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Mu la CowiMtcitU. With
Offer* 7 Par Curt Nat On $100,
000 3a—red By $200,000
Plant—Riddle And Other
OK trial. Aak Par Hal* And
Paint Ta Wacauity Far Aid
In StMh Matter*.
A cotton nQl to eoot $300.0*0 end
ta napley ooverol hundred oporativo*
h iau| tee pee*B—lap for Dunn
tel. year, n—rffag to T. L. Biddle,
ooerotary *f tee Chamber of Com
merce, who along with Director* A.
L. Newberry lad Robert L Godwin,
i. la coo—ualeatlon with a roproeon
tettr* of later mho that w—t to build
te* factory.
There to a (trtag tlod to the yro
poeW. however. The reproeentativ*
dotoree citiaoaj of Dean to take
$1*0.000 worth of the oateipriaoa
nreforrud nock which will ear T dot
f«at. Bom m, local mas who ore
lotereeted My. It look* to ho o good
«gg»lta»llj for tho ooauaaatty. The
prOforiod did, of coaroo, woold ho
ootarod by tho plot, aad tho mill
compaay weald agree to gay o8 taxm
oa tho grWorrod Meek.
A letter from the rag rw on tattoo
"1 tin one of tho eery hoot cotton
adll moa la North Coroltao who wig
hafld a 1200,000 oottoa m« la year
city If year google will lakarilho far
flMAOO, T par coat ptnfanad eteck,
oa wfclih tho mix weald koag the
taaaa paid. Ia thio way yaar paogla
woodd got a T gar oaat taeootmoat
■ot, aad gat la tho —Mg aa ta
daotrial antarprim that will gHa
Moody iMglijMMit to a goad many
frmlliM. Tea coaid draw a proper
charter aad we eoald gat together,
• get a oalMMa liMdlio ed SO oeree
aw the oMy MadM aad It weald do
far Dama what the Erwin Cotton
*• «MUa are dalag foe Dalai though not
' aa aa law a soldo.
“Thio la a mighty goad ohanca for
M«W. MVP tho chamber of 00m
aune, Is a mighty good time to proro
wa*th«r uju doc* or do** not want
nuihctcriif Nlupriia. If it
want* th—l, pet op the money for
thie eaterpriM, if after careful In
«eetig*tiun. It prorca to be aa good
— it —uta — the enrfeee to be.
Ia thi* aoaaeetioB, Secretary Riddle
pelade eet the following for the eon
cidocettoa of citlien* who aspect big
“In Judging the woch and accent
pOdtmonti of — oqganlzetJo* like
th* Cti—*ir ef Coauaarc*. tt i* w*U
t* keep in mind the— important
facte: Th* organ!—U— ha* aa power
b*yoad moral —art— j R ha* a* cap
ital fM laoatom—t, nor be* it estk
orttp to Hill otbom to land It*
•rto powor for good. r*«t* la it* abH
hy to *mo*«h tho wgp for ia——amt
and do-topmost; 1 do tho thing*
that th* ladMdoal h— a*Mt*r th* to
ctJaatloo nor th* p—>*r to do,"
_ 1
of r*«M Poaf rr*» father aaf tha
*»• mom ware feta* to Wilaaa to
•oil a loaf of ttoMea. They took too
no atomy far proteeUom, towlay
Homo Ca-Oporatire MarkatMg
Bill r«iNt By A Vote
of 88 to 1
PrarUaa la Measure Makes It
loapoaalkta For A Group Of
IadMduaU To RtmoIfo
Tbomaoloes late A Clos
ed ^ Corporation { Substitute
Washington, Feb. •.—The Hrau
c'-op<rr*tlvs aukctinf 1 '.It, a etu
ore designed to aid tbs agricultural
Lfiterejti and pressed by the fans
bloc, was passed by ths Senate lata
today. Only one vote, that of Sen
ator Gerry, Democrat, of Rhode Is
land, was east against the measure
Two other Senators. Brandegee,
itqmowin, di Lunntciicw, »na &inf
a Democrat, of Utah, war* paired a
(ahMt the measure and withheld their
votes. The vote was 68 to one and
ths Senate's action was regarded by
“«• m the most swooping of tho vic
toria* yet attained by the tana bloc
rfnee, ia accepting the Heraae bill, the
Senate overrode its ewn judiciary
committee which had reported a sub
stitute measure. The substitute was
defeated 66 to foar. Tbo bill now
gem to conference for adjustment of
differences with the House
Tsimyt From Trust Law
As yarned by the Senate, the bill
retains the provisions which relieve
the eo-openattvn associations from
tbs application of laws prohibiting
trusts or unfair bTrainees practices,
placing the authority to determine
whoa such acta have been committed
with the Secretary of AgriooMure.
The Senate substitute would have
made tire association amenable to
tbs present laws and ft eras around
•Vim .wind tVet -_ S !_
the wash tha subject waa bafor* tha
5 1 ' * • « •• a •. - w
Daring the closing boon of da
bote today, reference waa made to
the bloc's power. This brought from
Senator Norris, Republican, of Ne
braska, the statement that he had
beard the bill had administration mp
Majority CaaMa Over
“It i* tha B rst time in maay months
that the majority hat com* over to
ay aide,” he added. “It happen i so al
mighty isidom that I feel I moat
■take note of it. Maybe the admtnls
timtlon is behind this bill. If that it
so. than I an glad they hove nan*
over Into the mi wages with a*.
Whether they come baeaaae of ae or
ia n>ite of me, I do not know, bat I
welcome them here.”
The most important of the amend
ments* accepted by tha Senate was
one proving “that tha association*
thall not deal in products of non
members to an amount greeter ia
raise than such a* art handled by
K far ■ amber*.”
Important Prtvittoa
TMa, it waa axplained, makes it
imposrfbie for co operative aaanria
Hona to be "stolen” by a group of
Individuals who merely by declining
to admit saw member* rtoohr* them
selves into a dosed oerp oration.
Without tha amendment, the group
would bo shin, according to Sena
tor*, to engage in competitive trade,
buying other farmer*' products to
aa unlimited extent. Tha amendment
Mm It* any nnaorlntloti In tha handling
of the commodities of nen-enemhen
so that what was described aa a
throttle ef local business ceuld net he
Other Important pruvtsiens of toe
b® Prescribe that no member ad an
association may have more then ana
▼vm in oirectlnp tta aeMvttleo npid
lea of tbo amount of *tock ko koMa,
nor can any nacaclaUan pay dividend#
on cUck ar metoboruhlp capital to
e«OM of elpfct per cant a yunr.
raepact to tho authority pran
tod tha doe rotary of AprieuKare to
control attempt* to aoaopaliaa or ro
otteto trudo, tho MB provide* that up
tic* of ebaapo* ef allepod vtotottoue
mat be aervod on tho offandtop nano
elation and it aami bo dip* an op
portunity to dnfond Itaotf. If foand
puOty of tho chart*•, the aaeooUry
of iptnlWi* n*oy ardor tho aaaoofe
lion to "aonat and doototi* and **
ovont of ltt failure to do ao, tho oaoo
than say bo roferrod to tho Tadorol
Court* for enforcement of the ardor
mad tho fttiap ad tiuh deer*aa aa tho
Ouster D. Scan, director of the
cnhranttp irtindw' dictate*, ot the
Unieereity ot Narth Car* Line, «*nt
• part ot last seek la rw— oomttf
dnf with nhriiii of aartava orgailaa
tiona and inf endec thacm ot da eca
rtca offered tea paapU off tea Hate
terw««h hi* dirtrtom. White hart Nr.
8n.ll Hated that ha waa deeply lae
pmaad with tea peepr Mart* wap la
which problem aff aoaanwadtp tetter
-WhUa bat fair paapb from thta
oomatunity aia
kc ebb to attead tha
Mr. 8n«ll, -eracyeee
of tha nhrtaitrb '
iaatracttoa aad
•xtaoatoa dteiatoai. Tha
kaa a H
from It.
tha to*
aana of :
tha apt
boem fa
aad acoi
ly threat
be Ita «
ad thro
United State* ha* aa extaaatxi ary.
• vntloiL Tt* a»t*aal»a dtr'^on ai
oar aniiaiattji ia fnaafieala* *Hd
etrthr ud ia Ua firameat irpiln.
tioa ad it* Uad la fee nttk ft U
constantly leaaeblac oat lata aev
field*, aakinf to become a ***** vital
factor la the yrecreae ad ear com
Hear Uae* ef Sarvla*
The tbtrtoea dWaraet barvaos a*
line* «f aarvlaa adTerad by th* naive r
«tty *itaa*l»a diIW■ a are *atll**il
la brief, aa liBwti
1. Corr*ta**den«a aad elaaa to*
«trectioa: Staadard ITilrudly
eeonaa by mail, atther (to credit a*
S. i
Uyea raqaaat i _
University far edoaatUaal *Tailya la
stftotee aa road aagteaatbw. *«a*ti|
lutie Out List
tt* Chcubcr of will U
ImHWJn of
ttc Dub District
its slim,
will** tto
AMrfatta*. Tto alMlM «f «*- |
cnl mImt Ahum w»n found to I
to iuMMty tocsaM of toad condi-•
•MttotowJCfM IDAS y*UHkj
mmntiug «&tfl l» fc tto tfUmoon,
tto diroeton l<|MM«i. Tto uriiri
ww Im mtoon tort nirffct.
^totodJUoM to W. B. A«*ai. proo- '
wu aaaf far Price, a am wha had
ham leadjay warrant* weMl ha had
rmehad^tha pretriaecy ad a yaat
that the dMml^Vnaa. Ihe eSeer
aad tha ■« wha had —tha Iha
UfleaUaa had atartad •« the jrto
aaar toward Am wot hama aad
all at oaaa It waa aay^aatod by tha
attendant* tha* tha ear ha a*h a*,
ear*. Pric* at aaca waatad la kaaw
whart th« MtoaaWh waa mad Kwh*
M ih* aay to tha car. Tb#y 4 fal
lowed aad to *aad af <etoy to tha
ear hr led the way to aa eat of *e
way place aad all of a mddm ha
taraad upon tha oAcar with a 44
nay pi ml plated directly tola Ha
fbaa. He told the (Hear to be faed
■ad atoka a retreat backward aadfi
beat St
• —■ mi I
W«l—Nii, FA. <
•f tba piaat *f tfca OhNh rt'fpii
-» ■*- M—|— —ij **?"* ** ***
» yffikVrM
'• ' - r •■ T*-\ • .. ■' -y .• C-.1.1*'
\ ■ •* ■ ' . * • * Y

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