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Ert.Mi.UJ April I, 1*14
rlymi«n twin . a. . wrwdr
l sutm ran
— at ■' i ■ ■
||M, RMh C..«Hai
I Addtwse all commaa! cations la Tha
A'-l ten.rtr.wnu af Th«
!• a> V *.wh,d .hr»oph tele
» Vi' *» • i . « . * . -I*
• a *A -: *. u i% a<—Ur »
nt to. «e-.d*r ai »ash commoetca
«M> Mat tarnish a* with hi* name,
tt ia aat oeeortery that tha name be
- -j. • ' > - ; tn-»t ; *w
«.vefc a* an .vid.uct of pond fnl'h.
Shart aeeocitm of woddinpi, «atcr
Uwaaata. club meetings, ix nto
"Date yoa tfci. day a Savior U
born** was tha greatest aad mast tip
aifkamt birth announcement of ail
time. Tha proclamation was mad. tc
tha Wla* Mao of the Bast and is re
spwe thereto they journeyed, paid
•d by the heavenly star, to Bethle
hem of Judea. There lying in a mao
par aad wrapped in .waddling clothe,
they fowad die Uepa af tho World.
r.ala 1 m I ■ i i »ka u.nn Tk a PVpSal
child reflecting the glory of the Om
nipotent Oh, the Virgin Mery beam
tag and tenderly administering, the
Wise Maa, poms seed of all the knael
edge af the ages, leokiag on in won
der and admiration. No earthly artlsi
roaid da it Justice.
The birth of Christ wee the meal
Hgulflcunt treat sums tha Creation
U mashed a division ia tha cakal*
Hag af time. Tha Messiah's cents!
botloa to hamanity was Ineamparmbti
the giasiost rcaardcd la tha annali
af history, biblical er profane H<
cemr. Brad and died that tha people)
af the world might inherit sterna
Ufa. It was tha plan af the Create]
far the redemption of those wtu
■ « L -Id_
™ “jBe PW’oVC.
It is appropriate that we make uk
celebrate aa this anniversary ocear
too bsf 1st as do It reverently ant
in a msuer that wiM be pltcolng ti
Bm Macs of Peace and Ckmd Will
Piabahty aa earal it aa anivsnallj
known, {prod and song as this tha
pis Osnitt song. Par year* its origii
eras ankaewa, but sappoead to dati
back entvbt. A few years ago Lnd
wig Bib iavaotigatad and found tha
II ssua pee dec ad fas ISIS. The peso
paaad fey Prana Gnsber, a school mas
tow. On Chrtohnai era af that yea.
. la was saag in the church of Obern
farf. lbs pact, who had a tenor soles
sang the melody, the composer, a bar
saag a second part, and a hastily re
crafted chair of young worses the to
train. A guitar famished tha acton
panimeat, the organ being out af or
dac. Tweaty years or so later a fan
fly af strolling ringers from the ty
rel added it t* their ropertoire, am
la 1(4# It was printed in Lelpaie, a
a “Genuine Tyrolean” song To
many years (and still In certain soaj
basks) the composer of the song sra
given aa Joseph Haydn, probab);
meaning tha groat Plan Joseph Hay
A Machine description of the «f
fret af thin none ia given in Zoni
Gala'* (hot* etory. (A Great Tree.;
CmM| nothing can mare quick];
give the aplritoal atmaaphera af th
nougar hlrth than the aingfac af thi
beautiful aimpie aang.
1. Silent night, holy night,
a! la calm, all ia bright;
Soand yea virgin, mother aw
Hoi, faW, ao under aw
Steep la heavenly peace,
Sleep ia heavenly peace.
•• i
■til hitting nn nil faur cyHuJert. Ha
'■* fntfca* of that good Benton
elttosn, Mr. M. T. Britt.
-*«n an fruit dan anybody" ia
tha way Difaa pub It. and if you don’t
boUavo it, Juat taka a squint in pass
Eng. Tangerines, apples, eta., galore,
ami orange*—you'd think k* wua tak
ing the output of a Floridian grove.
Hls Aaeat fountain in **dU town*
ecugkt the Fin and U now out’a
•back. Dibs says it with fruit.
Did you aaa kiai Daredevil Ckli
! 'v** one of the birds connected with
■ *'*v F'Catara Aircraft Company, »it
t fa oOee the first of the week
: 2nd raised a squawk because we fail
| cd to make mtriw of hls dsath-do
fyinr, hair-raising, blood-curdling
’••anti at the Land sale last week, so
ere goes kind nadbta.
Chil lers stood on the tap wing or
tSo plane while tSe loop was being
executed; bung by his both from pro
pallor blade as the pilot made the dip;
hi’ng from lower wing of plane on hls
left ear daring a tail spin; rode
"stride engine hood daring a nose
I Hive; hong from landing guar on toes
end tw the big e"aft swooped down,
grabbed a bunch of bananas at Res
ide Wsdc’a "First and Last Chance”:
! jumped from plane at an elevation of
| Av* thousand feet with a perforated
I parachute, and when last scon was
roost<ng (a a tall sweet-gum tree on
Stony Run away over beyond Mr. Al
bert'*. How's this Childers
True to form all trains for tbs
next few days will be running late
and If you happen to have an engage
ment along about the regular time
for one to arrive and you're going
away, don't worry—Just take youi
time. If yon hava a hunch to attend
a box party, or eare to taka a run
out to the dub, obey the impulse and
g« ts It, You'll have loads sf time.
Daring the Pre-Volstead days It wai
“wussst" still.
Before the next appoaranoe of tin
Dispatch, Christmas with it's attend
•nt pleasure* will have come am
gAe. Oa behalf of the entire force,
we take this opportunity to wish ooi
friends and the public generally a
Very Merry Christmas.
Kay the season bring you afl un
told happiness, and may Old Sants
he good to the big boy* and grila sj
well a* the (mail ones.
To pen an article on any topic foi
publication that wiH meet with uaanl
*nooa approval * well nigh Impossible
out of our system. ..y
Ju*t at this time the postoffice de
partment Is deluged with parcels bear
Ing eueh labels aa “fragile.” and el
mitar admonitions. All of our article!
ere labelled “fragile" hut you note
not open (hi* until Christmas.
Real joy and happiness Is derivet
from making someone vise happy
You present a gift to a needy anc
sppreeiative person and instantly hii
or hvr face lights up In grateful sp
proelattvs person and intently hi!
partition. It becomes contagioui
ind soon, you too, begin to ohow evi
dances of joy.
Every community haa it's oppor
’.unities No flash light is Deceaser^
to locate them. Police offiears some
timee t«n os when wo congregate os
street corners to "take a walk*, a
after you have partaken of ail tin
turkey and accessories and oars U
experience some genuine pleasure, w<
would suggest, in the vernacular a:
tho street, that you “take a walk.”
Wallace Reid, that movie actor
whose smile produce him thousand
I and whose popularity among tfci
Flappers Is only exceeded by tha
I of Vafrrrtino, haa recently boon vor;
111 and now la ft la alleged tha
Me Illness was brought about by tin
ose of liquor and drags, and, aa i
consequence, the public has assails!
the movie Industry when K it simpt|
another case ou Welly's part of so
, being able to stand the pressure.
It U good to MO oar Mead “Ken
’ do" again. Since latt we had tb<
plaaeare, ho hao boon aojeuralng Ii
liuUaaapoUa when bo haa bean moo
r elated with ae automobile com era
i He tetta a* that aoea ha will brand
i oat la the mmo Baa of M dearer ij
. the Bad Town, and aa to rally wo arid
him the beat of Inch. He wffl ad
! that good and yipolir ear, the Orar
. ^
i -.
Idt atght tear of m mug goo
try who ora aeon to deyort from d»
«h Mima lam, gave a baagaet ta
their Mail They dagad It at the
Draa Cof o width woo rearrange and
mm* It took the Baton of a fanimn
dtoaor to |bo “boy*" AB reyertod a
Hr mm of iii—b
•OLD** TRXT—Tbe lit* u am than
Mat. awe tha haSr A Ban than ralnaat
—Lsls UM.
TOPIC—Th. story aI a
JUNIOR TOPIO—A raollaia IM Kao.
tounq vmariM and adult topic
—Trwa fthm.
«saa an October 8 we had a Ireeon
•a the birth and childhood of Jhm,
■“J »11 doabtlaaa prefer to have
*EA now^leanow Inataad of tha C hr law
L A Warning Againat Cavatoutnaaa
CT». IW).
t The Ocmalon (re. IS-18), ono of
tho ootnpanj reqoeeted Jaoot to bo
aaplm la a dlapmtd aetata. Two
broth ate vara la trouble or*r at Ln
harttaoca Chrlat rafuaed to tutor lha
•Phara of tho drll law and warned
agnlnat the aptrlt of avarice. ChriaPe
mAaton area preeminently aplrltnal.
*• Enforcement of the Warning (re.
IhD). Tha parable at the rich man
■haws dearly that to be concerned
with earthly richee while neglecting
Ood la tha height of felly. Tha lx>rd't
naming A of great Importance today;
for many are peering gold and forget
tteg Ood. Nate (1) hie tacreaee la
rood* (v. 18). Hie lichee ware rightly
obtained, tor tha groped brought forth
plaBUfalty. This ahowa that a man
be rich (min of tha Lord's
Massing upon him. (9) Hla perplexity
<’• IT). Hla land was producing mors
than hla bans would bold. He did nol
waat tt to go to waste. il be had po*
aaaaed tba right rtawa of Ufa and a
aaaae of stewardship Mora Ood. hi
would hare seen that hto bans at laoai
had sough far hla pereoaal needs and
that ha could hara distributed hla sur
plus to tba needy sad tog benerolenl
puiiiaaaa. (I) Tba total choice (tt
l& Id). Ba chan to unlarga bit
barns and glra np hla Ufa to ease and
toxuiy. It ought to ba • delightful
tosh for man whom Ood has roedi
rich to derate their time and eoergi
to tha distribution of thadr possession
to benevolent purpaaaa («) The aw
tol Indictment (rr. 90, 91). Ood calli
him a fool.
II. Tba Certain Cura far Anxtot)
(TT. B994).
Bering shown the folly of tha rid
mas who gelaod gold hot lost Ood. Hi
■aw urged tha disciples to trust Ood
an asodea* cars. Be aa
that thay need net be nax
tor tba ■acaaattiaa of Hto
r , • .
mam (TT. 99 »>. Thu
ap to one brief sentence
life la mac# then food, end thi
body to mors than retro not- Tbs OM
who gore tba Ufa and made tbe bod]
dbauld be treated to provide food sal
slatting •
9. The nisatiations (rr. 24-28) (1]
Oodto care for tba fowls (rr. *4-28)
Tba ravena do not sow nor reap—the;
bare not storehouse or bam. yet the:
Bra. tor Ood feeds theca. If Ood flow
■at forget tbs fowls, certainly Hi
weald da mors tor Hla children. (9;
Bad's card* tor tha Bowers of the 8eti
(TT. 9T, B). If Ood la so careful •
fhaaa flowers which appear hat far i
day, bew reach more will Ha cloUx
Ba ehOdraul
fl. Tba Uxbortottocm (rr. 9934). a;
h»ts not tha flatting of food am
tosttae year ehtof esaeern. Trust Ooi
to provide them. (3) flask tha king
tout «t God (T. 81). Those who tnaki
Ood'a kingdom Brat shall hara an that
needs supplied (Phil. 4:19). (8) 9
net afraid (r. >2). God's good ptoaa
are to upou Hla awn, aad all gooi
tttega win Ha giro them. (4) Free
Boa self 4aulal to order to be able U
fro gifts to these to aaad (rr. 88. 84)
» doing at each deads win tend u
' lift tbe thoughts upward to Gad—ti
1 tree HI—
III. Be Reedy far Ba earning af tb
s Lard (tv. IMO).
Hatted wmnad tka <3 ten pi ae agate*
i Ik* aogntatal** ef worldly good* wblb
, tefgattteg Oad. tad ahm than tb
MldUaaniaa ef anxiety fer foad am
I Math a*. Be **n them the bleued
1 *aas *f Mag la a atat* af readtaaa
’ wkee tha Lead Ball rots*. Ooarta
; tte* a* to the certainty of tha LortTi
eaaateg ta the aai* ear* for worldltnaa
and eastern care. Thte attttode «
heart Ba *B clear hr two parebiae
tkat of tha iwtaralag of tha Lord ex
1 that af tha thlaf. Tha Lard will ba *•
i |la*aed with Baaa who are waltlat
ter Bln that Ha wUI taka dellgkt h
at the bangaat with than, ate
Tha parable of Um
tha ttew * tha Larfi
is aat known.
Pate's Wish.
I Bate an thlaga hat tea* far tte
tec tel eery af tb* kaswtedg* ef ChrW
Mb* mj Lard: B hr aajr mean* I
aatgM attain aata tha reaarrcctlae at
ft* dwt-WB»lm IB-1)
Be Many Raven*. *
Tb* Lard a*ear had a* nny rav
•a* aa h* baa thte waratag—r. D*
W»t »•»«•*._
•ad la Kmai tvarywhar*.
ft Mtb ta Oad bsawa; III* mm
li great la taad.-Pwbn mi
Bay Taylar, Hi bb pabUBad laa
tarve. aufcat (hi* haewOfel and taaeb
te* iMib I* a farmer da** af Ui
f*teflyi “Matteabag* I karled an* t4
lha late *< ear aid family darkle.. Ba
ted tea* a yatarhia far fifty year*.
IkMtteM te aften ted am.
Rdft ay Wether, te Ui
Ba had aaver learned tea
art ad pm ll*g- Sat many a tea bar*
IwttejMhtte Hrti and aayi
e-.»l "r '.wlgl tie H<1» ef de Bible,
• i .(-.'da, ‘You must be born sgsn
tCtu.’ And then he weald wsrm
■ l< *■ « rhome until he plunged
• '. J .h* ratiocination of
Tating the lost twenty years of
. it lie made sigh drafts upon ay
■ :-0•:/ and my wardrobe, just as
■i.-idu of old-time darkies still
drafts upon their former mss
n in lbs South, and they are al
sys honored. When I wae a candi
>’stc, Uncle Sufos was a Democrat.
When my brother wae a candidate,
h“ was a Republican. Whan w« were
Candidatse against sack -other, he was
neutral. The eld man came one even
ing and sat with me In the twilight
•aider the trace, and oar minds wan
dered back together to the happy days
of the past when he was a slave and
! was s barefooted boy- He reviewed
•Winy a ghost story he used to tall
u» in the firelight around the hearth
•tone of his cabia In tha happy long
ego. Add there wts many a joke sad
jest and merry peal of laughter. But
u the shadow* thickened around as
the old darkey grew serious.' He
spoke tenderly of aiy father and
wether anti hie old wife, and all tba
old folks who Had gone Wore. With
tearful oyca he loft me. But ha paus
ed ae he departed, sad leaned upoo
bis staff and said:
“ ’You may not see ms again. I
has had two visions of the chariot
of de Lord descending from heaven
to bear me sway. The next time it
comes, your Uncle it at us is a gwyne
bom*.' And as he hobbled away in tb*
darkness, I thought ] hoard a song:
“ 'Swing lo, sweet chariot, coming foi
to carry me home.
i Swing low, sweet chariot, ooralni
for to cany me home.'
“1 never taw him again. Before a
week had passed, the chariot hat
swung low, the faithful old servant
stepped In, and was caught up late
"As I looked upon him for the la*
j time, with the daws of llio'i evening
condensing on hi* brow and the shad
ow* of death falling around him, Mi
simple words of faith in Ood ware
more beautiful to me than the most
Impassioned eloquence that over fell
from the llpe of the brilliant Ingar
soil.”—Alabama Baptist.
Mr. George W. Wood, agod 68, died
at hie home at Chalybeate Springs
Sunday about noon. Hem rat failure
waa the cause of his death. He had
suffered considerably lately with this
trouble. Funeral was held Monday at
2 o’clock with interment in Chaly
beate cemetery.
Mr. Wood’s wife died about 18
month* ago. He was the father of
Messru. Arthur and Carlir Wood—
both of whom are well known here.
Arthur was killed In Franca.
The bereaved one* has the sympa
thy of people in this community.—
Harnett County News.
T)i* Harnett Count; Athletic As
sociation has had a most Interesting
senes of basket ball games doting
the month of December. All of the
games were played as scheduled ex
cept the one between Angler and
Lilllngton, which was postponed on
account of the unfavorable weather.
The Dunn boye am leading the
teams of the county, having won
every game played during the serial,
while (he Lilllngton girls are taking
the lead in giris’ teams, having suf
| fered no defeat as yet.
The board of directors will most
Wednesday night, January 3rd, to
| work out the remainder of the sea
j son’s schedule.—Harnett County
I _
^^H H^l ^1 ^BH H B W ^V ^^^B ^ ^H H A ¥ a ¥ AH a
jlg_g_M ■ 1 u rll11 J iv >1^*^
F 77?e /3e^>enciab/& sS^ore
Thanks you for the liberal patronage given it during the
past yea; and wishes you
and a
1"*' - If hopes to serve ydu oftfert and well during 1923.
Wishes You and Yours the
[ and the
Moat Prosperous of New Years
We thank you, too, for the great business given us
during the year now so near its close. It has been a good
year for ell of us, forecasting, we are happy to believe, a
greater prosperity for the coming year
You have found it profitable to trade at Goldstein’s
this year. You will find it more so next year.
] . i

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