«· Ktriki* or»l«*r with
Ή·**», the op« rui<ir-· will not ente?
I mw*. n'inmi I.»..!?·»*«# « — — -- — -*
J»'·;! me lu of the «ilTcftiUNM acconlmj;
»·» Thoman T. Bwwâler. of th·
oprcnlor^* cummltUi'. Th»· ronfcronn
w«»morr*>w will Ιι«· ntron«i«*d by Seor»*
tary Wrlxon q;m! th«* fall .«γλΪο com
oilttr< r pixit- Dtiniî mi η ri»; nnd iipcm·
tor , ' ftrli i-omnriftini: thirty-too mf»·
lier*· but II··· trin<r>il view of inch
Α»·ουρ wtf<« nothine would f»W·
Μ ο Γ Un· Mat linjr. &ccnU»ry Wil·
•un, ucciiik ιικ Kftvcmm«nl m«-dlato:
îiy diirdhn of the Pre^M* ni'» rub
in· t, Λ·Π *8λ hopofiil tontyfit how·
vit. Ihnt the· fortiori» would frrt to
'•cih«i :·ο«Ι not n'unt··· tbc country
>010 η *tr«*kc et the bceinuimr «»1
wiiU»r with not mor< thnn m month's
ν lock tu" t'Oiil f»n hand,
Say» WhiiWay Ma Iter a Art Ac
tive Arqund Bunnlevel tnd
Wuiti Godwin'· Help
"Another i>p|wal for federal a*»i«t
rtn«-1· In cnrbiiiK U»o liquor huwnv<« if
Nurth Γarnlina CM»»· U> K»|>rwnlA
ι;*<· OivWrla to<l»y from a tltirrn o1
Βοκη Level, in Hamrtl cnunly." 8uyi
the W.i4»in«toa <.orre>poaileîit <tf Th<
Ni-W^ an<i Obwrvcr. 'I'rnbnbly to
I << by the unnoune< mint in thj
r»rtn«|«9ndenrr that rt venu· agent
Ihvl hvae tf4«ml by Com m I «io ne
Nnpvr to Clarendon, In Colombo*
!i «1; , thi· ronatitoent o«kn Mr
(!■·<! win to git the Ih-pnrtmont ο
.Jurtkr to take a haiul in It.
; "Hi* rittarn any» hi· wrltr* In be
'half of tha brttei rlamcnt of pen
pi" ami eupil»<i«» hi* letter wtlh thi
rather remarkable «tat.emi.1it tbnt i
ic>m> n« if the county oflrlilt r»
'ilo nothln* men· than make a r«ii
ι now unrt thrn without maeh rtriill»
Mr Cotlwin <*·ηΐ the letter on to Com
mWt«f Rop< r."
jiTCClîS. U. Γ \K5 clash
at :!CH :oda\
Li'uÎ. r»»*iy .··.« ' §l Ε i'««t al
I rioi-! For ."Irat
VU l P: ; ι
■III IM «t »■··. '· ···!
ihe îwo ·;»>«··".
' ? It·» lb Γ,»π»1ιη·ι 1
| ! ΊΛ'« Π .y .Γ
vf« . ι ··.«·«: · .»·« ' '
. î-'ilM ·:» 'Il l.%V"t
I' rvh'ii lii κ t.2 ;ur
I'm m. -;· κ·ιμ·
' »f »lu· }!L·»'· Ïi.'.v
wilhiii & ·
Cjr»»lrn.n. Sm h ·· · ?
1J « :l η Vi· ·.? ·.
ί Kk'hsruiwi. V î» ·, :
|ntt<! ft »v *,. , «. ·
J '·*»' Ulitii'·* · ..»··.
I1 lllllt I - · . Iii : Γ*" ! ·!
foi ·· . · ι »
· . r r.ji ti; \ ; ; î
i' «:miu| .»·»! *.» χ if·»· ι
itVu p'jw.· ni hv r.
I il ·»»· ® >· » .»
fVr · *" >* l*T ·,
4U(kr *·· .v. · ·*.
f· n· v.t « , ■.% y · t.
.«i »%liv t. ·)»Ι«*.τ »
ûr ·«· ν··*!^Μ .« çor1'
ι '".I# »·?'.*·.
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t. 22 - · tf.irfc'np
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.#i»r ··« r.iiiif Un
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'•ι Cirulmn τΛΗ
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^ιιιόψ.ΐιΐ **·»·».Luil]
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lb*i Mdhv'iaKU
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»ί·»Γ* if Nm.'IIi
Hivf » plujr
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Γί·^Χ·"ι»ΐι «·Γ tlv*
ill<- l'ol
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coa<V.' foi ιi.o
J. *V
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i«W ur.«t .· vct
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W'II · rv|k.f
•j»1 i.i«nv. A·
0βΙ*'ν·:·*1 <;,ΓΟ
Ihe η ·»-..<ι»νι·
1*8. « *· * .'Lin·*·
•50 a I ?U;f\
tir.'.' rJi**«?u 1 of ib·· 'j\vh<<
•v.··* · 17·* '»*· .»pH Wi,r
.«.V· r wr ll"« · » ··."*·
. î . Γι - ».<_ ι vM' i oni.
'.-I! Τ;». PiiU'Iûrd
.1*··". «*uu» . .... rojfjpt
ν .*nl?: , Klein
(ji (irimn
. J'> -.-Hnmli
; ...Ι·ι'ht '-r.è Trocior
/.··· * · . - .Q-.:.rt. vî uck. . . iohr>*»:;
. m»? «..Left ' Alfj:. ι , f'oîclflu H
»>»! y -l.iiiî ι !Kl/*«*«k _Τ··»ιι»*>
.*.u »\ .. .... .Γ.· taii .. ., âi»nQjch
'ïjll. WKPV-L T.j FOUND
N."7/ ;· 'NOVEH aOW
| Ti, 1 Y ..cor:- '·.»? · * Two Fjirma
::· r ν -·. ·.?· .too—
.\V. k'Sî.A'% :f.
\ ι1 «r* »iyi in. <·'··■ 1- —TWv r.rwulo^
cor.o.j Lî i ··.·*.·. ·» Nctv
H.»·· » r.t>, Ι**· · *·ι h-λ nir bc«*n
<j i«% ·»·. f.Ji .· «» "Γί·,Τ#·Αjtf»î OB the
• dw r»* ,n· « il C. AC%·· . uiM '·> AI) *n
r· » · . »πλ4 · h m·· lit Ι·> Γ.
■ «» ΡΓ *ïî û·
[pMrtSHTt nf ·ΡΤ«·βΗ'ιη , wtto kv
.·'.*! f. ».·· · · · !r· !u Aufv.t... Cifi.,
î. · ·.» *·η Γ.: ·.:> 'er« Ιι,ϊϋ ι rte Juith
.·.· : ·! "'Λ "iVilminirtuf».
; /···;«. tiH;.%i* iiftt'.v **> Iter*· to
·' » c: labile to *rv Low
•ι r ..Γ the ilufllillctirr
i·.·.κ I.··-% .. . I.t. .· d th ·'/ *r.t|>Li.·
.Jtc«2 I ·Γ.ν· . ti'^nliou tu
h* if. r ;«v; r«t Witomig
1>η ιmru J: l. iy.|
Vk· r/· «·' •ry »fca! "Jm·, far l^tlf
i .Irim ··„*· î.ii i»·. η iluiio le th. cr«|· ir
h»> c.viDty.
!/.»· 0« .. 2»·,· -Th· ^l*· ment
m:»ili l»v ïîi'H)· M*-iillxntf «·:ι hi*
«Uni i·· '.il:· t $u»rc«i, >i*jrpct*.
i.iur Ιίκ·1 iir· .ιί ?5**κ*«ιιι hire 'Ά*·· roil
irc»l «»f (' i'-rahu: wïth lue Unitf-n
SUU<r, r.a.« ·«··■ t.^neru^jr 'eporiiU
h· r··. jK Μ··1'«:ivtv l'Cnt «·»
iritil i ui i\\χ· «. f«4'l ri-pôrt urv
'J r ih. h.tiJÛiUr, "(iibr.iliiif.-A Nm
UVi à' /Jca,'' tf»it «Ιο»»: noL coni
rr«^i| .)·, Mr. M'#i-»'cnth:iuV tvorde.
Λ hvu'f π . i r> iuroi ii» i» )»rint«*W
Ι*\· ih« (·*«·)ιΙ|}<-. r«r.ièc)i ri'î^m «-οτη*»
wlinl ».iv ···" lo il;.·' "l-'hriiltor pro
po»s*l.** ""h· iKV>i,-tpf,r < omni'iu» ίη
k*i* IoUnI 1. rrns. 1)1·· L'oitiH
blai<*. to ..% «vt ;·. naetVii fer C«t<
•.ir.m ».ι·^ί· .«l'Monia î»n»| Aoniclin,
Uci .·β»·ϊ ·*··* ny lîi;. Οίϊ»·:·'ΐΛΡ îcfûtfi·
Μ· ι··ι»ιΐ.ι··: .·:*« *a «»î«.-rurc/* Oth·
•r ιη·,»ι .».» ;,.>t mruttoii Wr. Moryvn
•hi;î: V l iviun ιλ«ίι.1λ» ion.
Γικτοτ vovwta
I Or. ι'ν· l«».*-ri!vu' «tlilon» in !
i« 14* irtv?f 11 »ru»' «ίο*», liption I
uf :li" ft·'It»;· a» ttmtJott m th·· fol- J
* l »«î. tf |« ;t· r lo ih« American «
( «itînn Λ-sc.· «jtif»ii :
"TW *r,vr' Coil Oft A»*ocin- 1
' I if· 11 ■*:»« ??rmr*i l· f« <hiiii χι y^ar
ι·μπ, lut I it r.îr» ;uly »κ Hccominr I
1 l»e ertiil'itu slur &i the cotton I
1 îl in Jij»ot*i»ii· hint lhat 1
. !;·, f.tWmt' *"·*:· «il*rc that rMhCI i
1 nl*. thf civi!:r »i vrorli'. ο produce I
; :*!: «ι»····<'«ι^ »®v^J hive and |
ΐ·ι··ι( lr-« % ulntfvir l< imi ho
; ·»;.**· ·Γ h.· i yrn-parité Ιο rafnm
! hir. î lu rr.l.inf to Hkoral··
l*:» .*»Γ· f^tiîii Hi*· #la\rry of Uir
cni't».! r.i M. that may mnkc
h»r hom< r hp.wr *bo«tt for her
h'.w^irtr"» itnri children
ί '*':»* trofivincinji hiin ibul ihe I
I n· «*.·- rt'iuliiic toil hi* rliiWmn
I in l.i« flt'idii T'ilhowl eveu
the ;voj>li r,f » omp option bv·
I )ο·.»«ί η Wr<» l*v:nfr ahouM ce·»·*?,
nt«il fiini Un· . nehool
m «nioir «n'y fiva m-.ii'h* mu*t
I L'iw \r.·y to n f.ctU» r.liKatfcina)
I ρνι-ρο* Λιici ih» boy, m.H |Μ«
«m· ih·· rf'lU'j» ferai aw utii'ci
»r i».- »{··»..! U :rul nncl prof#*a
f.'.a' truiitifiix »»« »» tfhfin ar·· n*
.1»·,· vite· λ m itiidvliuti of rrvn
'■ rr-mv'^l ·ιι any »»* Sfr vvnlk of H/o.
"Yhr roi*on fini ra «rr now
* rpi.iΓι*'···.·. ft-r |»jr ipurual troti-c
lion nf au I.· .ηΙνοΛ* and the co·
ι ο|ητ.ι*,··ι· ma» hi-tn·* «·ί lh flr j»ro
f»iif*4. H··/ lwvv thn ,4ia»K'lnl
! hneLii y »« .,· heai ly *n,»poii of tho
Iiuhî .v *·. 01 h ii\ their Mn'ripl com
1 nmné* ··** n-d Aey urj t^inf «ο
, a9**rvri& 1!ϋπ i* *e<h ο deep in
I tatfM'ny fcivi m »·<ι· t#» ihe cotton
, ; f.-aiwnijf .*··! o. ' ry, *rt»w|i U ifiiontf
. J ttie jini% of %Ηι· Ao iicmlion."
Resident» Threaten Appeal te
I Cj.rrU A|tbut "Ptrfumc"
cf Fertiliser Mill
l' Nolbing Lhi Τ)»·η A|rc«m«al I· DU·
continu· af OffeoJinf M«l«ritl
Will Be Aec«pUl>l«—Clata Tkat
Property Valut* Have Dropped
Di/p'tt-QM-il w.ih ih·* rcuil of * ron·
*"αΓ«η·-ν· *»th imUB/Hite «·Γ tb<· ftrU
Ι··*»ι roMiMiny plani in ih«
·.wth« · ·"» ι·· Λ «if l(i« n btii* ptAvrti uV
J.-m-I'.nr. ihL %û ih«irt by rc*>«n «.f t·*·
ulf· .wiv·' a«l»»r ιhnt ari.cs irom mu
i··rii'.I yni ·ι: if..* product·· South·
aid·· jrcuaiel· nt* un* |»rrp:»rinfr to apply
I\#r a«i iujumtioH r% «iro«nfnjr the
rdtniMny ficni Uhinjr I Ho obj><tl«»tv
αΙ>Ιλ mutciuil mm! ruw^rDinv il In
ichiuvk frutn 0ι«· Ιικ-a'ity the nuun
Illy it hu- gii hum*.
D<k L'utioii to '.hit . ff«ct ira« mud··
Altrndnv by one of ih resident- utm
Cuok «* Iriidimr pftii ··; the origin*)
n ul.-. I ttint>ti»c tli «ι«1υ··. Robert L.
*;«μΝΗβ n:id i*h>irlrà Ut' Cior. loeel
tu wry. r#. huwv uluniy Ihmj retained
h y ibc Smilluidcr». it is· prob
j»Ul·· ur.4-of-i<«wt» <«jaiw-l uill i»I«u b»·
'«nii!o-.'d. <'lift01.1 £c Toun*ond And
^Vit-ei Γ. Yuans? wrv i«*jrulArly em*
ιΐ!ογ<*«Ι i»\ tl,v company. For ll·)**
ι'«ηχ·ιΐ llicir nit not avuil
jMl tu lb* protivUni·.
I<« tin· lOfliiTCfHf held )mii m*i*ok
«·if ■ t IJ· I - of tho Ιι·Ι»φΐ».1|Ρ |·1 Ofll ··**<! that
•m im»rr vf lh< objet liuonblr maUriAl
v.'ullld be «diliitn-H iii Πι·λ« natll »U« I
• -«livcnt wf ttiiifif, Mhi-n, thi/y bclii'Vt·,
I. TT. r («inp.iKlr.r-· «ill kill tin· uilut·.
Γ n*> »'.»«· i>iumia.*i to r.frain fn.rr
Lining o|. Ik.· pivmill «pply umII
Ήι· ■« inniuiv a, boW4<vorf air rot
«Ivl 'bi ',.i.>t.»u.r>u whui. Ni«ih'Lif
;··»* i«r. uyit-rm· n*. to coia|]l<-tc
■>' «in av..y ni!h lh« a»»· of Ihr nu:i-r
si vit' I limn. It i« to j;vt ihi«
4'.Μλ. ϊϊΐιιι tniil Ury thrcati-i. lourt
iu lh.· ηκ.ηΐυη·. prun >l£nU mJ
'frc, proporty ν»Ιυ«* in lb·· SoatLnJt
: r·· roir.i: emrn. Stvi nl contcm
I'l^Uti >■!· a li»v<- in·· ii ·»1>·η«<Ιυ»οιΙ
|ii i-li'H- Ihr <iutr«iinr of tii* rvntru
VII y, ,1 1} Mud,
Γ "fi.I Churcb WorV«rm Will
T*k« Part in Littl·
Kiver Program
In it» tcrty.fim.1h itnoaal Κίΐαη
i'u I.lull· RK'rr Rnptivt A>*»cinUon
ml! η··ιΐ for :< 1hrv«'-.lay action ΟιΊν
bei io ·1 Holly Sprmffi Church. IUr
■icl·. I'oanlv. 8om·· of the ηχ·»ι not«l
ihnrrh «orteil of I be territory rov.
il«*J by the u*KOrintiint *rv to tak··
pur» in lb·· prrtrram wfckh include*
.-von niwion K. fttir np with that at
7 cVock Tuei'Uiy c'enir.p.
Holly J<priii*n Churib I» ncur Rye,
or tlic Atlnntic aril WiTtrrn Knil
inail. wfckh ιοηη:·*1ί IJIIitiKlun »ilb
I'w. II. I. Olivo. Judge C
OJotil. 0*rti O.lnm an J Jo-Η G.
T.iyum ερ· anion)- the Πιιηη mer. *,κ>
will bo aniv. uri.rki r· tn thi· mootinp
Tho proumn» in full w »* follow*:
Τυ.-vJay 7 |>. m.—Sous «Tvic·.
Sermon by Kc». C". II. KorrU; altor
i Mi I »·, IU-V. Κ. I. Ot'.ve; riiranitatior.
Ίι·1ι·κ»'<·. rni'ilUnl. wllic \y elected.
Wnlu«.«<ln> l';4ô a. m. -1)ivo«ionel
>ιλίιι· by Fit··! Woroack. Social
Si-rvifrs Τιτηρ ι-Λπη-—Writer. J. F
Walk. f. «·Η·*ί:«τ. J. t.. l.aytor.. Or
; _ ■ _ _ . it* :« r> r· *-1. 1
Sjmikfr. Dr. J. W. Π«1ί·τι1. Milifliri·"
itcli»''—Writer, O. Bivdlry; S|*uk>r.
Ν. T. P«u>>viin. Kdcrntion: tN-ii
-.mUco!> J. S. r«rm.-r; S»p<hI·
•■r, I>. H. Svnlor. Γ>ΐηη··τ.
1 :3·> p. m.— 7i Million CumpaicnI
Unxttt» fnn> the Oiurrtv *. Plunn
tor the 'u ι π re work. Aridn-· by
' R< v. q. c. Π.Mbi-marK·.
' M< ρ ». — Eoixatlon: Sunday
!Vhg*l< -WrKrr, 1- I.. T<ev:n*»n|
Spt'tikft', Vriry Morgan. Bui··"* Cr«k
>flnk'my, lue.—Writ·*, J. Α. Ca»|>"
tvll; SpiMilrr, J. C. ClUTunl. Chr·*
Iirin F.riviruii<>n—WrttiT. J. A. Vlf
l.roil; Spmker. Owen Mum.
Thursday 0:40 ft. w. -I'nyw Mret·
'nif*—WriUt. J. ff. Byrd; Sp'akcr,
*»V. C. Duvrd. Minion·: Aenoeia·
icral Sli-cioiifc—Wril»*T, E. 11. liai
'l'iitlrc; Speaker, S. A. Ëdperlon.
R'.nt# Miwidni-WMti-r, ('. W Klorw
or/; Speaker, B. P. Gentry. Horn*
Mi«at»n*—Wrfrrr, C. H. Norrla;
Speaker, Ε. I. Olive. Ton i*n Ml**·
ion" — Wriur. W. K. P< arton, âpvok
rr, J. M. Hyrd. Dinner.
1-ΛΟ p. m.—M iarrllaneno* : Obi·
niurU·» -Write··. A. M. Shnw; Speak
··«·. ·'. Π. Cell1·. Woman'* Work—
Wriior, 8. T. Pottorwm; Speaker, J,
Τ UMfp-tt. Report* of comalttre·
iappoinlinu: coroniittic». time. |.Un
on·! pr.neher for next «-«don, «Je.
Of I1h< m< i tlnd Rit. J. A. C.impWl
'"fhla txxly of Bx|.ll«t«. compose
ii'ihiin entirely of iburehea loeatrt
>» llarm-tt Cou'ity, *«» ortrinlwrt it
1*71 «ι Cumbi rland Onion eheteh
ΗηνΙημ at that time about <100 m«m
ln-ra In the rhttreh·.-*. Today tlx
m. inli. r*h'p i· mori than 4,ftO(i Tlx
ne a' »»*ian of the AwoHation, th<
foiir-fourtk. will be rall«l to ort<i
'»y Hon. J. C. CillTor·!. Moderator
TuvMlay, OetoWr 2Hth, immediate!]
afi*r Ihr nrvaehin* of the aomoi
by IVv. C. Π. S'orrid or hi· olu raat»
llo*. H. I. Olive. Th< proaeat tlcfk
j. A. Campbell, hna «ivcH la tha
r it parity for ihlrty-nin*· jreara. w»f"
hnrimr mitved a *n»im of tba Aaao
"It la I'XiMTted that the ρτ«*η
«••«ion will be In many rtapert· th
mo:<t important in th·· hUlory of th
I organisation Muat of the church·
* ———· —
I Aged Head of Trtb· Rear» Him
ι Mil With Dignity EqiuJ T·
ι. Tb»t of the Kiaj
'ι A-feu·)»· Γι|ηι*. Ν. V.. Ovt. 1)».—TV
' μα).· '·Κί· Chi</ uJ thi· ah '.·
* *«· « iirint vUefid. ufo?"+.iiiftiÎ.
I •voriby i-h'· f o' the Nnvnjoc* ·'. Civ
' uv . Th*y .hiK'i Knr.-i- irtnx·.·
ly un·) iwli hu inpirt ftr
Ith· .'<h*r. T1»·· «κ. I't'isn bor.
hirr.iclf *\ih ». ri'înuy ».\cM ta tfc*
•f a Kiiiir. Then· - nu <n«ce-ccr»ior
tin Alhrit ιηΛΓ.η<·«· «m! ι». »ioir..lity
, " ?n uni of tV·· Bed XWjn.
lj TV· ni η *>η·: r.of y<i l<ur.>-.Vik .i*
|< hill of lUr'n whvr. ih« Λι·,~Μ
> j in .hi· >fi*v McxU'tn \illiiLi1
jof riuilup. but IkMr vrar it tttffi o?
I « vt-rnl hur.Mm* κι the «ϊμηιιι. Μ·.ι>· j
of th-ir bnc' ri>iil*n it mw>··' «f
|io jr-.«f th* H« IrUr.-. A· :hc trninl
|»(ορΐ»·ιΙ lb* Uml of Ρ». tJVhlMÎV
! linlinti '. hool ru'unj.' hito Γι*« f~ πι, η '
ι of th.· njtio.u.; »<vth**n of Ik-liHum
an·! then th;.l ··.* ;h« I'riK.·! Kistiv, ]
I A littl Imi it of ο m v. >. Kounii'û '
n« mu'tuncr. »">' wuKIimi *ntvfc-i
ni·, lh*lr f»r««· «·λ|ιλ·*»'<·γ.Ιι—.· . ft.·* thi
. K!m: Qmw i,n<l J'iImc '!»vrr«\»<!
from »·«··(» cm)·. ΑΓί τ n*·· v.»r .lev» ;
t»i> miij.-tir I JBM" il ι. «·>·· ' >v χ . m: . · ;
I-om·· of ιΙι<· J ixiltiir or·', of.
ihrfi w*r·· ρΓ··«·ηί·κΙ Ιι» hi.·* j,;vl I.".»!
Th. η fh·. f Sllftitatio. is·»1.*' jut! Sr.1
Vxrtl'-r k'mwii η* Ρ-t· I'r.c·. iifpcd; will! li>· f tI i.f '.in ι'-'ne ft
ι Knr<lrcn< KV*:i>o i, «vV.icH Iw,
ii-mv. lv hiiiid.'il te Ai'wr». in tarn,·
liiwtuii ajiun tin uM ivtrrlor' l.n*M |
ill*, r mriuil' of li(/ hou/c
Th< crixr.lnl IriSan wn· ih· la*t'
!« itcmivlrf to ι ►» ritiii'jii ni Γι·η|
IVIcm · ir «hi I'lty- vrbi·· Kis I'r.iwr.
«πι/ β iruiil··.
<r t- - ...
- -» --JVU 1-7 I'· Μ.Γ in TBI
. »-··*·η·' u*i»M h nriv("d the fîtlr'311/.
"ι»η·ι ,·ι «bin· α* lin cwt'i'ft hnci
i ril ~<|u.ivl «γ«ί|>γΊ in Îi' «f
«aufty iiUrrt *-·ιί ;·ιηιΐ|> il !» an ap^fi
«piui η··ι Γ Ίι· -tat'-or.. μ·»ιι.· of lii<
•λ ι·!»» m carryir.jr μαΐ'ΐΌΜ >·. Τικ* l'.nu;1*·
lw t.f «h? ch:*f «a- B!i uV.i-c ·η a
*Vhw fin· brave* Va.l fit <1 ps«t
Qut'vn Hiitab· th n-h" ttc-u t.. /«S.·
Vr husband. in *ιίκίι·ιι ccnfr^-t 10
«j»t phxv Γ»»··η th»lr vroten ijj ibr
Ir.'liui·». rl « uojtttpl ·<ν U ^Ti *#n*«il *c
th» Indian -^fSw. Win -V- τ»
ruc»t. <1 Un-η -.ο [.·«,. bcftir·- ber eti»·
• ta and th. ν if η:<Γ,ι·1. cilh.iucb «·ιιβ»·
what *!:ir>h'. for thry vwtr piciur*
Inking m ilh «cptnûiit^ »wr.
'fkry k-pt (h»|r cjif vu tbc (/rvund
while they |minI.
Ringlinp Bref, and Bsrnum A
Baiitjr Combined Show·
Arouae Ke*r Ir.tcrcat
"Cinu» Day.** th·· bip bol'jaj· for
«»hiel< y»une ι-Μ ImporUv.Jy watt
η* 1 lu» < u U r frawn ci « in.rc# to
«•c!i(w nil nth'-r » τ· nii· <■( ·>.· rtW.
•;ar * r-r r.t R11WA, fcnt w liny. Nov.
1 11 woe Λ »1« ai tli'iujrli ΓΤ!·Γ>·
•rnHy In tfci/ Wality were n'rnnirw to
su» ni?. Th»· v»ry nsmo oi itt- jrrçjf
a·»' rtiTU»--RiM:Vm8 DrMInT* Λβ
lïurr.iim Jt Ra ii'j· CuTOtniU-d—n*.
Κιιη «iilHiian·. 1o anva».· i»r more in·
torei·'. Ihar V.tta rv*T lhfot-ι l-een
'hf \>r. in ih* comme ni i.nj «ne»· ·
iiiTt ' n1.-rprijM·. Ani w>nl frntn th'
ît;nirli:«e llmthi π·, »+.ο nrc lia.· dlne
tor- uf thi* ciswr.t.e iuswr-tlreu», i»
In ih<· iffi et that thivv wk:i sm-iJ
thi· pi-rf(.rma<)c. · will v.vuk-·- Uit
irr el.vt program -wr prii-CT.trd in
Amcriin. Th f !» liV.vV'-.· riff of thi
m.-.mmu'.h »«»et pu'uiU, rfixk will
po-HIvel* talii i>b.t-i lAoïr^ay ncro
the nummc4h mir.»rir< arid ai!
>Im i-orwictiil r.-'t'i thi» b(a:< »· et
ai) «nuKiMitt inH'.tulioo*. Th·. fam
ous rhowmfTi ha%o mrr.r » rrnni-lt-ti·
• tirvoy of b«lh vh» t'i· *· i1·"®»" 'nid
wm*«I thv fini-ut bi-ιΊ ft «-ai-b
iulu uni·. Humlrid' jpi.n h'ji:i;r«-il«
I of jM-rfomMT» wil|_ai<pmr in ".il.· sriir
upon M-OTri 1»ί til ·· fKllTlfl ri'JRlb
«ctnr·. Α κο·>-eon>Ijr cvttunvil pap*·
«.nt, of rlup< ηβαυπ *i*c. ν ill ojwn
th»· |irofMtn. Gn-at tomixinle» of
chanu-tcn·. n-jinvi ntinr th* Ixvt-lor
cd utorici of fnbl< η r*/1 nurnry lore,
will o|<pear. There will ht « ndM
»ΤιΑ many «roup# ot bvantifo? lion*·»
in jcwilëd tri>ip»n*" The nr>r>y nf
. τΐονη» * kokI nil pi.«t record· for
1 fuh nid numb'-r*. Al! conwfbiit»· to
I IV hisKi Λ rirra» in hi«ttnry.
w'iuhiiiirton. 0<χ. 21».—The inert»»
in th»· «·πτκ1ηιτ« t».r hocr ot ttAii'.oyc·
In 11 principal ln<1in»trti > ihirintr tlw
liut m* yenr* «u prv*1 ·*' !n tht
!i\m> end »t»-«l Indunlrjr, «irorjir.g to
• nUti-mvnf made pabl'e hero today
by the bureau of of tbv
labor rtrpartmi nt. WhiW- in «otee dr~
rtuuTii/ (hi· rar wan κi<at*r Thai*
other·. In all depertewnU relieet
I jvL-ly ι h» hourly war*· of «tri-1 and
! iron mill w®rkrr< 'it IP10 wa« V 1
1M>·· r»rt of tho Imiirly wa#to In If Γ5,
»r 1« tl»î« lia ς-ieat.
lhi· «■»!·«« incr<*>ci! <arnlafι
virt ihorr In the mil! wort indu
tnr, wherr ihr Inmnei of l:M9 u»ct
110)Λ waa bet 61 per cint.
;mv' had ι-.'vnl» wilta ik><J
i vMî'.'m» t« ihi'r ntaihtr n««l >n
. *rly all of «lu m τηγ.'. a<Kon*>·» in
«•ontTibetlon* for all cbj-s-t» her*
txen mn<te.
"Th<· ontJooli 1« thnt frrm 7δ ι· llW
<lil.(/at··» end r-prcierietlr»·» from
the i-huTi-h»* will h* ρ:···«πι(. TV
orjmn'uitlo»· for I ho 7* ili'lton Cam
paign will brink mony lo the meet·
">Β. Κ I· brllcvi d.
Re*. q. C. Davlm nf Albemarle,
, wIM artrireiw th·· Awocwtlen on Oh
, Kuhjerl of the rampahrn. A comjx
; tent ma a myt: "It la t»fniwl thai
' r>urI» has the li«et raoech vr. the tarn'
• pai|r>· ft e"? "»an >n tiw Stat·."*
, "Rev 8. A. KforrtM). «or A Mena
ί tien») Mlwiotmry. ha· ilane ret*
' *orV thW jrter and will b> ortrvd
' we bollevf, te ft*· **<M more of hli
» line I» lh.· wort."
ally FolWU^S^I^to* j !
I PmHiMi
, Olfcer· Tab· Pt*· Μ·Ι liAln ·* $M '
; lUch mJ Mwr Uh Up WMfc Om >
! u4 Tw». Out· Λφφ/àU fmr—
MmI A|th Μ ι ■ in 3
j Sparrni to attio* by tbt ; ;
taU ><f KRliaai Paari«t«ia. · Baliljb
mvrcturit. ud th*· catboriattic <«chr
»rton by A. I. K>rt«u; ÛMt tka !
■ '«rvomtiua of SnrWtry Broa. Β j
< •>«•41 wuold nubxcHbo IS 10 m year ]
'-.i ilk- «iiport of tuck aa miiki ι
the tMbriKM· irrs of Dana Ma» y
Any r.'.eht r*·. in motion a faaylQ S
tor tW. crutfion of a (Tartar ai *
; < uxatitt' thai bldi fab ta afHl tmf »
(•m '.ar crymniutioa -ta Nortk Car»- »
[?:«*. ;
Mr. Xnrbtwy'i oHwr mu aflar ·
^r. gr 'wrriiifil effort to obtain >·· ζ
>m< » U»r»bi^» at I2S a yoar M k*' *
juttd* and wti ih» outfrowth a* M*. £
l'rarlrtiia'· admonition tbat DeMt ν
rvjltl ret hope to attaia 4» eaMMT- »
i-'ul rlrk freata*«a k taM «■· J
!· <« il» ΙιηίΒ·» n«n tubxrlbao Hir »
Ally ι ο ih« movctncntfor wfctrb ·
Ν«whan? UWt M .»■■■■> Ζ
l> τα ibai '.Ira·· ντιηΙ tenaira·. «
fr.ilu'iinr Mr. NfnUuj'i, lad tqr ;
E'l> Guùitein. h«d uitacriM fer #
' 1*1 rrt-irib r>h.iw each. Several otk· »
• i' had 'i>h»rnbed far two. Maijr w
itad nbocrlbed for OMl *
When a total ef «4 mnabenUpa Ζ
ha·! b. en ctuûn^d the waiting Wa- <·
< J It «evaded that no Bon am to '
!v Viad. Mr. NtwVurj brought mt- η
f.iif nrm 10 tbe birhaat pitch fey effer- ϊ
Int m aobteribf IÎSO If ia«rilW|<^^
' ro wat riven imiaillaUli
Tlun Mr. GoMatetat tiKii Ma
*ul>-« ritrion to Ui boMUm'iM
«m< ruiorued it! quick autaMM ky
•he Barne* * Holliday Cmnw,
J >lin«nn Bro»., J. L
pa ny, TIMumi l.nia _
th·· Si» vH»n»- Howard
«rib»d for one anorad op t· two.
Amor* three were H. L Gad «Va.
Ci«iv' 1- Cannadar, Peter Parker.
'J. L. Hatcher. Ζ V. Bnlpat Ul J.
W. Thornton. The Plm National
BanV. through l>. C. Foaaell, aortd
from three to flvr. Marri* Flaiah
rrnr.. who aahacribod tare fer B.
ririkhman. who aubaerJbed two far
ΓΤ Fci'^hanan ft Bro*., wia called
enuy by bunnefci early in the laoettac
nor was not preaent when the boaat
,n«r ht-tran. It il expected that héa
► jb--rinlion «rill bo materially tn
fTi-nm-a. *
Many Ester t«tm I» |Ι··ι.
Air.·.re tbf rthHi who banded ia
I ilu-ir KuWriptioaa a rra Darin Beat
Krd Lr/nt Company, C. A. Baker, 1.
ft". Drauirhon. Dr. J. R. Batlar, Dr.
C. D. Main. Dr. Wallace B. Coltrane,
U. I. Goda in. Mardi Morrow, G. K.
G mr. it-am. Pordle-Hoek» Cowpaay,
!. C. Cl i Tord, Ralph Parker, Dr. T.
£. VU-.rccn. Ed car Black, Marrta
! Wr.V Co.. Jm Creel, J. C. Ball. C.
ι P. WjI<--. J. H. Pop·, Dunn Iiuiuaace
ΐηό Rvnilv Company, N. A. Torare
l'. nd. M. C. Butler A Co.. P. D. Ward,
Morirnn Bro»., Jamea Paaraall, Wil·
1'nui Pi«nal).
J. C. t'liffrtrri and N. A. Towaaaad
v.t.i· n.-.mcH a committor ta apply
' ■r α rr.»ri-r for the wpnltatloi.
I·. V- w»a*„ R._Batier, G. M.
HftUfcer. J. W. Draaghon, W. *.
Hoxranj and A .L. Newberry vara
r«m«l o> a coasmittaa ta wlieit addi
'.f'iuil mctnlxTra. Batk of thai
miuc··* are to mitt with the
:wxt Monday nigkt whan
?Pn:tmiuu vria be pfitwlaj by tkt
• U-f. ion of ofttei-τί and toettm.
Tile mi-Mjif aras bald ta tha Br «a 4
Str. o· xkow room* of the Banaa A
HrJIiday ( ompmny. EUia OaldsUla
J»v»lded and opened tta aMftiaf With
an SnLrodaction of Mr. liaitllili.
who ir présidant of tlia XtWfk "fca·
,W of Cotnmarrt and ona of tka
!;i-rii»ort buinou mat! of tWt etty.
|M. R. Braman, aacratary ·* tka
iKnlalph orvanUaUon. who iMmaat
tha Initial maatinr of tka boaiaaaa
. mon two weak· aro, wax , "
<-d to attend, bat had ta<_ .
ia Washington by Impartant
In tha Intareat af North Caraliaa
Paarlatata BaaiU Orgaaiaatfa*.
j Mr. Paarfctatn koat so Mm bl tat
{tins th< mora «tan 100 taaiaaaa mm
proaant know that ha baUarad ia a*.
■Mniution. Ha rttod mm* af tka bta
thine» at-enmpliatad by wsmImI
durinjt tka war—and aoaaa af
tho faileraa meaaaterad I» tma
that war* net ra>aalaid Dm, ta
•«aid. arniM not tapa ta «Mate Ha Ml
! "tridi until Mi bttiHtaaa and anf—
ionnl bandad topttar for m*·
lual »Jvurncmaet. Ha rtilMd tka
rrrotlon of m rrcantaaclan miliTlj I
.afwr the Ealairh ataatar. tha nh
|irB of fatvia ampla far fta -~ ι'ι.
iroent of a rompataat aacratary Mad
'the o.<*tlon of aOeen «ta τι aid
;»*k· of ttalr oAeai ptaaaa af tatar
With irorh an una alia tlaa_ taatad
by theaetfr. help™ a~y mZïZ,
ba aatd, aothln* raald *aa tta tWaal
town under tta mm. Whan, at tha
"waa ι lataa and axpraaaad tta hdbf
I but Dunn would have Ai
(aniaatia· la tta «tata. "Γ
ι BeviT avvn a Ihtw art af
tbeev," ta aald altar tta ■

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