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Entered at the post office, at
"Waynesville, N. C, as Second
Class Mail Matter, as provided
onder the Act of March 3, 1879,
November 20, 1914.
at PVPTV lrln1 frnm avnrv atota In th. indestructabla when the nrodiirtu laV& 'nti
utilized toward tne lasniomns? and Branner Gilmer waa an fnnH f
improving of mankind. That nerve "Master . of human deatrny mI;
center must have the, training from! Fame, love,' and fortune on my foot
the sources of supply that will render ; 9,ouj ssas pu snasap ajwjauad t
the greatest service to the State and ;j,(8M T epaa pat sajjja 'jt sd?t
Nation nd world. An artist was and passing by hovel and inart and
once asKeu wnat he mixed his paints palace soon or late I knock unbid
with, and replied: "With brains," .-.I den once at every gate! If sleeping,
like the old scrub that knew a thor- wake if feasting, rise before I turn
ooghbred when he saw him, said: !way. It is the hour of fate, and
"Them air the hoses what ran woth they who follow me reach every state
Incidentally, anihro-' mortalg deire, and conquer every
Foreign Adnrin( fccprBta llv.
Union swish by, and thousands and
'other thousands of pedestrians in
i holiday attire promenade up and
1 down Main street and the variegated
knickers and sweaters of the cake
.eaters vying with the bright or flesh
colored stockings of the flappers,
'whose knees are plainly in evidence.
Raiment of every hue, and cos-
jtumes of every description, profes
sional, business and sport; white,
yellow and blue, give to Waynesville
the cosmopolitan touch that befits a
: city that is the capital of the sum
mer play ground of the South, and
the metropolis of the beautiful "Land !
of the Sky
Behind the colorful background istinir codes. Drinciole's and ,v.t.m. for an eduted citizenship is greater
supplied by her visitors goes on the ' that have ceased to be of usefulness 7 than ever before- am 8rld
accustomed life "of the city. Mayor 'to mankind. They are disappearing that Western Carolina has contribu-
jioweu ana we noard or aldermen I ke the dew hefnw th mnrnino- . " iuulu ul ceieunues lowara
are eternally building new streets, The mathematical progress of mind ,advancin human Progress.
CLC. Ann nar-fjr mMAna thai nniri' .
I Mtii ini ui sues-
Real estate,, if the operators can terial substance with m.vhnnical ure-
cision under the skillful guidance of
high powered intelligence. As long
as the scrub intelligence of lower I
think of poem my good friend W, h,v, inigneA ,om, wonderfal
their heads.
pologists tell us that :he horse is oes 88ve de"i; but those who doubt
older, from a point of view of ci-ea- or hesitate, condemned to failure,
tion, that man. The expression. Pn"ry and woe, seek me in vain and
' 1 I t .
"HWt v.n nt ,,.,, . uBw5iy impiore. i answer not, and
'be pretty old. Today, there are ex- return more' The. opportunity
rings, necklace, and pendants, in
which we have grouped rare gems
in the most artistic manner. These
rare pieces of Jewelry vary in price
according to the values of the pre
cious stones each article contains.
It will be a pleasure to us to show
you these products of the jewers art
if you will be so kind as to ealL
Jeweler and Ontometriat
I Warneeville. N. C
be", believed, is slowly but surely be
coming more active. Appearances
add credence to reports.
I But to the tourists thi greatest I orders seek to crU3h the specie with
THURSDAY, SEPTEMBER 3, 1926 interest 'centers in Lake Junaluska, ! 8uperior facilities' mankind will be
Ithe golf link, the theater, the moun i narassea wltn war P'agu j and pes
VATION (if THINK e ' u'"i - - r
frV" "tain trails, and the other hundred and tllence. and every associated crime
A remarkable man died in this
country a short time ago. This man
was not a "superman." He was just
u plain everday American citizen,
with an abiding faith in humanity,
liiid the deepest respect for Ameri
can democracy and freedom as guar
anteed and protected by our consti
tutional form of government.
He had a broad vision. He built
up his business by helping others to
iiuild up their business. He knew
that if his manufactured articles were
to have the greatest sale, consumers
Jiad to be able to buy and willing to
.He could see that in order to sell
a pump for irrigation purposes, he
iiud tu do
pump, it
first for him to encourage the teach- dent of human nature
one things to be found in and around' and vice- "d women ac
complish an education thMt will en
able them to drive the current of
mind power through the skulls of the
Waynesville for recreation. Nightly
the theatre is crowded.
So far as the weathir is concerned
it has been so beautiful that even a'n. of tne 'frnorant world; then, civ
staid business man could be excused ! ilization wil1 exist on 8 basis of n
if he should suddenly wa.c noetic Thi!n,ony that has always been the hope
heavy rains have fal'en in the night. !and dream of the fathers of scholas-1 The range of cL
and materials in
One cloudless day foliowi another, ; tlelsm- j ladies ready to Wear dresses for
interspersed only bv showora of short1 Haywood county now has a pretty every day use 'is greater this season
duration that serve to keep circulat-6'r start to develop future citizens, than ever, anfl the Viodels are just
ing that coo'rig ripple of moLiit:iin Ttle citizenship of today is great; but. "s smart as hey caiA be. We have
air mat draws visiU's from less fa- 'ne citizenship or tomorrow must be garments of every description all
vored climes in thij repect. greater. The teachers of yesterday ready to put on. Theri is no ques-
uui, me icuciier 01 loaay ji iu sizes waniea Decause we
and tomorrow must be better. The haave them . in all sizes,
(limited system that produced a wad r'Kht, also.
.rices are
(By Buel B. Hyatt.)
A gieai priest said, "give me
hild until he is seven years of age
whole lot besides build a and the world may have him the rest
was more necessary at of his life.'' He was a profound stu-
By education
ing of scientific agricultural methods, we mean the effort to draw out and
mo that farmers could use pumps and develop the powers and mental equip
iiave the money with which to buy, mint of an individual. Of course,
iban it was to build a pump factory, education may be applied to the en-
And so it was throughout his bus- tire physical being. The beginning career. He saw the value of of the Chinese system was twenty
huiJding up the buying power of the three centuries before the Christian
people as the surest way to build up Kia. The Jewish system of educa
liis own business. tion is an expressiion of religious and
He could see that exorbitant taxes, ethical ideals. The Greeks were first
, of sap in the head must be supplanted
a I u-ilh hrnin nallj tliat l .
, ...... iito iiiui icjiunu lv, a pus-
itive degree of mentality. The
hounds of hell, who seek to keep hu
manity in ignorance and darkness
must have high voltage that will ob
literate minds in bondage, and give to
every man, woman and child a know-
edge of the truth as well as the lie. j
Man has always been a worshiper of j
Nature. In Nature is the key to '
every unsolved problem effecting hu- '
F WOitfAN':
of tne Worn
. i . i
uji, oepiem
,3:30 p. m., witf Mrs. C. H
mcu-iix; OF WOMAN'S CLUB
A meeting of M5e Woman's Club
will be held otC Senternhnr flth a
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$55 less
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Chevrolet's tremendously increased
production make possible this drastic
price reduction. Now, more than ever
before, the Chevrolet 1-Ton Truck is
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value! See it! Test it! Learn how
efficiently it will meet your ever re
quirement how amazingly little it
costs to operate.
Ton Truck
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(Chassis only) f.o.b. Flint
1-Ton Truck
(Chassis only) f.o.b.
man life. With our present facilities
we are progressive; but, must have
the ideal to make lighter the paths
for the next generation I
-the corner of Sh
East stre
rooms, one1
with furnac'
near in,
73 1-3x200
u. u urijfg
375 sho
-u.t ,.! o., ,i lln n ml A ... ..l i i. I
I..WU.U, S'"i'N cauu uiatuiuuig lu rwuglllfc Buucaiiun B3 it real Bit L,.,nJ .1, -!; e U
. , , , . . , .Deyona tne situation of the present. al policies were detnmen- and science They taught grammar, QMng tQ lhm tfc
tal to the laboring man and business, rhetoric, philosophy, arithmetic, mu-'iFVnn in )h . . , .. ,
0 . bt.i,wiiii.. w, mm aot-iuuuiiiv, luu ... l..i,. , , .... -
v : .ui-.v. : i t. . i j .' .. n" ""') "" -e periuc'-ion Oi
v "'ij niiiiu iiin" Human ojstuui pruuuceu a nation oi , .i,i,.v,
S-n.l4M. rt..nrnn.,f. .. 1 : J I 1 .... . 1.1.
s.u,uw cuju utawvjrcu ciiipiuiiiciit. wuiiiors auu loyai citizens, wnicu
This man started with nothing but made them cruel, selfish and rapa-' viii
kit at At
gs. Pn
and lot on
treet and s-hort
bargain. Six:
good basement
water and lights.
location, corner lot
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ne 275 resident,
V tf
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Canton, North Carolina
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i-uui that
clear vision and an understanding eiou.i. With the beginning of the
e perlection
they are capable." Within a
weeks, our forces of education i
begin to operate. Let us hope
those who have the destiny f toe
practical and worthy life, 'ihat
every child will receive the attention
cil basic principles which underlie Christian Kra. the ideals of brother-!
v.iv ;.,.i;.,;.k...l a .,(;...,i ..., i j , , .,
.t, " " ' Ul,ua'1" e,'u"',ly 01 men Decame cne, their progress toward a more nation-
i'""' ,s.aiiuarus oi educational concepts. ai
in 1 .1 ! 1 1. . .i .r ... ..'
iuvii ie uieu ne was me neau 01 men came trte universities, with
the itreatest business in tho world, scientific nmnnojitinn i( L-nr..lnH.,o I
.suid his products were sold in every
XiatMJii. When theological teachings were dis
The ipiestion will be asked, "What counted . . . with the edvent of the
Jiun nil this to do with my job or my printing press and the rapid distri-
scientific proposition of knowledge, ' tnat wi, enMe them tQ CumprehpI,d
with less consideration of theology. !the problems of exist ence, a:id fortify
fcusreess ?"
lit hut everything to do with your
huiiinvs. or job, whatever it may be.
Yrrn have the same brain to think
with as the man mentioned, although
.you may not have the (jod-given
sigh; into human nature which
Hind Kut ytni can profit by the rec
ord which he left. It doesn't taks
intelligence, for the shoe merchant
to fee that he sell
f iiiiff.nrUi aie good,
Kiiiiiiicc agert to i
pniperiiUH people me
bution of books, the minds of men
and women seemed to awaken. In
North Carolina, Charles B. Aycock,
r loused our people to the value of
education! Today, representative
m- scholars of the state are calling at
he untion to present needs within our
grasp. And, notwithstanding the
availability of the products of liter-
i'ture, science
more shoes t methods of rransnnrtation and Hi
ii j!' lor th? in- emination of knowledge nnr? tho im.
w .. . o ' v ....
pioved condition of mankind result
ing from ingenuous inventions . . . .
inderstar. i ilia
boiler pros-
them for the struggles and battles
that life exacts in the mastering of
i established principles.
An enducated citizenshio .is the
population of Waynesville? Yes!
Then, this haven of sunjhine and
flowers will reap the klden harvest i
of Freedom, Peace and the oursuit j
of happiness. The Paren t Teachers' j
Association have the opportunity to J
convey to the youth the trutn in such '
ways as to fre the mind of sum r-'
and the arts; the rapid titjon. aml nlllnt. t-ni. imnrP,.lnl ,lf 1
truth that will cnabl ? the child to j
appreciate wisdom in all fields of
thought. When the schools of the
county and city r? opened, -hat
means the opening of the doors into
the realms of all the future hapes '
ni.d ideals of the community. . . I
the teacher will r.evcil Hnd the pupil
aid student will abj rb Wo must
t: mar tne cnnore?: or r ic miui
Get our Prices
on Sheets and Pil
low Cases
Complete Line of
Ladies' Hosiery
Jji ts. - pearly half of the world's people can-
del over the idea that y ia can , nat read and write. .We have corn
mat; prosperity for yurse"if abne, j pulsory education, industrial, techni
and realize that you d?pc-nd upon cal, commercial and scientific educa
the "other fellow" for you- business. tion. Yet, the mind of the world is
(The United States is a world lead-, only fifty per cent efficient. Iliteracy
KT hi w. .v. must De reaucea to preserve numani- tuns arc prepared to take their rlws
jcbould become a land o.' "thinkers. , ty. The spreading of democracy will n society with pwt.'.-tl lnnul
We should not be at t.i-; mercy of be accomplished by true methods of equipment. The school room is
pomicHi aBuio.s a K peaagogics. til i';c, bator of thi braiiM
buccaneers. ine couirry eai:ir xhe brain is the great nerv ten
opportunity. I
llison s
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School Children
Our Line of
of r-e
d lintrv Tha OU Shnnl r..ll
I. 1.1 nnnvalan tknt n n Iintn,l1(1 . fTt 1 . . . . . "
aiuuuiu ier. iue quality oi matter mat is out the chimes of
pic of legislation or taxation wmcn
ndustry three
miy take an
lnterfers with some
thousand miles away,
advertisement of a local store out of
his paper or create unemployment
-which will cut down his subscription
J"it. The local gro-er may lose his
business, because an ur.sour.d tariff
policy destroys the m n ker for local
: tarm crops. The bankr feely the
I effect immediately wien any
Is hurt, and it. goes without saying
tfcmt tha day laborer is 'he first man
"yet the ax" when jtkies sufTerf.
be lesson to be leJrn from this
who has passed on. if plain and
de. H lived hi life largely in
interest of the .Oior fellow not
a puaply charitable angle, but
the itindpoint f 'cshI .ui
."v A. ta. i r follow his
.ample, many businoM problems
And world eontrovc siei will disap-
The summer season is now st its
height in Waynesville. Automobiles.
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