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    Million Dollar Check
Ghrm To Japan*—
Am bos—dor Woods Pre
1 Frtt Large Re
lief Fund
WaAjngbio. Stpc. I&—Ansi***
Wowl* at Tokio handed to
A a.-nato vesierdav a cvrti-'
fiad check ft.! ?1.000,OOoL the 1,7* I
jW wmhnenf of the relief fnnd!
for lapjOrs* eanhcjtuiie nrflfeier*;
eofle.ted In- the American Red1
7^®* ?n renoftirg t» the State
Utpanniem. die ambassador said!
ilwraer yarraro vea* deeply moved
ct tie evident*.- i>f sympathy and;
expressed hi* gratitude to tfa-j
Amerusm peoplr.
Rsforu of rlioini outbreak- in
Japan were refuted by ilr. Wood*.
hI» inuaiiittcd the resnh of an in
qrtrj- nude U Dr. Kibbe. an Amer
ican; 4v.»icuii doing refirf work in
lot* H>. I
Five hospital buildings for treat-i
[mail ot earthquake vktinis have
beer purchase.! br the Red Cross
Intv the funds collected during the
pa* two week* throughout the
conn.*'-*-, and till be shipped ittmie
dute'y us Japan, h was announced’
today at national headqnartcr* of!
the *fjcktjr. The buildings, knocked
down, m ft be erected at sadi pkices;
••Japanese official* *ce fit.
The relief fund today reached aj
Wa! of S8.3t.r60O, more than $3,-',
500,UX) above the figure lira set a*
the goal. [
Prepared To Keep
Stale Under Martial
Law For A Year
Ofchhtitna City. Gkla., Sept 19— 1
Governor Walton is ready to keep I
Ofcbdtorna under martial law a Viau- |
if ifc«**arv to >ump out lawless- i
ness. .wonSng to a story (MiUisiH-d i
in the Oklahoma City Time* todav. <
The i .ovemor was quoted a* dcclar- i
'** I'-' had the nett and money and 1
could last a year. 1
Mount Olive Citizen !
Haa Curious Ailment (
■■ — — ■ ■■ <
Mount Olive, Set* 19.— Geo. I,, t
Floucr*. a local insurance agent,
was taken to a Wilmington Itospitai r
Monday night, suffering a rather 1
peculiar malady, and one that seem- <
ed to baffle the medical profession, a
Saturday ami Sunday lie suffered <
slight incuovanienee with what he c
thought was only ordinary sore e
throat. During the day Monday. I
howe\er, the ailment took a more «]
malignant turn, when his tonne be- a
mm to sweB, and hy-fugftr uw* ></ a
large -that he eiftridn't dose his
mouth at all .and produced a threat- k
coin- sensation, of coarse. n
Local physicians seemed unable t
to understand the cause of his a
trouble or afford him. any relief, so h
*» *** burned to WOmingtoo,
according to report*, phyd
ctana were quite as mr«h pulled
over bh case a, were meal do. tor*.
The UUst newt from his bcl4de,
hoermr, is to the eft ret titat hr ha,
v’O^'tt (light itnpruvemeiie. ’
Editors In Oklahoma
Appeal To Country
Tuka. Olda., Sept. IV — 1Rv ,hc
AMomtarl Ptvm.) An ad<tn ;> to
,ly P«>H* of tl* United Stott,. .Ic
cianttg that die supreme i»>i»e in
Oldahinwa today is rrmdilu;i..nal
foywnmcni or dcsriotfeen, was made
public Uwuglti by a group of I fcu
homa dath newspaper publi.ters'
loUotrmg an all <tn meeting frilled
by a weal editor w ith a xiru of
placing the true rit-jaikm Iwfort
iH ettunuy/’
Puldislien. of rex oral of rite hrg
*** deilifs in the State signed t’n
" G»o‘. \\ altnn, b\- hi; oxvn acts,
hat attempted to uulltfy rights
»nt«d tattler our cuustitution, and
to halt the law fid peuecMies r.r re
publican government.” the publish
ers declared.
A tecorwl declaration, addressed
., Members of the legidalure,*’
fht editors of Oklahoma urge
that the legislature meet itnmcdi
Sprinkle Gnus Seed
On The Lawn This Fall ;
Raleigh. Sept. 24— It i.« ,-ilnay* ,
Si*!1 to sow Mane K^vl gras? seed
n nir lawn even (Ih.ii^Ii diem is a I
[air stand of gras* The r.riM.u 1
or this is exnlaintsl t.v F F \fi> 1
-all. Garden specialist for tile State '
ollege and Drpnitmenr of Agn.-ul- !
ure, who s»ys, - Some „f ihe '
irasaes are Imiuiink. or live only *
wo years, and if kept i losrly rttt. '
hey fail to reseed, ami die. Aiost !
innnal grasses are gicen only in Uit
winner. If lawn gras* seed con *
"“if J00*1 l*n*t»*a.ges of Ken >
ucky Blue grass and Italian rye are *
<iwn now. a gossJ green lawn may '
* had all winter anil next spring. 1
riiese grasses rruiy bum out during '
he hot summer: if *o, if Beimu- s
* gra*» i-s also planted, a good lawn
tof be had the whole year through I
" The very shady and wet places, *
r even the very dry spots in the *
iwn, may need some different van- t;
ties of grass seeds to make Ihrxc t
pots gren. Wood Meadow Grass,
reepmjf Bent. Rhode Tshmd Kent >
r Fall Fescue all do well under ti
msiderable shade; Gog Tail Grim,
led Feacoe and Yellow Oat Grass
n well in the very dry situations,
ad Canary Grass should he in use I
r fUt i**wr-1d-ks_% • • .« v ^ __
Mr.- McCall states' that the new
rvvn should be cli|>ped often, but
ever closer than ihtve inches, and
iat all grasses tlo best on a moder- 3
tely heavy clay loam, heavily *
med. . b
. ii
_ c
PromiaMMt Cmnikoro >11*004
Takm Owu Life in B*.Hi
more H^iilnl
Ttaltiiuore. AM.. »
John <\lcxandcr Willk ui., ' 1
ohl. of Green-bun.. \. C.. run.mi,
ed suicide natty l.y M . n i„ • •
ter^ in Ids r'ljlu i( «' lA v.lii ••
»o death in a |>rie:ne cir.n.
tie was di-rAvtvtd In ,i t,w>,.
was atiendin;' him.
New* Comes A 5 .SJiodf
To Grc«r:cborc Cko^I':
Gn en-lxtrn, y«;>. 'I-lo'
received hen- lonWht f.;*„ |
uw.i'e Im.lU'Ilt III ■ Icir .
rnent thai (»t. \ , ,.f
Si .I.euNs lios;>iisl. this !?.'
rronuiitled sitieulc llii:. i>vir.".»i;t in
a Dune, where he ii.d lac -!
uiwler treatment fir l|,.; ; :•.: .-.o’
month* rur high htnisl |m\.'.viv, i<M
(laired ncrvoii.- ror.d '.'.<%■» <1 '.i-t ..
tnaiUle. I
l>r. Williams t-|. eh rf vajecs’
It St. I .Co’s,! ritnkcii v it I - jV
l>est known -ur^ei u 1 j-»
md news of hi- suwi'Y ,nt« "
f • . J 1 . .
• •limn uihi in **• : '• *•
mown l>y friends in h.ivt- Ucsi
xkv* health (hiring the i,
'Cus, hm tlicv it'rr.* i.» alh ui:fir*
wrest for th« 'news of
After liis |«‘'i gr.-i.hi:!.-.- w.irk
itr. Williams l< sided in K‘.
imctieinj; first with |)r i. «\ Wat
on ami latei with t>i j \\ tf.-.j
•1-ce there. In I1**, he . un.
»t. Leo’s hospital -tart lx..- .••n,
inee had remained in dx .in, ! c<,
natty yaers Ik- did «.inr.i! i -.-i.ti t
ml of late yea is hid mr ,-ir.i ii .;
vork entirely to urger., ••ti.**»-...» • •
i high |dacr in hi. ;nofe ,i. s:
lie married a di-tyhl.-- of Ii
ife Joseph IW, who v. .-. >>-•
f the tiivenslmivi • v..• ‘
aught ers. Mis-s-i. ♦-’mu**- mid'
Catherine. survive hint, an. I -...
rother. J. \V. \Vi!liar:t. «>f fd.l j
rell ennnty, where Or. Willi-to ! his yoting :(u>nh.j-1
Or. Williams had made k .'rip lo
in rope in tlu* intrre<-i hi . V:-h*.
nd had taken treKlnn iit at K’ti* ;
tniul. Vo., and al the Main lm :p j
kl in Roelicslr**. Minn, piin;; jr« il.d-i
more smite eight w.-cks mm.
Last year lie was prividotii ■ f the;
iorth Carolina Ompital ,-s o. iv j
on. i
Funeral service- will he In.-ld !*< i--:
londay afternoon. ,
hr. Porter Decit^f
TU Ci wAUV *Vse ^ --»-i —
Durham. Sept. .1 — Dt R-.mtti-*
udron Porter, pn-aor of the l-'ii-.t •
aptist'church of Oklahoma Citv.j
as accepted a rail to the i«p-ti.r.-ite
f the First ftapti-t church in this I
ity. it was antvatmeed fod.n -
Dr. Porter vitijo.-d Durham If. :l •
unday and prvrrhcd at •* sr.
ices. making a profound • nine I
cm on local Baptists ITc is a •>-*
ve Xorth Cjm'irdau ami r.--« 1 ■ .-.t
jxMlioti of his com-slimt es V.V
orest college. . ,
While here Uws Santa» Dr. Vo- !
ir asked fur time iit which to give,
itrther consideration to the W.-.l
C'»l • i*lv Ui!<» \ .•
** ' I*'. I*V* i . . lit! •,[ |i • i *>u* 1). |
• ^»**t\*»* ui’: 141 nr
I »l44*; ' i*
_ 1
I J . "** T~ * :
*!• ' < n 4o?> V.r ^7/
». ..a::; ...*r '.'ft
* I * 1>“. ’’ *>• 21_
— • ,.f
!=»••>• i’:v .;.. ,w
••:, a v>.:.- .1 1 ..tv1
•li M> r;:.*H mu' 1 |. ..
'•> i.. t- . . 1.
>* •• t\ : U , ...I
i"Pi •• ■ f..l \ . .. ;
u..rt.'.n- ...hi, 1, . s-....
■"•vv--. .. J
■ ;'|
... | . .. |i,.. • • 1 ...,.{
■'flu " „• ... . ,
’• .! :«:•! j, u . .... . .
. if I ,
n t ■ ".'CVmIh If < 1-. j.| ... |
r-i*. •••" *.• t::„> " I
• » 1* l’ iriJM I. • ;>*••• | | .
‘ 1 •V'*’.*.' '• •• tV w.-.l
*• V1-* ' * . * *• r.T \ :
iht:. ni ‘^rH* •: ;li:, \ K • „ ;
. .. . . i
I •
I ;
.'ii-i'jmera, r
- pars,
• • ■■ »:r U.iv aixl
• -• • ."las v/h^n
- '-u ?«« with *
Double Brakir Efficiency
Buick Four^Wd Brakza
Buiek f»w-«kn1 brake*, bn they do*;Me the
bBkvauiknbnuila tmoo. loft'im the he.V jy
^einacy of the ear prxeleaH) per cant.
lb* action la dmple. pcnirtw rap’d. A dlsht pm
aara On tta nervier pedal (tethud id C)vrr»t>i; ;•
laitmwi) and an (bur rdme retarded - 'Ufa
la auiekly. emu nth It anil r htv«jM trt n tie*
With there proved B*uck Mtxr-I hiak.r .. nun i«
made in a emati drarter ilia with a minimox* of
_ia* Merlon nr ermtaev *.itt oe
..j the brabn( I and lr»«t the w.-»
an each toaba Brdag and rk.
The IIM Bnlek model*, fotir-vfhc* I t> - .
nattnataathfl aapinr, hi i*|ff arriu-. w/ mior
ana aonr adeem11 *1 feature exempt* > tie fcon ir
paBey oftoeorperettnn evtprovr»->■ that mti
Jnptatir safety, eo* and .aUjfnrtion (u
• I
_ . r M Hv«e
Green’s Buick rvice Station
Dnii, Nortarolma
• • •
Bnkk Mot£ompany
Flbt, Efts’
tout wj UtU torn
- — •** fJi
' A<//art^«t To
v5 ,#r*a* \r d Iv'jit.siW ’.
iWvnu.v it: Jih: Anw.vitn* *•••
n»inl «•«• t,l use- ;.i whirl. \ on*.
• rs . . >4 •*•,• ‘i|*t,,(« • . the
4-'*> «*?.!«•. !ii. «p; •• th#
U*K?tt !'• *\ f’lH* \\ ' 4;
• •«»!;* I ho f*• r.\ :.J ; :V
V .i'ii; »raii
.;(>lv. ■;. \w.i
’! r ,h.l,’i ’ ■. •• ••• | |.v
:■>. * :J| , • Vm'i
. I... * mi .*|l|.. .• i —li. «l 1-V -S,;i
i'llM./M-l; .1 • >.■ -,| \* .
’ 11 ii IM; .. ■ I* . I t I .• itx
'l'iiv S5> i*v; i . . . i..n *;,s
'•''•I' ’!'• • I».- :‘l •" mil; li:i
• --.t-Hii !|v !•'<«-.' .11. i.1'1. :> •• tt.'rl
•u’ktriM :>i il*. iMr.
"f l ie «• ■• :l'y 'lii- yi-ii ,‘la-iI
■ r lx Core ; S' .!«• i mix i> .-!<<■% |
;y • .. v.-r,. If t- ; VJ—' i (if'
'•* * ■•lxivii>.« |«l:i'.s, .Ike- I ,ir-j
• ■■ ;•••*• «ijli«' ill- ; i lie I
i : • I. xiii isilli'it !’i':ii'-*. • nv
' ■ -vi! ..lilk. i« i-vli- -. -i‘ . .'i||.
•>••1 «V.|| «■ I»j-. i; nicil »5» vi . Ill
nVi’ ike iv,:nle:i. r.f fv f; • tn-i
Oiiv vei-.».-t’ ;:.-'W,, li-.v .’,.- Ii„- |
• III- -.-ivn. it of tko i uril
: *•: [>»'.:< i!:-l j-.vvei-dJ .(«. I
tX-ve cljn:v*--| i>C vyr^H*..*- : m fi*i
V'r.''v‘.':' iv. ’»•< l<esi .n u k-,
i liilrii o ike lot; vv.h- until a* |r«s j
tkv"c is :il:;n**< i t* jrx; i.i .tliic’i
>v.i-v is iiCCii'."! Inn i.tiat On- |.'nr<l I
ii i- fill in;/ l?*e In! i.
Tn oxofl l i-tc.timi nr, o. 1
■.111 VO I'. lllvol) < ;J1' |I1)|. Ill i< |iruv-|
4 ilwi-4 ell* ■.* :>!, i'iyir .a\ ni
eei'* evvtyv l’i i<- i-c irilli. iiv/ ii |
1-mil : ft .ii'-- >■ •••oil*. ni i?vf. *
•I li-iMri t r*v il.'|4>n-' l-‘.> ,
l-'Vs'l tin iv :!• 1 »*) i^iti *.li|;v' J
locomotives cm narrow gauge tracks. I
1 Wiling heavy trailers, nuiiiing saw-1
mills, ptnnpiv .electric ;pneintoti..
r.«.k ftushcr-g am! rxhci belt and
,V-ar diiven pic-es of y.*lionar\
<v|Uipmi ot. . ,
I .cap's J’rulilir. Hurplc Straw ami'
Piikustvr ace tines varieties or
wheat 1»- i suited to Xortli Caro I
lira Kulgliuin. Appier iuul Ked'
e^* Proof arc tl*e best oats, aud
Abrvuri rye is the t>c<t tariet) of
rye to plant, folds ('. b. William,,
of the State college. ,
A:*plc runt cannot live without
ie.1 cedar Irm. Thr moral then is
to *:nt .out ili*- ce>Iiir« within a mi-r
of valuable orchards, say hnrtictii AOibcn; at the State College
anil Dc|i uttiieni oi Agriculture.
.... ■
In >hb Yini rscvur l;n»*r it be
fore* Knr *lt» mlDioiia ef other peoph*
xtton i crtn y«4l Chiropractic a (.
jn .iiic. * of f.uliuxalJ'j or dlrpla'v.J
v>n->irac, n.t rmpUiycfl by m, offer*
* tre*it -pktfi !« many auffeierp.
Or. J. M. Morgan
Off'.a 4th Floor Plret Hetioaal
Beak Baildutg
Duan, N. C.
Office Hour*: ,
9 to IS >. m. I Pip. n.
Other Hou<a by Appoiataiaat
i >
Undertaker* and Etabalroer*
< »
A full line of Coffin*. Casket* and Burial Roboa. !!
< »
Service any time, anywhere. ! I
< •
< •
Day Phone 11 Ni,hi Phono 70 i
i >
1 *
i • 'I !
i [public ambulance I
t I'M
! o==o
i Service Day Or Night I -jij
Barnes & Holliday Co.
Dunn, North Caorlina
1-I.onc 11 • ... Night ’Phone 280
»- - _
, ,AU P,0pcrly in dlc lown of Dunn upon which the I
?i>-^-.!<>22 taxes is not paid before Monday, October 1, I
wsll be advertised and sold according to law.
1 shall also exert every means for collecting thase back I
taxes by levy upon persona] property. I .
If you have not paid your town taxes, please pay them I
this week and save yourself further embarrassment. I

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