North Carolina Newspapers

I * ****** 1.
Thorn·» Η. Sutton, of Faystteville,
W1I here yesterday.
J. D Barn ω returned Sunday from
• brief trliK to Kichrood.
Oliver P. Shell, of KinaUin. 1/ here
to visit hi* mother, Mr*. M. K. Shell.
Un Marylia Butt» h«u accepted
• position with Ik· Goldrti <n Com
Μτ. and Mr· Qeorf* M. Floy·) haw
returned from Richmond »ft*r m brief
visit tbere
Miss Mali bet Godwin sad M ad red
Mood visited friend» in Urwniboro
college» last week.
C. Spear. Hicks, cuehlor of the
of the Rank of Tlam'.r.l »» s νί*·
•icr hero Last night.
O. W. Godwin, a ton of Edgar Cod
win, has accepted a petition with the
Uotdatein Company.
Mlai Brrdie Denning ha« returned
to Dunn s iter a brut visit to relative*
In Sampson County. ,
Mr. and Mrs. V. B. Morgan unit
litUe son viiited Mr. Μοτμκη'ί moth
er In lower Johniton Snmlay.
Mrs. Jam·» Su-wart. accompanied
by Kor husband. went to FayetteviUr
today to be treated tn a hoapital,
Mr», J -P. Csme», of WonhinKtou,
N. C., is here to vi«lt Mr. sml Mr*.
J. W. Jordsn ami Mrs. Milton F.
W. C. Kanoy, L U. Biuell, John
W. Dr«u*hon, Henry Lee and Kenny
V. Howard were among th* Dunn
visitors at the Stale Pair la«t week.
Colonel John Rob Baggctt an<' '·
F. BatXs, of Lillington. were here
. Tuesday afternon on their way to
.Wilaon where thry spent yesterday
«ι busines·.
Mrs Ida Smith and her dauxhler.
ML»» Sue Smith, have returned In
-a · a . -
uivii uvuc ncrr tor inc winur. ι β'7
h»*· been residing in Montreat for
lh«- laat MTtrai months
Cecil Harrington, of Clayton, was
her* Saturday Re it a tor, of J. C.
Harrington, who rrsided her.· until1
about thritr year! ego and i* well rr 1
n«>b«r«d by Dunn peopts.
Judge John C Clifford, 'Squire'
81dr«-dge L»e, Perry Morgan and W.I
F, Byrne* attended On· meeting of
Ltttla BItot Aaaocietton in th· weit
Urn part of th» county yesterday.
A. D. Wilson, head salesman of
th· Goldstein Company for wvi-t»l
yaara, will I»·*· Dunn January 1 U
oegln businem for himself al Duke.
Hi· family ha· already muved to their
new home.
Representative and Mri. Hannibal
L. Godwin retnrned to Wanhington
Friday after sptnding neveral day»
here at their hoof. They probably
will remain in Washington until ton·
irraaa adjourn·.
Worth M. Pofx κ the proud recipi
•nt of a telegnira informing him ofi
the birth of a daughter ui Taylorville,
ltllnoia, wharv Mrv Pope is vmtmitf
her parent*. Mr. Pope will join hi·
family ία Taylorville next month.
Elmer Polk, who haa represent*.Ί
a Philadelphia conccrn In North
Carolina for several yearn, haa reliev
ed his position on the road to accept
one In the garage of Kmilh and He- ,
Kay here. Be will begin his sew ,
duties about the first of neif m until.
Beeaoae of Ik· great vQhira· of \
other work iacldest to the winding ,
up of Dunn's firat fair, the secretary |
is still unable to supply a full Hat of <
Eremiutn winners. The Dispatch had
oped to publish this list in this issue,'t
but is unable to do ao. It will prob-1 ]
ably appear next week. j,
Former M%yor J. Walter Turnageli
who haa the contract for KiveU'«l<
Bridge in the Western part of the
eoonty stated while here last night ] .
that the wnrk would be completed
within the next two or'three wi»ksl,
The structure is to be entirely of ',
concrete, 120 fact long and will coatl,
14.300. ,
Claude Gardner has returned to ' '
Rocky Mount te accept the position he I !
resigned several «Peeks ago when he I
was advised to move to higher al- !
titudea for his health. Since then he
has been advised by spcclallat· that ι
his health is perfect and that Rocky |
Mount offers no danger. Mrs. Gard· \
ner will jots him there this week I
Rev. A. D. McClure, at Wilming- ι
ion, will preach at the Presbyterian !
Church Sunday morning and even- '
lug. Rev. A. R. MeÇuccn, the pastor, c
extends a cordial Invitation to avery- ·
body to attend the Sunday service* ι
and here the visitor, who is one of <
the foremost ministers of the Prosby.
tarian Church in North Carolina. I
nur» on uic J«nn riUBvrald ncrw!
/aaidenc* in Broad Street hax b#en ι
atarted. It ia expected to be cum- '
Sleted early next year. A portion of ι
lie rcaidence once owned by th* late ι
John C. Co* will ba uied Id the new. τ
When completed the new home will I
rank among the prcttiait in Sown I
It i· to be located immediately in ι
iront of the N. A. Townaend home. I
That beautiful diipla; of hand
painted chioa displayed In Floral Uall 1
•t th* Dunn Pair wai the handiwork 1
of Miaa Eliiabeth Thompaon, daugh '
tar of Mr. and Mr*. John L. Thump
eon. The k>v«iy defigna were much
admired by all who aaw th»m. They
waro painted whan the young woman
ara* I cat than alcvcn year· old and
ware considered one of Uia moxt re
markable dieplaye at the Fair. Sever '
al prataiuma war* awarded, Misa
Thompaon I· now «it Salem College. {
T. D. Gillia, a grandeon of Duncan j
Gillia. who waa wall known to Dunn .
peopl* familiar with Cumberland .
twenty politic», it on* of the young ,
men quartered beta with the field ar- ,
Ullary platoon. Young GfllU' hum* ι
V la In Alexandria, La , whfther hin ,
fathar removed from Caabarland
County many yaara ago. Major t
Jamaa Pearaall, a friend of thr |
well-remembered "Dank," diacovcr
ered the young Gillia at tho picnic ι
Tnaaday and hai been baa* lntroduc
ing Mm U other frlaada of thr Cum- ι
bar land politician. I
Practically $12,500 in 191» tare* «
have bean collected by Chief t
Pap «foc· October 1 according to <■
a «tatera*ηt mad» by hiai yraterjjy. «
TMa ran wfll bring the total collec- I
ed oy him considerably above ftS,- 1
MO. IλΛ month'* report tbowl thnt
he had turned $14,040 Inta the town t
treasury from tax collection* elnc* <
I ana 1. Ha lay· he la rartai* eollec-'
Won* till year will nvntually total I
at laaat |M,004. If hia «apeetatinn»!
ara raaltaad hia collection· wfll have 11
exceeded any prrvlnoi year by tp-ii
Coximately 911,000. Me will be in M
ι aAee naarty all day tomorrow toll
rioahra taxaa 1
> Hubert Jorila#* U in Whitukcr* 10
(thine· Ï·· C'amirtiUiy ι··ί\ y»vivï«lay
tor Wiiminuton.
Vιrr Jouta WU.-4 ti ba.*ini'.v visitor
ia Ruli.iph Seiut-Uay.
Κ. Λ. Tawniwnd u ν lei tor in
' Rithmorol. Vn. Saturday.
Pr. 11. <*- Tu*'.ini:»oa, of Hampton
C ounty. vni· hrrr ycsU-rday
k Dull·? Johnson of Clinton, was &
burine*» vtatar Iv r»· Monday.
I MU* Lou ée Cox cf (W^i«4mro. i*
vixirtnp in fh' citv. fb<" jru«*«i of Miw
( Mr r.n«' it*λ. Jan.v ΙΙ·η». '.»·ι h»vJ
Hit le tlaukhin, \"ξ^'·Λ.μ. *ρ*·»Α 11*·
ur.k cf. will · in J>!lii »ιι,
S. C. «
Mr wri' Mr,.. Η. Λ, Pai'k«-r, Ralph
P«%rk»*r anrf Λ·ϊλ> A va Park r » itirrf·
rM tit* Vick l'rido* ρ rummjo wl f!«nU
win laet ntirb.
Mr. Juck L· «· a nl r».i, Juvk, Jr.
havo fitmwi iiom Hint. ·»νοην:Πο,
whriv tb«y Mocnt · wc monuv* witù
Μ η». LctV mDtbi -.
V.rv. T. SJo^n liuy, of 7cbu!on, will
arriva harv to<U> to »uû; hia bi*i%h
cra, J· T.. ï. ni.J iiurk Guy, ami
ΙΓια <4-ti'r, -ii. « liny
;i'e«r». Vv. 11. nul *ou, W.
M. «»r. ·%η·< aft*r -.ικηύΐ.ί;-' *··■** rul
wi-ok* ι·.!. w.ii» n iai vw. aUirnedI
Suiix Jny iu tin ir home Jn •>,»rlnj||
lltip« . !
^!r> Hr..v. ι II. M.-Kuy an<i hcrl
diufht· 'n 1\n H id Wi^ifuy
Bact'j *nd Jane MtA*v returned
Vnuiiay fir»m a vi«:t to ri*lntfv··»» a*
iiichmo »d 4P·! Pctcrrt>urir. Va.
M-· Wiil mm I n· r»tcrnr«I y .-ator
(iny from Rn'cijrh tvher*.· th·: nude op
pbraLlon before Ui* t k rk of the i-'wi
« rul Court f«»r r>aa>p»>i t* to (tiTQUiiiy,
uh«T· hi·/ Li'*iitvimnt Lor.
ir Àtahoiiisl. h ï» proUl»',v thut nhe
will U-Mvc to jiMii her .husband wi;hin
th» next f«'W wntfka.
I>r. t·. c. Elliott I*l» ropiat tor, who
haF ho«i «lÂlcct in Dor.η Him·»· Januao
ilivirf-iiu hia time lK»twi'i η 11*·* «'«ty
ami W ilrn r.K'.on. hn< ciorod Κ" oftee*·
hi re ami letjmcd to Wilmington, |
wh. rc iir ii lirMtfii i^it.wnouily. Dr. j
Cîl'ott ν*·< |*ipu?Ar with Dunn pen
pi··, whi ricrH '.nut h·· will not b· |
h.»re lonftcr.
Tkf l-jk «» - ·«*' *·«»»»■ ,K"· Tl'
\ îno Slrecl WrliJixlivt Churrh by th» I
il-jim P« :u4lt«ciit mus pren ntoo dui«|
in* la··; Sur.dcy momln*V M'rviro by
P. S. Coot*·»". Th* uviipit ru.)ii*.u»c,
ι?·ν*η by Mar. in Wad%?. wna i>r%u*cr.t«u
<>s À. T.. Ne*l'· rr>. The f».uct atul
thi· ftirii lur·· art· xnl.'uMv jid bcnuLi
fui ί^Μιϋοη» U» lh« rhuixh furiu*h- ,
Pun:ι Hifh f#chc«*le» hr.*l«t bull
<{uint dof<*t«d liijf of th«^ Benson
llijfh tV'huo) Friday iMtrmmn on the
hicul roiiTt bv th .cot» of 27 to JÎ*.
The vieilorr fio<l th·· Lorn· fellow*
bcatPD up ΐυ th fin of play .
*h"n îh' -< o».· >ic«.«< \*j Ιο ΙΛ ; i their
favor Ku<l work by PridgMi. Νη%·
Imny ui.d <*«iiTot«] t.|i*ncà the till··,.
h*»rvi r, lui « I l»-ot^hl \ λ tory. H^'jn r .
Mi IV HollaJa) rvfc-riul ih. ^nrac. I
Th< on!y •'.« vonu oii ) ι it/··' lo< a?l ir. I
mpuvi'.y ;r I hi mi \r («v»w ci | .
at ιf»·· D«»piJ<h ofllct. 11 u*a* cap ·
lured a'tor a di-sjH-rate trujrj;!»· in the 14
per* η ··ι c lit. -i of Wottk Μ ΡφΜ,Ι
h fiiori iliatancc uovt of Uwu. 'IT»e I
animai ib I · rccio'jN looping, if not |
much lar*.n r ihtftt i> η iHitdhli: uni.
li and »ta *aAi»cintc.« *li«J a nier job)
of pruniug Worth'· embryo not far-l
Ûv«utuw*· of tIxj diûiwuity »*p«r1#no
pd in ifcitinff labor and can, local
cotton activilfa* were shifted from
Luckuoa- Square to ihr Durham and
South m yard» early this week. The
M)uarc i - η» overload^·· with cotton !
thai it •î' thought iulîy l wrn< will: -
Ik rcuuinri to ck«r it- Κ» ι eipt· J
well' hca» y xoday an«! >e«sicrdii\
ahcr. I he marL··' wvut above 37 j
rent κ.
Card Hrv. >ui announcing the ap
proach-np marring of Mus (îraee -
\Voodurd Hoh <ia> to Alexander Hay- *
ivuod Strait., to o«i ur November 25
it ih·· tome of M;rs Holtidnv'û i»ar
mta, Mr. aud Mr*. McD. Hoiliday.
hrrr. Hoth of the v.iunjr propte ar«»
well known and popu\&) here. Mr.|
Swam'* houic is in PI>moutb, but hi i
to* b«'P ( mplnyi d hore lor several ;
Cotcor r nnid in Hurnett, Samp i'
Kin, JohiiMon and f'umbcrlarKl conn- *
Lie? up to ScuUmbct- 23 thif y«*r to
talled lA.CUb bale* airains: 16,774 for
the jane petted l&irt year. Of ihi*
numlH'r Harnett haii ginned 4,051, "
Sampson i,207, Johnson, 3,7KM and f
ι'umt»rrlu.»d ^,UG2. Sampron il Ibe
*nfy one of the quartet to havn jf-.n·
»ccî m on- thi· year than laat. The
report made by the Ikportmcnt of
Commerce flho** that it had ^ηιι»·«1
tmly bait·» uo to September
2?., 1018.
J. 1.1 ο > »f Wade und Koj;.*ne T. Lee
rrturnrd Friday from Washington
ahere they attended tlK- biennial con· -
^rnuion of Scottish Rite 3da«onJl And
vbcrc they* wen: n;ade Kniicht C'<»m
nandcrft of toe Court of Ηοηοτ. Thia *
k« mq honor cunir-»od upon only
twolva Mioiii in (ht W'ilmlncton Con
»<4tory and X regarded a* a erc»t j
honor to the Donn lodgr and to Mr. .
Wade nr.<! Mr. Li-e, it ÎA from the ~
r<* of thi· Κ η Ik ht Commanders of
the Court of thui honorary·
hirty-thlrd dritry» Ma*one are ehoien. |
In a m«,tint,.of lh·· Chicora Chap· ι
«r of lh>- United Daughter* of the
"onfodriury at the hi»·»» ol Mr». N.
V Towr.«-r,d Tuaaday afternoon Mil.
roiriuonii waa «letted prvaident. Mra.
MrD. Holliday, rice pr.ntdent, Mr» J
I. Wnd*. Mtond vicc president, Mrv
J, E. Crockett, recordm#· «.-rrvLary.
Vlrt. FnrqukaH Smith, romtpondmg
kccrotmry, Mi»« Bailie l'urdir, tTo·*»*-1 -
►r. Mr*. C. L. WiUon, re*utrar, Mi*»
Jawir Smith, hintorlan. >
Wra J. C Clifford, Mr* R. M. Pear
ell and Mi>. J. I Wade wrra named
U> form the credential committee
Mra Tdwrmwi read rqport of fitnto I
Couve-ition rcaanlly held at lli*h
It «*«■ d-vided to a>uu Ks raeta mm- -
vr r,n cent/ for Woman· Γonfi-der- t
lie Horn»· at Kaycttevill». The Chap
*r ha·» recently placed In the Confcd
ratr Ifome Mr* MrRcnxie, the
tidow of Confifdratc v*icr»n whom
hoy with the aaiintanr· of the dif
ferent churelii* le town h»»c been
.upportlntr for <omi time. The
.hunter dc«Jrr· to thar.k iho»r chorth 1
■« thai H«vi helped for th<lr aa»l»
Mn». J. II, Andcraon. of Fayette
villa, the dlr.<-t«r of thi» ilWricI will
nevt with th» chapter in November
4 η inurixin* program will be pro
rlded. Every daoeht«r I» urjfed t» W
)rt<ml at thu Meeting. The (tale to
ki announced later
• V * * * * 1, i, 1
, k«'« fra «Ituat.d near Linden
C^ood lu mi un d nie» Iwo-etory hou*,
ou il. ^|ipjy to Ε. M. Jeffrey*
Dnnn. N, t.
your o\/n prier. W« hav# a Larg<
aM-xnmrnt to. select from, all el
wli" li urc roJW ai a bin reduction.
l'ail -·: οîicu t-cfor» they arc picked
oTi-r Al< ffood «lylca. Johneoi
Tîioth r». Lhinn. /
foi· -mie PAgniSH-URIVER CO.
coif.t if yuu pay your town«t**ee
•luring 'h* month of October. Pay
no- mil have the dim-oonL U. 8.
I'ttr 'l'own Ta, Collector.
<·:»:·.« u< rce «A Mxtern yean time,
f W. II. PAPJOXH. 11
ai.»l -nVp th4 Htucouiii. See Chief
l.i'c »t lu« oT.t-e in thr Municipal
[ fcn.ldin*. ι
WANi rrO AT ONCE—young wo
ης η t>Ky IK to 32 to talu training
ro.r.-r in rumin* in the training
«rhool fer nuree* In the New Pitt·
fun HnnpitAl, Kayettevillc, N. C.
Til» work Iflnct hard, but I» »ory
i'.Uixvtinf irtsd Iwneflci»! with cv
viy roiivcnia>t<ce for trarhin* and
car* of the uut*vs, ID 16 4t.
•■uunt IΓ you [unr your town taxes
djnng 1hi« month, pay Chief Pajr0
now and seventh» diacoqnt.
iu.'K <!m# or firat-claa* reel estate.
fl.ii-JU.C.a up. Witjh or wltboot life
ir.'uraiu'·; with fx without broker-1
»···■■ «>νν··ι upyiuni οι
property, and/ prompt attention
:··νίη ta all Application· Some
lugh prmluriitf farmi alway· for
••I*. R. L. «GODWIN, Dann, N.
C. 10-2-tf.
Dunn P>rh»njri. Apply to Man
ager, tclrpho^i· oficc.
»uit bciwrrn j/nn Hodge and
l-'rank Slllr; aj the Clinton road.
Reward of 11 f.0(1 fur rttorn to J.
K. HmJlo·, ΙλΙηη, Κ I., Box 1·.
St. \AÎ.
Dunn tnhaiBT 'Apply to Man
ager. trK-pboM i^Hcc.
I >n η ι: Exr kutft. App'y to Mar»
opur. ii-lnpl.o·' offio
if you «ηηί^ to »a(l Them. We will ;
l-»y you the Wftn-tt price· for
tlirTn Will pu you caan or ghra
you -.raJr in/exchange. If you
drclût to >rll pont fall te (a« ua.
Jxhiitun Brother*, Darn, N. C.
valuable 1un· faa" a·!· η Harcatt
county, located ft. good neighbor
hood», on K<x>4f road·, and but
coed market· Vtth rood boUdiaga.
Call or. or addrem, R. L. Codwin,
Dunn. N. C.
of muttruAiev Can now aupnly y era
viite anything' puu want in thi·
ΙΙγ.λ i'ricas rhfigf from $4-00 to
&2f>.0J. Butlen Bru* , Dunn, N. CX
market for j..iralV of toda, large!
ur Kinal'. rontraqlU, get in touch
« ilh u*. WrVc Âol the good·, and
the pr'ce »ilt \ifyrl*e yon. Writa
wi;·* or phonc. /r. T. Covington A
Son "Anyhinir in Fertmaara," ,
FoveUrville, N. C.
10 U It. )
to exc-ll. Tbay fio. That ia why
they are th« (talk of the town
Sold by rarrirhwrirer Co.
• 111 Socnty Finit T/wnahip, Cono rr.onJy, 7 Bile· from Fay
ettevfll». ιΛ βγμ fn high atata
uf cultivation: f house·, (tat))··,
1 t'.bftr»o horp.I Land pood for
tobacco. cotton w corn. For ouiek
KMie otTiT»d Ht vrfry low figure·, MM
or write A. W. Peu», FayetUvllla,
small farm Mead coats for
Όΐ" W. h pJrUlp, Donn, N. C.
fni<->Jail!r ι for^SJnturilay—C«U at
onr«. Company, US B.
Brond Street ·
uorta WMson
cood con<l'tioi
•I. Smith lt-0
And lot,
r»nu«> Houie in
Apply I" Clarence
5«> HOU
for yalr
ner of
The hnum·
Ε. Wade'
Strict. (,
of »κ>. 11
The h/θΌΐΡ at the cor
id Layton «treat
Johneon. (2)
fhi the above and
tf. Br·war. <t)
houaoa near It
in Eaet Broad
(β) acar the Col
a. ι·., Nov.dorr
L.1*·*' HolinLaff Chorek. Éa*y trmi
./i™,,of M «"«lock, a. «., Nor.
"· · (Γ Lajrton. ,
of fert milk da1.
Will pay 70 eenta
ftic OVER
if» I " tvr q
Λ Prince.
Duo». Cafe.
purchaaar. Smith
ami άχ hundred within «Il moll A*
buy# «tandard make tar hi t*eal
li-nt condition, lia» ' bad ket of
ear* free carefal owher; nia only
;i'x month·' tira» ne* and of bwt
EVike: no dr facta; «hiker ranalae
thun new ear Vnd )eok» »» *eod.
Β»*, impreretre \ant) rooiey; teat
new 11*00 00 anJ iannot be eaaiJy
ilsplirati-d at tKai krir· now. I«n
m-^dlfte delivery. Aktuit the thine
'or aomc follow who donan't want
in wait for factory delivery. Act
-P'l.-k if yon want thl« bargain. It
will be mapped »p Addre*a
Drawer L, Dana. N. C., or apply
at Dlapetrh ofllee for Information
D<xir· car, tt rwd between Dunn
' «ad my horaal Reward for it· rr
iro to ra«. |E. W. Smith, itpd
totaobil* for ml·. Good condition.
Smith A Wine*.
' Smith A Pi lilt*.
dwelling In fair condition on lot
1(0 by 140 fret in (rood location.
High··! «lovatMl in town, conven
ient to Mwrrtn, water and light·;
abort dlatanroffrom asphalt atroct·.
Immédiat» pMMMiun. Pull eaah
payment not'to «xeoad 12500 re
quired. Qutpk parcHaaer will find
bargain in thia property. AUdrcaa
Drawer L, Dunn, N. C., for partie-;
Your «ttnlM if resptcrfnl
Ijr called to (kit port tow of the
"Machinery Act" which pro
vides a discount en all taxea
paid before the ftrst day of De
cember. la order to take ad
vantage of thi· discount, your
taxes must he paid oa or before
the last day of November.
All taxes are due and paya
ble on and after the firat Mon
day m October, and the boahs
are now open so that each and
every citizen may have full ad
vantage of the discount by pay· <
lag his taxes eady.
I would most earnestly urge
upon all citixens to take advan
tage of this opportunity to pay
their taxas, thus malting a sav
ing to tbemaafras and expodit
ing the matter of collection.
Herewith is printed that por
tion of the law which refers to
the time of payment of taxes,
and also gives the rate of dis
count :
Section 88—Taxes Due the 1st
Monday m October.
All tax·* liull be du· on tb·
6r»l Mofldijr in October ia ticb
year, anil on all taxa· paid fat
the month» of October and No
vember a diicesnt «ball b· ghr
•n to the taxpayer of one p«r
coat. All tait· paid in tb·
month of December iball b·
paid at tb· n«t amount charg
ed, and from and after the firtt
day of January a penalty of
one per cent per month thai!
b· charged and collected by
tb· theriff or tax collector; that
ia to *ay, that on all taxe· paid
in th· month of January, after
the firtt day of January, a pen
alty of on· par cent thall be
added on the taxa» paid, and
in tb« month of February, after
the first day of February, a
penalty of two per cent thall
be added, and an additional
penalty of pee per cent for
each additional month of delay
in settlement of tain·.
H*null County
Hambui*.—Tfc· Haaaattk Uwna
pint ■»<! «»· MMtlilii* twwm tfc*
wrack at OMMigr1· maritime piM
tie·. At all the porta eld aaillae »»
Mil· are being ro-eqolpped for mry
ke white Hamburg baa ftaWhi to
tfco («Tinuint («r économie reltef.
Oermeny·» mill m foot nbMi of
11 .SOO vomoIo of wUch II ere of e»ei
talibor. Thm are >d»| leâHiil
|M rapidly a· «· mi) Oor
'auui rood· principally to cempor»tt»<
1/ nearby neatral porta.
Even With Money Plentiful
You Want IU Full Worth
Dollar· get mighty little for their owner· under or
dinary condition· during these time· the producing mark
ets of the world are taxed far beyond their capacity to
make up for the four wasted years through which humani
ty has passed. No where now can we make the present
dollar stretch as far as it did before the great waste began.
But, occasionally one finds s store whose owners were
forehanded—who bought wisely and well before the last
great rise in prices were made.
The Draughon Store is one of these. Packed into it
are great stocks of standard goods that were bought at
price· that permit it to sell for a little less than the average
merchant is obliged to charge. These are goods that you
need for every day apparel and for special wear. They
are good goods that we back with our reputation. We do
not ask you to take our word for this. We want you to
come and see for yourself.
We are. featuring some especially good values in
Men's, Women's and Children's ready to wear garments
of all natures, and shoes, hat· and furnishings. These are
big values and are well worth your inspection.
J. W. Draughon
Illlllll -
Buy While Wè Have It
Production is Uncertain
Markets are Scarce
All goods made of steel, iron and wood are becoming
scarcer. They are hard to get St any price, and no manu
facturer will guarantee delivery of more than limited quan
tities at any specific time. For this reason we advise all of
our friends to place orders for their need· in these lines as
early as possible. Farm implements needed for next
year'· work should be ordered now. While our present
stock of all grade· and all kind· of Hardware, Furniture
and other lines of our goods last you will be given what
ever advantage we have gained through buying as heavily
as we have. After these stocks are exhausted, however,
we cannot agree to maintain the present prices. They are
bound to go up. if you are fortunate enough to buy of
the present etock·, you will «ave money. If you wait, you
will certainly have to pay more. This is the opinion of
all wholesale dealers of the country. We will be glad to
advise you in any way we c&n about market conditions.
The Barnes & Holliday Company

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