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    1111 II ■■ ■' II HI
Mr. and Mr* John C. Hodges
of Fayetteville, are visiting rela
tive* in Dunn this week.
Bum, tn Kev. and Mr*. J. M.
Water*, of Arapahoe, September
3. a daughter — Ev* Elaine.
Mr* Douglas Butt and S-/n,
Frank. have returned fnum a 10
dav* visit to Washington City.
' Miss Josephine Thomas reiume.i
Friday from Maxtou, where -die
»l>cnt two weeks visiting relatives
Mrs. \Y. R. Jackson left Friday
night for Bailey, where she will
t.j-end a few day * visiting Mrs. II.
(’<. Bunn.
Miss Marguerite Warren relum
ed home Saturday from Raleigh,
where sin s|xni j week visiting rel
Mrs. D. J. Dowd and daughter,
Mr*, ldeta W'liiuentou, are visiting
relative* in Chatham county this
Jesse R., Jr., and Clarcnri
fan went last week to Oak R-tlge,
where they entered < )»k Ridge In
A collection totaling 5*50.50 for
'he Japanese earthquake sufferers
was taken at the First Baptist Sun
day school Sunday morning.
The Dispatch is requested to an
uounce that tlie hour of the mid
week prayer meting at the Mrflm
di-t church has lien changed fmm
8 :00 o'clock to 7 :30 p. m
Four loans for tlic erection of
new homes in IJunn were approved
by the directors of the Home Build
ing K l oan association at a
of rite hoard Friday evening.
Allen C., son of Mr. and
\ # _ . f t* t I V I f. A
j i.rr, iru .'iii .min
for Nyack, N. A'., whcie lie will
enter the.Christian and Missionary
Alliance Institute n> a ministerial
Dr. and Mrs. P A. Stewart and
small son went Sunday to t>ak
Ridge in response to a ntrbsagi :,d
vising tlieni that Di Stewart’s
mother had sulLrcd a broken arm
in a fall.
b.lmnnd Tail, an nnplnyee at G.
I” Pope’s lumber plant fell on the
lumher yard Saturday and broke
his arm. lie received immediate at
tention and his aim is getting along
all right.
Mrs. C. C. Butler and daughter,
Mis? Pearl, have returned trout
Chalybeate Springs where they vis
ited relatives and attended a revi
val meeting, which was conducted
by Rev. F„ N. Johnson
* -"TulTlWM. Tjf* TravmoVM Ms gro
cer* stock into his new brick build
ing. Wed Broad street and I nk
now Vfuarr. This new store build
ing, wliirh wan ici cully completed,
is one of the mod modem in Dunn.
Wt-ldeal Sinitli. negm. who lives
on a farm belonging to J. D.
Barnes, near Linden, had his left
thing broken Friday r, Lonmin
when he fell ntT a wagon. 1 he
wound was dressed by Dr J. H.
High smith.
Mi** Mary Carr WcmbmoV, of
senn View. Va., arrived today
and will enter the Dutin high school
when it opens next Monday. She
will make Iter home with Miss Ra
chvll Clifford at the home of her pa
rents, Mr and Mrs J. C Clifford,
\\ e«t Broad street.
Geo. L. Canady spent the \* eek
end at Oxford and yesterday took
his daughter. Miss Lois, to S»'c*n
hurt?, where she entereil the Pine
land school for girls. He also took
llie uAtt V sthnn In TIttSii'u P, r ol
where lie entered Buie’s Creek
,T. J. \V»de arrived home thii
morning from a three month*’ l<>ui
of Europe. He brought with bin
two German police dogs, which h?
purchased in Berlin. The dogs hcvi
not yet learned the English Uui
gunge, and order? given them ir
English are passed unnoticed.
Rush llashana, Jewish New
Year, hegnr Monday evening at >
o'clock and last* until 6 o’c’od
Wednesday evening. It is a re
ligious occasion celebrated in even
synagogue and temple throughott
the world local stores of Jew* an
closed in observance of the ncca
Tlie local office of the Can.lin:
Power and Light Co. was close?
Monday on account of the dcsitl
and funeral of Col. Chas F,. John
non, president ar»?1 fimndcr of th
company. Col. Johnson died at hi
home in Raleigh Sunday moniitu
of heart trouble. The funeral »va
conducted Monday afternoon tit
u'durli from Christ church. Rahvgli
IV. Livingston Johnson, rdito
of The Biblical Recorder, Rak-igk
preached at the First Baptist dmrcl
of Dnnn Sunday morning ami eve
nmg. At the morning service Di
Johnson told an interesting story o
the Rai»ti*t World Alliance, wVid
he recently attended in Stockholm
Sweden. At the evening aer/io
he talked almttt general condition
in Europe as be observed them t
fuller report of the talk on Sunda
evening will lie published in Frl
flay’s issue of 'llie Dignldi. Wh?1
here IV. Johnson was a guest at th
home of hi* son in-law and daugh
ter, Rev. and Mr*. R. N. Jobnsat
Pmf T. T. Jantcr. superintend
tne ol Coat* tcliool*. wa« a Dun
visitor Friday afternoon.
g* ■ BWS—Hi ■ ■ I
F.. T. Pool, of Smitbeld, Is a Dunn
business visitor today.
Middling cotton i* selling on the
local market today at 27 cents the
Cmi ul More than 100 hales are |
•ing utarketed here daily.
Mrs. Carl Barefoot and small
daughter, "Veil Barefoot, left this 1
morning for Burlington, where they
will s])Cttd a month visiting rela
Solicitor T. A. McNeill, of Lum
lierton, is a Dunn visitor today. Mr.
Me Will cainc he re from Raeford,
where lie lias been representing the
State in Superior court.
A. R Wilson, formerly of Cat*
tcllshurg. Kv.. has accepted a posi- 1
lion with H. C. 1 ec, local plumber.
Mr. Wilson win accompanied by
his wife, and they will make their 1
home here. I
Robert McLamb, who lives in 1
Her sou, was Uiund over to the Fed
cial court Saturday by U. S. Com- 1
mission it li. on the charge of
having whiskey in his jiowessicm. !
His bond w as fixed at $200, which
he furnished. Mcl.amb was arrest
ed Saturday after the officers Had
found two jugs of “ white light
ning ” stored in his home. 1
- I
The F.xecutise board of the
Woman’s Club licld a meting on '
Friday, Sept. 7, with the dub’s new
president, Mr*. N. A. Townsend.
In an informal way ihe board dis
cussed plan* for the year’s work.
The resignation of Mrs. William
Thompson, chairman of the Ways
and Mean* committee, was accept
ed, and Mm. John Fitzgerald was
elected to fill this vacancy. The
lnaid i* looking forward to a good
year, during wliich lliey hope to ilo
miu’K for Ihi* cnmmnnflv.
The library which was opened by
ihr Woman'* club a lew month*
ago is supplying the boys anil girls
with good reading matter The rec
ord made ha* been remarkable, and
it is hoped that some new books can .
soon lie added to the library
The officers of the club for the
year 1923 1924 are:
President, Mrs. N A. Town
send; first vice president, Mr*. H.
11. Taylor; second vice president.
Mrs. E. M. Jeffreys, treasurer,
Mrs. Marvin Pittman: recording
secretary, Mrs. W. S. Snipes; cor
responding secretary, Mrs Jas.
Farthing: chairman of ways and
means, Mrs John Fitegerald; chair
man of civk-s, Mrs. V. L. Stephens:
chairman of music, Mrs. W. K. Col
trane; chairman of home econom
ics. Mrs. Carl Fitchett.
The heads of the various ilcpart
nients are now at work on their
programs, and the regular meetings
will be held in October. The gen
eral business meeting falls on the
second FrtdayHf tseh month, end
it is hoped that a larye percentage
of the membership will attend this
first meeting, when the work will be
mapped out and plan* announced.
The club is (banning some big
things. At ibis first meeting a re
port of the convention of the State
Federation, which met in May at
Winston-Salem, will be given.
After the business session had
l>en concluded, Mrs. Townsend and
her co-workers enjoyed a delightful
social hour, during which the host
ess -erved iced tea, sandwiches and
Mrs. George McKav entertained
the Entre Nnui club Thursday af
ternoon. The living room was taste
fully decorated in baskets of pink
and white roses.
Several games of bridge »ere
played at four tables, after which
an see course in the shape of a beau
tiful pink rose and mints was serv
ed The hostess was assisted in
serving by her sister. Mrs. Blay
Those enjoying Mrs. McKays
hospitality were: Mesdames Dick
Taylor, I-ouis Stephens, Emmett
Thompson. Carl Barefoot. Horton
Sansotn, Hat-pec Holliday, Boh
Young. F.llson Goddard. Herbert
Taylor, Wm. Pearsall. Arthur
Pope. Carl Fitchett, Misses T/Oi«
I'Vtrw-r T jjui*e Cox.
Birthday Party
A large number of young men
and young women gathered at the
' home of Mr. and Mrs. Charles C.
1 Butler last Friday afternoon U> pay
their respect* to Miss Emilv, the
charming young daughter of Mr.
i and Mrs. Butler, upon the occasion
I of her eighteenth birthday,
i The pretty home was beantifitly
■ decorated with flowers and vine* of
■ the season, and the young folk tltnr
* mighty enjoyed the various games
f staged for their entertainment. Ice
1 cream, cake and other refreshment*
> were served.
Among those present were: Mi**
r es Marie Slewart, Marie and Bea
, trice Jemigan, Elsie latgdon, of
\ Coats, Helen Butler, Carrie Bell and
- Annie l<aurie Hairr; Messrs. Mot
. let I lodges, Fellon Parker, Melvin
I Neighbors, Claude Johnson, of
* Chalybeate Springs; Eugene Butler,
* Ed Jemigan, lames Beasley, of
i Four Oaks, and Mr. Keith.
1 There will be a reunion at the old
1 home of Mrs. Betsy C. Butler,
- Sampson county, Septemlier I6th
t All neighbors, friends and relatives
e are cordially invited to come ansi
- tiring s basket
Mrs. Serena Wood
Mrs. Serena Wood, wife of Billie1
Wood, aged ahout 82 year*, died
i esterday morning at tire iXtutt hos
pital, where khe was taken Sunday,
ler condition was critical when she
'45 taken to llie hospital, anti her
leath was not unexpected. The fu
teral was conducted at the home,
:wo miles east of Drum, at 2:30
j’cfock this afternoon, by Rev. C.
V Jackson. Interment wnt made
n the family cemetery. Deceased
» survived by her husband.
Marsalis* Lae
Afarsnltne, 12-uronUts-okl daugh
er of Mr and Mrs. C. K. I ax, who
ivc about five miles north of l>mm,
Jied early yesterday morning. The
:au*e of the child’s death lias not
Ken learned. Tlie funeral run-1
Jitcled Jtt the grave yesterday after
toon at 4 o’clock by'Rev A. S. Mc
Jitcni, pastor of the Dunn I’rnthy
crian church, and interment was
node in the cemetery at Drove I’re*
Jytcrian church.
Infant Dias
Felton Dray, .3-months-old, adopt
Hi son of Mr. and Mr*. D. T. Ilod
tiut, wlto live in West Dunn, died
Saturday afternoon. Interment was
aide Sunday at 10 a. m , in the
>ld Field church cemetery.
Rathline Barbour
Kathlinc, 2-year-old daughter of
Vtr, and Mrs. Herman Harbour,
nho live two miles southeast of
Dunn, died Sunday night of |mcu
nonvi following measles. The ft»
ieral was conducted yesterday af
ernoon at 4 : 30 o’clock, and intcr
nent was made in the family bury
"g ground;.
Miaa Cos Open. Stndio
Ml»« taui'MC Cox arrived in Dunn
*tt week xml ha» opened ■ music
rtoriio She it located In Mr. Bein'*
Wdetic* juet ueroas the itccet from
J>* school building 8h« k>«tn her
*ork today and I* now ready to re
el* c additional pupil* Thorn deelrtng
* enter their children may get in
oueb with Mia* Cox ut phone No.
or by calling at the studio. She will
’onfinr her teaching to piano manic.
Master Cottoa Pickers
E. P. Alphm, who Kve* on Route
t from Dunn, is not worrying about
tile high |>rice of cootton picking,
lie ha1- two boy* wlio are master
l>icker*. Silas, aged 13 year.-, pick
mi 332 imurxlt. last Thursday, while
nn the «aiiie ilay another non, \ ei
lon, |iiekcd 311 pound*, ilr. \tp)iin
was a Dunn visitor Saturday
(fly Wade H. Lucas.)
■nuke. Sept. 10.—'Cutting * wide
swath and uprooting everything in
its path, a young tornado |>a*sed
near here Saturday afternoon. Duke
was visited by three *rvcre storm*,
with high winds that seemed as if
lltey could carry away everything in
their path. One local resident a is
slightly shocked by lightning. Hr
was sitting on hi* back porch, .md,
Ik received the shock in his right
arm, causing it to be nnmb for sev
ers! minutes. But back to the tor
nado: It blew a giant oak tree
across the residence of C. F West,
farmer near here, crushing tin: kit •
then in. and took tlte entire top off
;>f a tobacco bam. which was full
j[ cured toliucco. belonging to A. L.
Morris, who lives about one -nik
north of here. It completely raxed
ihe bam, strewing the context* all
over the field and blowing die roof
of the bam several yards. The t>r
xadn. or storm, whichever it was,
lasted but a short while, allhingb
Ihe damage it made was rleaHv vis-1
ible Sunday.
The Epworlh league of the
Methodist church gave aumhrr de
lightful pageant last Simduy at the
local church. The play was enjoyed
ivy a number of people who crowd
ed the edifice to witness the journey
»f " Experience to Vision Heights"
ITtr senior members of the Oiris
rian Endeavor society of the T’res
liyterian church are to be given a
wcial the coming Thursday night in
the old school auditorium. Every
member is requested to be present.
The Erwin band gave another
vne of their enjoyable concerts Sxa
ilay afternoon in the park. This
concert marked the initial appear
ance before the public of four mem
ber* of the hand. They were tlie
following: Edgar Bvrd, Edwia
Bost, Jr., Woriist Knowles and
Cochran Geddie These boys, ac
acennling to Director White!;-, have
worked hard this summer since
school was ottt, and have at last
mastered their work so thoroughly
Is to enable them In take their
places among the other-.
Mr. and Mix. G. L. Godwin, of
ruyctlevdle,spent the week end
die gneus of Mr. a rut Mrs. K. C.
Mr. .md Mrs. Murk Wade, rnd
Mi*» Minnie Kyals, are visiting
friend* and relative* in Durham.
Mi*» 'f rev a Portia, of Fa>.\ie
ville. spent the week-end here with
.Miss 1 .noise Ceddie
Mr* N. M. McDonald rmd ctiil
dren .-re *i>ei»ding some time with
friend* and relative* near \iur
Mk. Va.
Mr and Mr*. O. R Simpson and
diidlrcn. Oscar and Hvbert. »i>cot
the week-end with relative* in M<m
Mr. and Mrs. D. N. Ceddie, of
Fayetteville, spent Sunday here
with hi* brother, K. C. Ceddie.
Mi«* Ruby Myer* *|«nt the week
end with her parent* at Ahoskir.
A. W. Byrd wa* operated on
Monday morning in tbc flood Mope
hospital for j^evJiciti*. He i* get
ting along
Meun. . Miller and A. H.
Harper and R. M. Buie made *
buawifi arip- Aliaam-U Sunday.
Mr. and ‘ C. C Bullard ,of
Fayetteville, the wek-end here
with relative*
Little Mi*4 Vira and Man Ste
ven«, aged eight ami six years re
spectively, won the feature progr.mj
prire at the Harnett county comma
oity sing Monday at Lillingtoo
They won second prize m special
Elat Pearce’s—
in tha spinal You never km it be
fore? Nor do milliena *f Other people
Iciow It even rot! Chiropractic ad
J ji t'.nent of aublnxated or dlaptaeed
v rtobraa, as employed by ua, offers
* great boon to many aafferera.
Dr. J. M. Morgan
** Ohiropraator”
Offiee 4th Fleer First NaMeoel
Dm, 14. C.
Office Heera:
• to IX a. as- ttefpe
Other Hear* by Ippeketmaat
Tka frait Maan ii> at hand. My brother is still
raisiac it, and 1 am still selling it. Yau will find at my
stand tbs finest—
la fact wa handle everything hi the fruit line. If
yon hay from as. It mast he good. Wa ftuaraatae every
thing we selL
" ' * * 1 ■ ■ 1 ■ aanmeaasstrnnMMnnmMMmMamM^mMi
- - ,
program, competing with trained
voice# from Dimn and Angier, but
the fuinoua male quartet of KaHie
rtie township carried urf firw honor*
Tn tlw main ting, Ulliuglou won the
loving cup with the following clam
o rated in order: Buie’a Credc,
Dunn and Duke. The local clan
received very commendable prriae
from the judge* for their good
tinging, they having never had the
Itcnel of anyihihg but a timing-fork
to aid them. Thin .the judge* de
rUrvd. ws» remarkable for the local
riant in that the rhue nhuu i (he re
tnlt of good teaching.
crowd in the aftcrnmm. hlwfc trM
played by the Fort Ongg bati
ilirixigiiout the day. The day rioted ‘
with nuke and i-ilKnfUjn at faaae- f
heAtphirh the UUer teen am hr
he tcorcof 7 to 2.
—.——— £
i “ » ' >>■■<.Fi'Sfiiffitffll fcVTv
' '" jjlp^
1 Feldman’s Dept Store
t '.V. 7i-t •• >i
Our Men’s and Boys' Department are now complete.
We sre now showing i complete line of Man’s, Young
Men’s end Boy’s clothing, hand-tailored garments, in
stripes, serge's, (hecks, in all materials. Come and see
them before you purchase your suit.
See our Window Display of the famous
shoos and oorforda for Fall. Wo solicit your patronage.
Watch this paper for our Fall Opening announcement.
Feldman’s Dept Store

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