North Carolina Newspapers

    _THE D
Volume VIII.
Mrs. Whitehead and Mrs. Rid
dle Taka Part la
Relation of Missionary Society
To Church Explained Sun
day When Divine Street
Methodists Meet In Annual
Discussion — Pastor Gives
Years’ Plan to Members.
Relation of the Woman’s Mission
ary Society to the Church, and Pa
rental Responsibility ere titles to
two papers read before a conference
of Divine Street Methodist church
Sunday night by Mr*. T. L. Kiddle
and Mrs. 3. W. Whitehead respect
ively. They were the features of a
program which ineludrd presentation
of the church plan for 1922 by the
pastor, Rev. J. H. Buffalo*; a talk
on Sunday school work by George E
Prince, one on methods of inducing
full attendance upon services by 7.
V. Snipes, another on deepening the
spiritual life of the church by D. H
Hood and several other interesting
The conference w*i held daring the
hour usually devoted to Sundsy even
ing services and was attended by
most of the members who were in
Mrs. RiJdVi Piptr
Mrs. Kiddie's paper follows:
Tho Woman’s Missionary Society is
a complete organization which, work
ing under the auspices of the church
to which it belongs, baa its own pecu
liar sphere of ueefulnssv It may
mean much or little to the church ac
cording to the energy with which it
A real live society can be of very
great service in attracting people to
the church and in maintaining inter
est In church work. It undertake-* 'o
sac that the church building ia kepi
clean and attractive at alt times, am’
to have supervision ovtr the social
aCaire of the church. <
kind, seeking out those parts of the
work for which it Is best adapted, and
directing its special attention along
those lines. It assists in caring for tbe
poor and needy, doing missionary
work at home and in the foreign
fields, and in various ways it raises
considerable sums of money for these
purposes. It also assists in raising
money for tbe maintenance of church
property and for building fund-'
where churches are being bulll.
It is an organised medium through
which the women of the church may
do their part in assisting the church
to servo the community in which is
located and in the upbuilding of the
kingdom of Christ on earth.
Mrs. Whitehoad'e paper follows:
ParnatUl IU«pon.lM|ily
The home Has been called Ihe faun
tain of civilisation, and this is indeed
true, since the voters who shape the
course of our country are trained in
tho home. No other teacher has the
acknowledged divine right to instruct
that is given to the parent. They are
first in the love and in the confidence
of their children, and first in the
opportunity of training them. Word*
spoken and deeds done In the home
dhape character for more than do
sermons and lectures or any other
outside agency. Since tho fountain of
our national life is nndsr the control
of the fathers and mothers of tin
land, it is in their power to make
this fountain tend forth waters cither
Utter or swoot for tho death or the
healing of the people.
Parents have It in thair power to
train their offspring to ‘‘ahhor that
which is tvll and to Ooave to that
which is food,” end they owe them
this d\ity. They briog their ?i.-ldr»n
into existence and hare them under
their control until the young lifo has
taken a bias that will last through
eternity. This fact should drive us to
llvos of piety; for bow can wo teach
that which we have sot learned llow
can we Impart that which we do not
poasomT Parents must teach by ex
ample. Our ward has sot authority or
Taaeh CUJm OMimi
Children thou Id early be taught
obedience. Thl* la rieerty brought out
In God’* word by such postages a*
“childran obay your parant* in ail
things for this Is wotl-plsasing unto
the Lord" and again In Eph. 1-1.
"Children obey year parents In the
Lord, for this Is right." Tat there has
naror boon a tine whan disobedience
was ao common or widespread Why
In this! I think the trouble 11m not
■o much with the child at the parent.
Many parents art ditobedient to Oed,
thair Haarenly Father and that they
hare failed to bring up thair childron
la the fear tt the Lord and la the
TLree Stranger* Vilit Old Lane
Place And Dig Up Pot
of Gold
Goldsboro, Dec. 29.—People living
a few miles south of this city, near
0>c old Lane farm, nro greatly
vrought up over the vi>li of three
S'.ra -ger* to the Cane farm. The
*-»>"/ farm is ur.e o<* the old before
.h>- K-ur plantations. ami it has been
•parted time and again that tbero
.»» money borltd on the place. Last
•"hu'as'ay three ‘linage met ca ic to
this city 0.1 a t uin from the North
i'hvy had ti'iut appeared to be a
•amptng outfit, with suitcases, rods
and other things. They hired an au
(mobile and went ont to the old
Lane farm.
People living in the neighborhood
aw them search over the place with
heir instruments until they found
rhat they were look;ig for. They
'ug a deep hole, and took therefrom
i pot said to have contained a q san -
•ty of gold. They placed the goM
i their eulteasos, came back to
Toldshoro and hoarded train No. 42
for the north. The people who have
seen watching their strange actions
:otried to the piece where the msu
ud been digging, and found a deep
ule in which there appeared to have
io*h n concrete vault built many,
lany years ago. and the iron pot was
*rt empty in the field by the three
tvanpVri. A number of people from
‘■is cty have visited the place, and
•ay that the hole has been dug, and
C pot left, as toid by people living
n the neighborhood. Now the people
vine in the neighborhood feel like
ticking thrm^lves because they had
tot dug for the buried gold.
—w - —- --m- ■ ■ ec • xarilk as If it*
lienee of the child to the parent is
he preparation for reverent obcdl
•nea of the man to God. The ono is a
tapping stone to the other. If a
Mid is cot taught to love, honor re
pect and obey his earthly fathar
'hum he hath jeen, how shall ha leva
nd obey his Heovanly Father whom
tc hath not seen.
Lav! of Homo Naedad
Law la every when. There
I'.wof Jh
0 break the laws of the home will
'■•o Ircclt the laws of the Bible and
he laws of the land. To send forth
' om your home a lawless creature Is l
s send forth nne who will be a men
•;c to society, one who will likely
bring shame to hi* father and mother
•id dithonor to Ucd.
Another rcrpensibility that rtsta
"on parents is that of guiding ehil
en ''n the sclcetron of tlte literature
h'ch they read. The family reading
"hould be at diversified as possible,
it books and pcidodieala dealing
nth religion* questions ihould have
• place on the reading table of every
Make Home* Attractive
Than uur home* should be mad*
(tractive and bright at possible, and
ho door* thrown open to th« friend*
f our children. They should be able
8t«l their entertainment and pleas
•V in the l-r/nr tather than on the
-eel. Sn tffe picture show anil else
•>.ore. Thousands of mere boy* and
"I* in their pursuit of pleasure, ere
r-eri loore to go where they plea re
aether, at all hours of the day and
•light, without the presence of a
rown person; and the result is that
'Tty of them fall into sin before
'hey arc eware of the danger. Par
•ilf are to be pitied who do not toe
■o dmggrs to which modern social
-ntema expose their children, r*r
■!* whore time is so taken up with
: Incas or domestic h(fairs that they
-ve no l'me to know what their
Vhlrcu are doing are liable to wake
•» to some awful tragedy when it Is
•r inle A well-known writer on this
,vj«rt says; “Parent* who have *1
'wed their eons and daughter* to get
-••0"d (heiT eont-ol, who have not
‘•e —.oral backbone to rule their own
who tee the danger to which
their children art* exposed, and yet
have not the courage to mtereiae pa
rental authority and snatch them
'rom that danger am guilty of theit
« «»wwu. nnuk mi dwiui |n
Altar la Every Hhm
It Is of very groat hnportune* Cut
'n every homo there ho a family al
tar. fn fact. It la hard to eee hew any
Methodist head of a household ear
he eoniislent and Igaere family wor
dily, stneo wa have procaisad to be
abject to th# dUelplIno of the
churrti; and the General Role* of th<
Methodist rhareh declare: “It la ex
pected of all who desire to continue
In these societies, that they eontimii
•o evidence their desire for mlrat-ov
by—faen'ly anil private prayer.’
How can we yet aroand lh1«? Itnlen
the homo Is pervidod by a rsligteai
atmosphora, all that la dune for Dm
ehlldron outride the homo will aval
hat tittle. Children derive their idea:
•f what ia good and right freai wha
/ ,
Thomas Walter Bickett I* Vic
tim of Paralytic
North Geroliau’s CItiox Eseeu-;
tive During Wcr Is Lrid To
Ae■ • ’u LtCa Ce:-eUry At
LouLbu.-g Surrounded By
ll'.outssdi V/l.o P.'cum Ilia |
Thomas Walter Ricked, governor
of North Carolina from 1917 to 19Z1,
!'«d at hit hnrnc in Raleigh Wednes
day morning at 9:1S o'clock foltow
•>K n rtroke of pi: wly.ii twelve hoars
-I'er. The to !y wrs moved to Ih*
otu ida of the con'iol da'ir.r the d'.v
i l » *n slrtc v.S I? tfcou a d: iphcJ
cv* a*d loy-'cl V-i a . No :h Cnro
nk’t Wr- Ccvuuio - r.od p'sin Mr.
*'ckoU f Ivd past hi* bier to pay
••ir lart re.pectx.
Fa ic si -ervUci wore cone'acted at
*’>riat Chu>ch, Interment w»» mode
I the cemetery at Lo’:irb'j-g wh«:v
two cVldcn who d ed in in'incr
»tt A reporter for tha New* nod Otv
•rver w-itea tti- fot'earirg beituttfo’
4gry o* 'he ohr-tjuie*:
C" enlh a mounln'n nf rt-d rorr'
*'v.c ’ IhnI T,e ln»od w th V» dead
'• I n pfc't r! > l*r of
‘hem. under a great wh'"o n.'k traa
hroogh tvh'eh Di-embe' w'nds w*‘l
•atcVr/'jr. Thomas Wa’ter Biekett
■*ir'h C" t1 War Gove-nor. raft*
■wn mn-lat 'e-v'ra to tha State in
*he little cemetery at Loabburg
**e»’«lo hie two children who died in
' ’fancy.
Liard} shut lovo-1 h'm b ought h'm
’ tbs p'nre whc~o he 'Iren and laid
•"Wi to rert; e'c« tb-t lov-d h'm
’’•c' »'-ronrb a mist i.f tm-e ai I’m
• hot lo’vr -ed Into the earth,
•’vend over, hidden altogether with
■lowers that went down Into the
■’•vo v’H; him. VovC' that loved
*n »hnk?f| r*d *'ecak,'rrr w *h yie*.
Sw *:ftod up in the old nongs that
» ’«*ve4 *• the e^y hid the
Th • V/-r Gore—or :s home at lad.
•soaw .ee’ea whe’e life ran richest
"or him. among the people who were
•Brer to his he« t than any t»c«ide
The State paid itr solemn tribute
hr-n thousand* of its men and wom
rn nnd children filed pa»t hU b'er un
'<*“ the rotumla of the Capital where
r lav In state yesterday morning,
'.ouisburg and Frank’in county
•aotwad the draft of Mr. tiirkcU.
■ho though gone f:om them for
waive eventful years, was thoir own
RHrf ■« Km Klirtp!/ utmiI.4 liavn
wished it, simple u tic himself would
have made it, the two funeral ferv
ors, the first at Christ Church, where
he was a communicant anil the otter
at the graveside with thousands of
hU own ‘ people gaths'ed around,
carerly o*i» among thorn able to krep
back the tears that welled up, were
deeply impressive. No word of eulogy
was needed. It was written with tear*
upon the fares of all they who stood
by and looked upon tlio laying away
of the dead friend of al! thing that
dirw the breath of life.
Friends From Everywhere
From every quarter of the State,
from among all of ita people, sorrow
fnl travelers converged upon thg
Capitol yesterday morning, long be
fore the hour whrn the War Gover
nor's body was brought to lie in state
"or a brief hour before the funeral
service at Christ church. When the
| doors of the Capitol were thrown
open at 0:15, a human tlda flowed
art in an unbroken stream for an
hour and a half, until the door* were
shut again, and the cortege removed
to the church. Out thoanands stood
7>:>h band head* in silent tribute.
Almost among the first to cross
the th-erhold to the ratamla where
the War Governor lay were an eld
negro man and hi* son from Moore
county. Not long before ho retired
Ihov cee thair paianU do, •ml tha
ehild la indeed unfortunate who nev
|ar hear* the yoke af foihar or mo
ther lifted to boa van In prayer,
TVs In regard to tha Sunday
aehool. It la tho parents duty to aen
that hia eb'ld attend* Sunday aehool,
that 1-e or she ia on time and hat a
prepared leaaon. Tho Sunday aehool
cannot take the ptaeo af parent* in
training children, but the Sunday
school can co-operate with tho parent,
and It la tha duty of the parent to
eooparato la every possible wuy with
tho Sunday aehool In developing tho
religious life of tho child.
fort a-c ‘t )| tho d»ty of the parent
to aao that tho children attend Run
1 day reheol ro It la their duly to »e«
that they attend tit* regular church
sarviro. tvary child that hat ranched
* tha age of ais ar eight year* should hr
I required he attend the regular aarriec
Fwemer Dni OniiMlkl la Om Of
First «• XlANoer E..f Suf
* fsritilflll Messy
AU df yon folks who lived in Dunn
before lha war nemembrr John Hall
and his clarinelr-but few of you
know what hajjbvrum# of the trre
*1 o nlble faOntettho was a friend to
everybody hat 'Jmek Hall.
Lie ten tp this's
•'Amonf th^lonti ibutiona aent in
;e'-i>onaa to tho jchrrt-»:|. a•> >*.••! so
n (he Near Stf Relief to Josephus
•UsieY Honorary State Cha..ra»o.|
o'c from apr. oner ;-i fa - #-*—
•» ntiary. Jadk Hall, who in cerv
ine a sentence ier bigamy sent in a
one dallar trill, *ne of the first con
tributions to bo weeatvsd in ■ capo me
to Mt. Daniels’^appeal."
Tltat is the Vat parag.aph of n
io-y aent owl tgr Colonel Geortre II.
ef^rar.-^Mtesetialnniin of the com-'
•vitro jtrhrng to swell the Near
"M Pe'Vf.Fjjjd A-d ell Jaelc *«-1
e of the first to answer the appeal
* the sftffmrs ft Aimenia and oiW]
Tb’e lands. Doesn't that prove that ]
tharc is * Vhol* b>t of rood in iha |
' «>w eve* jf it did borrow trouble I
wtddln| tub women at o time
Then oed cah lfive a fellow all the
-•euh'e be call Jbt away w'Cif
Dunn friends pt the cl-tr n--t -Ivv
w’il he sorsy tf learn t'mt he ij in
"he big jail, but they will be glcd to
ow t bat'll ij Scarce nation thv„ has
he d"-ed hb hea-i >,;oin.t those
■ a-’#*^—«e<Stoo. he la safe from
t ‘ .
W*rt Fiml Wnrdena
A large delegation will mart' in
'.'Hiagton Us."day to n-ipcr.| to the
••'•nty board of commiationers for
•> in-—op'intlom to a'd ti e Stile and
"adorol poveramanli to aarc the for-!
alt of Barnett county.
Several warden are needed for the
-o-k and jt la pointed out that the
;oty vrill aava thoma d* of dol
- * annually through the presence,
• t'-e fill tes-ohgwhen it mod
linger from (tut W. Darrow Clark,
i ofrtl«of the.for*»t-r division of
he State, will «4t with the eommis
’c-ora and pry^^ot the pleas of tho
Aah i. af Work
jfkM * -- . ■« - -Tiub (tmi
“•n ana aart« of the county
; I 70 before tho county eo-nai*
" at Lill’ngton Monday and aik
' 1 ** e appropriation needed to con
re home demonstration work In
he romty be allowed. The coranu
flT'i declined to renew the appro -
‘t ut.on in the December meeting.
The Women’* Club of Dunn, under
'•e direction of Mr*. J. Lloyd Wade.
-re*'dc-'t. i* much intercatvd in tho
rlc 0 flha demonstration agent and I
•T’ rend a delegat or to UUington
-™ office, the Governor had pardon
•1 tho old man’s son, and together
•boy earn# yesterday morning, with
wet faces, to look for the last t:me
upon the face of the man srho bad
eed the son. Behind them came
hundreds, -many among them those
who had been befriended by h-m who
lay there still in death, with his arms
about a great mass of red rows.
■edy Lies la State
nrr.vy emblems of mourning drap
ed the walls Of the rotor da Piled
Vr-h against the casket, and complo
1" hiding It save for the cover
through which tho War Governor
could be even, were reeves of floral
-'fin. some of them simple, many of
them magniftclsnt In their splendor.
At either end Of the casket, standing
at parade rest, were members of the
TlredqoartcT* Company of tho First
■'eT’mrnt of the North Carolina Na
tional Gourd, with flxsd bayonets.
Tho thong flowed pail in single
f'V. each pausing for a n»a™i to
-i'se upon the features of the War
Governor. Ho seemed to be but »
’sen, with a faint tinge of Ms well
teved asillt* about bis lips. It was dif
Irr.H to think even that he wee dead,
that the face was cold, that the eves
o-i’d nn-» open again. People were
nomb with grief, shocked to the po’nt
where net even sight ef him deed
couM quite convey the terrible real
Uw af d..»L
f ‘.he church at leaat once on Sun
dry; ar,d. although thoy may not un
<T'-r*nid »‘l that la aa’d. thoy will ac
quire a habit which will mean much
• later jrearaj and ona which, you
“HI eg Tt, we aru aadly In neod of.
whoo we art the wall rongregat'eM
»t‘o id’ng our church aervlca. "Train
up a child In the way ha akould go,
cod when he ir old he will nof depart
from It." Parenta are reaponalblo for
the eUnbllihmvnt of habits of prayer,
church attendance, Bible reading nnd
•tody, obedionct, reearence foi
th nyt ra.'red, proper care of the
tod- t o.MKly, thrift, belpfnlroat and
•olf control.
Now let ua aa parents wthc u-> to
the fact that although wo may -ec‘
•d *b*n** C"- n ,'t)v • •*■•4
In the rearing and training of oui
rh’ldrcn, wc <c:i,rct pa <, **. ,e ,.*• .
i |ibllsty to othar thoaVlera.
. RsamiuHO
Chief of Police To Quit Janu
ary First Or Sooa
- I
Ssya Ot? or Out'o". Keou're Zo
f -.•*«» Cc Hh Tlcto Thr.t He,
Ccnnct Give Prarcr AMrv
'W-vr Appii
canta For Hi» Potilion—
Accepted Yet.
IT. 8. Pair*, for two and a half
years chief of poll re of Dunn, ha* I
tendered his -e/jrnatlon to the Mayor
* d Poard rf Commissioner*. The'
r?-** at'on war fcan-led to Mayor |
•> Cvt 'll; r.t»~»l»ip nnd trill be-j
r*e : r< t'vr Cl'.r&Y 1, t>v an toon'
r ra'tr,- ft the chief can be relieved
'-cm KTvifr.
Other duties incident to the admin
istration of hit fntber't rtlult of
H>h he It executor require ro much
if M* t'me, Mr'. Pape *l:it*i, that he
-sir I hr* h-> en.i id p'.vc h!a duties
' e « t c attention they demand. Rla
: e ‘n l’-« Vo>»“ r.nd Comwilc»’on
... ...a..
“ft -r'rif to the other heavy duties
' •; >16? m ■ at this f air I llnd 1
- s*i y to t -ndt- mv resignation |
i •*' "ci>« ef the town of j
* <-f«rt Janoary 1. or a»
o- ti r a- you ran rc'leve :ao. I
•e*,y, the necessity of tendering I
• e ' — Rt'o« just at this time, but
'3d t’ at I ranrot give the dot es
' h- o"c» a -d ih* other dnt'ee do
•'o’-w o-cn trt t>'e attrrtion which
ho*h d-mand.
"I (•».»!■* ti thunk the boot'd and
h* c't'uc-s of Ihe town of Dunn for
’’"ir hearty coopenstion with me in
'o fV-ly and tally discharge
» r*"t!of of police doting
in Dunn.**
fth't nrlff-uVen wsa rubmit
•* 'o the k •'»'•(! there have been MW
*» oH'rtt'o't far the position.
**r»u of tvo syp’i cants reside in
’ many a*o re-:denta of other
‘«*u It la nndcrrtoed, boWerer, that .il.y.i .. amrs
Yn»HT» *9
r 7"1 :» IS | •*'*y-r Fr-d". Bril Weev
il In Cocl-.lebur
Fs’f‘ttvi!> I’ec 2" —Lawencr
11 «l lb, o'" Vw.vv VI' -f r.r tfc:*
‘ • '• Vnd a* a remit of the *eel«
••'* )*:«-,*v »* . .1’ lol on Phr: tt
•• !!>-. Von 'a DcjI c.*.d a f'iend
•• •• |.\-"nvn‘np tl«« -vviiver at tl oir
«* ifne h?t>'e •«' ci the wcauan w*a
'"-•Svtced ia orexphuimb!.1
-11-1-e- He was brows"’! to n horpi
*•>1 in tfcij city where he died later.
Doal wan the ton of Andre*- M TV-'
- d w»« employed In a cotton Bill
near Ure city.
JVr. W. C. Wicker of Ele- <WW.
-••-;>:nn' pro id lecturer of the ill
-me o-der it 'n Fayettrvl’le thie week
led .-•n? to the rkoefx chs il*r \*i. i
" It'. W l-e- a 'pcsker of Bt<u'ur.S
•«»’. ’•a*' rueh a rlro.-g
-eet'oo o-« lec-1 TJnrcn* it nan -tat
•d led- v that thev have "erolved to
—‘1 h'm i i'cb to Fa-ott-Vl'e 'n Mev.
*rhs wo-\ that he ie doing. it '» raid. I
' r.-or'"? of ye-t h, refit to the
r'w T>- Welter will he in thie city
a fu'l trick.
A new h'd’-e p’*c» for ’hw Sol1
ha- beer dl*-overed by 1. C.
C",mbf land 'nrmcr and Fnv
’ pc "lr Ir.w-pe. Mr. Tnlley ray* that
he has punled up a number ef cockle
'• - re©!* on the edra of hie cotton
“• W a-d ha* i”v**-l*bly found that
'bo weevil* hvl b ireweil into the
-ot*. Vr. Tal’ey edviee* the plowing
v'd bnrnnr of ail rarblrhur burke*
-"d oiV-r e’m-lar p-owth bi the pwx
ri TV 07 Tr ro ion ucia Ai won ai ir.t
'•O'tOIl 4»aII«*.
B-H AeJram
Drll A~ar*wI
M-%. Janie C. Ball and Claude 3.
M we-e -parried Monday eren'eg (a
the parroaayc of the Tint Baptist
h->~rh here Tea. & N Johnson, w
to*. perform 0,1 the ceremony. Only
a few clot* f -'»'id» and reiathraa if
Mr. nnd Ml. Bell wore present to
•' l -am !''0 eerenoae.
Mn oDII i.« th<- w''ie** of Jr.«e?h
A 'drown, of Dann. Mr He'l la a ton
■f the late Mr. and Mr*. Bryant A.
Bell ard a brother of the lata Cater
Hell. Roth bav« many friaada
throarhotit tha Dunn District who
join the Oiepateh in wishing them a
; long and happy Ufa.
Ml»» Maude Cechurrh and Conner
"n'l e-e'e mrf-'ed f«ndor oftrmona
r.t the home of Mr. IlaU'e brother In
r :• cl'eri'lf. Th r will make thaii
ho—e :n Tnw t'erllle.
The bride Is a na*lee of Harnett
’■** parents lltrlng at Bo<a« Creak
?h" rar'di d In Don nfor eeve fa yean
ai • milliner far Jahaaan BrotWrs.
Wilson Tobacco Board of
Vrcdc Dtniw AntagcnUn
To Now Plan
Wiltoc, Doc. 29.—T1i« tobacco
boa 4 of trade hero dealt; that !t la
» -Ivycr-klns the ce-cp»r»tlvo mar
keting movement. They taka tb» posi
tion that when !t '* p.ovrn that cotton
ra:t be iclil t’rt way. It wiP be tine
r-orjrb to try ‘t cat on to-acco.
V. lie i It became circulated In the
rural d’etrlcts that the fam
es sig.-id with the cooperative more
•ta■ the a would be no market in
W.laon for their prod acta, the ware
hi-asvmvn decided to prevent their
eldi of the care. The half pare adver
t-cement In the Kcwi and Observer
and other paper* In oa-tent North
C'-aol.'na wme intended to o IT vet a re*
"t- »'M«h the waichauvemea hold
* b • false.
i >-w n* in on semen expert to con
tinue In bualoom until they ore
hewn. They or* not expecting to re
•e right away.
I’arsncra si.d bonne** man of tho
--ty are dirided In thalr opinion*
• the pro; o-rtl new plan, but all
—rt ‘e 11 ■ rt ’f J« fft'-p «*rc“. Hov
rrer. tho warehousemen rouit have
m orUsal vitusl »> fB01>li-t'on r
t- k-f'»i thi-y make any
change* [n their plan*.
Bam* contend that the eooparatlra
;.ilan would kill Wilson wfc la other/
ny that *f tho y’aale-r <rct ?ro-* for
• r tobacco, it mean* a better town,
f the forme’1* p-oifmr. everybody
ro pcm. they point oat.
Twelve Stan So “Tho Affair* of
Rrma*1:*bW cast headed by W*V
’■ts He'd Glor'n R*nvson. EP!of
"*rrior. Bebr Daniel* and Agnaa
* -on root in sunerb picture.
Twelre tlcllar player* and a *«p
•v.fcc cart of uurivaUod quality—
the record »ct by Cecil B De
latcrt Par* mount masterpiece
Tfci Affair* of Aaetol" which will
*hown at tho Whho Way Tanadar
id Wednesday. The rooter road* like
•ozradom'a who*a who. Tho phtaaa
laUan .ntwirraam *>o.M*».
it‘t udenualely d<wer!be* a caat that
•c’rdes Wallace Raid, fanout Para
’"iin itas; Gloria Swanaon, Elliott
***xter. Be he Daniel*, Me ate Blue,
"’’■’da IlawlcT. Theodore Rohm*,
' •:*#> Ayrn, Theodor* Kotloff. Polly
florae. Raymond Hatton and Julia
Noib'nar like this cast in the way
traTerete talent has ever been
f'-.’-VJ before. The drawing power
f r.'-no'd eay of the namca on the
"■ hi* liern sufficient to awaken the
rT t^e if rrr’mlnatlttg public
*ferc for the firat time, they are ap
'■aring in a "in(tie production unde'
he direct'd) of a master producer—
>'T B. DcMilk.
"The Affairs of Anatol" vras writ
ten by Jeanlc Macphcraoa. author of
usov nctvb’e Cecil B. DcMilk pro
inctionr. Her story war ruarrvated V'
* ib~r Schn'taler'i scintillating con
fir of the same r.crac.
"h" ramc nasiifv tbut is featured
'-> the cart of p-inclpalr and in <br
• ho" h'p h-s b-cn carr'ed through
" t'T oba*v of production work. Th<
supporting cast inrludrs rueh eapahV
"••vrr at Cue Ol’vc', Charier Ode,
'l-rancc fiefdart. Maude Wayne.
•'-Or Miller, William Boyd. Lueim
■ (‘kfleld and other*. The beautiful
•'f-rs *-* the werk of Paul Iribo
'amour French artist, designer and
A V Alt
'V'd-i*’ n!*M. Jntnary 2, IPS'*
7:SH I*. K.
Subjarti “Wall Plaaa’n* Vat
I. S-ne by (froap—B. Y. P. V.
TVnir* Soap.
S Ren terra prayer* — yroop
mam bora.
“ °trV» T ratrtny- Mrr. Sam
Brouebtan, M'.»» O'*— ft
/ jVr e' tSa rnHjaet—
** t* Djnn’rp. l>*da-.
•' T.'i-—"TVa may be well-plaaa
t » fa ff-a I-o-d fen livl'y a life ef
raHh"—M> Trn Pr'efc'avd
i 6. TalV -“Fn’tfe Ip Oort Ih-ooffe
|*r. -»'•* C:nt-*V P»’ee.
7 Sot# — Mr*. JaJUk Reward
8 Talk—“Wp m»-- fee v*v* n^»
’riff Ip H’m kv ■ l-fo of jovfol akart;
eirp to Go<r< will—E. U. Slaughter
0. Due:—Alto anrt Soprano—
,M'e» Sal’ta Kaylor and Mra, R. L.
. IV nlnjr.
10. Talk—"We may be -wall
Ipteailey uatn H'm by mrorln* la
I**'i "Tv'ra"—Mira Mary Warren at
~ •*•» V <\
”• T,-#m-.fav them now—Mia
"V.V Hall rea'.i*# oai
tt be vnjkjl"*di|a net#
n'm k" eh-a •v’p- »*•* — r -*•% -f’e-dat
u* to rtow a Heavenly character^
Mlt< CMa Maylar.
tS. SaateU# — Soy ran**: Mia
ScmNmStra Heed. Aad •
Sara Hwrti, Bat Good
a Caaaawaa ChUf Carriaa
Pretty Moaaa Uadar HU
Btialcur — George Gurdar
and SpUlors Lead Tlsoea Who
Carry Santa Claus To TWa
Those gladsome Christmas days era
war aad Dunn a slowly reforming
'rom tbo fight*. fcstivjtio and fro
incident thereto. About town
Jtr*u at* those who nano sore hoods,
hefts ar.d sore conncione'es as
•oil as U;o'n whoea soul* art filled
t.n thnt mellowness which cornea
:cm good deeds well dona
CooTgs Gardner. Beats Claus to
v: poor through hU ability to
rccae from tkoa who hero the
>V.g» necessary to giro to the a whs
sveat, is happy; for be, with ethi
■ hit bird, carried cheer to assy
roor homes In the Dunn DUtrlet d
ing the tea son. Aad Spill*.- ;>
• m-locking filtonr who nils need
T tits l*ro le’s fioprly Company—
-* is fooling good too. Splllcm plsy
I Bantu Ctuos oil by himself for
rrcral needy fam'lics. Than were
£» of others who fool bettor sod
•* hotter for baring hat a helping
'and to those who would have inf
. < h-J*«maj was a gay season about
•Wf!. At times it wat necessary te
lamp the 3id down tight whan Gen
ral Benjamin B. Bo esc threw hi* re
ctvv farce* against Dunn's valiant .
srmg of vetsraa fighter*. Once, wte
-he Gonitra] advanced against {ho
"Hum Cafe, it wma necessary to call
mt the police reserves. Afur a two
tow siege it wit possible to roapen
He eatery for ita ragalar haaaaett
IWpolie* ware aarioaalr hampered
n thalr hattlaa by the -»■—rt of the
■Wef who in. a srrcbtM Jtzmwwa. .
h't a man lit the fiat with hit aye
-with more damage to the ayo than
a the Bn. it appear*, slice that
silicon* youngster’s map is marred
'T th* presence of i mouse andor
1" right bilnser.
Howsoever, K was ■ file Christ
naa. Nearly everybody had a grand
rd a glorious time while it was on
ind no doubt win faec Judge God
■in wfib a smile when the reckoning
oaiea raxt Thursday. Xom of tho t
> •orted in the list of ea-aalfe* w*
t ha id when tholr name* ware eal'
i yerterday morning, but have y«
' •♦d to show up on Unto neat Than
Breach Nm
Spring Branch, December 26—Ac
uities u this community during the
•ast week were confined nn*tle t«*
"s-et'ena for the celebration of
he Christmast'.da.
On last third Sunday the Spring
'.aneh putpt was ceru - ed t>
T ert N. Johnson of Burn
Hi* teat was Homan* 10-in ii
ermun waa a plain simple and d'rscl
-crcn'.ation of the Carpel of right
ring !n the stralghtfo-wsrd manner
•i which we sheeikl erpeet the Ma»
?r h'm<r)f to yeie-.t It were he
fer.t 'a ih# wo-W toln- ’rV* sf
• 'ced'ng t'-e M' "t ’» - c -.-d
••arl ’g Jch .ron'e.
On ib« af'erroon of W.-d e’-'a
n> 21 Jolly fit. Ni-bo's* stopped at
ptlng Branch paVl'e school ’oog
ojgh to rhow a woade-ful tree on
h'ch aTea-ed many geo ! and o»e
1 th np*. Re roes plucked tha tout
»r of it* strange amertment af
>• thing* and eery kindly dletrlbut
d them among thorn young folks who
e at ones the hope, pride and tor
-lent of those rnexprsaalMy pstisut
• cm»n who are trying to teach tVm
be roles of co-nmen dreency. grrn
•H* and other profitable things .Ban*
"’* vlait was a little premature but
Y« was because he was on a hurried
’r to the fa* south h *cir h o
"is ’erect and most ac d lemon In
n'-teree to ha->d to any Nations) re
urereV.stire who should fa l to ae
* ■* t'n ’e Barn’s dlrermsment pro
! >ML* mi win bt U»
I noted In nil the hitter? of tho wo»M
:f It ihall hart marked tho end of
'that period in which we ire told
"there ehall ho wan and mnn of
wan." Map the Xow Toot mirk tho
"careful era. .
Viola McKVlT Mr* ft L. Denote*'.
r'“9 M'eO Hl'r Xtr1”* »'•(’ r»r.
por Warron. haooa, Dr. Bala, ft. L.
A pnod Mew Year** atthi *T» D«
WothMcaain* Unfa H:m."
A cordial welcome le eotoaded to
■ tl mo ->h*»e ef *he rhn-eh and repo
< a'ly to nen-B. T. P. U. rnrail in m
i well aa wiaKara af tho town.

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