North Carolina Newspapers

Law Enforcement Community
M*u Meeting At The
Presbyterian Church
“Th* American Issue” devoted to
t'urihering prohibition throughout the
notion, carried In the number of
March 4th, the itinerary of several
speaker* of prominence Who propose
to campaign North Carolina during
the spring months prior to ths pri
maries, thin city to bo included in tho
itinerary. The following comment
was made:
“The North Carolina Anti-8aloon
League it now planning n speakers'
campaign that will reach every part
of the State. We hope, in these two
hundred meetings, so to reach the
Christian patriots of this state that
they will wake up to the necessity of
using the primaries to nominate the
right type of men to make and to
enforce our law*. Every man and wo
man who wants to sso North Carolina
make good In the enforcement of the
Eighteenth Amendment ie requested
to become a booster for the meeting
that is to be held In his town or com
munity and to make out of every one
of these meetings a community mass
meeting for obedience to law and en
forcement of law."
Dt. Ira Laudrith, a famous orator
and Chaatauqua lecturer la scheduled
to apeak in Dunn at the Presbyterian
church. Tuesday April 18. In speak
in w af T>n T J.ilt U<TL _ a_•_
Issue" said:
**I>r. Ira T. Landnth has been a
prominent character ia this nation
for several year*. He is a native Tex
an and the >iae of the state indicates
the dimensions of the man. Physically
speaking, he is six foet, three inches,
and weighs two hundred and forty
pounds. For 14 yearn, ,.j was the edi
tor of a religious newspaper and a
' moat prominent one for reform rarer
urea in Tannaaree. In his church
councils, also, he haa gon* to the top,
having bean Moderator. For the past
several years, be haa bean one of the
Star apeak*rs of the Anti-Saloon Lea
l -gue of America. The San Francisco
1 simply want wild.’ "
Washington, April 6—Th* work of
rewriting the 100,000 odd rates in
the Fordney tariff bill finally was
completed today by *’«• Senate fi
nance committee Republicans. Con
sideration of the technical adminis
tration feature* was begun lata in
the day and Chaiitpan McCuaebar is
hopeful that the bill can be com
pleted by Saturday.
The big question remaining before
the committee is that of th* valu
ation principle to be written Into the
meaaure. The ad valorem rata* as
now contained In th* bill have bean
rnlculatad on th* basis of foreign val
uation, but whether this weald b*
approved beady remained to be de
Duke, April 6.—Revival eervico*
started at th* Methodiit church Sun
day. The pastor, Rev. J. R. Andrews,
will do the preaching. It Is expected
that the service* will last two weak*
The ladies of the Baptist church
gave a vory enjoyable “brunrwleh
•tear" In th* Eradn Purk last Satur
day- The proceeds want far charitable
The Erwin Park band, under the
able leadership af Director MJehaflo
Reyteli, gave their fleet concert of
the ucaaon Sunday afternoon. People
from rarroanding toane And thir a
vary tnjoydblc attraction during the
ntnener eaaaon.
Ja. Caddie, of Fayetteville (pent
Bandap kora with fcle brother, X. C.
Mr. H. J. Elmore, 0f Rocky Meant
It opoadlaa oeveral daya here with
her >later, Mr*. K. R. Thome*.
Mr*. 0- M Johnwm, of near Duka,
loft Tkoraday far Liadon, Va., to at
tend the burial of bar fathpr, J. A.
Borryman, who died nddealy.
Mr*. ■. R. Thom** and faaUfy
■pent the week and in Waat Durham
with retartlveo.
Thomaa W. Sprinkle apont the
week *nd In Burkina visiting friend*.
C. H. Millar attardod th* Aow at
the Academy «f Ma*ic In Raleigh
Saturday night,
C. H. l‘*Pio”> Andonon apeat the
week and at Karnoravlila with rela
J. a. Webb ipent But day at Lin
don. N. C., visiting friends.
Several of the local "Iaane Wal
ton*” knvo tapSfWd an anuoaat hand
of "gisaard" ahad recently from the
water* af the Cap* Roar.
M l* ottimatod that an th* Prat
dhy of baooball li,Md,M0 grand
x • mother* will ha kuriod.
Fuad* Far Erection Of SUtue Com
triLuted by 100,000 Nefret,
Many At Eearettee
Tuekcgte, Ala., Apr-1 S.—A bromic
statue of Booker T. Washington born
in slavery, but who founded Tuekc
gcc institute, was unveiled here to
day in the presence of a gathering
of white people and negroes from all
parts of the nation.
Funds for the erection of tbe sta
tue were contributed by 100.000 ne
groes. end it depict* the negro edu
cator In the act of pulling away from
s -.Touching, half concealed black man
the veil of ignorance and supersti
tion. Carved on ita bate tra the
“He lifted the veil of Ignore nee
from hi* people and pointed the way
to progTas through education and
Other inscriptions from Washing
ton’s Writings, on the bear include:
“We ahull prosper in proportion ar
w* loam to dignify and glorify la
bor and put brains and skill into the
common occupations of life."
“There is no defense or security
-or any of us except In the highest
nteliigencc and development of alL"
“I will let n* man drag mo dawn
o low as to make me hate him."
Th* unveiling, held in connection
with founder*' day of Tuskegee in
stitute, brought together the largest
crowd that over viaitad tha institute.
Egg* are having the.r near-Eaatei
lan’t it about time for the annual
iliacovery of a building truat
ban on drinking at
■All Student* Who Taah Up Oa In
toxicant* Hereafter Will Be
Newport Npwa, Apvii 4.—The stu
dent council at William and Mar;
Collage haa bannad drinking at the
Lnatltutien voting to expel a Bonn who
a found under the influence of liq
uor after he haa onre been warned
The declilon waa^uxtdl'' public, ir.
following article: ,
"Prinking muit atop. The etudeat
council told the men student* lent
Wedneedajr morning ia chapel. In
view of the fact that during the* I eat
month there haa been more drink
ing than In the entire year preylou*
to that time; end that there have
been numeroue complaints In thi>
matter, the connel) haa decided to
take stringent action in ell cate* ef
"Hereafter, any man when found
guilty of drinking intoxicating liquor?
will be expelled from college, if he
has been a consistent drinker, or If
ha hae been warned for each an set
before. The jodgment will depend
upon the faeta o' tho ease. Ignorance
of thil ruling 1* no exemet It U not
the deaire of tho council to expel any
man, hut lentement ia against drink
ing and it will bo natively prohibted.”
Sanford, April 8.—Whiakey waa
freer than water in Sanford yeeler
dey afternoon when Mayor Titta and
bia assistants turned alooae 493
quarts of '’hoteled-ln-bond” in the
sewer pipe. When this waa found
too todioaa a process, they ruoorted
to the sport of throwing th* bottlrs
against an Iron pipe and lot the earth
soak op th# contents. So, literally
■peaking, Sanford Is a whiskey-soak
ed less today.
This last aeons in th* aoteal local
garage haul eras enacted withoat aay
ceremony, few citlaens knowing even
that It was going on until it was aB
over A 'few thirsty souls gathered
around tAe remains to got a whiff
al the penetrating contents and to
join with Judas Iscariot In his cess
ment, "What a waster
Charlotte, April •. — Mrs. Edith
Vanderbilt, president of the North
Carolina Agricultural society ha* ac
cepted aa invitation to attend North
Carolina Drainage Convention at
Goldsboro. April U-». Mis will make
an addreai an the “Black Beil Land
of Baatera North Oarolls*." As presi
dent Of the society Mrs. Vanderbilt
i also preddest of the North Caro
lina Bute Pair. Bar plana for th*
fair In IM* will stake ft illustrate
the manufacturing and agricultural
Industries of th# State. Mrs. Vander
bilt I* interested in the Madr-in Caro
lina association, and plan* to make
the Mr a place where tHo people
roa too what Is made and grown In
North Carolina.
PonpU saving far a rang day of
U« m Intakes a dnaaie for a flood.
Governor Say* Thu Manufac
ture of Wluakoy Moat
Declining the recommendation o 1
the judge w'uo tried the ease and
'He solicitor who prosecuted, Gorer
■or Morrison yesterday laid down
(Hr proposition that the crime of
manufacturing or assisting In tha
cams'neture of whiskey is a ddib
irata offense and that he will be vary
Jow to "pardon anybody else for this
•ffansg." The application in question
vat made for William Edward*, of
iohnaton county, stntcncod In A ag
ist 1021 to 12 months on the roads
'or manufacturing whiskey.
fn his statement of reasons Gorer
tor Morrison said:
"The prisoner In this raw, WJllam
-dwarda, was convicted at the Aog
iit term, lltl, Johnston superior
ourt, of manutartnring srbltkey and
‘ente.rced to 12 months on th* county
"Hia pardon 1* rrcommanded by
ha solicitor who prosecuted and b7
he Judge who tried and sentenced
>im. Ordinarily upon those recosn
n rdatlons 1 would parol* sr pardon
hr priioner; I have don* to In »*v
■ral similar cases, but the crime of
nanuractoring whiskey, or assisting
n doing to. is in it* nature a vary
lelibcrate offense. It has worked
treat demoralisation in many eommu
litics i.n this 8ute. I think the sen
rvnstu e-./ 14 wsAnika /mm Ik la iv#onao
nodarate. Thne are many other* on
hr ronda of the State for the mac
■ffonsc whom 1 am not going to par
ion and I must decline to pardon
h>a defendant. Tho manufacture of
if whiskey and the operation of die
ilteric* muat be broken up. It is ec
oaaly mtap'ering with many com
nunite* aad I am gaing to b* vary
low. and will hate to have moat ox
alient rcwo» to pardon anybody
>la* for thia oITruo."
tilled Owe, Fatally Iajorod Severe!
Other* And Thee Set FTre
To HeWea
Concordia. Kaa., April 5.—Ualng
he family axe aa a weapon, nmeont
ra.-ly today killed Theodore Troan
ilay. IS, knocked fcor of Theodore’*
-ouiigrr brotlicra, three probably fa
ally, Injured the father and act Arc
a the hooae and barn st the Trean
lay farm near 8t. Joseph. Officer*
aid tonight they were without chics.
’ he cider Tremblay, a widower, who
I oaly slightly injured, eoold throw
10 light on the murder.
The orinc waa discovered by neigh
bor! attracted by the biasing bouse
tnd barn.
Joseph Bachand, the first to arrive
old officer* he fonad the father at
(he rear of the house. Hie feet and
land* wore tied with wire and be
«emed dazed and waa bleeding, Bae
tand mid. Us waa only partly drwaa
Baehand aaid he carried Treiriblay
to the porch and went Into the bum
ng house where be removed the four
.oanger children. Only one hea a
haaee to recover, according to phyti
-lan*. In the barn, Bachand aaid, he
found the burned body of Theodor*.
:ail in spine for
Toronto. April 1.—A nail aanbod
dad in a man'i (pin* (or Si years hot
Soon removed, and tha patient, Iaaae
Carapbeh. of Caledonia, C. B., will
orobabty reeever, It ni told at the
Weetern Hoepltal her* to. I my.
It war found n« nr wary to remove
three vertebret to yet the nail. Camp
bell warn hen In a railroad aeoident.
1 •m,my ■ ■ ■■■
VTadtiByton, April ».—Employ
ment eoMlItlen* throoyhoat the reen
try eontlaaa to improve, accordiny
to report* raeetvorf <tnrin* the put
ton day* by the Praaideat’a rorw’er
me* an* an employmrn t, Anirur
Wood*, rhairma* of tha omaryaney
commit*ion, announced today.
"Th# upward trand." Mr. Wood*
■eld, “while not yraat, etJII eontleuee
to held, with the number ad Jobe a
raliable allyhUy irteraaaed. roupUd
■rtth a aonaepandiay decree** la tha
oeraher #f appUaoeU—a meat bop*
fel alye.
The Kb I lathe* Clata of the Pint
Haptiat church will ho*d It* royaler
moalhly boebtoa* mertlay Friday av
•®l»y, April 7th at 7 o’clock, with
Wla* E»l* Lackey, at tha horn* ad
Mr* W. D. Holland. Beery mamBei
la aryad «* h* praaant.
Thro* Men
Fayetteville, I
.youag white atei ander
nentenre to the and
at girl ii added ta of In
m#U» of Ram area rtd mlt t?i
a two-day joy ride i«
•cripdeo that rmrriod to
ill the principal *>n
including Raleigh.
The uw again it a girt wm
no! procied In tho * court,
where Uih quintet a haar
ng. Cartia Sender*. pleaded
ratlty to gram
he baavieet a three
men. He wu given on
lh« road i. by Judge MaeRae.
sod did not take aa "Chirk”
Ivirett and Oltle rter.
-cd to 9 dayi on and
rack appealed to tho court.
They were found immoral
or,duct. Both are
from Hop# Killi.
Bath of the girli in • of
?ood npptaiaaci but
dniuionn on the
■Vhiifcey wae freely
ebieb conmunod part
aad all of
Talley made tim
rue aa clean aa
••Antially far from
Sergeant George
rgr it' th« CiMB
-ke, in addition to
of hit rape nor al_
l wbiuntal reward
landed capture of a
till. Sergeant Coatiii
a effect the capture,'
n (ho nraarpe of
l»c hour* after ha*
ho aa;U in paliwlling IMk eerttea of
he reuarvation for Whoa
:h« Woe had or, • yataaape, op
.reached (he atiU lata-Ja tha after
iooa, carrying tea cap'md worm on
Uia back, the eorgeeat the drop
>a him and marc! bo
ora bio houe 10 milaa ^-camp bead
RAgALirffo ■
Snoitkfiald Tobacco May
V—Five Daya ia Bhaa
Graaa State
rhe Smlthdaki Obeerrer.
T. 8. Ragvdalc, of Uia ehy. who
ua been on a trip throughout Kfcu
ueky for tea purpoae of aeeurli«
3rat hand information oa the work
ngi of the co-operative eeiUag rye
urn, haa returned to the city and
ua made a abort hot atrulght U tha
.oiat talk to the people of thie city
n tha opera home urging thorn to
vork a* they never have be'ore to
wrfect the organieetten aad have
all the dotal to worked out by the
.paring of tha new aaaaon. Mr. Rage
laic made kit'trip in five days. While
a the Burley bolt bo celled oa banb
raa, merchant*, farm— and tobacco
aen and found tea m«Jv*ty of thorn
in favor of tho movement. Ho Ua
M)f I* elated over the equation.
“The pool In Kentucky i* going to
market 120 million pound* out of
170 million railed tbit aaaaou,'* a*
'«)d Mr. Ragxdale wbaa atead about
'.be poo) and iti walk. Bo mid teat
the ftret thing bo did when ho gut
u> Kentucky woe to ea8 on Mr. Jam
C. Stone, director of alee in that re
oJ*m_. ate-*, v- ..IJ tel- .1_* . ■
borrowed See mi Men dollar* from
banker* to dirt opoinHon and ♦*■«»
they had made arrang*imnto with
eke War Finance Board for a loan
of twenty mllMea dollar* bat they
did net hero to e*n o» them for it.
The pool boa already eeld about U
ir TO mtlMon poande of green tobae
ee which enabled them to pay every
penny the aaaoeletle* owed.
Londcne, April E—Or. Wttliam
Brown, mental ^mNMM and bead
if the department of yefcbologJ hi
King'* Oollage, Unhremity of London,
* a novel theory of dmaaet, reject
ed the claim of tike pybohomnalyleN
that that are alway* MgUUaat, that
*»ory part of them bn* a manning
•blob met be leaked far In pr'm*
ttee deeirne larking la the mbiia
eeien* mbit He gave them a aad
Mmpler Mgnldjmneo.
'The faaetlea of a drearm b to
piard eleep.” be aid before the leett
lelion of Hygiene, "la -deep deetrea
craving*. aanletloa, the, mamertm el
earlier day*, all ef whhh me Mm fbm
lamemui ilmab Mil ml ad weH
op and etrhretewud ' amllnmni
while Em Mala pemmnlHy lit M n
beyaaea. If they lemi — i?'
. "Is these any law under which 1
eoold die ia his place," writes •
Wilmington woman te Gee rye Sosi
Are, Superintendent of the State
Pstooo, oftrelay henplf as the IMh
■riellm of the oleetitc chair la place
of Clyde Montgomery, under sen.
e»re of doatfi for rape, and denied
a rehear my by the Supreme Court
There ia nu law, but hack of tfcal
query that coract from the woman
whose name is withheld by the pn
>on authorities there ia pirtiapa some
hiny finer even than romance. Thera
J no doubt, a dlriae spark that would
yo dawn to death in place uf a mu in
whom the law has found much evil.
Montgomery came te the prises
from Wlhalayton, aonteaced to doath
u the annals of North Cara lie courts.
Hut records of the trial are sordid
and black beyond racauatiay. but
•over so black hut mmowhur* there
is a woman, and not of his same, who
would yo in his place upon the groat
•cores of letter* have been re
chred 'ran Wilmington women any
r*y the Governor toward elemeucy
n the matter of Montgomery. No
lay has bean set for bis doath. The
upraau court a wash ago declined
a llUur kina m - — leial L.
**3tt hi Um death house far tfit day
>n which the Governor w4H tay that
ia must die. HI* victim wu a girl
*•»*• yean old
Otdca customs alWwd a slave to
lie fee hit ataeter. and salt! older cue
oam that pot more liberal centime
~on on the scriptural -Ufa far a
~t*" allowad aay erne to mffsr yua
'kmrnt lor another. Bnt thaae things
<ro ne more, and the taw h Mad
see to the mss who la declared gnil
v of crime. He alone can png. aad
'«»y IflatgirniiT can square hm *o
•oart. Mawp^aad Ohaerver.
Tbemarrilla, March «. — Friends
ier« of Arckfcald Johnson am es
eedlngiy eolkttoas ahont hie physi
•al condtlon. His physicians ordered
•lm to b«d more thsui tan days ago,
he hope being that met aad qniet
could restore him. It ia learned that
sc it beeesniag mach weaker with
he passing days sad that be has lost
sore than thirty pounds In weight
<ince hie physical brash-down severs!
weeks sge.
Mr. Jotmsoa*! friends throughout
he State are nnmbnmd by the thou
aoda. Frequent prayers am offend
it the local Baptist ohurrh during
-he revival hertooos whieh am fat
rrngreee far bis restoration. This
week's Charity and CMdraa. of
which Mr. Johgsoa has hews editor
'or more than tS years contains tare
host articles only from his versatile
II ia sincerely hoped that Ms coa
lition will Improve shortly so that
ha paper will etui have the advaa
‘age of its former'variety sad spies
sad vigor af expression.
Sanford, April S.—©nao* tha at oat
-ifniAcant thln*a that haa take* ptaca
In Saaferd in a Ian* than waa tha
laarla* recently af flw A. and W.
■nilraad abepa of thia place hy tha
t*tw* Mater Car Company, Harry
Cdwaide, af thia place, praaldaat,
TMa compear will mannfbetnre 1mm
tha type of motor ear now In aaa on
tha road hetariee here and UlUapton.
Die company haa alraady eoM can
a at* different railroads In • abort
Jmo It ii tboeybt that Ikli entenprioa
will ha the Mppaat thin* la Sanford.
. t
St Potorabor*, fin., April L—
Krank Pootaaa Paloor, moHlaElien
tin mayor af this city who racontlj
tor la rad hlmaaM la favor of tha ana
pUoo bathlnp writ and tha "baa
tnsapa" who war* thorn, mm if hh
itond coat hint hi* odBoo, wao ro-aloct
od hy a majority ad SP4 today, win
stop otror Dr. Oeerpa Fitch and Naa
Mltahall, who «M roaaSld aooora
oaoatho apo. A total od JM*1 rota
war* aaat
& S. Carter and Mm. John J
taraaide 'rad 1* S. Paaroc am ro
Hardtop «SS hopoa la pa to Alaaha
Why doamt ha Jain lha mariam an<
cm Pm world T
I Tl 'i tm
WMhinitoa, April I. Bm| mint
A (be central aad «nUn y.iMiai
<* +» “dton halt dale pod Arm wart
t oad but little couoa m planted
j daring the led weak ia theae sectiooa,
i Aa government’! weakly Tfltim aad
erep review, Imaid today, mid.
Pleating la backward ia Team, Ike
rvviev mid, aad Little or aoae hae
u yet bean eeeded la the lower
M Mtuippi valley. CeadMene worn
-aero favorable ia (he Atlantic eesjt
Kate* and plaatlag made good preg
roea la that area. Thla work hae
bvan ftalchod bo port* of Florida gad
the early planting ia ap to a goad
dnnd ia Soetbesa Georgia. Plaatlag
WO* oatondod daring tho weak to
central North Corolla* and teeth
eoaterw North Coreilno. which ic
mmowkat carilor then tha mngt
Track crape have beee nrlinalj
damaged in *oothere Plartdo by dry
weather, mya the report, aad aoma
harm baa beta dona in *-*•-by
the fio*t of April I aad heavy raia*
lrccaattatod replan ting la the lower
NiatUaippd Valloy. Othoowioe the
week m mortiy favorable for track
*»rty f nut traaa arm reported ia
bloom northward to Maryland aad
(be aoathem poriiena a! Indiana and
Uilneic. Applet arc hlcomleg be Taa
nieeca aad North Carolina- rmabci
ore eetting wall in 0tangle aad ore
meatly la goad foadMon.ln North
Caroline. Pram demegs to frail dor
eg the week maa negligible.
to i« root* in the Mote
reformatory today oe • Charge ef
embimlrmiat tad *m fiaad $tfN*«.pj* dirfragchifyd faf.fiee
fro* two to he yearn in the Mate
priaoa aa a charge of Mg**r. to
which ho pi coded fatty.
Ha la *14 to have cmhoaalod lilt
from Mim Hantot Beau cd Meatoe.
Indiana, echo* teacher, and hit thir
teenth wife. Nha Beane waa mended
to him under the name of Makati.
Moore according to the police, ta
mid to here ■*-»-*——* mn *—
12700 from hit wteee. la ench cote
after ha had haaa wadded a weak he
Moore married one of hit witca at
W'Jaoa, N. C., hat aaoa thaaddaad
- — —
According to mother, o fool and
her hair ere aeon parted.
Dree* deeignen ctiU be Here ta calf i
Wilaon, April 1.—The Bor. Robert
Lear of Marion. Kenteelty, orrtrod
here today aad wOJ aaaitt la coedwet
ing the Daritagton-Lew meetirg- at
{ha Method]* church. Mr. Lear eaaaaa
t» ,alO aUim TMImIm with the
dngtog hat the paepls of the city
will have a ehence te hear him preach
aa the Mahay will »«t reach the «My
h*fora Tanday.
Mr- Tr la one af the Oaaeral Bo
aagallata af the Boathsra Metbedlat
church and kaa bald naaceartal meet
ings all ever tbe Sooth.
Prayer sendees ara being held la
the chare* thto weak la pnpaitalaa
for thd hi eating- The people eon waU
aflacd to tarn aaWe from the dally
ataima apan heart and tbaa te lira
aame time to the tnnafoming and
earing work af the Gaapal af OurWt.
chick rim it cum
WsmiaptenT April 1-—The United
Mates may ha the wealthiest nation
In the world, hat Mo trial er) cannot
«a«h a chock for nineteen cs«U lamed
la ana af the ittflar a year man that
•erred It daring the war.
Hags D. Wrohsnaa. Inn fianiMi
attorney, aarrod aa a dollar a year
l act with the war department far ana
and a half months prior to the ancle
tft*. 8a mated the ahaeh aa a aaaec
afr and ssllatad the egoru af Ban*
I star Miaitrtiga. «f Caltfeiala, to gat
corner war andoraad the nHatton tint
. aa fanda ware Immadtotaly aralhtola
' to par to. The amount was cimpntad
I on the nHani haaia af cm Mine a
o* erwynuag to eight.” i. the
of Chatham, rat Ua friend* f«*| geti.
certain to* hat will *aO late the rinjr
tofota many days. Ctoaaa u WH
Uatoa #f Laa Ceaaty la qaiaatoq lit
Ithati gewa thia war to are ht ha.
rtawga palitiriHr high. Ha also U
conakiered a likely aaaglgata to tba
taea for aolidtor, hat ha* net tally
decided a boat it
™» (UM( e* tha test In tin tas
te tew Hama ft i. oaten* aoaw
tea. fete SrVjS. teTttS
natt la to have ana ad the aaai
• .Mgr
tetes. Mm
Bill MoArtaa aaoma to h. . had
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* tew la no rood -iHaonat who
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SMI fti Hir&ftt County Midi As fltsts*
at Clath. Be has aaawtaeod to The
Maws ate aw tfcb ter rwtyttey In ,
te^wpty hneaw Wi rrnato*. A
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who hat served at start before and
world rot wind aorvto* a*aia. Ha hat
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M. Ha to *1)1** 0+ d*
, It to atoa m!4 that O. F.
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