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U H·»»·»··)
A mU, · itaia, · nMm vmd
AHHkmMMf taittlukMur
•polW (f tockKkt often fallow,
Or mn fcm«hiM| of tki «ri»
A VMM mu^jr for nub ι
A —4M— tfcot fcu wtUUd Um<
Is Do»n'» Kidney Pills. » tpctiaj
• ktdacy remedy.
Many Dunn pcopli· ri ly on it.
U Hen ia Dunn proof.
l Jin, Frank Bailey. 2uD Ν. Clinton
Ave., M}·»: "I ivïrnil fur a long
f. tin· with my kidney». M> back. >11
V *o lamt and «ore. I coold hanlly iret
op whrn 1 >»u- down. Uizxy. narv
μ o«* »p*IU wer»· u < ommon o»Turr»'iico
and often colnrr·) »i>«rk.< won M flout
befort my cyvt. blurrir.e my ei|;liU 1
b<Y»n UKintr Poar/s Kidney Pilla ui»
boforr long, they h«tl me fcclins like
a different p«r*on. Dovn'n Completel)
cuitil me."
Prie.· ROo, at all dewier*. Lkin'l
dimply iihW for a kiilney rt-mi cty—ect
Doan'a Kidney Pills—the uni' that
Mm. Buik-y had. KotterMilburn Co.,
Mfirr»., KulTalo. Ν. Y.
TO !;
OF !
ïcur attr ition ίι :ti:Kciful·
ly calloti to that prêtai', of lli<!
"Kuchr.icry Act'' v.hich pro
ride- i\ rliièount »·■« <*11 t:\xei
paid La:or.. Ιινί 5τ'. &?.;· n' L> "·
ter.;Va;·. . ïii -rdcr ί.ο trke ad
vantage of »HI$ di'AJUit, your
itxet mud. lc puid >a or before
(he W; d.--> ο! Γ·' veinb.^r.
A.'i l\±jî £..*e dài und (/«ya·
bin >,a tnci -.iter tko Λ.-jt Mon
day il!'j-t and '.h > i )ks
are now oj. to iht: each and
«ver / citïtcn πu-y luvr full td·
v*Dtsr^ of Lite discount by pay
ins bi; frxei early.
J would moil earnestly urge
upon uU ciliscio lo Lake advan·
V #
(ag« cr Lhi· opportunity to pay
theii taxe;., thu mnk'.nc α *av
iag to tad expedit
ing thr mttliv of collection.
Η : re with it printed that por
tio.· of I lit lew which refer* to
the !in:o >1 p?.yui«rï. of Laxcn,
anii nt-o (fivet lïis rate of di»
, Seclioi W "T*wi Duo lite Iftt
Mohdtty- October.
All ta «ci κ2ια1ϊ ha duc ο.ι ίlu:
ι .îrsl Monda." ut O-iobrr in ricli
» .rl o.i *1! ,-aid it.
•he h>.m!.Ls if Ο- ' ,)1«ι· and No·
vcro!>cr α diKouct Jali bo jfiv·
en to the taû,;ayer of one i«r
cent. /Ml ia.r.»3 p.;i<î h' liw
nioatli of Dtjctuber «bail t«
paid at Îho tel t-mount charg
ed, and Jiom and t fter the Eril
day Ά Jaiiuu-T .1 or
on« ptr crnl (<.r m-.r.Îh e'm'l
bc the.rfed ai.u cj! let ltd by
the sheriff or tar co.lectcr; tîia'
;ii to ray, that on ail iaxem pu id
ιίη the m : r»tb < f Jj.n· "-y, «feer
|tÎK» fi<-4Î day ο' .''oiv.r.ry, a p„u
j jlty ci o it fer ο<·,<; ihïll Se
•«del ri en Uie Iîms i>,
>(■ (hw inuu'h t>· Feb.-u.vy, afLe·'
ihf fivii Juy i>i February, a
Tfr.oi'.y <·>* Iw > p..r uent »h*il
b.. bdJi'l, .li'.d nvi
poiinUy cA one ,'tr ccnt far
each additional mixtih of delay
in K'liliOKjrt ο! *»π>·.
Sheriff H»rn«l1 County
"V-ijimu" th'* brilbanl Hhrthr-rt
imi'ti-Ml Htm ity. which Leo
»ixl J. 1. fthiibirt Λ II oftir tot the
ΓιγλΙ 1·π»· tt thr Ι-iiKnyatt» Th«-»tri·,
Thur 'luy, Ociohtt 80.
"tiaydm··"" 1% thr· wnrlt nf Klrla.
Jntii·*·» Yosriir, oim cf Am.rwij'».
f ·, . ι . .ι playwrhchU. 8h'· !
m r< |ir>D<»ti<r for many MiH-enjun but
nun· of Mrx. Y«ure'· fnrmir HJta,
lw*' 4*t, imprcjeh the f'irtfd for pop
altin.y with .iji clamtv. nt UHa'rc
κι» r* otalilirli· it by "Waytimo"
wkirh in >>w York aianc *u accn
by irr.-r tmlf u Million, ilurunr it· run
ihar·· »Knt >a»Ud urrrr a yaar. Tk*
m», wl M-ntr with which Iko «tory of
it < iab».li«lir»| ·ι· pre
»μΚ·ί by £iemar·) Ro«nb«re. com·
[>o i-r ii! irsuy vf lh«- Kill.·» nmifc pop
iler In IW «Itlnnl* Winter Card·
•η tuel'v, Tbu hauptiaety pr*t
1 "Will yeu K'Otmllct" «tis which
"rar» throufVxit I If |H*y. ha« mada
Αι· fan" of "ttaytimo" acroaa the
'•Tttiacut became of (he lent· eirral
ilina it haa ha a ia phonoaraph ra-|
onj< nM^ "«pica. "Maytiwi'-"
•bkh M ia fAar acta ν <pIneHwa. am
it«.»a thi tan»· ii to (.f «Ity ftri· pnrtftn*,
nrl«<'inir an attractive. youthful 4
clmrus. It it *Ufrcd on a sumptuous
rirh in it* nppurten»n«*w« end
true to every deUil of the widely
vnr>»i»c prriods of New York life it
S*at» now on nil* *t the Strand
ι flu sure. Write or win* your orOt?rs
I now.
This P«l New Noar te North Caro
lina. Soma Points Worth ICaew
in| in A4f«nc·
"In 190Γ· I pave rny first published
warninr to the rotten powfri of
Nnrtl) Carolina that the boll weevil
-λ as u.i it* way and should begin lu
be considered. At that time I «aid that
;ve should not expect it lo rtaieh the
State before 1»10," says Mr. Frank
lin Sherman, Chief, Division of Enlo
In 100H, in a Bulletin of the SlMe
Department of Agriculture, Mr Sher
man atxlr-d thai the weevil would
probnbly not reach the State "until
1915 or later."
"In both ι an·», my estimate was
more conservative than that of mort
.authorities, and In each caav the de
velopment» proved that I might have
neon more conrervative still," con
tinued Mr. Sherman, "for here wc
rirr al. l>i< rlnae of the trowing eea
'.or of 1010 and no boll weavil has
yi I be Τ η found in the State, yet we
liave been bearing 'reporta' of it*
->reacnce slncc 1903. It ha>« been my
purpose and intent to quiet these dis
turbing premature reporta.
Boll WMvil Now Very Near.
"Bet now the cast is dilferrnt.
V'hilc the weevil is not yet in tha
:'tat« It is quite near, and it is al
ready affecting α part of oar cotton
industry. It is now present in tho
whel» «outhern half (perhaps two
thirds) of South Carolina, and it haa
not yet finished Its spread for this
"It* invasion of new territory la
rhiefly confined lo the month or six
*'rk, biTore frost (Heplember and
nrwl lh.«vr i·· ς-v rv - r. · r
to bflievn Unit ·'. h.vr.î · «»u;
Ki»uthi*r»i IVr <* f rr»-·(,;·(·> f. ·!
of 10*0 or liv f.«l» u" !<»: ...
com»·* iu*r*r xev .\.λ ρ»\·» ·*. vit;»
mon.· certainty «ml 1 fλ»·I φ»ά« urn·
that IV ·ι··· *v.
CuUrwe thi-rf? è*r< ihr»«r.^ *h·* boa· »;;:·«!
*o do I) that the weevil »τιιρ··ί «iu^n
our dim an·, Wot v.·· ) n\ ji\ ·
son to b«li'vc it; Λ·ι. ι . »
Ron to believe thet <t * ν i ; I #< ,χ« t.
to spr<ad onti! ft '.· ι·
our entire rotten frro-A»»^f nr
"It HÏrr*»»ly ιιΓΓ«·» · ι .# *«« L* · · ~
th»· «lllîlinni:!!· ν *1 ·'·
vort iU occident..' η.·· :. ι. ;·:* —
dnetion prohibit* ih.
ton w:wl into oat i$uu. l cou». .·«.··".
territory. À llCltt' »Γ ft ··· ' : ~·!"
fcave he^ctof-jr. u 4! . » ? v.
ifcrd, ami ir.n.-b 0/ t!;T .-· "i.^v
cxcludcd, it affect » their «»ι, i-atiur'.
nnd to vxnr ι·ν··ηΙ ;»ΠΓ· ;ίκ *..*uo#
f-ccd trade IP.· "·' ·
Ab^nlff Cnt!o»i '•V.n., . « - - ... .>'<*
"Slcy-h»i»h prir* ·. w»».· : *<■ iî*V·.
thinir··· h»tν·· i»miih'«1 υ* t·· f':*w · !r:h
thini?' H s !>o| · wc< vH| i. : :■»·.„
dteid '** ia»\ it ?r. r.·· h.TC! .· .. .t
not dlfi nut, i hi i;$t ai..* 1
control. U.mdr<c» « of 1 ■··.>*.. Imm
(;n who wt now uîut.^c^rtc»1 ri-ovl
it will 4x very much r oc* τ -ί ν ilh .»
tho next five y-fi-rf. uo.V: . τ λ.λ * .·:.·
much mi&tfikcn.
"ïhi1/ will vu. · t ··* I ; .; · r . ;
quirk. e«*y, simcl· . <.«·:»»,Kir »*· #.»« 'y
iur IhjII weevil wni.h u .M s:.i jΙ. *Iï. ;·:
lu rnntiniir · ·>· ,·: ·*τ»λ*
injr of coUo.i, .ill cf •vhi'.V. , Î. , i'-'y
impo»*ibk'. They v/ilT ·· :t η ;r.' r 1
thciw Siuitiacti'.-r. i,y vi · .· ·
whoîc Diuttt'i* could I» .·· » !;. « .*· ·.'! ' »'·
in n Ίhsy v. H -λί.ι:1 t·»
know Ht>w Ui Vk £fi «f u.u wo.l
Wo*?il WilJ R·";.·;·"·* λ * ..'jîm
•'T.i*t«»n! s..«. ·*.·.ι· ji-ncu
Hd of bull wo< vil. I»c- Many
ΙμγγΗ ho\r to not Mot.·* ν ·ϊ. v. .·
πΐκΜη«< of ron;l<(ilibif »t nv·· '».·, iy #: -
direct; Ihey lit·1}». I!»··> j.· .·«», tSvy
palliate, but do not jurtm.i'y do k^ry
' ». ililiiculij·. And the tr· ·»^
"Λ·, rr# I hud* 1iuiU u»*nril careful,
•nt. ηdiversified oil the-upt !
r.-fw.i ,r Dentin*; ©ally vaH« tù·*,
• aH.v v.a'.AV f< *, fr»-·
1,'ni-l cull .val inn. running- rnw> north
·· ·* 'i . V«« r
. *tn.|« r. 'everything that will luv*
« vt mrlar'tv), phkintr ud fail· η
ι·. i'rly »tn«tintr τ>ΐ»η poituna
. . ·ι ■ j I let.'η κ of U. S Ik··
.....· 1.1 ui Auricaiftuix·, prompt ρκ·*·
*i ' ο Γ tn«* coitun. au J thou prompl
• · ··*; o·* o' Ihi <talka without wmii
' pj» rrop. all ot' uhirh
i. .·.·.:*·! the i.'tcu» r mu it h ρ 'on Uio
·*·■» r. ii «·λγnot l.nvf it to indifferent
» · ι·»·. Italde that teeavil wl!l
.. in our warmest, mo.t hjmi«l
ι ih«* 'Spnnuh πι·**·' reckon <·%·
».·... ίι u* wril ni anything». )n the Oy'xi ··f <1 fii.t of Ih»· Atlantic
Ii* !»r«i1i0«i<l from Muxton.
î·. *i t ι :C. Koik) Mour.L Ιυ Xorl'olk,
:*r ;i i.r;»cct the weevi* to I*·
>s .r. I. t o~th and veil of that lin»,
• r 5ι·;#>ιη· Mil arcliouM, we shall
• r.·, ■· îo V !>·.·ν*re, but tad
.· r>* in no lony u time, rome
ί· . ··.· λι* irnlpter vxkdUw in *r>me
ν \y a Majtriplecr. which
*j- io'tcj'.h any particularly
* t·. I tie tin or study, but by
. .r» k o* fortune ni which he
.... m .hrntf. The *A»mr nuiy
:·?* "lUthoi* and computer* ;
.· »».· i»inl ttr it may, Charley
• · ' * a»iii Cadjr who >ill be
ι m. il> 1 «Knyi iU· Theatre, Fay
• vi'V . V. ilni'Vfiay, Ortobar ÎÏVth in
• •••«cut musical comedy tuccis*
'mi* · 'fie* Idea,'* aflruck a happy
j·· ι iiu. writing of the book
»<· ι h·» iuiit hL partner di*v« Io|m .1
> Li.-il;.* farce, which aided and
« f hy îh.· lytic* Hnd muait of
I *I.e ***iylc ar.d Waller L. Roxe
I# *1' r«»t lo number nmonsr th-·
ι. V i»:# r.ri Mlc. mcox^ei.
•ν .1
··'; .
Va v'·
■ Λ
•· ι
The Things
You Want
:·♦ ν ν ^ ν. .ν·· . . i :■/; . vV .».·*ν *+·>+*+*·>♦*♦♦++
Even With Money Fvn.'h-.î
You Want Itc Fc'i V;c.:h
Ou*· buyer· have searched the markets of the country
to get into our store the big array of goods we are now
displaying for your approval. These goods were hard to
get. But we kne^^ou wanted the best things the market
get. But we knew you wanted the best things the markets
afforded—so they are here. The stock includes
and Coat Suits for Misses and Women, Suits, Over·
ts, Shoes and Hats for Boys, Young Men and
Men, Millinery, Dress Goods,
You must see this big display. Everything in it will
interest you,. Price· have been held down as low as we
could possibly hold them, and our sales forces will always
welcome an opportunity to serve you.
Fayetteville, N. C.
Our remodelled and enlarged ready-to-wear depart
ment ia interesting to a degree beyond description with
it· remarkable collection. All the newest styles shown in
the large cities are to be found here at much lower prices
than you will have to pay in the fashionable shops in Me
tropolitan cities.
Suits from $25 to $175.00
Dresses from $22.50 to $150.00
Costs from $18.50 to $100.00
Hats from -, $3.50 to $40.00
Skirt* from T. $6.50 to $35.00
Blouse· from $1.95 to $25.00
Fur· from . .$10.00 to $475.00
Petticoat* from < $11.25 to $20.00
NOTE. It· good policy to buy in your own town what
you can. If you want exclusive style· at reasonable
prices, you'll find them at the "BIG STORE.'
V; . ■
r»\ (j
Dollar» get mighty little·
dinary conditions during these 1 i
ets of the world are taxed . · ·
make up for the four wasted yr*.
ty has passed. No where nr»w ·
dollar stretch as far as it did bciy
But, occasionally one finds a
forehanded -who bought wisely 0
great rise in prices were made.
The Draughon Store is out- :
are great stocks of standard go--..
prices that permit it to sell for ? I'.l^t.
merchant is obliged to charge. -
need for every day apparel un:', il
are good goods that we back w::L ·
not ask you to take our word ίο
come and see for yourself.
We are featuring some '
Men's, Women's and Children";.' . ·;.
of all natures, and shoes. hat* j»r.r; ·
big values and are well worth y..,u
p'· «.·.··>. η r or*
t -v "c'ng mark
i..· city to
.··..< · » : * cBiani·
% » e present
.. _. · v.-.;u.e began.
.· . · . owners were.
1 \v. : v>re the last
.). j. A'iMjkcd into it
• \ »·■ >z-u6,'ht at
.ν r·.· .. it. ι i·* average
·-;* ■'>.ο ^oodj that you
.«:·! ••"ci'.r. They
.. . . wC-n. We do
t you to
j." · -:>oc( valuer in
£·. r garments
i *. ·; 71ic-ve are
uj \ ■«-·.. won.
J. W. Draugaoii
ι *
......... Î
SALE Ρ*;;·
I will offer fr>v sale
At Auctioa
30 FINE } iOGii 30
on Gi R. Lee Place. 3 miles of Dunn.
All pure bred, cholera immune ami π ereH stork.
In the lot are five boars, ten sows, and several π·'1» nml pippi

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