North Carolina Newspapers

VOLUME IX. rtfiwu
I .'•! Masonic Lodge Anxious
to Rtlicv* Every Ceae of
5offering Reported
'••a you »t> much in reed dial
Santa Claus may not visit youi
.* .* .*
Du »t:o know of any person who
in such a condition.
Thaw arc questions the commit
|ros appointed by die masonic lodge
-t their regular meeting Tuesday
night would like to have you answer
1 * wren now and tomorrow night. If
your answer it in the affirmative th•>
rommltUt* will see that the sufferinr
b relieved and that Chriatmsss will
be made happy for thoer who are
unable to prov-de for themselves
There are m.-.ny Ingt.tuUons and in
ti vhluals who will be jrUd u> help all
who need help during this season
when every home in the Dunn Die
trict t oeervrr that ebr: r which comes
'with Christmas
Already much work hat been done
in locat ag the homes where the help
is needed most. Geo Gsrdner and
£3Us Goldstein as chairmen of the
rv. ief end Anancial committees jv
rpertively, have been working with
-ther members of the committeee for
t'e past three days looking for suf
fe-er*. And they have found many.
Stckncas during the past month hov
loft many homes desolated and real
want has been reported frequently.
The people already have been liberal
in making their donations when solirl
rd. but would contribute more freely
if they could bo brought face to fore
vr >h the octusl conditions.
The workers also would like to get
hoi.I of old clothes, shoes and other
wearing apparel, which have been
'discarded by many Dunn families. Ar
felea of food loo, can be used to
great advantage. If you have any of
the above you want to contribute
phone Ellis Goldstein or S. Fletsh
msn. Jr, at the Fleishman Bros
store*, and it will be colled for Imme
.msutw, «MWM
Cirtllanl For Tom Has Bora
A Wort MO, Rapr—anting Sis
Buie’s Creek, Dee. 20.—Buie’s
Creek Academy closes its faD term
tomorrow with an enrollment of
about (Its hundred, representing
moro than 60 counties and six States.
Anniversary Fragrant
On the evening of December Hat,
the literary societies, in their anni
versary celebration, formally bring
to a close the work of the fall tans.
The program for this year ia fea
tured with addresses by Dr. J. A
Ellis, pastor of Pullen Memorial
Church, Raleigh, representative Of the
Phlloloffiaa Society, and Dr. E D.
Poe, pastor of Weldon Baptist church,
from the Eutrophian Society. The
program so full it aa follows:
President—G. G. Richards.
Secretary—Elgia Hoeutt.
Piano Solo—Ethel Barrow.
Reading—Bailie Powell.
Dohate: Resolved, That the policy
of collective bargaining through
trade unions should prevail in Amer
ican Industries. Affirmative, Fred Wo
mack and Roy A. Morris; negative,
D. F. Massey and V. C. Johnson.
Piano Solo—Nell Check
Reading—Hlla Morris.
Eothrophlan Orator (introduced
by J. D. Whaelsr), Dr. K. D. Poa.
Vocal Solo—WiOle Brown.
Philologian Orator (-introduced by
Jaaaei Newton,) Dr. J. A. EUia.
The spring term will open January
sixth year under present manage
Lovett Orooa Rynls, well known
cHsen of Duke township, died at hli
home near Duke unday morning af
ter a brief Illness of pneumonia Ha
waa 61 yean ef age and one of the
moat beloved dtltene of his commu
Deceased wet t faithful member o!
the Free Will Baptist church and liv
ed an upright, Christian life. He wai
held in high esteem by ell who koau
him and leaves behind many friend
who will learn of hie death wllh ear
, Funeral eervleee were conduct*
from the home Wednesday aftemeoi
by hit pastor. Rev. Deck Ennis. Th<
burial took plate at Prospect churcl
where (many relatives sad (friend
ruthered to witness the last md rRaa
Because ef aerioua iHneet lev. A
0. Doner of Fetarbore, Canada, wll
' • enable to fill hie engagement nib
the Oeepd Tabernacle church her
during the Christmas holidays Hon
ever, it la reported that he will be I
Dunn at some feta re data.
iiinninnniiinimitnn:i;nmninunumuiMtintiMMitniMfln«ty||pmit»«iui X
1 OTie Letter to Santa Claus j
I-— i r — ■ ii
More Tribunal* Would No*
Solve Tbe Problem Of
By John A. LlvispUn* to Nows n*
Oner again a grrat hoc and cry
.i being mad* in North Carolina
about the need tor more courts and
more Judge*. There U no denying
that m'anr of our conns ar* con
gested with cases that ought to be
tried, but the courts thenmclvcs seem
to be the least worried by the con
It i« well known that In a majority
of the counties of this State, parties,
w blesses and jurors arc compelled to
hang around the court house while
lawyer* quibble over details that
ought to have been attended to long
before die t me set for the trial.
Often the court waits while law
yeis haggle over compromise* and
settlements which do not need a judge
and Jury to arrange. No objection
j can be made to the amicable settle
| rovnt of cases, but why delay othar
I important trials while these settla
I menu arc being mads?
The number of cases disposed of
by a court is a poor index of tho
actual work done. Often wasting
■ most of the first day of court, it not
| infrequently Happens th»t the judge
J is through and gone by Thursday
night. Tho remedy is to provld* a
means of making eourts function
mors efficiently rather than to pro
vide more terms to be frittered sway
with trivia I ties.
More recorder's courts trill not
wiv» the problem of congestion, for
much of it is caused by appeals from
these eourts. To the satant that re
: eorder's courts arkually try cate*. It
, Ml! afford lelief but it doe* not fol
low that more of these
courts will do tho work.
The criminal dockets In ths Sap
rrlor Courts am kept fairly well
cleaned up, and there seems to b«
greater dispatch in ths trial of those
1 esc sot though to be sura thara am
i Instances of delay* of trials In crim
inal cases.
Thara is no real need for mors
I criminal eourts With Judge I^ren
i and Judge Allan retiring this year ta
i join the State's carps af emergency
i Judges as provided by the last lagta
I laturc, then will be four emergency
Judges on tha pay ran. Will thaw
not bn able to provide relief enough
. for all emergency cases?
Tho Bute Bar sssasiatiaa commit
i tee suggests mar* judges and men
l districts-—the remedy of lh* quack
• In other word* give u* mare of whs
s w* already have — more quibbling
more dilly-dally lag, more delays. Th>
/ •
Several Held For Cigarette
Theft* From Car* Ob
D.A1 Track*
Qoite * Mnaalional tn*l waa held
or Tuesday of this week in the Re
corder"* Court when fourteen defend
ant! wir» arraigned before Hi* Hon
or, Judge Robert L .Godwin, to an
awer the charge of being Implicated
in the theft* of more than two thou
aand dollar* worth of cigarette* from
Durham and Southern Railway*
freight car*.
The Indictment allege* that J. V.
Hurt, B. J. Carter. Ed Womack, P»l
ton Bethea, W. H. Hargrove*, Will
High, and eight other defendant*, all
colored, were connected with the rob
6c:fra and ruffieient evidence am*
produced at the hearing to juiitify
HI* Honor in binding them over to
the next term of Superior Court un
der bonds, running from one to
•hrcc hundred dollar*.
Shipments of cigarette* have been
m asing from Durham and Southern
can for some time, but it waa only
recently that the matter waa uneartb
ed and warrant* lamed. A well known
death of Fayetteville, ably aatiatad
by local police officer*, waa largely
rcaponaiblc in ferreting out the eaae.
ft it customary for the American
Tobacco company, who own large
factor!** in Durham, to route a graal
many of their shipment* via Durham
and Southern Railway. Thia case ii
similar to the elrarcttc affair of twe
| or more year* ago.
people of thia State will hardly »tand
for greater expenditure* for raon
court machinery of th* bind that fun
etiooa ao poorly now.
The Bar aaaoeiation committee aug
gn<l* that th* additional expenae maj
be provided by placing the aoliciton
I on a aalory. To th* extent that aolki
torn are being paid exorbitant talar
11**, they ahould be reduced te a fall
, badia, but it dec* not follow th*
j more court* are needed. Aa a matte;
of fact the aollcitora team to bi
functioning mom efficiently In gutllri
toclr cate* tried than do the lawyer
•" *he aivil courta Tha roaaon it no
bard te find. U th* aolleitor damn*
•jy a caae, he receive* no pay. H
moat work in order to gat hh money
H th* tame thing wot* trbe in al
, lhar* rarely would be a apead
I »ng up of court machinery.
t-«t each tab atand n Ita nr
I bottom. Inatead of Inventing apeciou
! pie** for ax cute* to provide Job* fa
I more lawyer*, let th« commit toe «
■ th* State Bar Aaaoeiation work ec
1 aoma plan* for expediting court boa
, nea* and tbon preach more of U
i doctrine of work that noada to I
Will B«
TKe Public Is
To Attend.
! Bovin nt 7tl
At Tbnt
I •J’ c »’"ie diawa
C iriat
: l .0 moon U hid
i'~r Chrlatmaa
‘ -rarer each other
I ’• rfirc and
, P*«<*
Peace and
Chriatmaa ia
:!?:*» of Joy and
trVon men fort*t
'n CelTowahip; C>.|
~nc'.irnv »v v*ltai
!ra around th« Y
•nerry with oor
'• >itt roinirv; the
' ?<uirU inakea ha
■ l u VI*.
Whet It Cbrist^^R
On ChriaUnaa a^EtheScaior B.
sill pTfe-t a pag^^K*1 Bethlehem"
•el '<-h will revrel. t^R the real og.
fic-.ncc of th e gn^^Ly This page
» pict.-ree motV^HTly the birth
of Chr.»t a* told ip^K-SA-lg Tab
Jm repreaetirg^^Ragela appear
ing to the Shophj^flk they watch
• ir flock*. and i^Kf the Magi
br'nging gifts to ^^Babe, add te
e rirldnou ef
A -'eatit ful e^^E background
picturing the pl^H Judos and
the town of BstU^KW boon *e
fired This the oriental
costumes of tUy|^^^B«t boyasod
nr comptlfid by IrtiirfUfti ind
; print* on«sic.
The poWk at largo Is cordially in
, vlted. ‘ A
I No sdmiseiss fop or spatial oot
! l<-ctions will be ♦phy* -
Head of Order Sage Ha DU Hot Try
To Saa The Gov
Washington, Dot. IS—Emphasis
, -ng that he bad not sought the con
versation be had yoMerday with Gov
ernor Allen, of 1——. Dr. H. W.
Ewans, of Dallas, Texas, Imperial wis
trd of the Kn Eh** klan, aaid today
he had ''listened to Hr. Allan two or
three minutes la which ha aaid he
wa* in hearty sympathy with the klan
principles but registered soma abjec
tion to the klan ragnjia" The Una
Turk will never bo taken off, ho **
*?rted, saying it am* part of tha ar
ganiaatioa'a lodge ragalia and never
would be abolkhsd.
“I came to Washington on import'
ant business," aaid Dr. Brans, “and
bad no intantloa of wasting any time
Ur AU_ la_■-IU
Ue or no diffafaeea what Governor
Alien uyi, and what bo do** moan*
cvm l**a."
Th# new Imp*rial wiaard of tha
invisible empire hold confab with Una
officials in U* botal bora today, but
no hint of what wue conaidarcd wa*
diodohed. Ha was accompanied to
Washington by a group af high offi
cial* of tii* order.
Nothing of Importance la ever dan*
without a plan.
Getting rren tan*t half aa profit
j ablr aa getting ahead,
i Sutato liwi error can b* made
to *oparsed* aeoaosni* tarn*
What you don't know non**body
rise It getting paid for knowing.
popularised la tha courts aa srall m
1 dsambar*.
Judge* Of th* Superior Oonrt at
> ready bar* ahem *U wish In Um
I rp*r far vaaatiaaa, not taunting th.
■ tin** off from reffelar term* of hoW
i leg court*, and tboy ana wall after.
I to ilay on th* job during the remain
i ing weak* of tba year. It 1* not askii*
- too aa«h of thorn to non-suit suit
> that are put on tha docket to riutte
- dp proerdara, aa a* to gat imparts*
mra* continued, and j edges can ran
t dar a reel aarslea hy nan mi Hag ease
• thrt ought net to be on th* earn
r docket far trial at th* rugulpr tan
1 Mora *f whm w* bar* won't d
1 th* work, but mar* aaraaat attend*
>' to public burin*** hy th*e* tngugu
• to took after tt nriS pro dues kauri
• rial raauh#
Met* York, Dm. to—President
,1 Hardin* today sent Christmas groot
ln*s to the children ef the United
State* a the form of a telegram to
'tl>« Santa Claus association, a ms
t Lionel organisation which receives let-1
t«n written by children to Sams'
Claus and sees that they are suitably
inn* »ied.
\ “Merry Christmas to the children
1 of the United States" the president's
nvaeage read.
1 ' The words were seat by radio to
I night to each of the 40 brmnehee of
! the Santa Class association in the
l country.
-IT I ~ ' tt ii
Part*. Dec. 20—Former Premie*
Clemen ceru, beck in Parte today from
hi* American trip aaid he waa happy
to have made the voyay*. aa he found
the American people atUI gloat
flierd* ul Franca. They hod been
mo*t enthu .'aatlr, he added.
When the "Tiber" reached hi*
heme in the Kjc Franklin he found
a number of reporter*, and pholo
»- phei* nii'm ei thr door. Be de
claied at trot he had nothin* to aay
to the newrpeper men. bat he allow.;
ed the camoramea to opente, dla
r ry.ry lum.ual wimnpneiw, for him,
to under*© thia ordeal.
S*""**1 WrtricU, CMI J»d«oa
Would Not Try Criminal Caaoa and Vic* Vcraai Thor*
Would Bo No Additional Solicitor* EUctod
Raialgb, Doe l«._8enator John K.
Baggett, ark* ku offered Governor
Merrieon sad the imiaeif eonfer
encc • plaa of icgislatnvi againut tit*
Kb Kin, corn** forward with a aug
gaatioa ai to rcdletrietin* the state
•»'d Increasing the judiciary withoat
auhjplyiag the eeiicitoiB.
The Buy re Ml court hut a few days
ego took judicial notice of o vast con
taation la case* that coma up before
It. The exoeutive of the
«**te bar aoaoelotieii piujoctod the
dlacaaHoa when it debated an in
•rea-e in the jode^ry of porhape 16.
It picked out sis eouatioa which naod
Jadgao all tlMir own. And the state
i( court calondora sue tub to back up
the bar.
Mr. Baggett la a lawyer. Ho would
tot naaac 16 now jadgao and 16 now
solicitors; be would rroute no sotirt
torahip* at aB. Bat be would divide
the «ate late flue clneutto. Back of
theor circuits might, and undoubtedly
would, embrace aevurui JudMal dip
trieto. In theor dkvtaicuc Mr. Baggett
•uuM have both trtaHnal ,d4 ctvll
The otatl judge aroutd newer
i b»d viceveraa. The
Inbu I* CMfittri
Detroit, Midi., Doe. 2#.—Doctoring
h*» belief Out pcraena who (peed ia
aotomobilea, thereby endangering the
liven of otheim, "either are weak
nordad or art wttfnl wrongdoer*,"
Reeaniar'e Judge Chariaa L. Bartlett,
wmmmmi today that nil eeevieted
epeedexs would he given a unity tent
before Dr. A. L Jacoby, city pay.
“If the epetlem are fonad to bo
wank-mlndod they will receive treat
ment run ally accorded each unfortu
nate* ; if they are not weak-minded
they win receive heavy jail icnteseea,
bring elaaaad with other criwtaala,"
the judge aald.
Fata]him from atreet accident*
lurre u far thl* year total 171. againat
117 for the entire year 1*21.
A woman motorist wu tha flint
to he ordered toot to Dr. Janby..
Should *ha pan* hla taato aha mart pay
a ftne of gS* and urve one day la
Jndga Bartlett declared that Ag
ere* of the National Safety CeuneH
shewed there arc thotiaaiwii of par
tan* driving mater earn who are men
tally deficient
"WhM li pour faction tbao or do
paa know the vafcaa of pnr porvonal
equation 7"
Thin Kao boon nf|nti 1 m a pomt
Ma question to ba pat ta applicant*
far motor vehicle <14000*0 Ucoaaa, no
cording to tho Baraaa of FahHc Roods
of tho Department of Agriaattar*.
Reaction tin* la tho Interval of Urns
that alapoao hotwa'an the lasUnt a
ait> ar aignal is aaon and tha aaraa
mrp action eUrtod. A driver starts to
pass another vehicle whan aaddoalp
a third vehicle appaara which map
> Mock file path Tho driver aaaat de
i cide whether to paaa it* vahtatc or
drop hash. If hla raaotioa time la
I Mow ha map not raattne tho danger
• until too lata to avon aa aorldsat
*«np aatrawanaar who choanal
1 whoa a ctar etaaiaa a hair liae In hla
r| tvtoaeope and praaoaa a hap aa that
t the tin* map ha electric alp rccarlad
- knows than ha Mass sat ahairva tha
1 fact and pm Iha hop at tha aam
I tin*. A earraotion haa ta ha mh
l which haa haoa aarafaRp datamlnac
» nad la called Me parnaaal eqa»H»a. I
a votioa with dlfforoat people.
I Timor* af a Mat raso wtk apMl
* aataad watahaa wtU fraqaoatlp p
dlfforant raailta Mr tha Um af th
Th* rmettoa t(cM of mm y*oyl* fc
**ry »low and aodwutUA, It th*
•MM* *f many aeatoaMa. Dm* <k*
yuW« *af*ty roqnlr* that Mek y**
t P>* k* toM dr+ron’ Utmtml Th*
*«"•» •» P«M»« iMdi h m
• m*4y to *4*M*to n«k • yatfer. tat
l nuUm that it *mM to Iwraatigat
1 ti e rV! juriet (I«m the purely puni
tive a.'pvet of the euorta to • studying
9f e i rw iu tfuatoasut He think*
the system i* headed In the right dl
reetion under the juvenile court law,
tut be reea a vaat itiffarror* between
; the negative sentiment which refuse’
to rend a youthful offender to the
eha.t ge.igu and a psuhive system
which would Had something worthy
tew rd which to torn the erring juve
Throe flve c-iroafta, he thinks, oreald
not r.eee*aarny change the promt]t
rotation system. And he thinks coat
would be eart and sraat rat as usual.
Thv criminal judge* would bo bald to
their circuit*, but the civU judges
would run oa even aa Tennyson's
brook. Half the Judges asked for'by
the bar would bo suAcaoat to try the
criminal docket* sad as new aolicU
mra would be needed at ah.
Mr. Baggett has not been able to
present the plan ts Governor Morri
son, who V* understood by the Har
nett county man to favor the eld
The issue wfll be brought dedahehr
to the toy
toedm fha
asssaw *
**U ef Seals U Am Imw
Of Imm m Fight Aaaiset
Since the sals of Christmas Mala
u an important sourer of revenue for
the fight against tuberculosis citizens
should bay them aa generously os
potato*. Wary woman sit sacrificing
their time at this busy season to
sell thus sad their efforts desert a
cordial response. There was a time
when no disease took so high a toll
of human life in this part of the
world as the “white plague,” That
*t wae preventable wma generally un
'Jeratoed. Cases were alltwed to de
velop until they became Jbopeteca.
Thousands were scat sway to other
climates in the dubious hop* of re
New every on* knows that a proper
regard for the laws of hoatth it tho
best guarantee against “consump
tion." as It used to bo called. Tbe
seeds of the disease may be planted
in childhood, especially ia crowded
neighborhoods where people are hud
dled together la close proximity and
fresh air is a luxury. Nor are country
places free from the invoice for la
thvsa there la ffften ignorance of
the laws of sanitation. It is the
aim ef the district nuns sstl relief
committee and the county workers
who have charge of the sale of the
tubercular stamps, to safeguard tha
children. This Is plainly the ascot ef
fective way of stamping out the dis
It’s the fight against tabesculasfa
that Is being waged by tha sale of
these stamp*. Do not forget, there-!
feee, to lay In a supply of thcMl
Christmas sells and use on every let-]
tor and parrel through the holiday
(Mowot EagolMr.)
Mr. L. T. Hart m Th« Ea^ntrerV
liaotypa omtor. L«ka ckxklM «*
try tint he ntmiWn potting in1
type • eoTBHQ&icAticNi tMS# ythVi
■CO. food**#: "TW* brM» waa hand
•WO is h#r pinf>ivi| ktiwh,
<«« • totott of iniat of tba rall*7 uul
Tfcoe. A. I cLenio- Succumb*
To^ Car err Trouble At
; Bonr.*ttwrCle, 8 C., Dae. 1».—T.
[A. Mr Leaden, /ether ef 8. T. Mc
Lendon, belli* known at MC>dor.r
Xack,** otir of the world'* greateat
c-'argolleu. dW.i hare at *:S0 tM* H- wee 73 yean. aid, and
h»-J bi«n a pttijmi. tu: r r over
v x month* with cancer of Iho iiom
•ch to *'iVk he tot/Hy rxnnded.
H* war re* u .led tj. ever, one n
hefar one of the beat rovn la Mart
•ro county.
He died er-’ortiag hi* put yreach
or roe 4 coatlnue preaching the word
of Cod in i>,« parity. The body ie If.
'•g in atate la the homo ef the era*,
"diet and many Magranu aad s»ru
farn or;- ate Wag received.
Mr. McLendon fey many yaam «g
*» official ic the Idet-odint church.
Ilk i* vurvlvro by hi* eon: Rev. Rl •’
T VoLcndaot hh daughter Mm.
'rr rii* Pond and rix brother*. The
fuaerul and bur'll will take pW hi
Befall cemetery Dinner tarlUr Ladd*
Ski devoted wife who tiled two yean
‘- sly. a time far pSdlaaopky; :
ret a time wliei; many are thoruahrct i
“why do >•» celebrate Christ mavV*
The Charrh-* have one intycr, an
satM-er tl-el a!? ChK-tli.-u, at lawt,
r-e: to .r- tiabatlm. Bet the c*io
br. ttoa of Chrietmaa ha* com* to
r.taa much to many whoa* religion
^noa rot .-■•<« thorn to rejoiea at the
With of Jama; It te celebrated with ‘
’xv.rt'neie and hrpp.We by thorn who
do net belie** in any religion by
***** of alien faiths and atrangc; It
io a time #f joy and happicea* to
•hoaoandi of ehOdran who have lhtle
•- »* un.hrt»landing of Ma religions
■iffftcanco; It lo warm h the hoarta
rood win to ne*. It awana aa opan
ing of heart*. It mean, theaghl for
tho poor and needy. It meant bring
ing joy to children who otherwise and
atkor time* kero little joy. It »~«—
lo*c la the heart. It mean* brother
Thar* U no brotherhood with oat a
fatherhood; tboie I* no brotherhood
of nuui without a Fatherhood atf Qod.
and eo oven tboae who know nothing
. . . if there bo rath . . of tho day,
1.9S2 yean ago, which Chriatmao
celebrate*; nan rudi aa thcae. la cole
fa rating Chrslmae, In recsivligr or giv
ing from the spirit of Christmas, are
led In spite of thorns*! vea, back to
the Creator.
Chrietaui , . not a time for phll
otophy. bat a bcau'Jful time to prove
that wen philosophy most yield to
the spirit of the Yale log, which
bringa to os all. Ch.iuian and Jew.
snd be believer, juat and uajaet alike,
M*h*mm«UB ,ad Buddhist. Imathcn
the unification of that lor* which,
alone of all fece* in the worid, can
nor make It wholly a placo for bro
therhood 1—Selected.
It it particularly gratifying to be
Informed that the Sampson County
Pair AuoclaUea, deepHe tha atrtn
C*ney of tha las* thres year*. haa bad
unusual degree of prosperity.
While tome of the fain, aa wc Kara
and »rstood, hare scarcely auulo rails
Sampson Pair haa made
haud^e profits each year. Mr. T.
B. Smith, the efficient buff rims mat
«er. inform* as that j* haa paid off
•mry rant of expense attending tha
last fair and haa a balance of
In tha last foar yeast the proDti harp
totaled 10* per rent of tho original
capital. Thi* apcnlts exceedingly well
for tha maiMgrmrat an.) alae for aor
pooptr's appreciation of the fain.
Thrae U rrarerly a queetion that this
la the loading county fair in tha
Bute.—Batapeon Democrat.
tlyoa the bemfcrs In (ho park
I son the ram of broken men.
Uf* la them barna a fee be .park
Whea will their dhlpe teas la? -
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The fkartaoaa tu raiment gay
Rwoop by thorn bra Ned ton). I
"TVs lMab bond they aaam to pay
Itatr brothen la tbe Naaarrao.
_R. trune.
t U Wade haa boea rottfin
rd U hi. room for the peat fra deye
on account of IBnMh

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