North Carolina Newspapers

«a Mcand-elaaa
ifrtl M, 1V14, at Ik P—*
m Dn>, N. C„ «4M fee act e«
J t i". .1. 1«T3.
l. iuuu ron.
IkntC mn:)u ...—
(x >a«aUu Il·1»»
Oo# year.—
Cut. Dan Hurt MrLoan !» dead.j
*-TT>»· »3v»r tongacd orator of
Cap· Γ»·γ,'· u ho Ma td*lnk1;
lrr«wn u> hia iboauaada . of friend*
r>uft Huo* the State of North Caro
|)λ. died at Hw hom* in l.i1llncion
Parly Sunday morning Bit death
ta».i unexpected, and new· of hi*
doth wa* aearii hj thousand» of hie
ft ·»■!< w'th «adnest and torrew.
1>«.» ilagh McLean «a* a leadin*
lawyer, a leading etateonan. a load
it-· cr.Uca. a fighter for the princi
μΐ » fer which he «tood. a Democrat.
In Harnett eoanty Col Dan Rush
ht ">eci «nowη 'and lovtd and ad'
m -ml ai 10 other ttat<*aian and po
lit rial'. Wherever ha went hii influ
er»* «a· folt. wherever ht worked
tfe.« ?3*er »ϋ manifest, wherever ho
a> «.-iatki. h'e personality made
fticrdj. it ha* not been long tinea
he ·νι> the "war horee" of the Demo·
es; v> fiilj 'a Harnett. In Democra
cy >τ hia life work, in the principle»
(». 'With h:i political party rtood lay
th.·* :irebU!on. the '.dea>. of C>L Dan
Hueh Mr Lean.
• r* "«hool(nf political Inde ru to
Wt'ch Dae Kill!h SIcLean belonged i»
pa t. When bo livwd and wu in hU
Kjjr an a (licblrr for the principle»
of Λ ο D'-aiocratic party. the power
of the par', y rented in iilver trained
•, vivfdoe*» of 'anguaec, f'ory
, of itwd and act. It «ru in I hi* typo
of Jiatory that Col. McLean excelled.
Mr. y Oery and brilliant <pe*chet did
t'e:s Don erratic War hone d«!>cr in
hdiy. and the influence of hi* work
it Vvit eves yet. In bât day the pow
er ·( a beautiful language and bril
liir.t oratory wit at it» height, and
Dr. : 11 ugh McLean wat a ■•ado: of
hi. f-Jtool. with all itt glory. The n»w
whw^ a* the New· and"Observer di
pt it, "natter of fart, bo*i»<r<a
Uko, coldly lofiui, conversation of
The at «η who relic· on fact* and the
talc of Ntwn for carrying hi* point,"
cxirw after Mr. McLean had retired
ft.» the firing Un*. Perkapt If h«
hao lived in thi* aye he would not
hav« beca the greet awn that be waa.
P. hap·! Crrtaialy ho wm* of differ
ed calibre, of different ideal· and
rea-onufe, bet Col." McLean would
- bar· b*n gnat la >ay period. He
■ »m .'lyinflr Λ th^lfv bowed
waa right, aad m a fighter be wa*
The vlcterie* and achievement·
won by HinitU'i famous citizen were
nmrroo· and va-iooi. The majority
of hi· life he apent ia working for
otha>*, ia put tin ii other men arrow
with the »a«cr Idea?» for which he
Kuti In work of thU nature be wat
fearley» and powerful Ha never be
lieved there wa* *ueh a word >· de
feat, and if defeat did root, he vu
of the calibre to take it a· it thould
b.- taken. That wa* Dan Hagh, and
• ftat wa» how he lived.
Γ:ι Darn he wa* widely known, lov
h?nor?<·. aim red. Sunday when
κ») c*b· to the city that Har
nett*» pu' citizen had paMed away
:kr doom tuai nul have enveloped
•ve home town of Llllington wa· felt
••η-xatly hire. Hundred· of people
he o. ai thoa»an(<( of people oat over
the state, » ι r<· made *afl by the an
• xprcted net.
Λ ρ» til ion ha* bran going tha
. ·η.«\ι h«n. rxiucstior that <h* Siaic
lTipll*caj b« run from l.illinglon. rie
Bm'<m Crrak. Uimre to Duk« and
Dtt ir, to Clinton. Man deeply iatar
i-Ktcd ta cH» ρ;ο]tel have b#va hardj
·: f«i tW* pa/t work In an af
ter'. tn ail tlx aupport poMÎfcl» j
l> led w J. S prone Hill. Comraiaaian
«- of tbl* liiatrlct. and the HaraalV
Cnomy Roar.I of CuBimitaionar*,'
with Th'>ni J··* d*eiain«i raats, !o baiW
lc«- load (hit nay. I
Far tha li.M-. inUr<iU of tha maj-j
orityi It <«♦»· to ua that tkia la tha.
Iri/'cal «t tha road afeoatd raa. Thia|
fueti w"i'i carry tha ιοκί by
Cv« .WJ'my, on* of tha rtratert j
:a'«:tu'lot< (o te·.· co«nty, a fact war-'
toy ®' t** rtroprat run# nitration of|
a <jr lloaad ·>Γ Cnaiali«oom.
>or Π nan '-bar*· la ao .lombt bat
'.bii .He obw propcard ruat»· »mald
ti nair banrf.a al and would help
m>rf tban un y υ char po^rb!· way.
Trtrri· '> «Irani* a voud road on tha
utV' >i<la of the and what la
tdid now .<· a dirort rnste fmaa
U Ihilc'i Creak, a* ra aalud for
o, tha petition.
HOw"w»lX~THEr VOTE Τ '
Today voter* of <b« Dean DMrtot.
. /rlrtarrd far tha «rfcooi hoed laaaa.
•fit 4<rMc wkithn they think tha
l»dr»l /rboc't of tkv dUtrial at-» ado·
r ial# f>r tha laatι action a ad adora·
tio.· of tha;/ cblrdrtn. Aa I ha Db
r»Uh |« b*«H( awdc up ibara ara
ikart taAine ibair vota far both the
aJtiMat'aa r~d tha naratWa of tW
taoor. Some «η wtli:n* la par a Itttla
■ara tax. ·.« *111 n* ta aaarifkav ·
H»l> of '«a r worldly *aada, (rt tha
toad af tSa rfclldraa. and far tha
W< of tha «aaïaaanHy, whrta
ouu « *·4 annaaoaabla. aotflah, and
tia'aHa* mir af ikainbit.
Wa had aacaito· ta M over tha
took ·4 tbc wan of tkMr refute. -
•J ς ·«·(· la the school bond Imik.
Wr were ιβηκΜ at lk» littrwt
icmp ha<f taken, inter*» eaoilffh tii
i«v'«tar when thtjr ImmI aa ehild**n
»nd kaew that tie jM< would not
llrnU; affflet Oitm. We «en· »ut-|
p:i<«d aI«o ta Me that many of
Dunn'* leading cMswi kail not r*ir
Uteted, «or* indifferent and appar»
••nlly ajramtt the school bond l<au*.
ohaa they had children And fttand
children Id the Khaolt Thon there
wcte tk»*e n*ai«J not on tier» that
itid not wryrtM as at all lor not be
hgt the is. Those citlsone who nrr a
jrainst <~vc. jtbtng for which they have
to pay a I'.ttla money and make for
? logic·*, the·» citiiou who, when It
rokw to a show down, aI* after the
Aatr.t» dollar and nothing *l»c.
Bnt we «hall *m how the Majority
το·.»· We belie*· tha: the voure of ι
«m- district. in rentrai, are not bliad
to the o»i» uf tha school». W« be
lieve that the fart that wr are <o far
h-hiad 1h ear «durational inrtitutionj
a.»d educational work, la too haaiili
attng· to even doubt th* outcome of
the Mbool bond ltia*. Already wr
sea ouitrivr» maki» g plan to «rect
the new bailding hi Dunn. th* new
rqoipmcnt. addition», and alteration* j
to the old building. And we already]
«ce the happy children at work in the
lew surrounding?, proud of theiri
own and their school, and making'
>f thetaaeieca men and women that
he Dann district will be proud of
on* day.
We walked up the atreet ywteiday
I arttl met s Ban in downcast spirit».
b!«c and despondent. We talked with
h'm a lone time about th· whole ilt
I iat:on, and we hit upon the discovery
I -j>at he was broke, in debt, and todng
money eveiy day. It wan pretty bard
I to (tali*· that tkll man wan telling
|thc truth for w* had known him a
It.og time, and he had always been
vgarded in th· commonity us being
ο oidcuki, and «veo wealthy. But
'w hi'' m*« a come down, · «et back, |
inri he waa taking Il as tvrrowly at
if rouid. He was just on the verge
of <jultti*g, and letting the wholt
works go to th· devil.
There arc a number of men in
jutt such conditions in Dunn today.
I Low cotton prices and the great bos ι
I jets depression hat played havoc with
Ioar wealth, our credit, our worldly
I pc.'mrssions. Money It not denivd to
be tight and almost unobtainable, and
who of oa ta not in debt and unable
to pay out? Jobs and work are scarce
and thote which *■ are able to ob
tain pay little. We get J oat on· half
as much to writ* this stuff a< we
••aid hav% keen paid two year· ago.
Bot what1! tto·. an of grumbling. or
grewU]^k^*nd^olMytng^teTrn? The
open, take advantage of every avail
able opportunity, and something it
bound to U/n up that will put <u On
oar foet again. The quitter never
gett anywhere, and the grumbler and
growler hu a hard, hard road,
f After all, th* extent of our bank
loll is only material, and happlneas
coming from our worldly wealth a
only material happioeta. Franklin K.
Lane, one of th· gt«alaet men the
country has produced in rccant years
died a few days ago and left an «»
late of just ten thousand dollar*. He
mad* a groat deal of money in hi*
time, but the majority of hla life wai
rpent In serving the public, in help
ing other pooplet, and ω a «one·
ijucnce his wealth did not accumulate.
Why can't we learn to liv· more as
franklin K. Lane lived, rather than
thinking only of our own wealth, and
losing our balança when wc do not
V«t quite ai tnach as we arv accus
tomed to.
According ce the -Harnett Coanty
New4 lightning placed name pccaliar
rtenU on Joel C. Layton'» fare la»tj
Thursday. A bolt «track a tree near,
the barn, Uicn entered the barn, ig
nited · bale of cotten, and the α iet|
fir· to four otfect bale·, all five of·
which were, oddly enough, on the bot-1
torn of the pile. The lightning then ι
paaetd on to other trerj near the|
Him, badly riddling the·.
I.ighuiing (I'd eome peculiar prank»I
•round here too, »uih a* the bringing!
down of the flax on tup of the fair
ground» graadeUnd, which hod gfr«n |
to much trouble. It h*> been reported
(hat a number of other placet in ihlal
wetion wa» ei»:ted by bolt· of llcht-1
ni.ig daring the terrifk ttorm lo»l
Bat the electric Mm with tho rain I
't accompanied wo* welcome onoagh.I
Pu,p.θ waro becoming despondent
veer the prolonged dry and hot «peril,|
•iid the rain* coming daring the week
end bore done world· of good. The'
rropa have come wot wonderfully end ι
atu now in flao «hop·, according to!
• or own obocrvaltoa and the report»|
of the farmer». With good weather
fro· now on, Ihoro i» no reooon why 1
It »houidn't be an ahOfually good ondl
well balanced trip year. Only optim
>· ehoald prevail ia the campe of I
;be (armera. '
The FIHlwboi Clxe of the Fin*
Baptfat Charch will entertain tho Be
aca clam hi tV· form of a picnic
rhkh wlO bo given at Stewart'· pond
ffcaraday afternoon July 14th. All
eemben of the Baraga rlaaa aad their
•ive· ara ruacilad lo meet at (ho
rburrh promptly at · e'oloek T. M.
I rem which pioee the party win pto
teed M the iroae of the ptcaïa. An
rajeyabie affair le aatietpatad
Report of tkr ΓιιΛιΙί/οιι ιΓ
Ac Duke and Coat», in the fc'.a".'
at North Carolina. at the rloM· ui bu
nnr*., Jan* SOth. IftKl.
Loan· sad l>iicoui.t« (W4S,1CS 7ϊ
Overdraft», skiitmI,
II βη.80; unaacpitd,
♦207.4 Η *08.32
UniUrd State· Bond» and
Liberty Bn.A. 89 039.00
Vuiniterc and FLrtu·»».. 2,411.26
Ca/h in vault and net
amoanu due from
Ht.nka. Banker*, and
Trent Companies 52.S51.51
U. 8. Revenue Stanti».. 18 SX
Total ..... >1470,001.42
Capital Slock paid in .$ 3ô.O(N>.00
Sin plu· Ku'id ... 20,000.00
Undivided I'm fit», lea»
eumni vxpen«e» and
tax·· paid -. 8.ΓΙ-14.14
BUU Payable 40.000.00
DtoesiU l)u« Banks
Ranker*. and Trcusi
Companiet .... .. 4.5M.Î7
Dapofit* «objcci to check 108,271.0*
Tinte Ccitifiratcs of P<s
posit. Dur in L«i* Than
!M) Day* . 51,268.01
Carhicr'a ChnrV· oui
it \ndine . 1,569.43
Time Certifient·» of Γ>*
po*:t, Dun ο a or After
SO Day» 15.600.00
Savin*» Dcpca:» . .... 167.678.6C
Bond* .. ..... 48,250.00
Reaorved for taxe» ... 347.64
Total .. .. ..«470.001.42
oui* οι aorth Laroiimi -County of
Parnect. July 7 1921.
I, S. J. Clark. Jr., Caihicr of the
abovr mmfd Bark, da solemnly
«w«». ih»t tir above atnUncnt is u-ue
to the belt of my knowicde* and be
S. J. CLAItK, St.. Cajhier.
Subscribed and «worn to befor*
m«. this 8th day it July. 1921.
• R. S. K»lly, Notary I'ubjie.
Mr Commiuion rxpiTft Λ acu«t 16,
Corirct—At l»»t:
C. 9. Η ICRS.
J. M. llODGES,
... Diltrlon
Real Beauty
—The kinr* that U mur* that. "<kin
deep" — oifrriM
a>id use.
^Face Cream .
with ptroxirie
Two 8)tct.
for iU p. oUctlon *if»tn>t and cor·
.ccl'on of Ihr injurinu* of
wind, cold, <un, and duat larlcn air.
Get a jar of the cream today.
Dnnn, N. C.
"Oaca a Trial Aiwa?· NfaT
• . " '·»·.. y f
'ι · Itiï'.t mar s k't.i >'■ · <'; -fr«i .· ι ν·
4u:tn* t'« ÏUi't. P.'tt (ÎCÎ'h ·■: «
·»« itr ï.tbv; Cht!(t'tnr >îav Go.lA ι-lc »
e»t hic**:»** ebidc with «·»<->< aaH «v
<tey en» U ut ainci-rv pr»y«r.
Mr. im Mr». Anhic F. Lie.
f ·*·****· t\
^ ^ ^ ^ 41 >
LOST IN SELMA near rail
, loart «itur., ft ilixmond wnldinr
; ling ret m plutinum Ftmlvr plc«»e
nîtify Dunn n spuch for rcvr»rd.
!»* SU·.
I ixntilnjr yoane mxi *1 «κι-·· (or ·
live wire jxrtijoftltni 1. Don't <t ><w«i
unit» you Bt*.< tu .work. Anrwrr
bz Inttor aivinn ad<1r<-.> unci phonr
.tomber. A. L. IVI/oach, Box tu,
Ουαη, S. C 12 it p»l.
1 BRICK l-Ô* 5ALE. — SEE J. W.
I Thorulou. Dunn, Ν. i\ 12 Kt pd.
Ι pereoo#· who r*ia« chickens succea*
fully to Have Mtmt oyitri· shell.».
I Just a few h un dri.1 pounds left.
Se» me «t once. L. V Satlct. It
and italtcrns now ruidy ίο. deli*
I e:y. M L. Jackson. tf.
car loU. If)"·! Brick Co.. Sloeumii,
, N. C. 1S Hi pd.
Tor ail cat it Gain·;'· <ï>r»rc
iQUantitv Mick'for sale in
Car lots. Idea'. IS ir'< Co., Slocumb,
N. C. 1J Hi pd.
Hub" eilver clean.-* pi* f*. Tnoy
arr wonderful. Guaranteed fiv«
year*. Will aot Injure iilvcr. tile
at Godwin and Maxwell, Godwin
and Falcon. κ 2tpd.
OUS raodsis in fr.H oliu c?nd:tioa
(or cash or on lo.>e lira» Ga'.ncyV
I a "No Hub" «liver cleaner plate-.
I M>e,aî G. W. Putter's ma kei. 82tp
I carf at Oain«v'.« Cr.atre.
' recover yoe' Vord tup complete
I for 110.0(1. J. W. ihurnton. 7-6 It.
nude to orijfr I «m pi.spared to
I irivi· you prompt service. Gua N«w
I berry.
Ralaigh, July 9th.- County farm
KffrnU l**ort unurfuaTiy hot vr* tthcr
for the pAit wock for practically all
of No: th Carolina with local ahow«r»
ar heavy ralnâ in all «retient «xevpt
in p«»| dWît.
fui? te nié Bur au. u>« l*m
jtxraturca avMnd abuft. no, mal, and
and although , thers wa* m:» rain
ove.· the atatc khan for i»rc·«1 w*ok<,
the rain » wan· local in c'jatictcr and
unevenly rt'atrihuted.
; The wheat crop, wh't'h U abooi bar
vcoleil now, 1· lijtht, nm o.'Cr fn> per
'eftit of a naimal yield. Ru.< h->« Ixrtn
ba,l in the mountaia district. Corn la
improving; in «eitioni wheic the
riroughl ha* been broken, And the
:* ι v&l cn:idil»rv.i ·κ fair *o good.
>o*ii lUniajtc tiom ih*· bed worn»
< rr)M*i;rd in Runcombe. Cotton eon·« to train n)t(ioa«h jomcwhet
lowly. nr.<t has bvroa to bloom in Ca
it^u. Th> noicarance of the >*J
>i»iHi>i [.■ rvpoïinl in Rowan. Τohncc ο
Jill * hft< bi-c.i bteun in Ui<> coaatal
I strict ami ,Bf i ron i, Impr-iving,
mu mor» rain i« iicsxi'it· Tbe itutleik
ior h»·· and *a*»"·» :» provient
.h»r«· !> tnu:·* ra.»fa!l. The famr <un
£1..<k; uppl:>·» to pa/tur*». Truck la
;wl i-xccpl in pa:t* of U>t· P-.tfdm'iiu
fi.on where it ha·· b»«n very dry.
Vo rNaogi ind.ruled for the fruit
i-,cp. which if Mna!l and poo:.
L. vim lock i> plentiful and in Rood
.'«r.dUion. but in «οηκ' places the pao
Ιυι-Μ am too dry and the cattle arc
1 mlTering. A scarcity of hugs ia re
ported in Tratuyhrania. The intere»t
1 in uetv-brtd I* growm*.
Pc»» and Koi (rhum «ri being plant
I hi for hay, but · «hortafr uf pa ma
• hinders progreo. The drought has
"iu)>i*4 work «oraewhat, bat farmer»
lui irencrml arc wçll up with cultiva
tion. somewhat, hut farmer* in je»·
uraj are well up with cultivation, etc.
Ί He juccetfi of eooperaltvr marketing
ΐ'αιημκίκα* continue* and the great
'majority »f the farmers are ilgnlng
'· Them .a »till a »urptu* of labor,
but the quality remain* Wow per.
Wage· are about (2.00 a day. A
little raorv fertiUner I» being und
dow bat muck 1cm than a year ago.
ITh· recent drought and hot weath
er hare tedurrd crop proepoeta ever
ι the United States Cora generally
I thaw· food cultivation and il haing
I "laid by," but need· rain In «oca*
■ ftala*. Wheat yields ara variable,
from very good to poor. Oats
'have been Injured by the drought,
ι hfat. and rait In northern ataUs and
pronuturrly rlp»t>»d la thr crnlxal
Mctiao. F.xccaalve rain* kin caused
Kmc damage In Oklahoma. Cotton
«hoar· a general improvement owing
I to thr recent hoi woalhcr, but rrperU
ι >ho« the increasing activity of the
boll weevil. All Indication* ooint to
! a still further reduction in tn* fruit
«crop over the country.
Τ·Ήμ·Ι·* il MNti ma ϋ» «'jrivrd In tbwlr Νΐηββι. vin-fculon* *«<
τ μ-»Μ'«μ» b'tt« t ·4Λ·κ«ΐ «ir.«»hïafri* ere j<rt|*ri«*i fct *u*<«w aim! tor fcitl*r«hl|»
111 Itxlmiutil Mn*»1-»· Thi «4Κ·ς*
rOUR y CAR eountct I*:
AfrtotHere—Hrierfn* f.u«n«f A^rVjburv un J f^utw In W*rm Cr^·.
AgiVillCMIuâ*rcri«U(. AiiIumI Util'·· mIiy a ,.l D»|r>ÎM/ Μ'··»Ι·ν>. UeiUOÉt·*·»
Itj Mr4cr<<>, H»hU. V«*f«TtOiirr Ww-n :*.!«*'. &tMr*t:nn.
CfttaMrtry. A*rliiiltttrj( « '>«*niUU>. Tc*»:i« «a<1 byruiff.
CfvU Ililmrfat. AtrMkctuw, *υή "ïtiiri} fduclnacrtJ*
Ttfltfl» T«jf»«c JCniiic4vrint. Tnlil» W..n«f4rfur!uii. T**ilk CU^Utry awl Dro(l|.
TV· VCA* couvre IM:
srkruirmc. -Atl#. TckSIk U«**tarturtji3.
One Tear II· \>*n .Mi dunt«i
WlfHrt C'onr»# in Asr)<«fli«"· Fefi»fre.
HnoMor **·»·«·< f*t Twi-ta···*. f»r «Vlhfi* Euttiue· «M fer CofVc· CYMIl.
t <«i;;'iwnr II» nil <fr-|une«tN1t.
)<tfvAt<>n 1*21-13 le*eli « Ηο^γλ'·· i î
K.i*n-M-v J· ·)π·γf***·*1 · for ΓΙ·Μ. 13 wult»—MagJirfi. 3: H!«torv. f '
.Ifnlu-WMfU·*. I I'll UdMK fj 4 Ι·ί ·
Ψ'Χ oi. Un.. ÀlMVaH Durularr. .wl«pimnts· b'r.nks. write f. ·. OWCM. Ra«i«trar.
Bids open in my office in Raleigh : j]
at 12 oclock, Friday, July 15th ijj
For uuiiciing good road* and educational
nnct charitable innti. étions North Carolina is <
issuing bonus in denomination· of $100, ; |i
$5C0 and $ 1,000. You can buy a $ 100 non- < ')
taxable 5 per cent bond fot $100.00 and ac
c.-ced into ι cet, which amount· to $100.21.
D ie bcatc a 6 1-2 per cent tax-paying in
yt.ment. Bide for $500 and $1,000 bond·
will require a check for 2 per cent of the
< r.touni. bid. With "a $ ! 00 bond no check i*
rt quired. TV ere is no better way to invest
your eavtngs
Apply la me for further information.
B. R. LACY, Stat· Tnmumt
Here's why CAMELS are
the quality cigarette
BECAUSE we put the utmost quality into thia
one brand. Camels are as good as it's pos
sible for skill, money and lifelong knowledge of
fine tobaccos to make a cigarette.
Nothing is too good for Camels. And bear this
in mind) Everything is done to make Camels the
best cigarette it's possible to buy. Nothing is done
rimply for show.
Take the Camel package for instance. It's the
most perfect packing science can devise to pro
tect cigarettes and keep them fresh. Heavy paper
—secure foil wrapping—revenue stamp to seal
the fold and make the package air-tight But
there's nothing flashy about it. You'll find no
extra wrappers. No frills or furbelows.
Such things do not improve the smoke any more
than premiums or coupons. And remember—you
must pay their extra cost or get lowered quality.
If you want the smoothest, mellowest, mildest
cigarette you can imagine—and one entirely free
from cigaretty after us te,
It*· Camels for yon.
Price* That Please - Results That Encourage
No matter what the farmer may desire, if it is in the
farm machinery or implement line we can supply it.
Our commercial connections enable us to secure those
tplendid inventions and grades of implements, and - ma
chinery that literacy "put money into your pocket" at a
material reduction in time, labor and operating expense.
We can not toll you the whole «tory in this ad, but we
will be glad to demonstrate it face to face with you.
. »

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