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    Opportunity's Empire-Waynesville Altitude 2,802 feel-Unsurpassed Natural Resources For the Location of Manufacturing Industries
Volume XXXVIII. Number 24
$2.00 a Year in Advance, $2.50 if ot so Paid
The Carolina Mountaineer
Thinking that some of your read-
ers might appreciate . some rsugges -
tionu as to tho care and. arrowth of
dahlias I make bold , to' offer some
suggestion from my experlenc .
Haywood "county has beeM noted
for years for it' wonderful dahlias,
and the Dahlia Show that' Us been
and the Dahlia Show that Las been
given by th Woman's Club of Way-!
nesville, I am lure, has helped a great'
deal towards directing attention to
the cultivation of this-wonderful
flower. ,
I am not attempting to give any
suggestions to those "veteran row-
ers" who have been growing them
for years-and have been so. success-
ful, but I am writing for those who
haven't had so much experience and on the Clinchfield Railroad, situated
possibly are growing j their first 'sixty-four miles North of Asheville,
dahlias. It is hoped ,iat many of m the heart of the Blue Ridge Moun
these will be so rewarded that they tains. Magnificent roads go by the
will make exhibits at the Dahlia Show
this fall and get encouragement to
further enlarge their collection of
this most beautiful flower,-
The most important need of the
dahlia just now is thorough cultiva-
tion. The surface of the soil should
be kept loosened up after each rain,
" "- ... - '
This preserves the moisture and keeps
the soil from retting baked and hard,
9 ,
As a great many of the fine roots
are near the surface at this time, the
cri-stund ahnnlH tint, he pnltivAtprl mnm
than an inch or two.
I hav haA I think, cond success
. w - - .
in coverinK the ground with two or
three inches of hay or any good mulch
wnen tne plants ar commencing 10
Dioom. lais Keeps me gi-ouna moisi,
' protects the roots from the hot sun,
essity of further
, .
More harm than good is done
is better, in dry weather, and only
after thev commence to bloom, to,
jkJiiHi AJi'ivroaUan
SirCTtcn crur aun inuruufiuy to iic
depth of several inches. This will
take several hours of the spraj
falling right on them. I frequently,
H -y.
in dry weather, allow my sprinkler
t oil nioihf f nnlir h.n fhova
" "
isn't any vain and only once or twice
a week. Young plants do not like
too much water but after they com
mence blooming the require a lot
more water.
If you want to grow fine plants
be sure to disbud. Where three buds
come out on a stem, pinch oft two,
leaving the strongest one. Also pinch
out the little shoots that appear in
pairs down near the main branch to
make later flowers. TVs throws the
strength back into the plant r.nd into
tha flnwpra lpft. anil in iha pnA vnn
will have more flowers and better
flowers than if you didn't disbud.
i j i i . JL . . 1
stocky and not too tall. They stand
up better and
seem to have more
The best time to cut the flowers is
in the late evening, when they should
be immersed in water up to the flow-'
er and left to harden during the cool
night. Most people also get good
results by plunging the end of the; The Rev. W. H. Wheeler, Superin
stem, right after cutting, into boiling tendent of the' Episcopal Orphanage,
hot water and keeping it ther for ( Charlotte, N. C, will give an address
two minutes, then taking out and next Sunday night, July 18th, in
putting into cold water. "Grace Church in the Mountains."
By giving a little care and select-) All the Freemasons in Haywood
ing good varieties you can have a county are invited to meet at 7:30
wealth of flowers that would delight p. m. in the Masonic Lodge at Way
a "Queen." Our climate and soil ville, and march in due Masons form
seems to suit them exactly. I to the Episcopal church.
I have about two hundred dahli j Music will be sung by the Waynes-
plants m my garden at Lake Juna-
luska and would be glad for any off- The collection will divided equally
your readers to come to see them at between the JUansonic Orphanage
anytime. jat. Oxford, N; C and the Episcopal
J. B. IVEY. inrohanee at Charlotte N. C.
In last week's paper there appeared .
in the parking hours in parking j
hours in the Parking Ordinance ad.
me hour, read that it was unlawful
to park between the hours of 4 A. M.
and 7 T. M. -he ciiicstion is that it
is unlawful to park between 4 A. M,
and 7 A. M. This is done in order to
wash the streets in the morni"g. .. v
,Mr. Harry Edward Mueller of
Asheville, organist of Trinity Epis-.
copal church and formerly organist
at Grove Park Inn, will give an or
gan recital in tha Presbyterian church
on Friday evening, July 23rd, at 8: SO.
There will be no admiuion charge,
but eoflection, wil be taken, to, de-
fray expenses.
The public is most cordially invited.
The famous Western North Caro-
lina summer esort is now being de -
.veloped by the Scenic. Mountains, In -
comorated. a comoanv headed bv the
president, Mr. Elton Hall, a promi-j "waynesville the Beautiful," on a
tnent banker and business man of the winding hard surfaced road, is sitiat-
'city of Melbourne, Florida. Amongstjed the 180 acre properties of Belle
the board of directors are, Mr. G. R,;Meade, the Sub-division Supreme!
Nobles, banker and president of many Nestled in a wood-fringed aHey,
Nobles, banker and president of many Nestled in a wood-fringed valley,
companies of Titusville, Florida, hisjw'th enticing roads and hills adortped
brother, also a banker and prominent with budding flora and fauna; the
business man of the city of Tampa, i velvet carpet of Nature's splendor
Florida; also Mr. Sam T. Reid of
Spartanburg, South Carolina, and,"1 cnarm and allurement of rhymlh-
Florida. Mr. Hall and Mr. Reid are!ical wter falls whispering a lullaby,
'summer residents at Altapass, North and the glory of an oriental sunset
' Carolina. hovering over you, is Belle Meade!
Altapass has been for eighteen
years a well known mountain resort
property and the Altapass Company
Wends to operate from Waynesville
tnejr fleet of White DeLuxe Parlor
car busses to Altapass twice weekly.
Transportation from Waynesville is
absolutely free,
While there, our
gUegts w;i be entertained by the fa -
mnlla AltntiasR Quartet, which for five
years were UCUIIIlcl Ull Hie ncnu
v..HPvillp r-irmit:
i i t mDr.,
1 niMnaa is nut, ucn. wi '"".r a - - t
years the guests of the Altapass Ho- ter associated with high class prop-
tej bave enjoyed the sports, golf, ten-'erties. Telephone and electric h?nt
. i i 1. J: .J'lino thrnnirh tha ora Wtifnp vtaiik
mountain el'imbine- also a well known
j --i.-.. i t--
aance orcneaira piays ur uauciiie
everv evening and anv one takintr
tnig trip can be aggu,.ed 0f a veryfor many generations. Along with
pleasant two-day trip.
1 i The Scenic Mountains, lncorporat-
A 1,0 n- nuoi. 7K HAn M1 in H.
; t . ,anr.
' VnTTLr ZJS ! .wflr grandest scenery open to human
fmvnnv kVVCvMo The instantly meets
' 11 prn irftr!llir t TV'thl! twetill8 ''"'"M ' Jme'
velopment work, putting m
FERED F0R sale.
. .. .
At tha pres
enl ""m .1' -c'8'-."lt,u
shovels, also
, . - . ...
ting in other improvement!. Over,"" -' " . "
,wo hllndr.d and fiftv men ., nftv
. . . . , , ..."
n'u,e!. ' ucillg uacu III iCClums, ie ncillg natu u. .cvciuj.ii.s
. ,,,,.;
. j- ti '
vw..., H.,a
take their free trip to Altapass. First
trip will leave Waynesville from the
Bon Air Hotel, at eight A. M., Tues-
Anv .Tntw 90rti T ia h intntinn
of Moilntalng, Incorporated.
to open an office in Waynesville in the
near future. In the meantime, ar
rangements for the trip can be made
the,r resident manager Mr j
A. Darlow, at the Bon Air Hotel.
Everyone is cordially invited to make
this trip, and can be assured of hav
ing a very pleasant and profitable
pieasaru. P ;
r,lp Ver
1 u
Mountains, and while there, every
means will be taken to afford them an
opportunity to inspect Altapass, and
v , , r r ' .
the beautiful country surrounding it.
You are under no obligations, so
kindly make your reservations now.
Address, Bon Air Hotel, Waynesville.
ville Masonic choir.
. The members of all other fraternal i
organizations are most cordially in-
f tM. -Brvna
Other services during the day wiil'
g A M The Holy Communion,
10 A. m Church School in
PaJ.ish House. Mr. C R. Thomas will
speak on: "The Septuagint and the
Apacrypha." ' - ' ;
11 A. M. Sermon by the Rector.
s Rev; C. T. Tew j will preach at
Richland Chapeon Sunday afternoon
July 18th, at three o clock.
The offertory solo will be sung by
n V VirlnaMnlr
M1 9. . JIlW.iV. .,' t I
,-Miss NataKe Atkinsou at Asheville
spent the week-end witn ner parents,
Mr. and Mrs. C. B. Atkinson.
I Supreme.
Joe Self Accepts Position as
General Manager. ;
Just three minutes drive
(Stretching her riches under your fet;
A subdivision property that invM-
tors and home-seekers now have 'Ihe
opportunity of owning in this areaVf
unsurnanaeH Homitv "Tha T.0M1
of the Sky."
Belle Meade is really a big rel-
dential park, enhanced by a location
' second to none. Within a whisper of
the City of Waynesville, and n echee importance of dairying and poultry a series 01 sucn conventions tnai win -
sound of the busy industrial - little raising, pointing out that too much be held in each of the one hundred , occasions-and who sincerely endeav
town of Hazelwood. A development attention had hitherto been given to 'counties of the State this year. All to have this show the most enchant-
, that offers every practical inducement
to the investor. No City Taxes; ))0
pavement, sewer, light or water ss-
Itn thu Inuuln. M r-!-,. T.-o.. '
i v, "va nftM
walks are of modern construction,
u-ivinir the riBvplnnment that ,hrrlh.
:directly connected with WaynesviUe's
'fmnii Ptv Rnl m.f cho.)
All, ample to meet the requirements
the work 01 man is the handiwork 01
Nature, which has endowed the coii-
4 . -. t .u. 1 .1 J Jl.tC ...'tn
I l"UI ul i"u, aim Ullicicill. Ha
of perspective, with some of the very
Plott's Balsam, Eagles
Nest , anJ
Junluk &jeteaJMiW
The h- in -
,.:t; j 1 ...ii i:.i
mat win eventually take its piace
,mone the thrivine communities of
- t
, ..... ......
tvesiern iMonn Carolina, lieiie meaae
'surpasses most sub-division proper-
lvs lounaers ana Duuaers nave
had the vision to nlan wiselv. and ta
finance discretely for the things that I " receiving the news of the norn- j
have enduring vale. A happy home, '""tion of Walter E. Moore of Sylva ;
the physical comforts of life, amidst to s?ed Judge Bryson in the
environments beautiful, healthful, in- 1 Twentieth district, Governor McLean
spiring and gratifying. Belle Meade immediately tendered appointment to
is well under way. Everywhere the tne vacancy as of July 1st to Mr.
vision is made to realize that money, 1 Moore, who declined for business
men and machinery is being in mo- reasons. The honor finally fell upon
tion to carry forward a work to a .3ohn H- Harwood of Bryson City,1
successful completion. Nothing thntwho, since adjournment of the Gen-
man can do to add to the bcautv of .eraI Assembly, has been one of tfie
Natre bfi jeft ndone to make
I Belle Meade one af the beauty spots'1" the Department of Revenue. O.'
of Western North Carolina.
r. Joe Self, formerly 01 Muscel
w a.aa . - . .
Shoals, Ala., and connected with
Carolina Mountains Realty Corpor-
. . , o . . . A .
auon ana oyiva ueveiopmenc torn-
pany, is the genius guiding Belle
Meade in all her possibilities. His
experience in handling other prop
erties renders him admirably quali
fied to assure the succes of this pro
ject. Mr. Self is giving his personal
attention to create there, a residen
tial development that will appeal to
the home-seeker as the most desirable
investment in this immediate section.
hi t u TT-n c .. o -.u sentenced to die for attack on ai
Mrs. John C. Hill of Fort Smith, ...... D 1
, , , , iwhite K'rl in Buncome county, Gov
Arkansas was a guest of Mrs. Janvs . . , , ,
W. Reed for the week-end it her
home on Woolsey Heights. Mrs. Hill
proved a very popular visitor during
her brief visit here. Mrs. T. Grady
Boyd entertained at a dinner party
at : the Hotel Waynesville honoring
Mrs. Hill, with covers laid for six.
Mr. and Mrs. C. F. Kirkpatrick hon-
oi ed Mrs. Hill at their camp in Crab-!,
. D .....
tree. Mrs. B. C. McDey of Asheville
entertained at the Biltmore Forest
i-...t. Jtu
Mrs. Hill returned the first of the
week to her home.
Ur: and Mrs. William C. Allen
announce the . engagement of their,-
daughter, Lilian May, to Mr. Humes
Houston Whittlesey Hart, the son of ".
,'Mr.v and ' Mrs.' George W. Hart, of;
'.Rhode island. The mar-
riage will take place August 5, 192-4
UV..,rili. ii.ii uu A lion "
pvaynesviJifi, . u. Both Miss Alien,
iiajiHaTills, . . v , SJUtlt iUIDO
and Mr. Hart hava hean mambers of
th faculty. the Unhrersit-of Ten's'0' Durham during the week
nessee for several years.- -
(By M. L. Shipman)
Raleigh; July 12. The annual
meeting of ihe State Board of Agri -
culture, the selection of a successor
to Judge Bryson in the Twentieth Ju-
dicial district, the final rush for auto-
mobile license plates, communtation
of the death sentence of Alvin Man-
sel, colored, charged with attack on
a white girl in Buncombe county,
a white girl in Buncombe county,
election of officers for the North Car -
olina Railroad Company and minor
movements of Governor McLean were
among the items of interest in Ral-
eigh during a week of sultry weath-
'er augmented by the ever presence
uf a burning summer sun.
, The State Board of Agriculture
held its annual meeting in the office
of Commissioner Graham, heard n
helpful address from Governor Mc-
Ti. i,v..j . vivi 1
itive renort nrt.untari hv h n,mmi.l
sioner and transacted the business
brought to its attention. In his ad -
dress Governor McLean stressed the
. ....
cotton upon which the farmers had
hppn VI. viiio- In tho nolof nf tk
rnmniiRKinnor Cruha ruwf n u;a
. """
report that the State Department of
Agriculture is sunnorted hv its own
- -
receipts on the pay-as-you go plan
nd now has a nice little surplus to
its credit. Rorpintfl frnm Tnlu 1
1925, to June 30, 1926, amounting to
J436.138.3fi. j-xcppHpH thi pxnonHitur
$995.56. Balance On hand, according
to the commissioner, on July 1, 1925,
was u,4.o, and on July 1, iaz,
9B,787.6. Income of the depart -
muni KiMimi: f ..ivi fi.A 1 ,-. f t ; 1
v..i l Ur
izer tags, cotton seed meal tags,
feed tags, and receipts from test School Attendance, Mr. D. W. Sims,
farms, the latter alone yielding the-Raleigh, General Superintendent of!
im of $-15,854.55, while from the'theWorth Carolina Sunday School
- :f serum there had been collected
Fertiliser tonnage- en
...u;i. 4 . :. .r iu. i
."u wa has uaiu uuiinir me
rjrr $l,2l3,m-, cthmmi8
tsioner Graham recommended the es-
.Kl.l... -.f ...
- " - -
near tne Albemarle sound lor ex-
m-i-imntal u,n,V in . hoan. on
m.rimcnfol unvV in n hosn. on
Potatoes and another in the sand hills
'nn which i-npiimanta in fruit rnnlH
-- -
be made.
assistants attorney general stationed
H. Allen, Raleigh attorney and son of
UJ. L 1 1 V 4 U I . UUUiClil JJ Li A i. u
' ef fho lata Qnm-oma fVm-t Tuati.ia
,.,, ,
' wxh mr' rwooo
i '
! There was
steady flow of coin
into the coffers of the license bureau
(the last three or four days of the
week, the scene around the central
office here taking on the appearance Make a Big Difference in the Sunday being staged at the Auditorium The
of bread lines during the late war. School, Mr. D. W. Sims. atie in Asheville will continue during
Hundreds stood for hours each day' 3:35 Discussion and Questions, the week starting Monday, July 19,
awaiting their opportunity to pro-
cure the coveted block of tin which
.would enable them to Scale the high-
ways at moderate speed unmolested.;
I After becoming fully convinced Reports of Committees and Elec
; that a reasonable doubt existed in the tion of Officers.
' e a l . I i . 1 , ... ...
case oi Aivin mansei, a negro youin
; ..... ,
, ,. . . , . .
thoroughly investigated and the ac
tion of the Governor is generally
Stockholders of the North Caro-!
lina Railroad Company meeting in
annual session at Greensboro during
k ,..,,,.1, .,1 .11 nJ .W I
... . , . '
.heard the report of the secretary-
treasurer Wiley G. Barnes and at-1
tended t0 the usual routine. The of-
Jers are: President, Word H. Wood,
yiionunc, i,r-uiuciil nioAsuud
Webb, Raleigh; J. Bayard Clark,
F a y e ; t,tevill e; secretary-treasurer
,.CJr ei-iv,
Chas. F. Dalton, Charlotte.
Governor McLean, Adjutant Gener-
al Metts joined a number of National
Guard officials on a visit to Camp
Glenn on Friday ' where His Excel-
Iency did the reviewing stunt and had-
fine mi We Uovernor attended a
meetinir of the board of trustee of I
. - --L - t
",B L "t r . " ,
me iorvn Carolina college ior ie-1
and put his "O. K. - a the manage-
Continued on another Mg.)
: Beginning Thursday night, July 22,
and continuing through Friday night,
Ju'y 23. the Haywood County Sunday
School Convention will be held at the
Methodist Episcopal Church on New
Found street, Canton, N. C. Pastors,
superintendents, teachers and officers
of all Sunday schools of all denomi-
nations in tne county nave Deen in-
vited to attend the sessions of the
The officers in charge of arrange -
ments for the convention are expect-
inK lar8e attendance of workers
from all parts of the county. The
'convention is open to the public, and
re interested in the Sunday
school, whether they are actively
engaged in the work or not, are in-
'vltrf in attend
The convention is being held under
the auspices of the Haywood County
'""J the North Carolina Sunday
School Associations, and is one of
! 1 .t.ii Ml
"f the counties in the State are or-
Irnillzed into COUntV BUIldBV School
.associations anud holding county and
tow nshin conventions.
The following is the program for
the Haywood County Convention
which will be held next Tuesday and
I 1'hurSdaV Niffh. July 22.
8 Devotional, Mr. J. Bat Smathers
I S lRTe, hino- tho r.hiln Miss
1 -
Daisy McGee, Raleigh, Children's Di-
vision Superintendent of the North
Carolina Sunday School Association.
! X:45 Song.
I 11 .J . e At..'HJMnA.
n.ftuni ui niicnuiii.-c.
I 8:55 Plans for Increasing Sunday
' 9:25 Announcements.
9:30 Adjourn.
Friday Morning, July 23.
Devotional, Rev. A. C.
10:45 The Child in the Midst,
n..I.. Mn.,
, ..tvic.
11 il5 Business Session:
Reports of County and Township
Appointment of Committees.
Record of Attendance.
11:35 Better Results Through
Better Co-operation, Mr. D. W. Sims.
12:10 Offering for Support of
County and State Sunday School As-
12:25 Announcements.
12:30 Adjourn.
Dinner at the Church. Everybody
Come and Bring a Basket.
Friday Afternoon. July 23.
2:00 Devotional, Rev. A
V. Joy-
O . t A . 1 a U . O 1
S I I 1 1 f IIIIIM I 1 1 ft- il II NIH V
behoo. Working logethcr, Mrs. V. U.
2:50 Putting it Across, Miss Daisy
3:00 Song.
3:05 Some Little Things That
Opportunity for the presentation and
discussion of special Sunday School
3:50 Business Session:
Place of Next Meeting.
Presentation of Attendance Pen
nant. 4:00 Adjourn.
Friday Night, July 23.
8:00 Devotional, Rev. C. O. Newell
8:15 The Challenge of the Young
People, Miss Daisy McGee.
8:45 Song.
8:50 The Workers' Council
Work, Mr. D. W. Sims.
1 ...
J" ,. .
Special Notice.
The attendance pennant will
presented at the close of the session
'on Friday afternoon. .This peinant
ui o iwnrucu to me ounaay scnooi
having in the convention the largest
'number -of representatives, sixteen
years .01; age ana over, accoraing to
me numoer 01 miies iraveiea. v
- - W. E. JONES,
yuunyr oecrejry. pay i8 one g.ale of laughter.
'ry'rx Virt.wtoi'.Tn nsu1 maUnees will be
. - . 1
nifciuuuisi tULKCH t.KVILES.
KnnJutr nf qak a Vf
. . ..u w. . . u u , u V .
unaay scnooi at : a. m.
rreacluno- at 11 A. M. and 8 P. M.
by th pastor. Dr. T. F. Marr.
- You are cordially- invited to all
these serviees.
Will Be Held August 11th in the
Parish House of Grace Church.
Each good and perfect gift from a
oviiijr God should awaken within our
nunune souis a Keen sense oi puao,
iy ""d appreciation accompanied
with an unselfish desire to reveal to
others, less fortunate, the unseen
beauties and priceless generosities be-
"i""' ""' u",'
happiness and wisdom of human
j Flowers are gifts. They are tiuiy
ana peneci guui w u w
message and purpose accompaning
each spiritual appeal,
Brm8 the rarest blossoms from
yul ' ' v
the altar at the flower show to be
held August 11th. Begin today,
'search beauty among your most
prized varieties, selecting choice
Plants in glowing tribute to the sue
cesstul ettorts or tne memoeis ot tne
lommuimy woo . a uc"c"u
aiiAnoAi'iil triiiua Hrttl on i Til I flnnnol
I v"' ...v.
coming show will be the entries for
th.. mnKt hpfiiit.if ullv annmnted lunch-
i A A' Kl ifh annvnnr!
eon and dinner taDies wnn appiopri-
ate floral decorations
A hanrtsomo
prize to be given the winner.
The following prize list has been
subjected to a few changes owing to
the interest and generosity of Mrs.
"y ln prtseniinj, me ucbuujui 311
ver basket, which can be seen on dis
play in the window of tde oflke of
the Pinnix Land Corporation:
1,. The finest display of flowers,
Points (a) quantify (b) quality (c
No. of varieties 1. Arrangement Sil-
ver uk.
2- becon. '
3. Best dis.
prize $5.00.
play of dahlias $10.00.
Finest single specimen of dahlias
4. Finest old fashioned bouque'
5. Most artistic combination of two
different varieties $2.00. M
6. Most artistic combination of
three different varities $2.00,
7. Best display of snao dragon
$2.00. ,.
S. Best display zinias $2.00.
The handsomest fern .f2.00. "
The most attractive win. low or
porch box $5.00.
Miss Florence Price entertained ait
charming tea honoring Miss Mar
garet Blackwell's guests, Misses
Margaret Draughn and Lillian Zach
ery, Thursday afternoon at her home
in Lake Junaluska.
About fifty guests called during the
aftenoon to meet Miss Blackwell's
.'Jiss i'lice s-.-i
"i ice course.
d a delicious salad
! The merry battle of farces that is
when the Auditorium Players will
pi esent the famous John Emerson and
Anita Loos comedy. "The Whole
.Town's Talking." During the current
week the company established an en
viable record with "Why Men Leave
Home" and "The Whole Town's Talk
ing" is claimed to be even better
that the Avery Hopwood farce.
One of the main characters in the
play is Letty Lythe, the screen
"vamp." To those who follow the
doings in Hollywood, it is not diffi
cult to guess what particular screen
' star the Emerson-Loos combination
had in mind when they created that
character. The action of the farce
; takes place in Sandusky, Ohio. Henry
Simmons picks his sloppily dressed
vounc Dartner. Chester Rinnev. In h
his son-in-law. and when Etherl Sim
mons states that she could fall in
0ve only with a man of the world a
man with a past, the two men
' promptly manufacture a past con-
sistingJ of a hectic Hollywood episode
between Chester and the
queen. Lettv Blvthe. Through soma
County President chance Miss Blythe arrives in San
REID LOVELACE, n dusky and from her arrival on the
on Wednesday and Saturday Vith
I . . .. . . . '
nightly performances at eight: thirty.
f Miss Amiia Carter f Memnhis wW
be a miest at MnL R. H. MitchaTi'a
during the summer months.

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