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Mr*. O. P. Shell was a week-end
visitor in Raleigh.
Mr and Mr*. J. I.. Lancaster
•■pent the week-end at Wilson vis
iting relative*.
Misses Mary (Mark and Gertrude
Price sjjen. the week-end at Fayette
ville visiting relatives and fricuds.
I£ D. Griffin leave* tlii* week for
Pitt county, where he will teach in
‘he public school* of live county
Miss Emma lure, of Raleigh,
spent the week-end here vidting her
parent*, Mr. and Mrs. E. Lee.
Geo. C. and Amau Thomas, of
Goldsboro, spent yesterday here via
iting their brother, Sam Thomas.
Mrs. Rosa Parker, of Rocky
Mount, arrived Sunday and will
spend several day* Here visiting
Oti* P. Shell, who has been con
futed to hi* room for the pa*r week,
lias about recovered, and is able to
be out again.
Elder C. B. Hall will preach at
Goat* Primitive Baptist church at
': .10 ji m., Sunday, September. .10.
The public is invited to hear hint
Aliss Annie Lee Keen, of Coals,
has accepted a position as vales
lady in Baer's Dry Goods Company
store. She Iwgan work Saturday.
Neill 8. Green, local Ruick auto
dealer, went this afternoon to Golda
bor for six new Ruick car*, which
came in a train load shipped to that
Atlas Jackson, of Salemburg, has
moved to r>inn and accepted a po
sition with the J. L. Thompson Co.
He will liuy need this season for the
above named firm.
VI — ll r-1 L..:u:_
inspector, has issued a permit to R.
H. Strickland for adding four
rooms to his residence on South
Washington avenue.
May Ward Norris, ton of A. F,
Xorris, is here to visit hi* fattier.
He is employed in Raleigh, where
he has been ail summer He will
return to his duties Friday.
L. I). Robinson. Jr, of Wades
born, has accepted a position with
tlie local sales department of tic
Caiolina Power & Light Co. Mr.
Robinson succeeds M. I.. O’Brien,
who resigned.
Misses Rachel and Susan l>er
left today for Greenville, Pitt ooun
ty, where they will enter the East
Carolina Teachers Training School.
Miss Bruha Westbrook left yester
day for Greenville to enter the same
•/ Hubert Hedges and Lieut Myer,
of Langley Field, Va., spent the
week-end visiting Mr. Hodges' rel
olives, near Dunn. They made the
trip from I^ngley Field to Pope
Firfd. Fort Bragg. Thursday on an
Mr. Christian, vice president of
tlie Co-operative Marketing associa
tion, will be at Lillingum Wednes
day, Sept. 26th, from 10 to 10:20
o’clock a. m., where he hofics to
meet a number ol Harnett aiumy
Geo. 1.. Cannady has purchased
the stuck of the Carolina Grocery
Company, and will conduct a gro
cery business in the Reliance Build
ing. Fast Broad street. He has al
ready moved tlie stock of good*
into live new store.
A meeting of the Harnett county
branch of the North Carolina Co
operative Marketing association*
w ill be held in Lillingum tomorrow
(\Vednesday) morning at 10: 30
o’clock. All locals are urged to
send representatives.
. Mry. C. A. Roach, of Myrtle
Reach, S. C.. is a guest at the home
o< Iter brother and sister-in-law,
Mr. and Mrs. H. A. Parker. She
Wita accompanied to Dunn Sunday
by her husband, who returned home
) r-ucruaj.
The friends of J. C. Holley will
be glad lo know that he has re
turned from Johns Hopkins bospi
>al, Baltimore, with his patien*,
Earl D Edgerton, whose home ie in
Wayne county. Mr. Edgerton un
derwent a serious operation and is
improving rapidly now.
Rev. John J. I.angston, former
pastor of the Christian chtlrcb here,
was in town this week. Mr'I.ang
stun has been doing evangelistic
work all this year, but now it plan
ring to locate at Augusta, Ga., whi
ther he will move his family at an
early date.
Dr Elmer Wilkins, colored, ol
Memphis, Tenn., spent the week
end here with his parents, Sarah
and Herbert Wilkins. He came tc
accompany from Baltimore his bro
ther. Dr. J. M. Wilkins, who hai
suffered a nervous breakdown and
will remain at the home of his pa
rent* here for several weeks.
Mrs. Iva Battle Taylor hat, fo
Die convenience of her music pupils
arranged to give lessons in rooms lo
tiled on iota adjoining both the ok
and new school buildings She stil
has an opening for a few pupils
and invites those who desire her ser
vice to confer wifh her, that she imj
arrange hours for lessons not K
conflict with other school duties
Misses Annie Pehoa and Eieenoi
Crimea left this afternoon foi
1 Greenville, Pitt county, to enter tb>
East Carolina Teachers' Training
coliege. James Watson Butler, o:
Pa Icon, sod of Rev. A. H. Butler
also left today for the same school,
and it is probable that hi* w ill be the
only male student in the institu
tion, but fie won't mind that—much.
S. C. Glass has accepted a posi
tion as manager oi the hardware
riqiartnieiit of Butler Brother*
store, lie will enter upon hi* nest'
dutic* Oaober 1. Mr Gia>s is a
hardware man of v. ide experience,
having traveled for a well known
hardware conci-m for die past »ev
cmecn years. He will move his
family here front Chit (on •>! uu
early dale.
W. R. tiiodie, who lias been m
charge of the local store of the At
lantic ami Puri lie Tea Company
since it tva* opened last February,
will he transferred Friilav of this
week to Augnsta, (.hi. li ha* nut
been learned who w*PI s’icceed Mr,
Brodie here. He will move his fam
ily to Augur ta Both Mr. and Mrs.
Brodie have made many friends
since coming to Dunn who will re
gret their leaving.
Girard (leitvi Wilson left yrs
terdav for Danville. Va„ after
spending die week en.l licri- « ith hi*
parents, Mr and Mi*. |es*r F. Wil-j
son As lias beeu staled iu The Di.s-!
patch, Mr Wilson will teach in the
Danville high school this year. Me
has also been elected director of
athletics in the Danville schools.
“ I-eily " mis the star pitcher of the
Danville Insrliall club during the
season which clo-ed last week.
Mury Jane Evan*, uegres*, was
bound over to the l-cdeiul court
Saturday by U. S. Commissioner
E. Lee on the chatgr of having
itl li ae . ... I__ t ... ,1.
purpose of sale. Her bund was
fixed in IfJSO, which she furnished
John Evans, her husband, was ao
quirted of a like rliatge. I .oral of
ficer* found a <|uart of whiskey nud
several jugs flint had the ■sidedI of
“ the old fatuiliur " in the Evan*,
home in Dunn rrientlv
Fleishman Btbllro Cooipany will
move this week into (Itrir large new
stores on' Broad street. 'llie frmual
opening of the new stores will take
place *nmc time next week. B
Fleishman, president. and Morii-.j
Fleishman, vice |> rev < lent of the
company, both of Baltimore, expect
to attend the opening of the new
storer. Representatives front the
five other spire* opr rated In rite Car
olina* by this well known busmes*
firm will also be here for the open
in* Mom's Fleishman lived in
Dunn for twenty years, dining
which lime he was in charge of tlv
hxal store.
Letters re<|iirstirv; their attend
ance to a meeting to be Iteld in th<
rooms of the Chamber «if Coin
merce Wednesday evening at 8
o'clock have heen addressed to ev
cry dry goods merih.wt ami ••loth
big dealer in Dunn. This meeting
was called in order that this group
of merchant* may devise some plan
whereby they may *tage a joint ex
hihit at thr Fair to he held lierr
next month. In previous fairs the
dry goods mcrvhants have not had
exhibits, and it i* believed that thev
leave overlooked a fine opportunity
to show their interest in a project
which attracts practically evety on.
of their customers.
Thomas Spies A Suicide
Mrs. A. E Robinson, of Falcon,
recrived a message from Minncap
oli*, Minn, advising her that her
brother, Thomas Spies, committed
suicide on the <?4dt inst., by drink
ing carbolic acid. He had been in
bad health for some time, which, to
gether with domestic trouble* and
los* of hL* position, goaded him to
desperation culminating in hi* self
lie was in his forty-fifth year,
having been bom in Ontario, Can
ada, from winch place be weut to
Minnesota while hi his teens. He
served in the World War with the
Canadian forces, and n'nce his re
turn from Kuropc had coffered con
siderably with rheumatism.
He is survived by hie strpfathcr.
Mr. Fretiliss .McKennev, of Minne
apolis; a brother. Geo.’H.. of Cali
fornia; a sister, Mrs. A. K. Robin
son, of Falcon; a Italf-brother. l,eon
Me Kenney, of .Minneapolis; Mao
a wife who had obtained a divorce
from him some year ■> ago, and two
daughters, F.lsic and Etorothy.
He had lived with hi* mother,
Mrs. MeKenney. until her death,
three years ago, and this with his
other troubles caused him to seek
relief in intoxicants, to no avail.
C. B. Macon Died
Sunday At Noon
Ftmaral Yesterday Afternoon
And luterment Made In
Chatham County
The funeral of C. B. Mason, who
(lii'il Sunday at noon at the I>uon
hospital, wns. conducted from Bell s
Chapel church, in ("liarbnm cuutitr,
yesterday a ft,-moon at 2. .V) o’clork
Interment \va» made in the family
Inrying plot in die rliurch cemrtrrv
with Ma sonic I mum -., deceased hav
ing been a Mason Tin- funeral wa\
aiteiuled by a large crowd, a muni*,
front Dunn and Godwin having ac
companied the remains to tbeii Iasi
resting place
Deceased was 45 years of age.
and bad lived in this section for thi
past fourteen years. He had made
his home with E. B. Warren, on
Route 4 from Dunn, for the pas.
twelve years, until two weeks ago.
when he was taken to Ilw Dunn hoc
pitnl. His death was due to Bright ',
disease and complications, be hav
ing been m declining health for sev
eial months,.
Mr. Mason hud liven engaged in
highuav work meet of the tiiiw
since coming to this section. A part
of Iris road work was in Black River
township, Cumheiland county, lie
having done good work there, and
lie had been road superintendent in
Acerasboro township for tlie pan
thrir years. He resigned this pos,
tion soriH- three weeks ago on ac
count of ill health, and j. F. Iwe
was elected to succed him He was
a good citizen, and during the time
lie lived m this section hr liad made
many friends.
Deceased is sutvived by four
bmtlicrs and one sister, all of whom
«crept one brother live in Chatham
county. His parents have been dca>l
I for several years.
Coo p«r •Strickland
On Sunday. Sept. 2.1rd. St Kin
Mon. Miss I.urile Strickland,datigh
tei of Rev. C. H. Strickland, of fal
cun, was united in matrimony to
Mr. Willie Cooper, son of Mr. and
Mr*. E. R. Cooper, who reside near
Mr. and Mrs. Cooper will make
their home is Rocky Mount.
-■ ■ .. ■
Under and by virtue of the power
of eale contained la a certain Joed
of trust executed by J. V. HortSelil
and wife, Annie Hartflaid, to the
undersigned Truotec, on January, IS,
IStO, and duly recorded hi the oFlce
of Register of Deeds for Harnett
County, K. C., la Book No. 12b, page
No. 2, dsfamlt having been made in
the payment of the note* secured
therein end foreclosure having boon
demanded by the holder of sola i.otus,
the undersigned trust** will on Fri
day, October, 24th at 12 o'clock U.,
at the Courthouse door In LdMagton.
N. C., offer far sale to the highest
bidder for cash, the laud burcinaftor
.Wrlbod, to-vH:
Two lota er pern Is of land lying
in the tubdivislen of the Young prop
erty us recorded in the Register or
Deeds office of Harnett County, N.
C.. and being lota Nat. 8 and T in
block "R", and vurii of said lota be
ing 48 feet fronting on Johnson
Street and running bark lbU feet,
bounded on the cast by the lot of
James Leo's daughter and oa the
west by Lather B Jones. For further
■looeripcioii sec Book No. 177. Page
No. 1641. records ef Harnett county.
Th* 25th day of September, 1923.
Sept 26 Oct 2 9 16 24.
Eat Pearce’s -
Duke, in North CaroHoa
Office Second Floor Bank
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Long Skirt
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_ _ **
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a Family AFFAIR
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* a grandmother with her pin-money
account, banking would serve every
chit and chick of the whole human
And this bank, if you
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J; w SSSS "iJS No, not by and peculiar
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made and newest styles. A saving of .$1 to $3.50 die pair
j quality ana stock eng
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' with charming colorings of French, EngH4i and
A merican make. Priced 10c to $3.00 the yard. A saving
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Tike Yellow Front Stors offers as your Reward for Quick
Buying—Tremendous Stock, Tremendous la i lugs in
Price, Best Material, Perfect Workmanship and Style's
Newest. Would you Uka to buy this way? We welcome
you to our Fall Campaign, whkh is now on.
Dunn, North Carolina s-t September 2S, 1923
R. G. Taylor Co.[
\rv!i«n drove. Sept 22.—A mar
ri.'igc nt' more (luan ordinary intcr
v». o dial of Ml** Maggie Denning
til Mr Timolot H. t-anprton. in
\-.tv1on l*,rove \v • dnesdav morn
in;;. Sr|>t. l*». • "ftie ceremony was
IK-rfr.rnuil by Uw. i:ather Rigncy.
pasior of the bride.
The bride « the daughter of Mr.
and Mr*. J. W. Denim*, of New
ton Grove. The groom is the eon of
the late Powell Langston, of Wayne
Mr. and Mrs I-angiton motored
to Goldsboro immediately after the
ceremony, where they took the train
fur a bridal low. We do not know •
the fiaO extent of their trip, bet they
expect to visit the bride'* nater*
and brother! in PortMnouth, Vau
The beide ia a very attractive
young lady. Bead and loved by all
her aeeociataa. white the groom i» a
proeperou* yoeng own.
(Young Men’s and Conservative Models)
• ' }• • v.* ■ rl;rr(1 g
We eleo have a very attractive line of the celebrated
i*e r ranee soon >iw strap pumps m OKtoraio
Oh, yea, we have juat received a large «1*f>tf* of
nice ahoea for the children, too.
Big line of Ladiea and Grata Furaiahhtga. We want
your budneea and wfll treat you right.
\ W - - . . A- — 1. I I
v«T tnujr your*,
• U'. •

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