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nm ■■■II..
Judge Gori%b Law
More Cieirij IT'cL^ad On
Cor •?: - cj '■VtK’V&H
Ch»rwkrr<j Trr r.t Of
Motion Pieiurt 7.‘ m A« Bru
tal And In!»u»>..i, j'.ud Call*
Page Kind V.’ext Resented
Criticism Of Conduct Of His
Department. .
• Moinv/. prlare
theatre osnt., v/c* /aund ca. iy ot
(l‘»onicriy rn.i« uct and carry!** o
co.iruulcd we-po.* !n « j naLfon w*.tU
hid affray with Oi>f of Pol*ce V. 8.
Page Aid PalrDiniii i \\* f** Nipper in
the Dunn Cafe n? !i c*c!-cV. ChristaiAj
Rve night w’.n*i* t-Vi! before Reord
er Robert L. Go ! v> yt«ts?day. Ap
|>mI from the *)•.**!*!mi »n each ca.*<i
wa* take:*., bou\ :or and th.- matter
will be threshed net *» P vurior
Court at Lilli.f- ess .1 Mvk.
Judge Godwin’* decision < amo on
the heels of ore o' the most m uthing
denun c it Con* of tha local police de
partment, it* t hief and hi* m*-tliod»
by formcrCongio^mnn HannlUnl L.
Godwin ever h*« *d. ;n a lee.Al rr«*ii
room. Mr. Mti-iuw v** pic'.u.d by
tha retinal legislator an innoeexa ■
man whore only ei .me was that he
had dwV'l to rr lie. c the **kinjr. the
sovereign who ruled the city cf Dunn,
while he was w.*ji «t»rally feart'ug
oa oyaU’it.** Ilia i—ticUm of the
ch ef who U about to retiir vraa u>
eloquent a* it vtu.« b tier u.*id he said
that no man ha I ever bc<*n mo;*e bru
tally and hihrm.'iieiy lAsud than
had Mr. Morrow.
Judge uo«r*m a dtf:» on a* to car
>yin* the weapon eo'ccu’cd <iu
reached thmunh h'.-i belief thai. the
lew was designed re test the car
rier'll Atlvorraiy. i: ar, ;>rnv«n
the weapon was rspoee.t u> v'ew of
, everybody behind Mr. Morrow, but
that It was improbable that Mr. Pago
—a possible advent ry—could too it.
guilty as a matter of law. desiring
that it he carried to higher courts
for an opinion ‘'.-.a: will throw light
on future iimilcr rases.
The law. as it now stands, is not
specific on tills point, the judge con
tends, and should be denied up.
The case a drd n» 1 o'clock last
night, after had co-itunud two
hours of an afios :oou . on and
an hour end a hnU it nljlu. Throogh
nut the '.xamirvfen of witnesses and
the a;guru nt c.f c„ur.7el the little
rourtroom wt 'eis»,l In ruC-icaiiou
by interested <ptri aisirj who follow
ed the evidence and nigumeit ailun
livrly. Only Orfv il'il the judge have
to rap for order, rhut was when Han
nibal Godwin reached the pinnacle
of hia eloquence in itesoutiric.g Page
and the crowd wanted to applaud.
Although coa' S.': for the defense
asked that the ca:c be continued to
a nigh: section of the chart berassr
of the «•> Ki-ncst Y. Young,
senior cou '<*eH from tr.j city. Judge
Godwin would allow a continuance
only to 1:30 o’clock In the afternoon
when Solicitor M. A. Tsqasoiil i.i*
airted en Irancdiaic trial. Sir. Town
•e id pointed out that the case iind
orce befO/O been continued nt the
request of counsel for the drfenre
ami that, even with the nbro of
Mr. Young Mr. Marrow hr.d sufficient
representation In .oe perrons «r Han
nibal I* Godwin, Ji-rnlguu ucd ju-ue»
When Iho cnir was exiled at |:S0
Ihe defense still wanted n cintixu
a«cc, this time for t'.io added reason
of the sber-ncr f'*m court of W.
Blackman Lee, on Unpoitant witliesa.
However, the cano proceed'd.
*-•»# to.tino.
U 8- P»|«. chief of police, one
of the arroatin* policemen, «v the
Brit wltn«a* colled. Hr tlotrrl thM
hn oil »*at«d in eh* cn.*o with Po
liceman Nipper, Ih* ether a.K-jCnj;
officer, when Mr. Murmw earn* tc
Ihcir t*t'* and hi» “Srhy ir
tolT* had he m>l »*H*“eld lt«nn" t<
arrow him thlr CtarWms*-, that !i< had
Mhed Mr. Morrow if itc wortati tj
be ar reeled; that Mr. Mourn* Mated
that no “d«on r.*a.i” a««ld arror
him, and that Mr. .Morrow 0»-> team
*d to roash toward b’l hip peclrot.
At tfclt June: jtro, M>. Pt'iro teetrfl
rd. Mr. Nipper Mtiflhl n f*-" f«nn
Mr. Honew'i pocket and atloaiptw
to place him under a> rut. foe*. Mr
Pare continued, Mr. Morrow “p«ke«
me la the eye and w* went fejrethor.'
Oa cram axanrfaat'.on Mr. Pay*
elated that Mr. Mo to.v'a turn w«'
toncvalod, that Mr. Morrow had corn*
Into the eoT* la hi!* hbr, thi.t hr **
drunk and disorderly n-id r**‘ele<
armtl He aeglf ml rlate whrlhc
•r not ha had beaten Mr. Motm
one Ike head with a flab or blarl
NV w Bank U Organized
By SmithField Citizens
-niilhflald, Jan. 4—Whan tho First
v. .'on*l Bonk anil the Citizen* N»
C't..ini I hi.ik cciiaolld.ncil rot long
i! vrm predicted by meny that
tfctre vould soon be soother bank tv
oncaniac and open op here. This i»
being non.'. A car.raw ha* been made
! «•<•! stock hn* been taken ior (he co.t
|Ua.»k. An organization was effected.
Mr. U. C. Gillette was elected presi
dent wish Mr. It. L. Fitzgerald as
[ Wrr-prcsldent. The diiectora are: A.
W. Johnson. X. E. Woodtll, John W.
Bl-rkman, James l>. Parke, and W.
H. Flower*.
Dr. Poobles Lom* C*m
Against His Wife’s Sons
Dr. Peebles, veterinarian, was tax
ed with the routs and adjudgvd guilty
of malicious and frivolous prosecu
t>on when two cases started against
Lemon and Carson Lee, sons of hie
wife, were tried before Judge Robert
L. Godwin in Recorder's Court yes
terday. He appealed from tha decis
ion of the court, however, and will
take tha matte*' to Superior Court
in Lillington next creek.
The Lee boys were charged with
trespassing on tha land which, until
Dr. Peebles married their mother_
the widow Kate Lea—in November,
wo* owned hy their mother and tend
ed by them. Dr. Peebles in the mean
time has acquired title to the proper
ty. lie leased it to a new tenant aud
forbade Ihe boys to enter thereon.
They paid little attention to hla in
structions. Judge Godwin ruled that
thry had been in possession all the
The boys were charged also with
threatening th* life of their mother.
She refused to testify against her
«ona and stated that (he felt that she
Lad nclhing to fear from them.
Marrow Taker Stood
At idr. Page left the stand tho
Stole looted and live defense rsIM
Mr. Morrow. Although still weak
from Mr experience with the police*
seu rail nervous from'the ailment
unit.i uar given him trouble for
years. Mr. Morrow told hit story
quietly end without hesitation.
He bad, he said, been searching
JAtJgtM and fltcaar fur xovyal
■WrTtteoweo St rtre floEeWSThSi?
duct ef a negro la his theatre, and
when he sow Page and Nipper In the
• c,rtaurant he went in to tell them
about tho trouble and remonstrate
v.-h them for their apparent inat
oiit-on to iloty. He admitted that he
■vus aimed w,th Uio gun Mr. Nipper
le alleged to ham taken from him,
•mt staled that ho had boon in the
t :oi. of carrying It about with h.m.
•at concealed, ever since lie had boon
'n Dunn. Of this fact, he raid, all
policemen were cognisant. When he
.tpiiroached Mr. Page, he raid, he ask
'd him where he had been a*l day.
The policeman, he declared, naked
Km who he thought was running the
.•oliee department, and He raplied
that It looked like nobody was mn
n'ng it.
Skirt Blood Saakad
Then. Mr. Morrow Unified, Nip
■v e matched his revolver and I'age
■ united for him. The next thing he
knew ho waa on tho floor and the
loi'remon were beating him. He did
not remember much more until he
regained conaeiooxncvt in the city
jail. Then, ho raid, he was Moody and
<ore. He offered ills shirt in evidence
>n ihow that he had bled profusely.
The roller and a largo part of tho
■ >sck Of the shirt waa soaked with
■Mr. Morrow dented that be waa
:•!tiier drunk or disorderly or that ho
!<sd site in pled to start any trouble
vith the policemen.
Mann Norris, next wllnnaa called
by the defense, stated that ho wax In
the keck yard of tho eafs when Page
and Nipper dragged Morrow through
the bock door. Ha testified tbat he
board several licks struck aad that
j Ihcy sounded as If they Were Heka of
* uiopon. He said, too, that he heard
"or* toy: "shoot him Nip, shoot
him 1”
|**r* Warm
Dt. R. U Warren w»i called by the
‘:»M* to teatlfy u to Mr Monrorw'i
ron.'itioo. Rc naiad that Mr. Morrow
wai I" * dMad condition whan ho
.jar Mm after midnight. He had rone
(he prlmo twins before at lb* in
to"ec of Mr. Marrow** friend*, hat
•aa’.d not to him beraaoo there
. -via no on* thoro to let him In. Mr.
Pag* had been found’ about midnight
n.d had »dmltt-d him to the *al|. Mr.
’ Morrow, ho tuM, wa# lying on th*
COOT rote floor wit.iout cover and wa<
bli.«<|y( though not blooding at that
flmo. H* would not my that hi* eon
dltion waa dar to liquor when th*
-oroeecMion aeked tho qooeUoo.
While lif, Warren waa teat If yin*
TH-Mty Sheriff Jernigoa auoeeodad I*
i "ndlag who hod baan n»
I monad by tho State hot wa* waated
• by th* dvfonro. He wa* th* neat wit.
r no** for the dofe***. Me rioted the!
. he wa* ia tho eaf* when Mr. Morrow
Con riocm Co* Smith Ho U Old
Acquaintance Alad Ah*
•condo With Cadi
II looks aa it the “city slicker" bnd
moved to the rural sections and that
tha "confidence” man finds it more
profitable to opare la in ibb lair of
the "coma on” than He did when he
waited for the easy marks to com#
to town. Listen to what happened to
Ed Warren because Gas Smith, his
Man Kriday, believed a slick yoonf
negro when he told Gus that he was
an old acquaintance:
Ed, who needs lot* of tcnsnU for
his big fsrm routScasf of town, is
shy $#7 BO and considerable of hi*
self esteem, and Gus Is determined
that the next young negro who claims
bis friendship shall ha turned over
to the police.
The trouble came about through
Gus' gullibility. I .art week be was
walking down the road when a likely
young negro railed: “Hoy dere, unk
Gus. whar you go’m'7”
Gus didn’t teem to recollect that
be had ever seen the man before, and
he told him so. “Yes, you doea, unk
Gus,” Use fellow replied; “you know*
me—ah’ve bean to yo’ plare lot# o’
tiures; you know* mo, James Smith—
don’t yo’ ’member.”
So ingratiating was the smile and
manner and no confident did the ne
gro seem that Gus did us many a
wiser man has done. He remember
ed wall. So well that hr carried his
fthrnd to sac Mine Ed and racom
aended hhu vary highly sj x hoy ha
had known for mors than ten year,
"ve’y emaht, a hard wukkrr and one
o’ do best fahmrri is da country,”
and all af that
mr. warren winie-i to jure tne i
stranger and be war willing to be hir
ed. Bat then* war a little matter of
an account due hU farmer landlord
nho lived near Clayton. Bo Ifr. War
ren gave him *97.76. Accompanied
by (iuN tbr young negro was tent to
gat hit rtulf from the Cloytoa farm.
At 8*1®a, however, he deserted Out
and has not been seen since. Through
tSe hladnem of tome negro friends
bock homo. Yesterdiy Mr. Warren
went to Clayton in search of lie ne
gro sliektr, but ronld find no trace of
him, hit landlord or a large quantity
of stuff he had mortgaged to him
for the money advanced.
Sm Ov-lhetJ'eker it block, barapy
ftced, has a gold tooth, a moustache
and a pleasing manner, weighs about
17U pounds and weans brown clothes.
If anybody wants to make $25 they
ear) pot it by tclllnp Xd Warren
where he it.
Tho Exploaioa Of A Still
1* Tho Caiim Of Two Don tin
Cairo, Ills, Jan. 4.—Maria Hogan.
17 years old nml Gladys Hogan 9.
sitters, were horned to death today
in a fire which police attributed to
the explosion of a at ill. The hoot* of
TWnnl* E. Hogan, father of the girts,
a grocer, was destroyed. A still and
several jags of moonshine wore found
in the rains. Hogan and hi* wife and'
three small children escaped.
-- "" " i a ai eT
entered. The gen was about the find
thing ho saw. Mr. Morrow, be said,
went Immediately to Pago'a tabln,
leaned both his hands on its surface
and began to talk la undertone to
Tag*. He did not hear any part of
the con venation between them until
something was said about Hunt. Then
.ha saw Mr. Kipper ersteh the Morrow
jgva and say “consider yourself wi
lder arrest." Then there was a general
. mix up, with Mr. Morraw and the
polkamon on tho floor. When Mr.
Morrow won Id rise, according to Mr.
Lee, bo would call to him; “Black,
see how thoy are treating mo.” and
Page would hit him again with a club.
: lie said that he had attempted to
' stop the trouble when it started but
was ordered away by Nipper. He did
net think Mr. Morrow drunk and wai
certain that ha was In no way disor
Nipper Cuerekerelee Page
Theodore Vlahoe, one el the own
ore of the Cafe, corroborated a large
part of Ur. U»'l trrtimuny. hat wee
»f thr opinion that there waa "»o«e
thing the matter with Mr^Xorrdw."
Teddy admitted that he area frighten
ed and did net eat aa much at Ur.
Leo raw. J B. Langley, of tbe Atlan
tic CoaM Line Bail way cIBre, eta ted
that ha bn I rare Mr. Morrow earlier
* nth# wren lag and that hr waa drank
at thnl Umo. I’olkeman K'rpar to
taled nbout tbe earn# ae -lid Mr. Page.
.Maaera. Vlabaa. Langley and Kipper
i Wore witnmeee for the Plate.
Charlae Lea On/ tided Solicitor
Tow a tend tot the proaeeutira. A re»
eoia area taka* at I iW 0 dock to par
■lt ooanaal to appear la e.iother ea«e
.before a mapletrate n rrolbor part
of town. Argoteeat waa la tba
Bight —rii
FOR CAR OP kohloss
V Wind Story Stand. SlMp
000 Wortfc of Liquor Will
Not Bq Confbcotod
tUleigh, Jan. 4^-Fedtml Prohibi
ten Agent U. a. Kehlo*., of Salle
bury, on hU way hone (no Ocr»
cvfce, where bit waat Friday to can
h<* respect* ovgr a cargo of 9199,009
worth of liquor, dropped off today ia
Raleigh to tell the story which boota
thrm al! for Uquor treacun.
He visited District Attorney Irvin
U. Tucker'. o«ea and laid a <sw frag
ments before ym. yhc bhad of the
piohibitlon foreas in the- state baa
spent four nights getting to that li
quor and away from it. Ha found on
the “Uvtariigor-ef Paacs” 1,03* cases
of whiskey. Tbla means 4,144 gal
lon., or 16,970 quart* Tbl* booa*
Mils at 912.30 .‘a quart retail ' Tbs
gracd total gor* wall above 9190,000.
The boex* was coptarad ia tbu Ocra
roka inlet Friday when {he Maasengrr
of Pexco, on it* cm la* to Saa Pierre,
Neva Scotia, blew into the inlet and
get stuck in the mud. THs fact that
Hie navigators were running M0
or *o mile* out of course waa not ths
least rrabarmnlkg to the captain of
tbs vernal, who pgplaintd that a storm
birw h'm and Ms mates out of the
ocean. The Mbeeengcr of Peace io
■ iggvd up with three masts and is
very senrlive u the wind. It baa an
engine and «nu drire wherever K.
wUbna to go. The sail err bad liUla
•)*'aphomalln gblcb belongs to out-1
W* which ga to4sea. Bat far all that. \
the men stood >y the story Hat the
an kind wind* JUw them‘late North
Carolina, lWo fjpt .tats u go dry by
popular vote is •
l*ew»dii« UH*
Why- the gamier of Peace Ic
on Sl cK-ir.-^a-Hud tho t-tal<- b«
cr.n la adminigrr on the car* > and
found quite a tonnage of beeai. To*
boat ia goog fir about *0 ton* and
VIf it* caparr^ «aa in bottled Joy.
There wai« I**r standard brnida.
1-oo-thlrd. of tlpa erhidkey was Marjr
l*-.d Kye by tab], but thorn ia noth
ing ia a name, Thera wai a goodly
percentage of £ri*h whiskey and n
limited amoudto of two well-known
brand*. Mr. Kshlom took aaaaplee of
all and *ant Ugfeto Washington. Oh
old fiddle* *r« BtadWarluaa* and not
ill tnmbWdown furniture ia antique.
All-that men* i* not part rya mada
iq 191*.
Tho BalUbnry leader had bia tribu
lation* reaching the Mi-merger of Tha wind blows down there
and Kttlc- boats cat all sort* of didoes.
The trip was made Friday night af
ter the rail Jeumcy ended at New
*;n It Is S* miles from them to
the Messenger of Peace and Mr. Koh
l«ii finished bi» Joamay, which ha
continued from New Bent In a gov
ernment boat without getting In the
Xcmongeref Peace that night. A
heal from' Portsmouth. N. C.. took
him to tho liqaor vessel aad ha went
ahorrd her. Two whites and seven
blacks manned the schooner. She waa
a rcaworthy dhlp. Tho whiskey am her
was made In tondry parts ef America.
11 had been consigned ta San piers
with the Bahama Islands as a setting
cat point. But that awful wind came
no md rant her Into North Carolina.
Mr. Kohlor* on investigation, found
that the wind* her* had a habit of
Mowing Cassis. Coleman end his sa
ne late* Into that part af North Car
ol'na. Hitherto tha galea have been
a Utile atom considerate and have
not scat tha shlpatan aground. Bat
Ihc Messenger of Peace waa aot In
an nnchartered tee. It mada Itself
very orach at Hemo.
Joknaon Ga*« To Jail
From HoapHal Today
Jamco Joknaon, alleged (layer ef
Frank Stone tn upper Harnett county
eeveral weekf ego, will be reloaaed
from Harnett Central Hnepltal at
LIlKngton today and aent to Harnett
Jatl to await* trial. It t« impossible
that his cat* wiH be tailed In the
criminal term o( Superior Court to
op on in LflHnyton Monday.
Johnaen badly wonndad at lb#
time Stone was killed. He hat been
•n 'be hospital cerr since. A coron
er's jary bold him roaponalblo lee
I Stone** death. (.Iqaer Is auppaaed to
.havo been at the bottom of the tray
lady. 1
Min Halbai IU<«mt
Ault C«« Ut Prom Auta
A auM t»d loat tram an antama
kilo wfeiab .*d» taking Mia* Xatblaan
Holland to Mhoal at 8alaabvrg wai
raeaaerad yadarday by Dctaattat
Langley and Mn. W. D. Holland
Mlat Holland'* mother, wban tboy da
•nan dad if of a nogro girl who wai
known fm hat* picked It up. The gW
had lacked tba nh caae In bar (rani
jand loft h<dm. When hand by the
policeman dp randtty aarraad to flat
tha property u?, aHbaacb It trat art
dent aba had attempted to aamia Um
law. ''
CitiMM «f County Wut Fur
Mto ^ Agmkmt
"At a meeting of ettiaca* repre
senting the various districts af Bar
ns It County, which was hold hi ths
County Coon Houst at UUington,
Monday afternoon, January lod.
1911, ths following re so lotions worn
unaaimeosly adopted:
"Whereas, the cut-over forest lands
of Hsrnett County constitute on# of
the important potential assets of the
“Whereas, periodic forest Area are
concerting this potential asset into
a liability by destroying the young
forest growth as rapidly as It estab
lishes Itself, by redwing the produc
tive power of th« soli, and by perpet
uating a dsngsrooa fire huaard;
"Where**, the North Carolina Geo
logical and Kcoaomla surrey offer to
co-operate with the Harnett County
Beard of Cemsaiatieuer* in employ
ing and directing Forest Wardens
whoso duty shall bo to enlist the sup
port of the people la thole respective
districts In ths general control pro
vesting and extinguishing of forest
and Add Ares and in enforcing the
state forest lawn;
"Whereas the said survey across
te pay one half of the coat of amp!er
ror** of said Wardens pravldlug the
ceuaty will agree to pay the other
"I here for*. Bo It Itnaolvodj—
“That the c[titan* of Harnatt coun
ty in amtlng assembled la Hamott
County Court Hoot* (hit second day
of January, IMS, do hereby aad
'herein respectfully petition and urge
the KoaoraWo Board of County Cm
rntmioacra of Barnett county to ay
propriat* Iron tho public fun da of
the county a tuai not to exceed Sue
aundred doUan to ho expanded in co
operntioa with tho State Geological
and Economic Surrey In accordance
with Chapter ft of the Public Lawn
■f n. c„ of mi.
-Above resolutions adopted by un
animoua vote of all ettiaana pTemnt
at meeting."
toe f otoat tea ^rohtem aa B aaida
For eat Pretactivu
Camp Bragg, Baatetn If core oomrty,
Southern aad Wetleni Haruett cow
ty aad the Overhifle lead company
were agreed upon. ■ Senator W. P.
Byrd of tbe 14th Diateict, Captain
H. W. Tapper of Camp Bragg. H. H.
B lard on, manager of tho Ovcrhilli
land Company, Bion Bailor of South
ern Pines, J. 8. Johnson of Spent
Springs and H. Boiler of LUlington
all mads Interesting addressee per
t'nent to the forest tiro problem. The
icccmity for taking tmmediate stop*
looking towards a coated of tbe very
destructive forest firm was empha
sised by all the spank ere. It seas also
generally agreed that tho an tvs res!
support and ee-apvretio* of all oBi
tens will be nccenary for surrsas of
any plan, and that til* State Force*
laws should be strictly applied to
people who are Indifferent and euro
lem about letting Are eacape.
W. Darrow Clark, chief fire ward
en 1st the North Carolina Geological
I ind Economic Survoy presided at tha
j meeting.
-It I* T# Lam*h
ProUmhmry. umimwti. have
b*» made looking to » big spectacu
lar ho ate talent production, eotlod
the "Ro-cbud Ot erotic Miaatrol Re
vue under the eututoee and for the
iK-nefil of tin- Dvnn Curat Band.
Mr. Albitt I. of the Will'*
; Moxe C , of, Ohio, art])
I hare charge ef the rah mrule and a
' iclerted eoropeay of homo talent thp
era and parfonagn oH ha aaliatad *a
the prodaetion. Mr. Baker it aril ha
remembered, trained the “Ameftea
Ftnt” prodaetion far the PeegMen
ef the Ceefattorney, also “Pewhe***"
Indian chow.
A rplendid ead uwflteHeoa offer
ing it piumbed, ia the ferfheeaatog
profuetlen along the ehaaen Uaee ef
the operatic mketreky la whtoh
I plenty of taagte urfll he iujaeted
along with tho Maglag. Also a epeetol
ore be Mia to being ergaatoed to add
to the general eaesmMe efeet
The date for the Operatic tttoptrel
Revue will be aaaoaaeed to a later
MeoerUaen Would Face
A Charge Of Mfrfei
Mentgemery, Ala, Jen. 4—Attar
aey GomibI llerwcH 0. Dark to ad
riling an »slkke re to pwiteati tm
murder perseae erreeted for menu
lecturing Hquen whtoh canted tb<
' death ef any human being. Thto ad
rtoe to being lamed on the etroagti
of recent fevelepmente to Stow
reunty, where a men to under erne
far (he alleged mean feature ead eel
i ef Hauer whtoh to said to hare eeeeei
the death ef Clyde Smith.
Carol hm r—|-r ITiihni
Haro T«£m!iNr*F«ciW
tarical fwmutdM
Trancmiaalan line* of the Caroline
fawrr and Light Company/wOI ho
extended to Dan w.LH.n the MSI
month at aa and the company will be
ready to eepply current to can bare
wHhln ninety day*, according to En
tlnoar Dari*, who craa hero thte
waah rewiplcring a pidinliuiy aur
ray preparatory to beginning
conet ruction on tac Um* botwoaa
Uuna and Benton.
Ibc company will take over tit* op
eration of tho local cytiawt aa aeon a*
Ha llaaa arc completed and will be
gin the complete reconftruetion of
that pan at tbo ayMtm k recently
pure kneed from th* town. Boilers and
generator* now In one by the town
wlH ha turned erer to tha coanpany
and kept la nanjng order for a pm
Had at • year* at an til tit* company
cocap let** further ceoatraetinn of
tream!u(on lina* that will aware
continues* and uninterrupted earv
iaa «• th* community. Them machine*
wiD continue in th* town** bonding
until tit* ram pony bn* no further urn
‘or them or until the expiration of
the Hr* year period. . ,
ptom Of Tha Womaa't
Opia Read, ureallat, traveler, lee
tarvr, b coming to town. He will be
t**re boro uniter tha auapkaa of the
WeaMa'a Club to Metropolitan TW
t«r ra the evening of Wodnotday,
January II.
It b «aid of him:
Opie Read b like no on* elm to
tb* world. Hb very prvaane* lend* a
■trarg* aaehantmant la hie aUrtor
Ton may kava enjoyed hit bo old la
tha toll tod* of your library; pareh
anc* yea have baaa attired by hb
Play*, or apaat delightful half hour*
to th* reading af hia clever eharaetcr
tketchaa; bat uniat* you have aat
whhln tha aound af hb voie*. and
heard from hb own lip* tb* qaaint
*al*a that originate to hb brmia, yen
do not faUy tppavelate tho xplaodid of the man.
On tha platform Mr. ftoad ahiaca
with a brilliance an hb own. Evary
whara ha ia racalrad with rwthniaem
Th* htdaaerlbabl* witchery of hb
ward*, th* charm af hb vote* and
manner, the influence af hb paraon
altty, combine to weave the magic
«P*n that bold* hb haarara enthralled.
One mteate roaring with laughter
at tout# humorout hit. tho next atar
bg at tho apeakcr through hat. blind
tog bean, with a foaltog that you
udH arret mlb agnta—only to break
tote froth aeraama af Uaghter lmtn»
d’atrly after—you r*ai:*o that (Ida
rtaaarkahl# man ha* tha pawac to
•way hit audience at will. Mr. Road
b afwaya aatertatotog. Mr. Read ha<
a now lacterv, ‘'Human Nature and
WIRlea." compoatd An tb* aaoal
pari of axparbaea atorlea that bam
* rear baan printed and nave* tab
hafar# on tho platform. Ha gare hb
lootura an a Chautaoqua tear tod
"**”7%aJl"4 th* w*r* •*
Tha member* of Ike Chtlatiar
Church, aat af thak gaaaraaa goad
i heart*, gave (hair paatac a vary a*
. raptaMa pounding To today night
I Their abundant affertog in tha font
i af graeevtoa waa very gratafatty ra
I reived. Tha laaipbnt will daahOea
Hva happy far a while.
r *
I 9+
* se
ar },
I *<
•4 »
"•'*!>*. at which Km H b Mitnt the
turn ctuiahm w4U ha able to
»grce Ml a rho ice
Three wm were Man tha caw
misricasr* Tuesday. C. X. watt,
«f Birbeyeflts. *. C., J. 9. 4km,
af Raleigh, and D C. % . sf
Dunn, wsr* tha TlgglffllTn _ jMaia
Jomsb Goldstein and P. A. Las wsr*
^haaaT *CMtaLaMr rr" r"
■ewaasr. was af cha oyiaioe that the
mWm abosld Is to aa oat
44w far the I m
believe a local sms a the
law with the I_ gkat an ewt
ster, who had n* friends her*, canid.
Commissioner K*wholly was silent
n aU the Vinwn while the dlseat
*iou was going on, hot
hoard want into
ha ded to Mr. Warns*a of
aotten W the rrtMl. tot to
eoxatetom touted earlier. Ttor be
to» the rlrmUUen at Ip m. in tto
afternoon, it wa* Noted. H m pre
dated ihordy after 4, jut u tto
meeting woo called to order.
Since tto Tueodny It to
mdtntosd that seven uplr
ant* for tto job haw < a de
'ire to plane their application* with
tee board. Frlaada of Kyle Mottoowo.
one of tto moot ectlw of W. H. Ter
tinptoB’e dopatleo white ho woo (her
« of Harnett Ceoaty, hove Moot
ed bio appointment. It it not known
however, whether or not to will ap
Ben that at are and town Wtomu
H i« orprowd own to fawr the
appointment of o awn known to tto
ovopte of Dana. Boom exp rear the
Botov that teeal men to yfren prefer
tore, and they lay that afauo It la
hemeeWee who pay tto taxes for tto
itnanelry of the manfalpal gevam
m»nt their wloto* tooold to < rider
•4 by the heard. On (the
Vlth la expmmod to emto
■ ioaen may get aani
aneualy decide opon a ma > wiU
enforce the low without favor.
Tto now police ehlof will to given
v (alary of only |1M a month and
to employed for the ported of Mo *et
1-ftrtlon to tto board. Nr. toga b
toiry paid «17> o month and ratil
to poor wm employed by tto poor.
Since hie laet appointment. however,
to ha* tooa employed bp too month.
I mrreo ami etUaam af Dm gamarally
| m the Sanaa) moettog of the cham
ber mat Wriaariir sight. Colonel
Kirkpatrick la paoeSieM of tha Chan
lotta chamber of i twice ii Mi w*i
mayor of Chore Ate antn) yoaco ago.
Iia ia ana af tha 9ta*«‘a moat oat!*#
workers for goad rood a ami (or tha
general program of the Hat a.
arffl aloe olaet Ma itrootoro ami e*»
Newport Nows, Vo, Urn. A—An
eomaa aai giiltiopko eoaatlao af
Virginia are Urn riOhaat nmoll 11 for
their aloe la the United Itetae. an
rpri'.ng to ftoeaee which have bean
cnmoOai by Bmry K. Taytar, af tha
i aaspton aannty per earn ia lltLfl
Mi to An amor IlllJt.

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