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Switaficid, Doc. l*.—Tto tegular
tn week* December tezan of court
began heee yesterday, the fint week
to to devoted, to tto criminal docket
and tto reread week to tto eivfl doc
( tot. Judge ©. H. Alien, of K neton.
to pree'dlng. and tide wlU be h* toet
court befere retlria* from tto totok.
tto to* lc guilt arc pawed a law
permitting judge* who ton wnvd
for fifteen yean or none and who
are over II pen of age to retire on
half pay, three judge* to aet in tto
capacity of emergency judge* te bold
ipeeial terms of court etc. Judge
ABew being over « J year* of age, and
toeing been on tto beach for twenty
Lx yea re to eligible to retire. He will
to tuceoeded by Jadge-etot Heavy
Grady, of Clinton. who toe figured
- prominently in tto paper* recently,
toeing been charged with being at
tto toad of tto Xu Ktux klaa in thie
Thi» week beiag devoted to crlm
iaal caoee, tto Sheppard murder trial
wfll come up. Thl* le probably the
•atetandlng ear* of the ertmlual dock
et. It wS! be recalled that Shcppari
l* charged with the murt'er of Deputy
Stotiff J. Jf. OTTcil of Wilder"* towa
•hip. Do bae hevn heid without bond,
la the Jail here pending trial.
Southern wt vcra nr.*i>rpa*Acd •
••dng the nation* of the earth in cour
age. tpbrit, hospitality, and generality
to their equal*. They were apt to com
Utar.d and apt to StKeeed. They were
•tie politician*. With the tore and
habit of truth, which becomes brave
ntea In all common conce:rw, they
were tubdc and skilful diplomatist*
when diplomacy was needed to uecom
piadi any political rod.
My long conflict with their leaders
ha* impressed me with nn ever in
creasing admiration of the greet and
high qualities of our Southern peo
ple. Their leva of home; their eMv
aloua reepoet for women; their cour
age; their delicate mate of honor;
their constancy, which ran abide by
an opinion or a purpose or an interest
of their state’*, through adversity
and through prosperity, through the
yean and through the generations,
are things by, which the people of the
more mercurial North may tab* a Ics
»ofi- And there la another thing—eo
rftUwimom, corruption, the low temp
tatiea of money ha* not yet found
••y place In our Southern politics.—
Georg* Prtsbie Hear, senator from
MMaacbueetts. 1877,1904.
prohibition omcui
Eulbfcwsy. Doe. U. — Prohibition
oReoru in North Carolina captured a
total of 89 Hlielt liquor itistillerlei.
*4,029 gallons of InUxleating liquors,
Ktxrd 32 automobiles and effected 44
*"«M» during the month of Nmu
her, acrenliag to • ropor* tamed to
day by Prohibition Director R. A. X*
Puria, Doc. It.—"Needle demons,"
is tbo title given to the originators of j
; *• **toct crime warm in Paris, which'
police reports tho w has been grow-'
■ag ’.n intensity for tho past two
wueks until now dosaaa of womoa
tiaHy an being pricked with pofconed
nctaUoc by aaidaatifiad monomaniacs.
The tenor began among the we
men Chriatmna shoppie in the big de
narvanent stores, but the needle Jab
beta arc now operating in aato btuea,
the subways anti other placos when
crowd* congregate and it is possible
to inflict the injury sad escape with
out identification. j
The police an as mock mystified
us they wsn by last winter's eplde
■** of dress ud far coat sloshing' uml •
m far aa arrests her* bean made.
WhU# the needle points are believed
to be poisoned, the rtect oo too vte
tfw* la not serious, the woman usually
••raping with alight swelling and
snacalar pains.
Italaigh. Dee. 1*—Without a writ*
ten opinion, the North Carolina Ss
promo Coort today declined to change
ita former opinion bolding the par
clearance act of tho 1(21 general as
sembly lirvaHd.
*>• c**c came to the supreme
coart again on a re-bearing allowed
by Associate Justice W. P. Stacy and
Platt D. Walker on October 20, the!
original decision in the eaae known'
as the Panama and Merchants bank
va. red oral Reserve Bank of Bleh
med, Va., having boon handed down
by tha supremo coart an Mag 24.
»'li: 1122 coxun crop U estimated
- ••« *\)»emr>eiil t0 be the ima’lcat,
' -ywiiWy or.c exception. In 20
'n fourth meet valuable
*('■? si the i-Jirtr;. There
r*.e yeeadox of cotton—when ea!»
' Mti t*>e eoutbern cottonflcM*,
the tooth pays all It* debt*, but when
the mum it perfect, and foner.e is
kind. Delete to me body hat accamiao
datlagly started a war In Europe, the
cotton farmer U reduced abnoet to
Tbet It true beoeoie he has no
adequate control over his own prod
uct Without organisation to prevent
— I
» «t«t of the market, hie own eue-,
tea aa i producer ie hit min.
It lent much of a compliment to
tho intelligence of the cotton fumer
to iay that ha bent euccaoda loan*
dally except when a fa ire are taken
out of hit handt, either by a war, ar
t>y a crop abortage. But lan’t it trnaT
—Creenehoro New a
__ I
Intoxicated driven of eutomobUof
end run totere will fere badly eheold
Urulitlon hold aider eoniiderertion
by RepreeontiUve Bictor B. Bryant,
u e purely local mceeure, be paeeed
in the next teuton otf the Oenerel
Save money on your Christmas Fruit by
buying it from J. D. Baggett at Maitland,
Fla., who will open a car load of Oranges,
Tangerines, and Grape Fruit in Dunn, on A.
C. L. track near depot.
Saturday, Dec. 16
Will stay here untO entire lot is sold.
This fruit is grown by Mr. Baggett in his
Florida groves, which assures the lowest
prices as well as the best grades.
Save Money by Baying from Me
J. D. Baggett
Maitland, Florida
* "" ~ =^^==" ■ 1 -r
M*^™*^™***^"**^^^ ————i
' 1 '* ,r ■
3 ; OR
IS— ' _
II „
Get your furniture at—
Barnes & Holliday’s
. No store has a larger, prettier, more ser
viceable line.
No store can quote you more attractive
J0j Ijl
iy Company I
Mr. Farmer—
. a < * *
Use lime--It will make you money, i
i •
We have just received a car of MAS- :
COTT ground lime stone and the price is j
right. Cotne to see us at once if you want any ;
for winder and spring use. We do not think j
^ v’ery l°ng as there is a big demand ii
for lime this year on account of the price and ii
s a i
-»---— ::
v « ,
Johnson Cotton Company \\
Dunn. North Carolina I:
Standard Middlings ... _$2.10
Red Dog .. $2.50
Sugarine Scratch Feed ..$3.00
Sugarine Buttermilk Mash.$3.50
Sugarine Dairy Feed_$2.50
Sucrene Dairy Feed..$2.25
Just a few more tons of the above bar
gains left Next prices will necessarily be
higher. Buy now and save the difference.
Holiday and Toy Goods on Display
youno^Giv * JU<t °.p®nod ®'ir Ch***tma* toy* and have something to please old and
d^‘ fthTLdL* °°^ OVer ^ bcautiful ^P^J- We have crtuhed our price.
will pay you to see our stock before you buy your
* #£fd*1 ^ wbo "™t to give something to hi. wife, sweet
b—ft, orsuter. Mo.t of our Christmas good, are fine and tueful. Our door is open to
mop, ladies and children, so come tod look for yourself. -_ __...^
Tea Mt, cap, taacer and dtihc*. 26
PWcm, beautifully painted, lane ilac
- |
8m*]i rite tea tat, U piece*_29c
taifa die silk drrteed do!l_$2.99
Medium lire piano, (pedal at_Me
l*J*a rise chime*, makes pretty
nra”<!. tus
Beautlfal painted bucket and ehor*!
lerpe rite . py,
<lood quality aluminum percolator_
Bab* Japanese tllk quilt, beautiful
bund work tllk embroidery, medhna
eiee, pood quality eflk_..$2.10
All, wool Teddy Boar suit red end
kT^match*^ 1,001 £®*t’ ^
CHBdrsna sweaters from 2 up to I
Et™1 w*i*. •“ w*of-$2.2t
Mbr blanket, Teddy Bear and Rab
bit Afure, good rise_$1.00
We h«v* a big stock of 41k under
wear, all Jw^h .grade gooda, such aa
crape do chine, crape meteor, pmry
willow, taffeta and fine Quality glove
4lk and Jo»ey. If you Ent to give
something good we want you to come
and see our lilk deportment. We can
not mention everything we carry in
our store we only mention a few ar
ticle* to give you an Idea of our
Best quality crepe dc chine negligees
With georgette slip over beautiful
hand embroidery .. Iss aa
Crop* do ehina night gown worked
with ailk embroidery to match.S1Z.M
Japanese silk Klmons, heavy weight,
hand made ....__II2.M
Gio>« ulk night gown, trimmed with
pretty ribbon to match_$7 »S
Evening gown, good quality crape
chiffon, trimmed with silk ribbon and
beautlfal fur, price __$M.IO
Eaacing frock, good quality, change
able color, taffota, newest style aky
blue and navy, price U1.M to MS.60
Breakfast gown, heavy quality, crepe
d« chine, trimmed with rilk fringe to
We have a fine stock of Madoria
good!, ipoc tally for the holiday
«u«h as scarfs, table cloths, gucat tow
•m, pillow Casio, carriage coven,
handkerchief! and napkins, you can
come and as* for yourvelf -we have
these goods on display.
Moderia napkins, IS-la. beautiful
hand work, special pries for Christ
a-™* U JJ" ““•* W* J"* received a big stock, especially for the Christmas
holidays. Not only this but our prices will be reduced.
Remember wbesi you come to oar store to buy dresses, coat suits, coats, furs and
choakers, we will give you 20 per emit off of every dress, coat and coat suit you buy.
n»Me prices wffl last tmtO Christmas so do not miss the opportunity to buy these goods
at a low price. • .
Yours for business,
Sam Thoms*, Manager Dunn, North Carolina
; 0
^___ • •
' i •

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