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Near Enter. Ntwi AffucU lm
do*trial Amd Financial
Situation* m U. S.
New York. Oct- 1—Further evi
dence of improvement in the financial
‘•nd industrial situation* during the
past wfck found an offset m far as
bustnens and financial sentiment In
concerned In the foreign outlook. B*>
actions in securities markets has tar
nished u background for somewhat
grsve view, as ta the pomRflllty iof
war between Turkey and Great Bri
tain. Despite the fact that Conssivs
tlvs riuarters are skeptical as to an
actual outbreak at hostilities, the
poealbUty of a dash la the neutral
•one along the Dardanelles acted as
a curb an buying. In addition it was
pointed out by soma observers that
tho Canaan reparations problem salt]
remains and that a new erMs frill be
presented early in the year, unless
tome corapre hr naive plan for dealing
<oith the difficulty shall be agreed to
In the meantime.
Farther Kumry
Industrial activity at home dm
•d, however, e further recovery tnmm
the efforts of the strike. The steed In
dustry wee reported to be opatatlag
at a rate clow to 70 par cast af
capacity as compared to SO par Met
during the' Aagvt ahead owe. Ceal
supplies are no longer a limiting fac
Further settlements have boon
made between Individ sal raitroade
tnd their shopmen.
Tha latest -it* loading etottotlss.
those for the weak ended fliytimlin
J«. show another new high record far
the year, the total being SM.tlS earn
Some diaappotntment has bemi «
pram id over Aaguat raffraad ears
• Inga. A number af the roads due
deficits and others heavy leases ip
both gross and net inmma ae pamper
ed »tth Augurt a year ago. Ow-dha
othe* jhand. soma roahr akbw Im
Wheat jgtees saw ?—tiadag 1%
fluctuate with the war area, hoi omit
into the market.
A (tightly flmtor tone has persist
ed in the money market, although call
money has eased off materially af
ter the flurry caused by tax payment
operations. The priaoipal feature of
the Federal Reserve statement is a
continuation of the beddings of ac
ceptance* bought in the open market*
by the reserve banks.
The system's rsaarre ratio remains
practically unchanged.
' When a Petaluna (Cal.) poaltoy
msa dtecorered that hi* lyena laid
more and Mfger ecu If they were
■applied with a regular dally eoneert
of jam and that some of tha bin
ambltloui young pellet* were actually
learning to dummy, while the wre
aedate old kiddie* aarmad at timm
to be trying to sing “Ixrrey Dessy”
aad the rooaten warn high stopping
to tha tuna of “Oh. Yon Chicken,” ha
imagined He had roach ad tha Emit to
tha rede* of discoveries.
Now nobody can obtain a Job an
that chicken ranch unless he can ***
tha aaxaphons. Jaw sharp or trap*
drum, and at nl^rt, whan tha forwto
go to their roods, * phonograph with
a repeating attachment aad driven by
a slow raster ia turned loom far an
hour or so.
This aoethe* tha hen* to UtairwaU
samed rent, and at 4 o'clock to the
moralag they are asm Vend by the
strains of the “Tennessee, Mesa,”
While a myriad of ohwtrie leapt
throw a flood of light span the
In less thna than required in tha
tailing tha Hens has* A landed from
the roosta, have devoured thatr braak
fasto and am hard at wurit laying
egg* aa tod that tt It ail ■ CMnaman
with a wheelbarrow can do to olaai
»w»y Hi* flat tot la Ua* fa A*
Bat It rams load far ana Walter O.
Brook a. of Santa Monies, 0*1., to dis
cover that Jobs may be pieced on tha
asm* commercial ptshe with A* jflo,
aoighsm. ipolaaaa* aad htu math la
mm maaacrr at a
tolnod hr a dairy Tin hud
was srcanlsad a yaar at*.
Wa« haU dally, aftsr tha
"At Ant wa wars aat my (Mi*
■1» Brtnka, “bat whaa an gat hat
*»r wa hagaa ta mtica that tha asm
arm fMa* Bara rfk."—Haw Tarl
Yaar "AWt at tha idfafl Ml)
boost a * ommantty sataryrtaa an
will adrartlM yaar pssBast.-' Adas*
Association PImu Large For
Fourth Annual Fair Open
ing Tuesday
Goldstein Wants Thom As Es
cort For John P. Parker,
Who Is To Make Opening
Address — Sapiro Coming
Wednesday To Explain Co
Oporathro Marketing.
WKh the moat Imposing program
>t yet har prrrrntod the Harnett
County Agricultural fair auodatien
aill opart Its fourth annual fair at
Dunn navi ** 1 -» _i tv.
whole of she great Duan District ha*
t* eyes turned upon the mammoth
rorlorurv where the program it to be
As usual the fair will open with a
parade of band*, shows, officials, etc.,
■t 10 o'clock. The parade this year
probably will be aupplamented by the
school children of Dunn. Bilie Ootd
u*ln, basinet* manager of the »—n
ciatioa, li endeavoring today to in
due* Superintendent W. 8. Snipe* to
e**cc th# local school* on the opening
day in order that the children may
*orv# as an escort to John J. Parker,
who Is to make the opening address.
Mr. Snipes haa not made the decision
Aaron 8aptro. leader of the co-op
erative marketing Idea among Ameri
can farmers will ig-nV on Wednesday
tha aacoud day. Mr. Saplra 1* owe of
the loading men of the country. He
has a wonderful grasp of the market
ing situation and cornea to Dane to
e^ialn the ce-eparatW* Ida* to buat
aaas man aad farmer*.
Three mess will feature each day
of the Mr. Thq bam hods** eg the
(hirmndisg country dr« boip* star
ed In Cbe races hold only f«r local
W. Draagkoo wfH be the official sUr
tar, OranrlUe M. THghman will be
the timekeeper
Firework* displays will be featured
Tuesday and Wednesday night*. The
program includes the moat wonderful
displays ever sh'osm in Dane. Ad
mission to the night dhow will be 36
cent* for everybody. Admission to
the day shows will be S6 eenU for
children sad BO ceaiW foj grown peo
ple. The reduction in prices «*• mad*
to give everybody an opportunity to
•a* the big fair.
Brawn and Dyer* circa* and carni
val shawm win furnish the Midway
attraction*. K will require 3S can
to bring this stupendous aggregation
to tow*. It will arrive Sunday or
Monday over the Atlantic Coast Line
Railway. ‘Me company has played to
lanrast fairs in the Cast thi* _
notably Baltimore, Md., and York,
Several targe (free arts asill be
staged ovary day in front of the
'grandstand. Tbaaa alone eritt /be well
worth the price of admission.
A child Health conference will be
conducted every day. Any parent may
eater hit child in able conference for
a thorough physical examination.
Mlaa Agree Harris, community none,
will conduct tide conference and will
be seriated by ail of the phyldana
and dentists of Drum
Mlaa Elisabeth Bridge, bom* dem
onstration agent for Harnett County,
will stag* aereral demonstration! at
her booth In Tleral Haa On Wednes
day the wtH hold a color demonstra
tion through which eke will tell wo
men which colon suit Siam beat.
H. A. Edge, farm demon it ration
agugt far Harnett County, also will
make some rmluahlo doruoMtratleni
should see.
These are Just a few of the many
whleh ovary lamer M the dMM
now features added to the fair. The
management has planned to see Oral
no moment during the fair la a dull
•ne It has succeeded admirably.
- - t
A good pariura means better milk
t>ett«r milk means Wealthier child ret
means more powerful adults. Am yea
plea stag far your children T
w a
* 4
44 TMa k «<» Um. to kUl next 4
44 yOar'i era* of boll woovik. Up- 4
44 root tho cotton (talk* and do- 4
44 ikcr «hc nroorfl’a food at one*. 4
44 tMi wp compel tho watrtta to 4
44 M llfclt food toapar dnrtnp 4
1 44 *~lTiiaallin and akno tbam 4
44 praoticaBy all to daoth Km tfca 4
’*44 cotton atalka *
• _ 4
WIlMta Mm U Finally inUtd By
FoUao mmd P»i In Jell On
Lunnny Commitment
Wilson, Oct. 2.—8ttndsy mo rainy
W. C Hudson, t local tobacconist ran
'muck at his homo and attempted to
annihilate his whole family. It is al
loyed that he bey an by ossa al tiny Ms
yvuny rhild and whan hla wtfo wont
to tho little one's rescue ho assaulted
hs.\ At this June ears his son went
to assist his mother. The father then
took up an axe and started after the
•on who had ban leaded himself In hla
loom on the second story. The father
battered in the door arte the sob
jumped from the window and sent in
s call for tho poilre who a muted the
frensied father and locked him 19.
He is now 'in jail, hwviny bean iuear-i
crated or o lunacy commitment
'Op—wl Seriea of Ruvirul M—t
inp la Diriue Sir—I
Methodiat Sunday
He la A Native Of Ohio And
Hhe Dm. Vah.aU. Work im
South During Laat 10 Y—re
—Paul Templeton Directs
Muaie—Aalateruetkar Fea
Tk* evangciiaUe meeting at the
Methodist chureh la Dean leg con
daehd by KvnagvHat Bari a NaU Is
drawing large era mis and tfce-aetleefc
w fer own of tee gram— ggeate—
la tea kiitor? of tea tern' TVd ye.
rtcae begun t* VenA-day mepd^
with a record cahed fa* tea start of
Evangelist Moll la a "Buckeye” by
birth* having been horn and reared
In the State of Ohio. He has bees
working In the eoeth through the
lnat ten years of hh ministry?, bold
ing meeting* In oil of the Soother*
States from Texas to Maryland. As
he soya, hi* education has boooi large
ly teat which cornea by experience,
’-hough be baa epcirt several yean
n the Colleges of hie church. He aays
itiat aawla. *1_a V. t_ a.
do in this world In to teH men Hut
they must "Oct ready for Ktrrntty"
HI* sermon* *o far Jure been direct
oil nlmoet entirely to the mcsnbertiup
of the church, because he say* that,
“the tinner* outeide of the church
will never get straight till the elan or*
inside of the ohurch gate right.”
Hi* lubjeet for Tuesday night will
be "Looking around," a sermon that
hae become famous wherever he has
preached it
In speaking of the meeting nn in
justice would be done if the musics!
part ef service* ware aagiebtad. Choir
Director Paul I. Templeton ef Meri
dian, Mississippi is Indeed a artist in
Ms Hne Hi* directing in hie lin,
hia line. His directing/la indeed a
(real asset to the aWsting and hia
*olo* are a feature of every eervtoe.
The services are announced (a Con
tinue for tho balance ef Htia week1
and possibly through aext as well.
The service* are being held daily at
ten In the morning and ad 00**0-fif
teen at night.
Mew York World.
“Old BUI” StadtasRIar ef Jwuey
City, who Mrt May wouldn't he sent
to the almshouse because be couldn't
taka bin dog Hnuaio, has led Me
enthusiasm for the up-fltate farm
where the florae AM Beeiety asset
him and has retained tf Jersey City
and taken a Job with the *. P . C. A..
“Bin” Mid he HI not properly
treated on the frrm. 7%m foBn oa
the farm declared that '‘Old 8111“ and
hie dog wore well taken earn of; they
had nothing to do hat owl three meets
a day' and amble aboe? the «0 acre*
of laad. 1
, I» tha hem. of the Hadron Ooeoty
OWtrlet Boeioty for rte Prevention of
Cruelty to Animals, where “BIB" wm
teMa foar day* ago by birpeoter An
thar H. KoOonaM of (he Boeioty, .
reporter for the WetM bad a talk
>1 After *owiag the reporter e new
l oft ef d«Bii and some tehacM
i beogbt for hhn by Orngrearaun Man
; "hafl V»a Winkle ef Jersey Otty, he
brought oat falthfai old Jh—lr.
*V . ** # . d
«P*nt wefawad her*, the gaeat
of Mi*. MnbelPfayodworth.
B. R Thofapa ^mt the week-end
in Deriiem w)+ W* family.
Hr. end 1M ft. b. Pet* aper* the
•**k. end art# Mr*. Pato’a varenU
abor* UPlngt^a
Cecil and Alton Ugtrt of Durham,
tpeat fao weekend hen with friend*.
W.rBprlnhJ#, principal of
the Daha Grrifed and W«h hrhooU,
attended far eonferene* of High
»choo' PrtnrfpyK wtriA we* held In
ItalaiRh laat wpak.
W.fa. *ohnma ef Dorn, tptnt 8en
day hai*. \ I
Mr and My*. R. D. Healey and
famOy ef Dolhaa. ep#** the wnek
and hare, thekayato af Mr. and Ha
O. B. Godfrey. • •
Bderwd mm» PMHp' Thom., of
•hrin*. faarit fa* meek and hem
with friend*.
Beyerte freai fa* hedcld* ef J. c.
Morgan, faaafaaaft ef Turlington, m
to fa* rifedt faat he da no hatter. Mr,
M*m* hoe h*en an tomato ef the
Deed flop* faayital hare for aeeeral
^ ^ ^ ^
W. M. Pomter left laet Week far
«« awwnty, wtmre he wdU faach
taheel the Mating oaeatoa. Mr. Paw
ler M Principal ef fay Qaianerip
Graded and High arinal.
Mr. B. L. «ani haa roeeatfy had
a tnmgfata fadly e«tM Inatplled He
parta every «1«K fa addition to fai
httTtf and dahanartady.
Of loSM
tKi* Mki
ux» eery
bU for
wr »u
Mr. and
No oOu
Tr «f Uo a* »<Nh
“ tw tor
w" Diroloy
OMnt I )|llrii
®«ul4 for the vtiem
umi no
,**B I two
t lactate V*tm
»®d bo. tha «rte of
of Jaaao
Count jr.
»*•» by
(Mb* tlmry ImcWC*ntwell of Wtl
™*»gto»i jar*flr*d faet Saturday to
•■wue char** M the Duke Public
Library. Miaa Q&twaU baa bad quite
a bit of • aperient* a* a hbmraai,
and K it bop*/ that under her care
the library arfE' farther enlarge and
'nemaae the a unbar of votaaian al
*e*dy upon ite* alialrem. TSrrv is a
wholesome lntqMat abewei la the gooj
work done by «» librarian and other
bcooflela] work done by her. She
ilco baa Charge of (he "Glrl’o Friend
ly wlm~3aee amd helpful
work tn the Mira. Since the tuigrw
Uoa ef Mm fUlinghart. Hit S. T.
Daniel, haa bdrn □, ebarga of the
inetttatton. ~ i ,
Mia Mary Mai of Bad Springe,
will again teaA here this yrar. The
entire town is glad to we Iconic Hka
Me Loan back5''home" aa Ac baa a
boat of friend? bora.
Mb# Sue OAbrane of Shelby, ar
rired lari wad to aaeaae her dutlea
M name at Good Hope Boapdal.
Moa.Ieea Mamona af FayatteriQe,
Jaka D. b— Rrea*hi Saak By B*
HB Lawfe. WD Plead Self
Lumbertoa. Oat. 1.—Sheriff R. K
Lewie arrived here Let* Uat niyfcl
with Jaa D. Keeop, wha war an—ted
la St_ Augaatliia, Fla., Wedneeday ef
l—C weak oa the eharye of wn-i
Daaiel K. MeN.IH a— r Rad SprUym,
Hobeaon eouaty, — Any—t IS, 1ST*.
44 yean ayo.
Kempt admit* Millay Id (He 111 aad
talked freely about the affair. He i*
aanr eboot M year* old aad thoayfc
ha 1* married aad bee four BkenWd
■kUdren he never breather a word to
tte arlfe or aay other per—a about
the kOtiny uatdl after h4a arreat. He
rayr rhat he w— Identified by a —a
named Sinclair wha moved to Florida
from ride county eavara] yuan —e.
He will plead eelf-dofea- whoa toted
at the Nevemher term of Buyer! «o
Governor of North Carolina, awh
arraiemc in one fOUKjrj aiaerj
8 nator John Rob >m«tt oriU In
tnxlace Governor Morriaon. Then the
fan win be(4a. TSa Governor to ga
taff to reply ta the Republican walk
■boat high tana and aH that sort af
thin*. Thooe wbe have heard bn
epaak wfli know what ta oxpeet
Thoae who have never heard Gov
ernor Cant apeak, owe H ta theto
•chroa ta go ta liWaglon. North
Carolina bar never produced a wore
load enough for aO ta hoar.
A tremendou* barbecue dinner to
briny planned by the oaecuttoo eom
•ktao. Nearly every HltU pig hi the
Uflinctea territory to boh« sacrific
ed far thto parpooo. Mr. Godwin eeye
Aero will bo ’erne opeugh for ItoO
Everybody it invited to attend.
Sahas. Sept. SO—Idle tndm via.
lted Selma late night and rubbed the
•n Erprvaa Ca., and the Wood Ore
r«ry Co. Aboot WOO la aauy va
•tolan. la both Inoteaces the TibbteO
battered the door of the safe to plaooo
with o heavy tamwci and a ylok
arhleb they oaearod by breaking kb
tha tool haooo of (ha aootioa foramen
of tkt Bootharn BaOway, whieh it
located near Aa. of Aefr spots.
Hen* Thera waa aboat STK fa Aa
safe ef tha IT»yrtee Ooanpaay aad
•boat »7» bi tha tefa of Aa Wood
Grocery Co., tha (tore of tha Union
Oratory A Feed Oo, aero ■ Ao teroat
fro* tha Wood Otocaty Ca., waa aba
broken opan bat aathfa^ is li itn|
from tha iatartor. Thera Is so *teo to
tha Identity ad tha robbers
D»k«i* * tKa e*n«faah»t af toa
Qro.aabara Dally Knra 4a a-aa* ta
my. yat aaraat rtranyt laat totaatoy
whtt* tiurlia*. for Unt^taa a«alaal
Aaglar, hr Aottla* than nlhy toa
aaora at P to P .TMtwa a yraatritoa
far "NUah” aa toa ~n ^fi\ im|»
•4 tlnamlTM ta to aohwtahla. O'
Qalaai haa haaa « maWr af toa
Oraaaahata hatahaB toaaa af toa
W*4a«al )a*Oa far toa fait Iarc
hatiaa to aataataaf *-—*ia“
What fc ballara* to ha a iaaaa« h
toa anaata af potato >aMa* far tod
aaedaa af toa atato aw toa 4%atat
af toa ** **
m uuuimvvi
•fther ten miImM *r rtored her*.
It it believed that 8m open market
will eeO at leeat 28,000 hale* thfc
year tad that A*-rtriram wdH
receive two third* a* arach.
Wilmington, dct. J. — “The bofl
frMi cotton to didnta? ami '
otoofc growing, bat tbo eradication of
the cattle tick made the change paw
■tMe.” mU A. L. James, of Dertiag
to®> South Corotioa, a recent coo vert
te purebred cattle.
“Wo bad tick* oa oar form," ha
Mid, “and at that time oar II am
war* worth about fMO for the whole
let. Now wo havo 44 'Ineiamjo. b*
cladlag young mtaeh, aad they saw
•••Uy worth aa avotuge of MM a
after the fever ticks wen
cleaned oat fan tkie section of the
State, Mr. James bought a good cow
for fits and la 110 dapu he bad
paid for be reelf la ediHHna te payfaig
for hex keep The price of mUk la not
m high now M It was ImmiiHtlilj
following the tMfcm off of the >—»
Hek, hut atlll the reeking ef milk la
profitable. One taetar that km had
mash te da with it le the feed. wMek
I* largely Heme grown. Oettoa seed
it eaehaaged for ittlna Mid meal.
Hay b made ef eats aad vetch aad
Hat the beet crop of el oa the
ton*. I* tto awM^***, K £
Wtm to**, k la May t* grow M
totoala of tto In* to tto pad to
tto **r* an toad that arUI pt» |«
to**U *f aw* to tto aaato tto*.
Wto* tto «*ra to* tow rtoml tto
am* «* to patoarad a* to* torn*
•ad eornaUtoa daria* to Id to
wtator. Canrar-crap rjr* I* d* m
fa* partaa*.
Tto aam a* tola tom m* W
maktoc ap tor wtot cotta* daw aat
da. |* itM Mr. to* n
aa wan, tot to* pda* of oatao* wok
a drop aad only * goto pudaadaa
•( atilk kapt kto potnp tto (to
aaaktad kto to told kb aattea lor
Vtot IkS to* dMtti ;I1
u4 • fenced eetfea eeiwge *e
tmi new tfce teftllWerMB. ig^fH
n turn W4IN tone ef tottwe
feu^Mtr *1 tew wew' Jeed." • t?*"
Ua «• «m elTirJnn* Umj&km
■Ln ,>.".yt', ^toa* "***
■“paoa Canty_j*
tUa fall to wake an tfM to retrieve
a part of thrir faH.a iortoaw >Mn
Uwy Soto 'aw. A oort of fatootolaa
koto effected between tea Democrat,
and aotne larargant fteyobttOona.
Thto la to lay tta Dvmorota have to
tawed A* candidacy of a cnpla of
tajwti for clerk of toe court and
we baiter., .heriff, to the w inllu.
aewlnatlny powocroto for toh-affwc
emtog oOCte. Row Bob*; Ato mad.
tgood raa for toe fongrejtooaM ar
tandtoa, la A* odeetton fed to*
Born* of Wtoor mulatto w and
Mb When bettor* they have a
chanor to etoct bin.'
Than wtB he, wo hare no Mt, f
aone complaint from the dyed tofta
wool^MtoerondwMo win todtot’toot
bar* Indoned anybody wbe bad^toor
tan a Republic. to ny nothing of ,
npyorttag oae wbo la merriy dte
gmmttod. Btot if Raagynb goto totter
grrermaent oot of the eatobla* R
•taold worry.
Hack conM ho laid to to.Ill' to
•top** tad*, howoa, and ahfp mb
•My tog—onto at tba coantv its.
and heMiag a — i—ifoii , ■-j
tar Dm wlitolao of rmny -fiiiri.
ta on tba btob of nelaiatong Samp
aon for tba Democratic parly A*
Mht onto he wade n comity itotooa
and mat w Stain •, National Tba
®taN«nitojp«ty to Mori* Oaatohw
fWtora to deltow tba good*
IFWanwont If the Weyahltodalfcov
aramiot of ■amyron hat faded to da
ta**. toM Coonty a*r be inoMinod,
tat not wttoowi tot btoy of dtnwtod
Anybow, It la *ampaoa*i hnalnew
and toot la abate all w* Martel oot to
aay —Ratolgh Tfanoa. ‘ t

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