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    Opportunity's Empire-VVayiicsviffc Attitude 202 Fccl-Unsurpasscd Natural Resources for the Location of Manufacturing Industries
' , ,', ', .,,".'-. ' , ' . . I " r -' i .. . .1 , - - . .
Volume XXXVIII. Number 35
$2.00 a Year in Advance, $2.50 if not so Paid
I-, '.
Woman's Club ,: large Number
. Held Meetings Join Motor Club
The Woman's Club ' held ita . first
meeting of the fall Thursday after-
noon. Sept 23, at the home of thejthe Caroliim Motor Oiifr b
president, Mrs. McDowell. As th .experienced toe greatest memnersmp
meeUng was, in the ture of a get- production
together gathering a , ionnal . pro- its hfatory
gram was dispensed with. man W. Roberta, vica-preaident.
At a previous meeting the club1 During the mon juat peed S
decided to adopt the State program members were added, to tb dub
sent out by the University of Chapel , r08ter. wh5cn n" moved up to four-!
Hill. Miss Robtna Miller, treasurer, teenth position among the 841 organ-!
madeher report showing the splendid
work of the club for the past year.MAutomoDlla AMQC1twn- LMt wp-,
A motion was made and carried
.. .. ..
that the .ecreury., write
stone, Miss (jiara wnoiors, , jar. j. (
B Ivev and Mr. John Smathers votes
of thanks and appreciations for their
. 1 - j j j 1 i.U , MAAH. -
services renucxeu uuriug vw innib j
Dahlia Show. ' i- This waa in June. 1925. The
A letter was read from the Dis.,rage monthly membership fc L
trict President urging each member No . high preaanre'V methoda . per-,
to be present at the district meeting
in Franklin, Sept. 30. 1
After the business session the club
. . . i-. i.i-
adjournea lor an enjoyaoie iwint ,
hour. Mrs. C. F. Kirkpatrick, chair-
man of -music, had arranged a de-
lio-htful musical nromram. those tak- -
.t .inMnHit,o. Mra' -': W. L. Mat-
- n . l
ney, Mrs. U. S. omatners ana
Kogers Boone.
The hoate. tMm.
surprise n Inviting Mr ' " coonilli re8idence at 219 East Market CL'LLOWHEE MAN KILLED IN oundbott teams unZ to' s ore Pe,e8tnanS- Altoether. s.tua
address the club on dahlia culture. nrBonaW , CRAS. . T d ?t'a UnabIe t0 sco"- tion is not conductive of safety."
Besides giving some very valuable
advice as to how to raise the finest
dahlias Mr. Ivey orTered many prac-
tical euggestions for next year
.1. .
B11UW. . .
basket of his - -
brought from h home at Lake Ju-
1 LJit
of the afternoon were to -
iTTv-ft-''' -S "--rtrisj'ft t
Mrs.' J. B. Ivey, Mrs ; Walter Taylor,
a ormr i " m j'
J; l1 i T'X8rkrn I"6'
Mrs. K. L. Elmore of Durham. . ,
The hostess, assisted by Misses
Joscelyn and Anna uoroon racuowu
ana miss jary oiringuem, -,.
a delicious salad course.
A most inspiring meeting in
interests of home and toreign mis-
sions was held in Grace .Episcopal
church on Wednesday, 6th inst.
Over fifty delegates from the Aux-
iliars in the territory from Asheville
to Franklin waa present. The ser-
vice of Holy Communion sung by
the vested choir was conducted by
Rev. Albert New, assisted by Rev.
E. J. Pipes of Franklin.
During the business sessions Mrs.
J N. Shoolbred, vice-president of the
Asheville Convocation, presided. In-
teresting discussions-took place on
the different text books which are
the official basis of the study classes
1 .. .. - .i.'" : MnMfVia
" Vr;. Y
u -..iHiiiff Mn Fred
M. Horner, presiding, Jars, urea
Th,m f Asheville. was unani--
I'Hi a. i.tisa xkiiciab ik v v mwwv. - '
mously 'elected president of the whole
Diocesan organization in place of
Mildred Carter, resigned.
A beautifully appointed luncheon
was served by the ladies of Grace
- . . aL.lI
chnrcn to ail tne visitors. uuu.
fifty were served.
,Much interest was manifested
tVivniKrhnilf tho whd t UBV. BTIQ B
reat impetus to the missionary work
of the church was aroused. , ,.
. SUNDAY. OCTOBER 10, 1926.'
8 A, M. The Holy Communion,
"10 A.M. Church School and Bible
Class Jn the Parish House. Subject
of address by the Hon. C: R.Thomas:
TVin niafnrv nf fhtt DirintiAn Church
at the end of the first century." - ' Mrs. T. Grady Boyd charmingly one 01 tne most prominent pio-
The Rector will preach at 11 a. m. entertained with a bridge affair at Beer- families of ; this section, the Waynesville should and could sup
nH t 8 n. m. ' the Hotel Waynesville on Friday ai- danaThter of our townsman, C. B. Prt. up-to-date bakery. Dr,
Evervbodv cordiallv Invited.
ING. .
The regular meeting of the Wo
man's Missionary - Society., of the
Methodit church will be held in the
cnurcu pur iuesuay, wmr ma,
at 3:30 o'clock. , , ' , ' , - f '
As this is the last meeting before
t 1 w , f .i 1 a..
conference, and the annual report
wil be read, It .s hoped all members
Greensboro, N. C, Oct C-Com-
memorating ita fourth" anniversary
i"tions that compose the American,
Automobile Association. Last
. . - . ..UatMr.a t.ik MntI AftMHtt.
1" 7- I "77 .
The Carolina. Mntnr Hliih van fnnnrt.
ied g",. . p "
- r " , -
Previous to the record breaking
month the largest number of new
mpmKpra Htvn rfl inv nna mnnf Yt waa
mitted memberahip solicitation
' " "7
aay ana gervlce8
nave expanded and the motoniur
m i,
In line with the expansion of club
activities and services.
rial Vina hppn inrrnjipd
tJip Hnrino- it waa necesaarv to move
,... - . -.-.- , : - -
- - ' 1
Personnel of the dub Includes:
i,. C. W. Roberts, vice-president and
general manager; C. T. Matthews,
.assistant manager and head of the-
t ... .
production department; W. 1J. Hen-
attorney; JH. Monte, di-
tor of public relations; Vear
. XMral.
' a J
Motorist; Miss-Gladys Allen, audi-
A T a ' -ni t m . . .
""' riZZZZSZ.
jp"onr airs; v. cioxtcm, mem-
bersnip8. m!m EuU Nye
"ces; Gladys Craver, Inex Nayter,
Mrs- Simpson, secretarial; Mrs. C
... . -. ' .. .
Migs Eve)yn Osborne, telephone in-
formation; Office Managers: C, Ed-
ward Walker; Greensboro: E. H.
Sawyer, Asheville; E. W. Powers,
Charlotte;. Mrs, Jane MaeMUlan,
bi Tir tt i .
"Tbeft X" O c"" Poold
mi., p., tfc-.'.ui
Fle'd force: W. H.Evans. M. BL
Barmettler, Sam Lubow, Greensboro;
R- H. Shelton, W. F. Shipman, T. M.
Jackson, R. O. Stone, F. H. Gulley.
and F. D. Fletcher, Asheville; H. S.
Wakefield, J. C. Layton, E. I Jones,
H. Fullwood, and J. C. Wakefield,
Charlotte; Edward ThornhiU, Dnr-
ham; J. D. Sikes, and G. M. Spahr,
Rocky Mount; J. L. Anderson, Wil-
son; H. B. Hogo, Goldsboro.
u. r -
'j I take this melhoo7a. chairman
U. .-nr... :r:..: u
of-'the Western District of the North
iCrolin. Educational Association, of
advising the teachers or Haywood
. ... . .. '
county of the recent action of the
executive committee ttngfa tte
meeting ace forow Cfetober S-
nng. ihe teacners naa oeen , n-
formed thayhe -1927 meeting
he held at Hendersonville but owing
f i f ha Toff that AAma nW the hntAia
w -
jat Hendersonville have already closed
for the season, it was decided to hoW
are Friday and Saturda, O
'loth and 16th. We are looking for
an attendance of more than a thous-
,nd teachers from the 19 counties
;colnposinjt the Western District. .
Cordially years,
. '
ternoon. Eight tables were ar-
ranged for play. - Dainty parrot 'tal-
lies were passed the players.
Mrs, Roy Francis held high score
at the conclusion of the game and
received an attractive cup" and
saucer for first prtee.; ; Th consola-
tion was a pretty portfolio and Mrs.
Conner Ray was given parrot or-
'nament for booby, u - -: I
,-rj .Arvej w ttamutm i. Am-
licious salad course. ' The guest Est
inclu(!ed about forty . ladies,
di 1 m 1 ,ii rm n H rri ann Qnran a a m o t
v m
Scenic Hishwavi
(Special to The Mountaineer.) J
The new eoncitvte highway WofK
w Appaiacnam ncemc mgnway nw,. wlln Wavr,Mvill Hirh met and
School team of Brevard,
in? to falloion received fiwm . ... v
Georgia division .t Gainesville... This aerial -attack that threatened the
eleven miles continuous stretch, c Waynesville ! goal.' Two ; forward
paved highway eliminates the last , passes, well timed, netted the Bra-
tooublesome detour between Ashe-
Bep-,viue ana Atlanta, zo mues ox .nam
-no quanta, o mues ox nara,
J'J T . - Jt-xHj.' , nl. i
VfTZ "u , "IT" f
1r,rA Umiun. a . TVufn AfUj
- , y '
.an hoar over' this rout. The autH
cade being organized by J. H, En-
wriirht to make this trin OctohfiK
" - ... - -j
18th, will limit their speed to 30vrractically impregnable, the visitors
miles in order to keep the 100 or more; faking only four first downs through
c ar. exited, their numerical, the Hne. ; . . a ,
order in line.
. ine autocade will spend the mght
at Gainesville, Georgia and will be
nun . i,.m i..i. t i.
open to all people own autom.
biles and care lo'T xhe autocade-
to Atlanta. At: " ie in Atlanta
th 1wn1nn.11. - a 1 i . .
'Jnd n T C 7?
.1 WU h.?W 11 8 iecond annual meeting,
" o.u i.ui raw,inf
r tut 1 r i
kU rwu-
. . - . )
I(SpeTt1 er Tlraes;) .
Sylva, Oct 6.-Weaver Nations,
?f Cullwhee, was in
tntW JIed in an automobile ac;
ilanf mr. f JTt i. i . . -
"w iujr om vreea iq .
county, T- ,sday. The tow
which his. was being jmlk
ed into town for-Upairs broke and
1 . t.Lfi a
nw. rn batkward over a steep;
AmfaatllrmATlf Kalrinw k.'k H.l.
embankment, breaking his neck."
i w- vw uiu,
and also by his parents and several
nta anH
brothers and sisters.
n Enterprise.
Mrs. G. R. Fermison. nf nrahtroa
died at her home Tuesday, Septem-
ber, 28, following an illness of sev-.At
eral months. She was 47 years of
A. : j 1 1 1 . .
"14 urvivea ny ner nusoand
and fUr Fun.r.1 services
cnhrch Wednesday at eleven o'clock,
conducted by Revs
li. vj. ana u.
The marriage of Miss Marian At-
kinson and Phil Pomeroy was sol-
emniied at the White Temple Church
at 6:30 p. m. Friday, with the Rev.
Dr. Richard N. Merrill officiating.
t Following the ceremony a wedding
supper waa served at the home of thj
bridegroom to a few intimate friends,
(Mr. and Mrs. Pomeroy left imme-
VT7' J
ledo, Ohio, and other Northern cities,
BDU iv aays'
, . . . TT
ron of honor and L. G. Haugenwas
w ma a . ,
outgrowth rf . b
bride wag formeri of w
ville, N. C, but has been making heT
home in Miami for the naat two
veara anrf hni Wn i.nnn.t-A n.:i-i
the -firm of Shutts and Bowen
iL - . . ",ine. lower aast uoast storm centers
sent by a
M. " "
r-w. . - r -
fi !fe
president of the First National Bank,
j The above Is of much interest to the
many friends of Miss Atkinsson in
r r;.. 11.: . i 1
NoPth Carolina. :
'She. fa one of Waynesville's. most
veuiiuiui ana popular girls, decended
Atkinson, who has Wn l.m, wn.
tifid with the political and social
of this county,' grand daughter of
C- Nntt : Atkinson,' one of the
"Mera of Asheville, grand niece of
Chief Justice A. ''.S. Merrimon, re-
!ated to the late Gov. Vance as well
"M prominent families of this
cuon. , , , -.-v-A-St--
She was "graduated from --'the
Waynesville , Uarh 'aehnnl mn
attended Agnes A Scott College in
, Georgia. -,,y
rooi can aea-
son is
V The Waynesville township high
.chool foot ball season' was formerly
-yard team about fifty yards, endan-
gering tha Waynesville uprights.
gering tha Waynesville uprisrhts.
wn. 1 1 1 YT t : i
n" T V"y neBiaues leny,ra"ne,
Pra...J V.1J tir..ra....u.
""e- f'""B
into the visitor's territory, thus end-'
ing any serious menace to it's goal. ;
-. The ' WavnASVlllo T-T I trh lina
Tl...,..l. 4U- H-.l 1 1.1. 11.
",u"" we 1,1 31 w penous me
teams battled to a scoreless tie.
Shortly after the referee's whistle
..iuj j.j ....
wui uuiu inug inio action, Dy
a series of line. plunges and end runs
Waynesville Disced tho ball nn Rrs.
vard's four yard line and J.m
. . .
Carr- ?b811 0Ver0r th8 "ly
scoring of the game. James dropped
w une game, james aropped
..i. k... vi. . .1
v nmpx ior tne extra
uc 01 me game were the
Ime plunging of the backfield and
Captain Don Hyatt and the broken
field running of James and Jones and
the stonewall .likeness of the Wav-
. . J
nesviiie line in the punches. Bre
vard completed two of the prettiest
forward passes seen here in a long
tim. Th. Hn, !,,-.
f w a . vavio.
center Griffin nd Garrison. Buards.
t? ..iJ . . .
Sto rv - T T , '
.nes ana jame
ett, Blackwell
W Dl 1 11 , ...
ana coyd, backs.
referee, Howell, umpire, Plott.
! i?n...! ... a. . . ..
' 0 "' nlu
ason: z
wason. z 2 z z
At Waynesville, Oct. 1st, Brevard. '
At Waynesville, Oct. 8th, Weavervillej
Wftynesville, Oct 15, Farm School;
At WaynesviHe, Oct. 22, Rutherford-!
ton. i
At Waynesville, Oct. 29, Canton. '
At Marlon, Nov. 12, Waynesville.
At Mars Hill, Nov. 19, Waynesville,
At Hendersonville, Nov. 24, Waynes
ville. At Waynesville, Nov. 29, Asheville.
Washington, D.C. The Masonic
Service Association has telegraphed
offers of aid to the Grand Master of
Masons in Florida. A representative
of the association left here recently
to confer- with officials in the devas-
TLltf TfT m
of assistance needed from Masonic
"ZZ 'c
"T".. . . -
a nnnar
, ,
work was sent by the Grand Lodire
. i, ura"'f Loae
"I d"
aidiaZritJL lo7d Z sen-
At needed and that funds also wo 1H
W 8ent t0 Mobil ' JmucZ assis-
tance there is needed ,
- r V,.,'.j j 11
i.- 1 .
- . :
;by Solomon Lodge No. 20. of Jack-
i V-" ''vered
.'" ."". deputy urand Mas-
aS he 88W flt
. Dr. John Smathers is having erect-1
eJ new hakery oven at the back of
lI1B ' U1Q oaKery ouuaing on (Jhurch
John Smathers is one of Wavnesville'a
niost influential citizens, always pro- Eest J. Hyatt, N. M.Medford,
Kssive and always working for thc,Muise8 ,Sarah Hannah, Alice Quin-
development of his town and home; , Ian,". Lena Altstaetter, Louise Mc-
If the people woul'd support te tr8dyent Fnn Campbell and Sara
home industries ; of this kind and I Thomas, 1 The ; tea. guesU were:
"ould not buy imported bakery goods, ! Mesdames Ir Thackston, C. Mark
the many ; truck loads coming ih
... . .
daily would, soon be a thing of the
' PMt-:;-: '-,-.--v.;-,- -- ; -
: The new manager of the Wavnaa-
vi,1 Bakery will be an experienced
baker and an expert '
Safety Topic of
Mortor Club
Says Motorists Have Too Little Time
for Safety Thoughts.
Mowists have too much on their
fninds and .have difficulty in finding
room for thoughts of safety because
they carry their domestic and busi
ness troubles with them in the opin
ion of W. F. Shipman, Assistant
I Manager of this district of the Caro-
lina Motor Club,
Th Carolina Motor Club offlcia!.
following the example of the officials'
856 other club, affiliated with the
i American Automobile
has been studying the behavior of
m ntnri fa in b n oflTnr4 fn liaAwA. n.liv
- ... H.. v u..vt.. " j
there is so much apparent careless-'
'es, The preoccupation of the mo-'S
tortat8 mind is one of the principal
features thus far Hisolnsert h tho
"Motorists carry their business and
domestic troubles with theni, says
Mr. Shinman. "and th roanlt a tv,
i. MW j .- .s.
" """ room in meir
minds f0r thoughts 01 safety- The
housewife does too much shoppin
housewife does too much shopping
. . vhi""S
at the wheel. The business man nuts
How this conclusion was reached,
says Mr. Shipman, is as interesting
as the conclusion itself, according to
those who have studied these facts.
Members of Jie safety and accident
prevention committe of the club
were commissioned to accept offers
to ride with local motorists to dis
cover what the drivers were think
to-V -Aknoat invariably,, the
1 no one
n ,n. tk. i.j v
- ooouihu-
' bsusa vr ho b met JJ uau uccll I1U 01U
in the car to talk these matters over,
: . ...-v.o
witn tne anver, ne would nave dls- u u
j .u. LT .her home
cussed them
over with himself
; mentally.
W F Shipman Comp
The circles of the Woman's Aux
iliary of the Presbyterian church will
meet on next Tuesday, Oct. 12th, at
3:30 p. m as follows:
Circle No. 1 with Mrs. L. B. Palmer
Circle Noi 2 with Mrs. R. L. Pre
vost. Circle No. 3 with Miss Sue Willard
A full attendance is requested at
the various meetings.
Mesdames Guy Massie and Bonner
Ray delightfully entertained Wed
nesday afternoon at Mrs. Ray's home
0n North Main with eiht tab,es "f
hrirw ; Pnmniimof f v. .
bridge in compliment to Mrs.
Howell - of Providence, R. I.
Tne nome Was most artisticallv
j j , . ""'sliCB1J
decorated m early fall cut flowers.
TT ' the
, H""h h
e frame tor holding high score,
,f wk' to
hf f"80,-t1,on a was award"
orl a rloititw hanHlrnAhJA r. it....
,". . now
V" v"bi o Kucsi prize, a loveiv
pair of silk hose.
fni...i- .. '-' W.
,helr a delici(
ous salad course
;: -The bridge guests were: Mesdames
pre(1 Howell Rnbprt nw. t
I Wither ' 5 Xal 'SSt
! Atkins, R. Lowry Lee, Georire Ward.
. iRufus.Siler, Robert L. Coin, Clarence
W- Miller. Jr., Faucette Swift, Car-
ohne d Neergaard, J. W. Seaver,
"v . -."itt hick, vieveiana r. Jiirk.
Patrick. Rov Francia: ChurU. n,;..
Joe Tate, M. Hes Reeves T Grady
Boyd, L. M. Richeson. Kate Kat
! Morris, Arthur Case, James M. Lonir.
wens, Hugh Massie, R, H. Blackwell;
I nrt . n
'paries a. Jtay, Thomas N. Massie,
iSam Stringfield, Paul a Duckworth,
Ernest Herman' and Misaaa Ifimw'
, Robeson, Nora Massie, Katherine
'Kay and Maude McCulIoch.
From Balsam
Since the recent revival at the
Baptist church Mr. Carter Bryson
savs he feels that he has been called
t0 preach He preached his first
sermon Friday night to a very large
nd attentive audience.
- Prayer meeting is being conduct
ed in the Baptist church every San
day night, and every Wednesday
night in some private home.
Balsam Lodge closed Monday af
ter a very successful season.
Mr. John T. Jones and family mo-
t0red to Asheville Sunday in their
vutcu vu .none v mo ounujr i..
'new Oldsmobile and were guests of
'Mr. and Mrs. J. C.
H. Wilson oil
1 Mr. Henry Beck has returned irom
ut A i 'fl' . u 1T 1 .
JCrl W , Sniftofc31
Ig In an automobile accident
1 8evera? weeks ago. He is recovering:
rapidly as could be expected.
Mrs. Ed Smathers went to Way
nesville Wednesday.
Mr. and Mrs. James Ballough have
,.f,j 4, irio (
.u- '
.' ... . . ....
1 Mr. and Mrs. D. w. tnsiey nave
'turned from Asheville where they
have been for some time.
have been for some time
nave uctn iyr some nine,
Mr. Corbett Ensley is here from
Mr. and Mrs. Hubert Ensley, Mrs.
H. P. Enslev. Mrs. Marv Woody and
M, and Mr Eultene Ensley were
guegts of Mr- and Mr9 w. E Enstey
in Franklin Sunday.
Rev. Frank Arrington preached in
the home of Mr. Perry Swangim Sun
day afternoon.
Mr. Hubert Ensley has a position
with the Jackson Chevrolet Co. in
M Francis Denton entertained ar.
on Walnut street on Tues
day afternoon with four tables of
bridge honoring Mrs. Fred Howell.
The home was beautifully decor
ovatcd for the occasion with bowls
and vasea of roses placed at points
of advantage.
After several progressions Mrs.
Badgett was found to be holding top
score and was presented a pair 01
ear rings. Mrs. Howell received a
dainty guest towel for guest prize.
Those accepting Miss Denton's
hospitality were: Mesdames ,James
W. Reed, John Swift, Jr., Fred
Howell. C, S. Badarett. Guv Massie.
Misses isabell Ferguson, Grace
Hipps, Braxton Kirk, Nora Ashton,
Carolyn Ashton, Janet Quinlan,
Elizabeth Quinlan, Janie Reeves
Eleanor Bushnell, Margaret Scmmes,
Sara and Dorothy Thomas.
Miss Denton served her guests a
delightful salad course.
Miss Syble Spencer and Hr. Moody
Hall,, both of Waynesville, were
quietly married in Mount Holly, N.
" Mnd8y' Ct' 4"
MiM SpenCCr S" ne f the l0Ca'
telephone operotors and will contin-
ue t0 do 80 for some time' Mr- Hal1
is connected with the Dworth
if .1 r a . 1 1
ir a, Aiier a weens nonej-
moon iur. ana rars. Hail win make
teir home in Waynesville.
. Another million . mark in Ford pro
duction was passed on July 21 when
motor No. 14,000,000 came off the as
sembly line at the Fordson plant of
the Ford Motor Company.
It was only a little more than two
years ago, June 3, 1924, that the fam
mous Ten Millionth Ford was pro-
duced, an event which was celebrated
by drivinK the car acros8 tho country
f'm New York to San Francisco on
! .e . .Ll"coi" -Highway,;- The first,
. k , Yam, W"a "? !m
Uct0Der x- ' n nn"
sevel ye". later, December 10, 1915,
tnat the nrst million was reached,
1 ' D
J -
: The regular monthly meeting of
Dorcas Ball Love Chapter D. A. R.
will be held at Canton Oct, 13th at
s sn t r wM w. n Smemmt. and
Mrs. Sara Roberts Haynes will be
hostesses at the home of Mrs. Secreat
win ins uieneuu ;
tWtf:aMs fail Assw titi ti ili"m wai ifu

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