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If you want money in amounts from $1 000 to $30,
000, on terms running from 5 to 20 year·, for purposes
stated below :
(a) To aid in providing loans for the purchase of land
for agricultural purposes.
(b) To provide for the purchase of equipment, fertilizer,
live stock, etc.
(c) To enable land owners to invest in buildings,
drainage and for other improvements of farm lands.
(d) To liquidate and consolidate the indebtedness of
farm owners, etc. into long term loans payable in
easy installments.
or for any other legitimate purpose, come to see us for
further information.
. Our Bank Will Alway· Treat You Right, Whether You
Come to Atk For a Loan or to Make a Deposit.
-- ·· V;
Parson Maynard Has
Nothing on Ue.
Every delivery boy equipped with
• motorcycle that f eta jroceriea to
year door u ιοοη ·· the order
ii placed.
Good Groceries Delivered
In time for You.
Phon*: 46
Hampshire Hog Sale.
FRIDAY. NOVEMBER 14th 1919 - . -
Sale to be held three mile· eut of Dunn on G. R. Lee Place
30 head, bred sows, gilts and boars
In announcing my first sale I wish to say that my herd is
of god quality and breeding. While there are herds better
advertised there are very few with more good quality
animals than will be found in this herd.
The sired sows in this sale are being sold because 1
cannot lceep hogs to any extent for a while in my new loca
tion and am compelled to let go of stock that 1 have tried
to produce for several years, and am sure they wijl suit
the most particular buyer.
■e0îS»îii« *»»OCIATI©H
Foejt*° at rArrrrEviLLi
luUon will b· computed by ■ com·
mitta· eompowd of H. L. Brotho·*
Mayor John Ualmnod, Ahvriff N.
H. McOaarhjr, W. C. Downing and
•V w· Bentof. TH« objaet of tii·
aiMBeiial mom talion *u «utrd by
A. Li. KcCaakin. who pnwtM. κΐ
'■"•■m hi fnrthrrincv of Um ibov»
·»"' te honor th· former PneUant
Γ®*Ϊ» '•S*' U»··»·™ Unl«lit
bT D. M. 8lHnfA*M u< Dr g, γ.
KrCoomn. ι
I Republican PariiMBl Continue
N*(|ia|—Friwdly P*P«r
1 Rebuke· C. O. P.
Washington, D. C.—It must be evi
dent te all fair-minded people of the
country that the Republican leader»
of the Senate arc conduction a ram
patgn of hate aninst Prwident Wil
L*ea. Such men a* Srnalorj Pmtw,
Bcendcirec, Moar· and Nerri* do nnl
quit when hr t« (1L They try to
create nupkloo in attacks that hi·
cannot answer while under the cart
οt a physician. They In d nu· te thai
hr is artinjr President through oth
er*· There >■ boo rid to be a roue·
•ction, Democratic Cggfldeaeo be
lieve, and Η will hart the m« n and
party.guilty of offenses »ueh an Uieee
Senator· have been cumroKtn*.
In thv Smlc, PeoroM and Brande
βς conducted a port of minstrel per
rmance at the expense of the tick
President- Senator Brsndegee had
been trying to prove that the Presi
dent had not himself made answer
to a resolution of the Senate calling
for a certain re pert on the Chinese
railroad situation, altboagh the re
sponse from the White lloun bore
bw name. Thr dobate nwixl de
signed tu bring out the insinuation
that the President w» too ΠΙ to at
tend to the affairs of state, and some
body else was actine in his stead.
Mr Brsndegee had plainly inti
mated that hu did not boliev· Presi
dent Wilson personally considered the
request of the Banale, or signed the
refusal to transmit the report.
"1 wonder how many Senators
think that the President of tho United
State· has read that report or given
it · thorough consideration,' " said
Then Mr. Penrose, the interlocutor,
said :
"I did not quit· aaderatand «brill
er ih* Be π «tor stated thai it was
actually the Praaidaot'· own «1χη·
tnrr on hi· communication to 'Ji«
Senate. 1 «m a little carious to know
whether he » iff Bed It hiaaaelf, and
«hen he read this communication, in
the multitude of DltUrri rny rotting
hint, and in view ot hit Lamentable
condition wh«i he returned."
Mr. Brandagee au*cr«4: "I will
a ta La (hat I am not an ««part ia
handwriting and I aia not familiar
with the President's nrutarc. I did
ace the airnaturr, or alleged «icp»
ture, la the response to Hcoate
reaoluliaa. 1 do not know whether Η
ia the Prt-aident'* »nnatur* or not.
Λ momtgr came In here yertcnlay
or day before from the Ρ rendent of
the United Statua aad I did not at*
that- 1 do not know whether it eon
tained hit signature or nqt."
, That ia the kind of petty lUtuMin·
(hip one ftndt ο nthe Republican aide
of the Η ana te nowaday* under the
Ijeadcrahip of Mr. Ραιοκ. Il «ai
•ο apparent to the public what the
Republican· wcra tryinj to ret m Ike
Cimfnaaioaal Record that a Wash
ington paper which i* not a aupporter
lof Γι «aident w Ilaon, waa constrained
to rrbuke Mr. Brudtfec.
"There ia an inaeodo in thia state
ment that the public will believe to be
entirely unjauiflcd," «aid this paper.
'•It ia a imputation of bad faith of
prhieh, manifestly, nobody about the
President could be rullty. The author
of thi· atatitBcat, oat' of the inn>
uva and militant opponents of the
a eut of tfea ΙΛΓ* *f MOftwia,
perhaps already haa retarded hia ut
terance and realises the injustice of
the natoral inference. 'L
lleprcientauv* Cbtmp CUrk h»i
reminded the Iniblini lodm ol
U( Hou» of their pretension* to
economy. Ho w»ni«i them that they
fmrc f often og legislation that "ap
peal» to the aendbilitie· ο I mm." He
ru «peaking o( a wildcast vule-halt
tnc scheme to provide money for all
the crippled people ia the United
State*. Having promised a great deal
more than they ooald give or had any
intention of giving to the >«Mkan
oho fought in the world war, the Re
publican! are new running a boat at
the eleventh hoar bidding for rapport
kl the ballot box·
"It la a great pity that every one
who it crippled cannot be doctored,"
wid Mr. CUrk. "It b a great pit*
that everyone who 1* sick cannot bi
taken care ol, bat the United State*
Government il pot an eleeraoiynary
"We have come to a pretty paja,"
■aid Mr. Clark. "The chairman of
the Committee o* appropriation· «ay*
—and he ought to know something
about it—that there U going to be a
deficiency is the mmici of the Gov
ernment thla year V $3,600,000,00€.1
Why go on rolliaf «ρ that deficiency?
The gentleman frem Wyoming (lu.
Mondell, leader at the House) *ayt
that thla proportion will coat a mil
Son, dollar*. Every dollar that is ap
propriated by thi* Congreea mean·
»weat and toll aal labor somewhere,
and yon are loading the baciu of the
taxpayer· of the country until you
have bowed the· «Ρ. It la eald that
the'United Stat·· Government give*
only a dollar and tho 8tato (H·· a
dollar. Where dee· the United State*
get it·' dollar. Out of taxation.
Where dee· th« State get it· dollar?
Rut of Laxatien·—*«d the taxe· are
high enough now. If we de net cut
down tbeke tax·· Jnd the expense·
you are piling a# ben·, three place*
that know u· new will know ui no
" w· have cot to cot down theac
appropriation blUa. I *>■ in favor of
Ue soldiers' vocational education bill
boeauaa we will aavav b* able U re
pay the debt that »s owe the men
who fought for tM "** of thUrooo
try in ihe great world war. Bet this
I» dot a parallel «**» at all. TV·
United State* cannot do everything
It I· utterly impossible. The beat
thins 'or Congress to do would be
to pan a reeolutlot» bar· directing
the States to reaam· their govern
m η α la I functions, and let ui alone.
"Our daty is yial" Ws »·
tha people all ws can. Tfca Ropubli
can· should h« Money. Wa iwant
make ap for wkst the war cast a*."
Roanoke, V·. Tie SO.
Or Taeaday evening at β o'elork
in l h» 8t John Church Miss
Ilslsn Mary Beekar, Of ftaanokn. was
married to Mr. jab· Alston EIHa, nf
llaWlgh. N. C. The ehurcb was baao
MfnMy deroratrd with automa leave*,
and the altar wHk *s>sri and white
chrysanthemums. The bride bad aa
he r auiil of honor M tas :Virginia Cald
well. of this city, who wort orchid
satin with tulle, and carried lavender
chrysanthemum* Mr* Charles Blake,
of Detroit, Mich., «4 —»>·■ of W
tbe 5 '
V; · "™· "e**oa « aon
*ho was frtMfh, raaa ralrst,
****■. **
undi d by >\U brother, Mr. W. Caawet
EII1». of Now York, a* Wit un TV
uJ»T> w<tv Xnm Rlngf old Devant
Ertwurtf Itavuit. Robert Allen, Dr.
Speiu-rr . Sp<-cd. Me Mr l. Robert
Churchill. Lucien Cocke, Cheatei
Murkier and l>r. Hugh J. Hafan. Be
fore the bridal party eatered the
rhurch Mr» 'John M Horion played
a violin ι οίο, Bokmua Germ tin·, with
cxnaMte rympethy. After tbU, the
wt-dtlinjf hymn. "Oh, Perfect Lore,"
war «uni:, richly interpreted, by Mia·
Κ m me C-uoW. Mr·. M. K. FaviBe play
i<d thr wedding Mich and other muai
cut numbon. The beauilfallr in
OTvewTc marriage ceremony of the
Episcopal Church wai performed by
Mr. J. W. Châtier Johaeoo, rector
of St. John Charrh. The bride «at
eivra la . marrhuf* by her father,
and wee lovely lu white »atln and
tuebrolderrd rcoritettr. with talle veil
r«rtrncd with oranjet biuwoiae. 8b»
carried a bosquet »f orchid* and
bride's το**τ lowered In «wanaonia.
Mr». Elli« it the daughter of Mr.
■ad Mr». Btholbert Baunder* Becker,
of RnenoLe. fihe Is a graduate of
Randolph-Macon Woman'· College,
λγ,ιΙ einc* her gradoation haj done
student aivocution work with the
Young Wnmea'e Chrïetian Aula»
ti on - During the part two yean ehe
ha* h. C-J1 «nuaped in the exceHeat ae
civil',··· οi the heatcee carried oc un
der the War Work Cooncil of the
41». tumn reMnr,
Mr. Ellin ίκ the aon of Mr». J. W.
tl[i-. of Sanfurd. N. C., H· waa
graduated from Wake Fureal Collar*
and later fro·· th« LnuiaviUc Bap
uat Thtologital Seminary During
th· war ha waa chaplain of the Tkna
Hundred and Thirty third Infantry.
stationed at Camp Taylor, Caaap
Sherman. and with th< Ripoditlaaary
Pore·* in franco. Ha retormod ta
Amcrica In Auruat of thia year and
ia now paxtor or tbe Pullen Manorial
Uaptlit Church ia Raleigh, N. C.
The out-of-town |Miti Who at
tended th» w«-ddiajr were Mr·. W. B.
Barker, Mr·. M. A. Borwarth, Mr.
and Mr*. Rocker Jcnkiaa. Muter
Booker Jrtiktnr, af Btuefteld, W. Va.;
Mr W. Caiwrll F11U of N«w York;
Mi· Margaret Vra»y. of For* Wayne,
Ind.: Mr*. Chart·*· Blake, of Detroit,
Mich.; Dr. Hpcnrer Spaed, of Balti
more·. Md.; air*. Robert Mil»*, of
D*viiroη, N. C.; Mr. Rla(cold Oar
ant, of BlueAdd, W. Va.; Mr. and
Mr*. Thomaa Spratt, of BalUaaara,
Md. : Mt* W. W. Hughe·, of Wrick,
W. Va.; Miat Mary Lura ShemU, of
Qrei'ii*t«»ro, K. C.; Dr. N. A. httillo.
Mr. and Mr*. Robert Winfre*. Dr. and
Mr*. T. M. < arapbcll, Mtaa Mabel Κ.
Whitaaidc, Mie* Gilllc Laraw, Miaa
Aller Holding, Mi» Ueila Ρ orb·*, Miaa
Hilda Lichty and Mia* Ada Branbta,
of Randolph· M aeon Woman'* College,
of Lynchburg, Va.
After the ceremony, Mr. and Mr*.
E1IU, with Mr. and Mrs. Backer, re
ceived the wedding parry aad A·
out-of-town gueata.
Mr. and Mrs. Kltii will be at boa·
alter Kormbcr 1 at Raleigh, N. C,
Professional Cards
Ofice over 8tato Bask S Treat
PrictiM ta ill court*. *
Prompt and careful attention to
CO*.! ΛσΐίΟΜΛ Λ BiUL Ι··
TATE · epecéalty.
Office over Drag Store
Dak», N. C.
Ο Ac* hoore: (Jo to 5:00
Dunn, N. C.
Offitc over ""Vnn Broe'
Store formerly occupied by E.
1» Co<lwtn. Practice la all
'ourta. Prompt Attention
to all
ο · · * · »
85-38-87 Pint National Bank
Phone No. 81
fc C. WEST
0®w; 3rd floor lat Nation·:
Bulk BuUdinr
Dm, N. C.
Proept and i>«nra*l Atten
tion riven «H BuuoaM
IU· a Spaa laity
• a a · a a '
Emlrt· Ifairlalhl
Fourth Floor Fint Nit Beak
Bid*., Din, N. C.
Office Inf. fleer GoMaUln bli*.
Prompt attention firen biabveaa
Practice la all Catute
Vetartaary Ptryalrlaa. Satraaa
a ad Daiht
PIlONKfi Day. to. Ni#h< CIO
J. f llffeid N. A. Τ «w η» end '
Atterneye-at Law
Ofct «m înj flaor of flrd Mat- *
tonal Bask. Prompt atteatioa *
gl*«n to all ku«Mi. *
|im ■ , I MBBMMMÉ
W. D. SMITH Old Home Place
-- ι- ·
Under aa order οί the Superior Court of Cumberland Cow·
ty, in η epecial proceeding therein pending nnd entitled.
"Farquhard Smith va. John Elliott, Lou lee B. Webb, ft ata," 1
: will eell at pubhc auction to the higheet bidder η certain tract
or percer of land aituate in Cumberland County, North Cam linn,
In Black River Townahip. bounded and described aa follow»:
Beginning at a stake and pointera in the Baa between John
C. Smith end W. T. Smith in a branch aaar the old mill Mat aad
rune thence N. 7 E. 19 chain· to a at+ke and pointara, a corner
of lot No. 2; thence aa the line of lot No- 2 S. 8* E. SO chgtae
to a etake on the Stage Road, a corner of lot No. 2; thence with
the road β 1-2 chaîne to a peraimmon tree oa the went edge of
the road; thence S. 8 W. 14 1-2 chaîna with the road to the Una
of the land of the eetate of W. T. Smith ; thence aa that Baa ST
W. 18 1-2 chaîne to e atake by η large pine .Smith'· corner;
thence aa the other line N. 48 1-2 W. 12 1-2 chaîna to the luffn
ning containing 100 acre·, aame being lot No.'l in the dhrlaioa
of the Lan da of John C. Smith, deceaeed.
Date of Sale: Friday, November 21, 1812. at 11 o'clock a.
m. Place of Sale: Old W. D. Smith home Place. Terme of
Sale : 20 per cent eaah, balance in thirty da ye. ·
Sale mede subject to confirmation by C. S. C. . ^ ,
.» * · ·'
Dated thia the 20th day of October. 1818.
Clarence Smith. Commierfoner.
Com to
ri r\ *.
"Waffle* thse mcrninf" im alway»
Btwi. hven the busi ·1 of hoc*ewiv«_
them «« uf.v.i aa èh« îtrnily wnh«. if ibe ι
Occo- nje-i h · > ri Rxing Plour. b air*
conruin· b:J:nf-puwder iOdv and Mh- the tow
notnk-al fleur Κ or ihtw infcrcdwj*· 00M mon
if beu .ht h μ-a ately ih«n π jao nn-chi*.
It'· easy to mile b»jun*. wifilM and het
cak·.· «i n Dcco-rve-chr-e juat mix with water
or mUk and bake. . Reaults are always perfect
becnU'wO CO neachee Salt - Rtaing Flour contataa
the air« întrrdli-nt» In rtRbt proportion· to fa
aura perfect b .lunf
_ -2-3ES-CHEE
IUdm the Gam oat of Cikktf
end Smci yoa Man97
T%m hé—m Η—Λ ι» ρ*·*? μ.* ·~ Oit· mmm
mkm %·* *UUm fiUm*. Um pmmw «■—■ nêmt
An •xjomllmnt pimim âomr im fwfc*.
ι Cfe, Durham, N. G.

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