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Th*up**l\y—'^fuâ ^j'ou» Heighta"—
•ploode It "Double Adventure." Th··
"Vagabond" Charlie Chaplin, two reel
comedy. "The Bill Poster" Hank
Mann, two rtel comedy. Paramount
Hereon Mag·1 '"·
Kriday •"Thunder Klaml" Univer
Ml «uper »pecial with Edith Robvrtn.
"Running Wild", one reel euniedy
with the Vanity Pair Girl*.
Saturday—"The Stolen Bride" epi
iodr 10 "Fighting Fate. "ΠΙ 8ay H«
Korgut" two ree! comedy. "The Day
Remrgvnt" Two Reel O'Henry Kea
' ture. l.ateat Pilhc New*.
Sing Jang «pent Sunday in Raleigh
with friend·.
Mr. and Mie. N, A. Townoand rpviit
Monday In Clinton.
Gcddie Jerome, of Wallace, ypt«n t
Sunday in town with friend*.
Mi»« Maud BuigeAa, of Sal< mburc,
rru Monday .n U>wn with Mrs. J.!
Gait it. I
Ε. T. Draper ha* returned from
Boykin, Va., where he vialted rela-j
live· in the city.
W. P. Diekoy returned Monday af-{
ternoon from a buKineu trip to Rich-'
raond and Prtcributg, Va. !
Mr*. T. B. Darde» loft lant niffht
for Hanover. Pa., where 'he will |
tpend July and Aogu*t with relativek ,
Miu Kathlyn Allen left Saturday
for North Kiaporia. Va., wherw the'
will visit her mother for ncveral day» I
Little MU» Katherine Womble ί»
«pending several day· in Raleigh thU
week with relative*.
Marvin Wadc. «tire president #f {
the Plrat Nation*! Hank, il in Gold >-1
boro today MtUndintf » Kintin; Ot' ,
the atockholders of the Scmino!» 1
Phouphat» Co.
Mim Mary J*ck*on and Mit· Irene
Bcddinirflela, of Sprinte Hop». are
her· Ihl» week visitinR Mr. and Mu j
W. H. Jackion. Mi«* Jackaon "w Mr.
Jarloun'a titter.
The Dunn colored ball team will I
Slay Durham here this afternoon at j
le fairground*. A colore.) excursion '
on the Durham and Southern ha»
brought a larRe crnwd to witnew the
The railroad croaainy near the po.«t
office It today being repaired, r.n.l
the Broad Street cresting wiU Ι·λ ί··
paired In the next few day», uecvrd
inf to 8ocret»nr Riddle, who hat a
letter to that effeet from the rail
road company
Mr. and Mr*. Arthur Wilhon re·
tarned Friday from Atheville and
uther po nte in the We»tern part of
the itate. Mn. Wilbon, wh« w« Mi»»
Aida Te» before her recent marri**v
hat returned her J tonographies] work
with the Clifford and Town «end law
The Philathea Claa* will entvrtain
the Barara elan· of the Fir*t Baptiet
church at Stewart'» pond Thuriday
afternoon. Member* of both daeer»
•re requested to be at thhi church
promptly at β o'clock. Member* of (he
Philailiea Claat are reminded to brinpr
their baeketa.
J. O. Loyton war in town thit week
with a petition aiklug the County
Board of Comaiuionera to hav· the
Stat· Highway coma via Buie* Creek
to Duke, and thcnce to Clinton. Ov
er Mr*en hundred people hara iltneil
the petition, according to Mr.' Lay
ton and everywhere people have hern
favorable toward It. he lay*.
After «pending «evvral day* here
with her brother Ε. T. Draper, Kim
Vivian Draaei* b»ft tHe lilt,.? ·.■#»
of the week for bar homo in Boykin,
V·., where (ht will ayend the »om
mer. Ml*· Drapa· It a member of lh«
Islington Parm Uf· arbooi (acuity,
and hi κ hern re-nWtr·! fer another
About a hundred and fifty mm
ha Vf aubacribed te Uvc fund aupport·
irif Mm Dunn ball eluh with amount·
ranging from three to fifteen dollar*.:
In Che fa to re the aipcaae* of Ut» clab
will he kept a· low u powibte, ac
cording to the treaanrer. bet eeery
thirfg will be done to glee Dunn a
wianlng team.
There U ear more regalarly aehrd
alad Ram* far Dean to play in the
Ont half of the kagae race. Dunn
will play Four Oak» here Thumday.
Oa the following day Beaaoa and
Selau win battle at Ben eon. If the
pennant winner lj in queatlon Dann
and four Oak· her· tie gamaa with
Helm· that alight be placed off. The
aeeond half af the league raee «tari»
next Monday, Dunr playing Benann
od the Benao* diamond.
ΛΙ>·.\ H.U PiiinroM1 «ρι-nt Saturday
in rw>'i>t*.tv'Ui' -bupoiinf.
I CiH Hai-vfoot wns In Kuur 0*ks
.Saturday night «η bu>inc»>
I P. fi. Coop.-r bu» retarowl from a
hQf iirm tii|i in Georgia.
M'·* f.dna »f l'onU. lit th»
K«vrt ut MTr. i\ K. Horwyruil.
ι Ml* Harvry McKay ηr..l ilanirhtar,
MW« I»a Battle, *i»iti*ti Fny*tt«villr
nlioppintt Sntunlay.
M>«/ Ivh Pi ar-i.n li ft Saturday for
Lumliri ion wH«r> «kr will rUit
frlvndi fo. romr : m»
M:» Ul*i· l'uiitl·. ami itauifhter,
Elcancr. of Rui k>· Mount au viiltina
Mr. ami Μι>. I Clifford. Mi»
Elcamir l'caruT' will «ο Trom bu·· to
Wh'ti l.*k·. vi-hi'i» 'he will join a
nomU r nf fru nd< on n Λ/Λr.kI Hay·
kiuin· p^rîy.
T«n hiiiihcil ami fifty bal»* of!
cotton ttirrc m'iI i>n thr local market!
Ratuiday .utrordine to m >tati ment|
mode to:lay by W. T. Royai. cotton j
weilfhir. About 200 hub-» of tfcl· cot ]
ton »«# M>|d fcy <>nr nun. IWurt pla
tine bi» rwUoii o" the market be afk
«il for competitive bdii from other
mark it · in thltf «irt'.iu of Ihr *tat·,
bai the price paid by the local buyer
»> above buy ntbrr bid r«*ived.
According to thix Dunn Hill main·
'a n· it· rrputnl '»n *r At beat mar
ket in thi<< r>nrt of ;b·· -taU·.
Mr. Bi n C. Di nning, of Our.n. who
lui> hud yrun cf i-X|ieri*nc. with
»»'<. »■>« he hax nrver mon- convin
•wl than when h* u»ml JuM one baj;
nf low Ohnw. to th« great In
cri-n»'· in hU milk anil Uutter prodoe
llon. "I had osorf nml am! hull] for
*r»r/, bat a »injtl·· b«a iif Cow Chow
■••ublcd ray yield of mjlk and buttai
Γιοπι iuiitic tow<." «y»" Mr. Denning. «1* «•xL-loilvrly m Dunn hy L.
Surir» in chirki-r boxril bm^LV It.
The man who solved the Emtcin
hrory it now ut work on the rail
oa >1 timetable — •Miniirapulii* Juur
K·* York, July β.—The rtock mar
et today dlfplajred impreamive activi
|Wty and ttrtngth for lb· flr»t tim
in nearly two fnOBtha.
The rally, maintained to thi end
ara· «omet h; ne of a shock to thi
short», whole huriied covering of con
tiacU added measurably to the r»
varia). Many isau<u, specially thaw
itecntly under irrrnten pressure
mail· net «aim or Î to 10 point!.
Early quotation*, imperially in for
ilgn ail·, iiiMtitiJ another rvaei'on·
ary «raiα». Mexican petroleum f«|]
to iht new low of 87 W and aflliat
trd «h«η ί alto r»(fl»tcrcJ nln>mair
prier., of rveent year*. Within tha
Ornt heur, however, heavy buylnf of
.Mexican Petroleum turned the lid·
and «tuck doted at IVI 1-4, a act
luin of JO point*. ran-Aatiini pe
troleum averaged eight point gain<.
The fellow who received a letter
from the giTtmntnl telling him tbat
hirbody hart arrived from Fi-ance
mu»t hav· felt very much relieved to
know ;bat he wai nu longer lying
dead on foreign noil.—The Argua
Clinton To Dane Jitney
I*·**» Silemfcnnr »Λ0 a.
U.av<· Boacboro 8:80 a.
Le»**· Clinton 11 AO a.
Leave» Dunn 3:00 p.
Arrive· Roatrbvro ..... Β:Z5 a.
Arrive· Clinton ...... tilt *.
Arrivai Dunn ...... 1:00 p.
Arrive· Clinton .........ΒΛ0 p.
Arrivu SMeboro 8:40 p.
FARE $1.10
W«ihla«toa, July S.—Every Moucb
«>■ SUW incrvancd iu COIK »iro»|t«
(hi· y»*r, Uhp Dcptrttii nt ·( Auricul
ar*'» July crop report iNwi«d today
tivowlnic iitrauM raacinc from l to
20 per ft. Virginia. Tcnutwr, North
Carolina, Tcxu and Oklahoma 41 r the
oaly «ouihtrn <t>t« for which unall
[ν tttfr m« Um:i wru h*r
Ipkt y··»·'.
(ac ι of r«.n ."x'r 1 an J
:b·· P.*tc«»i uf piodoftitt: (»r «juiH
Vîlw'tie· rn*<âiUo'i. ΜΛ yrrdntlion
t ι,ι«,ί ba<Jlc'r.
Nuik C»u.I im f i es.i 1
ϋι-ο.κ'·» 77 Y*,«iSl 0U0.
Te«u4CC, Ki a.>J K4,Jt7.MO.
AUhumt 7i #'Hj tft.lij.MO.
Μ1ι*!μ·ρ»: Τ» μ4 Μ,Μ7,0Μ.
Λ 1k· lues Μ and njH.M*.
It V right for tb· beMiBf
narfv* ta -<1«ΛΙΙ kMt».1* If Um WiH
■I'.*1 ward build Mw — OUmwo
najljr Nnrt.
TWy r«tl tt a taimarchy, but Κ i*
k:air Cr»r*«- tbr Fink MU Uojri
Cîmiarc tb*· Fuei Fifth·.—Fmit· Rv
thi« week for Virginia Bench, where !
tbe j will >p«nd loir· time.
John Clifford Iifi today for V.r- j
tin!» Beach, where he will •pen t »«-» ι
era! day· with friend*.
There will b« a ball κβηο< hart to-1
morrow between Dunn and Fuquay
at lb· League park.
Perry Morgan, «tale secretary of*
th· Β. V. P. U. of the Baptiat church,
«pent Sunday in town with friendi.
and relative·.
II. S. MrKly I* attending the Shri
ncri Cenmonlal In Norfolk and a'. ;
Virginia Beach. He will ivtarn this !
A large crowd of Dunn people mo
tared to Four Oak· yeaterJay to wit-|
neaa the ball game between Unun *od |
Xoar Oak*.
Miaaea Adalla and Margaret Row- |
lanj, da ugh te .ι of Mr. and lira B. A.
Rowland. are viftilinj? friend* In
Rocky Mount. j
Mr. and Mr». E. P. Pari» and chU-i
dron left tuday for Columbia. 8. C.,
where they will «pend a two-weaka
vacation with relative». j
Mr. and Mra.JXroy Mond. and Mrt.
John Moods, «pent the weak end with .
rclatlvca in Coldabor·. Mr Mond* re
turned to Dunn Monday.
Rev. Ç. A. Jeakena of _ Clayton,,
- Jama· But Wi in receipt of rwenty
flva eopirs of The Hi*tor> of the 11»
Infantry of the XOth diviainn, which
he will distribute to member* wko
apply for the»· :
Mr·. 8am B.roughton It in the Pitt' |
man Iloipitil at Vayetteville. Her I
friend· will be glad to. learn that skw
i> getting along nirefy and recover- ,
In» raDidlv
. Were
Read how Mr». Albert
Qrtmorf, of K. P. DTNo.
1. Blulord, 10.. got rid at
ftet lUi. l>eilog . . . I
«« awluDy weak - . .
My point were tonifie. I
ht 1 would dit. The
The Woman's Tonic I
"1 took k UllWmHy and
the result* were immedi
ate." aida Mit. Gregory.
"I continued to (ct bet
ter. an my ill· le* me,
and I went i,.rough . . .
with do further trouble.
My baby was (at and
strong, and m/sell - -thank
Ood—an once store hale
and beady, can walk
mites, do my work,
though 44 year* old, leai
like a new pei so·. Mi
owe to Cardai." For
many years Card id has
been found heJplul la
builUlng op the system
wticn run down by d)a
o· it rs peculiar to wotnaa.
* Cardui
V'e »t<t to ahre you
»& .·« Klertrical Repair Ser
vice on:
Irimi. «II mak«·.
Grill·, nil atkk··,
Parcalatur·, *11 make·,
all ■abt·,
Vuiua Cbawx, all main·,
R«»*aa «all mIm·,
Curling Irait, all Mkai,
Vlkratar·, all ralwa,
Fan·, all auk··,
Maters all wlw,
Churn·, all aulm,
Sawing ΜκΜικι, all raalta·.
■ Fact EnrjrtliiDi Electrical
We have a well equipped
Electrical Shop in charge of an
experienced mochanic. Briny
un your trouble· and w§ will
adjuat them for you at > reas
onable price.
107 Eaat InU IkM
— ι
While Bargains are Plen- i;
Whatever you want to eat or !
wear, if you buy it at the YEL
LOW FRONT STORE this week, j;
will have no sting of High Price·. :
Everything marked to suit the j :
times and make living easy and | j
worth while for those who trade i;
with us.
Come now while bargains are
it Dun, is the Stat· ο I N*rtl Ctitliu, at lb. <Ua «Ι >«ί··Η '«a Jb»·
30»K Ι·2Ι.
•nan* and diirounU, including redinrognta ..$662,311.76
Total Loan» ...1662,313 76
i»tc< anil bill* rnl>»<-nunted with Federal Reaerva
lank (other than bank acroptanceg
•old ... 1238,621.If 1
lolot and hill* ivdincountcd other than with Fed
eral Rtsrrve Bank( ul.her than hank atccptancai
$240,02) .ft 1 $42ΐ.β91.9ό
Ivridiafts «eeuied $6,261-ββ; uη·*«■<■ ur<d, $51β.31 ' β,ΤΗ.Π
I. S. Covtnianl McuritiH owned ;
kpositfj to «ocurc circulation (U. 8. Rond* par
»*luc 40,000,00
111 oth«r llmtnl SUtci Government 8eruritit<-. 167,400.00
Total 207,400.00
>lh«» bo»4>. itock·, aacerHI·*, «ta. ι . S. 100.00
linking Hou>«, $41,225.01; Furniture and Fix
ture*, $11,911.65 63,18<I.Se
temx with Federal Rewrve Bnrk in μ roc»»* of
rollertic ■ (not available a< raaetv»).. 4,720.31
')i'h iu vault and amount due from nation*! bank* 20,$87.60
kmourt due from bank*, banker·, and Irait com
panies in the United State* ■ 20,726.10
'hi-ck* on other bunlo in the «ante city or town
a* reporting bank . .... ... 1,647.3·
Total of Item.» 63.681.40
'heck* on bank·* located oatx de of eil» or tow», of
reporting brink and other caxh Item· 17.24
ledemption fund with L'. 8. Trea*urer and
dur from 11. S. Treanxrer-. 2,000,00
Total .. . ... ... ....
Capital utock paid ia ......
iur/.!&i fund .. ......
Individ.Ή prof'.U tlZ.9HO.20
[■irtuliiiiiiK note* uutftandlnit —..........
Λ mou it dur to Federal Reserve Bank (deferred
crédite) .. ............... ....
"ο·;':f'<-·<! ch?ck4 out landing . ... ......
c«»hi<-r'M rhrc-ki on own bank ouWUndlnr ......
T«.u: 12.β·Χ.4«
Out; fedfial Rw »· .. .....
Dint d Jirri'.i (ether A·» bank depaeita)
. «ubjn, I lo r»a*r«« (d«portt< payable within 80
lay- -. ... ... of lU-maii! d»po>im (other than bank
il.pmlt 0 xvSjit. lo Retvrve ........ 147,270.60
Tiu· d«pa4t« nbjMt ta fteeerve (payable aftar
Û0 day», or subject ta *0 day* or η»err nolle·,
a <d pontal tarin**):
(% itifècate» of tlcpoait (other than formeney bor
rowed) .. .. ...... ......
OthiT lime riepoaita ... ..... ......
Tot*· of I'ta* depoalt» auhjeet to Reaerrr.. 171.R7S.7e
L*. 8. Govnrnment Beauritle* borrowed . ......
BI1U payable other than with Poderat Reserve .
Bank (Including all obligation» representing
money borrowed otber than rediaeeant»)
Bill» payribl· with Federal Reeeree Bank
... ...... «
Sut» »t Narth Carolina, County of HamaU, ml
I, H. 1 Taylor, Cuhkr of tke nbe*e-nam«l bank. 4o atlmaly nraar that
thn nltovr «tatomanl la trua ta tba baat af my know!«<W* an4 MM.
H. Β TAYLOR, Caahkor.
BaWribcd an4 »*οτη ta Wforo ma thla ith day of Jaly, 1M1.
JAMES PEAMaU,, Notary PoMk.
My ramraHnlon Janoary 11, IMS.
J. W. MtAUOilOH,
, Dim ton.
Best in
the World
Fall Set of Majestic Cooking Ware, either Alumi
num or Porcelain, with Each Range ! !
Biggest Bargain Ever Offered in this Section
„ ·
GET YOURS while the stock lasts.
Butler Brothers »
Dunn, N. C. Varina, N. C.
are often at the end of their wits to know where they can
have their repair work on their care properly done—how
to avoid the absolute butchery that is so often inflicted up
on care by incompetent persons who hang out a sign and
call themselves "motor mechanics."
This garage offers you the opportunity to have your
repairs made in the proper manner by mechanics who DO
KNOW THEIR BUSINESS and who have long since pass
ed the experimental stage in motor mechanic·.
You pay only for the actual time iionestly consumed
in the work.
. .» -y,·· >
The largest Gurnfr in Harrrtt or adjoining counties

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