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    * L © C A L *
Min Laura Shell ha* returned
from a visit to relatives Is Mexton.
T. V. Smith, president of the State
Basik and Trust Company, spent Sun
day and Menday at Durham with kia
Carey B. Taylor, managing editor
ef the Durham Herald, spent the
week end here with hie parents, Mr.
and Mrs- James A. Taylor. . '
John W Dntughoa will leave this
ereek for the northern markets to
purchase his wring and summer
goods for the Braugbon store here.
Mis. Bob Strain, Miss Aleen Rigby,
Mine Ethel Johnson, Craven Exxcll
and Ralph Kooru visited Raleigh laal
night to attend the Anna Case re
George K. Grantham, Jr., and hla
friend, Libby Ward, a son ef A. D.
Ward, of New Bern, were here Sat
urday and Sunday to visit George’s
parents, Mr. and Mrs. G. K. Granth
am. Sr. They returned tn
»Ky of North Carolina Monday.
Captain and Mrs. Granville M.
Tiighman, will leave this week for
Florida where they will spend several
weeks at one of the reoorts. They will
-return to Dunn as soon as Captain
Tiighman recovers strength lost dur
ing hia recant long illneii in PhUadel
Tho T. E. L. Class of the Pint
Baptist Church Sunday School will
hold ita regular monthly meeting
Thursday evening, February It at
7 JO o’clock with Mrs. Hsnu) Tyner
and Mrs. L. E. Newton. All members
of tho clem ore urged to be present
at this meeting. '
■Members of tho Chieora Chapter of
the United Daughters of the Con
federacy will rialt the Confederate
Widow*’ Home In Fayetteville this
week. Practically every member of
the chapter wtU bo in tho party
and all of them will carry presents
and refreshments for the homo’s
guest* They will spend a whole day
Response to George K. Grantham’s
appeals for contributions to the
Woodrow Wilson Foundation Fund
have been many and liberal, but Har
nett County has not yet rone up to
what eras expected of a locality whose
people so greatly admire the former
i imiucn*. * is jrwh time zor til
who have not contributed. Contribu
tion* ihould be mailed to Mr. Gran
tham hare.
Doe to an error in preparing the
advertisement for the eale of $100,
000 fo Dann District school bonds the
aala y*e«M far Friday, February
10, bad te he goaty awed aneU Wed
needay, February 18. The proceeds
from the** bonds will be devoted to
bailding a now grammar school
building to cost $00,000, to partial
payment of the cost of constructing
the negro *ehoo] building and the
remodelling of the present white
•ehool will begin boob after the bond*
are sold, it is stated.
Mil. Oeorge E. Prince, Hugh W.
Prince. J. Rufu* Smith and Mr*. J.
Fufu* Smith have farmed a co-part
nerabip to operate the business of
George «L Prince and Sen, which
will be continued under the ant
neune. The new firm will materially
enlarge the business and is now plan
ning extensive alterations and *n
largetnenta to the store in which the
banlaass has been conducted for more
than twenty years and whore it has
8’“*'■ from a modest beginning to
oa* of the leading store* of the Dunn
——w. rnncfl win con- 1
Unu« the management of the atora.
Soreral month* ago we aaked
Henry Hood why he did not put a
lot of modern frilla and
faneiei around tho aoda foun
tain “"d In other porta of
tho Hood and Grantham drug (tore.
“It won't do" ho aaid. "—our crowd 1*
tho good, old gallon gang; and thie
ia tho bridge that brought aa aeroaa
and will atwaya ha good enough for
ua.” Tho other day, howoeer, we
walked la to find him directing paint
era and carpenter* who were engaged
la apmeeding beauty end light all orar
tho old atom. "Whntche doin', “we
e*ed, “learla tho one gaHai crowd?”
"Nope," replied lfr. Hood. “Juat
painting and repairing the aid
bridge." And He a mighty good Job
they am making of H.
Tho Initial number of “Tho Dua
oea," a eemi-aanaal nugaxlne pub
Kahod by the High School oadar the
management of tho Senior Clam, will
to dlatrlhutod within tha next few
daya ThH publication, material for
which la contributed entirely by atu
dente of tho high achool. la tome
thlng ia Duun’a jonmallriie hletery.
Tram ad ranee proof* arfmiHtod to ue
we find that there le much In M that
U of real r»lue—literary and ether
win—end that all of it la latoraatiag.
Tho ye ua get era am arirbig ^nly 10
cento a eapy for the magnate# to
town caetomeru. M«(l rurtamcn
should add I coats for postage and
wrapping. Only a limited number 1*
being printed. If you desire a ropy,
place your orders uow.
Mia. Marsh Morrow Is Waiting re
lative* in Cairo, Georgia.
Rev. John J. Langston pastor ti
the Christian church, will preach
Sunday morning a sermon on the Ufo
cl Elija. He has fifty Stereopticcn
views to illustrate this sermon nod
extends s cordial invitation to every
body to attend the services.
Ur. and Mr . 1. F. Hicks and Mi c
Walter Torn age have returned from
Richmond whither they accompanied
Mr*. John Monde for treatment in a
hospital. Tbty remained with her un
til after a seiioua anrgical operation
was performed, and report that Mte It
recovering nicely.
EUia Goldstein loft Saturday for
Kew York to complete purchases of
Spring and anmmor goods for his
■torn here. On h<s rctom he will
■tup in Philadelphia! to join Mr-.
Goldstein who has brsn Waiting rela
tives there for several weeks. Mr.
and Mrs. Goldstein will return to
Dunn within two weeks
Evangelist services will begin at
Firct Baptist church next Sunday
morning and continue for a week nr
ait. JD'VTrv it.
Johnson, will lead in tha preaching
throughout the series of meetings.
He baa prepared several very fine
*c**sauni which he wants tha people of
Dunn to hear. Everybody is Invited
to attend the meetings.
Dunn is keenly disappointed over
the inability of Mrs. Joseph** Dan -
iela to accept an invitation to make
the annual memorial address at Chi
cora Confederate Cemotery this year.
It was hoped that Mr*. Daniels eouki
he Induced to make the address, but
pressing engagement* made It irapoi
aible. Daughters of the Confederacy,
under whose suspices the annual me
morial day reremnnfee at the ceme
tery are held, are now striving to
get tome ether noted woman of the
State to make the address. If they
are successful the occasion will mark
the first time a women has been the
principal speaker at such * ceremony.
Newberry Brei. A Cowell yester
day shipped la a New Jersey furni
ture dealer the seventh solid on
load of viory bedroom suits ordered
of them by him within the last four
months. The concern also has shipped
Several car load* to dealer* in New
York, Pennsylvania and Maryland
since tha fs<*ory resumed manufac
ture last fan. Rusinaea is aa good with
Dlls rnniflm ■■ It map tam■ nktinmiA
•there are few order* coming from ha
old trade territory in the Carolina!
and Virginia. Almost all of its or-;
dors are sousing from Northorn States
and meat of them are far the new j
Ivory finished design, which the fac
tory Started to make last year.
The Dunn Band Minatrel Revue
will be staged in the Duke Auditor
iutn at Duke Thursday night. The
beet parts of the show given hero
throe weeks ago will be repeated by
the company at Duke and many new
features have been added. Harper
Holliday, 8am Ferrell and W. H.
Newberry, Jr., are directing the new
■how and pronlse one of tha beat
minstrels ever shown in Duke or
Dunn. The fellows have been re
hearsing for sevarai nights and have
perfected thsir parts to a much higher
degree than they had at tho time the
first chow was given. Proceeds from
the performance will be turned into
the uniform fund of the band.
The Chamber of CoaMserce hat ac
cepted the State Agricultural Depart
ment's proposal concerning the em
ployment ef a farm deasonstrmUoa
agent for the townships of Averaa
boro, Duka and Grove whereby the
business and farming inter*its of 6m
townships axe to pro* Ida $1,000 a
year to supplement the Beat# and
Fedeiai appropriation* toward nek
an agent’* expense*. District Agent
T. D. McLean, who made th* offer,
will came to Daaa next week to
aid Secretary T. L. Biddle aad Di
rector E. T. Draper in raising the
necessary money. He was expected
bore today, but other baslnes* detain
ed Him at Aberdeen. The Chamber of
Commerce will begin In earnest Ha
campaign for more profitable farm
ing methods whan th* agent gets on I
the Job. He wilt establish HI* office* |
in Ibe roems of the Chamber of Com
| mere* and will derate bis entire at
tention to the farm problems that are
brought to his attention.
The Fifth Arena* Shop, Inc., is a
new mercantile renters Just started
by Sam Themas in the store building
until recently occupied by th* Per
rleh-Drivur Company. Ibis establish
ment will deal principally In Import
ed women* garments and band made
laeas and negligee. Mr. Thomas will
i'* ready for businea within a fear
I Julius A. Cutbrcih, for meity years
cashier of the First National Bank
and later connected with the Semin
ole Ilioephate Company, has accepted
the position af confidential secretary
jto Ben O. Townsend, secretary and
treasurer of the North Carol Ins Cat
I ton Growers Cooper*tire Aseoelstlon,
-nd is now preparing to toko up his
''utieo in the offices of the assocto
t o-i at Raleigh. Ho will not more
h>3 family to Raleigh, It la under
stood. although he will spend moot J
|rf hU t'»* there. Dunn people who
know Mr. Culbisth and Mr. Ton
' d are congratulating the aaouria
tio * upon Ita acquisition of two of
the community's boat eWxena to hold
^oMtions on ita executive branch. U
all ether officiate of the organisation
are of like calibre, the aaaociatieu is
fortunate indeed and ia bound to bo
- success from the beginning.
Bon—to Mr. and Mis. Worth M.
1 ofo To today morning, a daughter. ,
D. C. Fuaadl af Raleigh, waa a bo
siassa visitor in Dunn Saturday.
Mr. and Mrs. Hssbert McKay at- 1
tended tha Anna Case Concert at
Raleigh last night.
Miss Irene Parker, a student at
Wlnthrop College, Koch Hill, S. C.,
u risiung ntr liutr. a. u. nnur. I
W. H. Stephenson, cashier of the :
Angler Bank and Trait Company, i
was a business visitor In Doan today. '
lira. Fleming cantinacs quite ill 1
at har home at Young's Hotel. Her 1
condition is reported better today, I
Bern to Mr. aad Mrs. N. A. !
Town seed Thursday morning at the
hospital ia Mu, a son, Benjamin O.
Townsend, Jr.
Joe B. Wilson has opened a press
ing club on 8ooth Fayetteville Are.,
Just back of the Howard and Bald
win Grocery store. He opened for.
business this week and is now ready
to serve you.
Mra. Lee Daniel Ennis returned
this afternoon from High Point where
she had been visiting her daughter,
Miss Eula Ennis. Mias Kruils Is head
bookkeeper for the Wtlaeh Furniture ,
Company at High Point.
Director A. L Newberry and Sec
retary T. L, Biddle of the Chamber
of Commerce, have perfected plans
through which a building and Wan
association aril] ha created within the
nest law weeks. The association pro
bably will start with 2,000 shares.
Subscribers will pay fl s week an
each share, provldlag each month
sufficient money to build two er throe
rood homed. All money paid Into the
association win drassr six per cant la
■ ■ m ■■
Ur—t bwo per cent batter than thi
lavlnye bank—and wtll be —cored bj
mortgage* upon real Mats whom
raise win be appraised by man ben
ef tbs association. It le praeUcall]
aura that at least twetr hem— car
be built by the aa*«ciatlra tbie year
Thdee —faaeribure who are —reed
by the carrier tarei—• of the DU
patch ahoald report all daUaqueaclci
of the carrier bey u this oflke at
seen a* they are dlecavercd. Thi
masages—nt ii (tririug U giro good
and prompt eerrice through the car
rier system and will he glad U cor
rect any mistake* made.
L— Harrington, nagre, wai e*p
turud Saturday afternoon by Chief
of Police Da arson after as exciting
race through the street*- Herrington
wn* is po*—<*ion of a gaait of liquor
it i* *ald, when the chief started af
ter him. The ve—el. however, war
dropped erhUe the man raa The evi
ucuv* VUKO inm UN wait*
the chief continued after hie men.
"The Little Minister," i» motion
picture*, will bo above hare at tbo
White Way Theatre eeder the sos
picee of tbs Woman'* Club at an
early data, it was asaeonced today
by Manager Marsh Marrow, who baa
tendered the use of Ms boose to the
chib. Mr. Marrow has aim arranged
to show tha "Tear Horsemen of tbo
Apocalypse,” the wonderful war dra
ma by Vieeoto Blanco Ibane*. next
month. "The SbeOc” and tbe Tall of
BMjyisn,” two wonderfully *P*ctoru
lar screen dramas, sail) fellow the
Four Horsemen.
Q. T. Gay and Ora Wart, young
White man, art la the town jail charg
ed* with haring broken Mto and rob
bed the phasing utedlkhw int mi
B. A. Rowland, Jim MtDoagal and
Bad John Carter and the harbor shop
if Ed HoUdae. Thoy gUl bo board
*y Jadga B. L. Godwin M a rpoeial
cm af the recorder** mart this
■cosing. This is tbo fbrt really im
portant onset iaa is by tbs new chief
if polks. Will Dawson. Tha robberies
lectured soon after be was sworn
nto office ton days age. Ha last no
me in hk efforts to detect tbe rob
>era It is said that tbs young man
tad much af tbe elothiag rtoiaa from
bo prsmuig iWahllsbmW**
Card ,| Tkaafcs
We wish to thank you. oar good
rlsndi for your many Mb •* kind*
mss shows us duriag the atekaaaa
md death of oar huabaad aad father.
N ahall not forgot the beautiful
rlonddripa that have boon extended
o ao during our dark daya aad wo
my that God may dool very kindly
nth you who hero boon m kind to
HRS. O. If. JOHMSOM aad Children
Wa are all agaal—wkon wc am
February ia the month of honor,
uaesty and loro—Washington. Lin
Mln and 8c Valentina
B. T. r. U. Progm.
Monday night, February If, 1921
Subject: Doctrinal Meeting—T. A
'ore, group leader—"May 1 expect
sod to gire ara ayarlol lmpraaaious
h rough the Holy Spirit "
Announcement of sobjoet by
^ D. WUllama
2. Introduction by T. A. Core.
*• (a) Scripture reading by Miss
'•ilia Stewart.
(b) Scripture road lag by Iran
(c) Scriptura loading by WiUiaa
D. Pearce.
4. Special music, Miaa Rachael
5. Tha Holy Spirit the third par
son in the Trinity—talk by W. H.
t. Hm Holy Spirit is the prrtont
dlopcntatian—talk by Mia Ethel Lu
7. Tba work of tba Holy Spirit-^
talk by HIM Clete Naylor.
>. The Unseen Captain—perm,
Nix 14a Mao PlttaMB.
9* flpfci&i Ispitifioni through
the Daly Spirit-talk by Mia Ethel
I BaUay.
10. Bpoeiai music, MUo Flopcau j
11. TV« Holy Spirit call* oa to
acrolca—talk by Mia Amaada Culp..
Conclusion by the paetor.
---— '
Mia Mary Shetwoll Cawley
Hiss Mary ShotaaU, Stats Child’* I
Welfare Ofleer, will lecture at Ike
Woman’s Club rooms next Friday ef- i
ternoon at 4 00 o’clock. Mia Sbocwoll1
U an intvreatiny talker aad Ue peb- I
lie is cordially invited to hear her.
♦ r ♦
► * * * * it * '
riicli Pecan trace. large net*, fu
migated and free from !*«■•«
Drive over and ret what jroti nerd.
SO cent* each ermlc they la»t. Fal-.
eon, N. C. at Robinaon'e ataie.l
Tom WaUon Water Melon .red el1
St cent* per pound. It u:1.,
week and czpctue* to aka or wo
man with rig to laUedeco I'ooUry
Mixture. Rureka Utg. Co. Puri St.
I-oaSa, HI._ it pj.'
it i( cabbage plant* yon want, nee
or cal] Julio* M. Leo, photu Mo.
14S. Will keep in (tor* from no*
■niU the **aeoa la over the Kriu
ii%e Young bland plant* of al’
kinda. Guaranteed count. *4-8te ,
a ext tire be a Hood. Wa baer
Hood Arrow corde In atoefc la cl.
•iaoa. They arc the beat that me <
oey and experience ceaA'ecd era
bund. E. V. Gainey J f i-tf.
In A rat claaa condition. Can bo am
at Willie A. Jaciaon'* j*r;e a
Cooper, any day. Dr. B. F. Bit W>
Cooper. K. C. Altfe -
ere ready far delivery. Get year.,
oow. B. o. Toemaend, Du»u, M. C.
Feb. rtCTU.
Foote’s Sketches
of North Caro!ir;a
t/Rt Tl lllf^lr idMib hwMtr -•*'*
UMii)rt«ilnaRf>rliiil«rf ofriiifeitfpir:*V- .
M< ml4mt /Ed.. JKO of U« *•*•. *>n. c.H I
KFtfNT C3MPAMY, OUtCC, *t 5.
~ --- '■
■ uw Mdm far amnia n suar*at*n
> far man, watnaa aad
.4. *■>■ Eliminate* damtneftosi
« va^k full Uaac. fl.oo an haul
(Mu t.w.». Exporimca naaaeaa
xSAfe-Sr *
tcii r«» wlH harraat poor quality
+ ^ If TU»
raFaT-ojjTE l.maHt* a— «hat
vO par mt cheapar Uaa
t.Ur batteries that Map tad yea
Jwu a* pood. Bald by E. V.
Cisor, I S4-tf.
r!’ Jr -1 c?.f: T.ou to buy a brand
• .? Res \ -rbJe Typawmtaa; an
isywri-4 .rx writer at a remark
1*0 .«i* n. Tea. P. O. Boa 94*. F«>
a' ttrllU’, ^1. C-I St pd.
:•< :/ Jtfc Dr. J. H. Crawford far
> aura timr. Thi» la a
vi. ? y~ir 1} hour a and farm, about
ri-r -j, being elaorad. Twa «aad
trm at hour**. railatl and painted
f.Vmmudlcur bam and HahUa
• •-< <!• :c If a 1 aautifal 1 atari
'k t lara’y 4-acre rroaa, wtth
’ i-i l~ vf rerry, Sna hadf# and nil
: r r- »'.. tuck nt araod
' •r' ni-t hov<a, tool home*. lab
f f •• 1. l>»c> trd roa' Duka, Coatr
Z-,'r'» ( .rik, A chant* far
: o:t m o*’-i :i sard bam*. 1 0
I ny.M. Ifc: a, N. C. if *t pd.
in- SnrhVc. brand naw and aaar
: V'i!skr pristine, Rad To
t*V mill r“ !*to«t frsturaa. Ra
is:.-’ <b:j loa prir*—94.00 aadi,
fcilc »■’ 1'. /rtall monthly pay
'irr.C. P. O. Bos •«!, KayrttwrilW.
N. C.
* cn.». r.'wTU|,MM»
*■ rtirilil.e *
* c»f «r N. C 0
* 0
W» T. MOTH 0
CHil IhImh 0
ien Daw, p. c. 0
• sr.d *n»t* For Lend ♦
• ^-— Sy;Tcyi — — — 0
Income Tax
Jurt received the new in*
:o-e tax law* for 1921, end a
upply of forarjL Am prepared
xr aid in me kin# oat Income
•x return*.
J. O. WEST, Attorney
"i'st National Bank Building,
' Dunn. N. C.
ey-»Li imi i i y———e
ftrata. Cacharel* Match. fit*
: &««,'«*W£ESE ■
I »• *MIM art that yes Win And
I rtaT ** U * V C-:acr'*
UrV begin* the dar the LWro
lyta ia pet lata It We j*it It in and
charge Ike battery tiler yoc hay
It Wa famiak yaa a lervxe bed
t.rr free of charge while tk'» pr»
*aea la going as. *. V. Gainey.
M M tf.
itaca by the Mm OHac. V. can
•U yaur ear with gae and oil while
raa yet yaa* wail Gr»« aa a trial.
i-S4 tf.
per ye«e|. Ti'e.-maoe' Caeh Gra>
CCfy. _stf«.
af geaaiae /••.aa-Nanvfll. Xea
Barn Aibeataa Brake ttatrg and
eroaU Ukc to flgarc with yaa cn
that braha lining >eb .Dr V. Geiaay
School Auditorium, Duke, N. C.
Thursday Night, Feb. 16, 1922
That Dixie Boys’ Production Co., with a large company of Home Talent Sing
' ere and Performers, Presents
Benefit of the Band
__% * __ _
Replete with all the Elements of Pure, Wholesome Fun. Catchy
Music, Old Plantation Melodies and Up-tc-Date New Songs
New Jokes, Gags, Witty Dialogues, Funny Situations
School Children 25c Adults 50c, Plus War Tax
Norfolk, Vsu
Tar boro, N. C.
Columbia, K. C.
Maoon, Ga.
Birmingham, Ala.
Richmond, V*.
Charlotte, N. C.
Spartanburg, S.C.
Columbus, Ga.
Baltimore, Md.
MM l ■ .rnwmmmmmm
Lynchburg, Vsl
Washington, N.C.
Atlanta, Ga.
Montgomery, AM,
Toledo, Ohio
— -.
Be Sure to Pay Your Phone BUI by Feb. 15
We Have Positive Instructions to Cut Out AO Who
Are Not Paid by That Time.

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