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    CV/iit, E^rtsnt' And Artak
W—Jtrt Win B* With Ua Soot
i 1 —1—
Pictorial Jaagtaa an Milt tarda
r*mr» of cVmhm, elephants, tpaagU
•«? r-jJWa tx£ fttch fcanK the not
iatr of Chririy Bcatbazt’ Foar-Klag
WIK* Artoxal Hxpo^t on.
rs« gala data it Wadnoodap, Bap
ttobeT If at Dunn and with the dawn
• of thrt day w?t ittf into tha city
IK' Urx *t tc'ol Mia «f double length
Mia. Ahead? nuail hart hare nrran
*ad iMr * bow da? achadada to begin
tot* the twelTtg of lb* tint aactaon
—*• flying m—ilfoa Marti cook
ba—t wagon* x«Ki the eicaagvric and
th» bare red* of odueated wild aai
omIi which take part tot tha aftenwta
gam eu ."■!!■. .J ..1_■. ,jg—|
**d sight perform* tees.
Tie Christy Brother* C*aU»iulian
1* w*U known in Barop* Canada ul
the Writ The loo equals hi import
***• and tin aay la the eoaatrjr,
white tba educated jungle boasts ait
withoat rival* it is elaiacd.
The fear riagt filled with animal
**•* ■•*** *• » contrast to the aerie,
gymaastl* dancing displtyi.
A tlx pole big top, mating IO.OOC
p*opi«» the Arret water-proof t*m
■coer constructed, is amd for thr
main ahow.
Hundreds of people, homes, wilt
and domestic animals trill b* seen in
the mil* long parade, which > will fai
augurate the hig show-day program
Green’s Brijck Service Station
Puas. ilnrh Carolina
• _
Suick Motor Company
Flint, Michigan
Wien_better a ,:on:!)l>U»t sr i bath Back wiH bdU thm
invited to
•rtmtnini.f. i
—iim■!ii — ■■■ ■ m—i p i h !■ tn-m ■ i ~ r ~ \j- . vz-....
What U Suet**?
What is auccea? Ami whenever
I am asked this qnorion, I always
dunk of Cannou Farrar’s declara
“There is only one failure pos
sible in life and that is not to be
true to the best one knows."
Conversely we may say, the only
true success consists in being true
to the best we know—the best we
know- in our work and in our con
duct. This sort of success is within
the reach of everybody. It doesn’t
depend on genius or natural ability.
It is just a matter of resolutely,
anti unceasingly making the best of
<Hir opportunities as they come to
us. The only real success, like the
real failure, is inside n man. "He
<»ho fails bravely has not truly fail
ed^but is himself also a i-oiK|i>crcr.’’
To be true to the best we know
in «>ur work and in our conduct—
dial, in short, is the one cver-opeu
road to success that anybody cau
travel, regardless of wealth or
health or talent or race or creed;
or color. Somebody once tried to]
sell a fapner a book oti modern agri ■
culture. "I don’t need it," answer
ed the farmer. "1 already know
bow to do a great deal betier than
I do do." That is the r.uuie. with
most of us. ft is not lack of . ppor
tunity so much as failure to th*
opportunities that are really ouri.—
Clarence Poe, in The Progressive
of authority
in the oaso
ngiH, The Com
1 and The Har
I Fair Ano
_r Johnson
i and the ctidop
_ appointed corn
judgment to *ell
I below, the under
-----~rr wai expoie for
tile at publie auction, to the higheat
bidder for caih it the court houee
door, Ltlhngten, N. C. at 12 *0 o’
clock M. on the 17(h day of Si ptam
1928 tbo following described
A certain lot of land lying and be
tng in the Town of Dunn, N. C.
fronting the Southern edge of Cura
W F'f6** 60 bounded or.
lot 0< Prince ann
STn P T *£• 8<mSJi, ** lot of
Henry P. Johnion rad L. H Draurh
°n. on the Eaatby the alley ondmJm
particularly described at follow*:
Beginning at the intersection of,mjr*in of Cumberland
Street with the Western edge of the
aDcy and rune in a Wcetem dW
tion with the Southern edge of Cua
bjreand Stimd 9° f#*t te the line of
Prince d Smith; thence in a Smith
with the Mne ef Mho.
60 f^^tWTSe* ZTltifi} Tt ;
Johnson and L. H. Draothoa; thence
ia an Eastern direction done the li&e
of Henry Johnson and L. H. Draafh
on and parallel with Cumberland Sl,
90 feet to tho Western edge of Che a)
Uy; then** with the Vatin edge
*ll*y ta a Northea d treed on
00 feet ta the beginning, tormina
lot of had 00 feet by 60 foct
*J*d be las tke Una lot convoyad ta
a«”r J®k"S“ aad L. H. Dnuigh
•" by 1*. T. jfOMtnglil Slid wif.,
wbieb deed It dote recorded hi th
oBce of the Register of Do. da ot
Byaett Coaaw, end being tho i&rec
tot described ia e certain mortgage
d«od executed by Henry P. Jehu*?.,
end L H Drsagbpn to F T. Mauon
eill, duly recorded to the o£Ste o:
the Register of Deeds in tsM Conn
Time of sale: 12H>0 o’clock M.
Ilnce of Sale: Court Hoots door
l-itUngten, N. C.
Date of Sale: September 17th,
Terms *f nk Cash.
«* Mtjb af August, 1MI.
L R. WIIJJANg, Commtsidoner
Aug. 17-24-31 Sept -7
Under nod by virtue of power end
authority vested in the undersign
ed under n deed of trust from C. R
joang and wife, bearing date of
Ap-il 12th, 1W3, recorded in Book
205, page 185, Registry of Harnett
county, and baring been requested
by the bendlduy therein nntnod to
execute the trust declared In said
deed at trust, the said undersigned
t notes will offer tor eale for ceil,
f* H** courthoite door in Ltllington,
N. C, to the lest snd highest bid
der, st twelvo o'clock noon, Satur
day. September 16th. 1028, the fol
lowing described reel estate, lying
end boir.g In the town of Angler, N
C.. mnpr nAftiniTevlw -I-iil - J __
follow*, to-wit:
KR8T TRACT: Beginning at
J*1*. Joseph Kanengia** corner,
formerly George D. Spence’* corner,
on Bread Street, ln(j pan* ** said
ttrtel South * 1-g degree* West 50
feet to the oonur 0n Smlthfiald
Mreet; thence a* Smith field (treat
North 84 1-8 degree* We*t 145 feet
to the alley; thence aa *aid alley
Noi^ 6 1*8 degree* East 60 feet
*° Bn*. UaasengBl’*; Uienco
*■ her line South 84 1-8 degrees
Beat 146 fee* to the beginning end
contains 7850 square feet.
poiug In the town of Angler at th:
•ntoreaction of Wert Broad awl
Smith field Street, lying just Sooth of
Srallhflcld Street and just West of
Weal Broad Strsot and baginning at
* ttalie the intersection of said
street# in line of Smith field street
nnd runs In e waaUm direction with
th« lute of said (treat 145 feet to a
stake; thence to e southern direc
tion DO foot, which line is parallel
wth tho Hoe ot Weet Broad Street;
lAancc from this point in eastern di
rection parallel with the Lne of Smith
ticks rtreti 145 feet to a plukt in the
W*ct line of Wat Breed Street;
thence in a northern direction 60 ft.
to the beginning station and being
JJjJf lot of land conveyed to S. C.
Wlj iaarn, Jr. by Ms father J. C.
William#. by deed dated—day of
—-• 1*1— «»id recorded in book
186, at page 580, Registry of Har
'•tt County
ThUw1»^,dK 0f *"*■■*» 1858.
**A**l4* T. DUPREE,
tug; i i-*.-al-3«pt v, ^
Having this day qualified a* om>
tor of the estate of Daniel
deceased, this is to notify all person!
^""*^—*** 11 1 l« * 11 i rpmjr
| “SlimyjMte-Q I
lw>af BMck-Praachttaditaeta ac abMcbt," write* Mr. (w, b. I
B lfchl*p'<* R- f- D. 2, Cokunbt^, S. a **lt clcsa*** the Ivor and I feet I
:: ** ri*h<» Md h»ra aot used say other atedktae as I do aot ase the aeed I '
I ^nt » Maguard « the at* Reformatory, tad hare beeaior three I ;
B * ■«* yetuv . Vhea I ftntJkMd at
\ per Medldae
j I'd cel 19 ia the Jxifat | would be ftlfl and sad taTT i J
tad^teits la ay ihOuUbut dldo’tthtsk so tauch cd m tU! btpta to isel |W
wosthea Ibeysn BMcHDrasuM, sad I teJUO madaovar, nady lor My j'
B Mad of work, raady to eat asd deep. So, lor any Maa et Mb trcdbla, S
1 lake Black-Draofbt. a*g lor 25 year* It ha* booa my medictae, aaO I I
woalda*t be wttboid H at an. My work to cooatosc I Maury leH ■ lj
I *■ oM ot door*, and tresb ab aad Bhek-D(M|M *m all lb* I'i
aMdklaca I aaad. I raooeuwed h to other* tar I kaoor R la food,”
[j Sold Everywhere. fl
We Endorse
Tile h?ra« Building & Loan Associaticn
► ;
The support ofcvery Dunn citizen
Barnejs & Holliday Co.
Hardware*Furniture-Undertaker* ;
_ ^ ^ _ < »
haring claim* tgainu tho *aiJ i - uta
i? » VI
cxicfctoi, at ««• t.'.’on- '-•><! CS--*'. i,.,
l*f Aug«;t 1«(, ur *r4ln .
nt in &c.' n< *c«irnxv
.... CM «• : tM# e»t»t* ar#
' . >..a\c fc.rn^diaie
-- .r-
.. ' \ •. __ _ : . •
I ,
- 2SS.'i^5““
;.octi ijuic:c service in gin*
v - o j«~ saeti until February
■j’tuiiity to take advantage
Citm Seed Meal or high
;■ Z'jizL.
I;. VVfi v /AC C. F4cu':c g'«r
! fa
! *' ■ • ’* ^.A **.t5TB*<r‘ p
■ ^ ...» ii
ho?ri' CArci.iNA

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