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    Register and Vote for Hospital Bonds for Humanity's Sake
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Volume XXXVIIL Number 18
2.00 a Year in Advance, $2.50 if not so Paid
Vote For Felix E. Alley Fon
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The friends of Hon. Felix E. Alley present for the favorable
consideration of the voters of Tenth Congressional District his
candidacy for the Democratic nomination for Congress.
A native of Jackson County, but for the past twelve years a
citizen of Haywood County, both as a public and a private citizen,
he is well known by the people of North Carolina.
Mr. Alley is, in the truest sens, a self-educated and self
wade man.
Handicapped in his early life by lack of educational opportuni
ties, yet, despite all obstacles and by force of character, studious
habits, untiring industry, unflagging courage and incessant en
deavor, he has won his way to a position in the front ranks of his
chosen profession, and is recognized by all as the equal of the
ablest 'awyers in North Carolina; while as a forceful and eloquent
political orator, we believe that he has no superior in the entire
A close student of political questions and public affairs, he
never fails to answer his party's call, and every campaign finds
him where the battle rages most fiercely.
Always patriotic, always loyal, and always ready to serve,
Owing to the fact that there is consideraMtmiisunderstand
ing, or rather a lack of understanding throughout the countv in
regard to the law under which the pending hospital election was
cauea tne loiiowing sections of the act of 1913 which is a state
wide law, are given for the information of the Dublic. According
i w xne law ana me order ror tins election tax levy for construc
tion and maintenance cannot exceed one iifteenth of one per cent.
An Act to Enable Counties to Establish and Maintain Public
Hospitals, Levy a Tax and Issue Bonds Therefor, Elect Hospital
Trustees, Maintain Training Schools for Nurses, etc.
The General Assembly of North Carolina do enact:
Section 1. Any county may establish a public hospital in the
following manner: Whenever the board of county commissioners
of any county shall be presented with a petrtion signed by two
hundred (200) resident freeholders of such county, one hundred
and fifty (150) of whom shall not be residents of the city, town
or village where it is proposed to locate such public hospital, ask
ing that an annual tax may be levied for the establishment and
maintenance of a public hospital at u place in the county named
therein, and shall specify in their petition the maximum amount J
of money proposed to be expended in purchasing or building said
hospital, such board of county commissioners shall submit the
question to the qualified electors of the county at the next general
election to be held in the county, or at a special election called
for that purpose, first giving ninety days notice thereof in one or
more newspapers published in the county, if any be published
therein, and by posting such notice, written or printed, in each
township of the county, which notice shall include the text of
the petition and state the amount of the tax to be levied upon the
assessed property of the said county, which tax shall not exceed
cents on the dollar for a period of time not exceeding
twenty (20) years and be for the issue of coun'ty bonds to provide
funds for the purchase of a site or sites and the erection thereon
of a public hospital and hospital buildings; and for the support
of same; which said election shall be held at the usual places in
such county for electing county officers, the vote to be canvassed
in the same manner as that for county officers.
Sec. 2. The board of county commissioners of such county shall
submit to the qualified electors thereof, at a regular or special
election, the question whether there shall be levied upon the as
sessed property of such county a tax of cents on the dollar
f- tho mimhosp nf rpftl estate for hospital purposes, for the con
struction of hospital buildings, and for maintaining same, or for
either or all of such purposes. The ballots to be used at any elec
tion at which the hospital question is submitted, shall be printed
with a statement substantially as follows
n Yes.
For a cent tax for a bond issue for a public hospital and for
maintenance of same. ' .
if a mninri'tv of votes cast at such election on the proposition
c ciKmiftofi aVinll ho in favor of ft cent tax for a bond issue
for a public hospital and for maintenance of same, the board of
county commissioners shall levy tne tax so autnonzea, wnicn snau
hp cnlWtMt in the same manner as other taxes are collected, and
credited to the "Hospital Fund," and shall be paid out on the order
of the hospital trustees for the purposes authorized by this act,
and for no other purposes whatever.
Sec. 3. Should a majority of all the votes cast upon the ques
tion be in favor of establishing such county hospital, the board of
county commissioners shall proceed at once to appoint seven (7)
trustees chosen from the citizens at large with reference to their
fitness for such office, three (3) of whom may be women, all resi
dents of the county, not more than for (4) of said trustees to be
residents of the city, town or village in which said hospital is to
be located, who shall constitute a board of trustees for said public
hosDital. The said trustees shall hold their offices until the next
following general election, when seven (7) hospital trustees shall
be elected and hold their offices, two (2) for two (2) years, two
(2) for four (4) years, three (3) for six (6) years, and who shall
Hon. Clem Smathers for Chair
man County commissioners
he will, if he shall be the choice of the Democrats in the forth
coming Primary, make a campaign for his party that will recall
the days when the matchless Crawford and the indomitable Craig, I by lot determine their respective terms. At each subsequent gen
uj uicu iiicsisuwit: ejinjueiice, aiuuaeu iu intense aim iunj en
thusiasm the Democracy of the mountains.
The eyes of the world on Western North Carolina, and we
need a man in Congress who can tell the story of the glorious
traditions of our past, the marvelous triumphs of our present, and ,
the wonderful possibilities of our future.
Elect Felix E. Alley, and we shall have a representative whosi
voice will be heard and heeded and whose ability and experience
will be used m the Halls of Congress for" the lasting advantage of
our District and c-ur State.
cral election the offices of the trustees whose terms of office are
about to expire shall be filled by the nomination and election of
hospital trustees in the same manner as other officers are elected,
none of whom shall be practicing physicians.
H v f ' "V : I
I ( sl X j
! ' k cry w&Ttjf
After my nomination by the democratic party as chairman of
1 faithfully
I, William A. Band, Editor-Owner of the Waynesville Moun
taineer, do hereby certify that the original of the foregoing state
ment, in the handwriting of Prof. Robert L. Madison of Cullowhee,
under whose instruction Felix E. Alley completed his high school
course, is now on file in my office, signed by many hundreds of
representative citizens among whom Mr. Alley has lived and
labored in Jackson and Haywood Counties.
Editor Waynesville Mountaineer.
The pulpit at the Methodist church
will be filled Sunday at 11 A. M. and
8 P. M. by P. W.Tucker, Presiding
Elder of the. WaynesTille District
and J. T. Mangum.
Dr. Marr, the pastor, will be in
attendance upon the annual meeting jw ho attend,
or tne trustees ot uuKe university.
The Sunday school meets af1:45 A.
M. and the Epworth League at Jf P.
The regular monthly stewards
meeting will be held at the residence
of Dr. Sam Stringfield Tuesday even
ing at 8 o'clock. This will be a Very
important meeting and all the stew
ards are urged to be present,
t Strangers and visitors will find a
will be held at Calvary Baptist
church in West Asheville, beginning
Wednesday, June 9, and continuing
through Thursday, June 10th.
-'All of tht BaptiBt Women of this
association are urged to attend. En
tertainment will be . provided for all
If you plan to be pres
ent atthis meeting please notify Mrs.
Juli A- Ford, 104 Montana avenue,
By Buel B. Hyatt.
"There is tide in the affairs of
men, which taken at the flood leads
on to fortune." On the eve of the
primary, the voters of the district
step to the polls from hillside, valley
and glen. Today, that spirit which
made our constitutional form of gov
ernment possible, is surging through
the veins of the people. The ballot,
the franchise, that particular priv-
iledge given to every qualified indi
vidual, by constituted authority, is
only a strip of paper; but, such a
sacred parchment ... Such a
power in deciding the destinies of
men and demoracles.
The time has come when a choice
must be made between greatness and
mediority; between intelligence and
moroesness; cleverness and stupidi-
,'ty; between ' full mindedness and
strong heart; and between success
and failure. At last the light that
never faileth has shown upon the cit-
experience. Government is the estab
lished state of legal authority; and,
the people are always concerned in
regard to the administration of pub
lic affairs. To choose a Congress
man, the people exercise their sense
of discretion? and, a vote for Alley
is the pure essence of reason re
sponding to the sentiments of the
hour. In all primaries of the past,
the prevailing custom has been that
the voters received a personal visit
from the aspirine- candidate. Mr.
Voter, have you had the warm hand ! Crabtree
of Zebulon Weaver? Has he Der-' East Fork
Mrs. Ford, give full details in orde" f Haywood county. There
thafyou will be given entertainment 18 "'hln mo? tifylng, than the
Give number in your party, whether "" T ?P1"-
v will he the- ovo- ,vi, ,. bours Fellx E. Alley shall know his
day, state mode of transportation, f f "i? . t0 MV
isf action. That destiny is the nomi
nee for Congress from the Tenth dis
trict. That satisfaction is the real-
whether you will arrive by auto or
train and give time of your arrival.
1 The naxtnra jinH . Suniav aftnt
hearty welcome at this church. Come 'superintendents are asked to make lzatlon th the people he sought to
snd worship with us. - ! this announcement in order that rePsfnt hi. .heart glad
THE BAPTIST DIVISIONAL MEET- !heir plans to attend I Politics is the science of govern-
ING TO BE HELD IN ASHEVILLE. I - y ment Science is the systematized
w- BAKHt-K, knowledge of facts and nrinciDles as
The Baptist Divisional
sonally shown his appreciation for
the ten years you have given him
your support? You alone will an
swer that primary day! I wonder
why the time honored precedent of
an incumbent official receiving en
dorsement from the United States
Senators, with whom he is supposed
to have had intimate diplomatic and
political connections during his term
in Congress, has not been given Mr.
Weaver by Overman and Simmons
You alone will answer that primary
day! Why ts Felix E. Alley TRIUM
PHANT? You alone will answer
that primary day.
. I again declare " that there never
was a time in ' the political ' history
of this district when Haywood coun
ty has such an honest claim to have
a representative, from within her
borders, in Congress. And, I am
sure the unbiased voters of this
county are standing en masse to
insure his triumoh, and victory for
the position he seeks.
the county commissioners on Saturday. June 5
promise and pledge myself to continue to earnestly and impar
tially represent every citizen, every township and every section
of this great county of ours to the best of my ability without
showing favoritism to that section from which 1 came and in which
I own property. I promise an honest. Hnri economic alministra
tion of the county's business, an unfaltering purpose to see that
the tax payer gets a return of one dollar in value for every dollar
spent, and that every section of the county, (very township shall
leceive its just s-hare of the to'.r' ;iij.:r;.pi iaiion 'mvlc for roads
and impiovcmcnt based upon the proportionate tax piid by each
township. For the last 26 years my opponent, Mr. Noland has
conducted himself as a member of the county commissioners with
working for and representing nil roads to Fines Creek only, to
the great damage of the rest of the county. Most all other parts
cf the county suffer, your township and mine while Mr. Nohmd
directs the funds of the county treasurer toward Fines Creek.
Crabtree and Fines Creek pay only 7 per cent of the total tax
of the county, yet 58 per cent of the county's total appropriation,
while Mr. Noland has been county commissioner has been spent
on roads rn imorovements !";i(lii)pr to Fines Creek. I want Mr.
Noland to tell me and the voters of thi entire court- Iiov; much
has this expenditure of 53 per cenl of the county's funds leading
I to lunes Creek increased the value ot property there. Personally
il don't own any property in Fines Creek township to increase in
value. Why Mr. Noland was it necessary to spend $306,000 dol
lars of the county's money leading to Fines Creek road after the
road had been taken over by the State and was a pail of the State
Highway and not a county project ?
Assessed valuation of the real and personal property of Hay
wood County, by township, not including public service and pri
vate corporations. Also the pro-rata part of tax paid by each
Valuation Amt. Tax Percentage
$5,663,751 $76,460.00 32 cents-x
765,391 10,332.00 4 cents-x
749,853 10,122.00 4 cents-x
761,223 10,276.00 4 cents-x
750,638 10,133.00 4 cents-x
530,014 7,155.00 3 ccnts-x
Fines Creek 715,270 9.656.00 4 cents-x
Iron Duff 273.680 3,694.00 1 U cents-x
Ivy Hill 515,381 6,957.00 3 cents-x
Jonathan Creek 522.821 7,058.00 3 cents-x
Pigeon 910,355 12;289.00 6 cents-x
Waynesville 5.138.044 69,363.00 . 29 cents-x
White Oak ' 188,500 2,544.00 1 cents-x
and a vote for a representative that
will represent Western North Caro
lina in every phase Of political, so
cial and Industrial capacity required
of one . with official responsibilities.
'There will be no early service in
Grace Episcopal church on Sunday,
June 6th, being the first Sunday in
the month.
The regular morning services at
eleven o'clock will be conducted by
Messrs. J. X Shoolbred and Jas. W.
Reed, the wardens of the chtfrch. A
A vote for i message of great individual impor-
Associational Supt. demonstrated by" observation and 'Alley is a vote for pure Democracy; !tance to each and every member of
the congregation will be given by
Chas. R. Thomas. A full 100 per
cent attendance of the membership
is earnestly desired, as this ia a most
important message. .
,The Rector, Rev. Albert New, will
preach at 8 P. M.
, Friday, June 11th, is Saint Barna
bas' Day. The Rector will celebrate
the Sacrament of Holy Communion
at 8 A. M. on Friday.
The Woman's Club will be enterain
cd hv Mrs. R. N. Barber Thursday
afternoon, June 10, at 3:30. All
members are urged to attend.

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