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    Opportunity's t mpire-VVayucsYilie ARitccff 20 Fect-Unstrrpasscil Natural Resources For Ihc location of Manufacturing Industries
Volume XXXVIII. Number 42 :
$2.00 a Year in Advance, $2.50 if not .0 PaM
Alto Found Effective et Dis
cipline in Corrective ,
Rapid progress In lite use tof, music
a meuns of discipline In correct"
InsillutlOG. la re
ported by. . thf
Conn MflWr Cen
ter of Rlkhart.
Ind. MvpIv Ik not
only heins ued
successfully SB 4)
tonic for dlfc
eased minds, feu;
rlna b e 1 1 e
found effective Ifi
saf c guar dir. it
youth piKln."
through .doles
cone". WllbfUn
vati de Wall. dl.
W. van Ha Wall.
rector of the Committee for tbe Motlx
of Music in institution nd a crimi
nologist and sociologist wbo -
pent a pood portion of hit life In
experiments along this line, flrds that
musical work with the Instm. Hto
mentally weak tends to muke the In
mates of such lnt i; nt inn forjtet their
Idiosyncrasies for u time at leant.
Musical exorcises stimulate their men
tal activities, as well us their mom)
reflection. It make tlicni happier
Van de Wall tell of uinmlng trans
formations In patients brought ahon
by music.
"Music does for the utii.ot uml mine
identically what fct does tr ihe nor
mal," Bays van de Vail.
"It dispels the gloom of morbid
Isolation and renltaut drtnwlons and
hallucinations. It eroates u tilwt.
pleasurable, congenial and beautiful
environtwtit In tones. It stimulate
some of the drowsy patients to vigor
ous action and many of the anti-social
Individuals to constructive activities.
Bven tliosa unfortunate who are too
feandicaiied mentally tend physically
to fit Into the normal scheme of so
ciety, under the Influence of music
-quickly drop their tmttiologieal moods
and refiecrtntw, throw off their eccen
tric behavior and "lug, dance, act and
talk with full concentration of mind."
''' Constant praetlc w i nuslcal In
strument n a means of acquiring that
degree of skill which the surgeon must
have for the successful pursuit of his
profession, is advocated by a writer In
on English inediciil journal, copies of
which have been received by tbe Conn
Mnslcal Center. The editor, of the
magazine carrying the amazing article
la a famous ftlouceerer surgeon whose
advanced oplnfons are widely Quoted.
The writer of the article maintains
that constant and Intensive .practice
on a musical lnstrnment gives the sur
geon a super-degree of dexterity. Th
difficult exercises required lb hrlt.glnfr
tuneful blasts from a horn wre wen
superior to the xkiti required ly th
medical nan In th inMd r.t a major
operation. Absolute munculiir control
of the linger, and their linmedhttf r.
anonse to mental auggeation are listed
by the "writer a. paramount among tbe
benefit, derived from the saualcal aide-
Clvde H. Fav. Sr. will soon
open a 5 and 10 cent store in tie old
Sloan-Plott Hardware building di
rectly across from Mr. Ray's dry
goods store. Mr. Ray has been one
of Waynesville foremost and most
energetic merchants for years and it
is hoped that this new store will be
as successful as his other business.
Several people have attempted 5 and
10 stores in Waynesville, but have
failed. There is no reason why a
town of this size can not support' a
atore of this kind for one is very
much needed. .
A big turkey and chicken supper
will be held in, the Methodist church
at Dellwood on .Saturday night, Dec.
4. The proceeds will be given to the
parsonage fund. . Come, .and bring
your friends. - .. , -'e . ;
continually at-full' speed. -Can th
human body ' be driven at racing
.peed without -disastrous results? ' ;
Mr. Ford's Idea Js worth watching
for lie -generally Mcnowa what. -het is
doing. 1 -" r-:; "
' ' "l; "'"'f- ";'. y - '-4.
All kinds of .' cookies and cakel
fresh bread . and rolls' daUy. -Citj.'
Bakery:' ; "-T. '..-....
Suiicrest Lumber
Company Host
A party composed of the following
were guests of the Suncrest Lumber
Company on last Frday, Nov. 19th. ,
'They made the trip of twenty miles
'right up into the heart of the bal- I
'sams: W. T, Shelton, James Massie,
Paul Walker, C. G. Logan, J. M.
Mock. J. R. Boyd,H. G. Stone, C. S.
omauiers, j. m. vtueen, &. n. umV, N ?.iue to the College proper, ana lege, uaiextmrg, ill., "the student, in "-"""' "!.
Charlie Smith, F. G, Rippetoe, Glenn 0f 'great material and aplrltual benefit our mualc school are all above average When we contrast the amazing ma
Miller, R. T. Messer, Jere Liner, Wm. to the student who takes an active In their academic work." jteiial advancement of America with
Hannah, W. J, Hannah, M. H. Reeves, part to K. V ttudenta a Leader. he desperate poverty which prevails
J. C. Fisher, Dr. Chas. Shell, L. N. This la the composite sentiment of Forty-sli per cent of the colleges throughout much of the world;
Davis. J. H. Keener. M. A. Hayes,
Loathcrwood, Mr. Gaskill, Mr. Rogers,
Finla-nd M. M. Noland, J. M Palmer, " UB,Trr"Il,ra "'"u" " part or their .cnoot cnrneuium. nve privileges vouchsafed to the laboring
M. E. McLauglin, P. C. Duckworth, 'cr JSSSSSSVl cnt of the toUl enrolment of the men ot thta countryi and think ot
r . j ,t it d d higher learning who eontrtboten to a colleges are member, of college bands ! .u mu,i. :
Wm. A. Band, H. H. Rung, R. M. of mMi, w complied ., - -m.. i ,the tarvat,on w"Kes which rule m
Ray Morgan, Colonel Gosta Ser- ind. The survey sbows that mnslcal piayin, almost exclusively In orciiea- When w contemplate the pros-lachiu!-.
training In colleges- baa doubled to traa, Leaden for theae college band, perity which has been given to this
The scenic grandeur of this part of popularity In ten year. are drawn for the most part from the 'nation, and out of which hundreds of
..k. k.
Thousands upon thousands of acres of
vhgin tiar land are to be found
on eveiy hand. , !
The party had one of the finest
d nners at the logging camp. Every-
one was exceptionally hungry owing
to the fresh air and exercise. The
party walked about ten miles.
Last Wednesday, October 20, the
freshmen on the campus were amaz
ed to see a dozen men swaireerinir
around arrayed in white costumes
i with straw hats and red neckties.
!But their amazement turned to feaF.
j that night when the heavy thud, thud
of the paddles was again heard upon
the campus. However, they had
nothing to fear for the whole affair,
iV.'as only the annual initiation of the t
i Iota Gamma Pi scientific fraternity. !
The regular horse-play began Wed
nesday night at ten o'clock and lasted
until two. At this time the initiates j
were sent uptown (wi1;h pjr4ert- to j
"bring back' some eats." After this
had been done the ritualistic cere-'
monies were gone through wilh, and
the initiates were turned loose at '
four o'clock. The men initiated this
year were: J. W. Morgan, G. B. Judd, '
W. R. Morgan, H. L. Hardin, T. W.
Abwood. O. T. Colclough, S. N.
Wrenn, S. B. HowelL G. W. M. Mc
.Dowcll, W. C. Earnhardt, and J. O. ,
i Next Thursday night, October 28, '
there men will be given a banquet
Bt the Washington Duke Hotel. All '
the members will be present at this
banquet and several speeches will bo
delivered during the evening. It is
expected that many alumni will be .
present at this meeting, along with a .
number of the faculty members.
Mrs. Leon Killian had as her
'guests at luncheon at the Battery
Park Hotel Wednesday, Mrs. Wil-,
(nam u. Diai snau 01 morusiown, n. t
.Jersey, Mrs. J. Harden Howell, Mrs.!
Clarence Miller, Jr. and Mrs. Macon
of Selma, Ak
Thirteen students whose scholar
ship and interest mark them M out-
standing .Wiv,d,.ls th hdv of
young women at North Carolina col
lege will be added to the membership
of the International Relations club
of that institution tonight. The meet
ing for the initiation of the new mem
bers will be held at 7:30 o'clock in
room 48, Mclver building.
The persons chosen to join the
ranks of the honor organization this
evening are the following: Misses
Nannie Thornbdrg, of Timberland;
Mary Lou Fuller, of Kittrell; Blanche
Armfield, of Concord; Nell Clinard, of
Utn.k P.tnf. M.i.Mf fff...
"'" "".""Vr-V. ' i
New Bern; Katherine Valentine, of
Hendersonville; Louise Rotha, . of
Waynesville; Martha Hall, of Ashe-
ville; Clementine Brodie, of Hender-
son; Virginia Batte, of Concord Fodie
Buie, of Red Springs; Mildred Davis,
of Zebulon; and De Alva Stewart, of
this i city. 7 ; , : " v ,
The purpose of 'the .International
Relations elub lie. in the "study and
discussion . 01 events in tnis country
and other lands with a watchful eye Marshall Was presented with a lovely The Waynesville Board of Kduca
on international situations. Informal hand embroidered guest towel. tion has granted a four-day holiday
discussions and talks by those who
"have studied problems from the basis
for the regular meetings, Miss Min-1
nie. B.. Jones, of . Charlotte, Is presi- :'",- t : ' ,
dent of the organization this' yean . ..Mr Jj'in P. Swift, : 3t. most de
and Miss Caroline Price; of this city, Hghtfully entfrtaintJ the Tuesday
1." secretary and trearer.--reeiisr Bridge - elub at her attractive liome.
burp paper, '. 1 - ''Aftcr ar snirited game Miss Jane
Builds Character. Preserves Morale and Helps
Students Pay Way Through School, Conn
Music Center Survey Shows.
i ..u IniHanAnaoKfa
- m R ,netlroa-
preaiaenia or
b- tD- Mwc Center, Blkhart,
niHC ioi ran hw nrnf w (wicn
th,et,c event., OTppletnentB and
distinct advantaff to- the member of
ih, fIe Clnh. the a, the allege
orchestra, band or whatever other or-
conization, may bo functioning within
" JlVJ
aW lMmtotallnMlrno;
nign morale in me instiiuuou,
it aid. In building the character of It.
joont men and women, provide, an
opportunity for a goo number of
them to pay their own way through
i i.f-
pares them for a Ufa of uaeftilnea.
along lines they are naturally beat fit-
oh,rrt, auliMna.
Help. Character Building.
Great .tress 1. laid by college fiead.
on the benefits of muRlcal training tn
character lintldlng. the survey re
veaied. Fully one-fifth of the oolleee
executives who contributed the re-
suits of tbelr experience to tbe survey
Supervisor Conn M title Center.
considered this the beet argument for
music in their college or university.
fttliA mart H rt ail ttia mjma mnA Pill-
tural advantages accruing to the mn-
c indent, the effect of music In re-
fining the student's taste for art, mu-
sic as an aid toward developing clear
thlnklng, Improving the discipline and
enhancing the student's power of con-
centratlon. as well a. maklne for bet-
1 0:mP' I
j ter team work and co-operation In col- to crime, is the opinion voiced by the buildings to be located on the old
lege matters. Music on the campus dean 0f the college of music of New Love property now known as Brook
es an outlet for surplus energy and york university, who wrote: 'If we'mont subdivision. A more ideal
"i l'LZ. ""t "1. '.-L-
uirvuK" bcuuwi, waa iu uj
still others. -
ouc inree or rne colleges repre-
mmtmA In iha inpniii Anil tlmlr mn.
rically trained students more efficient
In their studies than those not ao
trained. "They usually make grade.
above tbe average,'' I. the experience
at Bethel college. In Tennessee, and
DePaul university at Chicago find,
"musically-trained pupil, at the top
In their atudlet" At Wellesley col-
lege our best musical students are In-
. . - , .n . . n n .nnvw.v v
. :
Capt and Mrs. Faucette Swift en-
tertained informally a small group
0f friends Tuesday evening at their
Tuesday evening at their
home with two table, of bridge com-
plimenting Mr. and Mrs. W. D.
Marshall of Morristown, New Jersey
who were guests of Major and Mrs.'
J. Harden Howell,
- After spirited games' ' a delicious
salad course was served. Mrs.
V -'" s
m . ' CLUB. K ;'t
V aria hie thAan Viualna Karam In
demlc subject." and at Lombard col-'
reported band and orchestra work as
wom, with th ,lrl,:
nrairi ranks tffintiti mnw iwiiiaoa "
use students as leader, and another
' "
piRvtn. tt). ii.-, orchestra la
iUSaTth S band
mlfb tbe jy, M we)1 M flrIi A
rTimBt.i. in n m .uJ .t.
dents who P1" n n.'izc that the rich men of America ate
r . - - --- .
T n . .k f T. more and more coming to a realiza-
eventually In the rank. of profeoalon.l!.- . . .
mngidan, tlon ' the responsibility that rests
"Horn Thalr Way Throuoh upon them to recognize that their
, , ' nrouo . wealth is held in trust for the benefit
JZl fZlot mankind;
compares very fuvorawy with otbri
mefhodg of '"PPwt
yeara. according to the eolleg
"t"" toiiu iiiuiiii. iu iik Burroy.
Det-plte the comparatively limited op-!n expreSI,on of a realization of
portunltle. offered In the average col- -,a-)lI
lege town, fully one-fourth of all the slewBB",Pi
students playing In tbe college bandej Tienurely the people of our
and orchestra, are paying for their country, with reverence and grateful
education with their Instruments, hearts, may well bow before the
students' earning, range Bll tbe way throne of God, and in spirit and In
from board and foom, twe-dollor-an- truth render praise unto Him from
..our to .on ree, ana up u rwo mou-
of the college executives In tbe sur-
that ni.iin.
.'lf'rM thrnnirh hiud n Koftor
than other means; another 12 per edged to enjoy the blessings ef life
cent thought It offered an easier way ln America, a call to dedicate their
tOjmnke one', way through, while a talents, whether they be of time or
goodly number ot others aatd that It) ... . . ...
Interfered least with tbe students' , mo"y', r the consecration of soul
school work an" ""7 to the service of Him who
Saxophone Rate. Hl0h. s left H'8 here e
Among thoee playln their way .responsibility of carrying forward the
through college, the violin come, first work ln nerson He beffan on earth
In the preference of Instruments, more than 1900 years ago.
The saxophone Is second choice of! Let us, therefore, as a nation anl
college players, but seventh with girl a, individuals, reverently bow before
musicians. Piano is the second fft- the throne of the Almighty and
IkT1 ,u?,irnLWUh gl;,R' "Dd renewed consecration to the
third with the boys. Cornet comes r f - , .
fourth in the preference of both the Bood 0,,0Ur fe"W men ' eWry
young men and women. Organ Is the "d every clime and every race;
next favorite wtth the boys, and Bute for in its broadest sense they are all
with the girls. Other Instruments In children of one Creator, and fellow
the order of favor with the young men for whose welfare materially
men are the trumpet, the trombone. anj spiritually this nation and the
toe norn, arum, Danjo ana mnnaomi
With the girls, It Is tbe drum, clarinet
.nil m-njin ' '
. A striking fact brought out in tletand before the Judgment Seat of
survey was the close relation be-,
tmn mnc( imjt tn.nt 1 ..i .1 i.r ! . I r,
Fully 40 per cent of all the outstend
Ing college students, class presidents,
student leaders, etc., are reported to
be playing -aome kind of an Instru-
Music Fight. Crime.
.i i. th nl-..rt
. u w.
pyery putillc school, high school,
college, university, boy. or girls' club,
or jhkct an iun uiiini imn uic imiiur
nf arv hnv or fflrl mt an ar wtiAn
understanding and appreciation be-
come evident so that the child's mind
I. aroused sufficiently to muke Mm
want to excel In the instrument
which be likes best, I believe that we
would have, ln from ten to fifteen
years, from SO to 715 per cent less dope :
fiends, criminals and gamblers In the ;
United State.." j
Love Mitchell was given a bottle of
.... L.lL J
r"1; . t
i Mrs. Swift served her guests a
delicious salad ' course. Those play-
ing were: Mesdamcs Swift, C. G.
Logan, Jr., J, Hayes Alley, Margaret
Logan, Jr., J, Hayes Alley, Margaret
Holland, Misses Jane Love Mitchell,
Dl ana Black, Jahie Reeves and Dor-'
othy Thomas. -
j r .;..v-.; . . . j
for the ! Waynesville ,'schools ' for
Thanksgiving. - Programs were ar-
ranged and given in all the clas.
.rooms celebrating this most momen-
tow. occasion. -The school, disband
from Wednesday I until Monday giv-
lrg the Instructors- m- toliday- and
vchanc fqr. a visit home.. .
Day, 1926
' On this day of national thanksgiv
ing for the -boundless blessings with
which the Almighty has crowned tins
j country, it is appropriate that the
'people of every class should, at
the call of the President of the United
States, render unto God their pro
f ound n,d Krut(,ful th.nk.pvip for
When we realize the comforts and
other lands;
millions are being expended in the
erection of churches and schools and
the advancement of education and
religious activities;
When we" think of the business of
the sums that are given to charita-
- ble and philanthropic work, and real
1Wh,'n se hW of ery
character . being founded and others
enaowea witn tne utmost iiDeramy as
hom blessingg floW-
"Unto whom much has been given,
of him shall much he renmmd.
sh nil 1(1 hrlnv tn AIT WHO Ire Wlvl-
indivi,iuais which compose it, will
largely be held responsible in the
lt Great Day
when we shall all
the external.
Bonds for a $100,000 hospital for
Haywood hospital have been sold and
work win De started snorny on me
,,te cmla not nave oeen found
f,. 4U.
hill and
being on a
on the main
short distance
, . . .
hlgnway Only
110 m lne reart 01 cne TOWn
wood county is the first in the state
to vote bonds for a general hospital
and even those who so bitterly op-
p0Sed it will realize what a great
assct jt bo for the county,
" . . ,
Mrs. Adelphia Bishop and Mr. J.
- ville, were very quietly married re-
,.' ' , . . Q ,
te" y' ,
c. . j
were united man and
tiranenre of onlv the
. . ' . :.rf n.
p(. fc k' their home gt
gjuj... .venue where Mrs
B'shop started as a bride 25 years
' ....t u-
wishes of their many friends for
their continued happiness.
Th'ei c' will be a special meeting
held in the Masonic hall on Friday
evening, Nov. 26. The Chapter
Counsil encT Commandery Degrees
will be given at that time to new
eandidates. There will be about
thirty candidate, present from "West-
"Tl No-t Carolina sections.
"Horning one's way around the
world," is rapidly becoming a popular
means by which Young America Is
gratifying it. "gnlne abroad" hunger,
according to Information reaching the
Conn Music Center, Klklmrt, Ind. Mu
sic Is not only the wherewithal which
make. It possible for him to satiHfy
his detilre for travel, but it Is nli
keeping his pockets rather well lined.
The American band is found aboard
the ships of every flag, and In the cap
itals of tbe nations of the Orient and
Occident. Members of orchestras pro
vide music aboard boat at comfortable
salaries and further Increase their
earnings through concerts lu foreign
ports. The story of America's sym
phonic jau has penetrated -every na
tion, and the native are waiting to
know more of It. They are anxloun
to try their luck with America's dance
steps, too.
Even the American girls are "horn
ing in" on this free but de luxe travel
scheme. When Jack Sutherland re
turned to the United Slates recently
his saxophone sextette Included four
American girls. They had stopped in
Honolulu for their first appearance,
theoj Jumped to Japan. From there
they 'kept on going, and playing.
"We were treated like ambassa
dors," reported Jesse Wright and hie
fellow members of the S. 8. Franconla
orchestra, when they docked at San
Francisco after circling tbe globe oo
one of their tours.
Those who arc laboring under the
delusion that the present getiertitiou
alone In responsible for the Jiikz Aju
would do well to vtudy this picture,
says the Conn Music Ceuter, Klkliarf,
Here five generations are pictured
in harmony. It shows Mrs. Siiruh
Jane Hewlit of Los Angeles, eighty
six. j'enrs of age, drawing lisimnny
from one saxophone, while two liore
and u clarinet are held In reserve.
Her "little boy" Frank, a mere ImE
of sixty-seven. Is playing the eeruuu
Her granddaughter. Mrs. A. 3. Wag
ler, forty-one, hold still stiotlicr nx
phone while her great-gramR!. Ufrlitpr.
Mrs. J. Kfllnger, Jr., twenty. Is p k.yIhk
second cornet Qreat-grwit-grmidsoii
Jack Kfflnger, Jr Is doing hs ht
with tie drum
Needless To say, there are n dull
moments In the home of the Uawltt
Bffinger clan.
The Haywood County Christmas
chairman, Mrs. Paul H. Walker, in
asking citizens to purchase our
quota of the familiar penny seals, is
basing its campaign upon actual re
sults as measured in years of life
and dollars saved.
In the past 10 years !n North
Carolina the death rate from tuber
'"'"' ''as been lowered to the ex
tent which means in this stale alone
a saving of 12,000 lives and a money
saving to the community of millions
of dollars.
In the past two years in North
Carolina schools where health habits
have been taught through the mod
ern health crusade, a practice t
health educational system promoted
by the North Carolina Tuberculosis'
Association, regular examinations of
school children show that the per
centage of undernourished children
has been reduced in proportion vary
ing from 12 to 20 per cent. In the
state this figures a saving of $1,200..
000 time loss meriured in the an
nual cost of school up-keep and in
struction, The Tuberculosis Christmas Seala
finance tbe school health program
for undernourished and well nour
ished children. Because the former,

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