North Carolina Newspapers

Jol.a W. Fitzgerald Haa One
Field Containing 265
Hail to ι h« tfpad, crttwhile· I» Ι'ιι· lowly, now crown
ed kincr ni tir m rat Dunn Uii
triet. Vr'kfri' Cotittn ha» n-ignrd eu
prrmr alnre 1 h■· turpentine worker*
Weil· b»nishi'<l to Ceorv's (be fuvor.
it»· frail of Erin now ίλ over all.
An yet thar· I· no way of Wiling
l»w !oii|; the reign of the now king
will b·· The crop hauu't bt«n lui
venlwl y«=t, aad former* generally
err watching thr «etlvitlra of the
potato glowers to are how thoy com·
out on the profit or low aide. With
in hailing distance of th? town limita
there it one potato field containing
P'tfbably the largrxt ai«gl* potato
area In North Carolina. In thi« Acid
i« till· pre it vat nop over aean. Not
u bue 0r a blight, not 0 wilted vine—
jaat an rixHeiu M-riea of up-itand·
ing columni of green which atretch
into the distance aa far ai th» aye
ΙΛ. 11/ WW- — IJ 1 ■ -a »
dealer, a ton of the laie T. L. Plta
rejjJf^wbo »»-' for yrarj Dunn'i
ally to King Cotton,1
of tbis Held. It n*.
ι* and ia the Boat MB*
project of the tar
Mr.' Kitigarald
to mature late thti
Hy will harvrrt 22,
th· area. H* now
>r c|)it/i and barrel·
(<r them to tb* larger
ot the Stat· and the North
' *
'JJBud 01 uia sum ana uie Non
' 'Jf '0Ι>* bl* ■wl<>0 cr0Ç Mr.
. ^UgereM U growing about 400
gotten, be>M« math corn
>pa. Ha 1· ose »f the
£<"t'» r.rongcrt advocate·
tame lag method· and
t· art a pace for other
North Carolina tad
V rrgHna crop. It ia oetimated that
the local crop will be bctorecn 40,
QOO and 50.000 boahcli thli year. If
the ρβ«·π mart with «urcca* In
auufcetirfg their product next year
will arc thl» blotiom Into th· graat
eat potato-prod octr.g am ia the
Many Ci
tily, Jan* β—Morhanx
DTicd i«rly Irlah potato
Ithii station by the eon·
Iry raina .and ton· ara
hoir crop* regard!t-a» of the
Uftfaeorable weather condition» in or
der to late advantage of the prel·
ent remarkably price quotation·.
Digging &* a whole, hownver, ha*
been dulayed already by the raina,
and many grower* fear that their po
tatoen «rill rot in ■ the fielil· b«fore
they can be dag.
Potatoca were celling at Philadel
phia Tuesday morning at $5.T5 to
Ιβ.ΟΟ a barrel, and S. C. Abbott,
local committal on broker, had a car
load to rell at those figure·. Ia New
York, quotation· ranged from 15.60
U $0.(10. In both cit'ir· th· demand
waa good, lor the rraaon that th·
eiop farther South haa practically
all been ahlpperl. Marly in the week
here, pot*tor» were moving at the
rit» of a car or two a day; but H
la certain that a* aoon a« the waathaf
clear* op, ahlpment* will raatrrtalll
Mr. Abbott declafa* that no ipe
Mal danger of glatttnit thn market h
to br expected In heavy potato ahtp
B»nla front thl* taction becaoae th«
Sooth Carolina and Florida crop» an
not cleaned Up. Η « wty» aim that In·
illeaUont arc that food ftock, prop
erly madad, wilt eontinoa to brtni
frrortAIr price·. The crop la eoM*6
erably «barter than luual, bat th«
qaalltjr of the Brat H*jtin«* hat hoc»
vary food, ha atataa.
FayeltrelHc, Jon· 7.—Dm poliei
are convinced that ana of tha aM
daring r**f* of thieve* in tha cwtm
try have Ικβη at work ken.
Tha Can bar land eaanty jail wa
eaternd daring Batorftay night aa<
. tha tale (talen containing MT2 il
eaih aM a cheek far it.200 all th
penoaal property af JaHor W. A
Wret, it waa announced today.
White no elaa to tha Identity ai th
burglar· haa been MtahlltSiod, th
police helicrr they were qalta faail
,.r with tha lamartlnfi
WaUka lutMii Say· T«nf*r«tir··
H»r. B*«« Btl·* Ν or
Waihinglnn, June 7.—The cotton
crop «rue dracribfil by th* wrathcr
hurra· today in it· werkly wmUi·?
and crap r*Tt«w » liu mid in poor
coédition except in the Southern and
-wevtern portion of the b*K.
SaumarixiDg it· report* un cotton
for the woek «tiding y.eatcrday the
bureau aaW:
"Teropcreturoi «err moilly below
normal In th· cotton belt, rapccially
in tli· cantral and weitern portions
and rainfall m heavy in many lo
callt *·. particularly in the eaitern
tnd the aor· mUrn mOon). The
crop made fair to very good progrea·
la Texa*. The night* were aomewkat
tnu cool in Arkatm·, but'vary good
advance wma reported in general from
that «lata, although the condition·
ya'kil greatly.
"Tha progroaa af the crap m very
rood in TnMWt and fairly pood
in the Carolina·, although field work
wai delayed in the latter area by fre
quent rainfall. Pair progeria waa re
ported a too from the aoathern divn
ion of Georgia,'" although th· vnfk
«■ι generally unfavorable in that
•tup OQ «rcouTu στ cieweaTC rainraui.
The nil«irf*erere k«(R, the land waah
«1, and fan· work Impossible.
"CoWltfaM win unfavorable alae
In Alabama, Mississippi and Oklaho
ma «tier* Κ was too cool and wet,
and cation mad· poor progress ia
•vosc atataa. lite condition and stand
in OVlaSatna are very oarven, ran*
lng Jroe very poor to very ' rood,
^il« the crop 1« generally late and
mostly neada cultivation. 8oma plant
ire waa don« ia the Mlaslaaippl delta
Where previously flooded Wi»»ll ae
ity la report«4 fro· many eectlèn»
of the bolt, including a few loeali
tiaa in aoothera North Carolina."
State Sanitary Importer McLeod,
irat to Dunn by th« State Board of
Health, baa apent raach time examin
ing the sanitary fm»>Bt>n in the
town for the past three weeks. He
haa mads many improvement In
Dunn but aaya the people are alow
te cooperate 'with him. Thla week
he examined the public dairies which
A furnishing moat of the milk to
Dan* bayera. Ha rated Mr. R, Gard
ner about M per cent, and atated
that h la waa the moat lar.Hary dairy
he had aeon in the State. He gave
Worth M. Pope aecood place with a
ratine of 71 per cent and William
Jackaon tMrd place with a ratine of
about 40 per cent. The ο there he ex
amined were rated aUU lower. Mr.
Mt-Leod will be back in Dann la a
few dsya and continue the work
which ke haa boon.
Below ia what be aaya aboot the
, dairies:
Drag «teres, botcla, cafes, bo m pa,
' or any other placet that arc keying
milk from da tries, ahould.know th<
condition under whleb theae places
are being maintained.
I have looked several place· over
and And that lota ef Improvement»
can be made. I do not know where
' you people (at yoor milk from, bol
•you do.
I Tb* (rat place I* owned and opcr
'atod by ft. Gardner, and speaks foi
ttael*. Tia place rates about (0 pei
cent. Not a ektiur plu· to h»
found Μ|·1ιιι» a ronnd kerr.
Second, Worth Ρορ<·, which U In
| rtry good condition end rata· 77 p«r
cent- Mort pain· cm· be taken wilk
tUa place.
Third, W. R. Jarkaoa mmkea a ra
ting of about «ο par eaot, and lota of
improvement· can ba mad· at thia
Ι For Ue other threo plaça* waybe
o· know, and iyfc· jn ara ualng
. milk from them. Milk la · food that
j ha» tot to be leaked after, and no
paraon can «1» a laaliary, eJaan,
I dairy, withoot Mriei aft·» It erary
dap, and darett·* hi· thoo ta it If
ye* cm Mat ran a «lean aanitary
dairy It wavld ha batiar U prat eat
ι ef the baahiaaa.
I Nad the Italia kept In ,a vary had
' condition. Ba rara to care for poor
cowa and keep them In a good, clean
Mr. I. Gardner haa got a real aanl
II lary dairy, and It la bain* properly
I malatainad.
il IvaMam Oalna
1 ^ <Treat Daaaaimt Atf, Carathrr»
I, · » tUV, Me )
■ la 1»1β Κ ni Kardlnc «r M
now U*· bath.
CLOSED fi;i3 WEE'<
Sermon By Dr. Peele Sunday
Night. Prof. Nobles De·
' livers Addrru
Thr commencement <*er*ir<·» nf
ι the Dunn IlijcH Be'·»»! np'-nrj Sun·
Irlny ni»hl with tlir bai-rilauienti' f9V'
raoa, which «iu drlivrrcd ul thr T»l
Jvinr Street Methodic chureh by Dr.
W. W. Ptiele, paainr of the Edrnton
BtïefJ Method'wt I'hntri of Raleigh.
Dr. Pit!· cho*r M> text from fir*6
chapter nf Bomuns mwn 14 to tfl:
"I am il<4)tor. . . I am ready. . .
.1 un not antmmrri," and from th*»«
woid« of the Apostle Paul he ilellr
ered j brnutiful and vi-rjr impreaaive
.«■rmoti. E<prciiUy did ho impie»
upon the twelve memvh* « of the Ria
duatinjr rlu*« the rraponaiblu poaition
in j>rh ch their (.-duration had placed
them. There wa> an ontuually large
crowd prment fur ike o'.hrt churches
·'« up tlirtr usual Sunday night
«rrici'i fo that thw'.r member» would
be able lo uUend ihil «rviee. ι
Cioi Day burdm
The claw day excrrtora were held
in thv opera Kou>« Monday night.'
The Sooar wa« beautifully dreeratod
colon. Suspended inou the «tag«
«•4 a I«Typ baaner in red and wh'te
bearing the motto of the clan— "Ni <
hi I Sine Labore." Til* program «»
aborter Umn is ueuai n> tuch «ru
iom, bet the different nomhrr· wore
exrrulod so well that It secsncd ceen
shorter than It raally wwl
Profealdy the beet features of three j
exercises were the fanlrall songs to
the différant clama and to the school.
These eoogr were all coatpond by
mfmben of the feuler clasa. Never
have the claas day exercise* in Ihann'
attracted soch a lame crowd.
AJdrea. Tuesday Nigfct %
On Tucaday olflal Prof. M. C. H
Noble, of the Unhreralty of Narthj
Carolina, dclleerisl the eoarUBcnca·1
ment add reel· Prof. Nahla is a prom-'
ed te Um graduating class what would
lie exported af then at rood citlxrnt-'
After the addresn, Die diplomas an)
certificates wots awarded to the claas
Hy Mr. J. C. Clifford, chairman of
the school hoard His few words of
congratulation to the members of the
clam «-era aery lmprr>ar»e. Thoai
who wit.· a<rnrded diplomas war·:
Viaees Lj ilr Aycock, Elisabeth Ε»· ·.
*♦11. Florcnec Holiiilay, Lucy Popo,
l.nuiie Pridgen. Berth» Wvitbrouk
and Paul Strickland. The following
reri>iv<d certificat»»: Raymond L.
romartie, Jr., Houston Smith, north
Wade, Enri W oat brook and Miai Ka-'
chrl l*«.
Diblr* were prceentt d to each
mrmWr of tlie graduating claw by
Rev. Ε. N. Johnson for the Board of
Truntee*. t
Mr. Mri>. Uolliday presented to'.
Earl Westbrook a medal awarded by
the U. D. C., for the btit esaay on
"The Cauaci of the Ciyil War." This
medal will be awarded each year by
thv Daughter» of tha Confederacy
to the member of tile graduating
elaaa who write* the beat ea"ay on tha
sa^jt-ct which they will aeloct.
The program was concluded with
the Valedictory addrvae, by Misa La
dle Ayeoek, and the farewell sung
of the senior elasa.
Ι<ο· Annln, Calif., Jane 7.—
Three high ofictil» and 34 alleged
member· of the Χα Klux klun were
Indicted by the Los Angeles county
grand Jury today on Are count· of
felony chargea In connection with a
raid on Tnglewood, near hare April
tt last
Th» klan office» ware Willi·» Co
bara, κ rand goblin af lb· Pacific de
Cln, and supremo attorney af the er
r; 0. W. Price, kin# kleaglo fa*
the atate ft California and N. A.
Bak«r„ I<*al urgaaiinr for tiia
eounty af Lot Anglea.
Baker la oiMlar arm-t bar· whlli
Cabum an.I Price are anderatood ta
bo ί» the eaat.
m* olhur peraon· were Indteted
each aa "Job· Doe." TV· chargea an
mpriaarmeat, two eoaiH»; kid
napping, two caaata and aaeault wit*
latest to eotamlt mardcr, one aoani
Kcmphta, Trna." .June *—Di(bo|
John 0 Kilga, af the Metkodiat Ipta
copal rharth, Rout h, who hai beei
critically III M a hoapltal here. aUrt
•d for h la boat· la Charlotte, H. C.
tenfght. Biehap Kllgo waa rary area!
I when taken to Die trala, bat Ma phy
alclana «rpraaaaii caaDiletce that b
•«aid wake the trip aafely. ·
(By EaH
Many people hi
li'TO that ihnrtijr
Uir Civil War.
lion of alavary
mo· ι violrnl con
North and South 1
the Mlonuri
'.V opinio* of tt-J
In «ay that dav
J b to ad
dtrlying cat
10 understand ,
vU-w, Thr
neither t'jTir
tki- annexa
other «Inffe !
lion» took
to · ark other.J
cauKvl tlv-ai
hlur and
l.i wtat ι
«il! la
ljr. ih«
•η ut Hrt
kid aa
and (laea
tUm of
lad to bo
i'tka taaaa ·'
Iha inatita.
topic af the
between Um
tie tijae ol
of U10 ta
iim IM1. Bal
eaaaed the
; *( Dm u
ι war waa
l·· D*
were «+*ce.
Is th».
o« it»
infant In
Uave 1
cr band, I
ut indu
felt tUt
oily indk
ι high lu
th*w had
ud wealth;'
tfc>« m«an«
b«K>n read·,
A· tiie f.rt
«β icricatv
«d by
ae>l sr
Ulaturaa ;
aeta, a«r
of the d«
In ·
»1βτ· act·,
remark "If.
few wtUfalty ι
rjr into «ffeet
l ot too which
of fmrHiv·
»id« bo
ne longer I
P«ct, a
ta ear
*HU b«
'·» ο·· M
* IMVKVI1 υ· H|M r
; TV. Booth Mik bti
.the rifht to wfth^^Krom the aaioi
at ptoaMire. VkaVihtM· MM
mtrfod free ΙμΊ·«·Μμι. Thej
tm M*h mm4M fN« mtwj|l
and lid+pradeat-dalu, la the treat)
with Oraat Britala. «Mb «he ocaetl
tutien af PTflT M Mit .Nik Ml
Vil left to adafft tti mmMMM·, ·
ta rafnain · eepaeaWrfMiea. M tlx
ranatituttan had fartjldj»· the vMh
drawl from the —la· at platwrt, I
never would tea· haaa adOfM. Th
rifht ta wttMrinr (M 4m win ha
We ο«μι·Ι; Mated la rmtotlia h,
whleti Virginia. VMa Maul. a·
New Y»A adafM the iimIH>iIii
therefore, Ihla gar· a*; ether Mat
' the «ne right. The Ml dw hi
llered ht aeeeaalaa, far inhf «h
war at Kit, The Wirthil Oeara·
Uaa whieh m aiade af «f Om Me·
Kaglaad State· had MiwUml to ■
cede. At tha Maw af the war wtt
Mexico, WBUaai Ltoyd Qantaaa «
MiaeAwHli, had pn>i»d aari
FMt apttoae. <h* hie alata dheal
> lead to a aeeeeriaa MNMlk
ι The Mk MM haa* to ff
veut «a>. * V)M tor anli
* '« * ·
they took pojeevaioa ml tha
(•rM, i*jote>io«. until, ud
other pdblk baildi·*» in (Ml
Thick bad >·Ιιι«< ta
the United State*. They gffered ta
pay tor tUw if H wm foaod M
they had mon tkaa their dhart of
pahiit ptopmiy. TVj mt Ceafad
to roqa.rt the rnmhr of tfcaaa
>Mnf«ly, tat Oujr mn sat ana
received aSctally.
FWUy cum tha attack of Fan
Cawfadatmta State· ashed Piaildwit
Uaaola ta lanwdw tha Fart, tat
1m w|M»d that ha an gotag to aaad
trtnfamiaaaU to the fait.
Puddait Davie aahad «ta fedeaal
caaaed the Sertit to feel that It
would be iaipoasiM· far the tort aa·
tlona ta IWe together la ]eaca. On·
by one «be «tronc tie· that bad held
the ceo οtry together ware leveled
aad tbe anion fail qpii
Mara Thaa MMMuM Ta Be Re·
leaded to Taaae DtegsBy
■ Wublnftos, Jane 7. — Pre·!dent
Harding caked Ce agree* today far a
deUciency appropriation of $tS,ltt/
tM for refaadinc taxa* Illegally eel·
laetad dnring the fierai year eadia|
June tO, 1»«1.
Aa eetimate by the badgct botaaa,
t ran emitted to Speaker COlett b|
the Prcddnt, rtewed that the C«a
■ie«i«air of Internal Rwma tftai
that datau woald be appiwed dar
I lay the next fierai year.
The eatiaeated refend» under the
bead ad Income taxa* vu SIMMs
00 <* Knfand of taxaa to talaa waa a»
tlawted it IIAM^M. Many atbai
item were lleted, inclodln* |1*0,00I
>wader the heading of fnMMln,
Mr. Waatkraak van tb« aedil AiJ
rtu imiM bjr Chicois Chapter U.
D. C. for tkc Μ ι—y m the
wmi of tk< eMI w»r. Hi· atticl·
ι to p«Uakrd kcrrwith. He (iUhM
free Uu M|H «toil thte «Ilk Mr.
WKbmrt m «ctte· to tfc· pukllea
Uoa of T1M Daneea," the Mfh
Mkod magaslat, tka ut»ai adltte·
of wUcfc matte tu »wwa»ea hM
let, aW vh · Ugklx cradi tabic mm
Bill MU Ut IKUI- |,
• uav iavmci cumn |{
* »!
PMtouin κ. α WMt «f ty dm·
peoteAee Mfi the (onrnanTl ne
Uon »Mt μιμι· ter poOeft «m
Λ·!Ι"Ι Ιν·Ιι ρΜρΚ 11 vil ΓΟνΙΜη IBYtlv*
meat* and te iBcnnii tk«a te p«t ,
tMr money «W* It «KO h# eefoly
protected, b mnating with pul me
CM* M lîhlttNd hy the m)·, hqrif
ttmik of nearly eight
hundred th«MMd dollar· «f Τι awry
Savtngi Certificate·, maturity valae.
I· the Fifth Federal ftewve tKêtrkt
daring the aontt of April The exact
ftfuree tew piled (rem two h—drad
and elxty-three poet i>m «ad the
Federal Beeerve Bank of llll—lad
are «7M.S4I which I* «· la ax.
«aaa »f talea la the pM.lo— month
■when the amount reached wae »M«.
Atrertln te a Maternent received
hy the poatawoter fro» Howard T.
Crae, Dtreeter of Oorrniaieet Ba-r
ht*a from «Ma dletrfrt. He «le· of
, theee e*rtlfWoteo ta April far each
etate are m folle··; North ComHm'
WM,rr7«[ Went Virginia 1»·,8«»;
| Vkntnia «ΙΜ.ΤΜ; DtoMrt ef Oil—
Ma MM*U; 8eath CeiellM IUr
mi Maryland IIMU l« iMMm
there wee told throafh the federal
JUaftyo Baak |M,fU pph!a« a
fiMd total «f ITMJ4B.
. IteOke hiroarfaHy HM for
• fake eehempo U meet «Μ win·
«M gwtellen to fftth netoy eat «f
the »"·»!»'» peehete wW« the «Mo
Fully n«n«w< (tM Ike nrf»
lick •da'ni-Vur.d ja/t battf Mr.
■aidiar krraUed Ow c—leg rfucr
mairj, Daui h iiltaakit · ravivai
·( i.i i>aau«l Joly 4 eatobratlea
KKdl to «ill—I MTM tke Μ *4
iu wfferiac· '>>—>< In lb* tokyoo
4aya when Ike Mat Wty of tta alii
■•n· aparee* Ike tnwtjr "Ihrvrr hU
•mM be mH<i< wMk B«Mm ebon
ι of the wntta » «kit le» pat Mt kjr tk<
I wildcatter*.
Tfcl* eelOwillw li ««ia* to W ι
ι k—linger <m|—W to Am Mm
'Mm mt tkfa M rotto·. poto
tM· Md fluty Jaat hew int ttan
ϊ*·1>7 an. Thar* wiS be all Mrta ei
totejrele, uiill «· 1Mb A*4 than
will be tot· of alkor tW·—. tea. to·
garlan Bacille· la ettker tabla* ·
liquid fohn hi thU dhaaaa.
It waa Nporad at tbe MdHy dti
• hk* doctor «m ·*·»(*« i« tbl
vktelty «U «tapa «m lanaadie tel:
taken by te aeiiel| ta rayait tel
ta tea won «f the Bute iMfi
ef Medieal ImmImA te eeder tea
« —liaiit alfkl be Ueaed for Mi
emd that be algbt ba My >ia>ieta<
Β «m farther te»#t ta HgM tea
ba araa peea^dag a «ara te kayaiai
patient», «Mb a* yaialytka, advaM
ad tetomlar eaaa·, and atbar taeta
eat of «May aelartewtwl te th
"•o·»'». __
the Pbyeitlaa'e Credit Oaida. «Ml
ia aaar laailita, ba yabfiteit aa
te «m baada ad tea aw»w« by tt
-next re«vkr weetf»g af tea full*;
j-wWteh «ill be Wadaeeriaj. My *
*«*"'··. Λ" A. C.
"·«» t--*· *■* Ml feiMt for m>

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