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After furiy-ri* year* U a member
of Co»|NN. Joaeph Q. Cannon, tep
ru<*i!i« tto SlcfataanU Wiaota Dia.
trkt, will retire from public oBn
with tto aspbatioa of kta proacat
terra. So It i* annamttd from Watk
America has never known n marc
pwtBrMque Igsro than tbit hard Sat
*4 old atatmmon from tto Middle
Waal. Sent la Norti. Caroiioa eighty
«x jnn ago to kaa feaght ki» way
to tto top of tto hoop away time*.
Soya tto Vaakhma dirpatch an
nouncing b'i determination to retire:
Mr. Caaaoa la approaching Ida 84th
mile atone. If Ui Ufa la epared naUl
tto and of hb term on March 4, IMS,
to will hare poaadtj oat 48 yoara
aI 8Anr>A 118 tkm Hftnla Urn ImaVa Atom
ward for actual aarriea am tlian
• poor ip and since that time, as bo
himaoH baa explained, ha "has been
rnnalng along M rehret.”
There ware trari in the apt of
maajr at his colleagues whan formal
aenotmc.ment of “Carta Joe’s” dm
; •■miration to ratira was made on
the floor by Hapimantatlva Walab.
Krpobllcan, Massachusetts, >1 escribed
by the veteran legislator as “ana of
nay buddies.” While Mr. Wahk was
•peaklag. Pnele Joe, fitting apart
from Ms friends, wad crouched hi a
•eat. a big slouch bat and am over
coat protecting him from the cold.
Be basing always in b rarity, Xr.
Canaan's rtatoasat that ha mi coon
to conclude bis public sarvks was
psebtd into oaa typawiitism lisa of
e'tvcn wards. Two days ago whan
askad if ha again would entar the
primary, he declined to my, adding
that bla decision would ba knows la
’Uncle Joe’s” family, it is uader
sUad. has been urging him to quit
Congrats aad retain to bis old beans
of kin Ub in INN and quiet. To a
>» Ion* act listened to battles In
Congress, tbs former Speaker at fink
"Wei White ha stOl appears aa
viforow aa tm yaata ago. ho to mora
feohb. Us ayaa bon dim end be eel
-*— *-* oM, T**trg i inatant
fjr on the cad of a cigar.
to retire .your4 debts or for other
faming psrpoass aad hm property
with which to secure a toon chair
Bp. Yon can get the money.
Flirt, apply to your banker. If he
torn yoo down, ask him "how tons."
If ho persita to hto refusal, tafca your
pea in hoad aad writs to A. Wilton
McLean or Angus W McLean or Just
plain A. W. McLean, of the War PV
names Board. Washington, D. C., and
•xplaki you* tromhlea. n« win asks
»« effort to gat yoa the acoommodn
' ticn yaa erase.
Listen to what Jeaephus Daaiala
raid yesterday la aa interview given
Bdward Blau Britton, Washington
saerarpoadtut for tha Mows aad Ob
**Tbo War Finance Corporation la
ready to famish the backs aU too
moacy ncsesaary to prasido laoaa far
agrbaltural parpoaaa ia North Caro
1010" aaid Mr. Daniels after dlscaaa
lag tito sHutlei at too Traoeary De
“Other agricultural states," bo
conttoaed, “ova obtaining tola money
tot ftva Bar FBIit. iBHfIlfMP If tm doom.
» debt or aced money tc make fc
™9 aoxt yuan. It moat Ito soeurcd !
»fat* Jaljr Best and a« vim* should '
M teat.”
Why W« »• Not Shtee U Sport.
WWW Roniou and fteiithtU.-fc< 'and
UUtegton and Fayetteville an«l the
wet of the town* la this locality eve
abooping thing* up Tor t'ioir respec
tive high school basket hall quintets,
Duaa folk in wondering why thoir
keys nnd girts da not shine more
bj-ightly in this particular.
Thera is no mystery about the
thing. It knl because Dunn hcj> anj
tirls are not jc*t u good at the sport
la are the other young folk. Tii.y
■>Hy a “wicked” gaase when they arc
h form. Bat it is eetdoai that thry
ww In form, and here is the reason:
When a Dona team neej, ball,
uniforms or other equipment for the
fame, whore docs it get them?
When it hat to make a trip to
stker towns, who pays toe bill
Every Item of expense incident
to the game* must be paid from the
pockets of the team merntn-re. Ycr
renumber .don’t y*n, )nw scarce
nickels were when you were a school
Other towns hnvo Indoor courts foT
'hair teams. Dunn has only the school
vrounri court. Other town; support
their teams by attendance ar.d with
money. Dann’s total gate receipt* th’<
year have not exceeded five dollait.
These am tome of tha reason* why
our youngsters *rv not TUC'eur.eti »
raong the contender* for Stale churn
■liooahip honor* lhi« year.
Income Tan Facts
la making out his ini-ome tax re
turn for 19(1. the average taxpayer
ur’JI And a considerable saving in coat
’sriron with the amount of lax paid
on the same income for 1920.
The exemptions provided by the
■ •venue act of 1021 aro $tl*oo for
•ingle person* (the term including
widows. Widowers, divorces, anil per
"»ns (operated from husband and
wift by mutual agreement!. $2,500
fer married persons whore uel In
romr was $5,000 or less, and 32,000
for married persons whose net in
noma wa* $5,000 or mors. Under the
wvcauc act of 1918 the persona! ex
emption allowed a married parson
was $2,000, regardli-.** ef the
amount of net income. Toe personal
exemption allowed n murrivd parson
applies also to tha baud of a fa ulty,
atan ur woman whp supports in ono
.loiueuoia one or more relatives ty
blood, marriage, or adoption.
The exemption for dependent*— •
perron who receive* hi, chief support
frem the taxpayer and who is under
It years of ago or incapable of self
support because mentally or physical
ly defective—la 1 serrated from $200
la $4% - ,
The act require* that a rotarn be
$lad by every tingle pc non whose net
income for 1021 was $1,000 or more,
every married person where not in
eoaM war $2,000 or more, and by ev
ery person—eingle or married—
whose gross income war 85,000 or
The requirement to file a return
a< grow income of $0,000 or mom
regardless ef net income is a new pro
vision. Net incoma is gross income
lets certain specified deductions for
business expenses, lower, bad debts,
ete, which are fully explained un the
Returns must be filed by married
coupler whoje combined net income
for 1821. including that of depend
ent minor children, equaled nr ex
ceeded $2,000, or if the combined
5rose Income equalled or exceodod
The period for riling return* ill
from January 1 to Much IS, IMS.
Heavy peaah'ot are provided for fall
uie or “willful refusal" to die a re
turn on time.
Tonot 1040A for incomas of $5,*
■'PO and leu and 1040 for Income* la
extern of f$dH>0 may ha obtained
tVr> t the office* of cellector* of inter
na! l-cvrnee and branch offices. Tbs
tax zaay bo paid la full at the time of
Wing the return, or In four equal in*
»I ~ I'mbuts, due on or before March
10, June 12, September IS, and De
cember IS.
Are Tee fletHag Beady T
Of coarse you fallows who are dl
•<’.*>• dependent upon the farm know
'>6ie about your businesa than does
■mjr mere pounder of typewriter keys,
' at we maat say to yon that wa were
I'aiily disappointed by the failure of
to many of you to attend Ute meeting
I nr«* rriwiy uuaer uc Mupi
ret of the Chamber of Commerce for
| the bOutfit of those who arc endan
! seres! by the coming of the boll wee
vil. There were hardly more than
lifly ef you here—and there should
have been live hundred.
- However, we trust that you are
malJag some move on your own hook
'•« prepare for the wtevil’e advent
in your fields. You can be certain
that he is coming—ae sure as night
follow* day he Is on hit way and will
bo icre in full force within a very
Vow month*. Ton cannot profitably
*-»w eotloa under boll weevil eon
ditioas it yeu are to continue your
eniiro dependence upon cotton. That
ha: been proved In every state te
the 0‘1'h at ua Laat year the wealth
iest rwrta of South Carolina were lit
■ 'rally ruincil by the weevil. People
Aero who were accustomed te proe
nority nod plenty now are In actual
TWeir erudition will be your eoadi
s 'on If yen do not heed the warning
t'r^y have mot you. Like yourselves
felt that there wu* plenty of
' uc to prepare—that the pest was
not >3 serious a thing as people mid
it m Rut they know better now.
They have paid and still are te pay
* bi£ price. Their experience should
be valuable to you. Will you profit
hy It, or will you wait for your own
experience to teach you?
Oi—1—0—1—0—: —0—I—I—>—10
0 0
IT within the next fortnight or to
you should see parading through tho
street*, a cavalcade of young gentle
men who look to be Bmillion admir
al*' or assistant* to tho Lafayetta
Brevoort doorman, don't imp to tho
eonclonon that the Tillage is being
Invaded. They will be mamber* of
tho Dunn Band in full regalia. The
only thing missing will bo Herr D4 Schmidt and his place will be
' filled by Henry Oliver Shell in habQi
racr.ts wlioee brilliance will eclipse
jnytVng evor worn by the former
cbcrlooL Yesterday twartty-eae noo
"Ofi of the band—including the ham
; (’r-j.wmcT and the fellow* who come
; in on the oMD-paw-eom-psw**—had
idem selves measured for the niftiest
bench of uniforms seen in Dnnn
vineo Professor Eph William.* Bab
bit Foot's made the initial appear
find and gold, with lots of pretty
Lrold and chevrons and epaulsts and
frills and fancies and dewdads and
> thing*- -all adorn these uniforms and
tcal-e of them thing* beanttu* indeed.
The entire outfit coats something like
$1,009—which it MOO more than the
rtPvl ?c a( iUii t'tw. Thi* f»l
law, have gone La dot*. Car the bal
»n«e, hoping th,it .-orur Jay tS- fall, i
»h» pkd^vJ Snanrtcl kUpporl came
lao.ttbi • ya wLU rod. < a* li e (wttdgoo
In, Urn* to prevent tit • ,'hcrilf .akiny
I' c clothe •. If they Cm • I, Dean may
•omf.'ae trKne>> the rpocitele of ita
baud thorn of it« gnrncni-. while on
pralV—and that wouldn't do
it all, *-ulL
The follow* are exporting the unit*
tu strive wlthtUn the next two weeks
“d aa soon aa they get boro the
combined force of the Oro, police
and itreet cleaning department will
not b« sufficient to keep ,thorn from
parading and concerting at once. And
when the weather become* warm and
the tap commence* to riae, they'll bo
giving four to five concert* every
has* it upon no Itaa an auth
ority than Henry Lae that the band
ia here to rtay. There arc. says Henry
twenty-one fellows in the organisa
tion who arc going to utielc. There
may be more later on bat there will
he no less—and all of them are de
termined to make the band live op
to its fine clothe*.
K<=*1 happiness comer from doing a
job welt
One index to a man’s character Is
the condition of hi* automobile fen
1—i.. — .1 1 111.-'
Wtau'i hHe.iee.ry Seetety Meet* ,
Benton, N. C, February »th.—
The irgular meeting of the 1
Woman’e MJadoaary Society of the 1
Methodbt Spier opal church, tooth, |
woi held with Mr*. D. W. Kan oy in
U>a Dixie Apartmcnu on Hill Street 1
Monday evening at eight o’clock, Mr*. 1
A. 8. Oliver predding.
The tcripiirre leaeon, a coahnoe
tlon of the Ufa and mtoixtry of wait,
w«m reed by' Min VaHle HUL Invo
cation, the Lord’! Player.
Jtoporta were called for by the dif
I Boone, Superintendent of Publicity,
| -end none interesting mltmnni j
news from the different church pa
pers. Mr*. Boone has organised and
j is conducting a mission study clsai
which meets each Thursday evening
at 7-JO In the Methodist church. The
| due ie studying "From Survey ta
Service ” The coarse contain* seven
lemons and there will be one lemon
' each week until the course Is com
pleted. All members of the Methodist
I church and all other denomination*
of the city, who are interested In tkii
phase of the work, are cordially in
vited to attend these meetings. Those
who have already joined aru delight
ed with tho subject end the forceful
mnnner In which It U presented.
Mrs. D. W. Kanoy gerre a splendid
report of the work done by the Bright
'Jewels. This will be found In another
ith'cle of this paper. _ |
Tho eubject for tho evening- tv*.,
Imvuna, Cuba. A description uf ti e ■
Ity vu given by mctdacnt* VC. 5!.1
loyal. D. W. Kanoy, W. T. rinrtii,.;
IT. X Smith, E. X. Hall, W. ,T. Bonr.e I
md MU* Ruth Poindexter. Tlx- Pres-'
dent, Mr*. A. 6. Oliver, Jctcrihed In- J
lerentingly tho poopl-, their Uotntr:
if* amuaemcr.u a.ul religion. Mr*. [
W. H. Roy*.), rev* -.ome vc-y inter-'
lettng letter* Lora Min Uia Lee to
ter mother, white she was vi-ibag in 1
Cuba. Min Lea gave a (.lowing or-;
•our.t of tho MLaionary ork bei 1
loct* thorn. She »•< vi ry m ush p'e u
sd arith the tehoola.
At tho e'crc of the pro.-rrnm the
Woman's hlircionr.ry 3cr!r\y i- ests'.:-'
ed Mr*. W. D. Boon* with a band
romc hymnal !n token of tls-ir ap
preciation of har •erWcer to tar .-e
tiety, ehe haring L-oen pin’d* \ i n. r
III organisation which site por
foctird about seventeen yexrr pjo.l
itie piuronUtion wu tnnei; by Mrs.
W. H. Royal. |
The gaett of u< fa. i-*y ot thi'
meeting was Mr*. Swan nit* Trrt of
Sraithfield, a former member of the
g— s.;.. ■fgaaagBt
T'' i next .itonling will be hold tho
r!<' : Tvvif’-ij: fencing in VUrrh.
Ciu-l.i:.: jt-.rivll v£ Liili.igton and
•i ■! i-'c■? from Heaufert were
;»ftx£uli. li-.-it yben a train load of
I'.U'd V.■.nl dean with tile treallr
Ovfr v:ivh they »te;e <ir viun their
by" train ul lav (dual of the
Ji'artt and Gravel Co., about
d o\’;cU thi:. mm ring.
*••• •"» <*•.: »t. " vf nine can,
•■•irh on i engine ;a from and Sor
' • «r, vo'aing aerie*
N. in* Of. vbl *i va . about twenty
w* L’.ex, '.voon t!iuocr.i supporting
1 *’i f* "fry i id let the on
* ... y* its 'Ou beneath.
“• ••’ *• v' f*-cs t -etlc Wft*
borreti wiv bronpht to Cenlral
'• ■ » • •••*a*****l *.. »n u"coneciou»
. •mu-H lit; rcucrti frem
... ' Jo e-.y Umt he in reetlng well.
'. Retford .id R.dd'v u.o In at
4 d -•••• V:\ .Vie w.-..' ,iot hurt ro
*’ • a *v c x.v-'vel ir cal cuta
a':pu*. the horn', but he wn able to
* ds t • • ■ a *i ,1 t*-.-c bis round*
d•. ■ «• ,* \*.\ r*„,R.)| euftamod a tc
• v>i w email is hie forehead.—liar
".iv.t Col ity Ncai.
' *r eeew«q<r.--- *I.»W4V V»- —Ml !■ 1 — !■■■■■! ■
C ...... ■ • ,
Are You Keeping up Your
Many people atari an occnunt and let it go at that.
It'a a good thing to make that atari at tho Flrat Nation
al Bank, bat unleu you keep it up it will make no mere 1
abiding impreeeion upon your aueeeu than a ahadow
on a field of com.
If you bunk money while
you earn iU you will have
money when you can’t
-earn ft
Dunn, North Carolina
- - _*
If You Are a Povvr/iy - o^her
This Will ' ■ YY-j
:*•. .15:0
> rv- -amx
! > l
j p
la v
Ik! ja
!•» N
' . ■:-*{?.. •«• •
.-•* -.:: * tuu
This chart shows taw <<?ffcrc; ; ‘ * tU; 1 ' :* hen’s
laying. Grains make many yr&t-o i o ', hv/ v/.S
Purina Chicken Chow^cf i r vil-te. Ken Chow
make practically ao e-pal warn ver o. erj y©*k3
when fed together t*3 d.’.ocled.
The first two columns oisow wlirJ ’ opesva v/h-:i yra
feed Purina Hen Chew alone-- '.co niivy y 7hc
next two cohimra show what ht,f-c.-n< '•-.'her. y, y iVd
Purina Chicken Chowder oly—Vt- v. hi^cc.
The last two columns give >'o-i -a jdovre o. the egg
’! " ^9
hint cb 'J»» L’x.,1
Man E||i Cuaruatot-i
i Phoas vs yt.i r'wJy. . ••. (
Sold in Dunn Exclusively by
waaiMBflMr v 1 -■»
The Farmers’ Friend
Offers For This Week
The Following Specials
Fancy Maine grown Irish Cobblers, I 0 peck
sack . .. $6.00
Red Bliss, 10 peck sack---$6.50
Sugar, per pound..6£c
Flour, per barrel_$7*75
Ship Stuff, per sack ..$1.75
No. f Timothy Hay- per ton_ .$30.00
Seed Oats per sack_$3.50
Pure Lard.. _14clb.
Salt, per sack- $1.10
White Meat, per pound___12Jc
Ground Coffee, per pound..17c

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