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OppcriurJlsErr.pire-Wayucsvillc AIliKudfc 2,802 feel-Un$urpaUd Nalural Resources for the I cation of Manufacringtnifustnes -
. 1 ft . . L.
Volume XXXVIIi. Number 4
12.00 a Year in Advance. $2.30 if not so Paid
A Reallieed
JPwblic Welfare Progress, i ,
Six hundred a,nd aixtysix women
-ware committed to jail in Norrh Car
, oiina in the year 1924, from $wenty
one counties, -J-- 1
hi gives an, Idea of the uumoer
,f delinquent women for whPm "o
..corrective treatment , is being, given,
r- v, v, .u i TTiew
In th jails they sit in ldlene- iney.
frequently lack the medical attention
u.. .u .l
4 hat nra!nll all hefid
They , are re.ea'sed to the community
la no wav better than they! were
whenuh, l.w took them in!
Neither the individual, offender nor
-..-vwv-..j ....... -
v, si. k ... Jreaont
SKlC dsHJltC
ethod of treating deHnquent . worn
. ... . - 7 " .-. ' 1 (
Tfc.rSt.-u..f r.'rAid
" " . ,
Public-Welfare charged b i
rith tha dutv .of recommendWK to
the legislature among other1 Jh'n(TV
the creation , of necessary Institu
tions,'' and the Board i recommend
ing the 'establishment of" i?-
Colony for Delinquent Women.
A bill ' authorisinir- the establish-
ir.1 of V' farm colonv to- eventually
. ,Vi::?T!LZ .Jl
9 ? w
car for ifour hundred women, win
1e offered the General Assembly of
1927. : 5 " :-:iJ " ,'
The establishment of " such lth in
stitution lia been adopted by! the
gisla tiv Council of Women af one
j ... .it..n,M' W,k it!J .
locating. tThe North Carolina! con-
ference foij .Social Service has' ap -
proved nd!kdvaiced uch a propo-
ition for several! years. " ,
The need for (such a'n Industrial
Institution, ha. Ling been recognl.ed.
v.l.r. .eino- ..rtn-
ce. in iaiUi ar coating, Urge amis
nf monev. Th average ambutt
pent per day ort their food alonle
The. If this were apent on .keel) g
, them in an institution wneie
, eould b? rhad te work and tolV-
them in an institution where tlky
at least partially elf-uppo.-
Ine. where they were given adeqi 0
'iUi'A'tMfeibn 1mbtttiu'iBri..
at training, we migni nope ior gifou
p results.
.' -i
A farm colony : lor 1 women
i . , V.,...i:. ui-t. ij . 1,
Type 01 institution wuicu wuum
Buch condition possible. Every
fort would be made to make industr"
the dominant characteristic. It would!
U ; maintained not only to restrain;
- and discipline, but plso to train, l-e-,
naouitate: anu restorr, iv -:';"
, Industry commutes junaamentauv. .
, 13 is i-.ieany bihioivhv ,
i 1 J 1 ! ..!41. ...A..,n tal t.t
metnoas oi ueaims mm """j
. ... '.'... , . (r-J.
nave - oeen i cony icitru :
uraint .the law are inadequate. - ,
w , A. 1 il w- -
.Moat" them .arei-in-eounty tv'inmny 'ywn te ceme.-, 'j-,v. '.,;.
' poorly supervised - work-houses, r j yeJ!y artUtic "Shop Earry" card
v" liome for the aged and Infirm. They jn:gjzc appeared in the win-
are aurroonded by 'idleness," disease, . . . .h.nt. maTn.
low mentality, and everything that
appeal to the worst, in human na- bright colors show Santa Claus During the summer Waynesville is takes in all. branches of church work, n week-end house-party at the Sun
tore.;; Some of them are turned loose ca,.ryjn anorntUg load of bundle most colorful with the lovers of na- To this charitable society all visitors hurst Rod and Gun Club in honor of
on unsupervised suspended sentences,, shoulder and under the other ture indulging in the different ac- are welcome to become members, and Miss Nannie Tate and her guests of
.or conditional suspended - sentences several sheets of Christmas tjvitie of a lovely retreat in the aa8ist toward the advancement of the Greensboro.
-that at-e not merely futile, but are geJ.g t the top are the words open- Here the horseman caters to little cchapel, as a great deal of her Those enjoying the party weir:
positively viclou. One 6f thee con- , .,,.,, , guy Christmas hi ardent interest by riding up the progress depends upon the kindness Mrs. Silvius of Asheville; Misses
ditional ' sent Jnces, which is often
pronounced in a telra of so. many
day in jail, unless the women leaves
women leaves
time..' By im-
teneee, ..Raleigh.
FanHetHi. mostlv
town- within a given
Dosition of such sentences,
ends her women offenders, mostly
prostitutes, to Durham, Durham t
Greensboro, Greensboro : Charlotte,
nd; on till the vleious circle
Jtart all over again. V( j ,
. a . .
r Practically all 01 tne women, serv.
W sentence, are under tne super-
. - -. . . .
riion of men. It ha. been pretty
generally recognized that women ,oft
fenders should be separated from
menjn placed , under the-: sopervij
'.. women, Only two jails that
ve know of employ matrons to care
for women, prisoners. .. -vf
r women. prisoner.. .-..- , t
One xt th provUions for, the farm,
colony or women would De tnat xne
superintendent Should be a properly
trained, well educated and spiritually,
minded woman, i - ;;,
Provision nave oeen mauts,
manyiways, forthe employment ot !
the men serving .entences in North,
r.,Mina. The State should recognize
equally the" nec;sity of providing'
industrial employment for women
.W- can not affoid. from an economU
. a social sUnHooint to avoid the
question any longeV North Carolina
uw m
should do some
Instructive worK
rlth thi class ' o
" offender,
f r.rm colony for
Uty by the Gen.
r --,
t tould be mad a r
eral Astembly of 1
K'.B- -
:-x yTame
ames A, Ross
lii .Mont nf i imnanv which
. i . , J .u. j..;i' ,- -
in i - -.a , , w.
1 . . , i . !.-.
Pfceo.t river ceve,meni projevw
J here this week oking over, the
Special Christmas
Seal Sale Sat.
A special Christmas Seal house to
house canvass .will ( be held in this
city for two hours Saturday after
, Every one iB urged to buy as
many : as possible and help in this
great 'crusade. ; '
. V '.. , . , .
Mr. paMi Walker. Seal Sale chair-
man-v states that n- intensive effort
n,awtexnai;.n .intensive enora
children of Havwood countv bv train-
'Tl JlZ ..
win ue maae-tnis rear 10 neip 10
In achools when, health habits have
. . ..
been taught during the last two year.
, f ( the Modeniealth Cru-
ailA vh h U nromntaH hw th State
nuoercuiosis Associauon ana local
,th ....ti,, . : th-MrcBrtta.
I , 7. j " .
Pt Un1Wrri8hel'h,ldrr,h'!lde;
cieased, the number and length of
absence from school on account f care of with the Southern Raiiway!a small elevation, from which one's Tew, by their sweet and devout
preventable lllnes. and physical de- passjn through six times daily, and1?" i at once arrested by tho Christian character, have greatly en
Jects have been steadily reduced. The the i.ommodiou, bugge, runnlng on! beauty of the distant valley and deared themselves to each and every
number of . Children , who have to the hour p u fro) evel.ywhePe j Sulphur Soring park, encircled by member of this church.
' . t
- - ' -"l f-uUjr.., leaned
These : result represent to the tax
?aypf vingf money ve8td
in W 4p-keep of school and teach-
ers Salaries . and have greatly
strengthened the support of the pub-
- -."-;-- -,.""- ' r"-"
' "9 - , ,
. - - - curing we .paav wrneen. years me
tuberculosis death rate in North
Carolina has been reduced 51 per
ent over one-half a result attrib-
utea ma.n.y to tne campugn o, eau
ct!on, prevention and treatment fi
nancw. tuugiy
J .
The North 'Carolina Tuberculosis
Association with "., which the local
health association- i affiliated
kki. , -
eporate with, the State Sanatorium,
the county sanatorium, the State De-
parment of .' Health, the Department
totAtteKai',--i mwwmi
imiiiuuon, u vcjHuumu. ui u-
litf Inttmction. th American , Mm
' . to-.m- a-'fc ImmImh tj.
uuu, we . . , -
glon. Women' clubs, Farm Bureau,
labor . and commercial orgaiiiiatiops,,
etc; nd'maintain a taff bf "work-.,
r in the field a all time. . It
work, however, 1 carried pn without
iuve w icunm ,u, nu . oyrv..
na aiway oeen vi a vuiu.y u-
lu.i, . , ...... '
. V.. -' mm i ........ a
, ine, sale is from .xnanxsgiving
. . , , .... r.. i.
(jnristmas. rna gooa ine oeaia uo
l.gts all throuirh th year and' for
. rru..,, --. dona in a number
' the bottom Tight Tuber-
i.''bj'tjonf jite
mD-i-i , nd the famil-
B" 'T a,.wmMi..; , -
ar oa. iimveiiienu ;
. .. , . -,, . '
experts in luDercuiosis "'
Shop Early idea itf baed mainlyon
health coMidretions.-- . It. is. ' better;
L i t M a - & m I a. w a 3 4 a v-Aat ' - i t t
ooui ior w -.... -
cieras - max vnrisuiuw..
clerk thrft Christmas buying should
be done in such a way. as to distrib-
. . . , i j: i:v.
oe pone in ucn a way. a to uvx.u-
- ute the tak over number of days,
avoiding the worry and fague which
usually accompany the ast week be-
foie Christmas and spoil the holiday
for both buyer and seller : in
case,- tn aoaition y,
caaea,- u w . r the golfer, the lover of thi pas-
physician, there la danger ot'.m. play till his heart's con
contracting cos. na i
tious -maladies.- how. througn tne
presence or large crowa vn t..c '""HTflenor the youn., boys andgirla
shopping days and Because,
eea ri. ".'-.r - . .
mental strain.
These c.rd are useif only hy mer-
chants wno are supporting tne un.-
mas Seal movement and they indicate
the active interest of these. business..
men ( the health of theif Pwn com-
munltie. . ...:
i- . , . . t
Crd are secured througn
Viflr.nHAm. : The''u'h.ded bv Mrs: Paul Waller. S
Cal Christmas aeai committee wnicn
' I- - "
I Kl.CJi.
'-Christ's Vision of Fallen Prince"
. - -m,nn hv Rev. J. A. Snow, wutor
' " -
of Calvary Baptist cnurcn, reci
aalfvered before Tilot IMounUin. Bap-
... . i.
n.f Icuritinn In annual session,
- ',. : . . mi . .
, d nublhed by request, will appear
Association in uuum . mmmn.u,
'St. John's, The Little
! nw W Tho Mnntnine
Waynesville, Nov. 29 What an
. i. .. .
attractive and alluring nam this is,
t r,oi i -ii ! 1.....
.V WUV IUTV Ail (flat IB PtfaU
tiful. Waynesville is stjeadily ad-
vancing as' one of the country' finest?
summer piaygrounas, and certainly " ore oi oy tne uoiy acrnce oi mo
i. A A.. . . . 'iu... 1 j . .i,..
r 7 , T-!,0"B 1 P
TowB ia we L. , . .
- tow o , -j
, spek'n " ,he . th highest
Incorporated town east of the
ock,ei- with of almost
4 ... ,. ..
lumi vi nign laeais, geograpni-
Ji... . " " """
mree inousana leet.
.-Waynesville the Beautiful" is
conveniently located within . .hort!
,. . . . ... v. '
otAlw (the.etpoH
nf wt mu f.Li
"JT ""' v"ira- -
"y,r mck, Mount MitcHell, Hot
Spring, and Lake Junalusk. Trans-1
DOrt,tio f.-niti., t.u-
come here to satisfy their aspira-
tions for . delihtful ..- hv
enjoying a free happy , lift amidst '
the finished completeness and splen.'
dor of the mountainls. Hundreds of
othcrg sojourn here because of the
, wondcrful health giving climate. It
is quite logic that Waynesvil e w 11
become well known in due time a a
t,ne winter resort, when the wealth
f the mild element winters is com-
paied with the severe weather
throughout the long weary winter
months m many places elsewhere,
The average temperature for the en-
tire -year nere is around 55 degrees,
which conductive ior a gooa an
year cilmatn.
One of the , most awe-insnirine
, . I - - , ... ... .
o rives to oe louna in western worm
Carolina i over the splendid highway
from Asheville to Waynesvillel
Along here the mountains confront
-m of every angle, rising up in a
.tateiy glorious manner, and lorm-
ng a complete panorama above the
I........... .. .. . ..
njouniains nat nave oeen tne auras-
tion and the very soul of poet, and
artiU, .i Yo. these are the one, that
delve at the soul. and impel the uU
fcering, iOh, : how- . beautiful." i Th
Appalachian Scenic Highway i ani,
otner route oj oeauty intn; us :mue
1 paved rOflO.' . aot .Springs, within
two nuuis unvc - truin vaynesvine,
I. ' . l. l . - .1 , , '
retains, tne nonor ot noiamg tne aey
. .. . . i. ... ... -
to tne great natural not oatns, wmca
ar so beneficial to health seeker,
- ,' '111 1 " 1
Anothet' asset.A Wayneaville . ip on Ui Mveal :ehuriebe end schools in plaees
threshold of the Mamouth National htfretofor deplete . to . her. apiritua!
Smoky Mountains Park. This offers wealth." ; v'
every Improvement to" enhance the. The local women of the parish have
enjoyment of her visitors.
winding shady paths to the tops of
the cloud-kissed mountains; here to
mw" O1-" ahadowi of the
evergreens floatinK D)v him. Also,
the. impulses, ef the mounUin climb-
er are manifested by his buoyant
sides, and
becomitlK entranced by the beautie
of Nature or enchanted by the wood
M ; y, wander
I ' -
several miles with only the laughing
m wnini tho-.eHmb to the earth-
brook .. he cHmb t0
. t;,mu n,pn ti
------ k ------
, r,u . , Then the motorist
lonc under the unfathonable
heavengf pausing to gae
Ucy of tha disUt eleva-
.. .-. Mfl J tWe rr,lSSal mae-
nltud 0f Nature1 blessings. And,
or the golfer, the lover of thi pas-
teht,,??W te two r excellent golf juWt withio the city limit.
- Jri - oj-ganixed - camps' on ,the
mountain-side dtter wonderrui pos-
.-.ibilities for a pleasant vacation in
, .Vo1fH interest Wavnes-'
those whq are follow
- . the catholic
, . ,,,, ,itHa j i,anei ;! . the
.:. 't .t,. ,,nfmiliar with
'.,-..the conditiens.-of Catholicy in North;
IIIUUIIUHIlAi r v"" - '
."'"V: T.T' Li, .i.--.i .'iv.'
r ,. ... in .gtonishin to.
le"n mrr "?J.
only .
... ,-i i :
Told les than twenty iocbi memucra,
While thus being one of the .m.llest
parishe in the United States in in.
rnbe sheTriiap
a :
-". - - . . .
extension, as hub
., ' ,mnnii two hundred square
m and. of around Uo hundred .qua
For many years the most ardent
i r . l. .1 i nT
wish of the few Catholic in Waynes-
mA ...n .....
I "v .,,.. guilUUllUUlg LU HflB 1VI
little chapel. In previous years
the welfare of the Catholics was tak-
V ' K
on Sundays. This meant no Mass
w. to
j ; i. .L. i
""""a " wt" or uuiuig imc
. . j j i .
How' sad and deploring this
.... i s t ..
i , . - ,t . t , "
Aiiar. dui, aias, mai cnaioce nas
Ped over and last vear the kind
Bishop of North Carolina acquired a
PenMMmoweuinr place or our
' l k. Tw-u Ti,. .k.,l
T " . . "T . . T
is cenirany locaiea on cnurcn street,
two blocks from the depot and two
'blocks from Main street. It adorns
superb mountains and carefully
I watched over by the hitch pinnacle
Eagles Nest.
The little chapel was opened for
Divine worship on Trinity Sunday,
May 30. 1926, with Reverend Father
McDevitt as pastor. Father Mc-
Devitt kaa the orivileire of beimr the
first Catholic priest
to reside in
Waynesville, and his name is indeed
a household word throughout the
parish. As pastor he is known to be
an alert, jovial, good hearted exem-
plar of the church. The iTle chapel
accommodates about one hundred and
fifty people. Striking and precious
is tne symDoilsm tnat adorns tnis
chapel. It charm has been attested
by people from many states, not be-
t . 1 L 1
cause ox tne mwirai granaeur or
splendor, but because of the humble
simplicity that speaks out to the
visitor. During the summer two
aee.. are offered on hundays, and
one on weea. uays,
Ti 1- A 1.. .
- -
iv its iruiy nun
edifying and touching to observe the
- i . jT'
summer aneeimif m pnuounu yimym
or,' the supreme Sacrifice.
t N'oi-th ". Car61inii"ha;;,iiinumeraW
advantage to- offer .pverAtbar ptoter
'gaOy'roaiiiireptetl'by'.the' lerfe.
influ of visitor who com; hgre-year
aneryear enjoyi. tiiee jiiiiia'.
wijn tnw progro81, ?omcs tn uibbr-
pmtuK,ft-vi. t nnt vi
: 1- - , t 1. l' ; 1 u. i
- i)""1. ""w " 1 , w;r5j.uATi, yuoi-iu.-
.t.. It '...i '.-'.ri. tv.
: tnrougn tne e mnv f .i.iy-n u v"
church.' that" the next few yeara will
orasnized an Auxiliary Society which
0f the tourists.
Pioneer work is always difficult
an- beginnings small, but the tiny
acorn has the strength of the mighty
and likewise the little chapel
... . . , .u
will irrow and become a large esUb-
r,shed parish to be the mecca for
'worshipers from every clime. The
peopi8 of Waynesville appreciate the
utile chapel and extend her every
curtesy. They realize that her jjres-
ni k. . -wnt invitation to
v n.i. - - ,
tourists to come , to their town and
enjoy those mountains that are her
cItadelg and that are forever ema-
natinjti 0ur Waynesville we shall'
i. ul.
We hope and pray that the little
chapel will be Hk. the world i "now
ad ertr ahaII b"progresing and
chapel will be Ilk. the world i "now
advancw with Waynesville the
";' '.' . ' ' , '
OK 1HUI" AtuiL. lamv.
. ' xo'0'
Editor Mountaineer Courier,
Wayne.ville, N." C.
Dear Sir: i, . ' .
Owing to the Thanksgiving holi-
. a ..... . .
day, :s absence, of; the clinician and
some , of the (co-operating agencies
.Wavnville. the- November
ZZZ. f th.' RUrv,Orthouae4.c
;.Vstponed until the.fourth
c.h. J.. iit riaMiniUr. .;, -
... " , ' -
ArrangemenU art being
an cun.c -
ee Dr. King hi. WRo. in the,Hay-
e - - r.... Kn
.. . . .
Save a life for Uhrlstmai; puy a
chriatma. seals.
Rev. C. T. Tew
Leaving, Ft. Myers
Be it resolved by the First Bap-
uaii (iiuilii in irEuiai lull j ci nitre ao-
First. That we have received with
sincere regret and sorrow the resig
nation of our beloved pastor, ReV.
C. T. Tew, and that while we ac
cept the same with reluctance, we
believe and pray that his going to
another field of labor is sanctioned
by the Divine will and guidance of
' ,
our Heavenly Father.
Second. That dunne brother Tew's
ne" y thre y-r . our pastor we
'nd .enfously testify
that he has been as faithful to outv
. .... 4 .i..,.. .:.u
uu ,uw . w
faith and
have ever
That he and his good wile, sister
imra. inat as tney enter tneir
new field of service for the Master
they have the united prayers, love
" best wishes of this church and
w Pry God's rit he,t blessings on
them with every member of their
family; that Christ's Kingdom may
" aavancea ana strciigtnenea in
thcir new field-
Be it resolved by the First Bap
tist Church of Waynesville, N- C, in
regular conference assembled:
First. That the thanks and ap-
p.Miatjon of thjg church are hereby
extended to Migg Ruth Xew for ner
very faithful and efficient services
.. , .
jt j indeed most Commendable and
. . , . . , .
nrmiww innv ill hiiiiw luil uiin lu
vounff has been bo faithful to duty"10 4rtated and the most d.fflult
snira in. wim, .ih.l..U. ...
u ui. : HJ
allurenients which tend at this time
t d the , ,e of th(t
jt,...t v.1,,.1.,.1,
to draw the 'young people;lf studying the history of taxation
christian duties 7X:
- 'jv he fliay'-' everrle
.1 . thus faithful and that God
m A, abundantly bless her and make
, ... b , egg:ni. to, other wherei
'. sl .- he Bifiated
1 .
, ppc-pv
t 1 uxvcE.i'',
j , in pw
' MOO l T ' 'uAtl-pnun
f 11 lV3 VIVA " 'JUW.
j Mr, Joe Doggett entertained with
Phoebe Braughn, Eleanor Hatchet of
Greensboro; Frances Bra ml is of
Salisbury; Lillian and Mary Hooks,
'nnie and Lucy Tate Messrs. R.
Meyers of Salisbury; Josh Beam,
nri.:ii.. tr a. T.
yuson Whittaker,
Woodson Jones,'
Dewey and Hugh
Noland and Bob
Silvius of Asheville.
.oming as a surprise w uir ....
. . , ...
I'e" was tne
news of the mar-
Ke of Miss Hettie Nich.
Paul Martin on Wednesd
4on,-Nov. 17.
Nichols to Mr.
ay after-
Mr.' Martin and Miss Nichols mo
tored to the home of Mr. Martin's
.. Mrs. Aaron w. vyncn, at v,u..
lownee wnere tiicjf wcic iuit.u,v -.bli
the present of only a few
relatives and friends, Rev. Aaron W. I
Lynch officiating. I
f Immediately after the ceremony j
A- ..... i. t,,
a brief honeymoon to Durham, Win-
f4on-Salem, and other poins- in the
eastern part of the state. ' - '
, Those- present - at the wedding
wce: Mr. Aaron Lynch, Mrs. Brown
of Cu'lowhee. Mi Eliiabeth Moody
of Cullowhee ' and Miss
Martin of Waynesville. ; . i
,i. - ."s new home in
, r. and Mrs. Martin are, now all
nZvLW' '
" ' "
i.5 MEET
. The regular" December meeting of
AKaI nn law. Iann Tuaadav afteri
... . . .a ,
Dec. 7th,' at 3.30 o'clock.
Ratcliffe Cove
Well, the election is over and ev
erything seemingly has returned to
normal and business is traveling at
the usual rate. The past election
was one of unusual quietness, not
much excitement, but very little in
terest manifested, no bitterness
among the voting population. The
camouflage was conducted on a higher
plain than usual; not much throwing
dirt, little personalities used which
very evidently shows that the people
have realized the importance of
thinking for themselves, ' judging
from experience that prosper
ity wirl not obtained by leg
islation. The only means by
which prosperity can be brought
about is by hard work, economy and
close attention to business. It is
also noticeable so far as the South
is concerned the old cry of fraud
has not raised. Evidently showing
that the people have become to con
sider the sacredness of the ballot
more serious and that there is but
very little in politics and the spend
ing of money in elections is on the
wane. It also shows that Jimmy
Reed and other noted investigators
that if there are any grounds for in
vestigation they will have to aeek
some other section to raise an issue.
The time is near approaching when
our law makers will gather and leg
islative hopper will begin to grind
and it is to be hoped that they will
be more considerate and act the part
of wisdom and give their attention
to more essential things and not
trifle their time away in minor mat
ters which the American people are
not interested in as a whole.
It seems from what -ve gatfie:
from the prets the tax question wiil
be one of the paramount question.!
that is to come before the incoming,
session of Congress. It has been
thought all the ages past one of the
question to settle that ever cam be-
fore the people, After . looking U(i .
it nas uet;u. prvwvu tnitx tiiv wwt wc.o
so formulated " that the rulers anf
wealthy clans" could shift' the "burden.,
of all taxes or1 service on the burden
bearer, the farmer, and manual labor. ,
IThi's plan has followed all down the
. i ages and in many instances proves a
! curse to the people, for it is to some
i extent the cause of the bootieicicei-
class and often the criminal class
and our United States is following-
in the trail. All tangible property
j is taxed while intangible property
Uroes free. The farmer goes to town
j with his only cow to sell, borrows
money, works on tne roaa ana some
may resort to dishonest means in
order to get money to pay his lux
to save his home for his family. R
should be the policy of our law mak
ers to tax all equally or tax none, for
under the present exisiting condition i
while the intangible makes hundreds
j of dollars where the tangible miijfo'
cents. Many farmers cannot retain
theit farms and the eyes of our lr,v
makers might as well be opened t'
that fact, for there is no other - kini
of legislation can put the farmer on
an equalitv fn the race of life. V
I '
! The enemy, Tuberculosis, is 'ox the
run, but not conquered. Buy Thru
mas seals and help finish the job.
Mrs. J. S. Jones will be hostess to
the Haywood chapter of U. D. C, at
her home on Pigeon street Friday
afternoon, Dec. S, at 3:30 O'clock.
T 1- T. 1. .
miss janie iteeves waa nosiess
the Tuesday Bridge club at her horn
on Depot street . V y
. After .spirited game Mm Jam
e Mitchell wa awarded a unique
. mP with bridge pencils
attached. . V
miss neeves serveu ner jumh a
delivious frozen fruit course. -j ...... ..
The regular ' member . present
were:: Mesdame Margaret Holland
William Hannah, Hayes Alley. Jo
Swift. Jr., Misses Diana Black, ,
Love Mitchell. .Mis, Thomi
Howell was a special guest,
The cow that jumped v"vr
moor! must have, been from
culosis free county, to have ,
Well bet she 1 carried a '
Christma Seals." -,;' , .a :.'.f
t. ,

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