North Carolina Newspapers

Crowd Attending Annuel
Event I* Estimated At
More Than 5,000
Neill's Creek Awarded Second
And Dunn Third Prize* For
Best Class Singing—Barbe
cue end Duke Win on Fea
tures — General Bowley
Speaks Aad A General Good
Time Wee Had.
Yesterday was a red-lcttcr day
fur Lillingrun, when a crowd esti
maud nt from five to six thousand
l>eople gatheied in Harnett's capital
foi the third annual cuunty harvest
sing. 'Hie program arranged was
carried out minutely, and the thou
sands present were delighted with
the musical least provided Com
gietitive class singing, singing that
has never been -u raised .mywhere,
was supplemented by solus, special
choruses. quartettes, duets ami a
number u( pleasing selections by the
Fort Bragg orchestra.
I'rxce li'inmn
Prizes in the conqieUiive contests
were awarded as follows: First
|>riz« (loving cup), Lillington; sec
ond prize (£25 in gold), Neill’s
Creek; third prize ($15 in gold),
Lhuui. Feature prizes, first ($10 in
gold), Barbecue; second ($5 in
gvildi, Duke The judges were:
Mr. and Mrs Cllas. \V Piequet, of
lSuehtirst; Dr W. C. Horton, of
Raleigh, W. A. Potter, of KaleiHi,
and \V. F, IMount, of Fayetteville.
Choirs taking pan in the compel
itive contests were: Neills Creek,
Upper Little River, Barbecue, Lill
ington. Dunn and Duke. All the
choirs acquitted themselves in a
most praise-worthy manner, with
credit to the members and the vari
ous directors. .
The smg was- held in a large
v'1* 4.inuivirirTr'Y
ol several lliousand, UUI II WIl
hlled to overflowing with eager lis
teners, while many were unable to
gain admission. The program open
ed at d;45 a. in , with Charles
Ross, of Lillington, presiding, in
vocation wa» r.lftrvd by Rev J. l-\
Central Buvulry Sftaht
Next un the- program came an ad
dress by General A. J. Rowley,
emumanding oiKrer of Fort Bragg
General Rowley is a platform
qwak. i of no mean ability, and his
masterful address was listened to
with raid attention. Americanism
was tile outstanding theme of hit
address. He look occasion to pay
bis bitter respects to tlte bolshevik
and till those who call America
bottie and are not true Americans,
lie favors preparedness, which he
holds is not a breeder of wares, Imt
on the contrary, the best means of
preserving peace. He also remind
ed Iris hearers of the appreciation
which he feels for the friendly spirit
existing between Harnett count)
aird Foil Bragg
('Inst Singing
Immediatly tollowing General
TVwh-y’s address I he competitive
clasf singing contest began. Thi
venous classes rendered tltcir par:
of the itrogram in their order, a:
follows : Neill's Crek, Upper Link
River, Barbecue, Lillington, Dum
and Duke. The splendid nmsic, i.
eluding features, rendered by at
Ihe cnotrs pnrticitiainig in uic con
lest, made it difficult for the judge
in reach a decision as to ll»e win
tiers of the various prirea. Mori
than 200 aongsteri and mingstres*
c» were represented in the sii
choir*, the best musical talent ii
Harnett county, which mean* a
;>ood as will lie found in this State
or any otlier State.
Mate Wat Simple
The music was simple and i*>pii
tar, music that elevates, and not th
sentimental slop, nor the yowls o
jar* that one so often hears now
a .lays. It was music that could b
comprehended by the average audi
cnee, and not of Ihe das* know,
as the latest musical " hits.” Man;
of the selections rendered to beau
lifully were of the old-time van
tty, sung to the old-time tunei
which though they have been larg
ly cast aside for the later day jasz
production*, still have tlieir elevat
mg and tool-stirring effect,
The claw singing contest w*
followed by a grand chorus, led b
Rdy L. Hoffmeieier The sclectioe
rendered by the grant] chorus if
rinded " Holy, Holy, Holy,” “At
nie I .auric ” awl ,fHo for Cart
Afternoon Seuion
FormerCongressman H. J». Clot
win presided at the afternoon se
tioft, the program being opened I
Governor Inquires As
To Prison Condition
A totter from Oovarnor Camrroi
Morrison to James A- Taylor, chair
mat. of the boani of Harnett count;
comniimionrn, dealing with loca
prison reform, was given considora
tion by dm boani at its regale1
monthly mooting Monday, Septcmbc
Tho letter was la tho form of ai
inquiry into conditions of th« Her
nett county prisoi* and prisoaon
alao urging the Importance of thi
proper treatment of priSonera How
ever, the eommisaionrre had alreadj
ntadr close tnopecUon of tho prisor
ramp* and recently made a chsngi
in the management. This change ws
made when It was leanrod that tb>
former ttipariatendeist was falling t<
giva prisoners proper treatment.
While tbv totter was given dix
consideration by the board, the con
sensus of opinion was that condition!
of the county jail and convict camp
■n Harnett are as good aa will tx
found anywhere in tho State. In tlx
letter the governor took oceaaior
to recommend the cessation of whip
ping prisoners. He calls it ‘uncivil!*
od practice” and <1 velars* that it mutt
An order was passed by tho boarc
allowing Confederate veterans fro a
the county who attended the Stati
reunion at Winstoa-Salom !--■ wool
*25 *«■ Thorn attending tho re
union from Harnett ware Comrade.
J. U. McAllister, B. F. Stephens, N
A. Stewart and Phil McRae
Other business transacted by tlx
board waa of a routine nature
a^delightful concert rendered by lb<
Fort Bragg orchestra. This wa:
followed with a feature program a)
follow* :
Solp—Mr*. Harper Holliday, o!
Chonij — Swing Low, Sweet
Chariot — LiUington.
Quartet — Barbecue.
Solo — Mrs. Allison Overby, ol
_ --the an
notmccment of the judges and pre*
ytijliaa at landLaa - laJh
day * program
Builder of friendship
While the two previous aiugt
held in LiUington were a decider
success, the third on yesterday war
die beat in every- respect yet held
A beautiful community sfiirit wai
in evidence on every hand, and per
fret order prevailed. These annua
sings have for their effect the fo*
tering of a county-wide spirit aiK
fellowship that bind the people ol
die entire county into a closer rcta
tion of brotherly love.
Started in 1921 under the direc
tion of Miss Manic F. Camp, coun
ty welfare superintendent, to whom
much CTedit is due for its success
the annual county sing has ahead;
developed into one of the most no
table events of each year in Har
nett county. And it has just hegut
to grow. Even now the folks an
talking about and beginning to pre
pare for the sing next year.
Honor General BowUy.
While apart from the rcgula
program .for the day, one of th
most delightful features was a ban
quel given by the business men o
l.illington in honor of General A
J. llowley at the Killiegrey hole
during the noon hour. About fift'
guests were invited, including man;
of Harnett's progressive cititens
with several from outside th
,4 p peal for Good Roods
In a short address General Row
ley appealed to those present, eape
daily from Harnett county, to kee
nn the_ progressive spirit which hs
already set outsiders to talk it*
about this county, and what it i
accomplishing in the way of bette
1 schools, roads nnd other notab)
achievements. He outlined a pla
upon which he is now working ft
a highway leading from Greensbor
to Wilmington, passing through th
western part of ITamett count;
; Contract will be let at an early dal
1 for hard-surfacing the highway bi
tween Fort Rragg and Fayettevilk
! a link of the proposed highwa;
which he aaid it already assure*
1 This meant, he continued, that or
’ of the beat and moat imports*
Bute highways will traverse Ha1
* nett county.
* Admitting that many would a
* gue that this mad would pa:
f through an undeveloped section, I
* said that such a mad would mea
tliat this section of the coon
K would be developed The speak
i then told of what Fort Bragg meat
* to the towns of North arotina
K the way of military protectio
Good roads leading from the Pc
»- to the various towns will mean th
the Port can quickly put an arm
force of soldiers, equipped with it
I chine gtnu and rifles, into the
v towns in case of necessity tor stx
y he continued. He then pointed o
r HU Brother, Henry Hedge*, W
1 Charged With Firing
The Shot
. Cornelius Hodges is suffering from
gunshot wounds alxxit the face and
i body said to have been inflicted by
• hi* brother, Henry Hodges, Sunday
morning. Henry Hodges was ar
i rested yesterday under a warrant
charging assault with intent to kill
and was liberated under bond of
$500 for his appearance In the Dunn
recorder’s court Thursday morning
Deputy Sheriff H H. McT.rod serv
ed the warrant.
Cornelius Hodges’ most serious
wound is to his left eye, which was
net rated by one of the shot. D
'• Hicks is attending him. ami
hopes to save the sight.
Trouble bet wen die two brothers
began, according to information
given the police, oyer the penning
of some geese belonging to Corne
lius by Henry Hodges Both men
are the sons of the Ute Burwcll
Hodges, a pioner citizen of Averas
l>on> township, who died several
months ago. They arc nephew* of
the Ute George Riley Hodges, and
are farmers in good circumstances.
Their farms adjoin each other, and
are located in the Jonesboro neigh
borhood about three train east of
Crieiion clover, com, pasture ami
SC cow* make s good living for »
farmer near Liberty in Guilford coun
The fair Is the place to display the
agricultural wealth of a community
What, will you add to the display this
Cub Onwg in frirw
. vests'J^jOanQ^
Casb totaling I1U7.40. including
1,000 pennies, m taken freer M 8.
Dibs’ store by robber* Sunday night.
Entrance to the building vu gained
through a window in the rear of the
building. A semen wire ever the win
dow was rut and the window opened
Mr. Dibs also missed a small quantity
of cigarettes and other mere handier
The atoie of J. U Thompson Com
pany, next to the Dibs Store on East
Broad street, was also entervJ, but
nothing hat born missed from this
store. It is thought that the rubbers
were in search of money.
Two bloodhounds wars secured
from Raeford yesterday morning ami
they followed a tiuil from the raar
of the Dibs iter* to a point on the
highway, nar the high school buOd
. Ing, in North Dunn. The dogs went
through the back lot to Cumberland'
street, then West on Cumberland and
: across the cotton yard Into Broad
street, out West Broad to the Benson
| highway end on to the point where
■ the trail was lost. A road drag bad
’ been used on the highway early yee
, terday morning from the point wherv
ww cvp ion Uie irui, imi iv is
Ihooght this lnt*rf«rr»d with Uo
work of the dogs. No arrest* hare yet
beat, mads.
The dogs began the grail a boot
5 10:30 o'eloek yesterday morning and
1 a large number of people fotlewe.1
I them to the point where H was lest.
1 This was the first store wWsry com
[ mrtted In Do on in several months.
1 the (act that the time may come
r wlwn inch protection will be need
’ ed.
e The speaker credited goods roads
'■ with doubling the population of his
* native Stile, California, in a dm.i
time, and stressed thr importance
|* of not waiting until i!.e rural wm
rmtnitie* have been dwcl.'ped Ic
; huikl good roads through then.
J In doting General Bowlcy de
, dared that he wst strong on com
munity and county spirit, at h<
found it in Harnett, ana he pledger
hi ssupport to the county in any
* flung that H may undertake in U*
* way of progreaaivsMSt. Genera
n Bowley waa kitroduead by Stat
7 Senator John R Baggett
l.illington did itself proud in th
splendid manner of entertaining lb
M thousands of visitors. Nothing wa
*' left undone to make It pleasant fo
; all those present The girl and bp
" scouts served as ushers and escort)
" »"d they handled the crowds will
*" skill. Yesterday waa truly ona o
■* the biggest day* In the history of th
h. town of LiAfcigton, and It was goo
A to be there.
Charged With Haying Hia
Wl£« la l«M — Gives
Notice mi A#al
Wesh Hr> ant, Harnett county
farmer, was given an indetemauatr
sentence of from eighteen to twen
ty-five years in the State Peniten
tiary when tried hat-week at Lill
ingloa for the slaving of hia wife
on the afternoon ' of January 12,
1920. A notice of Appeal ha* been
filed, and Bryant^ta ■ at liberty
under bond pendinmjllf derialon of
the Supreme court*!*-'
This marked the Mcond convk
tion of the defendatfheforc a Har
nett jury. The firiGaal was held
in May, 1920. wher jfiflraa convict
ed of nxanslaugliti ilWvl sentenced
to twelve years in gfion. An ap
peal to the Siiprem»<ourt then re
stilted in the nrdtdkg of anrthei
trial Meantime, hopwr. Mr. Bry
ant was convicted-Aik atgaging in
the liquor traffic *#fc aenfrnced to
a term in PederahWitm at Atlan
ta, from winch hqNhl liberated
last year through twfcfforta of hi/
attorney, Fmeat F. gbur.g
Mrs. Wash RryaM-pSas killed at
her home. Mr* F^prfcjit tleclrred
then, and ha* held Jp the declara
tion ever since, that the killing was
accidental. He told!, coroner’* jury
that Jte went to a krtdpbn window at
his home and called htfa wife, ask
ing her to hand hi# his revolver.
While, he said, «he|m1a the act
of giving him the Aapon, it was
accidentally cfiscfiargE trilling her
instantly. • y
This statement w# ctwroborated
by one of Mr. Bryants tons. The
jury, acting am this Atimony, held
the shooting to ha* jjbeen acciden
Ul, and acquitted Bryant of
nunc. . •
Subsequently th« father of Mrs.
Bryant caused a Arrant to be
sworn nut cbarginAhat Mr Bry
ant wilfully slaw Ml Bryant. The
defendant was fhtfja hearing be
fore Robert L.,flj*jsrir.. then re
In the Superior oflfxrt bearing the
son of Mr Bryant gave testimony
damaging to hit father, and it not
held that his eariisr ftatements were
mode because he was afraid of him
Assisting Solicitor Clausen Will
iams in the protection of the case
wen- Oodwin A William* and
Clifford & Towns**!. Young. Best
and Young appeared in the defense
Will Be One of Moat Modem
Plants in Eastern North
The Dunn Family Laandry. which
began operation last May, hat already
oat-grown It* pra»**it quarters and
H. D. Hood. Jr., manager of tb*
laundry, is planning to areet an addi
tion which will more than doubt* thi
sow of the plant.
When Mr. Hood wo* indue *d by
the Dunn Chambor of Coaaaaercs to
open a laandry bar* Hit Intention was
to operate a dawp-waah plant alto
aether. However, tinea that tima he
has found It naeamury to iontall ou<
ehlnery for doing «11 kinds of !*«»)•
dry work, including dry-cleaning.
Hr haa recently piaend an ordoi
for »*w machine* for os* In Ironlni
shirt* and coHars and tbsoa will like
ly bo installed neat week. Mr. Hood
says he expect* to oporata o laundry
her* that will compare favorably with
any In eastern North Carolina.
“Lrfty” Wilson Win*
Two Starts For Leaf*
Greensboro. Bapt. Staging thi
Iron-man stunt eueeesafully, -lefty’
Wilson, former Captain of Urn Uni
varsity of North Carol ire baaebal
team, pitched Danville to tree wtfc
over Oroenohor* today oud aocur*
a somewhat firmer hold mi tho loo.
Of the Piedmont League lev «•
Leaf*. WlUon hold Greensboro’* oloi
vn hit* widely eoattorod in the fl*
while hie tenmeuntee »Wd six •
their seven kJU f«r a aensutlonal rel
1 ly in the last two innings of tb
gam* winning • U 1 Bhay foaturv
nt Wat for In tho fin
[ gam* getting four hits out of fit
’ attempt.
In the soeond gum* Wilson as
, Moon engaged in a pHcher’e battl
eaah yielding only thro* hit*. AD (
; Danville’* swats, however, wuro, f<
oxtsu ban.*, triple, by Bagxn or
Coohlln and n doubU by Troxler, a
| coanting far DaavUU’e run* M tl
lest three Inaiago of tha eowUM.
Three automobile wrecks in the
Duim neighliorhood is the record
for Sunday** speeding. There were
no fatalities, .-dthoogfa one good
brother fell within the toils of the
bw when the wreck of his flivver
disclosed, it is alleged by Deputy
Sheriff McLeod, that the ear was
transporting the fluid which Mr.
Vulstead attempted to banish. He
is D. K. Jemigan, fanner, whose
Ford disputed the right of way
with another driven by Joe Smith.
The Jemigan-Smith wreck oblig
ingly occurred in from of Sheriff
McLeod's home on Fayetteville
road, making the arrest of Jemigan
tome chine uf a pleasure to that gra
cious ana smiling official. Mr. Jer
uigan was liberated under bond for
bis apjiearance here Thursday,
when he will be permitted to tell
Recorder M. il. Jemigan "bow
come *' one of his name to get into
such trouble.
Another of the trio of mishaps
occurred in front uf Mac's home
This was when a Ford driven by a
negro named M asset collided with a
Hudson driven bv K. M. Bsmn,
of Lumberton. The Ford was com
pletely wracked. Mr. Barnes’ car
was not badly damaged, although
Mr*. Rames, who was riding with
him. suffered some minor braise-.
Ihe third mishap am to Dr. k,
L Warren and George Jemigan at
Long Branch. A collision resulted
m a wheel being torn (rum the car
driven \jy Mr. lemtean.
Armpmiito are maplsu far am
tertalateg Ah* eonfsrswes at Ban day
(ritooi vupcrirrtendotit* af Eastern
North Carolina, which will ha hald at
thr Pint Baptist church haw this
weak The conference erfll open Wed
nesday evening at TAB and last
through Friday.
As ha* been stated In The Dispatch,
noted Sunday school worker* from
various Slate* will address tbs con
ference and numerous phase* at Sun
day actiool work will b* sladiad aad
dwcumul during the thro* days'
mostlrg. Mora than IN visitor* arc
expected and them will be catenate
ed so tbs Harvard plan. That is
room* and breakfast wiU be provided
(roe to alt out-of-toera attendant*.
A feature of the program will bs
a trip ta Bale’s Crash oa Thursday
afternoon, leaving Dona at 4 AO o'
clock. Arrangements win be amde to
take all the delegate* to this leading
Baptist high school.
While the conference wiB be hpld
under the a aspic so of the Baptist
Slate convention, superintendent* aad
officers of Sunday schools of otbei
denomination* ar* ssrMafly invited
ta attend aad take pact la the mate
Tli* complete program at the sen
fsrvneos woo paMtteed »« a meant
toewe of The Dispatch.
Shot Gan I rap Gets
Gaston County Man
(iattonia, Sept. 5.—A shot gut
trap Mt by S. L. Kiter in W* emm
try ttore ten mile* from here lac
night to catch robber* proved effect
ive. At a remit. Herman Fall*, o
Kins'* Mountain, it dead; Raymom
IVnheld, of Bettemer City, it in jai
under charge of robbery. Odheri
are tearchmg for Will McDonald
1 chirfril wifb complkity in tht rob
< bery, and fifteen pain of tboet ttol
• en from the atom, and found teal
> tered along the road have been re
i covered.
Accordngto Information gathei
s ed by the officer*, the three mm w
I tered the More early today and too
. 1 Spain of ahoea to their automobil
, outaide. Falla re-entered the atoi
4 and tripped a airing which wet a
, tached to the trigger of the thot gu
' Mr. Kiaer had act.
'Hie gun fired a load of that im
, hit body. The other two man inti
J car no away. FaH* dragged hh,
; oelf tome distance from the a*
f | und waa picked up by Ms aUegi
* confederates and taken tot hotj
d I tal, where he died later. The rim
>* were tupponad tn have been tkrou
from the car aa It dathad sway Ire
the ttore.
lh h» report* to Mfl r. A. Dili
i*U, who presided at tM crimia*
tom of Haraatt nut* IqMoi
«HMt la it week. the rnad Jury re
•ommeodad that a saw ceanty hoau
ewa»»»hia with the madam kernel
a* mnwuMng counties be eraeted b
thi* county.
Pottowlap It the repeat la fell:
To Hb Heaer F. A. BuMs, Jadpi
Preaid lay;
Wr, the praaJ jury fee the Sep
Uo*#T km. lit*, of the teperier
com ef Haraatt nut/, napeetf ally
mkc the faUawiay report to year
1. We have fl%—Ifj kifhsd to
to aH bflb brought Mon u end
hem mde return aeeenUatfr
>. We have taapeetod alt the ef
tm to the coartheaae add ftad then
la fair condluita. We peep—ead that
toe county renenilulum provide a
ara covering far the Beer aad cash
la the cl*rk'« office .ad natter at
datob^ effke, aad aew chair* fee *eid
«. We have iaepeeted the iaO sad
Sad it h*pt in pood condition. We
recoup*oil that toe ’-•-rbu'i etflU
aad ethee rnfaee kept la the Jed he
waved at eace, aad that earn plaec
ether thea the Jett he provided tor
the wimpMia ef sttDe.
4. W# have lapiWel the roeatj
home and Sad aaaw kept ae welt a*
cut he with the beiMieg* ud eat
heaeee a* toey am. We And plaster
toy off In el amt every teem, three
ted It kept In good
li re«—d the feed aad
Aclent hi quantity aad
aad well prepared. We talked with
of the aowvieta aad they el
ae that they were well treated
Mawd to ho content, aweapt that
they had to work long honre. We
make the following remreanodadont
as te the camp: That a (tee! or irea
floor replace the weed** eae now la
the old cago; that the cowrie* bo
forced te work aot more then ten
ho urn per day; that the aalary of the
raperinteadent be laereeeed to a good
l hr lag wage. Wo wldb to taha Ode o>
I port unity to mpriii to Mr. Lanier,
the (aperiMemient, oar eppreeiattoi
of the way he haa beam taateAn
the camp. We farther recommend teal
pillow* ha fwrwiakad the cearitta.
Wa li (ported the guaadhaaaa »
Daka aad foaad It to* aamB, poorlj
ventilated and aafit far the koaplni
of prlieaara. Wa recommend that i
new one bo btrilt at e®ee hy paopri
eatho lithe.
Wa wiah to thank your Boner fa
kindneaa dwwa our body, aai th
eaUcttor for bia aervioae te wa.
Lightning Strike*
Residence Of Judge
Payettrrilla, Sept. 7.—The iwr
deuce af Jadge X. A. Sinclair *
Ctarandaa Arena* waa rtn* b
lightning daring aa atoetria atari
hat* last night, aad damaged to
■nail ateant bp Hamaa. Tba bolt ar
tered the bgBdiag thrapgb a aamblr
! atien pa* aad ataetria irttn aad ll
| nlted tba gaa. Tara fba traaka m
| .wered tba alarm *aa« la aad iraaaa
, nilngulrtnl tba blase after a au
hole had bam Imiat la to* reef. T*
damage t* the haima rriD apgrarlmal
- $S0 ar ITi, Captala Bam Jana*. M
- of ton Gra dapartmeat. stated to
™*jTa«e Knelair to holding apart
- leoabertan aad bla arile aad dapghh
are in tba mnantei^a «f ‘Wadtai
* North Carolina.
* j ■
* Spray tog aad ynaiag a ISaa
' ftoid of watarmatona la Bohn aaga
n itapkii la tea ears of matem an
aging M yawtl oaah being m
° Paar ear* arid for MM aaab a* t
* track; thr -atom la to* otbar t
ll war* mrbaraod aad aold tor |1
a par car *« ** tenek. Than* gwwi
who AVI not prana and apaar «
took — toaa fa* SM7A0 par aar
ti Urn troth. "Titer molsaa tote kat
m gaailty maaad tba dttfnroano," m
w* A. FUkm, * Vak
D. C., Mu of tlM late Hr.
<5*1 l*t
•It MflM «Mt of Dm, nM s*t
frioadn. ttm*r 1iriTji ”l*dT-“ *—
^ Wd, who to jud*. advw
cou Of the UaiM Atateo My. m
taad, who*, ha iriM
atloa nad trial of a deil on* ta «ho
*+ cwt at J notice, liar. Beach
dioWaa. la which tba United Mate.
^.^<Wo aacT ST»SR
te tfa. latohiy «f 0“**1
The Ml flaw aat of a maUl. >.;vy!
M^Maw^Taofc Whor. Ttete wow
d-* preparation and trial of aao.
Ho wo aariodad to Ike oaao hy the
w*U-known law fhaa nf MMbMt
and Laaaa, ottamaja foe the Bank of i
«c«;aad. U a tetter in «ko ftn.nm
•MdH far wlaahw
wMk nf Malar Parker and ha haa
Ittiaaa Am MMab hfeh JThMlte
tw^ai - d»--a
no mum i minuter
AwinHid By A Mia
Sl Paula, Sept 7.—At a hlUBita
preached from MM 4ka palplt,
1 Theteipeea. H. w» hit in the (me
•ad abated. Aa a malt ef it, «r
poaiaaa it aaid to have ki.ert ad
I Thenrpeon daw*. It la aaM that
. tM-paa, at eajtoa pMM. M
lar, hail waa a Tie art! to pa (na
' na«|iaaf«alM|M*fa*aaiai
: "Golden Rule" Sheriff
I b Killed By Farmer
a —■'m I
I Peteakey, Mich., Sept. «_VMato
4 PiTfla, known aa tha "OeMaa lafa'
» Meriff a( fam earn*, b dead.
ead Jaaeph Onadkapf, * 'enter, le
a rapertid Bear deato la a Waal lipW
* ai aa the remit ef a pan dael Malta jSfc
n the tare aa OhreaahapfN into aaar
hare. Paryle waot to OnMhapft
fane jidaaltf to tanae a eaptoalB ea
» apm toT afnaar'Mto'a ato*^ The
*• latter retained tha (tot wtte a re
* rebar.
to ■
u Tha haM traaarU aalb fee aana pato
*" tbe rtiaapea to toe aprtoakatn «4
<■» Beaten Cento*. BnaO paatoa. la
. tote Maftl

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