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Opportunity's fmpirc-Waynesvillc Altitude 2,802 Fcel-Unsurpassccl Natural Resources for the location of Manufacturing Industries
Volume XXXVIII. Number 25
$2.00 Year in Advance, $2.50 if not so Pal
wmm w
Important Real 4
Estate Transaction
The Hunt & Reece Realty Co. of
this city report the sale of the form
er Dr. Thomas. Stringfield residence
on North Main street and"next to the
Gordon Hotel to Mr. Theo. W. Moore
of Miami. Florida.
This property was bought last
summer from Dr. Stringfield by Mrs.
Meta Farr Rambo, also from Miami,
Florida, and the resale of the prop
erty to another Miami party hj an
odd coincidence.
Mr. Moore, who .is bead r.f the
Moore Furniture Company of Miami,
the largest retail furniture store in
that city, plans to start at once beau
tifying the grounds and getting the '
place ready for occupancy. The j ljfe in these two resort centers.
Moores expect to spend at least four i Everyone is cordially invited as
months each summer in Waynesville , the guest of the Lake Junaluska
as they are delighted with the cli- Golf Club. Whether you are spe
mate and scenery in this vicinity and cifically interested in golf or not, you
after investigation decided their best Jwill enjoy this "house-warming" and
plan was to buy a residence of their ;t promises to be a reception to be
own. They have been residing for ong remembered. The new club
the past month in the Dr. N. M. Med-j house has been recently completed,
ford home on Love Lane, which they it is thoroughly .appointed and at-
have leased for the summer.
Louise Hunter, leading lyric so-
prano of the Metropolitan Opera00"1 .ignui.y v-
Company, will appear here in con- landas ft which one can enjoy a
cert Tuesday, Aug. 17, under the P"ormic v.ew of virtually the en-
., . i j,... tir eailf course.
auspices ol We woman s ;iud ior me
benefit of the Club House fund... Ms
Hunter who is one of the youngest
singers before the public is without
a doubt the South's favorite prima
donna, having appeared . hj Atlanta
for the past three "season's, with the f
opera company where she has quick-
ly won the hearts ot all wno nave iives in a neat cottage one of the very
heard her, by the beauty of her few men who have been ab!e to ,,
voice, combined with her charming t in iarge numbers compicte moon
personality and personal beauty. shine sti)ls for a numnol 0f VPars
During the past season inNew without molestation from ever
York she shared honors with Marion j watchful prohibition officers.
Talley and Mary Lewis. rhe man is Carl d- Freeman and is
Waynesville is very fortunate in not ashamed of his wi.k. In fact,
securing Miss Hunter for this re- these same stig are &M jn ,arge
cital as she rarely ever goes to alnlmber of public paet.., throughout
town this size. Her coming is made ( -yV figtern Nortn Carollr.-., as well as
possible only by the fact that she ist,,e favorite i;ttle br,Wl! jug th.,t
passing through Western North n,akes approprjate com anion pieces.
Carolina on her vacation. v the tnjth be told, tho stils are
A rare treat is in store for all who niade entirely of woo l and evon if
are fortunate enough to hear her. Lapabe of ope,.ati0n, are so dimin
MEETING OF COUNTY TEACHERS itivJ .thf tMy could supply scarcely
SET FOR JULY 29, 1926. i sufficient l.qu.d refreshment to en.-
jbnate a humming bird.
There will be an important con- j Calling himself appropriately, 'The
ference of all teachers, principals . Woodpecker," Mr. Freeman operates
superintendents on Thursday, July a large shop in which is located all
29, 1920, ten A. M., at th'e court house manner of power-driven wood-work-in
Waynesville, for the purpose of ing machinery. He has the assistance
laying plans for the opening of the ' 0f several helpers, for the demand for
schools of the county and for the his attractive rhododendron souvenirs
discussion of measures that may be comes from all portions of the "Land
takent to improve the work of the of the Sky."
schools. All teachers of tin county Although he started originally by
are required to attend continuously supplying Chimney Rock with his
during the session from 10 to 12:30. I wares, his shop being located at 3at
As to the importance of attending Cave just a few miles away, th us
this conference, the attention of !ands of souvenirs are being furnished
teachers is called to the following now for other scenic points such as
quotation from the school law: jAsheville, Blowing Rock, Mt. Mitchell
'The County Superintendent shall and other tourists centers,
have each year such teachers' meet-I One of the most interesting novcl
ings as in his judgment will improve ties is a minature spyglass thiough
the efficiency of th". instruction in which one may see some, favorite
school. The County Superintendent mountain scene. Th illusion is furn
shall have authority to suspend any ished by a very small crystal eontain
teachers who shall fail, or who may jng a ground glass picture scarcely
be incompetent, to gie instruction ' naif as arge as the head of a pin.
in accordance with the direction oS,Mr. Freeman secures thesj crystals
the superintendent, 01 who shall wil- j ; large quantities from France to
fully refuse to co-operate in teach- ! wnich country he sends photographs
-ers meetings, to enter actively into0f the North Carolina mountain
the plans of the County Superin- lscenes he wishes reproduced.
toMrlnit frtf :o rtrr, ii lyr.TVll o-lVm'tn I : ....
-cmuv.." JJ .f
of the teachers of the ccunty.'
It is, therefore, required ihat all
teachers, who have signed contracts
to teach, or who expect to teach in
the county, shall atterd this conter
ence on Thursday, July 29, 1926, at
ten "o'clock in the court house, '.Vay
resville, N. C. .
Let everybody be prompt and come
prepared to take notes.
. W. C. Allen, Superintendent
Haywood County Public Schools.
Mrs. J. N. Shoolbred honored her
husband's birthday anniversary, bat'
urday night with a nmoker. About
thirty frienda of Mr. Shoolbred in
cluded the gueat list '
Delightful refreshments were serv -
ed during the evening. , . -
Splendid Golf
Course Club House
On Monday afternoon 5:30, July
26th, there will be a formal opening
of the Golf Club House at the Lake
Junaluska Golf Course. This occa
sion will be marked by high class
entertainment and the serving of re
freshments. There will be. an exhi-a
bition of golf playing and golf driv
ing two or three celebrated profes
sionals and also a putting contest
in which all of those who are inter
ested may take part.
The reception committee for this
occasion is composed of a large num
ber of men and women of both
Waynes ville and Lake Junaluska who
are prominent in business and social
tractivelv furnished. It is eauinDed
with shower baths, lockers, golf pro
fessional shop where golf clubs are
made and repaired. It's further ap
pointments are an attractive tea
' 1 J.I' Li(..ll.. 1 1
. x.
Very truly yours,
Asheville, July 20. HarP by one
of the main state thoroughfares con-
nectjn this city with the P.edinunt
1 He is regarded as the pioneer sou-
venir man of the entire section when
r it comes , to quantity and quality pro-
j auction, and he has originated a
number of individual designs includ-
ing the famous "still" and jug.
The Rotary Club is again sponsor
ing the Orthopaedic Clinic at the
Methodist church to be held Saturday,
July 24th. " 1 ,
A number of crviules have been
helped and if there are others vthat
. neea treatment they will receive same
at the clinic.
For Sale or Trade: Nearly new
Sedan Oldsmcbile. Will trade for
real estate. See Tom Bridges, Moun-
taineer Office. tfpd
Concert Variations '; t Bonnet
Short Introduction prelude3 a thems of sixteen measures in E minor. 1st
Variation: Theme in soft string against a pizzicato pedal bass; 2nd Var.:
Pedal solo to accompaniment of triplet counterpoint; 3rd Var.: Accompani
ment, derived from theme by diminution," set to 'Cello solo: 4th Var.: Theme
in full chords with pedal figure in octaves, leading to brilliant cadenza for
pedals alone and Coda.
Reverie Dickinson
Pure melody written by an American, Dr. Clarence Dickinson, organist of
the Brick Presbyterian Church, New York-City.
Whispering Hope ......4 Hawthorne
Chinoiserife , . Swinnin
Firmen Swinnin. a contemporary organist of Belgian birth and American
adoption, lives in Wilmington, Del., a private organist of the Dupont estates.
Chinoiserie, a quaint bit of humon, was written for and dedicated to Mr. Hugo
Riesenfeld, music director of the Capitol Theatre, New York City, for use as
the' chief motif to accompany a motion picture production dealing with a
Chinese Story.
Prelude to "Lohengrin" ........... Wagner
Solo "With Verdure Clad" . . . A . . .. Haydn
from the "Creation"7-Miss Agnes McLean
L'Organo Primitivo Yon
The primitive organ possessed onlylone stop. Pietro A. 'Yon, was born in
Italy. Now organist of Church of St! Francis Xavier, New York.
Oh That We Two Were Maying i Nevin
Familiar Melody
March from "Tannhauser" .... I Wagner
North Carolina Industrial News Review
"If I could take home to my eoun- Sanford Wholesale ice plant to be
try one thing for my people, I should erected in this city,
like to take your labor-saving de- Beauford Bumper potato crop
vices for the home." Crown Princess raised in Carteret county.
Louise of Sweden. . High Point Contract let for paving
Sedalia Contract let fur construe-High Point-Greensboro highway,
ting new dormitory and dining hall, Charlotte Permit issued for cou
nt Palmer Memorial Institute. jrtruction of new $300,000 building
Pavkton Potatoes beine shipped '"Charlotte Observer."
from htrp by carloads. Weldon New ice cream plant un-
Henderson Contract let, for eon- dirfj construction here,
structing addition to court house. .'Lenoir Construction of Happy
Pinebluff New vat'vworks iyt- Valley Lake dam nears completion,
tern Installed. ' "fSmifhfieTd New laundry to open
New Bern Additional jooms bi'- here,
built to Gaston Hotel. Wilmington Contract let for new
Over 500 carloads Irisi potatoes white way system,
shipped from Eastern North Carolina. Union Mills Crops throughout this
Charlotte Contract let for eon- section exceptionally good.
struction of new Mecklenburg county
court house.
Charlotte Excellent tomato crop
reported in this section.
Greensboro Local theatres t ) 1-e
taken over by Piedmont Theatres,
Gastonia Citizens National
to pay 5 per cent dividend.
Charlotte Two additional rooms
will be built at Lakewood Primary
' Raleigh -Pumper pecan crop fore-,
cast for North Carolina.
Greensboro Plans complete 1 for
for erection of new Sedgelieid Hotel.
Hamlet Stale wil: ship about 300
cars dewberries this yar.
Elizabeth City Currituck road be
iilg paved to Elizabeth City.
El erbe-E llerbe Springs Company
chartered, with capital of ?150,00C.
Greensboro New hotel planned for
this city to cost $400,000.
Morehead City Contract let for
building causeway across Rogue
Sound, connecting Morehead City with
Ocean Beach. -
Charlotte Contract let for con-
struction of newcounty court fiouse
at $584,000.
Hendo! sonvillp Flpotwnn.l Hnt..l
unuBi luusu-ucuon nere.
Asheville, N. C, July 19th. With
Gallatin Roberts, ex-mavor of Ashe
ville, prominent attorney, and life-
long iriena ana admirer ol William
Jennings Bryan, as chairman, and a
sponsoring committee ot tifty prom!-
npnt Ashairtlla tfivnr... Un A ..limiill. t
uamjjaig.i juc cue esiaoiisnment oi
Bryan Memorial University ot Day-
:ton. ,.lut.1.l'"'r
d '
, ' . .
f . In accepting the chairmanshiP ot
the campaign, Mr. Roberts stated that
he had been keenly -interested in the
' project to memorialize the life, char-
acter and teachings of the great Com-jw
...unc. w.c caw.ui.0..,..e..l U1
.educators who made an inspection of
mountains since its inception, and 8jte
that he welcomes the opportuniay to! ' " . '. "
have a part in presenting the matter
ta the citizens here. ,
Headquarters for the Western
North Carolina campaign, which is
to cover twenty-five counties in the
western part of the state, have been
opened at 90 Patton 'Avenue. The ager for th Waynesville offices. Mr. tact with the entire field. The corn
quota for Western Noorth Carolina i Davis is a man of wiide experience in pany does a general financing busi
is fifty thousand dollars, twenty-five his field, coming to his new position ness, featuring an insured mortgage
thousand dollars being expected of from the Carolina Mortgage Co., .and loan that has unusual merit."
Union Mills Cotton crop
j section in good condition.
1 Mt. Olive Locan potato
in this
season now in full swing.
Bostic New John Harrill
ready for occupancy.
Wilminton New service station to
open, corner Second and Market
Wilmington MacRae interests in
nirth end of Wriehtsville Beach to be
further developed.
Mt. Olive Crons in this nrtinn
greatly benefitted by recent rainfall.
j North Carolina's assessed real and
personal property valuation jumped
39 million- dollars in 12 months to
total of $2,751,000 for 1925.
j Raleigh New stadium proposed
for University of North Carolina.
I Wn ..,.,, 1. , Yir r ... a. t
ber Companv-s plant ,.ecent, burnw,
to be rebuilt.
Warrenton New concern, Home
Furnishintr Comnanv. on;,...,! for hn.
iness in this cilv.
j Asheboro New Cenh-al Machire
Works on Salisbury street opened.
Ashevoro Randolph Bargain House,
Inc., granted charter.
I Elizabethtown Plans
new post office building
n..ri.... x- i i.
making for
ind larger builclii'js
to De constructed at Onk lt,iiv(.vi'v
to be constructed at Duk? Univorsitv.
The objective of the Na -
tional linmn.ninn ic nun nnn nn i.,.i-f!
. " v.
of which will be used for building oml
half for endowment.
F. E. Robinson, president of the
Bryan Memorial University
Associ -
tion of Dayton, Tennessee, stated
centlv that although camnaiirns have'n.,L
'been waged so far in
r;.tts of two
states, Tennessee and Flo. Id i, sub-!
hclf a million dollars, A site of
eighty-one beautifully wooded nci
lWOs recently accepteJ hy the associa-
t,on fQr the building of ine universii
L Th . . fi ..
the association for tlvs" purpose and'r.ess. Mr. George F. Rutzler, Pres
one nnftnimoual rerommpnHrH
by a commtttee of leading Tennessee
... - - . .........
Mr. R. W. Davis has been appoint-
ed bv the Western Carolina Loan'ctY vrtiiok kn Lun aKi;Dl,Arl tn
f and Insurance' Agency Co., Inc., man-'tiv'e
News From
Lake Junaluska
Luke Junaluska, July 14, (Special)
Pleasing a large audience the old
Fashioned concert Tuesday night un
der the auspices of the Southern As
sembly, was pronounced one of the
most artistic programs ever given
from the platform of the assembly.
Directed by Prof. Andrew Hemp
hill, of Fort Worth, Texas, the Juna
luska Double Quartet, which has be
come increasingly popular during the
past four years in which they have
provided the summer music, gave a
program of popular classics which
have stirred the hearts of music lov
ers the world over. The effect of
many of the numbers was enhanced
by the stage setting, the furniture
for which was loaned by the Massie
Furniture Company of Waynesville
To carry out the old time idea wom
en members of the company wore
picture hats and carried arm baskets
of old fashioned flowers.
Such favorites as "Carry me back
to Old Virginny," "Maggie," "Be
lieve Me if All Those Endearing
Young Charms," "Drink to Me Only
With Thine Kyes," "Swing Low
Sweet Chariot," and others brought
fourth round after round of applause.
A chalk walk, by Miss L. Pearl
Saunders of Jackson and Nashville,
Tenn., head of the Junaluska summer
school of Art, was an interesting
feature of the program and contrib
uted to the success of the entertain
ment. Miss Mary Uouthitt, as pianist, won
praise for her splendid work. Mem
bers of the double- quartet taking
part in . thU' program were: Prof.
Hemphill, robust tenor; Arthur Nel
son, of Fort Worth, lyric tenor; Mrs.
R. J. Coney, of Charleston, W. Va.,
lyric soprano; Mrs. Kathcrine Bass
Cole, Memphis, Tenn., dramatic so
prano; Mrs. Madison Adams, Dallas,
Texas, mezzo contralto; Mrs. J.
Dale Stentz, Lake Junaluska, con
tralto; J. Dale Stentz, bass, and Miss
Douthitt, pianist.
All members of the quarete are
singers of note and are soloists in
well-known city churches.
Uuk0 Uniwrs,ty l:,v "l ,'ilko ' u
riialuska, Friday. July was a gala
occasion, bringing to that place
200 or more alumni air! studen
a i union and baibecir flipper.
Don S. fclus of A'tV-ville ami R. O
' geiton oe Wayne? jii;,.. heads of
j the AshevMie-HunconM. ? and Hay
j wood county chapters who sponsored
I the event, planned many features for
;thc entertainment of the old "giads"
and present and foimer students.
Albert Wagonner, official cheer lead
er, rehearsed local students in yells
and songs so that the evcr.i was
jcharactel ized hy the usual college
Dr. V. P. Few, president of Duke
University, Dr. Edwin D. Soper, dean
of the school of religion, Dr. Charles
i W. Peppier, head of the department
f GlecI1 U). w w ,,;Ijott jf ma(h Pro1". H. (1. Childs of cduca-
...,... ., ,u ,.., .it. ,i ..,i.
! ,,.t ; ..,,." .' ,n no
part in 1, riday s
i comptroller F.
w( ...
(!. Urown, alumni
Pigpen and other
. ''
; jacuitv memoers.
. Rin,i()11 ,,,., H,U(i(.() a ,,arl)(,,m.
. , . . . . ,
, supper, boat ride and illustrated
' lecture, showing the nrccress of the
huildint- m-citn-am :ct Iiikr T':iive!--
1 sit v and other nlans for a crpatev
prof. Childs, head of the Lake
Junaluska summer
;hool. affiliated
, was chairman
wim liukc universuy
-0f the reception committee.
under - his direction the local office
of "Wescarlo" is expected to rank
'amontr h,p bpJ,t ;n volume nf hnsi-
ident of the financing organization,
is enthusiastic over the outlook in
Western North Carolina, particularly
in the Waynesville area, where many
applications are being received for
f v...;u:
iubik. wiciiii uuuuiugs . vx iiktxiiy
j types. Headquarters for Wesearlo
.are in the Legal Buildimr. Asheville.
end the Wavnesville office la
closer and mor intelligent con-
Eagles Nest
Camp News
Along about "knee-deep" in June or
July many people at home are inter
ested in reading of the ongoings of
the camps that are furnishing health
and fun to a large number of girls
and boys during July and August.
Eagles Nest Camp for Girls near
Waynesville, N. C, reports a splen
did, happy group of girls, about
forty in number, ranging in age from
five years to eighteen years with a
few grown campers to complete the
family. Eagles Nest Camp is op
erated with the "family" idea as a
basis, the program being planned to
meet the needs of girls of practically
all ages, each in her appropriate
group. The tiniest ones up to eight
years are called Midgets and their
j program includes craft, swimming,
short hikes, singing and dancing, with
! picnic suppers in the daisy fields.
This year at E. N. C. the Midget or
"Budget" group, one of the tiny
campers calls them, is composed of
'the following little girls: Alexa
McCo1I from Bennettsville, S. C;
Stella Mae Bowles from Jackson
j ville, Fla.; Elizabeth Harris, Carolyn
.Fossett, Marcella Unger airi Pa'sy
Robineau from Miami, Fla.
The junior group is the largest this
year including in its lanks: Marga
(ret Davis and Maxine Robinson from
Jacksonville, Fla.; Katherine and
Mary McColl from Bennettsville, S.
C; Aimee Wilcox, Eugenia Minis,
Catherine Jenkins from Savannah.
Ga.; Frances Bruce, Betty Robinson
land Betty Breka from DeLand, Fla.;
j Mai-tha Joseph and Carolyn Bren
'dergast from Chattanooga, Tenn.;
Marjorie Page, Jeane Robineau, Jac
queline Harley, Bertha Unger, Vir
ginia Skagg'-' ant Edelweiss Hefty
from Miami, Fla.; Darthea McKibben
from Coral Gables, Fla.; Eleanor
Cranston from Augusta, Ga. These
girls from eight to twelve years en
I joy longer hikes, some of the older
'and stronger ones join the seniors on
their over-night hike-. They have
more advanced craft, naturj lore,
'dancing, swimming, h ! " hack rid
(ing, tennis and numerous other out
door games.
I The senior group of girls from
thirteen to nineteen i compos 'd this
summer of Lillian Smiti from Ft.
Meade, Fla.; Viola V'illinghani from
Ft. Laudderdale, Fla., Margaret An
drews, Maxine Robi r :ei and Lnrretta
, Burns from Jackson', .lie, Fla.. Alice?
Marie Roux and Kit-' l.cfTlei from
Savannah, Ga.; .lule Berth'ia from
I Louisville, Ga.; Etlul Twitty aD'l
: Margaret Pace fiHini ."liam!, F.'a.
.The senior program fu-mshoc plenty
of dramatics, horse-hack riding,
swimming, tennis, over-night hiking,
nature lore and numerous attractive
activities for the teen-age givl.
Kagles Nest Camp .staff of Coun
cillors is a carefully chosen number
of young women, most of them col
lege graduates over twenty-one years
old and each a specialist in her de
partment. The head councillor. Miss
Lorena Smith, B. L. I., Emerson
College of Oratory, is a young Flor
ida woman as are also Misa Anna
M. Stevens, Kindergarten and Mrs.
Marion Bowles, music councillor.
The arts and crafts counci-inr. Miss
Elizabeth Thresmar, comes from he
Philadelphia School of Industrial
Art, her home being in Savannah
Ga., also the home of Mrs. Herbert L
Jenkins, the registered nurse on tin
campus. Tile nature, lore is handed
1j Miss France-s Sr.ttlo, whose home
is in Asheville. thus giving her iin
yt .n-round acquaiiam-c with the
No'th Carolina nature beauties. Miss
Sara Jane Bartlctt conies from Bre
iihu College to be bugler for Englos
Nest Camp and to conduct i lasses
in aesthetic dancing. Fo. three
years Miss Margaret Kinibrougn of
Greenwood, S. C. has taughr. horse
back riding at E. N. C. and Miss Edna
Arnold, director of woraeo'i athlet
ics at Louisania Polytecnie institute,
is director of water sports and land
sports at camp. Mis3 Carol Purse
Oppenheimer, founder and director
of Eagles Nest Camp, is a young
Georgia woman making her homo in
Savannah. Miss Oppsnheime. has
had wide experience with girls of all
ages, being a graduate of Kate Bald-
I t xr; i . .... 1
win jvuiuergarien Association ana
( Chicago Teachers' College and s
student of Columbia Uirversity.
j But with this array of experienced
leaders the days at c imp pass Tike
one long holiday and wc shall all
regret the coming of fil when enmp
must close.

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