North Carolina Newspapers

Volume VIII.
Dunn, North Carolina,
Frieod· Of Lata Secretary Of
Interior Raise Fund of
Surplus War Explosive I· Ob
tainable bjr North Carolina
Farmer· At An Unusually
Reasonable Figure — Good
For Clearing Stumps—Pro·
tests Against Fort Removal.
Washington, July 12.—Friends of
tii· 1st· Franklin K. Lan·, have raised
a memorial fund of <100,000 which
will. eventually bo oiçd In th· er*rtkm
of monument· ig. memory of th· late
Secrvtsry of the Interior In all the
National parks which were under hit
jurisdiction and in the development
of which he took the greatest interest.
Pending this, the intereit from the
fond will bo psld hla widow for her
Secretary of Commerce, Herbert
Hoover is credited with a&ainaUng
the movement. Adolph C Miller, s
Californien and member of the Féd
éral Reserve Board, who served as
assistant to th* Secretary 0/ the In
terior daring the first two ysars of
Mr. I.ane'a term of oAee, Is treasurer
for the fund.
Fieri. Acid Fee Fsraes
North Carolina farmers can obtain
672,000 pounds of picric acid If tHoy
want this high explosive fur clearing
lands, making <1 itches and blasting |
rock·, which the government U ready
to send to them at the cost of pr»-|
parinr and shipping. a figure far leasi
than the cost of dynsmlte or commer
cial powders. The Department of Ag
ricultor· announces that It I· making*
the offer of the picric acid, a surplus I
wsr explosive, to stimulate land clear
ing, the offer to hold (fond to Mayl
1922. Hie has to be capped I
and prepared and shipped each earl
rid·· wclrhinu ils ounces und using
a "No. 8* rap, the ρ ewer about equal
to eight ounce* of dyaamttf· the de
tonstion to be by s slow fuse or by
electricity as desired for the kind of
blasting Urn is to be doss, there .be
ing ae toxic afleet*
pound th« freight tirée ccnt» a pound ι
with on· c»nt ■ pound for diitrfbut
tag and handling, making the tetal
coat about tm c§-ni$ a pound. The
dilcaltf it In Arranging for carload
shipments, th«- department saying that
this can be don· through the Slate
Agricultural college, the state De
partment of Art1 culture or nnr a
gency agreed upon an the shipment
in individual loU would make the coat
«quai la commercial exploiter·. Con
gieismsn Ward I.» taking the matter
up with the United Slate! Department
of Agriculture, and jritVtac Stat·
Deparment of Agriculture in order
to see If it M not possible far North
Carolina farmers το get th· benefit
of the distribution.
Th· Cental Berean in « prelimin
ary statement of the. return» of the
fouiteenth census. lava that occupa
tional statistics for WJlmlngton «how
that with a population of 11,372 there
war· 16,308 person· 10 years of age
and over in Williamston engaged In
gainful occupation In 1911) consti
tuting 46.9 per cert of tha total
population of the city and 57.7 per
cent of tha years of ag·
and over. In 1910 the 12,483 gainful
workers ware 4Î.4 par cent of tha to
tal population of th· city and U.t
par cent of the population 10 years
of age and over. Its gainful workers
la 1920 wcra 10,β6β or 70.· per cent
males and 4,462 or 29.1 per eent fa
Pretest Against Reateval
At the rw)oe«t of the Chamber of
Commerce of Wilmington, Senator
Simmons took up with the War De
partment today the matter of the re
port that Vo-rt Caowrll near Wilming
ton, would bo abandoned except for
a number of caretakers which would
be left in chargc. General Jarvay,
chief of the division of operations,
War Department, advised Ike Senator
iaat m· ηροη vu crTflnooaj, imi
no order had bm ijutued te that ef
fect bot in a conference arlth General
Cm, chief of the division of tho (Mit
artillery, tho Su·ter wa« adriml
tkat it had Wn decided le iaeue an
order at oner to laaea Tart Caswell
far Οιο preaent in charge of untlk·
ara. The department explained that
under tha army btll rocontly paaeed.
foreing ihr redaction of th« army
to ISO,000 men it wan necetaary ta
reduce the number of men at almeat
all the farte and that many of the
•malle» forte would e^enlaatly be
abandoned. Oneral Coe ttaUd that
the matter of Fart Caawetl wap im
mediately In charge of OeaeraL Mor
rtaon at Allant·. Senator Simmon·
late thia afternoon wired General
Korrieon In earnest protest aninit
Fort Caiwoll and tomorrow tha Sana
tar will take tha matter up direct with
the Secretary of War.
Tha Poatnlkee Department aanevn
eaa that Raohon H 8tatoo had been
appointed acting poetraaatar at Hen
denonvllle, and La ara Mae re actlnj
poatmaatcr at Konansville and thai
an anamination to fill a procidentia]
vacancy at Richland· will he held
by tba Chrtl Serelee Commltaioa al
a data ta be later annooneed. It b
also announced that exchange al
mall· will be permit ted between Bo
goe Ranks and Morehead City af oth
er than aehedule day* In iteam 01
ntber power boat· mall to be bi lack
ad poachea and in · a «tody af a twen
j* ~ *
* %
a You arv invited tu attend 1
» meeting to be Ki*ld in Metro- 4
* politan Theutie, Dunn, next 1
j* Thursday, July 21. at 3 H
* u'clock in the afternoon. The 1
¥ marketing problem of our 1
ι ¥ cotton and tobacco will be· 4
{¥ dlMUMwd in thia meeting by 1
* Dr. B. W. Kilgore. of the Ύ
¥ State Agricultural Extension *
¥ Huresu; Ik S. Tomlimon, ·¥
¥ President of the State Cotton 4
¥ Grower· Association; Λ. W Η
¥ Swain, campaign manager of *
¥ th· Cotton and Tobacco *
I* Grower» Co-operative n«r*>- ·*
ι ¥ elation, and other ablr apeak- V
¥ era. *
|¥ This I* to be one of the ¥
. ¥ moat, important meetings ever ¥
¥ hold In Harnett Sampson, ¥
¥ Johnston or Cumberland ¥
¥ counties. You eannot afford ¥
¥ to miaa It. Your personal in- ¥
¥ tercat la it (Uke. What in ¥
¥ done In this matting will' dc- ¥
¥ termina in a lange measure ¥
¥ our fatura welfare. ¥
¥ You arv asked to tall your ¥
|¥ neighbor» of this çacctinr and ¥
¥ urge them to attand. Bring ¥
; ¥ a* many aa you can. Make ¥
¥ this lata a holiday in the four ¥
|¥ counties. Forget your work ¥
.¥ and think about how to get ¥
¥ pay for the work you have ¥
|¥ allow anything lo keen you ¥
¥ away. *
ι The above U the copy of a circuler
letter being mailed out thi* work by
the Publicity of the org
aniaation heading the co-operative
marketing movement here, in an ef
Ifort to Imve the hundred* of farmer*,
in Harnett. Cumberland, juhnaon and
Sampson counties, present here on
.Thursday, July 21 »t, fora ι»ι» meet
ing in tho interest of the co-opvrativc
move merit.
j B. O. Townsend, chairman of th·-·.
I committee heading the mus meeting1
land promoting the intareat of farm
I era la this section in cooperative
marketing, believes that farmer· will
flock to Dunn on that day, realizing
ι that their interest ts at stake.
In connection with the interest now
being manifested In cooperative mar
keting by farmer* ia Haraett, the
following is clipped from Thursday's
Nawa and Obaerver:
"Frank M. Harper, after a two
weeks' canvass of Harnett County
In th· interest of. co-operative mar
keting of cation hnd tobacco, coma*
hack with the conviction that this U
1 an
new, he My·, U ntnljr Tô 'ihtui
As Ctlifami· ha* prospered under
thm system ·( marketing. so will
North Carotins prosper if the iyM«n
la adopted," ujn Mr. Harper. "Hut
If we are to succced in OTu> treat
talk, much work will be necewary.
I Rod th· farmer* not opposed to
(t but in many cum they hesitate
to sign the contracta becauac they
do not fully understand just what it
moan». They need sneaker* and local
men who can corral à crowd at the
school house· in every district to hear
the/· speakers. Some have made up
their minds to sign at once but the
Majority have to be persuaded.
"At least 76 per cent of the to
bacco J lowers are witling to go into
this system of marketing but canvas
sers will have to see them personally
It Is too vital a matter to be allowed
to drag along. Organisation and sy»
tvtaatie work in every county will be
noeeaaary. It raqairea one man one
week in every township. If a county
has nine township·, it will take one
man nine weeks in that county to
thoroughly canvass the county. Ne
lukewarm man ought to be engaged
In soeh a eausc·. A good man can
sign up 2G a day if h« ha* rood local
support. The work, ffnances Mft
There are enough young men avuil
able now to carry on this work but
later these young men will be In col
leg· or at wurk.
It is % critical time jujt new and
if the work is allowed to languish and
drag along, failure is certain. Every
business man In North Carolina
should manifest an Interest In lh«
movement and help to put it across.
I have been told that the warehouse
men are opposed to the movement
I am leth to believe thia as prosperity
to the farmer means prosperity foi
all. Nothing of a eelfi»h nature should
stand la the way of the movement sc
vital " to North Carolina. Two trlpi
te California since the system was »
traduced there has convinced me of
the wiadom of adopting the plaa Ir
our own State. Let's all lend ι
I 8mithJMd, July IS.—The July twc
week· Un» of (toil court i« In κ·*ι>ο»
with Oeonra W. Connor, of Wl'.ton
proaidlnf. Several run hare b<«r
dlaaoeaif of, tho principal one ol
.which vu the Troy Waahlngton l.e<
<«·. Mr. Uo, who livnl in Infrro
towntfilp for many yean, while ι
bachelor Mad· a will. Hla fine Cam
•f ISO acre» wa« to he told at hi'
drath and one half of It waa In K<
to hla widow if ho had one at tlx
itiaa* of kU death. Tho other half wa
to pay hi· barial aapenae· and f#
[dreoratllic hla (Tara. H» wai afl«r
word· marriod, and whon h« died lof
I a widen* aad mo. The Will wa* bro
,k«w aad all Ma prevtaiona ware ae
aaldo In to art ye·terday
1 StWHT did atataMHOMhip ht al
laada reqolre mo re pa time ι and wu
dam thaa at prawnt David 1.1 oy
0»«nr», British prrmiar.
J Evary Kagllahwan ihoald gJ t
Aatrrlca for atonie; evary AmWra
■henId ro ta Inland aa a «edativr
—C. 9. RlKiaan, BritIA rarmWr ο
Cmci Are Mostly Minor
Clu.rge· But Court Enrich··
On Small Fines
Number Are Up For Driving
Automobile· Without Nun·
bet-· And Pay Co«U
Alan W.uvit, charged with using
profane lan^auife on a publie road
anil trctiiasung, wan found "not guil
ty" of trv^pansing, but was fined the
co t» for cuising on a public road,
<n Recorder's Court yesterday.
The J. f.adant wai alleged te bare
em-ird Mr*. Lee, who lives near hi·
hnme, aftrr soma mi* under (landing
had arum over some money thai Mr·.
Ikn· owed Wearer. Evident· waa in
troduced showing that Weaver called
Mr*. Ire a liar, a d liar, and a
d blisck liar, and Mm. Lna and
hor daughter, Sutanna Lee, when pat
on the eland, declared that W«ever
«aid hi- would knock h out of bar
on oik· occasion, aid later said that
if »hr aei· a nan h· would knock
li' out of her.
The defense showed that Mr*. L*«
had called Weaver a liar alto, and
that there waa some little argument
nn both side*. C. J. Smith, appearing
for the defense, declaring that he be
lieved it to be nothing mora tbaa a
little "family wrangle/' liable to oc
cur anywhere, with both aides of
blame. E. 7. Young, appeariag for
the proaceutlon, «aid that the law
covp id and shoald cover nek viola- '
tions of order, and that Weaver ought '
m be found guilty for cursing a
helpl.x widow woman in such a man
ner, and on a public road.
Up For No Ait· Lioease
A number of caaes cam ν up before j
lircorder Godwin for violator· of the ι
slate auto license law. For operating I
an automobile without a state license ι
The following men were found I
guilty und made to pay I
the coma of the cases, which a- ι
mounted to 111. Η. M. Hawaii, driv- 1
leg J. l> Vance's truck; Walter Me- I
Laurie, driving Johnson Brae, truck; ι
Swane.e Jones, diiving i. W. Tar- I
nam's truck; R. O. Prisnroa», Dua- |
ran Mstihows, Ernest Jsrnigaa.
^ Moil men ^had^socurad j
oiuma πηι ■ numnr «τ un afo.
H wii for thés· num· that Record
er Godwin let ih» mad iff with U>*
payment of the co«t».
Carra) Jacknon, charged with aa
»»alt on a four year old child, tufc
mittrri incl waa lined th« coatL Mr.
Mckaun luat lib temper and ilapped
the ell 11,1 before h· realised what ha
wai doing, declared hit attorney, Ο
Ι. Cay.
The caw again at Lillie Smith, col
ored girt, charged with curaing on a
pufclir highway. wa· _dUtnit*ed. Eel·
dence wa< produced ihowing that it
wan an ordinary negro quarrel], lia
ble to oreiir anywhere.
Kvidoi'cc was produced on both
xide* in the cane ug»in«t Dewey He
Lamb. charged with Ktcallng a bicycle.
M. l-ernb claim· he arcured the bicycle
from Ernc.t KnnU and paid hi· wife
10. Κηηί*. who la now aerrfng a term
on the roarte, wai not pre#eat at the
trial, and it waa continued till the
n<mi terra of Recorder** Court when
Bmii* can be brought to teiUfy.
x Harvey Deal wai found yailty of
-on ropport jf hi» V* », an i we» ad
v!v<( by the court to tee that the ia
Well taken caro of and supported, af
ter a long trial and the testimony of
a number of witneiie* on both aide·.
Deal plcadid hi* own eaae, exam
ined the w'.tneiae* for the plaintiff,
and gtatcd hi* position, but did net
take the (tand himself. He introduced
evidence showing that hia wife had
left him to «Lay at h«r mother*·
ne» in it hit will, and that ha had «ap
porter! her well fcefure ah* left him.
The provocation charged Deal with
failure· to provide In any way for hia
«!»(#* wtia !■»< aUli Im aritW
hope of nwivntmr, at her mother's
home. Mr. Weaeer, father of the dek
woman, declared on stand that be
had no hard footings pnd narsed no
malic* against hit son-ia-law, bat
I nurcljr wanted him to rassort hli
family '"GenUemen," h* «aid, ad
drrssing th* court, "Lwant Mr. Owl
to hesr the espouses of hi» family ao
ihst I can hear the expenses of ml··".
Mr. Weaver explained that ho had a
larj»* fam'ly of hU own to rapport,
and did not fool In a petition to rap
port ki* son-in-law's family of three.
Mr. Wuaver declared that th* man
Had give» his wifo only fg.GO te hli
knowledge, since she had bora la hh
Some, and had abandoned her. H«
"·!«! J»*t IVal W»« always wtlcoat in
bis horns, and thnt all he wanted wai
for him to look after and take can
of hi* wife.
ι Thomas L. Vaohn ■ traveling sal··
' man, who resides on North Laftsi
street, while [a the «et of loading ι
: shot fan to kill a snake «n a ries»
. bank nrar town Tuesday, accidental
; ly. discharged th· run and drove I
ballet thioagh his hand.
Mr.* Vaughn waa carried to the hoe
I piul at Duke shortly after the aeei
■ dent, and Is rrported as setting aient
I eery well there. Mr. Vaughn eras for
red to have his hand removed, ewin(
le the serioasneas ef his wooad.
• With one other person, Mr. Vasurt·
> had been deem on the beak akootta
. bull frogs when he accidentally fir·
I the «un that came near blowing M
entire hsn<t off.
Cottea And
L. S. Τοη1·Β»οη,?
State CoUon Or
Auociatlon, Dr. _
the State urieiKl
raau, and A. W. !
manager of the
Grower· Co-opt
will explain the .
tir» marketing Id
to be bold here
ilet, according U
In a f WiM of <
chant* In the c> ..
oAcc Tueedar night*
The merchant· adf
pnrpoee of did
tr»e marketing ,
in η latter from —
ton and Tobacco
thre Association·
to B. O. Tom*.
wai manifested at
Durn rltiaeni, a ad
gin t en coming fn
t'ir 2*th«ring ç
meeting here not
officer· of the ai
and explain tke
wili be advertised
farmer» from all ρ
adjacent counties
af'the process of ι
e rati on.
». O. T·
B. O. Townarnd,
chief promoter of .
ι tke I
. of the
Xilgorc, of
(tension bu
nod Tobacco
■· Association,
of co-opcra
nm meeting
jmnday, J air
etoon readied
*J Dean ι
•f Co
« explained
Sa of là· C<
oigb, written
luck I η t» rctt
ettng by »be
; on the nl/
«Ute ο flier,
1 hold the t.g
■ end have tin·
Ρ come dawn
" The meetin
•■eireljr ae_
' Harnett and
I here to hear
In co-op·
— been tke
inter··! of
|oet, and who
•ce witk tke
ttoUoa at Be
of the
vnuiging the
Dunn citizen* in
has bean in ç»r l
>λκπ of tke rtate
ieigh, wat elected _
executive commttta· _■_» ».
big meeting here n«kt wart wh«n the
three able speakers-ef Jht eta te aaao
ciftion will explain tg îké farmer* of
Harnett, Curaberiant fcmpse» coun
ties, how |>njis marketing
■orlu. the C«mi>lfMfn|>p»lntod na
rollowa: B. O. (MU, dura
Marvin Wade, ■. fSbdwic, C
Hick·, Felix ""
M (tagine the WHWyii a pub
licity conalttM twpwd ef C.T. I<m
Bjrroe Ford, and If. L. Riddle. Thi«
(HuîUm will htTi charge »f
thia committee «ΟΙ have char it of
thoroughly advertising the event, and
already ha»# ittrM work .toward
thU end. Four thoeaand letter* will
be mailed oat by the publicity com
mittee In an effort to have all the
farmer* of Harnett jgid adjacent
counties preeent on the day of the
Will En»UJa tyilM TWM(Uf
The meeting will,he held la the
Metropolitan Theatre at S o'clock on
Thursday afVemoea, July tlaL The
maker· n^med above, all o^cera of
οίο Cotton and Tatatn Grower* Co
operative aaaoelationa, who are thor
oaghly familiar with the tyitem of
eo-eperatlva markc^ag, will deliver
the apeechea ta the farmer* praaeat.
B. O. Townaend, chairman af the
committee, déclarai that theae men
will explain thoroughly what la meant
by co-operative marketing, and will
come right down to what the farmer·
want to hear—how to market their
cotton and tobacco, how to (at pay
for the work they have dene.Tie ex
pect* one of the largcei erowdk of
farmer* ever gathered here to be pre·
aent at the' meeting and hear ro-op
ermtlve marketing, explained.
Former Harnett Citizen
U Killed In Raleigh
J. L. O-Quin·, ef lUMfk. FUUm
Free Crabtree Creak TrMtU.
C»|tl WS.A. L Train
KaUigh. Jely It.—J. L. O'Qulnn.
florut and banker of Raleigh, wai
killed ioataatly on Crabtree Crick
trc»tle, about fQnr Mile· from Ra
le ifh, this aftarnoon whan caught by
Beaboord paaeeiiger train No. It dae
I» Raleigh at « o'dMk.
Mr. O'Qulnn had been fUhlng in
the creek and itarted Mtro-u the
bridge which U naar a carra. The
trala, making nod time, caught him
wk«a he coald neither retreat dot
go forward fast enough to e«cape. The
ι-nglneer U qaatad m *aykig the Ra
leigh «an etood motion lew long
enough to have eacapod had he made
the beat oao of hi* taw aeeonda.
The death of the flortit end· a
highly (occaaaful badnoa* life. Only
a few yean ago he »ti a laboirr
drawing a dollar (tail* wage ai work
er in aeotber'i flortit· plant Since
then he had acquired large In (areata,
had become director In the Merch
ant· National bank and · owner «1
much realty In town. He wa· about
βυ rear· old and learea a family.
Sir. O'Qulnn earn* to Raleigh from
Harnett county.
Smith Held, July I».—Durwood He·
bar Crwh, Jr, the Utile ion ef Mr
and Mr». D H. CreeclL af thi« city
died at β o'clock tkie morning at thi
home of kia parenta on Nerth See
eerth (tree!. The deeeaaed waa tb<
r yanagaat child af Mr. and Mr<
. Creech, being paly 14 mouth· oil
t today. Re wu takea dek lart let»
day and gradually grew war·· antl
ι hi· death. TV· faaeral will lake pUe
[ tomorrow afternoon at I o'clock a
I the aid cemetery. H· la «arrived b
ι'hi· parent·, two brother·, aad hi
'$200,000 School frnl '
Pum I» Special EWctioa
Br Larft Majority
iTwo Biildiafi To Bo Croctod
Thi· Y ear For Wkkh $125,
000 Will B· Spaat
Swiil bond« to the Moint of
|liOO,OUU vu voted to be laaued for
the puipotL of rrrcting ind eaulp
p|»r arnoul building* Τ» the Dunn
district la a apacial achool bond alec
tie· held hcrt Taeiday. Out of 2 SB
voter· of thi* district ratting tbrfr
vol*·. 24β voU-d for, and St againat
the loo·.
On lb· registry book there wore
3H1 names, bat 112 failed to ft· to
the poQi Tac id ay, and thoir vote
counted againat the lint. Owing to
thii fict the majority wu a Uttle
over a hundred in favor of the ieeo
iKf of the 1200,00· bond*. Λ «id*
from the work of Mae af -.he a: oil
imergvtie of Uw men advocate· croon
for the bi( majority in favar of the
iwuance of the achool bond· ahould
go to thn" wooK-n of the diatrict. The
wetnrn voted almeat solid in favor
uf the imic.
•1X5,00· laeoad ThU Y«w
Although the election aathorlaaa
the lasuancc of $200,000 in boa de,
only a boot $126,000 of Uda aawul,
will be iuaed thii year, according ta
J. C. Clifford, chairman of the board
of tratteee af the Dana Public
School!. Thia it in kceplag with the
bailding piogram which permit* the
roaatractioo of two bollaingi at the
present Urn·. Xoxt summer a teach
mga will be ballt nad the pnooat
graded ichool bailding will be rmacd
eiad for the u*e of the high achool
grade*. /
The new bailding far the am of
_> bjr Α»
and ^which have bean on dUplay in
the giammar grades, according to
plae* drawn up by Architect WÏÏn·,
the J. W. Draaghon window for mu
time, will com la the nafrfchaif ud
af $100,000, fally equipped. A lit·
for thli building luut not been rhnern
yet bit A u probable that it will
be located oa a site la the eastern
edge af town, the property of B. O.
ft· bj |^g|
On* of th* now buildings to be
conrtractsd, which alao will coat ΙΜΓ
ly $100,000 ia a modern colored
school, to be located on the northeas
tern edge of town, "the largest port
of thi< coat, however, will foil on the
ihouldr·» of independent* end not
on the school board and the boed
Nten school children in thlf see
Uoa havr been sadly lacking in the
wax of educational facilities for a
long time now. I .«it year a email
frame structure was used for the col
ored school children bere, and it waa
hopelessly oyer crowded daring the
entire term.
Henry Lincoln J ah mon was the
chairman of the national Republican
committer for the eta te of Osergis.
He ie the aame darkey who ιιμιο
«entrd the protestants of Frank Lin
nay's confirmation aa district attor
ney. Re pretends to be satisfied with
Mr. Linney'e explanation of bis at
t'tadc toward the famona circular
1h«t bcoaght about all the tronble.
Rnt Georgia does not like Wood row
Wilson or his policies, aad elected
TTardwkk, a Wilson hater, gorernor,
and sent Tom Wataon, a free lanee
oolitielan ta the senate. The adminis
tration at Washington is aaxioas, of
course, to break the solid South, aad
Georgia seemed a good Stat ο ta be
gin on. Bat Henry Lincoln Johnson
stood in the way. The white Oeorgia
Republicans chafed wider hi· loader»
•hlo and there was no poaafemty of
building up the party arfth this in
telligent bat offensive negro in the
«sddlf. 80 the aanoancement la made
that Johnson has bean annotated- Ko·
corder of Deed·. · place often held
by rtirtinguUhod darkle». The accept
ance of thia petition by Johnion re
move» him from Um realm of Oeargla
oolitic* and «pan· the way far the
building af a lfly wblto party In tfcat
good »tate. However, there will ba a
mighty ftlr in Washington over It A
rat many white (Mi ara employed
thia oOce, many of wbom will walk
oat, with ne otkar Jab Hi view, ra
ther than take ordera from a negro.
Mr. Hardin· appear· ta ba favorably
Inclined ta the Linn rj pa lie y—(bat U
to the elimination of tne negro aa a
factor to. th· politic· of *· Hit·
And thle la indeed the only hope far
the party aver to bacome dangarou·
to the democracy of I be eouthcrn
•tale*. The triumph of Johnion in tkl«
matter of the confirmation of
Mr. Linnev would have Minded the
death knell af toaUirm Republican
Um a· Hon. Ua Meckla·, Marlon
Better and ether leading Republican*
plainly fore«a<w ; and they bava evi
dently convinced Waihiagton of tba
teundneaa of thair petition. Even M
Witter an opponent of a ho at every
thing a· Senator Hiram Johnao·
woald not e Ham pi» η the caaee af tb«
proteatlay nrgroaa, and to their 41»
• appointment and chagrin they «am
\ lhat their movement waa withool
friend· In the Senate, and they wart
I glad to drop the Aatter wit· Om
■ atatemcnt that they bad "miaunder
I etood" Mr. Unney. — Charity ani
ι Chlldten.
r| Round economic li»li|··
ι cornea from tound character, aw
from aaimd character aloe·,
H. Vmutkm ud
W.I! Am fmm
la Hwhl
W. 11. Alexander. the mm· .lu
r* to ke»« AK Jim PeekJn*. mÏSm
Ifiw. « ahootint KnfcMonîii
•t U·* Tllthman tump early tender
moi-aln* to tri.d before ftoeorda*
Codwin Taeedajr on Um duip of
ce.ryln* « concealed «mm, «*■).
court hariar no iorladietion over tko
ectape which occurred ta another
eeontjr. Alex Tramoall. the oU-r mt
jero arreeted ia the coa^uy of Ala
ander a· · poai.ltl ι Accotasliae au
Mft·. .ftoiûS
Alexander «a» fined «M and
>» Recorder God via whea
**Dte of tarrying a rnar plead tim
··. Ha fcad tfca pietol whan arraatod
hard aa they could aid £mSaTwma
" ■Bejw lf »et «or· U W—il. Una
Tfcesiaa WUliaau and Arthur k.„.
Ku'ss.'sa ts
put, λ mm- «mm. <um
atatad tàat Ut
The two «aid they ait ta Vita* tad
were en rvote to their tom ultra
boa»» when in Hied bjr local aathar
Indicted on three dlHL
■*4 "heWnf hi m«MitR,
cation and adultery, and oar,
coacealcd waanon. J. H. Vaachai. *
white man claUtag to ba from Ata
bajna, and Maty BaeaeM. % whtto ι
WMaan, tadktod aa the charvee at ι
praatitetioB and fomlflc.t.or and I
Mtaltory. ware triad before Ικ«ΐ»
Godwin Wedneeday. j
Vaoehn wai fond "Not Guilty"'<
»f f*» «here», bat waa chrta'i
Wf5hTi?"tV ** the road for aldfav ι
M»d «hatting fa nraetltutiu· aad feral- ι
cation ud Adiltirv The - - ι
α7* "••tha In J*n for!
Ρ refutation aad ala memtL ta jail I
tor fornication and admliey C L.]
3«y. appearing far the defeadaaU,!
raee notice of appeal to hialii I
:®"t for hath partie*. Vauka *aa'
irftaJaE» ·" <«e< » *»j
lew· km, μμι«·| totktl—
»f Chi·? of Polie* hit.
rd to he forty gmri ·Μ, «ad looked,
it, and Mid A* tod .them nwn>
rhUdrae·." testified Chief hft. Mu
also stated at that tie· that it va·
Che second time aha had rafifid t»|
uch as act, and that It «U mat harl
faalt, bet that Al vu carried Mt
Aero, Mid tha chief.
Viuha, «ko looked to be era·'
»ldar than tha woman, was arrested
Wednesday atoralng, tat taitlwany
waa brought om la tha trial to the
effect that ht waa Mar the ma· af
Ac alleged prosUtutiaa Taeaday,
nlfkt hat eaeaped whan authorities,
approached. A focal Jiiaoy drioar tea-1
tlflad ta havinf carried the two wt,;
and that he had been hired by tha
man who stated hi* parpoee.
la the eaM Of the allowed feraift
eation and adaltary evidence waa
produced showing tl)»t the tara had
registered at a local Wei and had
•pent rrvene alpkrta together «t a
local rooming hoase. The we··» had
admitted ta Chief Paye that Ae waa
not married ta the maa, he mid an
trial. It eeald not he proved that
Ute piatol foaad la Vaagfca'·
was the property at Am maa.
PavettaviHe. Jaly 11.—Another ar
reet in CMlictin With the ié>H|
af Mr*. J. A. KIiht'i kwc km tknt
mtki ■(· *u ·ι<« Uat nlpht «kâi
■ aan naa«l UpUn was taira· M*
etmtoHy ia Durham at the ημιιΙ
of Payetterflle pelic#. Uptoe I· the
Λ fill oeraoa itrwM ra charge· af
complicity la the bargtery. The qaia
t»t. wHk otwr tmetmStm
ar· IkMfU ta >bhii a gang af
prof· ■•ional thieves who ltfrre kim
operating in this section. Upton 41p.
*»»d ont of the dragnet which took
the other foar km bet wu eaaght
la the Tobacco eta. OMcm Mt Dnr
Ham with Mm this aorm>| at · o'
The rwbbery of Mm. King's home,
lost beyond Um city limita, *u a Tory
hold piece of wwk. A track waa drte
η V to the doer al aeveral load·
af farnttore and other kwiAiU
wood* healed away. The boose waa
aneoeepled at the tea. the taaOf
be in· In Iowa.
The bond repaired of Jttan driven
(n thii city, recently placed at fl.M·.
wne redoeed to ttO· by the board oi
eldoneon at a called BMllac laal
night. The bond le la the aatue af ι
surety that the driver win Mt eafaci
In the trafic af Uqaar ar aertatM
drat* ar the transportatiati af aamss
for iauaoral perpoaoa, ia aAlch aaaa
It will ha ferfeHod ta the eitv. TV
forfeit will aleo uko place M Um
aianielpality la sned an aoeoant oi
any accident caaaad by the driver. Ii
addition to the Ι1Μ band a lleeaai
af ISO will bo revaltnd.
Ta eoatlnae ta coaatraet warship
is a waete of money; pad if we aal
all agree la thu nryoet. we Aal
conferva boon h the jawrld^—Kara*
O^a* B'riU*n"nW '
I Women who do aat want to ah 01
t Juries aatfer from ■ lata I hilass^
I Lilian Barker, British Bnffrage watt
far* That Tew !
•L»d Georgia Hu
I Kb SU>4 Ο* ΊΠμ
1M Ib Um
itomu «NriKjNi i?>f2SS*c2^2i;
■oattCoroUn, tad Gmc^Tk^,!
ïïTLiTàtawJ? M±Î£Î*Ss
~Λ—' ί»*·~!Γ52Ρ
l·*· *·' Λ· bmrw
ortoedta* o**r · puM of
of Uw
•f du Joint toaariorio· on acrfcat
fmet, Mg. lintM loft W·
Um Au· w IwtlM Prnlk
Omiii·, ni wet Into Um
•actio·· of tfcooo Ml··. Bo «I
«o*oy MW k« ecleetedtfcw
Tko folks an dote* tho kMt Itn
-· wW| IMtto tompJaiaiac;
«ο Muw It < Mirait to food Uoir
little ίο■ I· m. ut tbroo of tbo
* ** ο· hit rotara hee.
I tare Ww away for 10 "
Ike attaation 1» tko
"I aoioctod I*· Oajrotaua aad Door
intoraato, Μ of n« wttn
' AllkuNrt
"The tria tu made nan my ι
rnwitHllty and primarily to ai—
tola «WtWr Um poakioa «kick I
here ukaa with regard to the Mt»
ritj for Nuffuty relief to agrical
toro la oanrect. m4 if aa to gat tint
information to WMlH my op
m. I have in the cIU«> and th*
. ^ (MIV7 „
aalara, etty banket*. cettoa ι
•f cotton pik The .. .
to about ai I exported to tad
It. Tfca people arc doing tkolr kwt
With very little complain tag, eaaatd
crime their circumatoacet Moot of
the coaotry bank* bavo 'practically
~ and marchant· ara
telling Tory little, either on credit or
far eaak. The poor farmer* are bar
in* » hard tea catttor food for
their faaaUiaa aal their animate. I
mm certain that a large part af the
>iwla are anderfod.
Ί do aa* he Here wa eaa eeireeti
the gravhy af the aiTeanniy
a kick will develop when the aew
crop cornea en the market, aalem
extraordinary effort to «ad* in ad
vance of that time to atraagthaa the
uaalUa* of arMtaif. If we CM get
by thia next marketing parted wfe
oat too maaty faUaroa,
tara to aarmal world nadKliaa will
make aaator the aetata
■olitiaa of ear agri
bat if wo permit oar farmer*
«ab to fail thia fall
* year* af
•f kit ·ι·>Β*Ιρ to tW
Ml Iwmllirtln mnM·
m trying te »*Λ oat "what Η
wttfc afi
,ra*t to ■> tfcat ka to, if
am efrtaiii ik·» *»er that i|iM·
tar· mm be gly»p eawrgaiMy
otaiM u to îr»' ÎiSmM ke'leae.
Mr. hum ku ilfMttW, ffaat, u
'effert, tkrra*h diplaa»a«t« «ird··, U
ι, M m mi
to faaΛ toe ftnlN af tinM ·»4
fat iMt MhUm into MtMb, tkb
a aw credit to tweaki tke mm* rata
UmmM» to aid debW M raaaWwa' eer
Uficatee aaatata to fee astatine Mu
af a.Nifanttn ill Ik· kcadc at a
I !■>>■<. ittkar the orgaoiaatiea at
• Mlliac nryirttiia ar the kraclm
tag af the ayaration· af the «ar A·
'mm nrywtUa. aa m to Make II
· aa a Mara
_ ia
' t . ιΙ,μΙιμιβΙ a
^ Hnvpnm ·ημ·τ»ι ot iMcmnni
I «Sa Milul af Dh fan· bn to*· to
|aara far the ajfllratlcac far
to aa uni·!
af «rilM to
fwatk, the arganlsaUoa af a
. am* peal, rack aa k fare red kj
. tory Hee-rer, to "

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