North Carolina Newspapers

/olume Vlll. Dunn, North Carolina,
Failure of Witnesses To Ap
pear Before Committee
Cnneoa Action
Marion J. Wallis, of Athena,
Ga., Tells of Alleged Killing
Of A Private By A Corpor
al at Camp Wheeler; More
Witnesses Are To Be Sum
Washington, Dee. 21_Because of
the absence of half e doaen witnesses
summoned to appear today, the Sen
ate committee Investigation of
charges by Senator Watson, Demo
crat, Georgia, that American soVdiera
had been hanged in France without
trial waa forced over until after the
Christmas holidays
A new batch of witnesses—nine In
all—waa ordarud to appaar January
« i vi iMainiuvn in *n» ui
statements mad* heretofore, in let
ter* to Senator Wataon and other*
that they had flrit hand knowledge
of illegal execution*
Kiltie* of Private
The only former soldier appearing
today—Marion J. Watlie of Athens,
Gx.- dld not Mm overuai, hi* tco
timoay relating entirely to the alleg
ed killing of a privat* by a corporal
at Camp Wheeler, Go., in ISIS. War
Department record! to determine
whether the corporal designated by
Walll* only a* "Corporal Crawford.”
had bean tried were demanded.
Thorc waa an Intimation that tho
committee would proceed to compel
the attendance of George P. Hub
hard. who recently declared In n
ftatement here that he aaw tho bodie*
of three aoldier* which had been In
terred. and that there nrau a repo
around the neck of each, “allowing
tho men bad been hanged." Notified
that he waa wanted aa a witaeta and
aakod to coca* along at one*, Hub
bard aaat a thru* word telegram from
■tour Tut aaglag: “Will sat accept.”
Ooaigio Pooolly Raw
wa* named Crawford, mad tho man
shot, he thought. Privet* Halloy of
Tampa, PI*.
Wallla rood a latter from on* of
hie comrades at Sanduky, Ohio, at
tacking oBeers of * Georgia regi
ment, and indicating be would get
even tome day.
“Some of those Georgia oBeora
were pretty bad from that?” Wall!*
was aakod.
“Y*», indeed," he replied.
“This moms to ho n Georgia fam
ily row,” laid Senator Ernat, Repub
lican, Kentucky, aad Senator Wataon
joined in th* laughter.
At thia point Senator Wataon of
fered a telegram received today from
Jam** R. Milton of Chattanooga,
Tannoaooc, saying he a loo had wit
n earned the killing of Halley by Craw
ford, aad would come to Waehington
4d» iMtifv lA tkst affapt Annthfwr t/alm
gram from W. P. Brock of Lyndale,
Cm., aaid the aoMier was killed be
cause he wm lit and unable to work
and that crawford was not tried by
court martial. Wallis, however, had
another version, raying that Craw
ford was tried by court martial, giv
en a thirty-day furlough and then
made a sergeant. To the beat of his
recollection, ha said, the killing was
la May ar fuse. 1*18.
Some of the telegrams referred to
Crawford aa a captain, but WnlMs
stuck to hie story that he was corpor
al at the time of tho shooting.
Wltweos Court Martial »d
Wallis, on erose-examlaatlon, ox
plained that he hod been court mar
tilled twice for being absent without
leave, losing his poy for ten days for
the fir* offense and locked up 40
days for tho second. He raid he vol
untarily returned in each ease.
“Thera are three A. W. O. L
chargee on my dlsehergo papers,” ha
Reports publish rd at tho time of
the Camp Wheeler shooting, he mid,
•bowed that Halley was shot while re
stating arrest, but be added such re
ports wart not true.
"Did ho give the corporal provoca
tion for * noting hbnV Senator Wal
ton asked.
“None whatever. At the time he
was diet Halley's aim had been brok
en by clubbing. Halley wm struck
down with a slab far refusing ta
week and then (hot ta the hack dur
ing the next day.
fames W. Wilson, of Winston-Sa
lem, arrived la* night to join Mm
Wilton and their little sea who have
bora visiting relatives hors fur sev
eral weeks. Ho will probably locate
hero peimaaentlf.
Chatham Record.
Janet L. Qnfln. cleric of 00art
la convention with the editor Mel
week, told that many people wen
making a grave mietak* by bavins
deed* recorded without having a rev
enue stamp recorded with them.
The Mw require* a 60c revenai
stamp on every deed for every |6<M
or fraction of five hundred. A deed
of 1.000 would require a (tamp ol
ft, ate. Yet there are many peoplr
ratting on record every week paper;
without thee* ttempi, thinking they
are all right.
Coed B**M«*»
The daily preit report* the em
ploy*1 of tha larger packer* through
their committees have agreed with
the packer* upon a redaction In
wage* which will go into effect No
vember 28. That ia good news. A lac
it la tha fair thing to do. Three wage*
have been too high in proportion to
ether thing* and right-minded work
er* know It- Now, If the railroad wor
kers would bat be equally fair we
might have a chance for a further
redaction of the high freight rate*.
It i* generally known that the rank
tnd file of the worker* admit that
iieir wagon* are out of line and toe
high for present conditions, but thth
leaders ars determined to fight U
hold them there because they think
their Jobe depend upon it. The aver
age working man Is fair minded, but
he doaa not take enough Internet
in the meeting* of hit organisation to
attend, lotting the extremist* fix the
policies.—Wallaces Fanner.
Dam Institutions Will Reliwvw
Cowry Case Of Suffering
Reported to Dispatch
Are you*to much In nswl that San
a Clans may not visit your home?
Do you know of any person who is
n such a condition?
These are questions tbs Dispatch
oeoM She to have you-answer bo
'.ho Woman't Chib, tha Chamber of
Commerce or some individual carries
■ellef to tbs suits re r reported. There
rre many institutions and individuals
who will bo glad to help all who need
help during this season when every
home in the Dunn District deserves
Chat cheer which comes with Christ
Already the Woman's Club and the
Masonic order ars at work relieving
the suffering. Ceerge Gardner and
Z. V. Snipes, at a committee appoint
ed by the Mason’s ars looking for
isffsrsrs and are anxious Vo find
somebody they caw help. Alyready,
lAA iVtnw kana fsaoeo_
day they carried cheer and soma of
the substantial things of life into the
homaa of several negroes, who other
wise would have had a very desolate
Christmas indead.
The Odd Fellowi and the KnighU
of Pythias, also, will (tart today to
search for those who suffer. The Bed
Men, the American Legion, the
Moose end oil of the churches want
to help.
There is no necessity for suffering
any where in Urn Dunn District this
Christmas. Wherever there is o pos
sibility of It, let the Dispatch know.
It will be relieved.
B. Y. P. v. Prog roes—-Chian
Monday evening 7-.J&—Decemhei
Scripture reodtago_8oo* Ferrell,
Orahom OHvs and Xaynsond Denials
Introduction—Croup CapUin-Evi
Part 1 and 1 Some ways and
things that they are greatest—talk—
Mrs. Mary L. Batta
Part S China’s Crest Wealth
talk—Mr. X. M. Slaughter.
Duett—C. C. Warren and Salih
Part 4. The Power of Supersti
tion—paper—Amanda Culp.
Part t. Education in China —
talk—Perry Godwin.
Solo—Mrs. Oscar Strickland.
Fort 9 and 7. The failures of
China’s old religion and tholr present
success—talk- W. H. Crimea
Part t. Southern Baptist Mi*
•ton* la Osina—talk — Jessamin*
"The** Wise Fools" ho bo at Fey
The most sensationally anccoaefu
theatrical manager of this genorotloi
Is John Golden, purveyor of elooi
Hvs, and h* will present one of ht
heat, “* Wla* Peels.” by A oat it
Strong at the Lafayette Theatre, Dec
ember tSth, FayeCUvilli, N C.
The roamrkable thing about Gold
iQttiwtwpU TragWy U Far North Re
parsed ta the Mowtod Pe
Edmond ton, Alberta, Dec. SI—A
weird atory of Eskimo love and ruth
j last morder was brought la by mra
erngcr today from the Icy radon of
' Wager’s Bay, thirty aiilas cast of
, the Hudaon’a Bay trading peat—near
I ly five months after the quintuple
l.regody occurred.
The ilaying*, according to the
■ - oport received at mounted police
headquarters, revolved about tha am
ours of a trader named Otto Binder.
Binder, the report said, became
attracted by the wife of an Eskimo,
■ id bar husband and the husband’s
*alhsr volunteered te And Binder an
ithor Eskimo woman equally attrac
Setting out on their search, they
womnn they thought would be at
•etiv* to Binder. The only draw
-irk was that this woman also was
narrlcd, and her husband refused to
,trt w;th her. He bride hunters sol
>d the problem by shooting and ae
riouxly wounding the husband. His
cousin, however took offence and ahet
he younger of the pair.
The elder man then opened fire.
■>«t also wee slain by the cousin after
he had exhausted all Mi ammunition.
The cousin then proceeded to slay
'he woman to save whom husband and
father had started on their bride
His left the four year-old girl
etherises end motherises, so aha was
t angled to death by one of the
•head men" of the diatriet
W. S. Hart Married in Hollywood
Char all
Lea Angeles, CaL, Dee. 8.—WU
tiam 8. Hart, mod so picture actor,
was married hers tonight to Min
Wlolfral Westover, who has boon in*
elided in bis supporting company for
iomslime. The service was read at
an Episcopal church In Hollywood.
Jamas P. Parker, prominent Re
publican of SsnKMald whom aepirw
t:ons to be United States District At
torney for the Eastern district of
North Carolina was defeated by Irvin
Tucker, of Whltcrillc, has boen nam
ed as first assistant district attorney,
according to an announcement made
here yesterday by Mr. Tucker.
The Parker candidacy had the en
dorsement of former United States
Senator Marion Butler, but that baek
ng was powerless in the face of en
dorsement of the Morehaad-Lanney
"H°f Combine" which area xrrord»d
"r- Tucker, the selection of the
SmitMald mao at assistant hoc occas
ioned torn* surprise.
Mr. Tucker was here yesterday at
tending to the form all tie* of r.vt-g
over the office which has juat been
vacated by Edwin P. Aydlett of Elia
abetb City. He is stated to tako the
oath of ofica today or tomarrow,, and
wfil probably be (worn in before
Judge Henry O. Connor, leaves for
hta home in Wilson Hut afternoon.
Appointment of the remaining no
»i*tnnt and tho clerk assigned to the
office will be dofsrrod by Mr. Toekor
until It is determined where the of
fice of the district attorney is to ho
located. Headquarter* is now estab
thhed at Elisabeth City, but will ho
| removed to Raleigh or Wilmington, it
being required that an ofie* ho main
tained at some point having n federal
| court. Mr Tucker stated yesterday
| that ho personally prefers that the
office be placed here on account of
.tho heavy docket in the Raleigh di
| vision, but that tho matter ha* not
bean finally determined.
I Col. George H. Bellamy, Halted
States Marshal, la sow the only Dem
ocratic holdover and It to expected
that he will shortly ha replaced by
R» W. Ward of Raleigh. Haws and
oo’a comedies to that white moot com
mercial managers maintain that the
public likes and patron lies only the
risque and salacious, ho has boesms
n minions Its wtth plays that do not
I contain nn unclear Una or thought
■ Ho to responsible for the world's re
!*ord breaker. "Ughtota,-" “Tho Ptssl
Year," which to running in Ms second
••aaon at «be Ubtle Theatre. Non
> Yoik; “Tarn to the Bight," mid U
1 the’ movies for three quartern of a
I million; “Door Mo,” starting It* thtrr
i Ve season, and "Thank Yon", srhlel
i followed ''Light*la" at tho Gaiety
’ New York. His plays are Moan, hw
the fannies* aad most tatorestta|
- of tho stage.
Report! Of
Report* to Uk
Police Page war
run battle on
j one day thi* v.
*ffe of the lata
exaggerated. Z
hoi oecu inot
even bean half
of the fact
cutodiaa of
wave* in which
at all. Trite,
who felt
uan««d. ,_
h!> _
an sihk.
•It .ties ha
. rlka
ding*, ha ia
Juldlced to
lot this
•*. Pago.
Gaanro throe-yoar old
ia Pittman
a in*.
| ^ his temporary'
treatment his grand
W K. Butitr.
with tha chfld
lata Into tha Bight until ha waa taM
hat h* had a fair chance to recover.
The accident occurred in Layton
srenoe In front of the homo of Mr.
and Mrs. Butler. Little George Har
man war playing fat tha street with
his brother, Caster. Mr. Royal saw
.ester run from tha curb to tha mid
dle <# the street and dash back. He
did not sec the smaller boy. who ap
parently waa fallowing bis brother,
until he ores Immediately in front of
his car. Fortunately ha had stowed
1 down whoa k* saw Caster M into
the stroaL George Harman was struck
by one of Ac springs of tha car, but
|not tnocttm down.
• Mr. Hoyul etopped u ww m the
child *u (truck. He gathered the lit.
• tie forte K bla anna aad nuked tot*
! tha Butler horn, to which be
ed Dr. Hlcka Immediately. A. aeon
aa Dr. Hidta examined the bey Mr
■eyal •uggertcd carrying Mm to F«y
etterill*. Report* from there yeeter
doy were that the little fellow wat
rettliy vary well.
Wonu'i Club Aad rhamhm
, Of Co-area PotMom
To CoanmiaekM-rn
Haaae dcmonatration work, ordered
by the Ooanty Beard of Conuniaaion
ora to ho diacontlnued January 1, will
not be gie— up without a atruggte
by the Chamber of Commerce, the
Woman’* Club tad huflvidualt who
era cogo leant of and familiar with
tho groat f*od that hot earn# to the
county through tho effort* of Mim
Bridge, beaaa demonstration agent,
Wbe hat b#*» Working In the county
for auroral month*. Petition* are be
ing circulated through oat the county
aaking the ceau—eeieoetn to re mu
rider their aattrii tkroagh which the
epproprlatioa providing for continu
ance of tfcb aerrlea w«U be etepped
with the aad ef the year.
The ceoaty pay* only Md.«T pet
month far the terviee given by Him
Bridge. The balance of bar aalary h
paid by the State and Paderri gov
ern meat* that the email earn epeul
by the ee—% tor thb aerrlea hoi
b-ovrht headaome return* la ritowi
i by the work deaa here wtth the Wo
man’* Club bp Mim Bridge That, toe
r It a very —ah part ad the terviei
■he hat gir— the eeuaty. She kai
I Twenty-At* mi cotton by Monk
to f radiated in a cottea latter from a
Hew York Brokerage bawaa U Major
IW. C. Heath. -The dawning if a
fitted of ampacity," read* the letter
dtoarmaaeeat ccnfermcc at Wctolag
tea baa predated a faaliag af caaft
dceca through ant the woctd, which
hot alroody resulted in giantly im
proved rntaa, nnd hatter credit coadi
ttone ebread. which will enable for
eign eonntriee to hay greatly to
aoaead amounts of eatton. Japan and ;
Gnauy are making iacraaead da
maade far eattea each day, far ah awe i
lid year. Thia iacraaead demand ,
from abroad ecopied with the a- ]
tremciy limited raw material ea ,
lyued at the cotton mtOc to eeitela to
rt UmodoUcn wfll t» Ha coara* |
by Jauuy 1* aad thca It will b* |
hard to bay eotton at aaypviaa. ,
( “After tho holiday* tro expect tho ,
diy good* market to materially lm- |
i pfov# roeuhiog In a very good do- ,
i mood (or apeU. Boon Booth Ameri
ca ia ehowtng on tnrre—ad daman* ]
(or nor place good*.
“Wad* Wamptoo Arautreag, oot
too specialist, aayi: 'll it repair**
"twenty atz aad oaohotf million aetm |
of boll woovtl load to prodooa eight ,
million balm ai cotton it wil taka
Sf.7M.0M aero* to ataka twolv. mil- ‘
liao end IS.1SS.000 aero* to mate 1
tn bUIIob btUi Wlo b<BiTu that I
tb* tooth will plant forty -ate. 1
aim next yoar, rtiit will bo a no*
aaiy to make twelve atilUoa balm and 1
tb* world wiH rag litre haiiia or
flftaon mill tea*. W* bolievo in dd
aetely mad bigkar prime far cot
ton aad weald bay oa r oca mi i no. ft
will b* waO to keep thil Ikh—t ia j
mlad and giro R aorlotu coaRdara
"Ootton win roach U coh by
, March. Don't aoU a halo, hot hay May
and hold R."
Aaron Soph*. mcigalaod a* poo- <
bap* tho highest anthority aad yr»- \
bably tb* moot i aa i fai lag gnttr aa 1
cooperative movkeilog In AmrHoa, <
Win dolivar addrvmm on thi* aobjoct
at tho following place* oa tho follow- <
I lag datoa: * I
, Goldsboro, December *7.
Bmtthdald, Di iodhir tl <
! Kiarton, December il.
Greenville, Deoembar M.
Rocky Meant. December SI. I
Mr. Bayir* to aad boa boon Bar 1
year*, the attorney far faortaoa Of 1
the moot socceaafol eooporativ* Bear- <
keting oeooclotion* of CaMfoiato and 1
*» the odviear and attorney Of the •
Barley Tobacco Grower*1 Association. •
IJoat organised ia Ron tacky, with a 1
dfiod ay of ninety per cent and of *
the Tri-State Tobacco Grower*" Aa- ■
renation of North Carolina, Sooth 1
Carolina-aad Virginia, am h pro 1
eem of omntoatioa with a Roe aa '
already aafteieat to make certain tha
. arcaalaatian early to Jarmary. The i
organisation la eeadaettog ]
•a inatnahra campaign and caavam
far mcmbcrchtp to clem Jinuy 1. 1
It la Jam a qneetien bow of hear wt •
caa make the a^irity to KmH Can
•Haa. We an auMw that tha Mr '
ltd ftaa-a«rcd Wight tohacca grear
I lag State la tha nation theft hare aa 1
January 1, the Mfgect timed mem
tenhip far eaapentire maikatiag. ,
In tha Ught af tha evidence af Ha 1
■Bceamfnl opanttoa to many ether 1
tiatoe H la hatlavad that cooperative '
marketing which eaama now Iain ail ‘
in this State, wfll greatly toenaeo <he ‘
profHahlenem af agrtonltore ami 1
Prove a gnat hlaaetog to the farmata 1
and to eU other todaetriee wham
proepertty Is materially affected hy
the program read praeparity af *e
chief Indaatry af tha State la Which
tight y-two par cant af tha pi pale '
tien are engaged.
Bah—“If opt pee pie an net whet
they aaad to ha.”
Charlaa—"Haw*» that!”
Bob—“Child ran.”
■one late every neek and eeraar af
i Harnett, toaahtog term women a*
weH aa them ef the towai how to
make the meet af their eppeitaaittae.
She haa taaght eawtag, had making,
fruit preenrvtag, toetdag, heme eee
acadaa and all petto af thlagi that
ewman an Intonated to.
Tha cervine haa heee af nadald,
haaaftt to tha enmity. A fiaadatlan
far mack halpfnl aerriae h the Ba
ton haa keen bonded The cemmla
i dmtrt tootod einndlii
WQntegtan, Dot 21 — AMapph
Wnt A. Banina, aoi ax'- oorrico
■MW thle city,'notified boten the
da r Kiot. --^tr—"■ItiftiatM
raa knap hi Franco tecnno* ho nr
to rfeey tho ardor of a onpnat
* elaea-ap a Maahada vtth a tooth
Maah, Ha Oaaar Edwaade, •* Ofla
dtp, natter of Slap, darlorad today
Jntdholoyoi diatefal ai totte fan
Horinp haaa infonaod from od>
dal and otter aaaana that Kiap ted
liad of woando la Franco; that te
•r obadap aa adnr aadtoally that
M wi hasp, tho relaUro* teto of
te non an doahtfol aa to what to
Milan. Kia Edward* atatad thh ef
onooa that uadi now aha had flw
7 teMond that ter aaa had diod a
aldiar'o death la tea
The naan of Ktap had haaa Meta
led M the Nat of than which an to
d to ter World War doai,tatM
ktttoc M charge of tea monoriol ma
▼hit to ranuauuT
Wateingteo, Dm. tt_TtoUnt
brdiag U conaMccteg a trip u Ptae
•Mt, North Carolina r*R tho ChriM
mu holiday* Attorney General
High arty ha* boon invited U aecom
•oy tho PnriM, if tho plea nen
i reQiead mnoortiag Dona. Salem
Bornir, them la a rtroog proh
■bttlty that tho charter of tho com
“T will ho retained aad an effort
* mode to rhaoga tho direction of
ho propoead mad ao that It will con
*ct Clinton aad Dana, with a peoM
•le detoar to Newtoa Grove. Tbit
iroject wtH ha propoaad U Um dirre
tora whan thay aeaet ham at aa
oily date.
DkUh to giro ap tho Bil—hnrg
»d Kotohoro project wao coached
ooa after the meeting came to order
* Piaey Omen. Tho Mechheldcm
tamed to bo of one mind ia tha mat
»r. Thay did not fool able to taka ap
he Mack for white they had aabocrlh
d aad worn cnnvtarad that tho aaM
M way oat of tec matter was to a
«ndoa tha project altogether. After
he amofl oapooot to white tho eoot
ony has boo* pet hoe beea paid each
totehaldcn (ham of tha faada white
«vo booa paid la wfll bo retained to
P an awaiting tho rater* of 0. M.
rilghmea to town from rMHi1|>la
t Coptota Tilghaion thlaka wall of
ho CUatoa-Doaa prefect, it io pro
•Mo that aa oftort win ho made to
wM H.
ho aeroon to totm to tho »p poking
dago la “Cornered"—ip which Ac
rffl appear at the Lpfhpotu Theatre,
’apettevMe, N. C„ Docotahor STtk a
opctaoi of *Ib opociaHate which ao
'f kite la Now Took eannaUp, tho
P^lHr Md poof act la ■
rwo diatlactica woo hootowod oalp
iftor rorlooo ooloraoeopio taoto aad
HMlpaaa had boon soda af tho bn
«< Niao Kennedy*# akin. Tho
hen poactioaUp ororp aoownfartpre*
it coM enoao, lotto aa aad dcia *We
Wm" M America heeteged Woo
Koaacdp for har oadoroomoat of
their proporaUoaa. Proaoliiaw. bow
moo and darn la the 1—paay‘o pro
Mo won offered Mtn Kowaodp far
iba am of bar boom md pbitigropko
la ceanectiep with dlfforoat «n«
fooda. Dot from aU thorn effen. Jflm
Koaacdp taraod la iwpltli refowl
“Tho oalp external okla boaaUft
jro 1 eon Id oror andaroa," Oka doctor
od la irplojalng bar rtaad, “would
bo water, frook air and mlight” I
'nnWtn’t oooa ror irnnecnd thee* epo
•iaSp. Mp aOfkt tfMfo op hot
W WUah U
Why laciaa -
Ju. Corby
For tte nnM Um
“W tewi M. Carte? te III City
BaU aa Mayor, b a way Bootes’*
portomoneo at tha poll* oa Taaoday
yaralteb that of Cteoetaad, which ol
octod aa mayor loot Nor saber a au
•ha had boo* twM frost tho city
hsO oo ehiof of patten os afty char
gm la retries a wis.n Tha oterUoa
•f Fiad Kohler Is tha Ohio aetiapo
•at tho country (has hat the'etecUoa
aaaia ia Baotoa of “Jha" Corley.
"BorprtOoa! Boar did ho do It—
aet aaly la the find teataneo bat ta
tha attend cespetfn T** it tho qoce- -
ttea ahod aa te Curloy. Not to op
tar flippant b offering aa esplana
ten. lb a now or amply ia that Carter
te a rate factor. Bo for at bio aoth
•da art oastooaod. that u aaathar
J** A aampl* of tto Cutter way of
totag things, towovsr, h not out of
Ja 1»1T wtoa to nt serving hi*
l**t tam aa aifir, Mr. Cuitey was
,J»»tod to Chicago to attend a patri
ot dinner gives on Oaorg* Waiting,
wa’a birthdar by tto Kaighte of Co
hnAw Bob due Rear, just defeated
far Mayor by Thompson, bad spoken
and ha arm foBooaJ by Judge John
P. McOooity. Each tod toachad aa
Urb affair* aad tto topic of tint
off sodom aad what to do with thorn.
Hcaaia Aotani of tto guoot fro*
“OoBthaaoa." to began, with aa
aaoy manner aad a Mato as Da. -I
haw* boas vary such iotsrmtad in
•tot I hoard a few a tastes coa*
'cniag tto ■anagsaitet of penal ia
... — “*
Ur of attar simplicity and Indtscrib
Ate fnuAaasa to tell of hU tors,
» Door Mato, wbaro Bostoo'a city
’Usoo b situated. Mb story was true
A may raspect. Ms did aot oaait a
uogl* detail.
Why Cartsy Oot Tara la Cad
ft was back fat Ms early days aa a
politician la the Koabury Crossing
»«tloc. Me tad promised an old
■tool friend hb asatatoae* in being
appointed « tetter carrier. Ha gar*
It. hut rattar overdid the giving in
hb loyalty, guteg oven to th* extent
if answering personally anna of th*
TtoAtea in tto required civil aervte*
"twahmboo. Tbs frteto got the job
tod Curley got, as one might iay. the
teto. That is, soma political enomy
■■a late paassaiia of tto facte and
kicked up a row about it Trial aa a
technical chary* followed, ns did a
aad mayo^^wu^andtecd
vfter doing a bit af throe month* is
aot a port of this story. It b cited
*• tow tto Curley method.
Aoy ouo running for cfltet who
doubts (to (Assay of A* slogan. “H*
weal to jail far a frteto.” aeed ooly
taka n little nerve, tot b asoa* to
Df r*u syhoatho aHntofcf Bam*
tatoted* of you do; Uto R b a filthy
Sab it. There b a law agniaat It, toot
s town law aa welt as tto law of do
ooucy. If you or* bound to spit, apH
to gutter. WeaMu must wnlh on
to UdowaQca Kaao Aa sldrwalb*
d«a». *»#• wfll pinch the apitten.
■attar qntt now.
water, cold air and rtroog aonlicht,
Wt another woman'* mightn't. Skin,
wo m dlUtmt o* tompeumwl*
■*4 U yo« enrtr notteod. «hh»r m
rOTy uynttn tompermmente.
"Don't taka tUo to mean." worn*
Mlae Kennedy, “that my aw* temper
mamt it what tha beacty doctor*
mmf have aaid my Ain wu Tha
■and** I took the teat, 1 may have
Wan in na angoUe mood. If I had
Wan aeraoaa, irritable or roboll eo*.
’* weald Kara raoaalad itaalf la tha
■klat jam tha maaa aa if I had aatan
Ua maay rweete tha day before. I
•to"* yaw how many that* f
•wM tarn my foaa ta tha wall U I
mw a akin rpocialim appcoachlmt.
"A perfect aawmloalaw," anma ap
tkle yean* pey*haaaklninaanHm,
"•Maaa net from araama and lotion*
1 applied externally, bat Aram the per
fect flaw of pore blood Internally.
Aad that la only pomMe whan there
la partem harmony hi a dear mML*
i 1

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