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    State of North CaroKna, Department
of State.
The young lady who asked for a
pint of red oil because her rear light
hart irnrt nnp wnx nuitA nAver1 ka 1
cause the man at the service station To a" t0 'hom These GtlnK3 Ma'
laughed. , ome-Greeting:
1 Whereas, it appears to my satis
;:i Hon, by duly authenticated record
i the proceedings for the voluntary
The husband who insisted his wife
liecami' historical rather than hys
terical whenever he staved at the dis.-olulion thereof by the unanimous
tlub, probably had heard considerable
.f his past history from his better
U .lie, uho diives from the rear
seat, never su'ests that she repair
it puncture. Apparently her auto
mobile knowledge doe nit include
that phase.
I'1K '"
a steer a youn; hoie
asked one city girl to tile
don't know," wa tin
had no poultry of any
I staved last sunimei."
or a
epl v.
k i nd
"Vou'ie a
-u i i i John.
"'.Still," jxiuted
"I'm really not
Kular little tease,"
the model!) irl,
as bad as 1 am
St. John's Catholic Chapel, 145 II VPi t I N 3 .11
Church street, Wavne ville Mass on II xJ Cvt M V III
Sundays at 10 o'clock. ' Mas during JUL sX- 7"' '
the week at 7 o'cl. ' A 1 XrVlu
AW f L
Foutain Pen Repairing Any make V'A J0w I I ' V
of fountain pen repaired by I. H. V Y-M VV I I TO : -
lhackston at Wavnesville I'narma- I Vvl I I YT m
: 1 1 Mft'
I . 1 1 I t.
consent of all the stockholders, de
posited in my office, that the Hand
( lay Company, a corporation of this
Mate, whose principal office is in the
t in of Canton, County of Haywood,
State of North Carolina (S. W. F.nloe,
liillsol'iii being the agent therein and
.11 IMJIHl- lilt" Hill, u IIVHI I1UIII III lltrS ' a a, aa ... a.-oa- a. . , , ...... ... .
. , , .. . .. aii.iii.1SII(I(IKS .MIIKK.
ray be served I, has complied with state of North Carlina, Ci,un y
'ho requirement. of Chapter 22, Con-! Haywood.
ili'lated Statute-, entitled "Corpor
i:.: ... .1.. - "ie uruiersigneu, navinir iiuh
I- 11 1 1-1 1 111 i 1 11 1 10 ine issuum ' 1 - - . , . , . .
' ... " . . . , . b as administrator of the estate of I
o in.- inuiiuir .., .u,uieni. f ree, deceased, hereby gives notic
Now. therefore. I, W. X, Everett. that a" persons indebted to th'.' si
eta.v of State of the State of efta,e. "-fke payment to the unde
, laigned administrator, and all person
trini, naving claims against the san
tl'at the said corporation did, on theltate shall present them to the under
ot!i dav of October, 1H2H, file in signed for payment. Unless the same
UVJ,.,,,,.,, ..,,,1 ,.1 are presented within twelve month
SubscrilK' to the Waynesville
Mountainrer, only $2.00 a year.
JEvients in
JVess dispatches from London . ;
slates that a club to popularise (igar 1:'
-moking by women has been fronted 1,1
by tin wives and daughters of some b
: I 1 in-ent in writing to the dis
!tinn of the said corporation, ex
at.'d by all tHe stoikholders thereof,
:. .1 said consent and the record
the proceeding aforesaid are now
file in my said office as provided
wealthy men in Wallasey, in Ches
hire. It remains now to see how
long it will be before the women will
take up the pipe and chewing tobacco.
Kqua! lights will then be established'
hi a iund basis. i
. rth Carolina, Haywood Cunty In
the Superior Court.
Mar-hall Meser
Testimony Whereif, I have
set my hand and affixed my
neret set my
official seal at Raleigh, this the
day of October. lyiiU.
Dc'liic Secretary of State
from this date, this notice will h 1
pleadedn bar of their revovery. '
This ftie 1st day of November. I9''P!
Administrator of the estate of L. I '
I)ec9c H & H Free, decease I :
New honey in the comb or extract
il $2 per gallon.
(-:.. M.. . 1 1 . . - . . . 00 ....
) 1 Jenkins 1 fc..nun ion m muie perj
l!y virtue of an execution directed."" ""'
: the undersigned from the Superior j Produced exclusively front clovers,
('un:: of Haywood County in the Cjuaiity guaranteed,
above entitled action, I will, on Mon- State whether comb or extracted
day, the II rd day of January, 1927, is wanted when ordering.
While in France w,ith the American
Army I obtained a French prescrip
tion for the treatment of Rheumatism
and Neuritis. I have given this to
thousands with wonderful result.
The prescription cost me nothing. I
ask nothing for it. I will mail it if
you will send me your address. A
postal will bring it. Write today.
PAUL CASE, Dept. C-658, Brockton,,
Mass. Nor. 18, Dec. 9th
at 11 o'clock A. M., at the Court
llou-e door of said county, sell to the,Jan20pd
highest bidder for cash to satisfy said
execution, all the right, title and in
terest which the said R. L. Jenkins,
the defendant, had, on June 23rd,
lst2(". at II o'clock, in the following
lec bed real estate, to wit: Lying
in ( ataloochee Township, Haywood
County. North Carolina, and begin
ning on a Spanish oak on the point
'if a ridge above the road, and runs
S, 7U E. crossing the road 12 poles
to a white oak; then N. 2'i" E. 278
feet to a stake in the center of the
h;g i-oac., then a N. W. direction with
lhe meanders of the State road to the
beginning, containing 111 acres more
or les.
of a "i0 acre
1 the Bennett
the Winding
Fletcher, N. C.
State of North Carolina,
Counl of
4 Bearing Crankshaft
15 now obsolete
in Nash engineering practice
Here's something of real importance for every
prospective buyer of a "SIX to think about
if you buy a new car now that still has the old
type crankshaft with only 3 or 4 bearings, what
is going. to happen to its resale value?
Man ufacturersjylijg still cling to thft 3 or 4 bear
injrcgjnjtghaft design know just aa well as you
do that theMCJDERNcrankshaft his 7 bearings.
And certainly with Nash setting the pace they .
are not likely to hold to the old style of design
any longer than they are compelled to under
their manufacturing conditions. -
The authority of Nash engineering submits to
your own good judgment that the motor with
a 3 or 4 bearing crankshaft cannotbe called a
truly modern type of motor.
Tiiis being
tract of land known a
'Lar.i at the head of
Star v.
This the -Jt.i! !..;.
and ads
The undersigned, having qual.fie.i
as executor, with the will annexed,
of the estate of Henry Russell, d,'-
' " ceased, hereby gives notice to a l
Our Christmas editioion will bepersons indebted to the said estate
published next week. All copy and, to make immendiate payment to te
must be in bv Wednesday unaersifrned executor, ana alt per
sons having claims against the sai l
esiBLe aiittu (ueeiu ineiii 10 .ne un
dersigned for payment. Unles t';e
same are presented within twelve
months from this date, this notice
will be pleaded in bar of their re
covery. I
This the 1st day of November. 102
Executor with the will annex.'d.
of the estate of Henrv Russell. ;
DecOc II & H ' dr?ased
.!. F. I 'A
. i i Mt;.u
tce. for
,o.,k No.
i Hi e for
.. . l'.i... i o r. '!c : i. : :-t i
fr.i: 1 i'. i. Tn : 'I I -.'!:'. life
Ti;. : to .in i. ,M. ijMeen. t'
I'im'i Till tier, l ei irded i,'
10, ! )-i'(i s (f Trn-t, page "'
of the Register cf Deed;
(Haywood CounU, the uncle 'si
trn'-V'i- d:-fault hav nir been ina
the payment on the iodeb'edne re
cite! in said deed of till.;, w I! ell
to the highest bill-'" at public .'iiu
ijon for chIi mi v fie 20th
ctt- ut Dec. i:'2o. at 1 ! :.: '. ' vk
A. A!., at the Court I! mo' d i- ;f
Haywood County, N. (' . a I I : u .i
vided interest in the f ;'... !e-(:-.;b''d
l.inih p ut: ul i-ly ii i : ibed
t i follow:
Klr.ST TRACT: Adjoiu.i'K t v
lands of John M. Queen, and others
and bounded as follows: HECIIX
NING -at a hickory, a corner Ci Mar
garet Ratcliff's land and thence run
ning west 171 poles to a small white
oak in the Y. B. Ferguson line;
thence south with the said Fergu
son line and M. S. Russell's line 164
poles to a post oak on the South side
of a high ridge; thence east ones
to a Spanish oak on top of the ridge
nar a low nap; thence S. &0 b
alone the too of the ridge KW )les
to stake in the McCruckon l:ne;
thence North 36 poles with the Mc
Cracken line to his chestnut cirner;
thence N. with the said McCracken
line and the Margaret Ratcliff line t
the BEGINNING, containing One
Mundred and Forty-Three (113)
. more or less.
SECOND TRACT: Lying and be
in the Mauney Cove, adjoining
lands of Maggie C. Justice. James
olley and others, and BIX.IN
?m at n cucumber on the Hyatt
ney CoV Branch in the line of
No. 3 thence N. 30 W. 23 poles
t stake on the top of the ridge;
.nee N. S3 W. 14 poles to a S:n
i oak; thence up said ridge N. 35
. . 83 pole to hickory on top of
line ridge. he northwest corner of
frt No. 2; thence up pine ridfre S. 70
V. 19 poles to a chestnut; t;tnc? S.
W. 48 poles to pine on tap of
J ridge; thence S. 85 E. If. I ooles
Search Your AiUk.'. . V --'
inOldConfederateEnvc i..
Among the old letters of nun; j.eitli
ern lamilirs are hundreds ol icn ui
sump and emeluprs. Many have been
found and sold for small fortunes.
Single envelopes have bren sold for
as high as $-0()0, and many have
brought upwards of $100 each. It
ftHKidi "fishy," but it's true. They are
valuable because they are rare. And
they are rare, not because there are
only a few, but simply because most
of them have remained stored awdy and
lorpitten, in old trunks and closets.
.Make a thorough se.jicli through your
attlr y-r -lore r om for those onl jr
ielitis. yor'uiKi in rare sump or
Tanked cr.". -o -s icive been found in
old tiiinks iviiich no one ever dreamed
contained anything of value. Keep the
letters if vou wish, bul send the en
velopes to Mr. Harold C. Brooks, Box
I 2t Marshall, Michigan, and he will
immediately write you, staling their
value, in senmng inem io mm you arn
not obliged to sell unless his olfer meets
with your approval. Anything not pur
chased he will return in good order.
Mr. Brooks, who is mayor ol his riiy,
is a private collector and has paid
thousands of dollars for old envelope.
Although lhe rare issues are especially
desired he also buys many ol lhe com
moner kinds. Many people in this way
are getting Christmas money with very
little trouble and no expense,
The First National Bank of Marshall,
Mich., writes: "Mr. Brooks has been
in business here for twenty years. You
will make no mistake when you recom
mend him to your readers as worthy of
the fullest confidence, both financially
and personally."
Mr. Brooks slates that there are to
many different stamps which are similar
in appearance he cannot quote values
from written descriptions, but must see
the envelopes. There are, for example,
ten different Confederate government
stamps bearing the portrait of Jefferson
Davis, and many local stamps or
stamped envelopes ire very much the
same in appearance. The same is true
of U. S. issues, the heads of Washing
ton or Franklin being used oa different
stamps. Mr. Brooks does not buy loose
stamps, stamp collections, coins or Con
federate money. Stamps should not be
cut from the envelopes and no dates
written on. He is fully acquainted with
all issues even though the postmark
msy show no year date. Those espe
cially wanted are Confederate issues,
but he also buys U. S., Canadian,
Hawaiian, and certain foreign stamps
provided they are oa the original en
velopes and mailed not later than 1865.
Ii envelope are sent in a bunch
the? should be carefully packed in
cardboard box to protect them from
damage while in the nulls. If yon have
reason to believe your envelopes are of
special value send them by registered
or 'insured mail. If yea bate no old
letters written daring or before the
Civil War, show this notice to your
friends especially those whose fsmi-
lies nave bred in the same home for
.'i.r (!ir!stm:ii eli i i n vtil be:
pabli died n'v' week. A I c py a'd '
n inn.
ds nu:s l-e
bv W.'tlnesdm
Canton and Waynesvilfc, ' fSI. C.
- ; T Zi. L- i. Irl 'wea in ine same doom tor
b0Cteytt.'" ih?r "km11 ' u l tTersl generations. Many old fsmiliea.
s.c., ... banks and law firms
o a spruce pine stump on tne, ttond hmini. c( lette wril.
aid ereefci tnence down we I fag to hantd or lor Ursi
Mill have
s of aaid creek to a cucumber.
INNIING, containing sixty
j, more or less. i
e 18tfi day of Nov.. 1920. ;
Trustee. '
urns. Before destrorine such enmlones
or folded letters Insist tji Ibtsr seJae,
Mr. Brooks' address is as folio wit .
Box&S, - MaaAall, lCck
The Best Is
the Cheapest
Courtesy-Eft iciency-Quality-Promptnffss-Coiigctnp-
Xn Matter how small the order it is our pleasure to serve our friends and cus
tomers. Our prices are very reasonable and we take pride in being courteous, in
our efficiency, in the quality of our meats and groceries, in being prompt in filling
all order." correctly and we are very appreciative of the splendid business that has
been built up through realizing the proper value of all these things and we are
proud to have an up-to-date city meat and grocery market. Come and visit us.
"If you trade with us we both make money."
When you make this store your head
quarters for Groceries you are assured
the choicest etables it is possible to pro
cure. Canned or fresh, our stocks are
always prime quality.
A Roast, roasted as you know how to
roast it, makes a most palatable and
nourishing food for your family needs.
. amb, P6rk, Veal
Chops of your choice make such
an appetizing dish for break
fast, dinner or supper. Easy
to prepare in a number of dif
ferent ways.
You just cannot realize that
Ham can be 83 good until you ,
taste some of our Ham Boiled
or fried, to suit your taste.
Order a slice for tomorrow
morning's breakfast.
The City Market
J. U. OAVIS. Proprietor
Church Stmt FImm 14S - 'WaraMTin, N. C.

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