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luffoEKnl ruvn
Suggest Town Issue Bonds For
Structure And Collect
Rental Of *10,000
Fund Would Retire Bonds,
Build 100 Homoe And
Leers Property Title Free—
Commissioners Giro Idea
Favorable Consideration- -
Committee Appointed.
Mrfej with hit goldon touch nor
tbs Wandering Jew with bis ever
growing wealth bed anything on
Dunn’s plan for e new hotel whose
Income will build countless homes for
eitiiens who ere to coma to it in yean
to cons. Thu plan to simple. Not
even the California cat and rat farm
was simpler, and has the advantage
ad being as good in practice as R Is
in theory.
Here it is es presented to the beard
ef commissioners last night by A. L
Newberry, furniture manufacturer.
Who heeded a committee comprising
K. P. Davis, banker, Dr. J. R. But
«er ana secretary T. I- Uiddit »p
pointed by tbs Chamber of Com
merce to formulate plane through
which the town run build u munici
pally owned hotel;
“laeue twenty-year bonda for I1M,- '
000; cell the bonda; build a hotel In 1
the business district so that the low
er floor can be rented to merchan
dising concerns; rent the whole for
U0.000 a year; lay aside $6,000 far
interest on the bonds and $ 1.000 for
opboeg and insurance. The $$.000
rmeaining such your la to ba invest
ed In building and loan stock to be
•loaned to prospective boose builder*.
Then stead by and see It work."
That sounds like u simple thing,
but Mr. Newberry hue figures to show '
pert* toe bwGdtag*a^d*u^***'™ i
tows would own iu betel, the bonds
would bare been retired end the
whole income from the hotel property
could be devoted to further home
Dunn has made several attempts in
the last three years to build u hotel
iu keeping with Its modernity along
other lines Once, more chae half of
the atoek in a 1150,000 corporation
to do the bo lid lag was subscribed.
But pre-normalcy days descended up
ou the community whose members
bad bought heavily of gold-bordered
lithographs peddled by the fine fel
lows who journeyed here with an
atomistic motive to divide their
wealth among the common folk, and
all the wealth that remained was In
badly-secured botes and the surplus
of a low-priced cotton crop. The pro
ject wae abandoned and tho money
subscribed retymed to the ratmerib
Since then the matter hae been
very near at a standstill, although
several men have been, bore and at
tempted to Interest the people in pro
jeeta through which tho etttaeua would
pay half the cost of building but
would surrender, coctroi to the pro
moters These here net made much
of ea Impression.
Recently there was much talk of
emulating Warren ton, the town which .
builds about everything ft needs, in
cluding a hotel, threogb municipal
bonds. Mr. Newberry's Idee Is an Im
prove mtnt on the Warren Ion idea
end has been very favorably received
by these who have studied it. The
board of eommlsslouetu was so far
'"Fmw amt it gamma May
or J. Lloyd WU. mad City Attorney.
J. C. Clifford mad tt. A. Townsend to
bo appointed m conmKto. to wortr
with tha Chamber of Cbmwerte ren
artttee la eerrylny an.
U 1* probable that tha next legisln
tore will bo m*ad to permit the town
to Uaae bawls far tho betel bolWlng.
These bowl* an to ba tea free and
will ba repaid from emmimgn of the
property, making no I norma* la tmxea
Half Million Dollar
Fire Is Kmoxrilla
KnexrMe, Tana., Aw*. —A Pm
of aakaewn erlpfa today deotoeyad
«>a freight .totlan of tho Loalsyftto
aad NaPrrtlle rellraed and M empty
baa earn la tha yarto. Tha leae la as
Ussadad st 1*00,000
fWdHsm C. Broeen. deputy stab* Pm
imlPmii, dee land tonight. that
hs beberw tha Pm to ba of laeeadl
ary ortpla aad Pmt as lnooottgoHooi
weald be started.
■amr Mi 4 p» Igatttoo 4s a
hn at the ear wtO dmg tha a^iao.
Local Merchant SoUctod To
Toko Plano a# J. W. Jor
i dan On County Ticket
, Marvin Wade, merchant and man
ufacturer and one time mayor of
Anna, yesterday waj aomlnaWd to
he the Democratic candidate for
county commiaeionor to AH the va
cancy made by the refund of J. W.
Iordan, now a member of the board
and nominated In the regular pri
mary, to make the race. The nomin
ation waa mad* in a meeting of the
county Democratic rxecutive com
mittee meeting la UlHngton to chooao
a candidate.
Mr. Wada waa choaan after aavrrat
other possible candidates were di»
rumed. HI* Ane character, excellent
buaineee ability and qualitiei and
county-wide popularity were the de
ciding factor* In Mo favor.
The meeting war one of harmony
and enthaaiuro. according to Baani
jal L. Godwin, chairman of the com
mittee, who expeeta to ana Democra
cy win ito moot lmpreaeive viStory In
the county thia year. From every
loartar of the county member* ex
yreoeed the opinion that the party'a
aajorlty this year wo* Ed bo the lar
r»*t won ia many yean.
Fork member of the committee
vaa Instructed to appoint a woman
October from bis township to become
i boaadde member of the executive
r» wiU
oes in
heir respective townehipa. -»
The hem* U the unit around which
iny comm unity must be built. Wber
rver there is o ptentttude of homes,
her* you will find a preeperoui, eon
anted, aad happy people. No great
dty wo ever constructed upon *a
tine rant population. There must be
i nucleus of homee upon which to
ruOd. Nobody can hove a real abiding
n--‘ hi a -“ - who ia not
•r 4a Individual to owa bis home
teed have no qualms upon the *p
iroach of the census taker. Every
ommunity has In It hundreds of
louse* that are not and never will be
some*. It requires the element of
loesses!on and a lot of living to make
i home. Where there are homes there
ire likely to be children, and where
here are children there moat of nec
essity be growth.
It is the ambition of every man to
nra some small fraction of the sur
face of the earth. Because some mrs
ry to bog it all docs not altar the
nfthiet which Is Inherent in ovary
vormul human being. In tho heart of
retry man tho re ia a dream of the
fms when he eaa alt at bia ease be
laath bio own vine and fig tree. It Is
rood to own a little piece of land—
ivsn if It la nothing more than a
ot in a cemetery
A mas who owns Ms own home is o
Kindlier neighbor and a bettor cltfeon.
Bo has a vary direct and personal
nterest In tho wall-being of the com
nuntty la which bo lives. He stands
For good government because it it
mly a good government that eaa gtvo
'In proteotioh for hla property. Ho
want* church** and schools in order
that hie children may .ho educated
Mid trained. Ho is interested In the
beautification of hie city and tho Im
provumeot of his etrooto, bees use
theta thing* tend to enhance the val
ue and the boa sty of Ma own hold
ings. He become* rooted in the mil
*f that community and a part and
A eltjr that maltea It aaay for a man
la own his awn homo U an the Mgh
road ta pmprity. A tky that would
metinft homo building with finan
cial uiMum ta rsapenalbU pros
pects would aaae ba a eommonlty of
homaa. One property owner la worth
bra finely drauaod it ranger* who art
bare today and gone tomorrow Bhrda
of paaaaga SOldaai build nsata. A
tafeta a lot of Using ta mnka a home
A city of plenty of moan homes ta ■
dellgbtfel aa——illy. Thor* are to<
fear of them—Charlotte ©baerscr.
Retail Food Fidean ha
Muy CHI— Strasr I—romei
Washington. Aug. 6.—-Retell f<x*
prises from It amt of fid cities k. tb
United States Sbasrad an ■mersase dor
teg the month from Jon a II ta Jal]
II. the department of agrteuhurei
hutuaa of labor atatkdlos annewaxei
toereasee hmludet Atlanta, Multi
—fa sad JaskeaweUW, 1 par sent.
Ih—US— In shad's i- Rlsbasand, 1
par sent; Naur Turk and Washington
fhsn Iso-tontJm of one per cool
A motor boa with a glam Inrlsmi
top yressd a rartoaftg In Now Tart
Notorious Harriott County Mol
Ordered Rottumnd Hero
From U. S. Prison
Wash Bryant, notation* char act*
of Harnett county, who was last De
comber sentenced to serve <.hr*<
yean In the Federal prison at Atlas
ta, by Judge Henry G. Connor, ol
the United Staton District Coart, hai
been ordered returned ta Raleigh tc
be re-eentenced by Judge Connor, sc
cording to advicea ranching here yen
Bryant, who was ones triad in tbt
State court for the murder of hit
wife was given the full limit of tbi
law by Judge Connor, who pronoua
ccd the case ta be one of the moot
aggravated that was ever presented
in bis court. Two sons of the defend
ant toetsAed that they were forced
by their father ta work at a wbiakej
still sad a nundber of reputable citi
sons of the county firm to Raleigt
on thsli own motion to testify a
gainst Bryan*.
The Volstead Act provides that th*
maximum punishment for the first at
s__a_1 ■ v _ _l __St. _a •_s_
menu Bryant wan convicted in twe
separate ctwt, but there was an In
dictment by the giand Jury in oal)
one of them, .the other, having boar
placed on the docket on an “informa
tion" furnished by the District Attor
ney. This technicality is understood
to have formed the bade for a jrrit
of habeas co^us issaed by UaHod
-Buies Judge Samuel H. Sibley, oi
Atlanta, under which Bryant win be
brought back to Raleigh to bo sen
tenced again.—Mews and Observer,
VV.V. W7 vg».*T-»-> . t*l'A >* • " Vu "
Hotly pursued by mom than a
score of SandbKl elUseni bast on
lynching hi* three priaonera charged
with criminal amault on a white wo
man, and perhaps fatally ahootlni
Her husband as he lay as] cop Just out
side Southern Pint* early Frida)
morning. Sheriff D. A. Bins, of Moors
county swung through the gates ol
the State prison shortly after nooi
Friday and gave the three ncgroei
into the custody of Warden PoMiee
Not twenty miuolee behind thi
Packard in which Sheriff Blue had
covered the 78 miles between South
ern Pine* and Raleigh in cenaidarabl]
lest than two hours, a doaen othei
high powered touring can palled u)
at the prison gates. They had lef
the Sandhills nearly an hour behind
the sheriff and him priaonera.
Slash Crime Charged
Presence of meesbera of tha par
suit group in the city and widespread
ronton that an attempt to storm thi
State Prison might be made durinj
the night, caused Governor Morriaoi
to order a detachment of tha Dot
ham Modiine Gun company for gaan
duty here.
Behind the race between the shes
Iff and the enraged Sandhill eltiaea
lay on# of the blackest Crimea In th
history of tha Stale. Thursday nigh
A. K. Xetchen, his wife and on
ysar old daughter, making thslr wa;
leisurely from Miami, Fla., to that
old kerne In Connect lent by autemc
toils, had pitched their camp Just out
aula 4Vo - - ‘ llama 44 m ml BaUdtkaW
At 1 o'clock In the morning Mn
Ketehen wao ewakoned by a shot. H*
husband had been shot through th
left breast ao be lay-gslecp on hi
cot. The baby's head wee mites
by the fraction at an Inch. Th* bulli
paoaad through the body and throng
the eot on which ha was lying. Th
age want to assist hat huteand, bt
was dragged away and outraged, fir
by one negro and then the other.
Traaafort Of Rawl Estate
If. A. MeLaon U B. P. Ingram. I
aero* l« Upper ldttle Hirer, $2,00
J. C. Bart te Norm* B. Johnao
lot In Wales Creek. (1,02$.
| Clril A. Wood and ethers to A. \
I Gregory, M 1-2 acron In Heete
. Creek, $100.
' v .T. Wearer to J. 1. Wearer, I
I seres la Grose, $ft end otter tonal
1 oration.
* **■ AlisUr WI then te James
■ Witten. IN terse in Upper \M
Hirer, M00.
I W. B. Btephene to Non* Aeetn,
• o«r*e in Orure, lore end hgecttdn
Town of Coeds to B. T. Bnrnwo, I
lot la Conte, M0.
f B. a. Rogers to A. H. Regs m, t
t acres In Buekherw, $0,000.
—--- i .
ty-Omm Y«c
ONLY su;
am bo asm
the dark ride • bright
of the liras of
On setae la the IL W
Harper, father Hicks
aad Mrs. AAayt
Harper was owe
physicians. Be
hie ancestral
and was ooe
man of moat
was a favorite
drads of
pie of
tetwards which
is in (tore for riU doc
tors who devote i the
service of
Dr. F. T. of
ten in the Like Dn.
Harper and Haora ha*
passed to hi there
arc still In mem
ory. He was town wsi
young, moving early In
the life of that
Of the Sve
tiring hero whew Bead 4 Oma
1 them store woe established, ooly two
remain. They are- Dr. C. H. Saxton
and Dr. Oilers L. C—4g Their pro
scriptioai are amawic ttri Int and last
to the collection. *
The book te^la if flko coming to
Dttitn of Dr. Chari* TTIgksmith aa a
, lyoangster Just otttJkf Mrity to be
I come an eawiriata jot br. Sextan. H
| tells too of the eawS^ of Dr. Hieki
i to asaeeVxte with. Da. Ksga, whom
brighter become hP-Wffe; of th<
earning of yosngx Jh* Warren, or*
of Dannie own, jlinri of college ti
’ practice among MixADfbead friends
’ It chronicles the tJfhbfX of Dr. Wal
1 lace E. Coltraoe, ofMl A. Pebee
1 who has moved STfgTi.arJ luHy a
r Tir. H. C. ~ Tl gl.fTr of thorn ar
r laboring steadily xdBVb NKaf of ha
man salfertog—MUsWg books tel
* la tha book.,
hardworking dad
L af the Inft
r ad. deevr.
■ they Mat
I lU+rlng to yt
4 One can aa«
* lonely trail, tha
•* ad through good '
* through
II and lot, to
* UoUted pi
tell of the dayo
veiled by hofse
lonely read* af
A It UII. It alL
" tau that the
eldeot tn Dana,
1 moats that am
*- only It re in .ms
Osly fenr
» asm hors at that
ia They are
k general etere
W ml Cm_
Two committee, welling financial
aid to worthy project* were given
Idndly treatment by the board of
town commUaiancro la lta regular
meeting loot night They wore K. L.
GoiHrin, McD Holliday and T. L.
Riddle and Mm Frvd McKay from
the Woman’. Club.
The Chamber of Commerce, paint
ing oat that meet of the hotter Uwna
of the State contributed liberally to
the body to mbseribe far twenty
mctnberthlpo in the local organise
t ea. Tbia meant MOO a year. The
rcquwt oral granted whea It to ex
plained that the organization wu en
gaged eolely In working far the in
tercet, of the town and all of it*
peopb- Mr. Oodwiq .prcoooUd the
piaa. Them wae aot a dl.oaotlag eat*
when the Mayor Put the gomtlca .
Iha Woman’. Clnb damrrd 17SO if
pay part of the rgaur of employ
ing a wholotlme public health aurae
whose dutiee will be U vMt the 'sick,
examine oehool children, advtae pa
rent. along btohh llaem, etc. Mrs.'
Inip.i promoted the regocot far the
earn. It «m graatad iiaaalmnaxty
The American 1M Cm will pay.
the rent ef the aipiaoa.
Don't blame the tires if you skid
after jamarine tha throttle toe aooa.
Extra tins net in aac ee tha ear
•bould be stored in a cant, dark, dry
'New Turk. Aaa
of tampering with the third rail
the electrified division ef the
Island Ball road were reported by
officials of the rood today. No eaci
denta occurred and bora ana of the
early discovery of tho damape, the
beery Sunday traffic to Leap Island
beoebaa waa llttla impaired.
Through train service eras report*
ed on the train arhedeles at both the
Grand Central and Peaneptrania ter*
mi rude aa apparently normal. Xm
pWyei eald they coaid see little biflo*
coco on the stfike to the arrival sad
departure of trains
No state meet! won* Is reed by the
railway eaacistieoo on the strike eit
aatfra as a whale. Officiate apeakinp
individually aid tha smatlsoa are
watehinp rvery step Wing lake* My
the various Igortwi to form a anffiad,
front aad sec*** tha barkiag of the
"Lot them play pajWro aU thap
want," one, “well keep an run
ning trains."
Jtobort 8. Blnuord, salrint to
Chairman Coyier of the Kailway ea
ecvtieaa association, made pgbUe two
telegram* from the (locatives of two
roitroada, one in the loath aad on*
in tha West
The ArsWrom J. M. Kan, proof
dent of the St Look aad hi Fran
ekeo, rood. “Our situation continues
1 to Improve. Now have riband M pm
’ cent normal foree. Gaia of tM arts
* past 48 boor*. We are handling sat
isfactorily heavy proriastioa of coal
1 from Alabama sehsee. Proit,'grains
> and other perishables bandied eHtbooi
* delay. Our through noemaaor trains
> making pmctieaUr MbadaU time."
' The raeond tram L|au |^W
* rice praatrlent of the Atlantic Corn*
* Una Railroad, read: "Oar equlpneonl
' la aa good and mfa condition aa m
* Jaljr 1. Ronaing rvpaln bam bam
* Made and ara batag made currently
1 No Interruption or elinrtnatiea of an;
f |—mg or freight tekadala."
-_ -
a men In the comty; and Krnaat f
>. Young, then e u»erchdr»t and prom*
a tor ol moot map worth while thini
a in taw* and. now aanlei m—bn a
a tha law firm at Yoong. Beat aw
■ Mr. Hood hought the heetaaae free
it hio brother ht INI. Oeorge Oranthm
a waa hla chief Mark In tha Am* jraa
I* of baoiaom. Mr. Grantham1* eelar
i, then waa |M a month. At tha aw
of tho jear Mr. Hoad owod Mo alor
I- I MO and aoM Mm MM iataraat i
k. tho budnom whleh bacame knows i
m Hood and Grantham, la thaaa dm
* the mat hoard la town coaM ha ha
r, far 9A.A0 a month, which paid far
1 goad roam aka. Mr. Oiaatham anal
t. not spend tha ether fit at Ma dalai
l. aalaaa ha tank fra gnat flier* tvt
a! to “town" wbUb thoa waa applied t
in either FapattoatBo or AmMhAoM.
State ^WMafaljr«OitWw
, ° Wnwofl C—Hlri—i
■election of Mod froa moat frslt
fal cottas suite will aid fvsm la
Ite dght against the boll weeotl aad
Win be profitable to tbaaa who an
not troabled by tbs pool, miwlhg to
a botlotln /sat leaned by It Y. Vte
Uis, Stats agreaenriat. Tbo bsSsds
Cotton growan whs soar bans ball
woorU can bm It to advantage aad
tba grower who baa so ball wasofl
thte year will got son greater pis
dtffrsai it.
Cot toe growen aad agricnltural
expert! to tbe aoatk of a* know what
K menna U oca oae-foertb to tbres
foartte of the eettoa boSa of a SsM
destroyed by weerll. They tell os' that
during aaaaaas faoseaMa to tba weeo
II oety Httla eottoa is ast after tbe
drat pelt ef Asgsst. After tUa ttea
tba waaoil hast sw!HpHed Is ascb
large nombare that paretlsally aa
(geared art loft. Under nek eondt
tlona the auonat #f aactna wa pick Is
the fall dapcndi opoa the auUher af
aad yon wttl dad stalu that hare
ton U twelve holla let aad atitaa that
bam tea tbaathrea.
■aad f raae tba plants that bare tea
ar uare tela set wfll rasredaaa
plants of thoir Had. Tha ptoato that
hove tha largest number of boOa now
aro not only mfar from had owtfl
attach but wfl] product tha greatest
amount of lint Ah ML flood from
tbooa pUnm wiU pm this guettty on
to the crap nest and far years A
coma. Than, if, those plants are our
fa curicot yitldcta and rcpredueo hasry
y Isidore aartng saad from thorn wOl
pay whether wo have bad erervil ar
not. Tbo raonlta from thto week Into
yoar pn an average In mam af M
af aped. tVW wfl plant flat to At
aeiua. figure your profit. Do you
know any week an tha farm Ant will
pay batter Ana this?
Begin right now by walking tbo
plants that her* the largest number
of holla act. Mark Asm with a tag
or colored strips of cloth as the cot
ton may A pickad from them in the
fan. Jnat Wart the general crap to
pickad send a careful pickor to tko
laid to sere tbo seed plants. Store
it In a dry plana and whan tha raA
af picking sad ginning to near, dean
ant tha gin thoroughly and gia the
ased free from mixtures, lomrmher
It win pay whether you bare boll
weevil or net. If yen have tha A8
weevil now ia tha boat Bate to begin
preparation for them.
ma ■ <i
Bottler Caflad to Scribe Attpeted
Child Win Pother
Now Bern, Aag. 6—Little Talaser
Hnghee, two year-old son of Mr. and
Mrs. Bingham Hagha*. who redds an
a fame ton miles earn of bora, bad
a narrow eoaapo from death when
hto father shot and killed a big *■*#
snake that apparently had As child
charmed af thoir boms, aceordlag to
tko story told by a member af As
local pellce fares, wide of tha little
The attention of Mr. I^kn wee
drawn to fab AM whan A hotbed
fab interna la threat ta aaete object ly
ing on tA ground, and an cleair ex
amination discovered the roptfla. As
the boy boat ovar, Ae anaA was seen
to turn Ita bead from dde to stdo.
moving within fix Inch— of hi* faea.
Sovornl tfaao* H wa* mid, ho nmM
•at — If to pick op th* aaako, hot
' —h time h—lUtod, hewovtr, Ml
hooding th* father** ealia.
r—Blag that any oVort on kla par
. to do to Mo child might cm— tin
. who to otrfho, Mr. Hnghai mo Inh
r th* hone* and —torn 11 with o *«
t gan and fto— a dtotane* •! laity o
I Afty faat And *a k. Th* load woo
to M» —h. hOUng th* wptli hwtmd
i ly. th* chfld ,-eaplng with—t
r hy tha loaMaot, hawing wa—had th
f whal* pwndow from th* dam.
I Tha mttior maa—r* d faor trat ftv
k iMhw la bag* and had thlr— ml
> Oaa. It* haad wm *a wid* od
■ man’* hand. It wm atalad.
> — « . .
xt **y.*
* > >.
a; .V'^'
AjV" Af
i • •
' y',

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