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Head Of Cotton
-^^"Association Gets
Not A Cent Salary
Denounces Report That He Was To Get Pecuni
ary Reward For His Interest In Co-op
••alive Marketing
Omtag .«• ttib dtp ti **°
with bpt fftton bondrtd <of°D *>•!•
r tohk srtdit and litt"* toi*
V**^ ***»
U ttoj “'I
‘irtjjtVrTBk MUm
•to. wto.1to Ma aartp. day*,
i I, la thdt to la
•toO> Carolina Cot
> 4a Udatoato.
■t «( Ma Ufo. or battor rtlll,
' ttot.ygrt (rf Ma «** rwmim to ba**. B^w^i-toMaa • "to
r to to ■to^ti a ropa—tlMi ia
*, kb • Mbto* to • .aaa who gat
raaato-to* bto bvtct ontarad apon
jt*. aaythtog |al attatototo aa ha
W«to toto, aaga&igad atoodadon.
-IU-4i too * roast alMiti anxious to
, «ok hto*to ft*,
y Tew mm bar* dota abat W. B.
. Aattin hi M tfto to Whisk
: to* Ito*. Bt to* kallx a* tto tooal
*M of «to W to tfeb part af Ito
aatto* toX. Ho tod addad aataid
toimaato of,d*U*» worth of woattk
to tto,stop Pi toriBBakd and ato
codptp of Ma*a. Ba', whflo akabtog
a raacrd for hbaatlf tot, at tto sans*
tfwa, acMagiktod aaa far this (dtp
B* to* aaaaifl to* lights <rf tto •*
um city. tM im «me pride u4 ha la
a tirel*** worker far tha Willing up
of Ma tow* and oounty. TUs ia what
haa canard tha brtngteg forth of thi*
It ia not an easy joh to gala ou
tran*# to the oSoa of Mr. W. B.
■ Auotin’a ualem it ta to dieeuee fam
ing or problem* of that nature If
job want ta talk cotton, oorn or to
bacco than ha to ready and waiting to
talk to any paraoa white ar hlodt
That nrrex makas any difference «tth
thtomraa. But ta go there jaat ta talk
about thing* ta general and hare it
aaaounead that thaab ia a new^eper
nun waiting far an hkterrtew, than
that ta aawathlng ala*. H* ta a bay
man bat tbu time ha is jaat aa eax
fona to talk far the pram aa h* la to
taB hla tenant* how ta plant hla cot
ton and when to row hla oata, ole.
Bat ha did not know what waa com
ing thto time fi* did not know wheth
er ha waa going to be a toad about a
dill piekle factory or the probability
of mm cotton MlU’a rbantea of lo
cating bar* ta hto atty. Mat anyhow ho
waa ready.
"There to a lemur out that the cot
ton grower** mentation tg jjeytng
you tha bandeom* aalaiy of 440,000
par yadr. There to alao another ram -
or thad tide mieryia jaat 410,000 bat
whatever K ia, or it la not, tha people
of tMa eeunty want to know It.” TM»
waa the opening of the Intern!cw.
Mtttog at Ma dato aa though be
neVer Board a ward of tha ah are
queatlon, tha eotten man moved dour
ly and rebrhad for an adrartiaemeat
which he had on hi* dato uad toning
back arid. "Mr fitaud I her* bean
Un tUo afternoon ■tady+n* otot thli
>Un *f'p*pen It Mi ellppod from
,OM «f fte HIMMIIM In tola State
and it ha ire Ml mo to (fro K aadi
reatedomtiao red 1 am. gUd Hut ]
tteoo Hu opportonltr of talking tot
too pita te mod to to* ^intia
PM km Joat ate) MO. Pi rat, I <k
iMt'dMW an pipap fan to* Kortk
Carolina Otto® Groaram* annotation
I hart already f«l mr •1,000 Ol
HP cm mommy am trip* for too aa»
• rtatioi ; la am I ho** Joal
to Sn
Of Hu
tret o
tl*n 4
' a.
I. ,
aider. 1 ua working for the !■•■■■
of the faihiere and theee people who
am patting out thle propaganda are
working for theonaWea. They will
lean everything when thi* organ i an
ben la walking.
“I have heard all about thoaa ra
ta oea apd I can readily under*tend
why yon aome her* thi* nfter
□ to tell the people of
r_. that t ia Jaot aa onxloaa
(ho other Termer* into tin **
oociatioa aa I waa to get Into It W
mkL h ia going to ba the lugoat and
atrongeat digaaiaatioa la tko world."
Bmithfleld Oboorror.
WiU Ba tuid ba Chnmbwr Cone
”***" day Night '
Every eitisoa of Dana it tori tod to
attend a meeting la tha room* of (he
Chamber of Commerce next Toesdajr
night when matter* of vital import
ant* to the community will tome be
fore that body far coattderattoa. %e~
fualiaaanta wfll he nerved and matte
will bi farniabil.
Among tha aaora Important thing*
tram tha hid |Uwa
whan laat year people added a aul
cinally-owned betel to their already
lony U«t Of community owned enter
prise*. Tba Warren ten' hotel wn#
bxflt st e cost of 1100,000, which
■wn was raised throayfc the sale of
municipal bonds to ertnens of War
ran ceoaty.
The Chamber of Commerce will
present this matter to the ehlaena la
the Tuesday niyht mertmy. If they
sndont K. the matter will be taken
■p with the hoard of town eomsds
tioaen with (he request that they pe
tition the legislature to permit them
to Imus bonds for the purpose 4t
buildlny the hotel .The eomaaiesdonen
detira to know the will of the eltiseas
and are anxious that they Met with
the chamber and rvprf their views.
Them art several other matters
which tbs Dispatch Is not at liberty to
name to coat* before the meetiny.
They are matters ta which every per
son la town ia interested All ere in
vited to attend the meetiny. You owe
It to ye rraelf sad your town to at
Geidskeee To Malm Attempt To Gat
Eastern Caealtee Chamber
Gpldeboro, August 1— When
Goldsboro repreasntstivca baytn their
My Mow at Wilson Thursday, Aur
not I, to briny tho aastera. Carolina
■■f w urmwnnnuon
•trietly oa the ironnde of merit.’ac
eerdiey to local Chamber of Cam
nverec Secretary W. A. Denmark
They wlB not e#er on# nlekla Oa u
. inducement. Kfaetoo and other Mb
I era OaroUna towna ere aall to bo
ready alao to make a determined light
I far Ala organisation whoa* tonottoa
wHl extend aear I# eoantiaa.
j' Secretary Denmark aaye that the
aapodar VaSraad faaUIOea,' tho near
! aooo to Malolfh. aad too foot that
, Oolhtwi la more caatraUy laeatod
agrleahardhy am the contention* on
which tho ftaefi* to brine tho general
erraniaation horn, will be made.
» ■ mama.aM ■ I
' SmltMeld, Jaty »1_Brnaoe da
fa*led SmltMoU bam tkla afternoon
,1 to I by hammering Scott for twe
( ran* in th* third, «*ttfa* a load
( which tho local* worn anabl* to near
I* fenb»a. who mltorad Scott, pitch
I ad goad ball, kaaytag hi. kit. wel
>. that ha alto bad. Xadthor ftom Smwad
WiU Give Co-Op. 78 Per Cee*
Of EatWted Yield in
North Carolina
Raleigh, August 1,—With Its org
anisation for handling thla years cot
ton crop of its ilsnben cocaplata,
the North Carolina Cotton Growers'
Co-operative Association it eondurt
ing ah Intensive drive this month to
bring Its total sign-up to six hundred
thousand hales, which will be 7i per
cent of the cot has ted yield In North
Carolina. •
U. B, Blalock, of Wadesboro, gen
cml manager of the AmocUtlw, was
kept (busy most of the week loeldag
after his duties as president of the
North Carolina Farmers' convention,
which was In Mssian at West Fslilgh
He Is moving kts fatally to Nals%h
and will devote kla entile time to
lookltg after the affaire at the head
aoartpr* of th« AitfvUtlnn
Arrangement* for eetslbUaMnf for
eign ceiroecUoim to handle the fear
hundred thousand bale* that kata
been elgncd up by the association,
wero mado laet weak at a conference
of directors of atvoral Southern cot
ton graders' co-operative associa
tion*, which era# attended by Prod''
foot W. H. A eat la, Dinecton B. W.
Kilgore and L- D. Roblnoon aad Gea
tral Manager Blalock, of the North
Car-41 no aaaneintloo. Oienley B. How
irt e prominent Atlanta cotton mar
ch .nt, how been (employed by the
Mi rth Carolina. Georgia and Alaba
ma eaenciatlao ae aaiot manager to
handle their cotton.
Arrangement! for financing the
handling of the cotton of the Co-op
erative anaortetieae baa proven to be
the eaelept teefc of ell The War 71
naMce Corite rati an baa agreed to lean
the North Qproiina association to the
amount of .ten mflUoa dollar*, bat It
la not naq^Aed that It will he aaeea
ton at the time he delivers it ho the
amocimtion. He aecoras thin advance
by attaching bis warahotme receipt or
bill ef lading to a eight draft on the
association. The later advances wlH
be made no the ootto* la marketed.
“State* Ki*h*e" Oppaaaote of Dm
' partaeoot *f Edweatiea
Anew* rad
Washington Aug. 1—Certain op
pone ate of the Towner-Sterling MU,
now before Cong ram, .which whan
pamad will create a Department ef
Education with a Secretary In the
ihreddenVa Cabinet, Havfe tried ha
arouse oppoadtioc to the bill by the
false etatement that It .will Interfere
with States' rights, and piece com
plete supervision of all State educa
tional means and methods In the
headi of the Federal Government.
A mere reading of the bill 1* eulfi
eient to show die absolute falsity of
the claim, hot to answer the attack*
on the bill la short fedtn, WiUimn B.
Owen, president of the National Bdu
cetien Aeeooiation. one of th* many
organisations behind the bill, be* la
sued the following statement:
“T have been a participant in th)
deliberation* of the gronp that spore
sored the Towner-Sterling kill elaci
Its inception in IBIS. It was tbo da
liberate purpose from the start tt
should crests e Department ef M*
cities sad provide Federal eld to Ox
States for specific educational per
poepa. from the start It wee flte east
ideas purpose to frame a blH tbe
should eoeere these twit mala result
and at the same time avoid contrails
ad Federal control* over the separat
end Independent State systems e
public schools. Tbe Townerdherttni
bill, in the farm new before Con
grew, clearly end unmistakably pee
vtdsfr for a Department ef Bdueatiai
and Federal aid for pacific purpeae
and as elearly sad unmistakably pro
vents centre tiled baser oers tie fad
oral control, while It safeguard* tk
coastltutlestml sad traditional centra
ef the separate States ever their rei
schools. The National Bdnsetioa Aa
ssdatioa bus repeatedly sadsresd th
fundamental purposes ef (he Ml
Tbe association Is us strongly sppsss
to Federal ■ organisation, admlnistn
ties, and suporvlsios sf th* pmhd
•cheats as It la dies In Up advaeaa
of Federal eeeperttioa wttb th* dtafc
hi eeauHug ed—BWtid theelts s
eienrty national taped end saaei
Th* language ef th* MM le dear as
unmistakable, lb m m Mi I
and read fast* It centre ltaed Fedw
* \
■am to Ike a
fortune iNt •
fifteen «f
tha failure to
tied at
recti an
■nock tha asms caadHlah nrioti with
all tha staple crops at fcdi been de
termined by Dr. Is
corps of laaistarta n,
wheat, oats, rys an
Tbs man or tha at
farmers Information w to
assart greater yialda kjr'dkp am af
Improved aaad will psWfcSm a real
banafaction became fhjfrhi bread
and meat will ha offerWyte mill ana
Aid this ia fast the Ufcd-of thing
tha Dtvialaa of _"' am
to do, says Dean Ci. (ho
is at ita haad. It ia a... , „ ; to
know, too. that ahwdffaogto HttU
headway has beam medajn tha pma
tical aide «f th* >«%. J . '
At tha present thaa^y If <hi n
communitlaa la the lWg'km>oa
organised far aaad la
there conunonltiaa l a*
average tnrvaaaf a# ■ ol
lint cotton par acre. bv
ersaaa of all the tp
erating am salted he l
000. 'For too past sM aac
ia caauamtWm ig jj 1 far thh
work amaoatfd
Mato* rto Specific Propooela
To Enocutirea Of Rood*
And Strike London
Cincinnati, July SI,—Thro (pacific
propoaob for tha eettlaanaat of the
railroad atriha ar* contained la Praa
Wont Hording'* piaa which wiB ha
oebteittod to railroad axccaffeaa in
Torit aad rail an km haada hi
l*llei« tonacrow. It wa* learned
ban taelght froaa aa edSdai of tha
railroad Wop erafta anion. Tha odB
icial. who rafeaad to panalt aa# of
[ Wo nano, ftatad ha had aacarad tha
jbatortaallaa tea mil an Ian efiteiale
la Waahhagton Saturday.
Tha flai Prapaaal*
Tha tea padfle progenia. accord
ing to tha aAdal, iaciad*:
1. That tha inflayai wUl .bid.
by Wa dacMaos of tha UaHad Stata
Baflmad Labor Board ba tha Man.
«. That 'tha natter at aanlority tha
mptayaa who raanlatd aa tha Job
daring tha atriha will reoatra yrefar
aatlal tt aotnaat Mon wha her* boon
oa atriha arfll ratam with thoir me
lority right* aabjcct to thorn righto
•ago) red daring tha ataOca hy aton
wha rrmalnad ae tha Jah aad tha aw
a lority ad tha bow napiopao win rata
from tho Una Ihoy entered tha aar
a. TW wan wfli aecopt tka meant
ni» rtdtetltaa ai tka « abroad U
kar Baud peadtnp a farther whir
tko natter by tka Bated.
I aceeptinp tka peapotals of Twdelt
Hardtop la‘entirely ap ta tka policy
t« atari ft 11 of tka taOiaad
•f Ub American Federation of labor,
d«« tkia body was tka asM which
aancUamod tka strike of tka ahopataa.
Tka paHey eoanaittaa la nmpnaid ad
%® atam, M ton each of tka thioa
districts. tka diridiap line of wMab
art tka XJpMppi Shw and tka
Maaoa Dixon line. "
Kinston, A up. 1—After loetrlap
at tke Baa patota of tkraa aeakaa of
tad. ttaorttop te tka aadartikar,
flllrap kirn “phunb fan** of sate ate
and confidence, a man kaBarod to
haws boat a diet eroak oaad thaeoa
dactor of tka fanaral parlor to de
frand one of tha hippast doth tap
ate rat kart oot of a ^H.Ttkal at
• JA e. BIA
10a Marialwr waa daad, tha
Maa(aa Hated la Aa aidat af a
roaaoaabU alary to tha nadarlabar.
Ha hod waa bar* from a rani yalnt
to Mka Aa faoaral arranwaanta.
Ha would docMo nyoa which cotta to
ji at than whan hla brothar, who waa
oa mate, irrtrad. Thar* war* athar
,IH,n, 41iwm4, sad tWn Ow Mi*
dartakar broofht ay tha aobj*at af
tha burial *uit
-. Tha fend*, tha mid. da
' Head aatblaa aa 4rah aad *ctobri
I yaafarrad aa oat oad aal atom aatt
. Ha Uto yndartakar want tfih Hm
I fTtorta* I'aaw-ta-tow to tha'atom aad
I tha aaalar watebar af tha aaaaaw
! aa# "takon to** far tha aaH. H wai
. no ahoddy tail that war tainted. Tha
i atramar fin Ua ahaak. Tha chart
I waa an a LaOnaya hank.
» Tha aBa^d fiaad dawhod ayoa thi
i Uattow whoa tha waa totted to ra
I torn at an *tw# total Haw far Hm
I eadto, tha bratbor obo toUtey to yw
la an i ’
- to tha b.tofdaHiir. i
I Car tha >Wai' term. TU
• l
aad^haAaad whaaa tha i
that ha had rartdad thorn a yaw a
**ajaya had baaa tordtmd In yaai
L-dty WUrnm Is Hm
N«w Barn, J«l/ M-Uffr VI
MO (M tto Mg ton la Mam Ban's
claaa I ta • wia arar tto MamMta to
day artoa to lat ttoai ton wtth
twa hits and Ogorad twiea la hte
toana scoring with a doable which
waa follow ad by Fnd Uadis' single
sad a siagio that scornd Kliaa. Bath
toaiaa piaynd raal baseball. aaah BMfc
«* twa swift daabta pteya Tto stab
ton anon caaa la toa inning sad
accounted far ualy aaa ns.
ton: ma.w.
Kinston-Oto MS MO > t t
Naw Ban ..$44 til lta—• $ 1
Washraa and Martin; Wilson sad
W. Mania.
Raleigh, July 10.—Crowing groapo
of rather gtagt Wake cowty peo
ple, iacoand a* On ansatt on Mia.
Him. W4ar, llotarday raiill Jafl
nett, tin aogre amalien, win was
reeked to Oraoadboro.
Barnett met oe!y ittnfcid oad
rioted Mia. MoOboo yesterday when
oo a tnuty of On eoaatp ehaiagaag
ha «M to bar homo iitniOM? for
water end Oioa nnnlttiB On a»
opeakaMo tidni. according to Mia.
and is wry way node a dWytea*
ipooraseo is )ail today, Mr*. Mc
Ghee instantly idoettflod kin sad oil
On naifci at On ttibbee hone ante
evidence ego toot Me*.
Tft ip umnt mah
mack Ik
la»d m
•f aattb
ndn*. i
*f tfc* i
lk« Wai
vmI4 k
dm- »•
War Da
Jaat «k
■Mat »f
K waa i
I y*M.
» wO
Mania, I
000, vi
a«a, aa
ral aa i
% m
a|a tka
tea. w

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