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Special Sermon Was Preached By Dr. W. J. Mc
Glothlin, President of Furnian University.
Large Congregation Present. Program
An Interesting One. Church Cost
Un Sunday Horning, April 2, the
nrw church building of the Pint
Β»ptlit Church waa formally dedica
ted to the worehip and aervke of
Cod. U ww an occaeioa lone to be
remembered. Th* Baptiite and their
friend* came in lire* ow-haf·, fill·
*'»«» sen of λΪ7φ^° th*1
tireve to contr^ll»'*ncry 8,11
10 Provide the **hl ot ώβ
tion. -jf** «pirt*
The d—n ,/rr »t the people
waa ·" The Joy of many
heart· babbled over into tear·.
An excellent and intereating pro
gram had been planned The chair
man of the building committee, Mr.
J. C. Clifford, read many congratu
latory mesngra, letter* and telegrama
from former paatom and friend·. A
very fitting word of felicitation eat
•ent by the Flrat Preefcyterlan church
of Donn. Dr. Livtngetone Jahnaon,
editor of the Biblical Recorder, Ra
loigh, N. C., apoke briefly In behalf
of the a00,000 white Bap*.·*· mf
North Carolina.
The Mnra waa perhapj th* moat
tiapreaaivo feature of the aarviee. Dr.
W. J. MiGlothlin, the preaMant of
Farvnan University, Greenville, 8.
C., delivered the dedicatory aeteoa.
Few men la all America can présent
the Goapel with greater clarity and
power than thia anuaaal preacher.
He choee at hie «ubject "The Signi
ficance of the Charria Building." The
text of Scripture need le in 1 Tim.
>;!*: "The hem of God, which b
the cbtuch of the living God. the pil
lar and ground of the Truth."
The prcacher pictured an «agin
ary utaHar fro· Mar* making a tour
"Now ai the··, the only vUtt>l« evi
dence* af our Indebted ne« turn to
*»he*, W» Mot (row oar momory the
labor, hardship, calif-denial and priva
tion· endured to Make pxUMt thia
<>;, and rcmacuher alono the pleas
ure which has com· to H· in bain* ac
corded the joyous pdrlltt* of m ak
in* a icer ncrtflees for Kim."
foRpurlac theac touching warda a
iront wave of jeyeaa emotion w^t
th* frent congregation and alntoa*
nperitarxoailr the people roM to Oiclr
M »nd aang "praise Ood froaa
whom all blearing» flow." There waa
rot one but that waa mightily etir
Following that wm the dedicate 17
•rtr offered by Bar. J. A- Cet»
bell, former pastor, and «ready be
loved I" HamoU County. It WM a
PTecloua and holy moment a· tW
ehnreh *ave their baaoUful temple ta
thalr God.
Appearing la tka April kuTMla af
the Chwth U th· lpUMrin« ctate
nent concerning the ehuieh build
"Oar church home which we now
dedicate to Cod waa fee «a» h» 111··,
foltmvtng a reeotarien of aw church,
timidly pecced that we undertake thr
erection of a new balldfog, eoaring
approaimateiy |1·,00·.
Accordingly an architect waa a«*
ployed, plana adapted and work he
ran with a MUle faith, no each and
a labecri prion I let af abeut |1*,000
Of i*ma wp kmar that the plan
adapted coald aa( ha carried ta aaaa
pletloa far the amount limited la tka
Initial reeolattaa, bat If owr eyea
had bean opened ta the fact that wa
ware beghmtag «m «eharien af ·
tmlliNag which weald eaat ae Mr*M,
taanarawa iheuld hare failed mtm
pl«taijr; jr»t, tfcouch I cannot Ull how
It waa done, thai· tua which
w· finally placcd In th« bulUin*.
FWhapi th· moat try in* ordrat
througi whirh «re pw»il, was tie
fnihc wh'eh we had to ovrtum'
wh»« with our build in® half dan· and
our d«4>» hardly touched the (tons
of Ht· world war do*·* all marketa, !
paralysed credit», tat ad our faith
and challenged oar count* aa noth
ing (1m had dona.
Tha strut*!· which w« mado
throach the yaara, kevntr, th· hard- j
(hip· ovticooM, tha «wldenc·» of |
God'· 1 «adinc. tha recognition at Hj '
bUaalnpi attending oar effort» to
hoaar Him ha*· atraavtSanad Mr !
faith in Rim and caniaad aa who had ι
tha privilege, andurlng the atroecic {
m hwn>H*i ^1 'M H Itl ι rtrHoate
rauren au seen ihiMîi. 1ϋ
following 11 · brief historical aketch
of UÙI lire organisation :
A Mittotiul SWch
' A history tf our chareh <UMl be
Tlv»n adequately in tlx space at our
rtiapoaal, and a few simple stAteamt*
most tofficr. The missionary labor at
W. 8. Johnnon ta tb« hiatorinl bick
TTound of the churth. The church mu
mown a« Greenwood antil It» ré
novai to Dunn between IMS and
1887. The rénovai was daring the
oaelorata of the ab<y»· naicsd mis
L T. Newton accepted the paitor
iU in 1887 and remained with the
-hurch two jrttn. J. A. Campbell suc
ceeded Mm In the pastorate. W. F.
Wataon was called to the church In
INI and «enred for tM and a half
/«ara. W C. Newton serrod the
:hiuxh for o«o year prior te hi· an
uria* the 9omlnary. Dr. Κ. B. Cobb
becane paster in ISM. The church
was then served by L. B. Carroll for
a nonfcer of yoara. For two years W.
C. Barrett waa the chosen leader.
Then followed W. B. Morton.
In 190S Dr. W. R. Cullom bet ara e
the beloved paster and centlnaed his
wottt with great ability and effect! ve
leea up to th« year 1912. Jaooea long
ara· the neat pastor. end It waa dor
ηκ uua pouriu uw ncrw church '
railding mi conatroctad. Fallowing
iilB, Dr. Oullam atfein accepted the ,
>μΛ&τΛΛ$ of the church, coetinatnc
few· rear*. !
Dr. J. A. C11U mrroJ the thurofc
for ttrtmf) month· Won he raalfned
to ifrve aa chwplaia In tho w»r. Then
followed tho pa (to·· to af B. L Oil*#
arhfch la» tod for aon than throe
7oars. The prooont paetorate bogan
In November, 1M1.
Nan·· of put*» only have boos
—nllaaod In Oil· brtof ihlnh, Ono
*o«M wUh to mention tho oameo of
■May noble end conteeratod laymen
and wna tm «(moo loyalty and Mri
too made the paataratee dwriNU
Jaokaorrrlllo, April 1.—The body
of "Kara·" Hoary Watferreea, who
dlod bora Deeoadbar 22 bA ara* re
moved today free tho reeoM** vault
Wi Bvanroen cemetery and tonight
raotod la the chapel of a mortuary
preparatory to beta* taken to Loola
vHle, By., tomorrow algbt far be rial
Teaaday afternoon.
Tho foaoral aorvlcoa wfll bo eon·
dactod by tbo Bov. B. U POwaU, pa»
tor of tho Ffrat CfcrUtian oharrh of
LoaiavUlo, of wtHcb denomination
Mm. Watteraon laa cammnaleant, tad
latonaoat wfH be 1« the fua*y
In Oavo HID eaaoetary.
Jo ha 0. Wlllri rotomed Koadai
I from Dfltoa, B. O, wWr. bo apgal
. tho weak «td with hi· taaRy.
R*t. Elbert Ν. Johmaoa. Putor,
Fint Baptiit Chareb of Doth
Ulliaftaa DrofjUl Had Bm
DcprvtMd Sine· Bin inn
! Failur·
Lllllr.jfton, April 3.—Ceoi*· H.
ί-ting, ay· 44, took thr·* ounce· of
-.Clare oi iodine tbii morning abSut
>1 o'clock and died fifteen minatae la·
.ft Mr. was proprietor of tlx
'a?· Fear l>rug Company, which
•*ni Into a voluntary receive rahip
! >hree week* a* ο and sine· that tine
!, had been (nttljr depreaod.
Urabl* tu sleep he want to the
.Antral Harnett })ui|>ital thU Dorrving
. nd a*k*d Dr. J. W. Baliord, the
; hjrreian <n churg»·, to do something
(} relieve the ncrvoui laaaion under
.7kkh he wa> laboring. Or. HaJford
: dmimatarad a hyperthermic and need
:ame iodinr to cover the wound to
■■revent in/vctioB. The doctor went
lto another room to get hi* coat to
.company Mr. Lone home when he
•turned ho found. Mr. Long had
rank the content* of the bottle. The
hy*ician did everything powthll to
;ni*citatc hka hut to no avail.
Mr. Lone had lived hare all hia life
-id waa prominently eraaactad with
\any famille» in the county. Ba
! t mrrived by thre* brother*, J. D.,
V M. and W. 8. Long. of thia pJaea, |
end one cuter, Mr·. J. C. Ooodwin.
if Dunn..
Fuserai service* will be held t·
•lorrow afternoon at X o'clock at
l'leaaaat Union Chnatian chureh and
ntennent will he in the f■ 1 r bu li
ng groand.
El\ Wilder ο» Wibon'a Mflla.
Pi*i At lUl Hoapital Aa
Remit of Injur*··
Bart Wilder,.,. X·» aa ■tflijJ
MHgaBaaaffiiaE^ ·«
'clock jeterday afternoon itw ha
r.ompu.l to beard · g—bord Air
Lin· freight train at the puMngtr
tat ion at Cwy The young man waa
' rouffht to the city Tmxntdiately fol
owjyg Uta tendent by Dr. John P.
rIonter, of Cirjr, and aucrumbod a
am boar· later.
Wilder, who waa employed as a
nember of a foret cutting a right
■f way for the power company at
lolly Spring·, wa» vititing in Oary
ad hid planned to beard the freight
de to Apex and go to Holly Spring»
I ia the Durham and Southern. He
I T.idc aa a'.tefnyt to board Oie freight
ι rain for the fuur-njllc trip at the
! ï-)re«ger ilat-'oa· at Gary. Wilder
I :ra>ped the rang ef a ladder, tort
>13 hold in tome manner, and (ell.
Si head «tr'king a ail) axd aa an am
! mtanent at the dation. In falling
'he wa* alto «track by a freight ear.
I Π!» (kail waa fmetered In foar place*
iia toft tog broken between the ankle
and knoe and hie body badly broieed.
F>n«rgeney medical attention wu gtv
•n and the young nan rushed te the
ilnleVh hotpltal by automobile.
I Wilder waa a native of Johactoa
-oirnty aad h!» relative· reaide at
, W'tann'» Mill·, near Selma. The My
( w»» placed In charge et a local un
dertaker pending the arrival ef rela
tive» to make arrangement· far the
, 'nneral. Nothing la known her· aa t«
thote who nurvive the victim of the
j accident
CharUe HmI Bhb III Par Ta· Day*
•afar· Daetar Waa
I Funchal, Mad· r Is, April 2.—"Oh,
ι Owl. thy will be dona, Into 1%y
hands f commit my soul and the earr
of my wife and children. 1 offer my
l'fe m · sacrifice for my peo»»e.H
Thn* (pake farmer EkapeTof chaa
of Auitila-Bvanry, soreee and calait
st tHo Bornant at hie death. .
The Mr of tha former Emperor
;Κ!,·»{ rireeeed In the csmpafcrn eel
fan· or > Field Marsha), lay today
|<a the Oh^prdle Ardente af the
boare that lui been the residence
I «tare h, came to Ifaderia ta exile.
] After te-had ben embalmed dm bedr
wet placed to a leaden ceflto with an
opter «hell of mphegaay. 1%· Bishop
of Ponehal raid mam In the maitaery
chapel today and the local aoUtorttie*
made calk of eeridahauee.
On Taesday tbe body wW be ro
movad to · private chapel la Or
: cathedral pending transfer to · sa*o
•oleum to the coaiclery of Monte
It eras learned today that Charles
I hod haoA Ml for ta· day· before *
pbytWlan va· eolled to attead him.
tfrkteh mi
Cor w Brotd 8$r#«t sal LajrtcD At
'cx~. wWra, ΒΠ
rccipitattoa, waff
wn. !**<*■■ 1
* iMjr ciiiwd.
«U tint
J t« do
»ade a M
η tin nutm
■>sM planting
lent. Georgia
t Ikt ud of
ι tlx |«T«nuM|^^
iafttlcg ka. b.«r<
way in ι
îuch cotton
7 the iaa·
'cmm hmi eKUnd
entrai count!*·.
The caat tlr jLt ι
'Xoct ngainH > '
». had been
■? the rèceat paat
)iciand teak otr a
art becatue of 4k
er a' operathree
he further ι
f flt!«hed
oread of the
rporta of broker* ]
•c d* forced t> rarial.
'«oth In New Enrfaa^
^oott, beeanaa of ι
υ in manufa
<> beeau* of 1»
The weak u« I
He ar*t department
ItMlk. April »,
■ported la 1MO feed and feed φτο
tach of ι >*Im of bsm then Itli,·
NMN aceordin* to «cam which
ha»· J eat km eapM bin nhm
-■pert· u4w Ik· direettoa <rf K. C.
buM, kMd oi tin DifutoNt of
Sorai Keoae«ie« of the Udraraity
jf North Caroline. TV· wmn prt
caa W food ρ rod action in 1M0
higher Una at the riwl ttea.
eroe at that the imH <
eatiauto of Mi'M
North Carolina waa Muding oat of
the «Uto not law thaa ΙΙΟβ,Ο^ΟΟβ
a year for thoaa fro dart» it Aoair to
'■* nUia —ii«awall»a. Ia fact, Lacaa
lUto fraakljr that ho to a "piker"
«%*· U cacaea to aatlwat:^ hew teol
:* tha fusan of North Casaitoa
havo beaa ia thair ajKilttrtl policy.
flu Uiiwnttj Nrw Latter of
Apnl Srd la faataitog the "UTo-et
Heee" rmialp aad Dr. Bciaaea ta
qeoUa* I» hia pr.iilattaa of the,
Vtoeaat ritortloa to North Oarotota
MftWv III·· i ». Ik. ■ » —* ·
mi'UJ tui .uA'fnZ-K&Tat
'jTMtlsmtioM by Frof. F. 8. Bat*·
rnd 111 η Η. Κ. SbmUl
In r^«rin| U Ik· pMitioD Of
M«Kk Caroline u fourth ta the n)M
»f our field crop*. the MUant It
n4« that "w· bar· confoaed crop
«uiitfc with acricalteral wealth W
cuu crop ftmlnf k M aaarty a·!·
•rai «kl» u W· MMttke (nith
ιΐ(Μ pre du err of agricultural
weaMh»· became m ft Bwitodt Mat·
·»· IN 111 of the mrwt developed
* the «Mire nation. Only about eae
foorth ol oar uo fan* wtaWb creat
ed each year comae tram the aata of
!:veeteck product·. Tba atatsa et Um
aaatcra balf of North Carolina, the
;re«t tenant, caib-crop, area, M ·
iveatock rtgiott It pKHul."
a la ahowe that while there baa
He·» Muthlac aocoanptUhed ia Um
ray of breed bpmroMat k> North J
■Carolina, «be atata la reaBy mo better I
iff In the matter of IWaetaik predic
tion than it wa» la 1910, at.wfcicb
Lee it waa 78 per eelnt below the
level of vvao a Hrfbtly (toebed farm
One-third of ou fanoaca eat ao
baiter and driak no atUk, and of
'■Mane are prevfdte* no HÛk for their
; rowing children. baeaoaa they have
ao milk towf. Iowa wttk fewer tarav
en baa fear tinea aa aaay aiHk «owe
■ira inf· an o» iKiir qaanty.
Un On half Um (mm ad \k»
lUt· rrow MtHt HhtOM fet laaafly
:a· and a auk aatoltor >w>·! |i»·
Irbh potateea. W» latport Mn ^iit
tfcm» w* piodatc and oae-tiatf the
fermera la the aute in lt»0 pndat«4
na bay for >«ni for their Kw
•Uak. ν
"The eimyie treth U." «an Pl»·
foaaar Hobba, "M Ihaaoaail· af nt
tanaeta do net bagia ta feed their
family aad Ureatoeh. Ni>U an Ihin
faame βη aa Aort rattona, eapartal·
•y ta la·» yam. TMr diet ta OM>al
aneed and inooScloat. They »« β»
dtruaarUhod, their children badly fad
and Mr yfcjalual iwliniaiit ita»
"Turn yee*ie .hoald ba the beat
fad yiu»l> af all yaayh. They AoiM
and eonld have i «tO balançai (Mat,
arlth Jut a little aMantiea to fMd
prodaetto*. twcy fana la omr «tato
ahould feed Itaatf flnt Oar faun
woald yilltl myhwa 'or Mil in
a<n towaa and eltlea KadywrMna
and «tttoa woald aaUl* th, leaal atar
fcat yicblaaa far haia ralail faed aad
I feed aeypllaa. tWaai the ynyli of
Herth Carolina tyend I» mAllea
d*lan a yaar tar bayeitod food aad
food oaypMea. NtctoaUnc heme-raja
od food trope and bayUc tara aay
yltea af thia oart with eottea and to
baaoe aagaoy la a hoyalaaa way af
«otttoc Hah and catttag aa aad ay
to the «arid. Wo tori tried M for T·
yaaie aad wo oa«ht to knew by thla
At* yei ikudM t> ttmn tw dM
fl|»it Η·ομ tndfkl 'I m ik· M
Carolina play· pr—«a1o< by
taint 1 Too cannot afford to m'j* Uia
Duat» U the tot town
whleh ha* ptoto«ad tkaao pity·. wtH
toa by tto Carolina flipakin at
du Univeriity, though thai* kn Won
<ι·μΙ (or tka* to· all
OMMitry. *>· Carolina
tore tow·* thai
dlaaeaa. Now, «ton Dm it gfeaa
tho emporta»*. of
and U tho fir* town to to aa, yea]
ihoaM arran*· to ko Ρ
brin® your frloato.
1W play· to ko gtooa
toad and onUrtainla* Aow. 1» M»|
an1» Kitehaa" loto tho rtocy of too]
rourUbip of · Μ·ι<Ιι Can
and *trl to tho eometry, a
Which k toewMo* ky all (ha
*oia of (ho toi
poaal ta ftnally
Juk aad QU. tka
nbk to·· r
tka Mdo litofem «Μι to .
"Tko Baton of Bmé Oa«to- to a|
WAVE cromitiEsl
April Starts Wttfc Mm Vto
I ΙιμιΜΡιτΟιΙμ
S*t U* h i
New York, Ajprll 1_-Kew Tor*.]
wkiek nispi record for
•eentfc, begaa Afrfl with
Dave Motkowiu m M· t
«Ul Λβφ caOtrng aa thé Ff«l
NVhelae CaQtee te un Mb. Am μ·|
to»afclt> 4im ap at the cnt, low]
mm ipuc out tntf «Bind dM ι
•ad eae of thai dtot Xeaka·
be lay evwaitaK em fhe fleer.
In —mm abeetia* affair, Jeeejhl
«ι a eagre, tacilfri a MJrl (
wound Id the lay while
otkar negro Lfitj a revolver Lata |
tk* Mr *f John Foafc
Faalar waa taken ta
pttal whk «md4 la the
mad abdaaen. Bolamon JUlevye,]
charted with tha ^ao^eg, waa
raatcd after ka had barricaded
m If behind the dear aΛ aa f»
off Cotaanko» Circle and f«rced
feminine wifpafcta to aland before |
hi· aa % (kleld from tha
Thirty —ran ptitom wm Muiir
id daring Htrcl>, KtardlH *· raaaH·
<m tiia cbtaf aadteal ai—in—» o*m.
«μμ «m tknf «mm, oat
«T «kw ntiMallH HiWit
to d—Ik
O# Ik· M wm (Wla, MtmM
iTM *ÉM ·Γ blac*j«*«d Mf Ml
Mk«n la Broaktya.
In tha Uxt 4· torn »·· —Ο
baadl*· war· taptarad la aa attaopt
to rob a coMlnttin nafanf1! fay
roi: tkra· m«a Aot aad wiliialj
waaad«d and a d^aitaaat alar· aab
CJtiw maaagar abat In aa I»—*
la rak him or* |»,0M, and Ana alfcar
bandit· (MM a aafclaaaa aad a
raard tad taak ΙΙ,ΟΜ .free tk·
hu(!>| ib·· of a dally afMfif«.
oaoaoiA ikn puoou
Atlante, Afrt I. — 11* Q—Igh
Cottaa Qi»■»·»>' Ou apt rail»· A—
c'atlaa haa obtalnad phdgn far S4·,
00· tola· af cottaa la tiki· State ta
bo taarbated fc* poaltaf amwewete
tt *u anaaamtd bar* lata today.
Caorgia W the tavanU Mate to m»
plate Ite mimtmmm «jaate a# MMN
balaa aad win ba fada rated wfta Mm
atiiw Oia···' lacbaagi.
"WW· Um bal waa»B mm. we'll
nradaoa a«r awa faad ««pphaa Ν
*aD fa hungry ta No Kb fan···
ft U Hebaaa** obotea." 1
uib unaiua· ii>n >no «φη sa w*
Vint Baptijt church thi» lliui· ali
tor Mkl for en explanation of the
meaning. and import of It. Tbon In
anaarer to his inquiry the ;nnlii»
toll· him that the church b ■ qrm
bol of tho faith and conviction of a
jrtxip of p*opU Ho thaw* firat that
It ia a symbol of their faith in tho
Invisible, inaudible, «piritual world,
rf God; that th« church vu baih
bocaaae of a conviotion that there ia
a Ood to be arorahipped and tarred.
Secondly, that the cbureh eyuibolieoa
the belief that thi* God haa manifeat
cd Hiaucif to Been throajh a Man,
Christ J cru· who la more than a man.
Thirdly, that tha chareh «tend» for
the conviction that man ara brother*.
PoartliVy that the building aymfcoMaoa
faith In Immortality.
baxdlately followtn* the aarmon,
Mr. J. C. Clifford came forward and
burned tha laat at die notaa and AOlt
mi«i In tha preaanee of tha congre
gation. A* tho fire arma hunting tha
laat ve*tl*a of inddbtedaem an tha
church, ha «poke moat feelingly aa

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