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    THE DUNN* >11
.—--1 * 111- ...Li-'gssB-_seaaMrsgggLi_m ■ — 1 i —ggwwwwww—■—bmbm—
Hist That TW Admioutretioo
Might Apply For Receiver
ship For Roods
Now AssocioHno Tologrophs
Labor Board Demendini
Thoir Rights Bo Safeguard*
od In Any Settlement Of
Strike. Illinois Control Em*
ploys Killod By Poor Mom.
Washington, Aug. *.—ladkstlone
continued to multiply today that tba
Rede ml government, contemplates no
In modiste stop In tb^ssU strike situ
ation. A member of President Hard
ing’s cabinet declared, however, that
u an gbstmet proportion “it might
be Imagined" that ths government
would supply bni roeotvrrahips of
such railroad^ ss okra unstole to
execute their mall carry fag contracts.
The cabinet official emphasised that
he was not saying that say recelver
ship- proecedingi were Imminent and
Ftootodce iicparxaien* —
that generally the mail* were being
handled with only alight interruption
and delay.
Chicago, Aag. ». — Ten thousand
shopmen on tie Santa Fe, who have
feinnl an amoelatkm ef new em
ploye*. today tetegraphed Chairman
Hooper, of the United States Raitaray
Labor Board, demanding their right*
be safeguarded in any settlement ol
the ehopmen’t Rrike.
They are an titled, they nay. to pro
taetion In the seniority right* acquir
ed during the ftrtk*.
1M meaaage, which was signed by
nflri— ef the Santa. Pe, auparviron.
nnorentie** ef the boller
xhe oemfts struck ageinct doe intone
of the board, the meaaage mid, and
to recognise them in preference to
employe* wbo.Wayed on the Job
would destroy faith in the govern
Chicago. Aug. Botoert John eon,
4g, an employee of the Illinois Cen
tral shop* at Bumelde, wa» beaten to
death thle morning by four unidenti
fied men, the police reported. The
ama Hunts escaped. Witatmm told
poMcetaen that the four men aeeosted
Johnson, asked him not to go to wort
and then attacked him.
N*W York. Aag. * —Oftelale o!
mater® and wester® railroad# h**<
decided to com# to the rescue of fo<r
Southern line*, wbieh have been bed
ty bumpered by the shopmen's etrOn
by sending them ouotrn of thetr owi
employ*i, It was pnnounedd late to
day by L. F. Lores, chairman of tin
rfWJWnw uunirnjuta.
Chicago, Aug. I. — The maintan
anea of way son win not Indulge in
"sympathetic itrtke," E. T. Omble,
head of the erganlaati on, laid last
night, when informed of prediction*
of W. M. Parker, chairman of tho
New York Central lyatsm fodoration,
that maJntenaneo of arsy man of tbo
railroad would strike wHhln a weak
In protest again* rejection of tho
President's proposal to settle the
shopmen's strike by the railroad.
Harvestneh, dp., Aug. I—Throe meet
employed in the Shops of the. Central
od Oeorgia RaOaray and who hare
keen eat strike, returned to work this
morning upon lirrHntion of the rossd
to protest their seniority according
to 'eAslale of the road. A total ad
Silt men went out on a strike In the
Rnehaaah Shops of the Central.
Adrien* from all pain* oa the Cen
tral systn* skew that only see *n snea
want ka*k U work today Tbo Cen
tral la now am ploying non-union men
ts All Tsaanciaa in the ahepk. Taronty
tra are to be engaged boro. Keren
non-union men were employed In Co
kmdhua this moming, it u stated.
JashasiTfll*. flo^^Mt^ Two
Ttl*rrr~f Air Und Railway bare wore
nmt 11 by nrroml woman early to
Uaderminad by Adjoining Eacavatiaa
Mnnn BaUdtog And Stank Drop.
Into Big HoU
Raleigh, Aug. 8_While workmen
were digging out the foundation of
Raleigh** negro bank thU afternoon
the W. B. Mann (.roeery company'*
atorc. run coortantly by the present
management for 48 year*. collapsed
with all the clerk* at work, caving
Into the newly digged hole and bury
ing evety article of mercliandlie be
neath the debris.
Every clerk escaped Injury and
even the Are mule* working on the
bank foundation were aaved. The
laleaaa run when the plate window*
crajbed and the wall* «hook another
■hock or two and the roof felt
through .pushing every brick from It*
The stock of 116,000 |* absolute
Will Addrew People of Dunn
District At Op«ra House
At Two O’clock
l mm
Dr. Clarence Poe. editor of the
■ *wg* »■ rpawci, wav warn we lira
North Carolinian to sign the market
ing contract of tho North Carolina
Cotton Grower* Cooperative Associa
tion, will take an active part in the
tlgs-op drive to secure a total of
•00,000 bales af cotton for the asso
ciation, and trill make bl* flr»t ad
dreu hare Saturday afternoon at I
o'clock. Tbo speaking will taka place
at the Opera House and every erti
aan of Um Dunn District is invited to
boar him.
Dr. Psc will explain to the Lad
no* men sad farmer* the advantages
to be derived from co-oparativs mar*
keting of farm products, especially
cotton. Ha is probably the beat Infor
coentry on this sut>
In forma
Dr/ Poo at the Opera
House Saturday.
. j
Outing Hold At How* Of £. J.
Godwin Thursday After
noon Boat Yot
The annual picnic of tho We*Icy
Bible Class of the Methodist Sunday
School was enjoyed by the members
of the class and a number of visitors
at the home of K J. Godwin, five
■ilea sooth of Dunn, Thursday after
noon at 6 o'clock. There was a rain
storm in progress at the hour sat for
departure of the party from Dunn
In automobiles, but the thirst for bar
becue and recollection* af similar oc
casions enjoyed by this excellent
clan in years past, made the lsrge
crowd af man more determined than
' ever to tee it roceeaefuDy staged. The
1 barbecue was ready, the boots were
1 watting, and na amount of rain would
• have forced them to change their
' plans. The eat* were loaded and In
a few in Irate* all arrived safely at
their dauHunU—■
The crowd was not disappointed
wmn wwy •» uic UMUIII Ql
country Homo of Mr. Godwin. To
father with Kn Godwin and then
ton, Oliver, they had prepared ai
immense amount of fearimcae whirl
waa ready to sarre on the large lawn
All fanoalltlna ware dispensed wit!
immediately and in n few minutes th<
entire crowd was enjoying this ea
retient diah. After all ted beeiysatls
I fled Han. H. L. Godwin, who had baei
selected as master erf cemnoalei, call
ed the aseeoeblige together am
n>evehea were made by the following
well known eiUaane of Dunn:
Casper Warren, Superintendent a
Baptist Sunday School
W. S. Baipee. Superintendent e
punn Graded Schools
R I* Godwin, Superintend on
Preabytarlan Sunday School.
C. C. Porker, Preaidant Bpwurt
Meek M. Jernlgan. Group Leadc
B. V. P. U.
John Allen McLeod. Teacher I
Baptist Sunday School
D. H. Hood, Teacher of the We
ley Bftle Clam.
After Mi Hood had flnlshed h
talk aD wars Invited Into the hou<
day near the shops, the women baa
hording thorn wtth half a hartal r
eggs. Whan polkoe arrived not a w<
aeon eaald bo fated la the neighba
hood. The attackers took atapo 1
abasia publicity far tbs incident, ee
oral am— eetifying tba hawapaps
■ ad the a fair
Comparator* Confident That
Thay WiU RacaWc Mora
Than Unorganized
With the opening ealea on the lake
City Toba^c* market bringing an
average of *21 M per hundred lbs.,
diroctnr* of tho Tobacco Grower* Co
operative Association arc rejoicing
that in South Carolina a* in Kentneky
tho grower* receive double the price
which wae given them on lat year’*
opening markets.
The director* of the association are
confident that the organise^ grower*
with a Highly developed leaf depart
ment, ample itorage plants and re
drying facilities to turn out 1,900,000
pounds of tobacco daily will be en
abled to secure better prices than
those unorganized farmers who are
grading their tobacco for the (I net
time and are Belli eg without storage
or redrying facilities.
That prices on the South Carolina
market* fail to give satisfaction to
many of the grow an Is evident from
the urgent reqaeot of grower!
throughout the state to reopen the
membership book* of the association.
A committee of director* from the
association have decided upon (hit
action in view of the fact that 600
now members joined the marketing
mwcuuki on uoiy 01K ana Otfnui
Isctlon with conditions on the aaall
or markets Indicated that there wtU
be a record-breaking landslide to the
big cooperative movement should the
unorganised growess have another
opportunity to better their piece* by
joining with 78,000 members of the
association from tbs three states, who
have united for orderly marketing of
this year's crop.
It is generally expect*^ that tbs
receiving points of tbs association
wilt open next week throughout the
South Carolina bek. Over 8,000 new
members from the Sooth Carolina
belt joined the Tobacco Grew are Co
operate rn association drying tbs cam
paign, according to the oouirr of eon
tenets made at Raleigh headers mesn
Senator Crow, Pennsylvania, And
Coo§ sesames Padgett, Ten
neeeee. Also Dead
Sydney, N. 8., Aug 2.—Dr. Alex
ander Graham Bell, inventor off Uv
telephone, died at 2 o'clock this morn
ing at Bainn Ehrssgh, his estats near
Although tha inventor had been in
failing health for severs 1 months he
had not been confined to bed and
the end was unexpected. lata yester
day afternoon, however, his condition
became serious and Dr. Krr, of Wash
ington, a cousin of Mr* Bell, a house
runt, and a Sydney physician, at
tended him.
With Mr . Bell when he died were
Mrs Bell, a daughter, Mrs. Marian
Hubbard Fairchild, and her husband,
David G. Fail-child, of Washington.
The inventor leaves another daughter,
Mrs. Bilae M. Groves nor, wlf* of a
Washington magazine editor.
Utrlontown, Pa., Aug. 2.—United
Statea Senator William E. Crow died
at his country home In the mountains
near here this morning.
The death of Senator Crow makes
ths third vacancy in the United Statea
senate from Pennsylvania within 10
months. Senator P. C. Knox died Oc
tober 12, last, and ^snator Boi«
Penrose on Nevr Year eve. Senatoi
vrww wu ippoiiwa oj uortinsi
Sproul to fill the Knox vacancy anti
a cuccecaor we* ilMtad in November
Waihlngton, Aug. 2.—Represent*
1 tiva I-vraue! P. Pudgett, ef Tcnnacwee
[ died early tonight at hla home hero
Nr. Padgatt. who was war-time chair
r man of tha houao naval committee
had hoan in at Ma roiMeneo far tan
f months Tha body will ha taken b
hla homo at Colombia for burial
t a
where Ico lea waa aerrad.
Ii Dorlng th* enUra program brant
ful acleotlona wera rendered by th
Puna Conaart Band.
Tha Waalay Bible clam |a ona e
n **• largest organ laetlvec of Ha kin
in the State. It hoo a membership c
► moru than ona hundred and tha m
arage atUadaaca la around aovantl
a D. H. Hood hoi bean Ita taaebr
a ,or than a quarter of a eentui
. and during all Ibis time ho haw nev.
P allowed lataraot to tag. Ho haa
f wiaaoago rrory flu 11 ay morning 0
f clam Is glad to hoar aad tha oamaa
p with whieb H la dallvwmd Is
o iplraa anthualacm aad eoHIdanca.
r- _________
™ The trouble with being boon pc
la you ealdaca recover
They Offer
path Chau
day perfoi
the auspices at
• rally patrei
Dunn distdot.
touqua and '
mane* a that
plete p
ork Ceat.
Washington, t-—Thie year
cotton crop w at 11,449,00
bales of BOO gross weight I
the second f the season ai
I the condition of Jsoe M having boon
■ 71.1 per cent o$a normal on which
, tbe'flrat foreeoM ef the nee am, 11 .
. 0*6,000 balee ef '666 poowdm gram
■ weight wee bfRt*. The average
, change In (ha Mft 16 year* between
l *one tl end Mf M wu a decline of
i 1.* points
The condition vf the erdp'oa July
. * by Mete* faSeyni
Virginia Mr Merth Caroline 76)
i- South Caroline Sf; Georgia M| 71or>
a Me 66; Alabaaan 76; MteeMppi 74)
Lonlaitne 70) Tdwa 71) AittMM 61;
f Tmmeaeee 66| Mbnworl M; Oklahoma
4 76; California 6tf| Arimm 16| New
<f Mexico 66.
r- » - -
7 Waxhaw, A eg. Sc—4a naaowncing
ir Si* regular eemten ef the Tlreah Si
a hit torlety hart, Prof. R. If. Ntdhet
i* Mated in Mia awwnwctmint that ht
t> had been e rigs Me attendant on than)
»- ooeeattmi tor the peat fifty years
not having U |h hnrwteMgt. mUeed
B Engle iiiilhM, end that he bad
we been the ■ecieti’e prmldanl for dtf
peat Stlity-ene |nis
Goldsboro CIiomd As Parra an
oiU Soot of Eastern Car
olina Chamber
Gold/boro. Aug. 3.— Headquarter;
far live Eastern Carolina Ctiobtr ol
Commerce will bt In this city from
now oa, it was derided in a meeting
at Wilson today. Local buaincm men
are jabiliant orar haring wan oral
Kinston and other citlee of camera
Carolina that made a fight far the
headquarter* of the organisation.
Temporary headquarter* hare been
at araenrllle. Prompting agricultural
development through common aeaee
farming and marketing method* will
be the primary function of the new
organisation. W. C. Denmark secre
tary of the local Mi—hgr saya
The officer* of tha Kastaro Cham
ber of Omaow am: Dr. EOlog of
Craeoville .preaideat: W. A MeOirt,
Wilmington, first rice president; and
W. E. Stroud. Ooldsboro, Bmsatr.
Seven Ceealbt Sapeaeeaead
At tha meeting of the Chamber
were representative aad delegataa
from Pitt, Halifax, Wayne, Lenoir,
Duplin, San>peon and Johnston conn
tiea. Tha meeting eras held at tbs
Hotel Cherry, where tunehoen wae
•erred to all delegate*.
Vice President and Manager M. C.
Bartlett mode an Intereetiaw rennet
ti the activities ef the ergaaimtiM
from Me Inception early la the spr!»«
to th# present time and made nu;
valuable •■**—tierje far faturv de
velopment. tee of the priaeipal otv
jccte of the meetiig eras the seiee
tion of pormaaeat headqaartem sad
election of permanent oflcen. After
aplrlted balloting, Goldsboro wai
ieldcted as headquarters. and tbe
officers ef the chamber were elected
by the directors: The new execsdvj
enamdtter is cempoeed af Gao. G
EoymU of Geldahoro; W. H. Austin, el
Smlthfield; H. H. Taylor, of Xbwtan;
J. B. Alexander, Jr., af a—
Mack; aad Dr. 1. C. Elen, of Sreen
tto PO»f . object of (hie etgaaim
|Um fa^iW.l^ikI^awA -V aAe_h.
rational mathsde aad l*ir Vli nllilii
of tbo oeetlon which the orgsalsatioe
Tills, originally lneladed the thlrtj
nine eastern eoaatles of the state
but at thla meetiag it waa decided It
sak the follewing ooanties to bee oast
included In the proposed develop
meet: Scotland, Warren, Vaace
Granville, Franklin, Wales and Hoke
The manager and other officers ant
directors of the Eastern CsroUni
Chamber of Cemraerrc urge libers
and enthusiastic support of thi
movement through which It is hope
that the boll weevil may be destroys
here ae other sections of the aout
have through • well-planned eyiter
of pnqmratien which Is being ondei
taken by that organisation.
Swansea Caret— Davis Territory A
Resalt af lbs .Bag la
Virglade .
^ Richmond, Vs., Aug. I.—Bee bus
of the fact that the recent shoo tin
l op in Lou las county of the home «
the Rev. J. R Glenn, Disciples c
Christ minister, who is original
, from Spray, N C-. was mid' to hai
0 become an itsue la the campaign, sp
» cial interest centered to the letun
• ivn tvunkjr h
State* Senatorial D* met retie primary
In which Senator Swanson waa re
nominated yesterday by a heavy ma
jority over hie opponent, exCovera
or Wootmorolaod Davie.
Although the county waa generally
conceded to have boon a Davie
mid that the tide tamed to favor of
towatmon when eae of Daria' leaden,
o lawyer, hooamo ooanool for mao*
of the earn held la the Aeetl^ can*,
end wham the ballets warn eoeatri
tot night H tamed oat tha^ Swnnm*
bad carried the county by a safe ma
Mr. Oleaa, It appeen. preached a
•apaen denouncing the alleged ooti
cities od bootleggori and niratolr
am to the coanty. This waa feDotr*
by the eppMcatlea of o coat of to
aad feather* by a rigOaaeo 1 —11
too to aovoeul me* mepooted of bet*
Involved to oeUvltleo. A fee
night* later, a «r*«*d of me« n,
poeed to have been lystpatbiaeie e
thee# tented aad feathered, find ap
oa the preacher* hem* Attheagh i
number of abate ore mid bo haw
•trunk the bourn. No one lurid* W*
Maho onto to* Jack to wear* aad li
ererklng order before attempting f
take off a efceel.
A C L Aad W.ihm.a Agree To
Canllansssa By Jody* Hooey
Wilmington, Aag. I.—The Injuno
'tlon granted hy Judge Henry O. Cmi
nor. of the United But*. District
court, tcvrril weeks ago restricting
striking employes of the Atlantis
Csaot Lise Hallrood from in Urfer
ring with employe* or trains of the
company was todsy continued until
September 2nd. Both th* railroad and
tho workmen agreed to the extension
of the Injunction with rat argument.
WHJ Play Ob larAmotr Square
At ftSO O’clock la Tkc
Among the crests of tho summer
perhaps there is none as pleating to
all as the concerts that the Ihiss
Band or* firing on Sunday after
noon*. This organisation has
to gtrs at isoot tyro coacssta a month
daring the summer aad full. Follow
ing up this plan they will giro their
next concert on Sunday afternoon.
August 6th. at fire-thirty o’clock.
Ths hand has oaly bran OTgnaiasd a
rear sad taking into censiderattoa
ths fact that moot of Ha mssaban
ar*r» kMliism n* ttW,
they render creditable manic. 11mm
concerts an trees without say seal
to the community sad afford splen
our people The hoar la MB M aot
to conflict with any ocher program
for the day tad than is ample raoaa
aa La*aiw Bqaare far iraryaac. A
large crowd la Mpartad Is attend nest
Seaday. Tha fallowing la tha pregnu
at glam oat by Banry 0. Shall the
"Lu La Band”—fMiriae Mmah
“Star Spangled Banner”—Band.
I U. 9- Cornniaalnmar San It k
I Om of Tim Moot Pro
graaarra States
i New To*. Aag. *.—“I do aot Ilka
- superlatives, but I agree heartily
with Dr. P. P. C lax ton when ho Mid
that North Caroline la today aae *1
the meat pragnaatve States la tha
l Union," Mid D. i. J. Tigs it. United
States QmnaiaBeacr of Bdaeatioa, b
* the eoano of a half hour add (MS be
fora the iBSMbara of the Soothen
Club of Colombia University aommei
Mboel but night. The npeakrr eat
' Un®<1 the rapid pragreea made bj
f the South In edecntlen, and rpoki
f fat blrfi praiee of North Cerattaa’i
f port ia tho work. He Browed bee
fain was the mot* or leM general
P impraadon ia other parte of the
* country regarding the Seath’a back'
r- wardneit In public school matter
_aa -l _af-al a— .b *kai
then waa no heals far Meh opinion!
“Ohf State In the Union toowei
a gala in tUifaraey, bat I umn yei
that State li net le the South," b
ait. He referred reanally to a bod
recently published by a professor a
the University of Korth Carotins pm
Portia* to give a history of adaratio
ia the Seeth. TV* beak," declare
Dr. Tlgert, "If read aarpfaDy mlgt
’ give a wholly erremeaa Idas of wh<
> le really being dona la lapnre th
l South'* educational system "
The occasion wag tee tnslflb ai
I aaal meeting of the Soothers Cto
» and wee largely attended. After U
- address tea Southern States ware to)
resented In as many tableau, peg
t ants, and original eketshea gtvh
• mam part of Stats hletary or dm
- lag factors 4a the State’s hereto
i meat. North OamUna'e stunt const!
r ed of Songs, characters reprmsetti
y varlons Indus tries, and placards ohm
■ tog the Mata’s aciivltim to high
r sdueation, rural Jsvstspmset si
y larger maaafaetartog totareeto. L
i Edwards, of Oraonteoea. aad M!
*■ Hue TUiatt, of Hatolgh. tod charge
• Thai prkm fbr the beat slaat we
• to ike West Virginia delegation; a>
••d prise to Soeth fbteHaa, ■
1 third to Florida.
a ■
ta There are 1M iiismilBs ted
In to operation to (Us eoaairy.
>» WIT WTTtvory MR MBIMt,
with rSrt «f taMstaMnll
e«w* utattaaa.
"To Mt « a ta|b ■■■■lull k
i Oa Mthiam aaU. "Os batata «T
t all coal AtH tata ttat atata am
■ ardors from *s |W«mrt «aata .
i taa, tbmgb tta Mail M AM
‘ rTi,0r •Mpataftata’taita
• aad wBI pat ta adwawtattailta
► so!s." ' * r"**"""r **
f tiaa at |wfciata| tad Majtak
a thalr Mpaiat,
-| My (Ml Ta* aa »R» taa» ta

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