North Carolina Newspapers

Loss Than Three Score Form
ers Attend Meeting In
Metropolitan Theatre
Those Who Hear Locture* Are
Much Interested—Matthews
And Cardwell Talk Of Con
serration Rather Than Of
Increased Production Of
Sweet Potato.
Although there wore leu than
three score farmer* pretent to hear
C. D. Matthew* sad G. A. Cardwell,
representing the agricultural depart
ment of the State end the egricultor
el department of the State and the
agricultural end industrial divirion of
the Atlantic Coast Line Railway, re
spectively, when they spoke here un
der the empire* of She Chamber ef
Commerce in the inters at* of aweet
potato culture, the attention given
their manages by the few more than
compensated for the sparsity of the
Every farmer present left the
meeting with a greater respect fer
ithe lowly potato.
The speaker* were not so much in
torestsd in Increasing the production
of the potato her* as they were in
conserving the usual quantity produ
ced. Last year Harnett County pro
duced 280,304 bushel* on 1,743 acres
of land. The marketable value of
those potatoes was around • quarter
of a million dollars, but it is not like
ly that one fourth of them found
their way to market. A large part of
those that rsmaiaed rotted.
Caring aad warehousing concerned
*« Weaker, moat. With facilities for
this provided there is no reason for
any waste at ail. aad planters will be
wble to hold their product for the
higher prices that come in Into winter
and spring.
Both the railway and the State are
striving to enlarge markets for the
^ wed'Jfwt now *prafereao/'u given’
the Jersey variety, which is a dry
almost taotaleu tuber somewhat like
those Dunn used to know as the
"fcatut.” This, the speaker mid, was
attributable to the advantage the
Jersey growers hare goiter through
getting to the markets first. In late
years, however, consumers in these
markets who have gotten a taste of
the Caroline product arc calling for
them. All that Is needed to op so
Hrger markets is advertising and co
operative methods of marketing.
The potato crop In the Dunn Din
3wU« 2k I. __■_VI_ _ran .v .
the largest on record end the waste
will bo the smallest. Several small
earing plants and storage warehouses
are to bt built by individuals and
Bon O. Townsend will construct a
warehouse to accommodate at least
<0,000 bushels on the site of the
Dunn Development Company milling
Ssnpua ICeuaty Authorities Hars
Net Vet Arrested Will
Clinton, F^. lg.—Four men, who
glv* Albomario as their home, hare
been lodged In jell here in eonnee
*>on With tbs reesat effort to take
Will Horton, a white awn, Into cus
tody on a charge of taking an auto
mobile. Two ef them give their nan as
us Clarence Tucker and Crow ton
Holt, while the other two say they
are brothers and give Burleson as
tbelr last name. Norton u still at
Tucker claims to be thn hnaband
of the woman found with Norton.
The quartet claims to havs driven
here from Albemarle after reading
ef the attempt to arreet Norton.
Their stories varied so mud) that it
wa* utmca ww u note «»■
a bond of $100 rack. which they haw*
failed t* *iy*. Tartar tayi h* wa*
married two yean ago hat mfi h*
hoa not boon briny with kia wife for
the laet to* month*.
Two other man an in Jail eharyod
*Ml briny Implicated wtth Norton
hi default of boada of $(00 each
Th* woman, who **»« ha» mm at
Boaai* Burma, I* ala* In Jail.
ifany Idea*. Uka many poopio, look
(*od util you try thorn out
Whoa a bmtaem bavin* to lorn
bom kata* the boeUteepor
Oatoa* pea hay* aarrkod a “WU)n(
frote" yoa’r* not properly hardaaad
To* eu tall tho fallow* with mo
»oy htaml la a hualnao* bp th* waj
they wort for tad wait a*) ye*.
Thomas A. Edison Says Ha
Has Fiftaaa More to Uvt|
Answers Questions
Wert Orange, N J„ Feb. 11.—
Thomas A. Edunn, Inventor and
; trlcal wisnrd, has Just fifteen years
• more of service for humanity in him.
j This wns perhaps tha moat import
ant statement ha made In hl» annual
interview with newspaper men toda7
! on the occasion of his seventy-fifth
Vallay of Qaactias*
Smilingly facing a little army of
reporter j and news and movie lAo
tngrapliers who eraylaid him on his
way from his home to his laboratory
he answered volley after volley of
questione on overy subject the re
porters could think of.
“1 hope you will have several more
birthdays,” said one of the reporters
H thoy were leaving.
“I shall have fifteen more," oaid
Mr. Edison "imply. Re did not elab
orate on the proceed by whieh he arri
ved at thta conclusion.
A moment before he had answered
s qoertlon as to when he intended
to retire, wit* "never.”.
Arltcd whet he mi working on at
present, Mr. Edison sa d he had sev
ere! “red hot Irons In tho fire," bat
that hr was not ready to talk about
them as none were rumpleted.
Roosevelt Hoods List
The inventor placed Theodore
Roosevelt at the head of a list of
great men he Had met — although He
said He had met the former Presi
dent but once.
“I liked Teddy,” he mid warmly.
He picked Serah Bernhardt as “the
rrrolosl woman,' declaring she was
“still full of popper.”
He thooght his friend Ilenry Ford
would make a poor President, as
that was “not in his line,” but de
clared he would vote twice for Ford
f there were an election for the posi
tion of “Director of Manufacturer.”
Berk. Up Ford
He eoid He would giro Ford His
luU. snpwnw if tha. automobile manu
facturer obtained Muscle-BBoule Pro* '
the government.
“I do uot think he should go into
t,” he added. “He is too ambitious,
tnd wants to help the farmer.”
Hut he declared he did aot think
Ford would fail in his undertaking
f he obtained the plant.
The Washington conference on ar
mament nap retied Mr. Edison as
“good—better than nothing at all,"
hut he declared In favor of continu
ing naval preparations “experimen
Fevers Experiments
MVo W.0.1J _S.V.S _< I W eh.
■noatly deadly gaeee and tha bigg Ml
gun*’’, he <aid. "Not that we will
rver make um of them, but aa that
•re may be prepared in cam jtome
ether nation, throogb raaeallty,
'hould attack aa I want all nation>
to be prepared ao that It will be eo
terrible that the game m up.”
The radiophone, he said. wee the
greatest electrical development of
•he peat year, with the amplifier, de
monatrated at tha burial of AeaerieaV'
unknown anldler at Arlington Na
tional Comotery, aa a elote aecond.
Receipt of congratulation* from
bla family, reading of a aheaf of
•elagrana* of felicitation from Prea
■dant Harding, Sir Tfcomai Upton,
Chari** It. Schwab and many othere
on tha paaalng of hit 78th mile atone
and the interview with newspaper
nea about ended the day*a celebra
tion for Hr. Ed'xeon.
Aa tha newrpaper men left, ha
Plunged into hla laboratory to work
on hla "red hert Irone."
Artraeinr Predicts lUtwraM of
A»r»»» Iwnlh
Miami, ria., Feb. 12.—Dtsc every
•t a la rye ortbrAk of spots near the
center of tho ran. covering a terri
lorV *f at least 84,000 miles seross,
was reported ton!«bt by Dr. Dated
Todd, former director of tho Amherst
Observatory, who maintain aa ob
•rrratory at his wlator home hero.
T%* appearance of tho ana peb he
laid, was sadden end unexpected as
the eun’t diek was perfectly smooth
sad quiescent Ron day
These spots wilt probably bo teo
'bis for tbs note 10 days, whan they
wid pam off the west end of the sot.
noted they continue to extat, they
will reappear >t tho eastern edge of
the son about *4 days later.
It is vary likely. Dr. Todd declar
ed, that brflHant displays of the a»
cere boreatts wfD bo seoa In the aostb
aad that telegraph and other eiectri
aal instruments will bo dlahtfbod, at
they usually art when the spots lid
become tesMa.
Woman Found With Will Nor
•on In Sampson Carrhd
| To Clinton
i ■
Clinton, r«b. 11.—The dnpenic
' Win Norton, who atood off the of
| ft err* her* Wtdnudty afternoon, hai
i again escaped imminent capture, hu'
I this time with • few »hot woacdi
! about hit face and minus a cap whirl
waa lodged on a bueh with aercn ahoi
'hole* through it.
Sheriff Williams and throe depu
Uea located Norton at the homo <ri
Preeton Hare, six mile* south oi
Dunn last evening. Several volleys
wer* fired but Norton escaped te
the swamp. Hare wae or reeled and
a whiskey still captured which Hare
aaid wax Norton’s and Sheriff Wtt
liams want to Retford and got blood
hounds, returning about 4:00 o'eJecfc.
The dogi located Norton in n nearby
ewamp. The officers, deeming * use
leas to enter the ewamp before day
light pretended to go anrey *«n-g
Hmw with them and leaving lira
Hare and the girl with Mr*. Norton
at the Hare home.
O Seers Stead Watah
leaving me car up to tie rood,
'.hoy returned aad found that Nor
-on had barn to the heuae and taken
Ihc woman away. However, be war
iei-n la the moonahlao coming from
the twarap once or twice and dart
back. Tha oOeert approached within
lo or SO feet of him, when he open
ed fire on them and tha four officer*
upon his
One loud from Deputy Prleu'a gun
knocked Norton** cap off aad foam
taler report* wounded him while the
latter** bullet* whiued uncomfort
ably near the officer* aad on* lodged
In a email pine directly betwve*
Coekman, the owner of tho dog* and
•be dupends. After Norton hod eo
raped into the dan** rwamp aad dark
aeon, a woman waa found lying face
downward by a lag. She vm thought
to be dead, not moving far three
hour* while the Sheriff left to gut
the coroner. However, at daylight
•he got up aad era* found t* be un
sure. ——— ■ . «... . . .
The dog* fallowed Norton’s trunk
where be had bees taken in buggy.
Laler one Barefoot eras found who
acknowledged that he had carried
Norton off and piloted the oScer*
to a place in the rood, where he asid
O* had put the man out. But the doge
would trail no track. Barefoot and
Hare and the woman ware brought
to Clinton.
Won** Tell* Her Story
The two men were placed In jail
while the woman wet givan an op
WAuiwwIt. »A t ~J I L.. —--4.
Lyon who is holding court her*. She
«t*«* bor name u Beanie Burris sod
toys that she la an orphan, both pa
rents having died yean ago and that
>h.-' has bees liviag with a family
in Kings Mountain and working in a
cotton mill. Abaot three weeks ago
Norton, who is said to have been
running a Jitney in that section, waa
coming to Fayetteville to see hla wife,
who ho aaid waa is a hospital than,
and the girl consented to coma along
with hla to tec the country but in
stead of taking bar back home ha
' nought her to Bampson County and
set up a still keeping her under com
pulsion and. according to her story,
rooting to the Hare houae last night
while the officers ware pretending to
be gone sod compelling bor to go to
the swamp with him, where they bad
mada them a bed by the log mention
ed. The Judge ia nonplussed. H*
aeked bar if aba would Kka to go to
Samareand hot »he wouldn't. She
dresnt knew what she wants V, da
nor ha what to do with bar, but the
ia ia Jail tonight Within a foot of
whsra bar head lay while aha waa
possnmlng” In the swamp a half gal
Ion af liquor waa dug up. Norton’s
whereabouts now ia aagueased. Ho is
fly take*. After hie oooapo Wednes
day evening he dried himself In a ne
VO bom* tooth of tewa and aowgfct
conveyance, but when and wSorevej
•eon bod hti go* in hla bond. Han,
Barefoot and tba woman will hare
a preliminary hearing Monday before
Magistrate M. E. Britt.
Waihingten, Feb. 18 -Ltgnor tm
fwta daring the peat ywar tnareaati
by nearly 11/604.000 aa coaeparec
with l*la while iWpoNb of cofl
drinka lata tba coaatry foN off k]
■•ore than 1100,000 daring tko on
period, according to foreign trade re
paria made yablle tonight by ih<
Coatmeraa Department. Daring IPS:
tha total of spirita winoa and amt
llquere Imported aggrignti I $4,711,
•00 compared with ♦•,*«•,004 fa
IHt while mineral water* and edhe
Wveragac antering tha i Birbij
’ am seated to 1147,000 as agilm
|S4#,o»o fa IMS.
Tha Weman’a Club.tfeS’ efi« of
r Aha aM enthaaiaatic jgjratlega <4
tha year at tha chib iMBfTriday
afternoon. Mrs. Harare j^SoUiday,
' chairman of tha muatAMpgrtmanl,
led tha el ah Hi tha ainJwWd Amcr
Hn W. 8. Snlpa* Inter
citing paper aa SamrnXjlA' Moore
County, the home |pj4a^iqucnt
Mr*. I<ewie C. BUMMilfhtaf
the member* with u -Apji tha
loralMt* Home, WinstaBlW-' Thu
home ia owned and maAtV&r Mlta
Q T. Taney, a trained .aMA tvho,
while mining a patlafS*#' elderly '
lady in tha moontainj Btffnneetee,
oaa rammer, conceive^M* idea of
thie home, where aid mU> ' eoold
ha Independent and hS( «■ daily
OTarright of a c a pibCVbtoper.iu n
She tharafora bought tAjtnSae. She
hai been rnccnrifol tn^M'-widertak
Ing glaring also takApiMrta aa
T»urg aa a few weeks how
ever, rhe taker only AH' ladiae.
She bar written thir oiSH^k that
any ladice in the coanBttM**!rinC
inch a home be notifl^Effe
Splendid reports ftJwflMa
department! ware gir tha
nerweet department, hajA^e a wlen
did beginning. The otAh Mated
there will be an EartaAElfPa giv
Prof. John Piol Wt
the music deportment
•tty will visit the
combination lecture
UI. Ko ndm lesion
Mre. Oberadorfer, .
Federation of Music
run tbe city. The
neenced later.
The next meeting
ment will be at the
L. Godwin, the firvt
A splendid progress la
Mlsa Bridge,
•nitration agent will
Home Economine
ary 14th to begin
in designing, drei
Unary. The first
will be drees form
expects te derive
these daman
Mine Mum Camp vAlt meat with
the shah »- *f—b *“j "ay~dt fleni
far the writing aad ftagolng of a hie
torical pageant of Harnett county.
Mrs T. L Biddle announced that
'the program for the next meeting ef
I civic department will be on Kerch
Carolina child welfare work. Mrs.
' Biddle, Mr*. V. L. Stephoss sad Mr*.
Herbert Taylor will read papers, Mies
. Mary Shotwell, eas of the state work
I era will be with the duh.
The eloh it looking forward le tbe
J privilege ef haariag Dr. Brandon ef
jibe lecture boreao of the univererty.
chairman of Americanisation. 9l<
will investigate foreign born popula
te!" of the city, tbeir religion* (tend
ing. education oJvnOaq**. etc. The
[associated charities bad aaked the
elob to name aao ad the drib mem
ber* to fill tbo otBea af aashtaat mo
ratory af that oigaalaation. Mr*. Me
D. Holliday waa unantmonaly elected
Five doHan waa contributed to the
Jewleh Belief Fuad.
The president named a committee
to confer with the achool board rela
tive to equipping the new bnildhvg
with domestic acieuoa kitchen*, mod.
era tanitatlon and proper ventilation.
Mr* LouU C. Stephan* 1* chatrmaa
of this committee, Mr*. |. M. learn*,
and Mn. Herbert McKay will eerve
with her.
A nominating committee waa elect
ed from the floor, Mr*. L. J. Beat,
chairman; Mn. John Fitagorald, Mn.
H. O. Matter. M» E. M. Jeffrey*.
Fifteen new mmabere were added
to the rati at thla moating.
In the eoclal period which follow
ed Mr*. M. M. Driver, Mr* W. 8.
Snip** and Mm. Wealey Thcmpmn
The Mode Department af lb* Wo
man’* eh* h*M N* Amt nodal aad
bmainom nMtlif on Friday February
>, 1*2*. Mr*. Harper Holliday, the
chairman, called the meeting to ai
der. After ringing “Old Jack J#a"
a abort badaaaa meeting wa* bald
dartag which plea* tar th* future
war* d beamed. The dob hop** to
bring nm meddan* to th* town who
will Instruct aad antartaia that* la
toroatad 1* atdt- Tbit organisatian
la InvmtignUag th* ad ▼{■ability at
patting an a meal* memory ran teat
among th* high »*®ol boy* nod girl*
They hope alat to preoant an ether
cantata at Haaur. t
After th* bndnaa* moating a very
entertain[ag program wa* raaderod—
I fall awed by a plaaaant metal bos*
ever th* toaaapa daring which th*
i hertmaaa Mr*. Ltoyd Wndo and Mm.
• Herbert Malay enrved a ddlaiaaa
1 MUM,
There wa* a goad attendance and
r H I* begad that many mm «m lain,
t IT* seat meeting will be Hald on
Triday, March th* thiH at tha ham*
of Mrv ft. L. Oodwia with Mra Har
per Holliday aaatattog at booUar AO
mat* lerora of tba to*> are taoitad
to mm aad tacaaaa meaabon of tHa
Faculty Co—aittaa 9*Ucta
Pi—To Bo
Chapel Hill, Feb. 11. -The Lord'*
WIH." by Paml Croon of LlUiugtoo.
“Uarlc Wood limb#*”, by Wilbur
Stout of Burlington, and "Blade
Board. Pilot of the Carolina Coact”
by Paul Green and Mlu Elizabeth
Lay of Chapel Hill, art the three
play* (elected to bo pratontod by
the CnroPna PlaymaLem March It
and 11. Thooo play* were ebojcn
from a number of other* here Thar*
day night by a eonrarittoo compomd
of J. F. Royeter, B. D. W. Connor.
T. 8. Grate*. J. M. Booker, A. H.
Pattenon of the Uaieardty faculty,
■nd Her. Mr. Lawrence.
Atl three play* war* written by
member* of the Haymaker organiaa
Uon who hart previously bad play*
pramated by th* Playmakarr. They
hate atadlcd North Carolina falk lor*
In all Ita phaia*. written about R be
fore. and them now play* are the lat
e*t inepirod trariu to come from
thdr monarch and ftudy. At the aa
thor'* reading the play* aoanded. la
many respect*, hotter than any that
bava been pretested In the pan aad
appear to ha the heat that the stad
• nt playwrights have yet offrrod to
the public.
"Tho Lord'* Win," is a tragedy
dealing with the Ilfs of a religion*
fanatic. "Dark Wood Bashes," by
the author at tho ever delightful "la
Dixon’* Kitchen,” to wall received on
th* laet tour of th* Playmaksn, I*
another rooicdy of couoly lift.
“Bbtekbeard, Pilot of tho Carolina
Cosst,” m a atelo-drsaaa with many
ntenee and touching situation*.
Madam Borgmy Hammer, th* cele
brated Spanish actress, will appear
In kbea’e “Tie Master Bolder ” In
Memorial Hall her* March *. under
tho a aspic ee *f th* Ptoymahars- lb*
Spaaish actreas is making a tmno
cootiaontoi tour, mid tho busiaeo*
manager of th* Haymaker* wa* for
tune*# enough to oocuro an engage
ment with bar for Ihla community.
It ^bai^hoen^ announced that the
yet-together event of th*' Carolina
Student#, arlll he held thi* year os
February 84 in Bwain HsU. A splen
did program is being arranged for
the feOUval, aad It is ejected to be
lb* biggeet aad host attended Caro
lina Smoker over staged.
Moaagtag Dwuatur of War Waanas
C***®~*ta- >«, Dayflgbt
Washington, Teh. l*. _ Optimistic
views of improved condition. la the
country's bade agricultural industries
arc warranted by report* received by
the war ftaaneo corporation from its
Acid agencies according to a state
ment issued tonight by Managing Di
rector Meyer.
"Cora is aow wiling at country
■levator* la Nebraska aad Iowa at 40
cent* a bushel as against SO centa.
four months ago,** bo said. “Hoc*
command a good market anti report*
indicate that farmers are getting the
equivalent of 00 to 90 cunts for com
that U marketed on the hoof. The
market for *eep is stabilised. They
sru soiling in large quantities and at
prices considered satisfactory ta tbe
growers aad feeders.
“Tbe cattle market Is no longer
demoralised; tha brooding herds are
bom* bold; the young stock is as
linger being sacrificed aad the food
in* and fattening boti no m is pm
coedlng in good volume and with
fairly satisfactory returns. There is
a broad market far wool aad hides
at good prices.
gmla markets are ahowiag
a goad eon aura pttva demand Tbe
movement of cotton baa bean larger
Ibia season than last year, aad the
pricre are much fairer ta the piw
duci»t*. Tha large cattom co-operative
marketing organisations have demea
Wratod their aMlty ta conduct their
huaiaoas an a sound bade aad have
proved ta bo a stabilising factor.
"AH this meant that the farmer Is
being P«* »« Parities to liquidate hi.
debts gradually aad that his normal
pmrcbaalng power-ua vital ta (ho
commercial/ transportation aad in
dugtrlal interests—hi being rostered.”
Some pan will werh eighteen bourn
a day in aider to bang on to a soft
Wo ana puU a man aut of a rat,
bdt be must re on his own power
after he Is eut.
C'7ES$4,50b,000 "
Chicago Nw or da lor DM Load
Oftco Bnri—ii Wk||
Cfliop, Ills.. Kvb. It.—gafBMd
3. Birrhoff, taken hit* raitody yea
tiii dey altar Involuntary groreeiBagi
•>’ banUraptry had haao Inatltatod
ijali'il hi® hy civd'tera, today ad>
"•'Hid '.bat k* anroa ahoat IUM,
V 0. rvprvaenting the aa vinca at cfc
:!te-rand Chincoaaa, aioatly feraigo
rri 1>M Uum on* rail lion doQan
worth of *11 ar.d pa* deck of doubt
ful vahj* U available to meet the
clilifatinra. It wma announced.
I'orf "Tvparently rival thee* of Ckmu
BUrhcff, wheae financial npem
tion apparently rival thoae of Chaa.
ru.izl, the “wtaerd," uytoa
ed relief when taken iata curiody
by der.uty ainnhaU. He kad recalvad
Areata fivr.i thoae bo !* allegod to
heve fleeced, he raid, aad ooa afraid
to venture into the aoath aad wait
tide didriclr, where mad ef hit vic
tim* live.
To* Central Trod Company wma
raid ay appointed receiver far
BlathefT. Kill* Bterychmaa, atteraey
.’or the r.nijdltora, an id he believed
Y'#c«*ff*« liabilities wil ran un |7,
000,000. and that tbe received will
:e iueky t« realize that half of the
tor* »ilic of thr stock held fcy Ua.
Blscfcoff is 2i year* of ape. By pay*
=K 1* |C retaro* to a tow client*,
e m> a reputation aa a financial arson* the people with .whom
tt- dsall. accordinp ta Federal apacta.
Croft# of 40 par cant an abort
lerm loan* wotv aald to ha common
tnd Bifchol ti aald ta have paid aa
ilpb a* 1*0 par coat la taaU.
Aceordiap ta Mr. Btraychiaaa oaly
.be ei editor* that abfactad to laap
waits ware paid ia actual each. Tka
met, he salr. weiw coo teat to aa
.apt thair altapod earntnp* la mar*
note*. Soma of Ufa people said al
so* all they owaad to piv* Biwhaff
nooey. Mr. ttrayehmaa aald. Os*
nan, bo mir. ao!d kU home for *7,
>00 and tamed over M.IW to BU
Jam** J. Kelly, attar*ey far Bla
a*y raechra ton canta oa too dollar.
Mr. Killy said, when Backoff's bold
*pc an- liquidated. Fedaral aathori
•ks in limited thorn wu a* basis Cat
retreat ion.
rint HuM W*m At “* 1
CetUg* Saffor At
Celujo'-iut, Mia., Feb. If.—More
(Man three hundred ctadente of the
Mlniw.'pp' SUU College for Woman
here at coffering with ptomaine pole
snlar ae a Tree It of eating ditoken
•alad v.-hieh tree « erred at tha rren
ng meal at the college tonight. Beery
nhyilclan in Colombo* area called to
the inetltutlon and lade tonight it if
(toted that all the (tudente are Ml
»f danger although a large number
k* etm very ID.
Dr. J C. Pant. preekUot of the
imitation. <t*ted that the poieonlng
rai ur.deahtodly caused by the mlad
>e tho** who dhl not oot it wore not
effected. Dr. Iren# Father**, the cot.
lege phy.ielan, mad* the aaaao gtotm
■rat. A thorough inveetigatloa will
be made by the college aotkerlt!**
tomorrow, it waa announced.
The etudenti ware token ill wtthio
on hoar after finiehing rapper and
Am aid tr*etm*nt waa give* thoa*
affected ualU phytic lane eosld hr
tumiaoned. The remain trig atodcstr
acted aa name under Dr. Patherao*!
d'pwrtiraTl Hr Ta*i Ikfft A flin
bar of »iWar ram* Hart fally racer
ored end are eeeletlng in caitog fee
them more acriouly 10. Ptryeicleni at
work at the boapltal eay that ell the
patient* are eat «f danger nod all
will hare r*t*rmj by tomorrow.
The tebool baa about nine hundred
ftcdeaU and tolly one-third of tble
number were affect ad.
Code Tpy iiiWii Meet In*
Again It U related that the Cade
tvperaUing machine it about perfact
rd and hope la held out that it may
be on the market la the near future.
Thoen who put their good money
in tbit invention hare bad a long
wait, and tbo end le net yet, hut heme
hoping that their fondcct tgpeola
tieae may yet be reaUaed, with ap an
tra eupply for good mu tore (bat wMI
mere than eoutpenioda for Urn leap
deferred hope that may bum seated
the heart U weaken a little ee qnoei
Son.— Pta tear Ilia Landmark.
1 ““ “
We i’» a'l equal when we am
February it the month of honor,
honoety and lore—Washington. li»
rnln and St. Valentino
r; vv
'n the waMhoaaaa of tba Darn DU
»»et Out wSI rronlualiy Cud it*
vajr to tki Dana aarint, according to
'Ifarca roaipHad fna «tati*i.r« avail*
•Wo at tfca oAcoa of Tea. loyal, offi*
•>ol watfbor for Dm Damn Marlcn.
Blaaa Beptambe 1, IBM. only a
!t«e Mata than MjOOB baWt of an
:oe hart boo* aold bora. KcantlaM
Ooraatt Coonty baa tfanad 60476
balaa. Ordinarily tha Dunn aurtut
adla about aa ataab cottar, aa tho
■ounljr (taa, lanes wumtlUos coainr
tad Jo hast on count)**. Allowing Ur
ecrooood *al*> at Coat*. Duke and
9euea, then (till arc approximately
iUW bake to be brought to the
Den* market.
A large part of thl« cotton it la
bo hoads of ONUy farmar* who
bxv# any whom from ICO to 304
tale* left from the crop* of IttO
•ad mi. hat much of it t* in lot*
Vom two to twenty baba. On* far
war living n«»r town baa more than
104 bale*, aaothor baa mam than 200.
avoial bar* quant*tie* ranging from
10 to 1M. All am holding their pro
'aat In th* hope that the price will
lgalw mage aroaad 20 coat* or a
IWwaoar, th* pramaa* at lb a eot
•en naan pcoroa that the district is
*r fmm being poenrty atrleken gad
hal all cf ita wealth hai not go**
)f the valac of th* cotton. ftOioa l
Then ft I* mid aad the money plac
'd ie hank* where It wUl be arafla
d* far basiaaaa d cm !■ patent and
ixtciuioa, Dunn will maltae that it
Another Indlcston that the C*W
a unity b not near w poor nr the ea
wal observer would believe b the
-act that in the last eighteen month*
«*aHy $2,800,000 bi boon paid to
ha tamer for cotton. Back record*
la not shew Wat all of this wealth
aa been applied to aecoantoabw mar
«* moot with merchants,
hers are name hand reds af thauatad
-f dollars scattered around the d'w
det in homo strong boxes. If that
wealth coaid bo eorrellod and pat to
td. the whoab af progress would
novt more avtttty.
-wisewif tsnseepf tune ggp -
'.sreett County New*.
Chalma* J C. Byrd a id an the
sembtta of his Board of County
Taambabmm war* present Monday
far the regular monthly sesi oa. r-»
-apt Commbdorer Jamas A. Buefc
«nan. who b 01 with pneumonia.
It appaartag that Harnst* coontv
■as Area children in the Bent at
'reeacbora, aa appaal for s'd wai
c (ponded to by the board- aj»prepTb
:»g W* par month for carport der
'» IHt to th( Chndren’r Hearn So
■aty of Oreecsboro.
Dlatrlat 4 of Hector*. Creek town
nip ptmuM for a vote on spceial
tea lory. The petrtieo was
tenad by Ooo. W. l>oaa. T. L. Don- -
itef. 9. H. Barela. M. B. Iw, W. II.
Loo. U H. Arnold, J. W. Mason. J.
[A. Masaaa, M. X Mammi, 9. A. Ban.
'dr, X F. Griflln, X X Lynch, T. X
Tpeace, W. H. Gilbert. X W. Wetter.
Tke -regaeet was approved bp Or*
Beard of Ed oration Election was
(raatod aad date art for Marrli 14
wBh X X Lynch registrar: W. X
Lot, 9. X Bevels peUholders
9. X Hodges resigned ao rood cow
■laotener of Mewart* Ov> and
lob* W Blame mi appointed !n h'r
W. T. Basltb alee resigned ae road
•mmiaeleaer of 8 tow arts Creek, bo
be ring moved to Averaaboro towr.
Atip. Jasper Byrd was appointed I*
U* stead.
T. V Stewart, chairman. and H. A.
Turlington, secretary, ft*M (Hand J
repeat of Orwve mad MmUn (or
1M1. Tbe report skewed tMs’ re*
rpipte of |lt.TM.7l | disbarrerneiU
llXAM.t?. Boport Mem ear.
9. X Hodgea, T. D. Byrd and W
•»|tk, mod sngimhnieaeu of
•Bewarta Creek, repotted for mi: ,

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